The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1931
Page 5
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UI,YT1I1MM,K, <AUK.)_COUUIEU NRWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents t word for first Insertion nnd one cent » word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than Me. Count the words ami tend the oash. Phone 300 FOK SALE FOR SALB-Bnty chicks. Pay this fall. Sec us about plan. Marilyn Hatchery. 3C-TF FOR SALE-Good, dry cook wood Buchanan Coal Co., Phone 10?. 11F-CJ FOR SALE—1,000 bushels ycllov Iced corn, 75 cents per bushe at crib. R. N. Trimble, Ulbourn Mo., Phone Iti. 13C-K2 rO}C RENT FOR KENT—a furnished, fla garage and coal house. Ca C18-W. 1C-TF- . BPOOKMAN »^.- Author, of *UEM& HUNGRY&& / FOR RENT—Three, five and six room residences, also n furnished house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410. l-'OIl KENT—Apartment in Ingram buildins. Sec I'arkhurslr Company. I-'OE RENT—One of the Miller Apartments at ICfn and Walnut, Iwt and cold water, Arcola heat, enrage, shade trees, pretty lawn. Apply to Ike Miller. 10c-U FOR RENT—3 room slueo apartment with bath and garage. Corner Chickasawna and 6lh St J. W. Badcr. WANTED POULTRY WANTEU-Marm prl ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hai- chery, 1!10 S. Fourth St. DC-TF WANT to By At Once—Two mule. lo work on farm. J. W. Badei Blythsville, Ark. 18C-K2 WANTED — Family washings o general liousework. Mrs. Dor Mizell, 2207 IStli St. WANTED—Clean rags, free of hut Ions. Courier News. POULTRY WANTED — Marte prices paid zt C. L. Bennett C Feed Co. 210 H. Railroad St., wes of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phon 6t 21C-T LOST AND FOUND IIECIN UEItE TflUAT GYl'SIf KcnmDE, 10-Trir-nIA Hrir Vnrk tjrpl.c, mmrilti J1H WAM.4CU Ike J»7 »llrr >ke »««(• kim al the bnrac of her wtnllkr coa.ln, ANN TIIOW- BHIDGE. Cmi7 ta> br r » Illlrd by ALAN CrtOHHY. Jo., rdirnrd tram • ytnr Jiu6 a half In i'orli • ludylMt: nrt. WnUnfe'ii Qancr^ ha* br*kro their CBCiccmeot (o niarrr • rlrber wan. JlH and <Irp>7 CO 1n Forr»t City where Jim bni it Ihtlvlnc Inn prnftkre. 111! rrlntlTei »oub (ITTIIT. MAIIC1A I.OUl.Vti. Jlm'i former flnnrte, nurilr. [I1KICK Vllll.- tll'S. lulllloiillre'i «ni.. MnnlhK ilafti nnrl llrcrk 1'lLllHpft I. killed In a Oil from a hone. MarelA return* to b'nrctt dry. Sht eonnulli Jim. abuut flnnnrlal affair" aad later telU him brr mnrrlnjsr- to 1'klllliJ* tiaa a rul»- tnke. Jim trio to remain loyal In fljiiBjr tout arc* Murrln frr- quenllr. *Jjrp«y ^«nrrle«. aiarrln a*L» her to trive up Jlin. Gr|>»7 retlltl. ABIIIH !IAM.i:r. JlDi'a rnuila, lell* of arrlne him at luiirbepn nllh a Klrl In n Sine r:j p.*/. 4.}|iHr Ift mire tUr plrl *vn-» Unrein- She mrrtM KIIAMt Glll- SU.V. nhmii Jtui u«c> nnl like. I.nil accei>u aU ln%-ltatlou lu ilrlte her KOW UO OS WITH THE STOIIY CIlAl'TEU XM TTOK an insluiit Gypsy hesitated She was aware that Gibson was watching her eagerly. Thcro nas a faintly Jbanlertng llp.tit lu eyes. It was as though Lio were challenging her. "Arc you game lo so? Will you lake Iho dnrc: The girl's chin llfleil. "Yes." she Bald, "it there's fresh air—cool fresh air—to be had on llie Somcr set road let's go there. 1 haven 1 had a brcalu o( it for a week." While she was still spea'ilng Uib ton had swung the car around. Tu rain drops wcro coining faster now lie seemed to be an esporl driver Gypsy watched llie ease with ivlilc he handled the car. Surely It wa a new one. The brcwu raiul tils toned and the upholslory looked so Iresti. "It's a new car, Isn't It?" she ot a cnso 'nst spring,, flldn't hc?i Girl accused of murder." Yes. Tho Hoherts cose. It was a wonderful victory." ••I rcmeniher now. Head about It In a San Francisco paper. Tlio slri was orelt)'. wasn't £he? What ho cauie of her?" "After slio was ncqi:illoi! Blio .er: Forest City ami v\-ciil b;ic!t lo hci relatives. Slie has a belter 1ul> anw and 1 think she's bnpuy. 01 rouiai' It was a tcrriWo cxiiericnrt!. U will oe a long time before slie II nci over H." Glhson nodileil, "And how du you Ilka being n lowyer'a wife 1 :" lie asked, "when Ilic 'customers nre younK— and pretty!" E wished ho wouldn't look al her lliat way. Sho nlslicd he woulilu'l say sueh tiling. It was nioro (ilbson's lone than tlic word; which slio ohjccled. But sho tried to answer lightly. 'Oh. do you think 1 need to worry? "I'll say I don't! Not you." They were on tho Somerset road. It was a narrow rlhbon of highway winding a circuitous route on gradually rising ground. Tho rn!n LOST—One Blue kid glove. Please return lo Courier or call 272. ' 20C-K24 PERSONAL GENUINE DUCO Authorized . rc r . finishing station. C. T. Shanilin with Dcntou Chevrolet Co., Main at Franklin. 3P-K24 IK THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICK ASA WBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTS, ARKANSAS. . Mississippi County Building & Loan Association ol Blj'llieville, Arkansas, Plaintiff, No. 4D29 vs. Harry II. Drown, Annie Brown, Dr. J. R.. McDaniels, Jr., and Miriam McDanicls anil A. G. Little, Delcndaals. The non-resident defendants, Harry H Brown, Annie Brown, ur. J. II. MCD.iniels and Miriam Mc- IJaniels arc warned to appear in this court witi'Jn 30 days and answer tlie coinplai-Jt of Mississippi Connly Building & Loan Association seeking to foreclose a mortgage on Lot Eight (8) and the last 8 feel ol Lot Seven (7), and t.'ie West 8 feet ol Lot Nine (9); I all in Block P of the 'Rich- | ards AtlrtUion lo Hie city of j Hlythcville, Arkansas, as per the recorded plat o[ said addition at page No. 4 of the Plat Book, at Blythcville, Arkansas. and to re-cover judgment against Harry II. lirown. Annie Brown and Dr. J. R. McUanicls, Jr. Witness my hand ami seal as Clerk ot- said court on the. 4th day of April, 1031. B. L. GAINRS, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blytlie, D. C. "llnd it two weeks. nought 11 as Boon as 1 gol back from the coast." "It's loo'bad lo Iiavo It out in a storm like tbis." "That's what 1 cot It for. I set ray money's worth out of <* car. liny 'em lo uso 'em. Would you like to drive 1 !" "Oti. no! I've had a'litlle espcrl- snce wilb. a ballercd up Ilivver But I wouldn't thlut of trying to drive a car like this! Jim never lets me '.oi:ch tlie roadster." .. "That so? You ought lo learn Vractke is probably all you neerl Any liniQ you feel in the moot! 1't lie glad to come along as instructo —a poor one I'll admit." Gypsy's smile was a bit nervous Til better not," she said, "unless] you want your lovely coupe, to Lo a <*oniplele wreck!" "Well. I'd lake my chances. By the way, how is Jim these days? Haven't seen him." "lie's about as usual. Working too hard, 1 think, lie hasn't had a vacation yet and 1 think be needs It." Gibson nodded. 'That always was Jim. Plugging away! You Unow tho trouble with him 13 ho forgets to enjoy lite. What's the use ot living if you have to work all the time? That's the way 1 feel about it—" "Oh, Jim doesn't work all the time. He likes fun." "Doc-s ho? Well, I'm glad to hear tliat. Say, he pia<!» quite a success poured down sleadlly. As llie coupe swung around the eurvo tho wheels skidded. It was all over after a breathless Inslnnt. Gibson had ronlrol ot tlie car. They were moving along smoothly asain. Gypsy, svho had seen It nil In one terrorized rnomcut, drew u deep sigh. "Oh," sho Bald, "for a moment, I thought—!" "So did I!" Gibson said sharply. "Well, 1 won't let that liapl'cn a^aiu. 1 :issnro you!" They drove silently tor a lew nm- j mcnts. Gypsy was thinking that It ' Ihe young man had been watclitiig the road Inalcad of looking al her tbo uear-accli!ent would not' lisve occurred. Probably lie. knew how lo drive all right when he kept Ills mind oil drlvlnc. "Do you notice now much cooler t Is out here?" he asked presently. "Much cooler/' sho nsrctd. "1 wonder if Ihe rain in going to lasl all evening. The sky doesn't seem any lighlcr." "You can't toll about these sum mer slorms. Anyhow, tho longer tl lasts llie more pleased some people will be." "Our garden needs It," Gypsy began and then she stopped. She wished she had not come for foolish drivo. 'SLe'should hare walled until the storm was over or taken a last. Now she was doing tha very thine (or which she had condemned Jim. Suddenly cho wondered It Frank i Cibson had heard gossip about tier | and Jim. Was that why bo Had suggested the drive'r Was that why uo looked at her with that smile that seemed to say more than It o»r swerve crntlly. Gibson swor*. Gypsy felt tho coupe reel aixi screamed. . S ill" lind never Been I lie man who wiis iK'iHiliifi over her. lie bad a round face and wore evoclaclcs. • "Uo you llilnli," lio vvns eaylng. 'lliai It I nelp you you can stnuil?" (lypsy moved nnd a twtngo ol pn!n sliot Ihru'.igh her left foot. Slie discovered Unit she was lying on llie ground. A man's roal wus under IILT and lier clollilnii >vns lialf-ilrcnched. Tho r;itn was ill) fulling. "What—wlint liappcncd?" she asl^cd lu n small voice. "Auotlter *nr craslictl into yours How du you tcel now7" "My foot hurls." Gypsy told nlm The left one." She Irled lo draw herself up lo sitting posillon bin Iho movement bronghl u quick ex clamallou of pal:i. "Here—let me take your arm, (lie man r.ald. "See It we can't nuinc It caster. Are you ready now ?" Gently l-.o lifted her. Tho Icfi tool nchcil lint Gypsy set her lips anil endured it. Her shoulder pained her too. Sho looked down and saw that her arm was bleeding "Thai's nothing." iho slrauscr said, noting her glance. "Just Ivo In Somerset. The joiniR Ir.ilr seems to Iiavo burt hw *out badly nud 1 lliluk tbo ought to' ect to s dorlor." "Aro you hurt, Mrs. Wallacot" Gibson demanded, for llie. llrat lliuo wlne lulercst lu Iho Girl. scratch, fretly badljr Jolled nren'i you'; llon't try to stand on Iba foot! Lean against mo." The girl did us she wns told. Ho entire body Ecemcd to he a niasa o aciiea ind bruises. She was colt Now she was beginning lo rctnem ber what had hnppened. Tho brown cuiipe sprawled in the I she co'uid not help "ITS my anklo. Tho loft ono," »!io told Uliu. "Othoris'lto 1 SUMS I'm nil right." "Vou'il belter let mo take you two Into forest City," Mason suggested. "You'll havo to Iiavo help with thai car nuyhow. Looks lo mo Ike a b.iil smash-up." "Looks like a wreck all right," illison ngrccd. "I'm l-'rauk (Jilisun. Mr. Mason, and this Is Mrs. Wai- ace. If you could tako her back to own nud let mo off nt Iho nearest arm house it would certainly bo a >IE favor. I cnn telephone Iho t'a- and gel uomeouo out ticro uo- fore dark—" K-.-.ton nodded. "0. K. wllli n'O." l:e s.ild. Tho two men climbed Into the front seal ol Iho touting t-ar ml Mason smiled the eunlno. In 10 minutes lbc>' drew uu beside a tartn house. <Jlbsou walked to Ilio door and knocked. A moment laier someone answered, ilo waved, sli;- ujllna Ihe olhera lo go on. and en- lered the lionsa. Uyiisy's foot was throbhlns. At every Jerk nnd loll as tho car moveil along she clenched hcr-nitn and Irlcd lo keep from cryluB out. Tc.irs came into her eyes nud ntio dlJ not Iwlhcr to brush them nwny. Soniclln'.i's liio |:nlu wns so grcal OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aliern MV HAMPS r I MEAikl To PuT AM iM'Je.'A'TioM oii "Ttle MARke-r -iWA-T WILL •&& <SP GttEAT l(EUP AUP COMVOTJ-T -10 (lUMArVinV !-<—jAS V'KMOW, A AUTOMOBILE MOTOJR is TiUM , A-flHe TACfoRV BEVQRE l-f APPEARS "friE riltSHulAV ^-SO I AM GOI^CB -fO BUILP A MAClME -TifA-r Wli-L BREAK'-IJi A MEW PAIR OF SrioES'AniP /^s MAIUMA/J OF -THIS ' sHaes TOR Me \ -«• TCR A OF CICaAT^e-T'S HE WILL TO-f A PAIR a-F MCKS -Tf-lRLl ?AC£S XM T "EM AS AS MOCCASINS MOSS I '•'M- \ should? She had always heard men ditch at Iho side of tho road. A few yards back stood a largo tour- iiiB car. "Where la Mr. Olbson?" she ashcil. "Was he—ImrU" The mail nodded loward a Hyiiro ul llie olhrr sldo ot the coupe "Your friend seems to bo buocbed out." he said. "If wo can get you Into my car I'll see what I can do—" ' • Cautiously, leaning on the slian- ger's arm. (.lypsy limped lownid Ihe touring car. There wero []ueslloun sho wanted 'o ask but It was all the elrl could do In EC! her tcetti and endure the ngony. "Think we'd better tot you to a doctor," the man Bald as ho nolec the Grimace when sho settled ber self In tbo rear seat ot the touring car. "That foot pains a lot. docsn' U?" She. nodded. "You'd better—g 1 back to—Mr. Gibson—" A tall tfeure. In clothing thai hai once been whilo camo hobbling to u-nrd them. The stranger turned. "Well! Von look all right, thought you'd taken the count!" Ulbson nibbed his head- "V.'ha was Ihe damn ford iryins to ho grumbled. "Kill usl Where his car?" The stranger shook- h!a head. "Th« other fellow didn't even step." he slid. "Must have been drunt! judging from the way he wns Urlv. ing. I wss behind and saw nlm weaving from one sice ot tho road were worsa gossips than "1 think." Gypsy said, "that we should bo taming back now." "AH right. Just as you say. We'll turn at Ihe next crossroads." j bill, i c'ldr.'t see !t. V Silence fettled between them i he-re tho other car •*£! Gvpsv was thinking about Jim ami j ;ho road aad roura « Marcia. Slie would talk to Jiu>.i ditch." after dinner that evening. It must j "Scadster, vasn': '.'. all be settled very quickly. She be-1 asked. "I didn't hate gan to plan what sho would say. Afterward sho could never tell As they neared the cliy llmlls asou lurncd. "\Vhero do you want le to lake you. Mrs, Wallace?' "I'd like lo go lo my own home." lie E:I!.I. iiinl save bin the aildrcsH. "IJon't you ihlnk you'd belter lop nl a doclor'a oillce?" "No, tlnink you. All I want In to ct homel" She leaned back nnd lostd her eyes. II only this would irove lo li" ii nlKhliimre! II only ,ho could n|icn licr eyes r-id Iiinl hat the hideous aTlcrnoon had been dream I It was nol a dream. The pain In ler loot told Her lliaL She looked out and discovered thai the inln had slopped. Dusk was Blithering. It must bo nearly sli o'clock. "This the place'!" Mason asked, slowing the ear before a brlca dwelling. "No. The ne.nt house. Therc'a a driveway leading lu." A moment Inter the car hailed. Masou gol out bill Dcforo lie Had reached tHo porch the fnint tlour opened. Jim Wallace appeared. •^Yho Is It you wauled to ice?" Jim asked. He looked ui Ihe car. "Gypsy — !" lie csclalincil cxcitcilly. "What's hnpiieued? What's the niair tor?" "Mrs. Wallace was in tin nccl- deal." .M^son explained. "1 0.11110 alou^ a tew ininules later nnd £ho asked me to bring her here. I'm afraid one ot her auklca may bo broken or badly sprained. Jou'd better call a doctor." Jlrd Wallace rushed him. MISERV ToR -THE VJUARER BOOTS AND J1ER BUDDIES N'O 1'OOUN' By Marti|j to the oilier. Crash must have corac "Te;i r.-.c srlis;. liapiicued. (Jypsy.' when I wns on the ether sliie ot ll» I got Gilern exactly what had happened. There was the moment when sho saw the T:LO idiot deliberately raa us." He burst Into vigorous profaulty. "My name's Mason." Hie other njao Toluulecred. "Frtd Mason. I . "Lt'a—colhlng, Jim. Ml DO all Sti." ••i hsipfd her from Ihe car. hla irr.i arnur^d tier. For an instant the Elcaiiicd hersell r.gainst him. look- Ins tin Intn Ws face. "it's cothlr.g," she repeated In n wealt voice. Immcdialrly fho fa luted. (To Ka S/ocllouol); • Wt-MUST \iWJE MtfV«H6-.UNDONE •"•«••; NOTHING !av«*vsi BKS BOAT-.6T.T \\01_0 OT f4.V. 1V\ CfiW ! 1'lX WMt "XKL VttWM«O '#• lO.OOO. IS UV6ED TO Bt OM "WE LOO\4O 1 ->T ays from this date, and answer ie complaint of tho plaintilfs. Aired A. Alnccr and A. M. King- acle. as Trustee. iuiCoS ii:y hand as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 13th tiay of April. 1931. R. L-. GAINES, Clerk. ReW, Evranl ec Hcnclcrson, Attorneys for Plainlills. 13-20-27-1 WARNING OKDEK E. M. Skipper, Mrs. E. M. Skipper and !lornrrsvillc Mcrcanlile Company arc wanied to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chich- asawba Comity, District of Mississippi Arkansas, within thirty 1:M>][»3>1REPA1 RED! FAY O.DAVIS A(i»(cr Kent Dealer Phone 421 Invest With Safety fiCt paid quai'lcrly on full paid slock, $100 and up. Guaranteed , by first mortgage loans on homes in Vilytheville. Secured anil Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association \V. M. Burns, Sec. Or INTKK'I'IOX TO APl'l-Y I-'Oll OlilHill OF SAI.I1. jNotice is l-.crcby ylvrn Unit the indcisii;iic(l, ns administrator o! lie cslntc of Callicrine Koyal. clc- rascd, will apply lo the Mississippi County Probate Court for he Clrickasawba District, on tlic 23rd ilsy of May, 1931. for nnthor- ty to sell the lollowing iautls bc- onging lo uniti estate, or so much thereof as may bs necessary, towll: Lois 3 and •!, Wock 13, Barren Lily Addition to tlic City Blyllioville, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Said sale Is to Ijc luatic for tlic purpose ol paying Hie debts o[ llic estate. W. H. STOVALl,. Administrator Frank C. Douglas, Allorney. 13-20-27- I'lTTSFIELD. Maw. (HI')— Til claim that, failure to kMp a ware house at the proper tcinpcrnlnr rfsullcd in the ruining of 1G.000.00 1 ferns Is the basis of a law suit nic hero. The Groves Fein compan seeks $10.000 damages from t\v Springfield concerns. BON'HAM. Tex. i UP)—Earl Cm tis. farmer near here, canturi'il j coyote barclianded recently vvhr his dogs tvap;>c;l tlie animal aiKi Curtis was without ammunition. He took ll-.c coyolc lior.ic chained it In his yard. , FKliCKLES AT AND HIS FRIENDS_ THERE'S TUC A1RPOKT, RIGHT XiHEAD Cf= MD FRECKLES SAIL IMTo ELKHAOT AHEAD OP 1H£ TRAIM THAT CABBIES DETECTIVE STEC.LE ,wao is sewzcrtiMG fOfiTVE CRooVi V.VJHO STbLS OLD MW-1 HCCTOR'G R03V ...... IT "TVS Aiaroar is QUIT6 A DlSTAVJCfT FROM "rue DEPOT, THoosM-.-sse! MUST BE A MILES V '~^-,tf?Si^ ^^B 3 ^ 'V f^ ; : ^ _ AHKAI) OK IT'LL PROBABLY TAWS t A«,E AS LOt-'s To 6ET TUER6 ~K> TU6 DEPOT AS IT Too'/ OS TO FLY ALL THAT DISTA^E BIosscij t ':A Cr "TU£ TAXI S TAliE T& STATIOW WASH TUHKS "[•KiHTING AGAINST HIG 01)1>S j- Vj - .--uxv.^ THECLUHSV, OUtl-UKE RUM Or 1V.E_ SwiuW WSPUUA, W«VET^'OOftTcUM 0'

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