The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1948
Page 9
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^MONDAY, JUNK n, mi? -V.T-- v ~— — _ - _ -- , — - __ — __ __ Onrif/ie-Spot Maneuvering Gets Under Way in Philadelphia, GOP Hational Convention Site TE: T " £ ' 9M ««»""'«" """""I Coimnllon opens * '" P "" idel "" ia - Candidates have op,™ d .,«.d,«r- ^' 1 T UVer "* 1S ""• T " e " rst " s °' I" " C ' "'"' cover the ~"VenUon are on the scone " S' T °' "" W * 5hi "* U »> "»»«" *«« Bureau. ,' * 7 C ° nmilio " '» >«* •»" »». been re" BLYTHEV1U.B (AKK.) COURIER NEWS here "i Porti by iy r por ever s Tire B.V Ljle c. Wilson Staff C'orrt*] HIAj June 14. 1943 ii,,» -'--• k m la rw> OiiH i ,i, ? * lor t nit co 1888. 7 for Rutherford B. Mayes in JS76, 6 for Willkie in 1940, \ for James G. Blalne in 1884, 3 for Abraham Lincoln in 18CO and for ] Charles Evans Hughes in 19IG. and I 2 for John C. Calhotni in I8M. Moti V " :m al Con- ame iiall in 1936 liie o.o.p. in 19*0 party „„ be o,, back tee' All hands including the raur > • f " w ' ; - leiiuon. Four ana pcrhap.s mai'y more banots will be cast Wore the o.o.p. naaic.s irs man of the year. 'o|>. ciartncc J. urowii, h O beny a,i d com.uc.u. urnvca to up.n Sen. Robert A. i ail's heaaij'.,,-.i 1 cJ3 m ine cci:j.iiiii;i franklin Hotel. herbert Browucll, a son-s,io^!) Neoras^a-born f<ew Yort lawyer, open Uoors 01 the Guv •Jiiom- .a.-i fc. Uewiy-s hi«h command at uu Believue-Straiiord, Haralii E. a;^s«ii s campaign woiiiers beat both ol them to the punch. A staiseu- lor-Presidciu liiMCiquaricrs was opened on walnui bu-cet last week. r l'o Be Gri-at -Show' . I' ii going to be a ercat show. ine Welcome-Republicans biuiucra £*re begmnmu to iluuer in the Streets. Hotel keeixus have thotight- fuliy advised iheir guests umi. sinjle rooms which cost, them »5 or »6 i day this week, will jump m ^TJ t..e aay me coiiveiuion begins. For »10 or a. oil more you can have nil excellent but not elaborate meal in the swankier spots, accompanied by a couple of drinks. There will be Plenty oi laxicabs except when you need on«. The convention host city is wel- coniin? th« Bjpublicans with a page one scandal in the office ol the city receiver of tax&s. The Republican state organization which controls the legislature aim all major offices fell otf the harmony tight rope lait week. The State G.O.P. is headed toward an open biawl over control of Pennsylvania's fat convention delegation. California, fllinois. Indiana, Massachusetts, new Jersey and Penn- psjlvania are key states in this Re- ' publican contest. They are favorite son staU« and together will cast Ml votes. The candidate to which • some or ail of those states makes a break somewhere during the oal- loung it vory likely to be the Re- . publican nominee lor president this year. Dispute in the Pennslyvanii organisation may mean t-hat the 73 delegates lor this state will scatter j their lire and fail to be a real fac- I »or in electing the party's nominee. ' ' Sever*! Billots Expected None of the candidates is predicting a first ballot nomination. The first two or three roll calls merely , will disclose the comparative first choice strength of leading candidates. Aftiir roll call No. 3. the chips will be down, in the 92 years since the Republicans first nominated a candidate lor president there have 1 been only nine conventios whicli required more than one ballot to ; name the man. After this nonven- ' iion it will be 10. James A. Garfield ' was nominated by Ihe convention which cast Ihe most ballots— 36 in I 1880. Tell ballots were required to nominate Warren G. Harding in sachuselts »ill be here Thursday 10 preside over informal meetings of the platform commilloe. Lodge tu.s been rtesignated chairman subject to action by the committee ilsclt alter the conrpntlon lias jnet, organized ami given the groii[> o[fi- cia) status. Address of the tejr.porary and permanent cliairmati are scheduled lor Monday and Tuesday, respectively, nest «clc. Lodge is to pre- icnt Ihe platform for adoption Wednesday morning. Nominatin,- speeches will start Wednesday afternoon or evening and the firtt ballot should come the followiu,; day. Arnoll Declares Truman Needed j man Sr. o( Blyllievlllc, O. O. Jr. li n. He was graduated from Wythe- vllle High School this Spring and Inis received an apjwIiJttneiH to Vlrglul» Military Academy, where lie will become * cadet next Fall Biythtvllle's younittt licensed pilot Is Just one year over !he minimum age required of private pilot,, by the Clfll Aeronautic! Ad- mlnlslratlon. He li working m * rndlo announcer here. MAX Bun In of Blylheville, flight student at Ihe Municipal Airport heir, nude hl« first K)O flight la»t week. EriieBl Halsell, Howard lei- and Percy A. Wright attended the Airport Management Conference at Bryan, Texai, 1ml week. They relumed Wednesday In Mr. Htlielr* Bon.nia. Iliree Blylh«vlll« pilot, flew to Jonesboro ThurMiy to take CAA written eximlmlloni. BobHuw and J«sse Wright took civil Air Rtftili- tion exams for their commercial i r»(liigs and L*e Richardson Jr. ' took a written exam (or • Insduclor'i ntln« Tratulent plJoti wk» durlnt! Uat week Intruded MM lowing; Leonard BourcU of Oil week Hit croM-coiinlry list were the following: Ernes • -"-- * v<i vni Mft • J&tIIV3'* Halsfll, who fl«w to Smllhvlllf Tenn., jn his Bon»ni»; Mr. and Mr». M. D. Tulloi, wtio Jlew to Ml Springs In all Aeronc* 1 B At Reir- enolrl, who flew to Little Rock In Ills OS.HII; Tanner Difltntt, who uruiser; unariei acooty flew to Ark«delphla In hli Cessna; JTenn., Piper Crutatr Al Bur«~~jtai Mr.'aim Mrs. Arlliur Weaver, * ho I Howler, Wlllard May and new to j»ckson. TBIIII. in a r»)« [ oosden o( Little Rock, OH R. E. Miller of Hanom, N. Tex*^ sunno; Byrn of HI" ' Clinton Ran__, „ ___,„„, MI EWaW JMMHX Of KaapUM. . Stlnnon; June* Uorrt* aa* Jack Mldgreen of Jactaoo, — •-Piper PA-11; Mr. tad Mrt. S T»y!or of KtknavUle,''• &ML, coupe; jama* A. alcCtoud of Hat Spfinn, Ark., Luacombc; H. o Cai« llcottte of Evanarlll*, ad, Hpac Cruiser; charl«i acob*y af TrlmhU. to Jackson, Tenn., In > ; «nd c. B. Woods .nrf W. I. \i, •-• i -••\i vy. *»• TT vnjua WI1U <n . 1. | t\, K. JVllllCr Oaborne Jr., who flew to New York i public «ea-l i ruman i^eeaea iirrn For Party Victory \U55R to Check CHICAt^n .Tun** \A. jtiDi c^.. C II * I f railing Level Of Caspian Sea CHICAGO, June 14. —- nier Governor Ellis Arnall of Georgia said today that President Truman must be nominated at the Dernooratic National Convention "il we are to K-IN in November." He predicted that Mr. Truman «'<nild be re-elected with full support of the Democratic Party despite the Southern revolt. Arnall, who spoke on Ihe Ur.i- versity of Chicago round table ye.s- terclay, said Southern stats delegations have been instructed not to back his nomination. An opposing speaker. Sen. John Sparkman, D., Ala., called the civil rights program "the straw lhat broke the camel's back." He said - - - ..... on »(* , i^.c»ii. z iie or Hie Southeru revolt sprang Irom a begun, the paoer rt<»Aii^?aa tnft ,*;«i-,.*:~r i : . *^ ^ LONDON. June 14. IUP>—SoviB- cnemccrs have worked out g plan to check the fulling water level of the Caspian Sea by diverting in-o H the llo wof six Northern Russian rivers, according to the Czechoslovakia Communist newspaper Rucv f'ravo. The paper said lhat one of Ihe rivers scheduled to be diverted to the Caspian is the 700-mile Pechora now emptying into the Arcilc Ocean. The project, already has force discontinuance of Caspian fishing, the paper sold. Catches in- cluJe sturgeon, which furnishes Russian caviar, and scaling The rivers will be diverted by the construction ot canals, the na t • said. ' '' A project to raise the Caspian level by building lt camil 10 Ihe Black Sea was abandoned when fishermen prblcstcd the nia,ck Sea fjsh would eat lip all the Caspian Sea fish, the paper rciibrtea. Oiisrnscy cattle first were brought Info the United States in the early '80s. v Airport News C. O- nechimn Jr., received his private pilot's license Insl'wcelc and with It the lillc of the youngest licensed private pilot In Bylheville. Son of Mr. and Mis. c. G. Red- It hi\s been found that better bncon can lie obtained Irom quickly grown nit's than from Ihose ol slower de\ elopnieiu. One substance Hint never has been frozen Is. helium. deep-seated dissatisfaction regarding the Soulh's "neglected position" within the Democratic Party. "A lot of people down my way think the Democratic Party is going to lose this election," Sparkman said. aid 1920, . for Benjamin Harrison m ' Eager Beaver With a crisis over the agreements on Germany threatening France's coalition cabinet, Gen. Charles deGatille has offered to assume the leadership of Ihe country. DcGaulle criticized the six-power Gentian plan as containing "gravest risks for France,' rnr "Europe and for peace." }Ie said he is "ready" to step in. fistula May Often Result From Piles FREE ttOOK — Givfc; raclsl On Associated Ailments The water level of the Caspian, largest inland sen in the world, has dropped six (eel In the past nine years, the report said. Harbors have dried out and islands in the sea have become peninsulas. A drop of another nine feet would call for MET Get'it Purchase Corp. Blylhevillc. Ark. %»>/ Frigldaire WATER HEATER • Plenty of, hoi water always on up with i Frigidairc h'lcctric Witcr H«ier. It's low.cost, clean, safe, (icpcnctuble- and completely automatic! ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, INC. .1. W. ADAMS. iMirr. A Complete Service Dopl. in Connection 206-08 W. Main Phone 20 71 ANNOUNCEMENT! We Will Be Open All Day Wednesday W« f«tl that w« should r.main optn W«dn«*doy afttrnoon tor two reason*. In th* first ploc«, many hou»«wiv«» comt down- , town to shop at other stores which remain open and we feel that we should accommodate these shoppers if they wish to get gro- ceries. In addition, the perishable nature of meats and product makes it almost necessary for housewives to shop daily. There- fore, to accommodate our customers we shall remain a»en all day Wednesday, beginning June 16. r It i. always the intention of Liberty Cash Grocery to offer the best service in Blytheville. We welcome your patronage for freih meats, garden fresh fruits and vegetables, and staple and fancy groceries. Liberty Cash Grocery E. B. Palm. Guy Bratton Mark** A now, illustrated 40-page book m Fiaula, Reclal Abscess. Piles aiirt >lher rcclal and colon disorders is row FFIEE to all suffercri. Write oday— a card will do. Thornton ft •linor Clinic. Suitr 672, »« McGee It., KansM City, Mo. Once upon a time (and it wasn't so long ago) there were some neighbors on a telephone party line. Everything was all right, except when anyone wanted to use the line it seemed someone eise was always using it. AY LITTLE GlRL.'.f SICK One day Mrs. White, one of the neighbors on the line, had to call a doctor in a hurry. Someone %vas using the line. Mrs. White hesitated, then broke right in ... "Please," she said, "my little girl's sick. May I have the line to call a doctor?" "Oh, yes," said the others, and hung right up. A short time later, Mrs. White called the >person she had interrupted. "I'm sorry I had to Interrupt," she said, "bu|t it was an emergency." "That's perfectly all right," said the neighbor, "and I have an idea about this party-line business. Most of our calls aren't too important. Why don't we all agree when any one of us has an important call that we will ask for the line?" "That's a wonderful idea," said Mrs. White. So they all agreed, and service on that party line has been fine ever since. JOUTHWISTERN IELL TlLEPHONl CO. MascBWMwsnwiwiaiBOBirwBB^ i PROFIT By Reading the Classified Adt Every Day! PROFIT By Advertising In TR* Classified Columns When You Want To Buy or Sell Ad* Placid ffe/or« 9 «,rr». W»H Appear Sam* Day All CiasBificd Advertising PayabU in Advanct Phone 4461 Blytheville Courier News

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