The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York on December 8, 1949 · Page 18
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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York · Page 18

Syracuse, New York
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Thursday, December 8, 1949
Page 18
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THE pOST-STANOARO Thursday, December 8, 1949 um in Keeping Posted _ With Bill Reddy r*OR plausible assemblage of a mass of assorted misinforma- * lion we give the palm this morning to Ev Gardner, sports editor of The Washington Daily News, who recently put the * rap on what he called the ''Syracuse plan" in basketball* We arc indebted to PFC Barton C. Ncs- dall for forwarding Gardner's column, and if it's all right with you, we'll save Bart's comment until later. It seems that Sports Editor Gardner is awakening to the fact that there arc some inequities in the National Basketball association, a fact which was pointed out in this column more than a month ago. Here's Gardner's fulmination en xvhat he calls "the biggest problem in the NBA." *'The problem is what to do with Syracuse, which is playing a bush league schedule and Bill ·getting major league credit." says Gardner. "Syracuse practically has been given the Eastern division championship without having to earn it against Eastern division competition. "W HEN the Basketball association mcrccd with the National Basketball Icacu*?. the scheme was to keep the NBL learns in one division and the BAA clubs in another, with the exception of home-and-home scries between the leagues. The playoff survivor of each leacuc was 10 'meet for the championship. "But.** continue* Gardner, "thanks tn sumr backroom lob- tiylnc of Lro Frrri*. a Syracuse stockholder. Syracuse was put in the Easlrrn division and given a \V*trrn division schedule that called, for playing 32 games against Denver, Waterloo -and Tri-Cltlcs. The rub U that those Ilrnvrr. Waterloo and Tri-Clty victories count In the Kastern division fttandlngs. am! all due res-pert to those rluh* they aren't In the eUss of Baltimore. New York, Washington and Philadelphia. There's still hope that the situation can be fixed. Bob Footer, Mike UlUie's rljrht-hand nmn. U beginning to scream anil has polled the nine teams ncressary to call a special meeting and vote Syracuse back ,lnto the Western division uhere they belong. The nine rlubs. New Vork. " uf f darling, I ufsn f t l aihc* on the rug. This is an El Protfucto. " av's Tod Best Buy · » S u p e r b w o r k m a n s h i p makes smoking com- f o r t a b l e . You'll like the mildness, the wife will like the aroma, Tastes Right Every Time competition Rostnn, Philadelphia. .Minneapolis. KochrMrr, St I,ou!s. Fort U'aynr, Baltimore and IVashlnc- toti. have civcn Foster verbal support. All they have to do now U lend wire* to NBA President Maurice I'odoloff askinc for the special meeting. A majority vote, and nine will do It, can put Syracuse into the Went." T l A n n U M P H ! Let's start with i l "backroom lobbying" by "Leo Ferris, a Syracuse stockholder." At the time of the merger, Ferris, who now is executive director of the Syracuse club, was ccncral malinger of the Tri-Citics club. He didn't, and doesn't own any atocK in the Nats. It's a matter of record, and common sense, that the Syracur* club, at schedule time, wanted to book as many Rames as possible with Rochester, a natural rival, and Minneapolis, an outstanding attraction. But Syracuse cot only homc-and- home Barnes with these two clubs. If Gardner had been writing 1 about the alignment prior tn the Reason, you'd find that he would B have written Just as alighting!? of Syracuse as he now write* of Denver. Waterloo and Trl-Citlrs. You'll notice he makes no disparaging cracks about Anderson. Slieboygan and Indianapolis, which the Nats meet ju*t as rrg- ularly a* they meet the other three club*. And while we*rc about It. how do you suppose three of his pets. Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, would s*tack up against those last three we named? And how dors It happen that hr never mention* llotton. annthrr former BAA tram In the nrw Hastrrn division. Is he ashamed of that tram? L . . Buy a pocketful today! EL PR 01) I If TO " *^\c^^«/* 7* Jor real enjoyment ETS face it. The other five club? in the Eastern division thoucht they were Retting a "bush leacuc** team when they put Syracuse in 'their circuit, and now that they've learned differently. Card- ncr appoints himself spokesman. Did you notice that phrase "beg to scream?" If Syracuse rolled over and played dead, you'd hear no scrcaminc from the bic cities. But him- about the record? So far. the team playing a "bush league" schedule. Syracuse, has played four games against Eastern division opponents. And Syracuse has won all four. Has Washington done as well against teams in the scorned Western division? I think it's a had srhrdiile myself, and I told you 50 Inn; he* fnre Gardner had lircn heart! from. But you rrmrmlier. perhaps, that I pointed out the fact that Syracuse rnuld con- crlvahty nurep all 10 of Its games against KaAtcrn division opposition, and still not qualify for the playoffs. Thr "hush leaguers" werr taking a lmi£ chance, loo. and if any lobbying went on, which I doubt, you'd have to give Syracuse credit for great cotiracr. If you're going to believe Gardner's slant. Schayes Breaks Scoring Record With 31 Points Syracuse Ace Ignites Rally In Final Period MOLINE, 111. --With Dolph Schaycs leading a spectacular fourth period charge by potting 18 of his record breaking 31 points, the amazing Syracuse Nationals went ahead for the first time with three and one- half minutes left to pull out a 77 to 69 victory over the Tri- Citics Blackhawks here last night. 12th Win in Row Schayes smashed his own Syracuse scoring record by two points in probably the greatest performance of his career as he ignited^ an incredible rally that produced Syracuse's 15th victory in 16 National Basketball association starts, its 12th in a row and its sixth win in seven toad games. After five minutes of play in the third quarter, the Blackhawks. who had led all the way to the fatal turn of the tide, were boasting a 12-point spread. And when the bitter battle reached the three-quarter mark, the Tri-Citics array was in front by 54 to 48 and seemed to have sound enoush of a lead to withstand the Nats' desperate efforts. But Schayes. who tallied 10 field goals and 11 free throws in all. quickly barbed in a field coal and a foul to cut the lead to five points as the fourth period cot under way. RATKOVICZ EFFECTIVE Dike Edrileman expanded the Tri-Cities lead but back Schaye* came with two free throws and a bucket and, with his mates alive to every opportunity to help. Schaycs traded basket for basket with the home talent on drive-in plays and corner shots, until Fuzzy Lcvane broke in for a layup to make the score 64-66. That set the stage for bic Dolph's basket that tied it for the first time and forl for the ball, the foul point he drew on the play that save the Nats the edge with three and a half minutes remaining. George flatkovicz* whose 13 points were second best for Syracuse, zipped in for a layup and Tri- Citirs could earner only four more points on a field coal and two fouls while the red-hot Nats were fashioning a decisive victory out of wiiat seemed an inevitable defeat, Schayes added a field coal and a foul to his hucc fourth period total in the remainder of action nnd also was a tartar off the boards. Marko Todorovich, who used to give the Nats trouble with Sheboy- can. was top scorer for Tri-Citics with 15 points while Don Otten caged 14 but these bic men failed in their efforts to team up with the others against the whirling* leaping Schaycs. The Nats trailed by 22-16 at the close of the first period, by 34 to 39 at the half an-I the three-quarter margin of 54-48. The Nats will strive to continue their terrific pace as the Eastern division leader acainst the "Redskin* in Sheboycan tonight and xvill close their road trip acainst the Hoyals in Rochester Saturday. They co home Sunday to take on Sheboycan again. ^^^^^^^^^^^^·^^·^^^^^^^^^^^^^^·^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B Lakers Rout Caps, 93-76, But Losers Plan fo Protest MINNEAPOLIS. ·!·)--The Minneapolis Lakers ?cored a U3-76 victory over Washington before 6.077 fans la*t nicht. but the National Basketball association will hear about it. Coach I3ob Fccrick of Washington nnnounced the same was bcinc finished under protest after a rhubarb in the third period over a "continuation foul." At that point the Lakers, who had control of the game thruotit. were leading 54*39. George Mikan scored.35 points as the Lakers marked up their 12th win in 17 games. It was Washington's fourth defeat in their \ast five starts. i 5 J l n ficoUri.f 4 Kfttkvrk.c 2 c 3 3 2 3 n o 2 5 2 4 WASHINGTON I * t Gtlmrrj t 3 Mmndlc.f 1 0 McfCnrr.f S * Norlndr.r i 1 Nlcholi,c aivtikrUn.fc #:"rrm.e 1 Slsturtn.f 2 tlShaffrr.c MIUNEAPOLIS c f pf tn 3 3 3 2 0 n n n S'-oIUrd.f 2) ·»ro».t *arl»nn.f 3IV»lthfM 7 n 2 5 4 1 S I t 1 4l\urtm.s 3 3 2 ftlUrrlwn.ff 2 1 0 1 t 3 to Orange Cagers Crush Quantico Marines, 84-48 BY JACK ANDREWS Syracuse university's cnccrs ran away from the Quantico Marines for an 84 to 48 victory, their second of the season, before a scant attendance of 537 fans, last'night at the coliseum. THc partisans, who ignored the night's chilly blasts and icy roads, saw the Orangemen in complete command virtually all of the wa. For the first 30 minutes, despite their obvious superiority, the Hillmen interspersed deadly scoring bursts with faulty passwork and hurried shots. Kiley Is Key Man However, with Jack Kiley the keyman. the Orangemen literally ran the Devil Docs into the floor in the closing 10 minutes. ^ Thf coach Lew Andreas revised the lineup occasionally in the closing phase, after havinc depended on 1 i « two platoons in the first half nnd the first unit in the early part of the second half, the Orange attack was smooth and devastating They finished off with a terrific flourish A 14 0 3 3 3 Adolph Schaycs Breaks Hccord Stags Triumph Over Baltimore By 84-72 Tally BALTIMORE. C.I')-- The Chicago Stags defeated the Baltimore Bullets. 84-72, last night in. a roush National Basketball association contest during which five players were retired from the came via the personal foul route In all. fifi personals were callrd-- 41 agninst the Stags and 25 against Baltimore. Chicago had the game pretty well in hand from the vrry start. Stan Minsck. Chicago center, was the leading scorer with 17 points, altho he sat out part of the third and fourth quarters after he took a tumble to the floor during a struggle CHICAGO e r pf tnf 2 « r Z'Iof*ky.f fl flp^ars,! Ofboskl.f 7 Hrr*»rn.c 3 Mtkan.c Phillip. c Kud'ka.r n 2 n n .1 n 1 A 2 n 3 n i * Mipuch.1 1 3 ISlTowrrr.f 3 S XTlUVttonr.f n BALTIMOUE c t pf tp 4 13 A 5 ff 10 5 ft nudkn.r n nisch'man.e 5 6f o ni * A 0 BITrlptrm.t 1 3 3 n 3 n 3 7 3 A 1 7 1 3 3 2 0 t t 0 I 1 1 n 2 e 6 3 1 3 2 41 ftl i 19 34 3* 72 v · · lUU-ttmc #corr: Chlcatn 43; niltlmort throws mt^ed: n*ltlmcrr-- Hoffman 6 Tom rry. Urlntittonr. Budkn 3. Bchmt*. man 3. Hrnr» S, polhon 3. Chicago: Grab. 2. Htrmten 3, Kudrlka, Bradley. At-- 1.407. EOt N ttYRACUE I 1C I Pf tp Mcnikl.f 2 O CUbnr.f 0 2 Lfvjnr. f 2 0 Srrmour.r 4 1 IVier*on,c 1 0 RUovlc.c 3 7 3chftrr».K in 11 n.£ 2 1 Crrrl. c 2 3 : 0 n ff 0 0 Tni-CITY fc is * 1 4T*rrklru.r o n 4 3'IUr.r 2*2 3 4ITodorvlch,f 7 I 1 9 otttn.c * 2 1 2'Maiimirn.c o o ft H|Ilafi»Flt,f 1 O J 31tEciairmn.e .% t 1 3 wier.ff 3 4 4 7 Van Nfda.S 4 2 0 nSchulr.g 0 1 0 0 Pro Hockey York 3. Chic«co 1. DftroH 2. noittmi 1. AMERICAN* u;Atiri; IndUnapoltt 4, Ilrnhrv 1. 4, Sprlr.stlrlrt 4. 4. ClnclnnHtl 1. 2. Nrw lUvrn 2. NBA Standings * and Results CASICRN DIVISION \V * * * * U Pf tp 3 01 4 6! 4 S»l 4 3 1 A 3 ·2 2 Vark »hlnrt«n ,... ..... ...·· * ...... ......... . R I *- ·* ·· * pft - \\'»jnr · . . » · · · · * » · * · * 11 IS n Ml I. I tn It II .1 * rvi 1 metrn 3S. 21 M 28 ".^ 13 27 25 ·core: MlnnnpflU 41. With; throw* ml*ifd? Washington -- scoring 13 points in a row. Kiley. equally effective from out_ side and on driving layup/. piled in numer f/'YiorlandVY." NicholViV'Tuibert.! 11 field goals and four free throws Bombers Shade Denver, 76-72 DENVER. M')--The St, Louis Bombers cashed in on free throws and made a last quarter drive to win a National Basketball association game from the Denver Nuggets. 76 to 72, last night. Led by Kenny Sailnr5. who made 30 points, the Nuggets held a M to 52 lead going into the fourth quar* tcr. Bclus Smawley topped the Bombers with 27 points. Denver outs-cored the Bombers from the floor, 25 field goals to 21. but St. Louis overcame the margin with 34 free throws to Denver's 22. J*hc Bombers* ace. Ed McCaulcy. was sidelined by illness. f j was hfll£ nf Phillies Appoint Nee Coordinator For Club's Players BALTIMORE. M')--The Philadcl phia Phillies yesterday announced appointment of Johnny Nee. veteran player scout, as co-ordinator of player personnel in the entire orcaniration. Bob Carpenter, president of the Phils, said Nee will visit the IS farm clubs, spending approximately a week with each club. He will bf responsible for grading the minoi league talent next fall. Ncc also will work with the parent Phih under the direction of Manager Eddie Sawyer. Georcc Earnshaw, former major league pitching star, will assist Ncc. working with pitchers only. College Basketball Mriru»* Ml. Quantlff* Marine* I*. Hrr»cu*« JV ftl. Cornelll JV 41. Nity 61. rmn Miliurr «. ruin 71. swarlbwwrf *V Inn* *t, rarrlft Rlt* 31. ih»rr **, I'nrriham .V. .VI. U l l l l a m % K. .1 .S7.1 j .t?»l . Val* *»l, rw Vfitk A.C. .VI. fnn. .%*, Tnfl* 3*. rtkUhnma V*. Tf««» Anln 31. St. flf-natfnlurr r.l. Iih«t* 31. Mucara «« T*ir*nl» 3?. 70. t'l»«aU II. Matr 7.1. DfPaaw A?. .14. trhlch 3A. Vrrtnnnt *i». riark»«n It. · r.r«ffrln».n fi«. American I'nlr. n»M«ln-\Vaa!l*rr i-V \\. X J. Vfltan*t» M, SI. Franrlt .%?. llnlr Cr«*»t 77. Trinity . M i JRK 2« 25 34 Scorr at halltlmr--Trl-ClUr* cuie 79. Frtff throw« LrTane. Hath *. Schtyes 13 27 34. firra- Oabor 5, Hanmun. ivi;?*Ti;nN DIVISION t l .... in It* Trl-CltY Crrrl; TfKlorovlch. Prrklnt. OtUti 3. Ma hmkfn. lUueti Cddleman. Wler 3. Van Ntldm 3. OW. let's hear from Bart Ncs* dill, a fan who happens tn be stationed in the Washington nrca. but who isn't being kidded by the "city slickers.** He writes: "I for one think it's a fechlc cxcu;o for Wiishinston's poor season to date. Last year at this time Joe Davis and Joe Ficcaro were they were in first place, and this!Joint recipients of the trophy Riven vcar they arc not livinc up to!for the best hoxci of the year at prc-season expectations, and also T -"'"'"" --"-l n e t " irtht Tl "* Ficcaro and Davis Share LeMoyne Boxing ; Trophy · * · · · * · v is t; \\ KII;LTS I~\ST MC;IIT 7, TrUCltv «». *. Shrhnyjan «7. . UX U'a*hfncl«*n T M 7«. CAMI.S TOMOIIT *t ^hrhnrrjn. V«rk at lUlllmitre «t Fnrt U'aynr. IndUnapallt at Andrrt*n. at n«*(«n. HKMIMIILL TOP MARKSMEN Thr Heavy Tank team defeated the Carrier team. 1251 to 1062, in Syracuse Rifle league match night at the Jefferson st. armory -·"'A. W. Hcmphill. of Carrier, wa? hich individual with 232 and Rich arri Sherman hit 100 for the win ncrs. QUITS AT IDAHO " MOSCOW, Idaho. (.V)--Bill God win. former center with the professional Boston Yanks, resigned yesterday as line coach for the University of Idaho football team. arc drawing poor crowds. 1 know that if Syracuse were in last place, there would be no gripes about their schedule. **I havr hrrn lurky rnoiiRh to * gtt home anil *rr tin* Nat* play tnirr thU sra*on. including that overtime thrillrr.asainst Anderson. 1 have aho scrn the \Vash- injrtnn Caps play several teams includtnj; Thilailelphal. Knchr*- ter and New Vnrk. On the ha»U of uhat I have »een. I doiiht U Syracuse would have too much trouble with any of the so-railed powerhouses of the Kattrrn Ira cur. Yes. 1 do hellrve Syracuse has a realty fine team and could easily take the championship If they keep up the Rood work. At least* the other teams In the Ira cue are plenty uorrlrrt over their possibilities, anil that's a Rood si en." LcMoyne college last night. The presentation was one of the features ol a p roc mm which included 11 boxing bouts. Results of the bouts were: titctslon: Robert CoKtnp *nrt Orcrtp Men* ·our. draw Jo* D«vtt rteffntrrt Bob MeEr.t^«, *lr- clston; Jor Fterirn. dclratrd Jack Shrehr* Jim Mrrh«r»nn »nd Fd Ou-ltrrl *na rr«nk ParU. Hill Oirran tirlfal«l Jtm TKO: Hnb Olri*tnc clrtrated IttftiMrd Mnhr, KO: Ted Orant dflfated mil Munfhot^r. clfcUlon; Joe D*vlf «nd Jc* Flccaro. no deruion fxlilbttlon bo-it. i 1 New York Athletic club, which had hoped to have Seek'Night Harness Racing at Empire VONKERS. CAD--A measure to permit night harness racing at the old Empire City track was filed by Deputy Mayor John J. Whalcn yesterday despite the existence of itatc legislation banning all harness racing there. The Yonkcrs common council will rURTTANOS FINOS 15c TO Jor real enjoyment later this month on the bill scrvicc7oYE7nlcT^ he said, would amend the, season, until Ernie decided hc - d 192fl city laws governing activities at Empire City so as to permit night to* combining pro basketball with medical studies, has a classy court squad just the same. There's even a Colgate player with the team. Bob riunkctt, a 1949 graduate. Bob Gale, former CornclHan, is captain of the NY AC, and then there'* Charley Bollingcr. from Holy Cross; Jerry Smith, a Fordham product, nnd Bill Rohrer, recent Yale captain. i Don Williams, a Syracuse boy who went Doun East tn make cood, h4* reached ximrthlnc of a pinnacle in the fUht came. Don ropped an unanimous harness racing. Stays at California LOS A N G E L E S . M 1 )--Henry (Red) Sanders has decided to re* main AS head football coach at the University of California nt Los An* gcles. the school nnnounced last nisht. (Continued on Pace 20, Column \ SPLIT ROCK VETS WIN The Split Rock Vets defeated the Ronson basketball team, 70 to 35, in a non-lcazue came last nicht at Split Hock/ Dick Cilbo wan 4np scorer for the Vets, setting 19 points. early in the second but his percentage improved vastly in the closing ru*h. He took 27 shots from the field. Dick Suprunowicz was the other big gun for the Orange with 16 points with he and Kiley and pays- ing off neitly for other Syracuse buckets. Ed Miller, 6 foot 6 sophomore from New Rochcllc was particularly impressive among the Orange newcomer* in the runaway stage. Syracuse lost Bob Savage and Quantico was deprived of Cy Wai- drop and Lew Devine on five-personal foul banishment Waldrop and Don Klcckncr were top men I«r Quantico with 10 points apiece. The Orangemen will meet their first real tc.«-t Saturday nicht acainst the hishly touted Columbia Lions at The first platoon of Kiley. Supru- noxvicr, Savacc. Farfi and Jockle rode out to a quick 8 to 0 drive that wa5 stopped only by a Quantico tirnr out. Kiley popped in two of the Orange buckets. The Orange missed several drive- in chances tut had a 13 to 3 lead at the five-minute mark, only Winklcr scoring from the field for Quantico. With Kiley hitting three times, twice from underneath. Jockle clicking on a set and Savage rebounding tor two buckets, the Or- ansc reached the 10-minutc point with a 2fi to 13 advantage despite some sloppy play. The yocond platoon of Beck. Hue- gins. Stevesky, Ro?cn and Miller took over at the 12-minute mark with the count at 26-lfi. The Marines sank seven straight points, five free throws in a row, to ait the Orange margin to 2(5-20 before Huggins came in with two cift shots and Slevcnsky cut down the middle for a liJyup basket with five minutes left of the half. The second unit gradually wore down the Marines in the closing minutes of the first half building up a 14-point. 38 to 24 bulge before Quantico's Waldrnp took a long pass for a sleeper basket to cut it to 33- 2fi at intermission. Jockle's foul point, a leapinc layup by Kiley and a fast cut by Suprunowicz, assisted by Kiley. quickly gave the Orange a 43-20 spread in the early minutes of the second half. A pair of push shots by Winklrr and another by Skinner tightened the game a bit before the Orange got In the groove again and twicv widened their superiority to 18 points. 51 to 33. and 55 to 37. at the midway point of the closing half. The driving, speedy Supruno- wicz stood out in this phase. Kiley took over the spotlight with three buckets and a foul before Su- prunowicz and Ed Miller joined in the scoring with a pair of free throws, Kiley came back with a neat outside basket. Ed Miller dunked a foul and Supronowicz tapped in Miller's miss on the second shot. Thus the Orange cashed 14 straight points to make it fia to 4-J before Woods interrupted the streak. The Marines could only tag along in the wake of the Orange surge as the score mounted in the closing minutes. One of the neatest plays of the latter stages was Ed Miller's tap-in of Kiley's high pass. ·--··IP--* · i i i TM · · · · - -Cook's Points Wasted, Hawks Sink Redskins WATERLOO. Ja. AP-- Shebo.v- san forward Bobby Cook cot 22 point* but they went for naught as the Waterloo Hawks won a 77-117 National Basketball association victory last ni^ht. The Io« dropped Sheboycan below a 300 average for the firM time this season. The Redskins have won 7 and lo«t R Barnes. Don Bovcn l*d the Waterloo scorinc with 16 points. 8IIEHOYOAN nnnn'm.t 3 WATHI LOO t f pf In 4 * * M MarrU.f Cook.f Sobet.f Sthool.e 3 * 1 3 I O'maiur.E 3 Mazia.c n L'trrtxh.r I Sflbo.t I Pt IP S 4 11 I J rciord.f I ft 1 3 f t 3 22i!*fttriCk.f 4 1 1 1 I 3 9 Of.! I 3 1 U 3 3 9 M*h*n.e * 3 S 14 3 4 5 Olbson.c 3 O 3 4 I S 5 Chlpp.s 1 1 3 3 0 0 0 f mtlrr.c 1 f t 0 3 0 3 KubUk.c S 2 3 13 1 1 0 J 1 X 1 3 Touih.c 33 :i :t e? Ualttlme »coir: 79 19 31 77 3S. ShrOHftti 31. Jocklr.T SYRACUSE c t 1 Su'mlct.I KMllItr.f Havasr.c Hstru.r E.Millrr.e Kllry.c Fath.r .c HUtitk.c Stark.s QUANTICO pt tp c t 1 0 3;Skinner.f 3 0 1 «. Gordon.I « 4 4 16 Ilurkrtt.2 0 0 1 O'Devtnr.t 4 1 S 9i UhrU.f O 3 3 31 Waldrnp.c 1 3 o «|\vinkler.c 11 4 1 36!Ttr»kr.t 3 t 1 AlWoodl.K 3 1 n 7JKl'knfr.r 1 0 0 3 ) 0 o n m 1 1 o 3| throws mlufd' 8hfbor»»n-- num 2 Morrli 2 Sob^k Jorifnifn. Schoon. Waterloo-- M*hen 3. Do«n 5, Titrlck 4* aib»on, Tou«h. See 2. Sadowski Traded For Livingstone P H I L A D E L P H I A . M 1 )-- The Philadelphia Warriors of the National Basketball association last nisht sent veteran Center Ed Sadowski and an undisclosed sum of cash to the Baltimore Bullrts for Ronald Livingstone, six-foot. 10- inch center. Livingstone Joined the Bullet* this season after starring with th* University of Wyoming and AAU teams in Oakland and Denver. Sadowski at 32 is a veteran pro. 4 0 0 0 n 3 3 0 4 4 1 O 0 t 0 *1 3 1 3 33 18 15 HI HalMtme »cor^--Srncuif 5 17 14 36 4ft ; Mirlnfi. 26. throw* mlutd: Syracuse-- fitpirt- kry. Suprunonlcz 3. Rfttrn. P*ih. Kilty 3. E. Mlllrr 4. Stark, Quantlro Marlnf*-- WBldrop 4. Trmky. SHEA si:t:s DOCTOR BALTIMORE. (.V)--Frank Shea, rookie pitching star of the 1947 world champion New York Yankees. arrived yesterday for a consultation! with Dr. Gcorcc Bennett. Shea has been bothered the last twn campaigns by a neck and arm disturbance. GHT Bouts Other Adm 000 Gen Tickets Tax rickrU Office . Gcncsrc Televised) rlinne Broadcast VAL'S HAS NEW PLYMOUTH i f-l)«M»r Sedans nnd Club Coupes 1HJY NOW AND SAVE MONTHLY PAYMENTS OR LOWER UPON YOUR TR,\DE-1X TOAIIFS OW in-MinntR Drlvn Wilt Save Vnii Many Pnllar» VAL'S GARAGE ff Your O«rfjpr and Plymouth Dealer** * 7.1fi Stnt* Fair Blvd. Phone Syracuse fl-1131 quality Bonded iskies! reduced MOWM-fOtMAK 9IITIUIII

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