The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, /WE u, 1348 Maritime Unions May Be Enjoined S.H M.. ni f or Ship Strike WASHINGTON, Ju,,. U . aip>_ » c <-<>n<«n« bo«r<l T* lht »»y 'or Ih* t« «ek »n injunction ""«•»«•«« nationwide ' h.t hi b0ir<1 "* M fhit "* ih ' »'•,,'"«"• c *" *» wntinued. r«»l and •Incer, wliectiv. b»r».inin(t may fln.lly , void lh . dUruption *,. ' '_l!i* ">« r 't«n« uinoM hay* threat" *"* 100 ' 000 »«»>>«r »t mldnitht tomor art met. A Taft-MirtleV Laii'Vn- f« £>°*rf * 8 " ld P ron 'bit the walkout xi At L,' d ?!"' inlstrlltion spokesman in- <lic.t«<i the White HOIIM would ajk the Ju.tiM »p» r tment to mk • lederal court injunction against ^* strike. The government will would "imperil ttt« nation The Injunction probably will be •ought in New York, San Francisco •nd Cleveland where the unions have their head<iu»rters Pappy Is Generally Proud Falharly pridt besmi from the face of Ll.-Gen. Ennii C. While- h««d, eommandinc jeneral of the Eastern Air Force, ai he con- iratulatea hit «on, Lt. Ennij C. Whitehead, Jr., aller the latler'i graduation from Wes* Point Their houle i» in Kansai City, Mo. it .1 health Scribbled Diaries, Notes Tell Court 'Suffering on Bataon Death March heir headquarters. YOKOHAMA, June 14 lUP) — c*l\r * ,H v, • ~~ , „ ,_ '•ct-flndlng ,» n e| delivered Scribbled diaries and notes marie by • camo' L, ion hi' n ," Ca , b ^ S '," a " «>!• to the Whif» H^,,.. .„,) I soldiers rtnri™ th. n.,™., H.,,,,. a " lp L « zn .n. >'» October, 1944. Pns r. -..i.i,n K t]M[ivi aenverea i"*-i»wwicu aiurifv* mm notes mane o\ t« report to the White House and' soldiers during the Bataan death n was m.rt. D,, k ,,. „_... . march were introduced Saturday in was made pubjjc Saturday. The board said me strike would virtually all operators of Involv the trial of two Japanese charged with the deaths of nearly 40.0UO aors eary . American flag ships on the East, i American and Filipino war Drison- Gulf and Pacific coasts and a con- If*. 8Kler»ble portion of shipping on | On trial »re MaJ. Gen Yoshitalca me Great Lakee.. -Kawane, former commender of all Basis of the controversy, the | prisoner of war camps in the Phil- act-finder.i r ' . - ~u.iui\* • Cl».f , L.ILe 1 'act-finder* reported, 1» the Impact) of the Taft-Hartley law on estub- lished hiring and employment pra- 'Jff dices In the shipping Industry. Ship operators contend that the Wring halls operated by the unions are a form of closed shop outlawed bj- the Taft-Hartley act. They say they Intend to continue Ujlnr hiring- halls, but want to be free, to hire men from other sources, too. The unions want the hir- oneis at the camp later vviyc lib eraied in a daring American tact: cal maneuver. The records wore recovered u , MaJ. Donald S. Hoblns, Famuic Park. Detroit, upon his rescue it January, 1945 and turned over I. at Detroit in August Ing halls continued under ttieii present status where the operators obtain virtually »11 of their men Other Issues In the dispute have been shove<l into the background by this problem, the board said. "3ome of the parties have hardly begun to bargain." it. added. "The others have gont through the form of bargaining without •timulation from Its spirit." Pointing out thiit a nation wide strike is threatened unless the Bavernment acts, the board said the unions have "strongly announced" a work stoppage unless the government issues a restraining order of the dispute is settled. lppine,s in 194S and ihe Japanese in charge of the death march, aiul Col. Kurataro Hirano. director of Camp O'Donnpll. The notes told of seeing dearl , - .„„ ^ bodies piled high along the 100- j oners shot in cold blood, mile road from Mariveles. Balaan. to San Fernando Pampanga, which the prisoners were forced to travel on foot in April, 1&42, One note, written bv Maj. Alv? ... R. Pitch, Ptort Omaha. Neb sa.d , A ,1 ua '' ri , , was s " i " d) »« '0 I*™* "this is one of the m«l. hH±= fr °'» ""= solder. As the soldier trie,! 'this U .one of the most hideous outrages against humanity in recorded history." The defandants are charged jointly with causing or contributing to the deaths of 10.000 Filipinos and 1,200 U- S. prisoners during the march and with contributing lo ihe suffering and deaths of 25,C(» Filipinos and 1,548 U. S. citizens al Camp O Donnell. The prisoners' personal records of their suffering were collected by Lt. Col. Albert Svihra. Long Beach, honorable discharge, forfeitures ot Itie Army 1344. One tattered note described the march a.1 ar. "orgy ol brutality." M»j. Joseph L. Chabot. New York, eported he saw two fellow pris- "One of these." Chabofs memo randum said, -was A soldier who lailed to get to his feet afler halt. . . "A guard was sianding 10 yarns ieebly to arise the guard shoi him The .soldier dropped to his knees ;is the guard riisned at him. At Jive yards Hie guard slopped and fiivrt anothei- shot only a foot away from the soldier's head." Lt. Collcy Paquell. 1/xs Angeli told of a bungled execution ot „ young Filipino soldier who had violated instructions against, makinc tires in camp. The Filipino was lieci to a tree Paquett's account said. — "The other prisoners were assembled and given a lecture on what So/rfi«r It Sentence*/ For Attempted AssauH YOKOHAMA. June U. (UP)—A ! TI.S. Army general court martial Saturday convicted Pfc. Lonnie L. Taylor, 37, Charleston, S.c., of as- aault »ith intent to commit rape on ^ftfmtt woman and of assault mil:intent to do bodily harm to her huibcnd, Taylor ws * iwntenced to a [fa- 'Arab Heads UN HOUSEWIVES! Choose Your Own Way To Wash! \t*, HOW you ran do just thai! 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S«lnrri«y »el>»l 40 Mesictn nation»l* »»d «n American eitlten WHO admidfd hrinsjinx them North horn Irxas in * false-bottomed duck »f- l*r they were «:miggl«d HITOM tli< "Altrr Wtat, (wo «oldl*r. . lirwl two shou »t the Ud, both o( ' "'' d lhflr m "'*- * lh « a rlfl, j»n,t««i v Thfn Wili undrt , nd (M [o biishn. . . ».« w ,tibicd prison. th« • clump of ••Pi«sen\l . . ' l S,* e " a ' >hot ' " tt<!r wh >ch on« o. Ihf. Rissid* returned, wipin* alt » bnyonsl." * boiclfr. Poli<'« allu'lah .««id t!i«)" would (urn the »!(««_ innellicr rlth nil fncieiire, ovfr lo federal Imtnltf*- I on ofriciHls lo ddermln* whether l» Mi-xlciini nwf innicsW into tl» suu« as part or » n»tloii»lrt« sane otirrntioii lo providn I-IIPAI) Iflnnr lor larnu »nd (noloilm. Tniee .squads of O«|C,M scfucit Ilif Mvxi.'atis. jg men ,nd > woman, in a tan-story bnild|,i E ol , llw nr«r Wi=sl Side shonly before j1«w» today. Another niHii , SM)W1 | oy !paptii K , hll | , window. Also sciicd in ihe i-«id' wa., Hw- llBlrto SH:IC)IO«. M, a,, rt bls wij( , Victoria, as. who »Bid they »•<• r« Amerk'aii citizens. S!<iicli«. ndiniued thai hr bronchi Ilir Mexicans North from San ^i,Ho, T*x., )„ | 1L , ,. eil Xem ,.,,, all( . r Intc-k »-!nch was found parked new the W.\st Siiif building. riit ir,i t .|t )iatl a fnls« rioorlns built several feet above n,e, tm« flow. Th« upp«r wllti c»il>lni| >iad erouchrd or ^ir.wlKl In tl are* beneath 111. fal«« floor, h« i sfttrt. a«nche« ,.1,1 tha* a nun »»»«» )i» na.iifd »i "Allinto" p»| rt n i m *1T« to brlnt the allerta Norlh and scan*, ihem in farm and factory areas. He ,«. u, r«.»i v « |*0n mo ,.. when ,lh« trip wan completed. He told offlcera that I'linif North In Hie inifk. Police b.- Iinvcd dial he wa« lh« m.n wlvo jiimiinl throiisth th« window. r»»f>» tlm Wl |R rivtHwd, trial. . animal, wtr. vlvcn le«allln< U> See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! 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