The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1955 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1955
Page 13
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1955 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN Hunt for New Taxes to Keep State, Local Governments Busy in 1956 By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP) — Tax hunting will keep state and local governments busier than ever next year just trying to catch up with their own growth. It's getting harder to find a new tax source or to squeeze more out of an old one, while Ihe way tlie legislatures and city fathers spend the money they collect or borrow, and the purposes they favor, are likely to set off more debates than ever. Much of the taxes they do co'lect will have been earmarked i.i an cnrlter era for some specific purpose important then. This will leave the fathers next yenr wondering where to find the money to provide the new services demanded by their mushrooming populations. The state and local governments are falling farther behind — and therefore borrowing more to make up the deficit—in financing through taxes the new schools, highways, wiuer and sewer facilities that the rush to the suburbs and the mechanization of Americr has made iheir people r!esire and expect. must compete with the federal gov- came to almost 28 billion. And in seeking new tax sources | plans for tl]e next 10 the states and local governments 1 found that those already visualized ernment. The U.S. Census Bureau reporting on 1954, Its hitcst figures, Hives federal tax collections as 62'*. billion dollars and state and loca' taxes as 11 billion each. Faster Spending The states are spending money much faster than that, and their debts are mounliiy;. The Census state and local debt totalled 34 bil Bureau report;; th^t in mid-1953 lion dollars. By mid-1955 this had Roared to more than 43 billion. The federal government, curious about, the trend, asked the state and local units about their building years and OUTFIT FOR LOVERS—A single Cupid's amow pierces the ("rwarte" of these showgirls in Tokyo. Japan, as they display a fiort ot twin dress lor lovers. Tsukiko Akashi, left, and Shoko are UK "lovers." Each one has an arm in that middle ftyfal to mo*« wiyoM'i »y« NS*I! up with joy ... «nai- n««rMl to mal» th« Hvifl Iflit for years. Wyler Incaflt* if the watch wt recommend from long experience with Krtftfitd customers. Sell-winding, waterproof". Hidden crown $49.95 Yellow or white rolled gold plate. S29.95 Waterproof, roiled figure, Ivminoui dial $33.75 Guaranteed -Shock-resistant Guaranteed waterproof 01 long ai crystal ii intact ond genuine Wyler ports ore used. Guaranteed • Advertised Mainspring • in We have a beautiful selection nf diamond cocktail rings in unique designs. They range from $75 to 5375 with nig reductions in pricei f 75 lo$ 375 Birthstone Rings from $9.50 to $45 HALF-PRICE The Gift Trail Begins at O'BRYANT'S JEWELRY Main at Second Phone 3-32fi1 Cities and their new suburbs, where the demand for ervices 'Is the loudest, are having the most trouble keeping even. The U. S. Chamber of Commerce, studying the tax problems of 481 cities with population of 25,000 or more", reports that In 1954 they spent almost six billion dollars while taking in less than six billion, only four billion of which was directly from ther own tax collections, and borrowing two billion to make up the deficit. Already Earmarked Half of total state tax collections in the nation are already earmarked, the Tax Foundation a nonprofit organization in New York which acts as a private watchdog reports today. In 24 states, the legislatures had "a voice in the expenditure of less than 50 per cent of fiscal 195 11 tax collections." The foundation holds that "the; fact that legislatures exert control over only 50 cents of each dollar imparts an unhealthy rigidity to state budgets." Delaware was the only state that didn't earmark some part of collections. -In Rhode Island only 6 per cent was dedicated to some purpose, but this ranged up to per cent in Alabama. More than 75 per cent of tax revenues were earmarked in Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas. Two Exceptions Highway user taxes — gas tax, vehicle registration, drivers license —are earmarked for highways at part in all states except Delaware and Rhode Island. In 32 states the entire proceeds to to the highways. Gas taxes bring the states 2'/ 2 billion dollars a year, the American Petroleum Institute says. Education gets support in 28 states from a wide variety of taxes set aside for the purpose. Included are proceeds from sales taxes, income—both individual and corporate, tobacco, parimutuel, alcoholic beverage and soft drink taxes. But the. tax foundation says the tendency is to abandon earmarked taxes for support of local public schools in favor of schemes such as per pupil tillotments from the WORTH HIS WEIGHT IN SILVER—Myron A. Hoff, 51-year-old River Sioux, Iowa, cattle dealer, triumphantly sits on a scale in Chicago as he gets his weight in silver dollars. It's his prize for winning a cattle-judging contest sponsored by a feed firm. At one dollar for each ounce of his 186 pounds, he collected $2976. Mrs. Hoff stands beside him as Beverlee Wilson shovels out the coins. Brinks guard Paul Gallp«her watches. Fire Kills Girl In Little Rock LITTLE ROCK (J) — A one-year- old Negro girl burned to death here yesterday in a fire that destroyed one house and damaged two others. The victim was identified as Barbar Ann Johnson, daughter of Will Ella Rogers. The cause of the fire was not determined. Christmas Fire Hazards Noted Armorel Student Tells Uncle John To Take Care Bobby M. Vinson is a student in the School of Fire Protection at Oklahoma A. & M. College, Stillwater, Okla. He is a resident of Armorel and, explained in a letter which accompanied this article, that publication of a newspaper article is mandatory in" the fire protection course. His letter to a mythical Uncle John contains some timely pointers in regard to fire safety during the holidays. Here it is: Dear Uncle John: Christmas is just around the corner and it's time to put up your Christmas tree. This brings to my mind the many fire hazards that will accompany it. I can't help but be 'especially concerned about your tree, Remember that beautiful tree you had year before last and the night we came home from the show to find the house burned to the ground? The more I thjnk about it the more 1 believe that U was the Christmas tree that gave that fire its start. You see we have been studying Christmas hazards here at Oklahoma A. & M. and have done a lot of research with Chritsmns Trees. Chemicals were used on various trees which made them fire-resistive, but in some cases the needles fell off prematurely. .The thing that we found to be as effective and yet less confusing was to simply let the tree stand In a container of Graduated Scale of Cotton Price Supports Suggested WASHINGTON iff) — Rep. Winstead (D-Miss) yesterday suggested a graduated scale of support prices for cotton as a means of protecting the family-size farm. His proposal was that the first 20 bales of production from a farm be supported at 100 per cent of parity, the next 20 bales at 90 per cent and so on down to a minimum of 75 per cent of parity. Winstead said he will recommend the plan to Secretary of Agrlcul- water. The more water absorbed the better. To obtain more absorption of the water, recut the base of the tree to an angle of 60 degrees. This allows the tree to drink the needed water freely. Also, the needles won't fall off and the tree will maintain its beauty much longer and at the same time making it fire-resistive. Another thing you can do to prolong the life and beauty of a tree is to add a spoonful of sugar or a couple of aspirins to the water occasionally. This will give the tree enough food nourishment to survive the heat and low humidity to which it is exposed. Another hazard that accompanies a Christmas Tree Is decorating wtih ordinary cotton around the base of the tree. Sparks from cigarettes of careless smokers, an electric train, or defective electric cords can set fire to the cotton easily. You can eliminate this hazard by buying flameproofed cotton a the dime store. It costs no mon to be safe. Window curtains burn easily am readjly. In the event a fire should occur around the Christmas Tree, OLD CROW- A HOLIDAY TRADITION! This holiday season, millions more will give and serve the finest Kentucky bourbon ever put into glass—Old Crow, now in a milder, lower-priced 86 Proof bottling, companion to the world-famous 100 Proof Bond. BOTTLED IN BOND 1OO PROOF Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ture Benson and also will support it in Congress next year. Such a plan, Winstead told a reporter, would give consideration to the small farmer and to tenant farmers, and would embrace the Idea of a flexible price support plan. He criticized what he called efforts to reduce prices for farm commodities. Some organizations, he said, are calling for reduced prices but, "That would only make matters worse." Winstead said the United States must sell cotton in world, markets and regain the acreage "which Mr. Benson's shortsighted policies have moved overseas." THt OLD CROW DISTILLERY CO., DIVISION OF NATIONAL DISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORP., FRANKFORT, KY. burning curtains can spread the fire quickly. This hazard can b« corrected easily enough. Either remove the curtains or flameproof them by rinsing them in & solution containing 9 oz. borax, 4 oz. boric acid and one gallon of hot water. Wring out, dry, iron, and re-hang the curtains. This process will make the curtains flameproof until the next washing. All curtains should be put through this process. Make sure your lights hav* & "U. L.". approved tag on them, keep candles and other source* of flame away from the tree, keep the tree in a cool part of the house, and you should have a fire free, worry free, and safer Christmas. Best wishes to all, Merry Christma* and a Happy New Year. Your nephew. Escapees Take Jail's Records LAEOER, W. Va. Wt-Pol!c» an looking lor 10 men who smashed out of the town jail Sunday, but they face one big obstacle. Authorities don't know who the escapees are, because they took the jail records with them. State trooper C. N. Otto quoted officials of this little McDowell county community that the j*U ba4 •bout 10 occuput* Saturday night, virtually all of whom were booked tor being drunk. Sometime before dawn Sunday, while then wai no lunrd, th» group of 10 managed to amud the lock and hustle to freedom. ROMAN KOADS Ancient Rome built a road «y«tem that stretched irom northern Scotland to the Euphrates River In Asia Minor, parts of which (till are In use. (Setting Closer Every Day! USE McCaugh.y J«w«lry'i Christmas ELGIN Convenient Credit Terms McCaughey Jewelry In City Drug Stort 100 W. Main St. hkkMlMiMtMtMlMtMlMlMl Blytluvillt, Ark. Get a Extension Telephone for any room in your home... 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