The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York on December 7, 1947 · Page 69
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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York · Page 69

Syracuse, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1947
Page 69
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Salina Sh » Optomofristc Opticians Pitts Otpindabli Heating Satisfaction An nous Co Proposals Included lift Report Covering ureau Activities Recommendation that his department be authorised-to spend $;-i.OOO,000 for improvement of tho city's water system, streets, sowers' and buildings during lfM8 is made in the annual report of the city engineer, Nelson F. Pitts, released last night. Presented to Mayor The report, pronenlod lo Mayor F - a n k J. Costcllo, covor.a activities of the engineering department during 1947, and makes rccommenda-i lions for 1948. Of tho totnl funds requested for expenditure, $2,4157,000 would be re- nuirod from revenue obtained by tho city, auch as thru the two per cmt sajos tax scheduled to go into effect March 1, or thru borrowing. In the case of the expenditures outlined for the water division, totaling about $463,000, the money CM ild bo taken from a surplus of $1,000,000 in the water fund. ttrffcoMMENDATIONS LISTED City Engineer Pitts' recommenda- ma follow; "Water--Thnt the work of extending flection 4 nf ronduit, 3 be completed nnd thai section S be constructed immediately thereafter. (Estimated cost is $350,000 to $400,000.) ·'That the older automobiles and trucks, not replaced in 1047, be tu 'ned In against the purchase of now equipment of like nature. (Estimated cost is $40.000.) ''That the new trenching machine recommended in the 1046 report be purchased in 1848. (Estimated cost $8,000.) "That the existing wooden lioor In the lower gatehouse in Slolp ave. at VVoodland reservoir be redesigned and replaced with a steel nnd concrete floor. Construction of the inow floor would involve some ; ch*ngc's In the flate operating mechanism. (Estimated cost is $6,500.) WOULD DKEDGE CHANNEL ''That the channel of Skaneateles outlet immediately south of tho dam be dredged and the old wooden tn sh racks .in the dam be replaced ·wjth steel trash racks. (Estimated CO:;); of $0.000.) ''Pavements--Due to the condition of our older pavements in the city it Js imperative that considerable repaying work be done in 1048, I recommend that money be provided to ropave 12 miles of city streets. cost of same would be approxi- m; loly $1,500,000. ''Sewers--Inspections made in tho have shown that many of our olri trunk sowers arc cracked and overloaded to such an extent that situation is serious. Also, many of our, smaller street sewers are pa 'tlnlly blocked and tho capacities decreased duo to root conditions. It Is roeommondcd that at least $700,000 be provided for sewer work in 1948. BUILDINGS SUGGESTED "Buildings--The following build- Jmin are. recommended for con- ati notion In 1948: Vnllcy branch Ubray, $75,000; No. 4 imginc house (replacement) South st. (ovoragcd and defective structurally), $90,000; No. 7 engine house (replacement)'E. Fiiycltc fit. ov^rntfcd-- In condition not warrant- In/: reconstructing) $00,000; Eastwood high school addition--storage arvi locker rooms (should be considered to prevent accident and fire hazard) $12,000. ' Many of our employes in the drafting room arc Working under artificial light. The present light- in;' system is Inadequate for the close work which is done, H is recommended thnt $2,000 be provided to replace the present ays* toi i w i t h fluorescent VICAR'S WORK COVERR!) Hcmalndcr of tho report covered accomplished by the donnrl- ut d u r i n g the year, such a« public building remodeling, street improvements, etc, .3'itlS'"reported that private build- on Improvements *,·«.. .--..- " - · -- * . ·- .··* v-*---. ·'-- . --, L - . . - . - - - *" - --- Universal Training Eviction Deadline j Step Toward Peace/Near, Family of 6 Principals Told Appeals for Home o * , Declaring an adequate program of: Another family with four chil- defense is a program toward peace, ;drcn win be on the TM tomor^ Dr. Daniel A. Poling, president and 10W n 'B ht unlcss «*. .W« cu "_ editor of Tho Christian Herald, as- sci'tcd yesterday there could be no adequate program of defense without universal military training. A member of Inn president's nd- vlwnry i M i m m l t w I n n on unlvonwl t r a i n i n g , Dr. Puling expressed his housing shortage "loosens" one again to make room. Ordered to vacate 125 Hatch si. last Monday, Dec. 1, the John Gowcr family was given a week's "jfrnce" by the now owner in f n i n t hopes Hint tho fnihcr could find ft humi*. Uo htui linen looking fur *ix months nnrl his luck hint weaU didn't improve. m^^$®ty$ s^te;;::^ views in a debate before the 63d an-: The Cowers realize that the new nual convention of the New York owners want to move in curly HKAD PRINCIPALS ASSOCIATION.--Officers were elected by members of! the New York Stale Association of Secondary School Principals yesterday noon, concluding n three-day m e e t i n g at, the Onondafia. They arc, floated (left to right), Martin^ M. Manspci'fler, Frccport, secretary; W i l l i n m T. Hong, A n R o l n , president; Albert O. Jenkins, Gcncpco, vice-president, nnd, sUindin;; ( l e f t to r l R h t ) , W M l a r d If 1 . Prior of Oneida, executive committee; Earl 3... Vandermculen of Port Jefferson, treasurer, nnd Wilbur T. Miller, Corning, assistant treasurer. Syracuse's Infant FM Radio Industry Rapidly Growing Into Lusty Giant Tho it Is scarcely more than 17 months old, Syracuse 1 * FM radio broadcasting I n d u s t r y Is now one of the city's up and coming businesses. The year 1947 has seen rapid ex- .pansion of FM broadcasting in Syracuse with the establishment throe new FM stations to bring the total to four, Thej_ estimated 10,000 Syracuaans who own FM receivers are being joined daily by new FM listeners. In addition, Syracuse public and parochial school systems have joined the FM bandwagon with co-operation in the Empire State School of the Air inaugurated in schools this past week. Oldest, FM R l n l i o n In Syracuse Is WSYU-FM. Opening on July 9, 104(5, WSYR-FM (04.5 me) boasts a power 'output of 9,000 watts. Two exclusive series of programs are broadcast by WSYH-FM. Entire Nats nnd Syracuse university home basketball flames are broadcast by Herb Cnrncnl, WSYR-FM sports- onstcr, In addition, WSYR-FM Is co-op- crating with the Syracuse board of education in daily Ifi-mhuilo educational broaden Is on the E m p i r e State School of the A i r , and is a i r - ing special school programs in cooperation with the Junior League, WSYR-FM is also a member of the Continental Network, n 30-sln- lion FM h o o k u p of Hint-ions in the Northortslorn United Stales. Serving as a practical workshop for Syracuse university radio students, FM Station WAER is a noncommercial station locnted on the of Syracuse university and Is managed by Lnrry Myers. Broad- costing on an assigned frequency of 88.1 me, WAER has a power oulpul of two and a half watts, which not only covers the campus, but a of aboul three miles. A second oommc'rdnl s l a l l o n , WP.BT..-FM (03.1 m e ) ) hrondi-ns!.t: HOME INSULATION GUin «nd Rock Wool Installed by TALBOTT' Son Hervinr Central New York for Three Generations 1012 IURNET AVL PHONE 9-79fT Slate Association of Secondary School Principals at the OnondnRa, The negative i i r g u m e n l wns «lvcn by Dr. llnrold Tnylor, president of Sarah Lawrence college, who stated that until the necessity of consqrip- tlon for national security has been shown "many of us will remain unconvinced by requests from the m i l i t a r y for conscripted manpower." The dobnto protfrnm formed nn «x poiMment in public opinion, with n jury of 12 principals drawn from the audience using an opinion meter lormcd the "newest lonl of lenrnlns" lo vccnrri tholr "dcRrnc of convlc- linn" on the topic. The meter recorded n score of 72, out of a possible 100 total, as the dc crce of conviction of j u r y members for universal military training bc- .fore t h e - d e b a t e , and a score of 77 nfler the dcbntc. It was noted that white the decree of conviction that such training is necessary increased,, no panel member changed his stand on the question--the individual vote remained 11 in favor nnd one Hgainst. BY ONE PURPOSE The president's commission in recommending universal military training as one clement of a -total nnrl integrated proRrnm of defense, also sinter.! reliRious faith should be nnolhcr factor, Dr. Poling told the principals, "WHh intimate knowledge of the procedures of the commission, and after close association with its members. I know that whatever the final action of congress, the commissioners were guided by Tuesday-morning and arc hoping to fnid a home for themselves by Mondny evening They hnvo four children. J o h n , J., fl; CGOW, 5; Jimmy, 3, and Joseph, 8 months. The father, a fireman at Syracuse Ornamental Co., Inc., said yesterday the- family would appreciate anything, inside the city or outside en a bus line. . Persons able to help the family may phone -t-fiOO? today or the father nt. Stfnicuse Ornaments!, 3-6191. tomorrow. No JV«3ud lo Worrj About Your Coal Supply. Just coll and ploct you winter's order. Mother, 4 Children Find Separate Homes Mrs. Dorothy Pnlmetcr and her two small sons, Tommy and David,) who were evicted from 631 Carbon! st, last week, moved into 1111 Wolf si, yesterday morning to share the home with her niece, Mrs, Dominick Vlparo, and family. The older Palmcter children, A l - bert and Janet, are staying with their grandmother, Mrs. Charles Mosher, 327 W. LaFayotlc ave. Tommy, who wns taken out of kindergarten while his mother searched f o r ' f t place to live, will re-enter a school on the North side, it was said. "That Good Coal " Testimony Sought In Divorce Action An order appointing a commissioner in Houston, Tex,, to take one !thc testimony of two witnesses in purpose alone--to promote the sc- fl Divorce action, has been signed curity of their country, and in so by j us a c e Abram Zoller in su- doing to help make the world sc-j suprcma c o u r u The order directs cure, to strengthen the United Na-! Goorgc ' Bi £j un i ts to take the dcp- tions nnd thus to advance n just os nj ona O f Miss Fny Farley and he dc- ncr mo thcr, Mrs. fccla Farley, in the suit, filed by James E. Holsc of-Syracuse uflninst. his wife, Mrs. and nn e n d u r i n g pence, clnrcd. Di Tay]or, in speaking against the program, saJd,."! base my arguments' 1 upon the fact that another war would wipe out civilization. I therefore contend that all' the money, time and effort of the American people should be devoted to solving inlorrmiionnl problems by other methods." AGGRESSION Ho also pointed out that Euro- Farley 1-1 else. Affidavits Mod in the county clerk's office show that Hcisc was serving in the army in May, 1042, when the marriage took place in Houston. His bride came north nnd lived at the home of his mother in Dcxicr w h i l e he wns oversea*. Hcisc was discharged and joined his wife in Dexter in-October, 1945, p^nsXhavcTg^i^foa^^tl-d tho following March, she loft. America has imperial .intentions, I % 1 "°^ t g; Harn of Houston the m l R h l look ,upon m i l i t a r y ccmwnp- J?' n " d ?, u S "?7 0 ,° £ M "A"lc nr- tion as another move In * Scncrnl | tormor husband ol Mr.. HeLc, ^ "^^Srmo.iln. dosed' revest and drove her . home to after the debate, of which R. . J. Pulling, chief, bureau of nriuU od- u c n l i n n . stnlo education department, SILVER -KING Aluminum Combination Windows and .Doors * t WFII Cur Your Fuel Costs Up to 40% 36 MONTHS TO PAY-- F.H.A. TERMS CALL 5-0778 for Free Demonstration and Estimates Silver King, Window Co 1027 Willie Ave. · Hyricuse, N, Y. \ *£ CONSTANT MONITORING of WSYR-FM's transmitter assures t h e best possible transmission of high-fidelity FM broadcast.:;. Fran Thisse, FM transmitter engineer, Is .shown here as ha takes meter readings. V dally .from 5 to 11 p, m. Alrhvi programs In connection w l l h Its AM station, WFBL-FM Is managed by Samuel Wooctworth. Its transmitter is siluatoti in Radio Village on Sweet rd. ( three miles north of 10 iccepls reivers moderator, with eloclion of officers, William T. Hoag of Angola was elected president to succeed Joseph C. McLain of Mamnroneck, and Albert O. Jenkins oC Gonesco, member of t h e executive- commit" tec, was named vice-president, succeeding Hoag. Martin M. Manaporgrr of Freeport was elcvnlod from nasisUnl Kocretary lo secretnr,v, nnd Foster S, Brown (if S n f f c r n , wns Houston, an affidavit declares. Their destination wns the home ] of Mrs. Heir's mother nnd Ihnt. is tho reason why testimony of the mother and ulster of Heise'fl wife is deemed important in his divorce! ·csentcd by Sid- 6 Parttime Skating Instructors Sought For Cit's Parks INSULATE NOW Us« Our Vermin-Proof -- Fire proof -- \Vntcr-HcpcUent HOMJ INSULATION. INSULATION SERVICE, Ini Pnvtllmo in ^«7t?i? Ph. 2-7617 MS skntinK In- - +*ir+i-'^-+' i i . ' w l H t n n t , M n n M p o r C f l r Biiccnonoa KiruciorH nn i W i l l n r c i y. Prior of Oneldn, w h o ' n b l c to .six Klruelor« nn city pnrk rinUrt IM for iiltcratlanft and ropuir«. Total private building expcndl* turcs for the year, including new coi struction and alterations and ror.rtirs, amounted to $5,MOifll5. Of thl.-i amount, $1,751,700 WRH cx- pej dcci on new single dwellings, totting 220 units; multiple dwell- infis. 142 units, $774,000; alterations and repairs, which provided nn increase of 117 unlls, $376,215. tncrcttaccl 27 per criU /or new.'Pompoy. Its 147-foot lower brodcnsls over 1040 nnd nine por cent R.fiOO wntU of rndlo power into the Contrnl Now York nrcn. WFBL-FM has been on the a i r since Feb. 7. Young/cpt commercial FM station is WAGE-FM (DB.n me)-. Broadcasting I'U first program April ,14, 1047, the station hns a power o u t p u t of S.OOO waits. Its transmitter is located In the' Loew building, and its lower atop the building can be seen in downtown Syracuse. Roll Call and After BY AL ABRAHAMS To hold a pollocmnn'ti money, you hftve to he honest. Set. Georgo Kalvin, commander Hov« Your Name Printed on Your Xmat Cards There is still time. LINCOLN PRESS 229 Mather St. Phoiwt 0-5475 of A m e r i c a n Lc;Uon Post 41, tre.-isurcr of the pol.oe fraternal a t; K O C Ui t l o n, . f a t\ i \y man, me Tiber of tho chornplon legion chr-fus, dny sergeant nt the captain's d e s k a n d amateur pinochle plnycr In Din rare spare moments, Js that mail. Knlvin Is just a b · u t t h e Suporir.lcndcnt of Schools David was placed on the executive comm i t t e e In Jcnkin's place. Re-elected were Earl L. Vandermeulcn of Port mon nnd women resident's of the cily, Mrs, Helena G. Hoyt. city recvcntion director, announced yesterday. Miller of Corning, .assistant trcas- -\ i · r. ' ·; L ^ Sgt. Gcorgrc Kalvin cnn do his job, tho. "Just don't disburRC, except on choak«; don't lake unless you give R receipt, and you're all sot," he says, h No less than four calls were registered at headquarters ore day lant week by observant citizens who snw n sinister figure prowling about nt Lorpalno ave, and Vincent st, The lost party to phone in said tho man was toting n pockelbook. Eyebrows arched nil over the police station at thnt, and Patrolman Anthony Cizcnski was hurrjed to the scene. A few minutes later, CJzenski called bock, The Draculn-liko character was a Syracuse Transit dispatcher. Ho checked on buses. His "pockel- book" was a shoulder strap satchel In which he kept records, transfers ·ft |H, Pnllon ynslcrday n n n o u n c o d his nrer, ncittplnnoo uf tho fjlfl. o f f p r of -'HI I |1 M P i l o l u n n r I ' l u l l n r t r r i w i ' KCln lo be presented lo l.ho Symcuso elementary school system by WFBL and WFBL-FM, Th ooffer wns i n a d r in ;t loiter lo Pnllon from O. F. Soulo, p r o a l d c n l or the Onondaga K a d i n Brcadcasting Corp. Jefferson, treasurer, and Wilbur T.| Persons interested in the Positions should apply in person to Allen I. Ferguson, athletics supervisor, i»t roorc.-itlon hcndqunrtcrs. 1112 city hull, - d u r h i R the cnminj; week. Classen In both regular nnd figure skating w i l l be held from 3.30 to 5 p. m, Monday thru Friday, on ice in neighborhood parks of the Carrier Graduates To Hear Address By MIT President Dr. Karl T, community. The recreation dcpm'lmoiH will begin rcfiular instruction periods Compton, president of | as soon as consistently cold · * .·-. 6$ V^''Mi«S^?.' :-·.*·'. .· : .i: Massachusetts Institute of Technol-j WCR "ther causes the parks dcpart- ,. ^ ., (f _, .. ORY, will address the graduating 1 mcnt to flood park areas for In accepting the o f f e r P»U°n: c i H S S O S O f Carrier Institute of Busi-| s k n t i n f i stated t h n t t h e insLriimcuis would he-. I o m o r r 0 w n i g h t in the b a l l r o o m ' * T h c ' s k n t l n g classes will be ror- usod in conjunctton with the sound; o f Hotcl Onondaga. I related with the recreation depart- systems of t b . o m o . m n pi.-.turc r n n - j Two h u n d r e d thirteen employes mcn i' s s ui school, first classes of chines already :n the scnools. rhis £ Carricr Corp. w i l l receive d i p l o - j which.were hold yesterday, lo mark gift will cnnblc grndo sclviol pupils! n , the R r a duation exorcises, »h c d t v - s ncw emphasis on winter to hcor proMrnms broaden::!, by fro- nflc| . U s l o n j n K io DI-. Compton's tnlk.-fp 0 r t s 'rec.-cntion. Both pvogrnms ciucncy m o c u l a t u m s i n lions. , on (1Jdons n n d Mon ... T ho general: ^ Grc ' begun experimentally in mid- u is leu nc snid, ..nm M;iaeni np- d a d v a n c c d employc-studcntsi w i n t c r last scnson, thcjr 1 success re- prccjnUon tor better music and otier i h a v c . c o m p l e t e d a i 2 -weck night| su ) ti ng in expansion this winter. fine arts will be immeasurablyj rsc intGn c!cd to broaden their * broadened thru such prosrams as k n o w l o d R d of the f u n d a m e n t a l s of Have Your Old Furniture Rcfirmhcd n a n » \ V l i H i * or Any C«lor CARL PETERSON 4-ltKMt or 5-74UO WATCH REPAIR I 10-Day Service-Work Guaranteed I EDWARD J. FLORCZYJt I IftO Nni'Witnil Avr- (On* IMwk ^n 1 UllUn Avf.) I Fh-nc S*I» REPIIOOUOTIOHS Anr tn* nnhai phofn In (0*4 ilMfon cni^leif In I* Kive, K«K S at Ki 98 REMBRANDT'!! It., Near "The Empire Stale School of tho \ .\^- ' .··;··· ·.,'.·.,·· -.-. .- ··· c .. ····; · -..'vi-r . .'· !.^ ; /:' *.$$·?! ·*· ·/".'«'"''^.'-'Cv'^^Kii 8ITIJATEI1 N K A I t POMPKY, WFBL-FM's H7 anlcnnn is pictured here beside its quonset hut-housed transmitter, Alhambra Leader Honored at Party Nnvnrro Caravan 31, Order of j w a j s stays young." Whun it comes A man reported his car stolen An.. m Kr» imnnrrri it« commander to holding nnolhcr cop's money, recently from the 1200 block of S. £ h "^.,^ is, again. ,n .amateur, but State st, The description he «nvo Air" on which many p n r l l c l p n l o n n d t h r u u l h i - r oriucn tloiiFil proMnimn b u l i i R busost policeman In these parts, and qlhcr tools of the trade. But George says, "A busy man al Edward Whclan, nnd other newly in tho elcclcd officer* nt n party Knljitit* of ColumlniH chibroomH.ino iwirclcd «n«n of p(-llco 74! Jnmofi ni., IHBI rilshl, w l t h i d c l i . with ICiilvln on Iho n . , M A i n «,n«« ' e n d d u o l o irregularities i n about 50 couplcM Jiltonding. Mrn. BeJ;ly Pcrsllor and Hnroltl YrMcl were In chrir«c of arrange- menu for »l»c i t f f n l r which wan first official party of Comin Inn'o new term. picKod up a lot of bookkeeping Police was onay io check, There HJivy on hiH own hook, Thoro IH wn« no « r i l l frntri bmmod in nrul obout The nil fcndrrn w«r; ull I IK hi, Patrolman ATHENA POST TO SHRVE the boo ts. Mtirricd nnd twice n rladdy, Knl . vln IIvon nt 244 TTornecrnft rd. Ul« cnlb. Ho kopl. w a n t i n g to know daiuhtcr, who now HVC-H in Wash- if h l H era- WHH rccnvcrtcl yet Chnrlio Schlnctcr, n complaint clerk nt hcndcumrtcrH, with phone ing! on, married the son of n police The son attends Syracuse university nnd is studying chemical Athena Post 1316, American cn« ncering, which Is w h n t Kalvin firs' wanted to do when ho went comprising ox-service women, will serve a supper nt the American Legion club, ton St., from 5.30 to Schlnctcr said he'd be notified when it was picked up, but the mar. was worried, The cnr theft victim d i d n ' t have nny Insurance. He'd apparently 123 S. Clin- 7.30 p. m. today. Miss Ruth Eslotf. supper chairman, announced the menu will be old-fashioned potato pancakes and sausago, cabbage salaci, apple sauce, rolls and coffee, on t l c r l ns prc-world war 1 read about auto thieves driving fref-hman. ! their loot into ditches. He was Kfilvin was the first .Syracuse worried about who was going to flturiont to enlist in tho first wnv. pay the damages. Ho 1 ! now on his 2ist ycnr with He told Schlactcr, "I don't care the police force, the last year of about a few scratches tho." which he's been struggling with' Schlnchter hung up. Schlactcr their books, Kalvin thinks anyone;was laughing. Hospital Movie Outfit Assured 1 Purchase of the Christmas R i f t of a sound f i l m projection o u t f i t for Wleling-Johnaon Memorial hospital patients was assured by the success of the benefit Christmas auction held Wednesday, Mr.«. Rlchnrd F. unld ycfilordny. Mrs, l l n r - itl prrnlclonl. o! 1 Lho W M I I V M I ' H i i t i x i l l n r y of Iho h o s p l t n l , w h l n h concluded t!ic unusual b e n e f i t us Us first public Amd-rnislnfi e f f o r t Blnco the K f o u p was organized in Fob- n i n r y , .UMfl, W i t h 3400 ( h o Koa.1, n mini substantially beyond thai, was rcallxcd, according to a report to Mrs. Harrison by Mrs. A. H. Knllet, chnir- mnn of tho a u c t i o n . Tho exlra f u n d s Vill nnable the auxiliary to bcjfiin a l i b r a r y of film shorts -for periodic showinqs before the children ill with rheumatic fever. ; W(! arc extremely grateful lo nil the Jricnda, merchants, and n u x i l - iary members who contributed gcods for auction," Mrs. Harrison said. "The list was varietf and of " With this In lost, offer the Syracuse school system now has a of 3 1 4 r a d i o receivers, enough to furnish each school with one and, in some instances, two sets. Special a u d i t i o n rooms .'ire bring used to scat large groups of pupils! so the facilities mny be niiidc avniU. a bio to as m a n y as posslblo. ! I n s t a l l a t i o n of the sets w i l l begin! within the next few days. 1,979 Fire Alarms in 1947 American business nnd the work ings of CniTirr Corp. Dr. Compton w i l l inspecl Carrier's new Thompson rd. plant and Syracuse university School oC Applied Science d u r i n g the day, KELLER TO SPEAK Andrew P. Keller, meteorologist of the Syracuse wcnthcr bureau, w i l l speak to tho Scottish K i t e luncheon club at 12.15 p. m," tomorrow in the Hinwnthn room' of the Onondaga hotel. Evtni Every hfr*tnf SCHERMETT WELER Chrtntmai Convenience Accident Total Lowest In Fifth Week of Drive H y r n r i i h n il('ptirl.nir.'til of f i r e to 1,070 nlarm.'i dwlrtfi 30-17, Fire C h i e f W i l l i a m J. Connelly a n n o u n c e d Inst Total of personal i n j u r y and fatal accident's during the f i f t h week of the traffic safety program was the lowest for any week since the program, allho one pedestrian was killed. Thorn woro- 21 poi'Minnl I n j u r y '» ddoni.H with Iho nm.; dmith nnd ^ persons injured d u r i n g the fifth week ended nt m i d n i g h t Friday, Thorn worn 1.4R4 I'lroj* w h i c h 1h*!\Vnltfir L. Fox, mnii«ROr of the fixl.lnKul.shoil, 277 f» l h n : H n (| 0 t y d l v l H l o n , SyniuuBo chamber 2 fl n t h e cHtoaorv; 0 " 1 r . _ . ,, _ . '....._....^ .. A ^ A ..^i n . at the recruiting office, 428 S. Warren st., Friday. Manager Fox of the safety division spoke on "Wintcr Driving Hazards." A question and answer period showed support of those propositions: Arrests Tor j a y w a l k i n g pc- rli?nlriimn, us; nf mountod pnlrolmon in amiiKt t r n f f l c control In the downtown area, routing some buses thru Clinton si. to uvoid congestion in SnlinH st. rigorous enforcement, of trnfflc law against nwnui'8 of curs with one hondltaht or no l u l l li(4ht \ \ 1\ I n 1 j \ 4 ' l l U l l i U F *·* * · · · ' · * · * ! r*** if * ~ · TM ··' - - -- - -- - - - · · » · · - » » xrf » · --i · · ' - - · ^ . - - i.m - ~ - -- - · ' H.arm* ^nnd 2 I H i n ( h e c H , c « o j y J o £ commcPCC) reported yesterday, or cardboard in portions of broken Kiboiort unnecessary, or no lire. ^ ^ Q preceding wec k 34 persons i - Indshields and windows, and pc- er 01 alarms im ^ injured in 29 accidents. iriortic examinations for all drivers. on t c c Delhi ncuicic, U L U I ^ i-ALL-cui-u bv Iho number recorded n c( Sn1 t the u.y U I L n u i i u v n i L.WIM u^w -KT.. i 1046, when the d e p a r t m e n t nnswcred; 2,110. E n g i n e c o m p a r. I o s t p ' Gc-rson Frank, chairnian of the since'commercial fleet section of the 1 safety division, yesterday 7ov. 1. The program ., , , , , . is "Be Careful--the Life You Save-with more than 3,300 vehicles in commercial fleets answered the bulk of the alarms May bo Your Own. were 1, and 16. will the 1 2 -ind The Northern New York army t r u c k companies r e t a i n i n g lhe)r;and air forces recruiting district titles as the busiest hook and lad-|hcadquarters held a traffic safely cicr companies of Iho department/meeting of headquarters personnel j Syracuse, in the first nine months of 1047 achieved n reduction of 6 per cent In their accidents, compared with the corresponding period last year. Syracusan to Get Golden Rule Prize · ri f A Syracuse woman will reccf * n "Golden Rule" award for got 1 neighborlinoss en the W a 11 f r Mason ''Tell Your Neighbor" rad show at broadcast Jl.15 p. m. tomorro 1 trom New York ci over Station WNDR. ! She is Mrs. Eihol Morinrity t Wood hotel, who was nominate I for Iho n w i i r d of n New York ci m u t h o r wh'Wo Ron Mr», Morinri helprnl In !il« art career, ServJi lunches in St. Michnors school 1 Ncw York. Mrs. Morlnrily Inlc « cslod 'he children in drawing wi \ tho son continuing art to bocon t u successful commercinl artist, WORK MEETING . Members of Onondaga San torium auxiliary will meet at L p. m. tomorrow in the administr-* Lidn bldg, vo wrap Christmas gii i for patients. The gifts will be pr i sentcd at the annual holiday part-', Thursday, Dec. in. Mrs. C. A. Prie: -\ chairman; nnd Mrs. H. A. Burhar --J Mrs, John Wilson and Mrs. Hem 7 Ccntore, co-chairmen, invite t - l members to assist.

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