The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1953 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1953
Page 1
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PAGE TWO (AUK.) COURIKR NEWS TUESDAY, MAT 2«, 1988 Kean Charges Snyder with Exerting 'Undue Influence' in Tax Ruling Bt CHARLES F. BARRETT WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Kean (R-NJ) snld toriuy lie Is convinced former Secretary nl the Trea- •ury John W. Snyder exerted "undue Influence" In » favorable tax ruling for a liquor company executive. Snyder said that as a government official he had always given "whole-hearted devotion to the public Interest." Kean commented as a House Ways and Means subcommittee, which he heads, arranged testimony today on a second tax case in which Snyder allegedly took a personal hand. Kean said the subcommittee will look Into several "bigger" cases than the one it heard about yesterday. He added the investigating group has no intention of asking Snyder to testify, but will be glad to hear the longtime Truman administration Cabinet member if h wants to be heard. Snyder is now vice president charge of finance for Willys-Ove land motors. Inc. In a statemei issued at Toledo, O.. he said: "I have conscientiously serve the government, except for sho intervals in private life, for a grea many years in a number of re sponslbilltles. In each assigiunen I have always given whoie-hearte devotion to the public Interest, confidently feel that my service have left a good record." Revenue Bureau workers test tied yesterday that a series o! lech nical specialists approved an ui favorable tax ruling for John 1 Leban, former vice president i Schenley Industries and a contrlb utor to Democratic and Republ' can election campaigns. The rui ing was reversed in Leban's favor however, in the office of forme Revenue Bureau Chief Counse Charles Oliphant, about Oct. 30 1(50. Head Telephone Log Subcommittee Counsel John E Tobin read from Oliphant's tele phonft log that Snyder had callet Ollphint four days earlier abou the Leban case. "There Is a case I would like t< hav« expedited,' 'Anyder was quo ted as saying. "This must be got ten out Immediately." The call produced a hasty series Harnwell New President oi PennsylvaniaU. PHILADELPHIA OP)—An atomic physicist who during World War II aided In knocking out — with submarines—the last sea route from Japan to the mainland of Asia is to be the new president of. the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Oayiord P. Harnwell, 49, was nominated yesterday to succeed Harold E. Stassen and, in accordance with University rules, the Board of Trustees will formally elect him to the job June 10. He will take office July l. Stassen resigned Jan. 19 to become Mutual Security director in the Eisenhower administration. A native of Evunston, III, Dr. Harnwell Joined the faculty of the university in July, 1938,, and has been chairman of Pcnn's physics department since then. During World War II he was granted a leave of absence and from 1942 to 1946 he served in the position of director of the University of California Division of War Research, U. 8, Navy Radio and Sound Laboratory, San Diego, CnlU. It was for his work then that he was awarded the Medal for Merit for being "directly responsible'" for severing the sea route from Japan to the mainland of Asia. 1950 he personally contributed $5,700 to various Democratic elec tion campaigns and raised another Sn.ftOO in contributions to the Dem ocratic National Committee. . He said he also rni.sed about $9,00( for the Republican Campaign Committee- that year because his firm's president was a friend of New York's Gov. Thomas E. Dcwey, Altogether, in the three years 19-18-1950, Leban said he contriba ted or raised SS2.950 lor Democrats and $17,500 for Republicans. In the tax case, Leban asked for of conferences nnd telephone consultations among Revenue Bureau nnd Treasury officials, the log indicated, The Revenue Bureau operates under the Treasury Department. After this round of calls, Snyder \vas quoted ns calling Oliphant again the same day: "Louis Johnson is interested in this thing. If there's anything we can do, let's try to help them out." "Okay," Oliphant replied, according to the log. Johnson had been eased out by Truman a few weeks earlier as .secretary of Defense. Tobin said Johnson's law firm represented Leban, but had turned this over ;o another firm headed by Randolph Paul, onetime general couii' sel of Hie Treasury. Political Contributions Leban told a House judiciary subcommittee last summer that In a ruling that n complex $320,000 stock deal would not be considered taxable income. The arrangement called for him to buy 20,000 shares of Schenley stock at $26.50 a share, the market price at the time of the agreement. 'Hie stock was to be bought at intervals over 20 years. Katharine Nnlley of the rulings division, and Sylvan assistant head of the interpretative division in the chief counsel's office, testified they were convinced Loban would have to pay income taxes on his profits if the value of the stock went above $26.50 during the 20 years. This as the ruling later reversed by Oliphant, who held that the transaction was closed at a (air market price and any Increase in stock value would not be taxable income. Diana Lynn Sues For Divorce Wayne Wins Point In Alimony Fight LOS ANGELES (/P)—Actor John Wayne has won a point In his tem- )0rary alimony battle with ills estranged wife. The judge says he doesn't think Wayne should have .0 continue supporting his mother- n-law. Jerome Rosenthal, attorney for Mrs. Esperanza Bauer Wayne, con- cndeci yesterday the actor should ontlnue to pay $650 to her mother. "I don't see how you can expect o force this man to support his SANTA MONICA. Calif. (/!>)—Suit 'or divorce has been filed by Actress Diana Lynn against John C. Lindsay, architect. The complaint, filed yesterday, al- cges cruelty. The actress asked for approval of a property settlement •cached out of court. Miss Lynn, under the name of Dolly Loehr, got nto pictures as a pianist when she was only 15 In 1941. She and Lindsay 34, were married in 1948 and separated last Jan. 5. They have no children. Your graduate wants &31TISOnit§^^^g because, y*** 1 ^ J f f J west ^t JSfck • Samsonite lookt 10 smart! Red Chairman Wins New Stay NEW YORK UT)—William Z. Poster, American Communist party chairman, has won a new and probably lasting stay from standing trial on charges of conspiracy to teach and advocate violent overthrow of the government. Federal Judge Sylvester J. Ryan lother-in-law when the law docs | yesterday granted an Indefinite con- tinnancc in the case after saying a trial might kill the 72-ycnr-old Foster, who lias a bad heart. Ryan's action was bnfeed on the findings uf a court-appointed physician. ot require him to do so," JudR Vllllam R. McKay said after objec ions by Wayne's attorney. The former actress asks $9.35 lonthly temporary tilimony (lend ng trial of her separate niainte ance suit. The actor contend;? $90 month plus $1,300 he pays month on the Encino estate she occu les should be sufficient. Ornar Khayyam was a Persian oet .and astronomer, who died il 23 A. D. He was famous for his evislon of the calendar. The term "Crossroads of the Pacific" is applied to the Hawaiian Islands. * ARTHRITIS? I have been wonderfully blesscc being restored to active life after being crippled in nearly every join in my body and with muscular soreness from head to food. I lind Rheti- | tnatold Arthritis and other forms o: Rheumatism, hands deformed and my ankles were set. 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NEW EQUIPMENT FOR HELL — Approximately $56,000 in new equipment is being installed by Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., here, The new system will permit Blytheville operators to dial any number In Paragould or Jonesboro without the aid of another operator. This, with a new Jonesboro circuit, is to speed calls 50 per cent, according to telephone officials. Former Paratrooper 'Just Relaxed' rh 11-Story Fall; Only Slightly Hurt CHICAGO (/Pi— A husky ex-paratrooper "just relaxed" when he fell 11 stories from a building under construction Monday and suffered only a broken rib. "Hey, I must have Forgotten my parachute," grinned Thomas Grace, Jr., 27. as fellow workers rushed to his aid. Grace, a pipefitter's apprentice, joking about his fall, said: "I wns in the paratroopers in World War II and I l.o fall. I twisted my body so my head wouldn't hit. That saved me." side smashed against a brick layers' scaffold. "I got a look at the faces n some of the bricklayers," laughe Grace. "Boy, were they surprised! Grace landed between two man holes under construction and missei bricks and rubble in the area. First I'arachutist Mrs.,. Parks Van Tassel Is be lieved to be the first person to learned*"how mnkc a parachute jump, having made a successful landing: oftei leaping from a balloon over Los Grace was drilling a hole at the • Angeles on July 4, 1882. IHh floor of the skelton building' when the handle of the electric drill came off and the vibration tossed him out into space. At the third floor level his left Yellowstone National Park Is the world's greatest geyser area, wit! more than 3000 geysers and hot springs. laying for if c G h KELVI amazing Bm •• •§ W • WINDOW-TYPE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER on our wonderfully convenient 'SKIP-PAYMENT" PLAN NEW! FROM THE OLDEST MAKER OF ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS FOR THE HOME! Flli »I(M III WhJtw-liq»lrii »i plumtlng, rirpinlff, H rfroln lennKlioni ...|uti plug Inli ntnitit wiH wlltt. 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