The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York on April 25, 1948 · Page 34
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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York · Page 34

Syracuse, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1948
Page 34
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SECTION 111 CLUB EVENTS AND WEDDINGS · THE POST-STANDARD ACTIVITIES OF WEEK IN SOCIETY SECTION III SYRACUSE, N. Y., SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 1948 M iss Pulver 1 30jfa'": / 3wvl/ Miss Betty Irma Severn and George Woods Jennings art engaged. Mr. Jennings received a degree from Emory university. Doust Mrs. Richard Burton Mac- CoHister was married yester- in Rt, JnmeH 1 church. She was Elisabeth Ann Pulveri Ahovr. Mr*. Walter Kctwnrd Welch, Ihe former Miss Nancy Munro Schenrr, bt-came n bride yesterday tn the Cathedral of Ihc Immaculate Conception. . Miss Mnry Allot; Oot untl Noble J, Turino will married Siilui'dny, Juno LD, in SI, Matthew's church, Enst Syracuse, Goo Group Takes Weekend Trip BY K. JOYCE A W K K K K N ' D of miltlow activity, so tiltnu'Uvo to many these spring day*, is being spent at Ontario Shores, near by R group of students from Good rear Bur lifetime sehoot, The party IK beln« supervised by Frank'T» Bcrtsche, hctidmaa- trr of the school and owner of the camp; Mrs, Bertsehe and Mrs. Frederick J, Ludwlck of 305 Farmer »t, Outdoor Events the student?, meifibtts ef fltlh. sixth and seventh Krtidw, parted Friday al Iho close of the school day mid will return today. The weekend program Is featuring planting of a number of ever- M/ss Oot P/ons June Wedding Announcement ts mndc nf HIP en- KOftctncnt of Mti Mary Alice Oot, dniijihter of Mrs, Alien Got of fin*L SynicitsG flntl the lute Albert E, Oot, to Noble J, lui'tiu), «on ot Mr, and Mr», John K. Iitrlno of 111 Elk «t The wedding w i l l Uike plnco Snl- tirdny, J u n o 10, In HU Mnllhcw'n church, R«»i Syrncuie. Minn Oot wutt graduated from Ettst Syntcusc hlj^h school and tended Syracuse Secretarial uchool, ^ ^ j ' q r j . - s . r ^ - ' ' " - ' " ^ L - - - - -- -- , j grcpn pccdluis? to moment the ill- read v ttouriphme ftcccs ftf Coi'c^t · M m D . Outdoor 6 UAItiCft bnflltnjt sor- employed by Lamnon She Is affiliated with Alphn Join* Interntitlnnnl hononiry frily t Corp. A ftftitlufttc of ConU'flt high school. Mi 4 . lurlno is nttendlnx the College of Business Administration, Syracuse university. He served three ycttrs ns « 5lgnnlmnn in the navy. John 7. Mack To Take Bride Announcement (a made by Mi\ nnd MM. Joseph J* Cashln of Mo ravlfl of the cnjKfltfement of thotr dnujthter f MIw LaVonne Ann Cushfn homas Mnck, .son ot Mr, and rfl* 1 prrtrtre n\tn tit'c e v r n f s jpl.itiMcrl for tho trip. The en HIM mi'Uirirs Khrlrnw Vln crt? d a n g t i l r r "f Mr. n» f Ml 1 *M V i n c e n t nf 203 Fellows a:id Frederick Luriwlck, er and pnn of Mr. and Mrs, Uirhviek of SOS Farmer *l.! Ln!rr. dmiEjMer nf Mrs. t-"!tnr of B2I f{nhini'i»l i'H.I , Macfe F. .r. Mr. lt»7 r Itf mil W y t i f i i i r i t j nt. ir H.ini'hr'l. dnutSMtci 1 tif Mr?, Arnold Ituttcliolt Brvpriv rd : Hrpe W i l k i n s o n , frt 1 n f ' M r s . .?· hn Wilkinson nf 40H firat^fr rH : Jorl KnMe, rtmiahlrr of Mr. ?nd Mr?. Howard W. K«me as ?'.: Vero'ikn pf Mr- fl'wl J'tr?, M. D^-vV?'ni of I I " W. ttttittcn «Vf. (Ctftititiucd on Fate 2, Column t) Bellevuc nvc, Thn couple, plans tn be married in cnrty fnlh Miss C;ishin nltorulnd Moravia hU'h school ftnd Powcl^nn Business Institute. She I^ employed in this advertising department at L. A, Withcrllt, Inc. Mr. M»ck aUended Mowt Holy HoMJiry hlftri Mchnnl nnd t r n t v r r x t l y , nurlnif tin* wnr JM tJink platonn Iradrr wllll Jjcnmd ni'rnoryd d f v l s i n n , He Is in wllh his brother. Miss Buck Bride In Church Setting St. John the Evangelist church was decorated with lilies and spring flowers for the wedding nf Miss Jcnnne S, Buck, daiifihkT of Mr, and Mrs. Burtis Buck ol 1116 Carbon st, and Joseph J. Lamanna, son of Mr. and Mrs.,John Lamanna of 455 Hickok avc., at 10 a, m* Thursday, The Rev, William J. Christian performed the ceremony, The bride selected an ice-pink Duchess satin gown Irimmcd with Takes Vows In Church HE Rev. Charles J, Edwards officiated when Miss Eliza* beth Ann Pulver, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Pulver of 207 Euhamah avo M became the bride of Richard Burton MacCollister, son of Mr, and Mrs. Gilbert C. MacCollister of 119 Harding pi,, at l.p. m. yesterday in St. James church. Carries. Prayerbook The bride selected a white bnv cadcd satin gown with * Dutch cap to ninich, Her Hire*-quarter length veil frll from Ih* cnp. She carried a white prnycrbook with a white orchid. Mrs, Richard Kagter, matron of honor, wore a yellow brocaded satin gown with a half hat and mutt covered with punpta buby tri** Mrs, Robert McCnrmick of Roch* ester, Miss Nancy MacCollister, Mrs. Frederick Geibel and Mrs, Robert Wood were bridesmaids, I They wore aqua taffeta faille gowns wHh hall hats and carried muffs of violets. Edward MacCollister, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Raymond Callahnn, Lewis Williams nml George Haboy and Edward Torgcrtien ushered, The bride's mother chose ft powder blue dress with navy blue accessories and a corsage of pink roses. The bridegroom*? mother selected a light gray dress with burgundy accessories and a corsage of burgundy roses. . . . . j . A reception look place «t the rose point lace and icod pcnrln, homo of t h e bridn , s a u n t M Sjlle baJ 1 »» TM?' - '-"-- JamCS A ' Boyd ' " 5 Acadcmy Her veil ot imported Lfttcr thc co le , cft -nd Mrs, Cnrmclln Lnmanna nin- Mrs, Thomas Lincoln Goldthwait, formerly Miss Kathleen Ann Welch, took nuptial vows yesterday in St, Matthew's church. Frank NorriB Mrs, E. Lawrence Hemrrier was married yesterday in Evangelical Lutheran Church ot St John and Sfc, Peter. She was Miss R, Evelyn Thunheim, Michael Top, Miss LaVonne Ann Cashin is betrothed to John Thomas Mack, who attended Most Holy Rosary high school and Niagara university. Doust Center Mrs. Joseph J, Lamanna, the former Miss Jeanne S. Buck became a bride Thursday in St, John the Evangelist church. Church Is Setting For Wedding Rites While snapdragons and gladiolus decorated SI Matthews church lor the wedding of Miss Kathleen Ann Welch, daughter of Mr, nncl Mrs Edward W, Welch oC East Syracuse, and Thomas Lincoln Goldlhwalt of 2319 Grant blvcL, son ol Mrs, Frank Whoa ton of Bridgeport, at noon yes- tcrday. The Rev. Daniel O'Brien officiated, Thc bride .selected an ivory slip- uown mnd« princb»s wlylo PLAN DINMIK A custom for more than 20 years* women of First Presbyterian c h u r c h w i l l serve rl Inner n t 0*15 p, m, Wed* nwdny for nf M^ncintirin, Itnstrsstes w i l l be Cnol, MVH. and Mrs. Fnwlcr Sage, nn pnr w l j h a IOMK nv;il I r n l n , Tlffr l i p veil of illusion f u l l from ivory satin Juliet cnp caught with clusters of orange blossoms, She carried an ivory satin covered praycrbook topped with an orchid.* Miss Mary P Welch, sister of! the bride, was maid o£ honor. Miss Annnrrme Wrenn^ Mrs. James Kearney nnd Mrs. John Grossman, cousin* ot the bride, were bridesmaids, (Continued on Page f Column 2) tron of honor. Miss Rostnlyn Malvese, Miss Rosalinda Simone and Miss Ann Morga were bridesmaids, Charles Lamanna \vas bc?t man, Richnrd Bcrsani, Frnnk G rosso and lidnrio Prola were uahcns. The matron of honor wore a gown of rose faille with matching cap and (Continued on Page 3, Column 4) .suit w l i h brown nccrssories and pearl grey topper. Miss Scherrer, Mr. Welch * f Exchange Vows in Church OHQDODENDRON and altar vases of white snapdragons were *** used to decorate the Cathedral of. the Immaculate Conception for the marriage at 3 p. m. yesterday of Miss Nancy Munro Schcrrcr of Auburn and Wallet 1 Edward Welch of 1504 James, st, The service was performed by the Rev, George Arscneau, Home Reception A reception for members of the families and bridal party followed at the bride's home. She is a daughter of Mrs, Theodore M, Coburn of A u b u r n and George Leo Scherrei: of 20*1 Hntfby rtl, Thn bHtlwiw tiiUH nro Mr* and Mrs, Walter Welch. Miss Polly Lee Scherrer was maid ol honor for her sister and Mrs* Joseph H, Murphy, Mrs, Bradford Sherry, Miss Dorothy Mormoyer, Miss Jane Whilternoro, Miss Pa- 1 trlcia Welch, the bridegroom's sister; and Miss Betty Humbert were bridesmaids, f Best man for his brother 'was William H, Welch. Ushers were William L, Burke, Jack McCarthy, George Scherrer, Grant Em crick, Robert M, 'Dippel and- Bradford Sherry, Thc bridr choMO n w l U l c a n l l n KOVVII l u i v l n j i u hlM^i n o f i k l l i u s ccnled with n band of .shirred forming a V to the wnlsl' ( The full skirt extended into a train. A halo of shirred satin caught her long salin bound illusion veil find face veil. Her bouquet a cascade arrangement of white iris and hyacinths with an orchid center, Sky-blue taffeta gowns were worn by the attendants, The o u t f i l s were Miss Thunheirn Becomes Bride Miss R, Evelyn Thunh'eim, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. John Andersen nf Watcrville, became the bride of E. Lawrence Hemmei% of Mr. mid Mrs, C l i f f o r d Cross of 416 Bellevue ave* at noon, yesterday in thc Kvanjyeltenl Ltilheran Church of St John and Si, Peter. The Rev. Viggo Swenscn officiated. The bride wore a gown of white satin, fashioned princess style, and her veil was fastened to a headdress of orange blossoms. She carried n bouquet of white roses, ccn* with n w h i l e orchid, Reserve Officers' Wives to Be Feted During Convention Plans are complete to entertain 200 women who will visit Syracuse during the state convention of the Reserve Officers association, from Thursday thru next Sunday* Visiting wives will be met at the Hotel Syracuse on Thursday vcrsity ave. of the engagement of j even i ng by Mrs. R. L, Schwab, Mrs. their daughter, Miss Betty Irma F Miss Betty Severn Engaged to Wed Announcement is made by Mr. And Mrs. Arthur C* Severn of 606 Uni- Sovern, to George Woods Jennings, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Jennings of Pensacola, Fla, An early August wcddtnjj is planned. Mi^s Severn is nri assistant sor of voice at Wesle^an Conservatory, Wcsleyan College, Macon. Ga. She was gradunlcd from the College of Fine Arts, Syracuse nniycrsity t in li)46 and is a member of Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma, Alpha Iota and Tambourine Bones. She formerly wns n soloist at University Meth- odlsl *luiroh, Mr iJiMinlnjw r^tjclvpcl w Mrs. Chnrlca Y n f f l e of DcWIlt wnfl fl . om ' Emory lm !voi-sity, Allnnla. On (Continued on Tage 4, Column 1) (Continued on Page 4, Column Z) matron ol honor. She wore a gown of powder blue taffeta and carried a colonial bouquet oH pink roses. Vincent Hemmer was his brother's best man, Samuel R. Murray and Morris S. Hartman ushered* A reception look place at Enrico's restaurant: before the couple loft on a trip to New York city. For where he was a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. During the war he served three years with the 34th infantry of the 24th division In the Pacific theater and attained the rank of captain* He attended and was n graduate instructor at the University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. He now is associated with a farm mercantile business in Hawkinsville, Ga, George Washington Platt Mrs, A* I. Marshall, Mrs. Frank McLaughlin and Mrs.'John Carpenter. A. reception will take place in the evening for all officers and their wives. A luncheon will lake place Fri* day at the Cavalry club, with Mrs* Stanley Evans, arrangements chair* man. She will be assisted by Mrs* Morrell Brewster, ^Mrs, B. M. Cren* sluuv, Mrs, Plait Mrs. Schwab* Mrs. H. L. Walking Mrs. Collin E ( S 4 Thompsnn nncl Mrs. T. W, Smith. Mrs. Richard Harriman will speak and later in the day an informal parly will take place at Hotel Syracuse, On Saturday, a luncheon is beinjf planned at Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts, with Mrs. Schwab, arrangements chairman, In the evening thc wives and husbands will join for the highlight of the con- vcnlion. a banquet and military ball at Hotel Syracuse.

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