Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on December 28, 1902 · 10
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 10

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 28, 1902
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r pacI e yen MATE THE AUSTIN STATESMAN, SUN BAY, DECEMBER 2S, 1902. EETING GAFITAL STOCK OF $25,000,000 , ' """"" r!" fflsnv TEAGHESS m i Twenly-fourth Annual Session Will Open In; Austin j Tomorrow, tasting three Days. pi MANY DELEGATES WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE I ' . , They Will Begin Arriving Today and Will -Be Met By a Re- eeptlon Gammittea Three Days' Program Will le Carried Out "At The jneet!ig of. the twanty-fourth annual session of the Texas State Teachers' association and of the Superintendents' and Principals' association will be held in Austin tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday, and four or five hundred delegates are exepcted to attend. Many of the superintendents, principals and teachers are expected to arrive today and the Austin reception committee will distribute to them as they arrive, hand bills, giving detailed information as to' rates, location, etc, o hotels and boarding houses and see to their comforts otherwise while they remain in the city. County Superintendent W. P. Brady has appointed the iollowlng reception eommictee: CoL W. I Prather, Hon. Arthur Le-fevre, Messrs. W. 6. Sutton, T. G. Harris, C. D. Kite, P. L, GrhfHh, Alfred Freshney, J. T. Taff, T. A. Brown, N. 8. Hunsden, O. A. Hansssden, B. F. Sisk, W. C. Hixon, Leonard, Mv H. Brasher, R. W. Fowler. W. N. Carl, Wlllard Howerton. J. F. Armstrong, R. 'A. Mobley, Stanley Ford, Sterling1 Ful-more, Jno. E. Sholton, Johnson, B. K. Benson, Jeff McLemore, Waller S. Benson, Sidney B. Mezes. The railroads have granted a rate of one and one-third fare for the round trip, for all points within seventy-five miles of Austin. Beyond that distance the fare will be one fare plus one-tenth. y. The hotels and boardinir houses have r J also offered very reasonable rate! and f ' there is no reason why the attendance .Jr should not be good. ?. The headquarters of both lha Super- ; . ' Jntendents' and Teachers' association .will be at the Driskill hotel, on the east aide of the first floor, just inside the ladies' entrance. At this place will be located a "Bureau of .Information" which will be provided with printed lists of boarding houses and hotels, giving location, rates, etc. Messenger j boys will also be in attendance to conduct teachers to the boarding houses of their choice. Upon the arrival in Austin, teachers are requested to report at headquarters for enrollment and for any information : desired. Properly authorized persons will be on hand to reaeive membership fees, register members, and Issue the badges which entitle wearers to the privileges and courtesies extended to members of the association. The presiding officers are as follows: Superintendents' and Principals' assr elation, J. L. Henderson, Tyler, prpii-dent; C. I. Hall. Dublin, vice president, and J. T. White, Cisco,, secretly and j- treasurer. State Teachers' association: President, Harry F. Estill, . JHuntsvllls; f-fb'ieeHWefr Miss Bailie Gardner, Tyler: second vice president, E. W. Tarrant, Brenham; third vice president, B. H Pettis, Beaumont; secretary, W. E. Darden. Waco: treasurer, J. K. Blair, JDenison; transportation ' secretary, J. L. Long, Dallas. The meeting will open Monday raorn-i Ing at 10 o'clock at the city high sehoof ; building with the following program by the Superintendents' and Principals' I association; I PROGRAM. i 10 A, M. Invocation. Rev. W. D. Bradfleld, Austin. r Opening Address T, G. Harris, sup- erlntendent of schools, Austin. Response Jno. W. Hopkins, superintendent of schools. Galveston. Appointment of committees and enrollment. Exhibition of Work in Manual TrainingClasses of the Austin high school. 2:30 P. M. A Principal's Responsibilities and Duties W. A. Palmer, principal Bast Dallas school, Dallas: Mrs. Jessie Itenfro, principal Douglas school, Tyler. The Training of Teachers J. S. Kendall, principal. North Texas Normal, Denton: V. M. Fulton, superintendent of schools, Cleburne. - The Selection of Teachers How and By Whom O. H. Cooper, president of Simmons College, Abilene; W. H. Atte-berry, superintendent of schools, Mar-shell. The Teacher and the Text Book M. M. Dupre, superintendent of schools, Troupe. . Discussion, Election of officers. 7:30 P. M. Invocation, p.ev, J. A. French. D. T).. Austin. v Life and Works of Francis W..Par- er w. s, nut ton, professor of education. University of Texan, Austin. Address "The Public Schools from the Standpoint of a Trustee" Hon. J. B. Boynton, secretary of the school board. Waco. .School Laws and Needed Legislation Hon. Arthur Lefevre, state superintendent of public instruction, Austin. Installation of olllcerg. Adjournment. Dr. Dabnev. nivnlrl pnr nf 4Via TTViftr.- ity of Tennessee, will also make an Roaress Monday at the University, but the hour has not yet been set. The programs for the remaining two aays touows: GENERAL SESSIONS. Tuesday, December 30, 9:30 a. m. Muaic. Invocation Dr, E. B. Wright. Music. Addre) of Welcome President W. I Prather, University of Texai. Greeting to the Teuchei of Texas Hi 3 Excellency, Governor Joseph D. K:l;(n. i:v iponse Sjperir.ter.dent J, W. Ci.'uk. P.ockdale. Recess for enrollment of member Announcement of commute, ''Character Tralnlnir in tli SchnnV Dr. S. J. Jones, Thomas Arnold high ."uio.ii: huporlnlendeut Peytou Irving, jr.. tuintiur Spnjtgs. "Tha Movement Toward Free Text Bnoito Siipcfiiitenrtoiit W. W. H;ir- i-it, Hoe.fUon;" J. E. Boynton, W;.o. "The Libiury and the School: (a) "Progress und Future of (he Library Movement in Texas," 31m J. C. Terrell, I'art Worth: (b) "Use of the Library in the School," Mli Ida Lawrence, in Houston Normal. "Cnlform t'oui'ws of Study in Texas Hljyn School." Super Jilendcnt J. C. Uttilinorev Wco. Ttiosday, Decvtubcr 30. 7.30 p. in, JdurJe. l-jvocation Dr. XI, T. Sampson, Mu'iii ".Duty of Texas Teachers Toward , High School Building. Civic Butterment Mrs. Percy V. I Pennybacker, Austin. "Demands of Our Modern Civilization i Upon State Education" Dr. Thoma? Walker Page. University qt Texas-; President David R. Boyd, University of Dklahoma. Reception to the teachers by the citizens of Austin, Wednesday, December 31. 9 a. m. InvocationrrDr. J. W. Lowber. Music. "Our Rural Schools; Present Effectiveness Compared to Possibilities'" M. H. Moore, 'superintendent of Tarrant county; J. P. Kennard, superintendent Falls county. General discussion, each "speaker limited to five minutes. . "School Finances: Relation of Expenditures to Need9" Superintendent R. B.-Cousins, Mexla. "Beautiful School Surroundings" Miss Blanche White, Houston. "Future of Manual Training In Texas" Dr. A.' C. Ellis, University of Texas.' "Co-Operation of Home and School" Miss Lulu . Elliott, Corsicana. Reports of committees. Election of next place of meeting. Election of officers. Adjournment. The program committee has been in correspondence with several educators of national prominence In the older states,1 but It not yet prepared to announce results. If such speaker can be secured, he will be assigned to the night session. ' ' SECTION MEETINGS. Tuesday, December 30,2:30 p. m. Chairman, County superintendent, J, S. Magee, Tyler. "Consolidation of Rural Schools" W. J. Hanna, Greenville; E. P. Guen-theri Hallettsville. "Should Elementary Branches In Agriculture and Horticulture Be Taught in the Public Schools?" M. L. Moody, Beaumont; L. B. Reid, Tyler. "Institute Work" J. S. Carlisle, Denton: J. H. Hill, McKlnney. "What Changes In Our School Laws Are Needed to Improve the Rural Schools" John R. Stubblefleld, East land; II. R. Orgaln, Belton. PRIMARY SECTION. Chairman, Miss Iron Barclay, El Paso. "Manual Training In Primary Work" Miss Ella Felder, San Antonio. "Importance of Little Things" Miss Emma Blanehard, Temple. "Value of Mothers' Meetings to the Teacher" Miss Margaret -Angus, Tay lor. "Necessity For a Regular and Systematic Plan of Physical Culture In Primary Schools" Miss Stella Ander son, Waco. "Means of Cultivating a Strong and Healthy Imagination in Little Children" Mis? Annie Moore, North Texas College, Denton. INTERMEDIATE SECTION. "Language Teaching Below the High School" Mrs. M. B Henderson, Dallas. Fundamental Processes in Arithme' tic" P. H. Underwood, Galveston. Each of the above papers will be toV lowed by a general discussion of the subject treated. HIGH SCHOOL SECTION. At the City High School Chairman, Principal Joseph Morgan, Dallas. "How Can the State Extend the Ad vantage? of Secondary Education to the Rural Districts?" E. D. Criddle, Waxahachle; F. M. Bralley, Honey Grove. "University Bulletin No. 1, From the Standpoint of the High School Teach er" (This bulletin outlines the work expected or required by the University of Texas of its affiliated high school.) R. G. Hall, Cleburne; J. E. Pearce, Austin. Klectives and Elective Courses In the High School" T. B. Kendrlck, Dallas; W. A. James, Galvesiton. "Educational Waste In the High School" W. D. Williams, Fort Worth COLLEGE SECTION. Chairman, S. L. Hornbeak, Trinity University. "Laboratory Physics and Chemistry In the College Course" Regent R. S. Hyer, Southwestern University. "The Bible in the College Course" President L. C. Kirkes, Trinity Unlver slty; President O. L Fisher, Fort worth University. "The Function of College Fraterni ties" W. J, Battle, University of Texas. "Some Weaknesses In the Preparation For College Frederick Eby, Baylor University: George P. Garrison, Uni versity of Texas. "The Encouragement and Control of College Atheltles1" J. A. McLauchlln, Austin College; B. E. Looney, Trinity University. "The Function of the Summer School" Egbert R. Cotkrell, Texas Christian University; general discus sion. LENGTH OF PAPER3. When two names follow any subject on the program, the first name Is as signed to the leading paper or address; the second to tlbxusslon. In the general sesriong leading papers and addrnnea are limited to twenty. fiv minutes; In the section meetings to fifteen minutes; all dlscusrions are lim ited to ten minutes. Wednesday morning, December 81, 0 o'clock. All general sessions will be held In the Auditorium of the State Unlver-piiy. t .SECTION MEETINGS. All pectins meeting will be held on Tuctnluy afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The hi.s'h school section will meet at the city high pohooj. All other swlions will mpet In th lecture rooms of the University. SCHOOL TRUSTEE'S MEETING. A meeting of the school trustees of the state has been caned by Superin tendent Lefevre to niwomble on December 30, at 1:30 p. m., nt the University. PROGRAM. tPintl'Mm Tlifiiu "I Inni, et trtttiiF LMuculioniil 1'rogi-css lu Tixa."j Tlio'Ttatosuiau 00 ccDtg a month. SWIFT & CO. OF CHICAGO RENEWED PERMIT TO DO BUSINESS IN TEXAS. MILITARY APPOINTMENTS Robt W. Stayton Appointed Assistant Adjutant General Two Charters Were Filed for Record. Swift & Co., the packers of Chicago, yesterday renewed their permit to do business in the state o Texas. The permit was for ten years, and has just expired. The capital stock of this concern is 23,OuO,OUU, and the permit j issued autnonzcs it to uu uusmcss i the following points in Texas: Fort Worth, Beaumont, Corrigan, Calvert, Dallas, Taylor. Temple, Yoakum, El Paso and Waco. The Texas headquarters are at Fort Worth. The filing fee for this permit amounted io $2000. Militarv annointments were made : yesterday by the. governor in the Tex- j as Volunteer Guard: ! Robert F. Stayton, lieutenant col-1 onei nd assistant adiutant general of : divion staff; Ed W. Green, to be cap-, tain'ot Company H, Y. C. wooas Guard," First infantry; C. O. Elliott, to be major of the Fourth infantry. Charters of the following corpora tions were filed yesterday in the sec- j retary of staie's department: j The Central Congregational church j of Dallas, no capital stock. Purpose to maintain ft house of worship, ine ; incorporators are: E. M. Powell, ; George A. Trumbull. Arthur Green, Alex Watson, John F. Worley, W. Y. McCune and Thomas T. Holloday. j Lone Oak Mercantile company of ! Lone Oak, Hunt county, capital stocK $20,000. Purpose, to conduct a general merchandise business. The Incorporators are: R. P. Etter, A. J. Nesbitt, T. E. Van Landingham. The Statesman, 50 cents a month. R. C. EHLERT. Undertaker and Embalmer, 709 Congress Ave. oth Phones No. 31. Personal attention Personals. Bascom Bell, a prominent young attorney of San Antonio, was in Austin yesterday on business. Rev. S. E. Brooks and son, Professor S. P. Brooks, president of Baylor University at Waco, are visiting Professor and Mrs. George A. Brooks in South Austin. John D. McCall has returned from Marlin. where he ppent Christmas. F. H. Lancaster, deputy United States marshal, is here on business from his headquarters at San Antonio. W. P. Danforth is here from Denl-son an is registered at the Hancock. R. L. Jetter is here from Palestine and 19 stopping at the Hancock. F. v". Alexander Is here from Dallas. He is a gnest at the Hancock." W. F. Gay and family of Creedmoor are here and are stopping at the Hancock. Col. Jeff McLemore returned yesterday from a business trip to St, Louis. W. E. Spell of ITillsboro was at the Hotel Salge yesterday. Miss D. C. Turner of Dallas was a guet at the Hotel Salge yesterday. J. M. Shumate left yesterday for St. Louis. Capt. J. W. Pafford, ex-sherlff of Collin county, was here yesterday on but'lneas with the comptroller's department. Col. Harry Landa of New Braun-fels was here yesterday on business. Wallace Moore, formerly of Austin but now of Dallas, is here spending a few days with friends. Julius Runge of Galveston, who has been here on business for several days, returned to his home last night. Miss Primm left yesterday for St. Louis to be gone several weeks. Judge N. A. Stedman, general attorney of the International and Great Northern railroad, was here from his headquarters at Palestine yesterday on business with the railroad commission. C. L. Reynolds and wife of Temple are here and are stopping at the Driskill. . J. P. Bennet left last night for Houston on business. Judge R. E. Brooks, formerly of Austin but now of Houston, is here for a few days on business. Professor W. C. Darden of Waco is here to attend the meeting of the State Teachers' association, which meets tomorrow. Professor J. W. Hopkins, superintendent of the public schools at Galveston, is here to attend the meeting of the State Teachers' association.. H. O. Askew, auditor of the railroad commission, left yesterday for Tyler to spend a few days with his father's family. Professor A. L. Stubbs of Llano Is here to attend the meeting of the State Teachers' association. Hancock Hotel Arrivals H. J. Feegfree and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Fay, New York; M. O. Clarke, Okmulgee, I, T.; Charlotte Hart, H. Crampton, J. N. Garner, New York; John Adams, Texarkana; W. P. Danforth, Denison; Ed Kendall, agent Lewis Morrison Co.; J. B. Nolan. San Antonio; L. A. Driver, Dallas; Miss Emma Nelson, city; L E. Patterson, TexaB; George S. Shepherd, Dallas; R. L. Jetter, Palestine; Marlon P. Cefton, New York; W. L. Clark, Fori Worth; C. M. Chapman, Calilor-nlic C. R. Frank and wife, St. Louie; Miss Ruble Markham, city; B. R. Hintze. Elgin; A. D. Shook and daughter, West; Albert Sackey, H. Richmond, "Thelnia" Co.; M. C. Knott, Stanton: C. E. Davis, St. Joseph, Mo.; C. I. Boynton, Lleno; F. W. Alexander, Dallas; J. B. Cage, A E. Harwood, A. L, Stubbs, Austin; F. H. Lancaster, Sun Antonio; W. F. Gay and family, Creedmoor. 8. E. ROSENGREN, Undertaker and fcmuaimtr. Fine Carriages for Hire. 413 Congress Avenue, Phones 4S1. EVERETT FAIRCHILD'S HEARING. Charged With Killing the Man Who Killed His Father. Special t9 The Statesman. Sherman, Tex., Dec. 27. The examining trial of Everett Fairehlld, the lC-year-oM boy, who Is charged with the killing of Thos. H. Barker a few days ago, was completed before Justice Tows today. The court withholds Its decision until Monday after noon. FafrchlUl la allied to have murdered the man who killed his father several months ago and who was acquitted by a trial Jury. Fifth EDITORIAL. We wisH you a happy and prosper-New Year. We do so honestly, in a sense of selfishness, for we know that our interests are mutual wishing you prosperity is wishing it to ourselves for, If much of this world's goodness falls to your lot you will naturally feel the better for it- An empty purse wants much a full purse wants muchly. Naturally we aim to supply both these wants, else we would not be mechanics at our trade. However large you wants arc and limited is the purchasing power of your purse, we think that we are fully able and willing to assist you in expanding thai-dollar. If you are so flush that the coin burns your hands, we can also interest you in extravagant daintiness from our direct importations of foreign novelties, shocking into insensibility that frugal mind that has not perhaps the distinguished pleasure of being fully acquainted with Mr. Cash and the simple methods that make him again the 1903 candidate and champion of an appreciative public on the simple platform "one prices spot cash equal treatment." Really, it does us much good to give 0",r friends a warm hand-shaking this New Year eve. We have closed a season that will go into history as the most eventful one in our career. With one fond embrace we bid "Father Time" good bye, and we welcome the New Year and its unknown quantity with a double compound of energy and determination, which in itself is half the battle. Studying your wants we sJiall not neglect our interests. Ladies' tailor made suits of Venetian and ladies' cloth, values to $10, for.r. $5.00 Ladies' fine tailor made Suits of'irn-ported Venetian Granite and Broad cloth with silk lined jackets, values to ?15.00, closing out for .$7.43 i, assort-1 $1.50. Ladies' fine Flannel Waists, assorted colors, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50. values closing out for ....48c Children's pretty School Jackets with cape nicely trimmed, values to $3.50, closing out for ...$1.50 Ladies' Percale Waists, closing out all 50c and 75c values, At. for IOC Ladies' tailor made Eton Jackets, values to $5.00, all colors except black, closing out for ,.J Ladies' fancy outing values to $1.00, closing out for Kimonas, 50c Mackintoshes, $4.98 Ladies' fine Raglan values to $10.00, closing out for Ladies' fine tailor made Automo bile Coats, all our $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00 ones, closing out for .$5.00 Ladies' tailor made Raglans, full length, all our $10.00 and $12.50 ones closing out CK nn for vJJJ.UU Ladies' fine Raglans, $20.00 values, closing out for full length. .$7.50 Electric Seal Fur Collarettes, values to $1.25, closing CfJ out for vJUo Misses' and Children's Automobile Coats and Jackets, values to '..$1,98 $5.00, closing out for . Ladies' Velvet Capes, $2.50, closing out for values to 3 tO 98c Ladies' Black Mercerized coats, values to $1.00, closing out for Petti- ..50c Ladies' and Misses' Jackets, values to $6.00. closing out for .$3.50 Baby Caps of silk elegantly embroidered, values to $2.00, QQ closing out for uOu Ladles' $5.00 and $6.00 fine trimmed Hats, closing CO Rfl out for ..... ...O.uU Ladies' $10.00 Tailor-made Walking and Dress Skirts, QQ closing out for $T.D0 Ladies' $20.00 Peau de Soie and Taffeta Silk Skirts, closing out for .. $14,98 Ladies' $15.00 Peau de Sole and Taffeta Silk Skirta, closing (JQ QQ out for 09. iJO Ladies' $12.50 Peau de Sole and Taffeta Silk Skirts, closing out for ..... . . Ladles $9.00 Taffeta closing out for . ...$7.50 Silk Skirts, $4.93 Children's Outing Flannel Skirts and Gowns, values to SOc, nr. closing out for ZUu Children's ready-made School Dresses, values to $2.00, n n ft closing out for 3Ub 25C Ladles' 60c bleached Vests, closing out for Ladles' all wool Pants, closing out for Jersey Ribbed .........75c Ladies' Eiderdown Dressing Sacks. values to $500, closing f A ni out fir ..... P I.OJ Beady lade Street and Congress Avenue. New Year's Greeting From "yr ESS merely a formality. Every day in the week we are supposed to greet you with that exchangeable collateral of miscel lanous merchandise you have learned to call Mistrofs values. We are soon to close the doors on 1902 and welcome the "New Year." We naturally antici pate much results in the future days before us. To make sure, we know of no better way than to make a " G00I) BEGINNING." After the rush and flurry of the past few weeks, we reasonably have quite an accumulation of odds and ends in all our stocks. Monday there will be piled up in huge coun ter lots for quick "Closing." Take list for list, item for item and see what valuable inducements each lot offers you for prompt investment. Clothing Department Men's all wool Pants, 52.50, closing out for values to ...$1.50 Men's and Youths' all wool Suits. $5.00 vaHie to $10.00, closing out for , Boys' all wool School and Dress Suits for ages 3 to 16 years, values to $4.00, closing out for ..$1.98 Boys' Knee Pants, all sizes, closing out for 25c Men's Cravenette Overcoats, late styje, $11.50 kind for Men's $15.00 Overcoats, closing out for Boys' $3.00 dvercoats, closing out for ...$7.50 $9.98 $1.50 Men's $10.00 Mackintoshes, QQ closing out for O'icO Men's and Youths' $10.00 Overcoats, closing out $5 00 House Furnishings 10c fancy Cretonne Drape- Ca ries, closing out for Co Lace Curtains, Z 1-2 yards long, $1.00 values, closing Trout for I viu $5.00 quality Turkish Portiers, assorted colors, ft rn closing out for ViOU $3.50 quality Portiere (M QQ Curtains, closing out for vl.uU Window Shades, assorted QC colors, closing out for lull $1.25 quality WThite Spreads, nnn closing out for . ...uOu 15c quality Linen Huck 4 n Towels, closing out lUu $1.75 quality Swiss Cur- Q4 QC tains, closing out for H liZU $7.50 quality California Lamb's Wool Blankets, closing Cl OC out for .$"ty0 $3.00 all wool Gray Blankets, AM Fj closing out for w I.UU 50c quality Sofa Pillows, nr. closing out for tub Staples Dress Calicoes, dark 1 colors, closing out for ..00 Outing Flannels, assorted C colors, closing out for .31 Bleached Domestics from the Fire Stock, closing 0 1 On out for ,L I"t0 10c Cheviot Shirting, r-closing out for uu Cotton Checks, Q 1 Ofi closing out for u "Li 38c"all wool Flannels, n--closing out for ZOL 8c Cotton Flannels, r. closing out for Uu r Li FIFTH AND 15 len's Fur SllOHifl (tQ k3 I assorted i Men's Wool Sweaters, colors, values to $1.25, closing out for Men's Elastic Seam Canton Flannel Drawers, best 50c grade, in. closing out for JOu Men's $1.25 quality all wool Underwear, closing out 7c. for lOu Men's-25e fancy cotton Wool Sox, closing out for Sox, also 15c Dress Goods $1.25 Broadcloths, 54 inches TC wide, closing out for (01 52-inch Basket Etamines, worth $1.85 a yard, QQn closing out for gOu All wool Coronation Cloth, mingled effects, values to $1.00 a yard, 4Q closing out for .101) Black Silk Embroidered Batistes, values to $2.00 a yard, QQ-closing out for ....buu 46-inch Black Camel's Hair Serge, closing out the 75c cnn kind for 0UC 46 inch Pepplo Oxford Suiting, $1.25 grade, closing nr. out for , ...... OOC 45-inch Milreda Zybeline Suitings, values to $1.25 yard, ir. closing out for (Ob All Wool Batistes and Challies, 50c values, closing out nc for ,.3C Slll( Sale An extraordinary sale of fine silks at less than value. 24-inch Imperial Taffeta Silk In all colors, worth C5c a pn, jard, for .....DUG 23- inch Liberty Satin, extra weight for dresp-es and waists, Trail colors DC 20-inch Silk Crepe Egyptian, In all colors, worth $1.25 a yard, nr. OOC 36-inch Taffeta Silks, black 7C-and all colors 3J French Corded Silks, black, white and all colors, worth 75c en. a yard, for OljjJ Imported Louislne Silks In all colors, worth $1.25 nr. a yard, for , OOC 20-Inch Liberty Satins for waists, In all colors, worth 75c rn, a yard, for QUg 24- inck Imported Louislne ir. Silk, all colors, for ....I DC CONGRESS 1 Slack Dress Goods . 42-inch Black Sorana Cheviot, guaranteed all wool and fast black, wortli 05 cents a yard, F ()p tor JU'j 45-inch Black Camel's Hair Serg.'. worth C5 tents a yard, for JUu 4" ;nch Black Granite Suiting, blade Pclililf Ktamire and Black Milreda Cloth, regular $!-' goods, "7p will bo -sold for I iU r."-irr-h Storm Cheviot, 40-inch French Serge, -Iti-inch Silk Finish Henrietta, all worth $l.'n a yard, will be sold for ... . . . .U w1 1' -I I inch Bl.iel; Mohair Brilliantine or Black Sieillian, worth $1.25 a vurd. for $1.03 42-inch Black Soliel, 4:' inch Black Dot Prunella, Black Stripe Satin Venetian, 45- inch Black Z '. '. IS inch Blac k Pebble neviot, 4S inch Bhuk Venetian Granite. 4S inch Black Pebble Etamine, 50-inch Black Shark Skin Suiting. 44 inch Black Corded Berber, all regular $1.25 to $1.50 M Pfl fabrics, will be sold for 0 l.liU 48-inch Black Granite Arraure, 48-ineh Black Pebble Granite Cloth. 52-inch Black Oxford Suiting, 52-inch Black French Basket Cloth, 50-inch Black Zybeline, 46- inch Black Silk Embroidered Ba tiste, 44 inch Black Satin Zybeline. 44-inch Black Satin Stripe Zyhe'ii.,.. 44-inch Black English Ottoman Suiting, all regularly sold for $1. ! and 5175 a yard, will Q ) r Kid Gloves 3 Ladies' Celistine Kid Q4 nn Gloves, all sizes and colors ..0I.ULI Real French $2.50. closing out for Kid Gloves, wort h .$1.5i) Men's cravenettes, values t $11.50, closing out P7 CO Men's Senior Fine Shoes real $5.00 Values ' jjj j Velvets Y 24-Inch Imported Velveteen Suiting, black and colors, Cd!) 75c values for W' Silk Velvets for dresses, 7K black and colors, a yard ........ I w Boy's Boy , t nrtered Waists, r- cloaing 75 f'or ..... j-.f--.. OvJb quality FlannM Wji i0i, 7"c - - i V.WO.M IGF - . for v... r j J ft-.

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