Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on November 28, 1902 · 2
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 2

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1902
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J AUSTIN DAILY STATESMAN, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1902. PAGE TWO ome of the Prices for Today 1 MISTROTS MILL j $7.50 California Lamb's Wool Boys" collon sweaters, all I 52 inch English broadcloths, 42 inch black granite dress 40 inA peppje Oxford dress .: ke,s' S4.98 MW!:....25c fyca0riors:wor,h$1:25 8 8c' f$r,h9c 59c ytr,h$la....59c m iHIiBBSMSMBM I Men's and Youths' All Wool Fine utomobile Coats, $15 Men's Wool Pants, $2.50 val Ladies' 50c bleached Vests Men's and Boys' Outing Flan- values, PQ QO ues, mill end CI Cn and pants, OCn nel Wight Kooes, en $10 values, lor M lor 03.3(5 price... ... ...Ol.OU Heece lined all sizes ... . J Men's and Boys' Cashmere Men's $1 Negligee Shirts, last Applique Scarfs and Squares, Ladies' Short Jackets, $2.50 Mens'FiiieTailoredBlackSuUs ! r,ch 25c 'rs: 69c 5U 50c ff"es S1.50 ,anJ.S9 M rt,4T5E 75c, ua,i,y Bird Eye. ,0. ou,, have l0 hurry (0 ge, $15 Tailor Made jg gg and i i all $5 and $6 CO en 10 yard P'eCeS ' Men's Cus,,m Su"s able, cheap at $3, 01 QO values, lor 0iDU Made All Wool Business mill end pi ice QliJu ' r.u .j i.-.t Black Automobiles, C7I0 Suits, worth $10, PC $5 AH Wool 00 00 8c Unbleached C needles . 2C $12.50 kind lor ... .WW lor W Walking Skirts M.80 canton flannels 5C THANKSGIVING UNION SERVICES AT THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH LARGELY ATTENDED. ALL BUSINESS SUSPENDED The Weather Was Beautful and the City Was Thronged All Day With Visitors. Thanksgiving in Austin dawned with beautiful weather, which continued throughout the day. All business stores, offices, shops, courts and state departments were closed, giving all, opportunity to attend1 divine services, partake of turkey dinner and participate in amusements. On account of the football game, hundreds of visitors were in the city, coming from San Antonio, Georgetown, Bryan and other towns. TWO PENS OF TEXAS COMMISSIONERS AND SUPERINTENDENTS MAKE BIENNIAL REPORT TO GOVERNOR. THE POPULATION OF PRISONS Report of Superintendent Shows a Decrease of 244 in Convicts in Past Two Years. The biennial report of the state penitentiary board, financial agent and su perintendent has been submitted to the governor lor me twenty-two monins ending August 31, 1902. Superintendent Baker, In his report to the board shows the following as to prison population: Total number of convicts on hand November 1, 1900 4109 Total number of convicts on hand August 31, 1902 3865 Net decrease 244 ' The greatest number occurred on December 20, 1900, being 4164. The least number reached Was on November 4, 1901, being 3816. Per cent of prison population is divided as follows: Whites, 31.67; negroes, 56.72; Mexicans, 11.61. Number of convicts pardoned during the lust twenty-two months 19 3.16, an average of 15 6-22 per month. During the previous biennial period 350 convict were pardoned, an average of 14 14-24 per month. The governor also restored citizenship to a number of other convicts, which took effect at the expiration of their sentence, and ( show on the report as discharged. Total number of escapes 152 Total number of recaptures 70 ! Net number of escapes 82 The escapes are from the different forces as follows: Huntsvllle 1 Kusk 4 State farms .' 11 Contract forces . 103 Share farms 21 Kullroadw 9 Total 152 The mortality for the two years was 164 from all causes, an average of 7 10-22 per month out of an uverage population of 3959. The deaths are divided among the forces as follows: Huntsvtlle 21 Rusk 10 Harlem state farm 14 William Clemens state farm 7 Wynne state farm 33 Contract lorees 54 Share f:irms 17 Railroads 5 Total 161 No convict has been shot miles. In the act of escaping, ami not then until totnmunded to halt, and only when necessary to prevent his escape. A full Investigation Is made by the inspector, and in case of death a Justice of the peace holds an inquest and re-lrt the verdict to the proper authorities. In no instance where a convict has been killed has a grand Jury found n bill of Indictment against the employe wlio did the shooting. An alarm of fire was turned In from Fifteenth street and West Avenue Hi 12:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Tht fire did not amount to much and the department was turned back. DAY IN AUSTIN At 11 a. rn. union Thanksgiving services were held at the First Presbyterian church, and the edifice was crowded. An elaborate program was carried out, including rpusie by a select choir ani a solo by Mr William G. Bell. Invocation was by Rev. ('. D. Bates, after which the program was: Doxology. Invocation by Kev. C. D. Bates. Hymn Rev. D. K. Porter. Scripture Lesson Kev. J. W. Lowlier. Anthem by invited choirs. Reacting Proclamation Rev. R. J. Briggs. Prayer Rev. W. I). Bradfield. Hymn Rev. C. F. Taylor. Sermon Rev. T. B. Southall. Prayer Rev. C. G. Widen. Anthem. Offering for the Poor Rev. J. A. French. Hymn Rev. C. 1-1. Booth. Benediction Rev. W. R. Campbell. Rev. Southall'-s theme was "Why We Should Give Thanks." The sermon was preached most eloquently and: was listened to intently by the large congregation. WILD DASH OF HORSE HARRISON FINLEY HAD A NARROW ESCAPE FROM SERIOUS INJURY YESTERDAY. BUGGY WAS BADLY WRECKED Flight of Maddened Animal Down Congress Avenue Created Intense Excitement, Au exciting runaway accident, which came near having serious results, occurred1 on Seventh, near Colorado street, at 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Just as Mr. Harrison Finlty put one foot on the step to get into the buggy in front of his home, the horse sucldeuly became frightened and gave a lunge. Mr. Finley was caught between the wheels and dragged several feet before he could extricate himself. He sustained slight injuries. The horse, increasing his speed to a run, continued its flight 011 Seventh street, turning at the corner of Congress avenue, and made a bee line for the telephone pole in front of the vacant store formerly occupied by the Eclipse cigar store, on the east side of the Avenue." The horse missed" the pole, but the buggy came into collision with It with great force, and the vehicle was nearly demolished. The horse did not fall but broke away from the buggy and ran south on the Avenue, being stopped at Sixth street. At the time of the accident many vehicles were on the Avenue, and there were many hairbreadth escapes. POOR COMFORT. Cold Water Drinker Finds a Relief in Postum Coffee. ' Our American people, who are and overstrained, would never drink coffee if they know how well and clear-headed they would be without it. "When I was a little child," says Miss M. D'Alt of Topeka, Kan. "I commenced the drinking of coffee. Natu-I rally nervous, it made me as the years went on a most miserable wretch. al ways in an unnatural state of excitement. I found, as I grew older, that I would at times stagger as a drunken person. It was coffee, for I had no desire to drink anything in liquors. "My health was very bad and my brother and I were tai-'g of quitting coffee, ' when I was stricken with typhoid fever. Upon my recovery, my brother wisely allowed me no coffee, and wild if I wished to be well again I must top Its use. "For 11 number of years cold wuter was iny only drink, but this was poor comfort until about three years ago a package of Postum Food Coffee was l"ft nt our house. We prepared It as directed and found a wholesome, delicious drink: more than this ,lt has strengthened me without causing those terrible 'after effects' formerly left upon me by coffee. "I recommend Postum to all my friends and In my varied experience I find it a safe drink without effect on the nerves, and the only one which with me has filled a long felt want." Many people who have stopped drinking coffee because of its effect on the nerves will find th rfure food drink, Postum, a beverage that when properly made touches the spot, pleases the eye and palate and fills thg vacancy as no other drink can. HBAFTERALLEGEDKIDNAPER HERBERT ROLAND NARROWLY ESCAPED VIOLENCE AT THE HANDS OF CITIZENS. SPIRITED AWAY BY OFFICERS Roland Wanted at Briggs on Charge of Running Away With a Fourteen-Year-Old Girl. Sheriff Tom Young of Lampasas county, who was in Austin yesterday, received a phone message from Lampasas in the afternoon that excitement prevailed there on account of a mob, formed by citizens of Bris, Burnet TEACHERS' INSTITUTE IT WILL BE HELD IN THE COUNTY COURT HOUSE TODAY AND TOMORROW. The Teachers' Institute of Travis county will be held at the county court house today and tomorrow and the following program, arranged by County Superintendent Brady, will be rendered: FRIDAY, 10 O'CLOCK A. M. Song "America".. Led by R. A. Mobley Seeley's "History of Education." Jno. B. Patterson. Conductor. 1 Pietism and Franeke W. S. Groves. 2 General Review. Eight -'oth and and Nineteenth Centuries Miss Grace Taylor. Arithmetic Common Fraction;-.. R. W. Fowler, Conductor. FRIDAY, 1:30 O'CLOCK P. M. Song "Old Folks at Home." Seeley's History: 1 Rousseau I. J. Arnntrong. 2 Basedow N. Linden Gault. 3 Pestalozzi Theo. France. General Discussion in Discipline. Led by R. A. Mobley and Mrs. A. Viekers. I SATURDAY. 9 O'CLOCK A. M. ' Song. Seeley's History: 1 Froebal W. N. Carl. 2 Herbert Miss Fannie Crockett. 3 Horace Mann Miss Cecil tv Ban-ion. English Grammar Nouns; Kinds and Uses. Mrs. li. Delfraisse. Conductor. Current Events. W. P. Brady. The institute will finish the study ,if Seeley's "History of Education." and will also study some of ;he stale text books. Common fractions and nouns will be taken up this month, and every t.wch-er is expected to be present and to be prepared in said subjects. BOY SERIOUSLY HURT BICYCLIST RAN INTO A DITCH IN FRONT OF CAPITOL AND WAS KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS. Hans Yon Kerlow. employed at Gaz-ley's drug store, was seriously hurt, and for a time was unconscious, in an accident at Eleventh street and Congress avenue about 9:3d o'clock last night. He was returning to the store on a bicycle from a trip of delivery, when he ran Into an open ditch. There was no signal light of danger burning and the young man did not see the ditch. When the wheel struck it. Von Kerlow was thrown violently to the ground and was unoomcious when pic ked up by a man who had witnessed the accident. His face was badly lacerated and his bicycle ulmost bent double. Medical attention was given the bicyclist and he was revived. It Is hinted that a damage suit limy be filed. AMUSEMENTS. A rare musical treat was afforded the music loving people uf Auitln lust night In the appearance of the celebrated German tenor, llerr Andreas Dip. pel and Pianist Paul Elsler, at the Stale University auditorium. A large crowd was in attendance 'ind the evening proved a rare musical tveat. yesterday matinee- and night "For Her Sake." held thei honrjs at the Han-jcock, playing to excellent business. county, appearing there tor ihe purpose of lynching Herbert Roland, eharged with kidnaping Myrtle Bays-t'.n. aged 14 years, the daughter of a Will known citizen of Brings. Roland also resides at Briggs, wh ve he has a wife and four children. The mob did not succeed in getting Roland, an officer having spirited him awav before the mob's arrival at the Jail. Sheriff Young says that Roland disappeared with the girl m October 1:1. anil they w ere not apni'"h ?:ided until November 20. They were found at Hereford, in the Panhandle, 600 miles from Briggs. They were arrested anil arrived at Lampasas Wednesday and were placed in jail there, the officers fearing to take Roland to Briggs. as a report was out that the itizens were very indignant and would probabiy attempt to lynch him. Sheriff Young believes that a more serious charge than ki inapmg will be made against Roland. TAYLOR BROS'. Specials for Today: 1 bunch celery 5c 1 pkg. Indiana Matches 10c I bot. D. & B. Catsup 15c 1 peck Elgin Dooly Yams. . . .15c 8 lbs. good dry Onions 15c 2 lbs. Evap. Apricots 15c 3 2-lb. cans Tomatoes 20c 4 lbs. new bulk Mincemeat . .25c 211 E. 6th St. Both Phones 229. Sidewalk Notes The Wooldridge club meets in regular 3:30 p. m. school Mothers' cessi 111 todav at Amanda Smith, a negrss, was arrested by the police yesterday for conducting herself in an obstreperous manner. Superintendent Scovill qf the Austin Electric Street Railway company gave each employe an hour off to oat turkey yesterday. I County Attorney-elect John W. I Brady returned yesterday from a hunt j in Edwards countv. His party killed ; lots of bigcame, including one bestr. I The regular meeting of the board of managers of the Children's Home will be held this afternoon at 3:30 with the president, Mrs. L. McG. Davis, 1108 Guadalupe street. Traveling Passenger Agent Milton ; Morris of the International and Great Northern had charge of an excursion train to Austin from Bryan yesterday, bringing 500 visitors to the "city. Mr. morns saw mat nis jas.s-ngcrs were given the best of service. T-The Epworth League union will hold Its regular bi-monthly meeting this evening in the new First Street Methodist church .and a very tine program has been arranged and will be carried out. A prominent feature of the exercises will be a 'Bible Quiz," conducted by Rev. E. S. Smith, presiding elder of the Austin district, and the theme will be: "The Reformation Wrought by Nehemiah." The meeting will be both pleasant and instructive. GEO. W. PATTERSON, UNDERTAKER AND PROPRIETOR ECLIPSE STABLES, OMNIBUS AND BAGGAGE TRANSFER. FINE CAR RIAGES AND LIGHT LIVERY. BOARDING HORSES A SPECIALTY. RUBBER TIRED HOSPITAL AMBULANCE. 103 TO 116 E. 7TH ST. BOTH PHONES 161. season'SsTfrost TEMPERATURE IN AUSTIN WAS DOWN TO THIRTY-SEVEN DEGREES YESTERDAY. The first frost of the season In Austin came yesterday morning.. It was light but sufficient to do damage, especially in the low lands. The minimum temperature was 37 degrees, Just five degrees above the freezing point. The highest temperature was 56 degree. HYesh shipment brick. Swiss and Llmbergcr vheese to nrrlve Monday. Mrj. M. A. McClure. TWO LADS STOLE MAIL BOXES SAM LANE AND LESLIE RAINEY MAKE AWAY WITH LETTER RECEPTACLES. BOTH OF THEM CONFESSED Told Where the Boxes Were, and They Were Recovered The Boys Are Bound Over. As a result of an investigation by I'niled States Postoflice Inspector J. W. Bass, two boys. Sam Lane and Leslie Itainey. aged 16 and IS years, respectively, were arrested at Kyle yesterday, charged with depredating on 1 ural free delivery boxes on route No. 3 out of Kyle. The boys were arrested R. C. EhrLERT. Undertaker and Embalmer, j 709 Congress Ave. Both Phones No. 31. Personal attention . Personals. Sam Marks of Dallas is at the Hotel Salge. Dr. Paul M. Peck of San Antonio is at the Driskill. Ed J. Hammer of Colorado, Tex., is at the Driskill. it. B. Minor was up from San Antonio yesterday. J. C. Gariiam of Dallas is registered at the Driskill. Mrs. Barry Miller of Dallas is a guest at the Driskill. James Flack of Llano was at the Hotel Salge yesti rday. -J. L. Saner of Dallas was at thf-Hntt-i Salge yesterday. E. J. Kyle of Bryan was here yesterday to see the football game. Tom Winston and Miss Ida Winston of Georgetown were here yesterday. V. B. Philpott. wife and baby of Bryan were at the Driskill yesterday. E. B. Pickett, Jr., is here from Liberty and is stopping at thci Hancock. -V. H. Whisenant of Kyle is here on business and is a guest at the Hancock. -Thomas Danagh of Granite Mountain was a guest at the Hotel Salge yesterday. R. II. Barrow of Houston is here for a short time and is a guest at the Hancock. -Judge T. C. Da vis of Center and W. B. O'Quinn of Lufkin are here on business. Jessie F. Cross of Midland1 is here on business. He is stopping at the Hancock. -Joe Smith of Mexico arrived yesterday in time to eat Thanksgiving turkey at koine, Cliff A. Adams and Miss Nomie Adit ins of Bryan w ere among the visitors yesterday. Misses Rosa and Emma Kyle and Maggie Groos of Kyle saw the football game yesterday. William B. Owens and J. N. Storey of Gidtdings are in the city and stopping at the Hancock. G. N. Moses and wife and Mrs. W. H. Odvil of Great South Bend, Kan., are guests at the Hotel Salge. - iu 1 . jcui 0 r rescon 01 i,ock.iuii i js j visiting her parents, Judge and. Mrs. ! White, at 305 East Eighth street. Misses Nan and Lillian Parker and 4tl when in doubt, eat it Sweet, crisp flakes ef wheat and All "Sunny Jims" now. Ifloiir hmmffrmM Vnt't u aa r., I I - - v.w lonamujIilBf lUU welcome as 'Bunny Jim,' and that's Baying a good deal, for we are all 8onny Jims' now. l'K. L.8TOH1." I 41 r by Deputy United States Marshal Black at Kyle and brought before 'omsiiss ioiH'i- 'Little yesterday afternoon, and by him bound over to the federal grand jury in the sum of $100 each. They failed to make bond and were remanded to the county jail here. The boys confessed to having sUileii tl.iee boxes and told the officer where they had hidden the boxes in a cane patch nearby. The boxes were found where the boys indicated. The punishment for this offense is a line of not less than $11)0 nor more than $1000, or imprisonment from one to"five-years in the penitentiary, according to the discretion of the court. These arrests' were made under the act of congress of April 21, 11MJ2, providing for the preservation of rural free delivery mail boxes. Inspector B;tss stated that as far as he knew there was no mail in the boxes. The authorities are making every effort to stop the destruction of mail boxes on rural routes. Miss Coulter of Bryan were here yesterday and saw the "farmers" win. Lamar Bcthea and Misses Edna Bethea and Jessie Nail of Bryan cheered the Agricultural and Mechanical boys in yesterday's football game. Avenue Hotel Arrivals Charles J. Habry, Beaumont; 1. C. Griffitt, Mont-gomeiy: V. B. o'yuinn, f. C. Davis, l.uikiii. John Hancock, Austin; H. A. Jon.s, Dallas; August Woeltz, Edwin UoWtz. San Ai:t..nio; George F. Hof-l'er, w Yotk: James Flack, Llano; Otto Ko!,:t, (-imago; V. McFaddin. Beaun.unt; R. II. Brown, Houston: Robei 1, Potts. San Antonio; W. F. Jones, New York; J. Neill MeLerd, Winnipeg, Can.; W. M. Garcia, San Antonio; F. E. Rushing, M. D. Helens, Phil Bishop, New York; Charles J Haby, Houston. -Hancock Hotel Arrivals H. Y. Kt uriard. New Orleans; Seth Custer ami wife. Round Rock; J. D. U Blev-1 tis, Jr., Dallas; William O. Bowens, J. N. Story, Giddings; E. B. Pickett, Jr.. Liberty; Ilynm Nelson, Kansas City: Gr-orge T. Welch, Berry Alexander, E. Ward, Frank Malland, New York; Jesse T. Cross'. Midland; John Murry. M. 1. Murry, San Antonio: Sam Norton. Shelbyviile, Tenn.; Jim Hamilton. Shelbyviile, Tenn; T. M. Hilderbrand, San Antonio; W. H. Whisenant, Kyle; D. J. Tracy, St. Iiuis: Marie Taylor, Ruby Miguel, Angus Bleal. Eugene Shakspere, Alfred Brit ton, Nicholas Cogley, New York; Miss McConico, Miss Hattie Mc-Conico, Bryan; J. A. Jones. Richmond; R. H. Barrow, Houston. S. E. POSENGREN, Undertaker and Embalmer. Fine Carriages for hire. 413 Congress avenue.. Phones 451. FUNERAL NOTICE. Died, at her residence in San Antonio, Tex.. November 27. 1902, Mrs. Mary E. Dibrell, relict of the late Col. C. C. Dibrell. for many years a prominent tesident of Austin. The funeral will take place from the Union depot on the arrival of the 10:25 train from San Antonio this morning. The interment will be in the old City cemetery. Friends of the family are requested to attend. Curtice Bros.' plum puddings, fancy cranberries, large white celery, fancy raisins, mixed nuts of all kinds, and In fact anything and everything you may need for your Thanksgiving dinners. Mrs. M. A. McClure. Jim Dumps' younff wife while yet a bride Some biscuits made with greatest pride. Jim looked with fear upon the food, But to a bride one can't be rude. "Let's eat Force 'first, dear, 'tis my whim." It tared the life of "Sunny Jim." Force Th Rtwly-to-Sarv Cereal 99 malt ..ait. 1 x t , . ,

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