Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on May 30, 1902 · 2
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 2

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1902
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iAGE TWO. AUSTIN DAILY STATESMAN, FRIDAY, MAY 30. 1302. mmer Suitf THAT ALWAYS WIN All Wool Crash . . . . Fancy Outing Flannels . Reliable Navy Blue Serges, $10.00 and . . . . Attractive Homespun Suits, $11.50 and . . . . $6.75 $6.75 $15.00 $4.75 All nobby, stylish, taking, effective, well made, perfect fitting, serviceable and comfortable. Newest weaves and latest designs, including 'J military shapes. & A & A IN THE' SUPREME COURT SOME IMPORTANT CASES WERE DISPOSED OF AT YESTERDAY'S SESSION. carbrou Hicks The following proceedings were had in the supreme court: Certified Questions Answered Screwmen's Benevolent Association vs. R. R. Whitridge, from Galveston. Reversed and Rendered Executor and Heirs of William Cameron vs. State of Texas, from Travis. Motion to Postpone Hearing of Application Overruled Ed Keller vs. Chas. Kettner, from Mason. Applications Granted L. B. Black vs. T. C. Black et al., from Bastrop; Mrs. C. C. Crowles vs. Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company of Texas, from Trinity; C. P. Alexander vs. I. A. Lovltt et al., from Bell; Beverly Hunter et al. vs. Mrs. Delha Eastham et al., from Walker. Applications Refused Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company vs. Clyde L. Darby, from Harris; Drayton Hillyer et al. vs. W. H. West- Telegraph Company vs. Bouchell, from Wichita; Wm. Seymour et al. vs. Edwin Chambelain et al., from Montgomery; Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company vs. John F. Haden et al., from Dallas; Aransas Pass Harbor Company vs. First National Bank of Aransas Pass, from Aransas; E. L. Angier vs. J. B. Jones, from Walker; International and Great Northern Railroad Company vs. Otto Locke, from Comal. Applications Dismissed for Want of Jurisdiction Nathan Stell vs. Houston, East and West Texas' Railway Company, from Liberty; R. E. Morris et al. vs. C. H. Gibson et al., from Shelby. Set for June 9 Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company vs. Thos. I Wade, from Grayson. I rArAtcAtV.'VAA.V'AV.A Ate 5 Oxfords of Exceptional A DISAPPOINTED BRIDE-GROOM-TO-BE. A young couple from William- son county met with grave dis- appointment at the hands nf J. Countv Clerk John Hnrnshv ves. J. terday morning. The bride- groom-to-be called at the office & : A it " " 1 - J I 'S T v 2 Only $1.50 fall & Co. et al from Burnet; Leon- IT auu a marriage it- ard T. Tucker vs. International and t -se. oui wnen tne usual ques- Great Northern Railroad Company, . T nons were propounded to him from Travis; Missouri, Kansas and it was discovered that his Texas Kanway uompany or iexas vs. sweetheart was under age and ler tonio Railway Company vs. H. Sher- T Weml? much coveted 11- wood, from Medina: Union Mutual i T -CUB" was not. grantea Life Insurance Company vs. H. L. T Crowl et ux., from Tarrant; tt. j. Chamberlin vs. J. W. Baker et al., from McLennan; W. M. Sisk vs. S. B. Joyce, from Fisher; Western Union For this stylish looking Oxford; low heel, patent tip, plump kid; its the $2.00 kind at other stores. ;xas ruuiway .uiupaiiy uj. xcjiaa vB. t sweetneart was under age and C. Edwards, from Denton; Ed Kel- j that he had failed to get the con- vs. Chas. Kettner, from Mason; 4, af,nt f fofVl. A " T ilveston. Harrisbure and San An- t !eDt f father' and . conse- ' Phone 436 for dry oak wood. Wyse Oil Co. Ira O. BURT Shoe Go., 612 CONGRESS AVENUE. ?N0TICE!: T the best Leaf Lard and one pound of Onions for 10 cents. NONE SOLD TO BOYS. Bring this ad today, MAY 30TH and you can get one pound of : F.W.Warren THE GROCER. 1602 Lavaca St. RAILROAD TO ISSUE STOCK COMMISSION GRANTED APPLICA TION OF DENISON, BONHAM & NEW ORLEANS RAILWAY. The railroad commission yesterday granted the application of the Deni-son, Bonham and New Orleans Railway company for authority to register stock on 26 2-3 miles of completed road from a point near Denlson to the town of Bonham, at the rate of $20,000 per mile. The same company also filed an ap plication for authority to issue and register bonds to the amount of $400,-000 on the same 26 2-3 miles of road. No action has been by the commission on this application. CHIEF CLERK ROBERDEAU WAS A WITNESS TO EXAMINE BANK'S BOOKS. COY. HOGG IS TO BE A WITNESS He Was Cited to Appear Before the Committee Also Dr. R. J. Brack-enridge Yesterday's Doings. THE CASE IMS REVERSED A COMPLIMENTARY LETTER CAMERON WON CASE INVOLVING 10,476 ACRES OF LAND IN LYNN COUNTY. ENTRIES FOR TO-DAY'S RACES AT THE DRIV- ING PARK. First Race 3-Minute Pace Henry Nolan. Ida. Dewey. Ed. R. Second Race 2:25 Pace or Trot. Edna M. Alice. J. B. Pumphrey. Billy Churchill. Third Race 3-8 Mile Dash. Red Girl. Cassie. Dolly Scotland.' Fourth Race 1-2 Mile Dash. Maude. Glee Girl. May Do. Hose Fifth Race Firemen's Race. 1. South Austin. 2. Colorado. 3. East Austin. 4. Protection. 5. North Austin. . Admission Fee 25 Cents. Come Everybody. JOHN B. MOORE FOR SHERIFF, ine menus ot jotin B. Moore are confident of his nomination for sheriff, but are not resting on their oars by any mens, as they .leslre to make his election as decisive as possible. Mr. Moore and his friends are receiving many voluntary promises of support from voters all over the county, and are very enthusiastic over his prospects. When the legislative investigating committee met yesterday morning some minor matters pertaining to the future work of the committee were briefly discussed. No evidence was taken at the morning session relative to the treasury investigation. The committee yesterday addressed the following letter to Mr. A. S. Vander- voort, cashier of the First National bank of Austin, relative to the investigation at hand: "Will you please bring before us the books of your bank prior to August 1901. We desire only to examine same In connection with those ac counts and matters concerning state affairs and to obtain such information as only affects matters of .vital in terest. if you wish you can furnish a man to witness such examination by our expert accountant, Mr. Wiggins. The committee is willing to allow compensation to such a man for the time he would necessarily be engaged thereon. If you prefer our accountant will come to the bank and make the examination." The letter is signed by Chairman Trav. Henderson of the committee. Chief Clerk Roger Roberdeau of the treasury department testified yester day afternoon before the committee. No new points were elicited from Mr. Roberdeau. The examination was conducted by Mr. Wiggins, the committee's expert. Mr. Roberdeau's testimony was along the same lines as that given by Treasurer Robblns Wednesday. A. S. Vandervoort, cashier of the First National bank, was before the committee. In reply to the letter addressed him by the committee, he said that he would gladly render all the assistance in his power to the committee. He granted the request to inspect the books, the committee to send its expert to the bank to make the investigation. The committee was also granted permission to inspect the books of the defunct bank of James H. Raymond & Co., to secure any information which may be of value in the course of the Investigation. Ex-Gov. J. S. Hogg, was yesterday cited to appear before the committee relative to the treasury investigation, he being chief executive when Col. W. B. Wortham was treasurer. Dr. R. J. . Brackenridge was also subpoenaed to i appear before the committee, he at one time being connected with the bank. . ' ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. In the supreme court yesterday the case of the executors and heirs of Wm. Cameron, deceased, vs. the State of Texas from Travis, was reversed and rendered. This case involves 10,476 acres of school land which was situated in Green county, when it was part of the state of Texas and is now a part of Linn county. Wm. Camer on purchased the land in good faith when Greer county was part of Texas and when the United States supreme court decided that Greer county was part of the territory of Oklahoma, the state sued Wm. Cameron to recover the land. The lower court decided tha case in favor of the state and also the court of civil appeals. The case was then taken to the supreme court and yesterday it reversed the decision of the lower courts. The supreme court held that the Cameron heirs were entitled to the land as when it was purchased it was done in good faith, as Greer county was then considered a part of Texas, sent representatives to the legislature and took part in all the privileges of a county of the state: that the certificates under which the land became the possession of Cameron, were valid. C , f FIRST-CLASS MEALS. Those desiring first-class Imeals should not fail to visit the Elite cafe at No. 911 Congress avenue. The meals are cooked like mother used to cook . DEPUTY SHERIFF GEORGE MATTHEWS HEARS FROM DEPUTY SHERIFF MINOR. 1IMELY ASSISTANCE THE JUDICIAL CONVENTION DATE WAS CHANGED YESTERDAY AFTERNOON FROM JULY 14 TO JULY 1. - Rendered in Effecting the Arrest of the Old Soldier G. G. Gardenhier The Letter Given in Full. The following letter has been received by Deputy Sheriff Geo. Mat thews from M. W. Minor, the deputy sheriff of Montague county, who was in this city a short while ago with the assistance of Officer Matthews, placed G. G. Gardenhier, the Confederate soldier under arrest on a charge of murder, alleged to have been committed in 1861 "Montague, Texas, May 26th '(ft. "Capt. Geo. S. Matthews, Deputy Sheriff, Austin, Texas. "My Dear Sir: I write to Inform you that I arrived with my prisoner all right, and desire to thank you for your kindness and , assistance rendered me while there, and desire to say the relatives of the man killed were much rejoiced when they found the party had been brought to jnstice. If all officers in Texas would render others the aid and assistance you rendered me in capturing this man, justice would be swifter and sooner, and I beg to say that I trust the good people of Travis county will honor you "with the nomination for sheriff at your coming T A NEW STREET CAR COMPANY FORMED. An Important change is soon to take place in the affairs of the Austin Rapid Transit Railway company. It will be remembered that during the early part of thi3 month the road was sold to Mr. F. H. Watriss of New York, president of the company, by the re- ceiver, Major Ira H. Evans, and now the company is to be absorbed by the Austin Electric Railway company, which was chartered yes- terday morning. Articles of incorporation of the Austin Electric Railway company were filed in the secretary of state's department yesterday. The capital stock is $200,000. The purpose is to acquire and maintain a system of street cars and suburban lines within and near the city of Austin. The board of directors are as follows: F. H. Watriss, New York; Oliver C. Fuller, Milwaukee; Ira H. Evans, Austin; E. P. Wilmot, Austin; T. B. Cochran, Austin. In speaking of the new company Major Evans stated that the"new company would absorb the Austin Rapid Transit company, and that he would turn over the property to Mr. Watriss on May 31. Many improvements are in contemplation by the new company. Chairman R. C. Walker 6f the dem ocratic executive committee of the lhlrd supreme judicial district yester day afternoon issued a call changing ine date ror calling the judicial convention from July 14 to July 1. In the can unairman Walker says: "Conditions having so changed as to make it probable that the convention ft'ill be in session longer than was contemplated when the original call was made, the executive committee deems it advisable to change the time of holding the convention from July 14 to July 1. "Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me as chairman of the democratic executive committee of the district and upon the advice of the members of said committee, I herebv call a democratic convention to meet in the city of Austin. Texas, at 10 o'clock a. m. on the first day of Julv. 1902, for the purpose of nominating two candidates for associate justice of tne court of civil appeals of the Third supreme judicial district of Texas, and to eiect an executive committee for said district for the next ensuing two years ana to transact such other busi ness as may properly come before said convention. ' PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS INVITED BY THE BOARD OF RE GENTS OF THE GIRLS' IN-DUSTRIAL SCHOOL. ATA MEETING HELD YESTERDAY Structure to Cost $45,000 and Will Ac commodate 150 Students Interesting Report Submitted. STATE HOUSE HAPPENINGS The comptroller's department has registered an issue of $2000 city of Fort Worth refunding bonds. An is sue or SoOOO Mabank indenendpnt school district bonds were also regis tered by the comptroller. ' The following charter was filed in the secretary of state's department: Ragley Lumber company of Rag-ley, Panola county. Capital stock, $200,000. The incorporators are W. G. Ragley, M. J. Ragley and J. B. Wilson. Austin Electno Railway company, Austin, capital stock $200,000. Directors: F. H. Watriss. Oliver C. Fuller, Ira H. Evans and others. THEY ELECTED A CAPTAIN The pupils of the Blind Institute will give "Caste," a comedy, in the institute chapel Saturday night. May 31. Admission, 50 cents. Only those having tickets can be admitted. Of the A. & M. College to Hold Re union on June 9th. The seventeenth annual reunion of the Alumni association of the Agricultural and Mechanical college, will be held at that institution on June 9th. An Interesting program has been prepared for the occasion, which is as follows: Overture Welcome Address Dr. David F. Hunter, president of the college. Music. Welcome address on behalf of the First Class Cadet T. R. Batte, Jr. Response by the president of the association, P. S. Tilson, '88, College Station. Alumni Address R. C. Watkins, '95, Houston. Music. . Orator Hon. Rosser Thomas, Bon-hum. Music. . The Ira O. Wyse Oil Co. sells drv oak and cedar wood. Phone 438. A BOLD ..IGHWAYMAN. The highwayman is out again, and he operated in this city yesterday morning about 2 o'clock, but failed to secure any money. The victim was Earl Mayhew, the 14 year old son of C. H. Mayhew of the old Tenth ward. The boy had been sent up town by his father after a bottle of whiskey for medical purposes and was returning home when the reported holdup occurred. According to the story of the boys father, the youngster was hold up on East Avenue between Fourth and Fifth streets and robbed of the whis-KPy. Mr. Mayhew says that when his boy returned home he reported -to him what had occurred, anl declared that the robber was a npgro. The boy's pockets were thoroughly searched, but the robber failed to find anything of value, except the booze. The boy nays the man after searching his trousers, offered him a drink and told him to hurry off home and toll his father what had huppenod WM. VON ROSENBERG ELECTED CAPTAIN OF TROOP D CAVALRY SQUADRON. Col. William von Rosenburg was last Wednesday night elected captain of troop D, cavalry squadron, and a committee appointed to watt on him and request his acceptance. Colonel von Roser.burg has an excellent military record and has filled all positions from private to colonel, hence his acceptance could only be based upon the highest patriotic motives and out of deference to the courtesy of the troop unanimously requesting his services. t His record is as follows: Cadet to lieutenant at Texas Military Institute from 1874 to 1877, In which later year he joined the Austin Greys in which he soon secured a second lieutenancy. He organized the Manning Rifles on August 30, 1879, serving 1S81, when he resigned. The cavalry arm of the service next engaged his attention and he organized the Capital Ciy Cavalry company, September 5, 1887. The governor commissioned him lieutenant- colonel and aid-de-camp on October 1, 1S89, but at the unanimous request of his troop he sacrificed his preferment and remained with them until June 25, 1891, when he was elected major of the cavalry battalion. On July 19, 1S92, he was elected colonel of cavalrv. that arm having been recruited to a full regiment an: served until the promo tion of J. R. Waitls. fS TOUR LIFE WORTH 50 CENTS? "e defy the world to rjroduc a med. lcine for the cure of all forms of kid ney and bladder troubles, nlles and all diseases peculiar to women that will equal Smith's Sure Kidney Cure. Ninety-eight per cent of the cases treated with Smith's Sure Kidney Cure that have come under our observation hnve been cured. We sell our medicine on a positive guarantee, If directions are followed, and money will be refunded if cure is not effected. Price 50 cents and Jl.Ofl. Fnr khIp by M. C. CORNWELL. primaries. Thanking you again for your kindness and wishing you success, I am truly your friend, "M. W. MINOR." There is much truth In Mr. Minor's letter In regard to assistance given one officer by a fellow officer. During Geo. Matthew's years of experience as a deputy sheriff he has always given his fellow peace officers all the assistance in running down criminals in his power and this, as one reason, connected with his undisputed qualifications to fill the office to which he aspires, the citizens of Travis county have decided to elect him sheriff. . HE THINKS THEY WILL HANO THE NEGROES CHARGED WITH MURDER OF JIM JONES CONDITION OF THE CROPS. The state departments will be closed today, on account of it being Decoration Day and a legal holiday. The day will be generally observed here and preparations are being made to deco- mie tne graves or the Federal and Confederate soldiers here. The board of regents cf the Girls Industrial School met here yesterday. The board held its meeting at the Uni versity and was in session from 11 o'clock until 6 o'clock last evenine. fter mature consideration the board decided to invite bids for plans and specifications for a building to cost about $45,000. The buildine is to.htv three stories high and basement, and will contain eight or ten lectnro looms, 20x30 feet each, one lecture room 30x75 feet, one laboratory 30x50 feet, and three or four office rooms, The bids are to be submitted at Denton and opened at that place on July-lst. The structure is to be of brick with stone foundations. This building is to be but one wing of one which is ultimately to be constructed three times as large. The building contemplated at present will contain about 150 students. An interesting feature of the meeting was a report submitted hv Re gent Rosser Thomas. Mr. Thomas has inspected almost every institution of its kind in the United States and his report proved a veritable store house of information for the use of the board. The question of electing teachers was discussed informally, but no teachers will be engaged for at least one year, with the election nossihlv a president for thp incHti n the members of the board were present with the exception of Mrs. Cone Johnson of Tyler. The follfiwino- ava . attendance: A. P. Woolridge, Austin-president; Mrs. Helen . M. Stoddard, ort Worth, secretarv Rnoeon Tk. as, Fannin county; Miss Mary Eleanor Brackinridge, San Antonio; Clarence Ousley, Houston; Peter Hann, Denton. TO THE PEOPLE WHO PURCHASE GROCERIES. , , We are equipped up-to-date. We carry a line of standard, first-class goods, and sell on a straight, legitimate margin. We do not put out a few catch-penny baits or resort to any other methods other than straight, legitimate transactions. We are located at 301, and 303 East Sixth street have conducted a erooerv husinoo- this block for the past seventeen years and respectfully solicit your patronage. Our solicitor will call as often as you wish, or ring up phones old or new No. 23 and you will receive the best of attention. FRANK O. BABCOCIC . FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS i - -r 1 AflnT aPP!ic?tIon for permission r ".c a win or manaamus was filed yesterday in the supreme court by W. P. Kidd against J. I r "uif county attorney of Grayson county, et al. The pe- titioners are seeking by a writ of mandamus to compel the court of civil appeals at Dallas to certify certain questions to t ie supreme court. . BARBECUE. On June 10 a bier free ha rhesus ha a. 1 c si. 01 ivioore s crossing on Onion creek, to which everybody is given a cordial invitation, especially the ladies. R. H. TROGDON, Manager. Fresh roasted coffees, all grades, at all times, at Frank O. Babcock's. He does his ewn roasting. Sheriff Davis of Bastrop county was Do you wish to in the city yesterday and he reports htel in the city? the crop in his county in a verv bad Hancock." condition for want of rain. ."The corn crop is especially in a bad shape," said Sheriff Davis. "In fact the corn is almost burned to death. There are a few fields that are in fair condition, but they are very scarce. If we don't get a rain within the next few days our corn crop will be a total failure. The cotton will Inst a while longA-. "You see we didn't get any rain to amount to anything during your rain storms in this county and other parts of the state. We have not had a real good rain In some time." Sheriff Davis also stated that they ...... a ftuuu i-iise against tne tnree negroes, who are In Jail at Bastrop, charged with murdering old Jim Jones, colored, below Webbervllle. In his opinion the negroes will hang. stop at the If so, go to best 'The L- -L. l . TTT-rT-r-r Visitors to New Tnrlr nrill r,,i ... Hotel Empire. street, a quiet and select hotel at moderate rates. AM flin CMMFD Q nnn ' J. J. MAHER PASSED AWAY AT CONFEDERATE HOME FROM GENERAL DEBILITY. J. J. Maher aged 75 years, an inmate of the Confederate Home, died at the Home about midnight last Wednesday night from general debility. The deceased had been at the Home for the past eleven years. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock and the remains were interred in the State cemetery. The funeral Ten us vour wood trnh,M .... """"j- u.e ;uneLal .ni 4 11 , ' v: i wt-ic m?i lurriieu DV I)r w n IF THE BABY IS CUTTING TEETH. Be sure and use that old and well tried remedy, Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing i-vrup, fon children teething. It lavs nil pain, cures wind colic and Is the r-'st remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Fresh vegetables dally at Frank O. Babcock's. 4- INCREASE rN COLLECTION OF TAXES IN BEXAR COUNTY. Recently the state revenue agent sent an Inquiry to the tax col lector of Bexar county asking for a comparative statement showing the amount of taxes collected in Bexar county during the past three years. The Incorporation has been received, and it is as follows: Total amount of taxes collected from May 1 1899 to Anrii 30, 1900, $178,836.71, of which $50,375.73 was for occupation taxes and $40,550 for whisky and beer taxes. Total amount of taxes col! lected from May 1. 1900, to April 30. 1901. $169,214.25, of which $50-330.50 was for occupation tax, and $39,100 for whisky and beer tax Total amount of taxes collected from May 1, 1901, to April 30 190? $18128.19. of which $54,943.80 was for occupation tax and $4 000 tZ V901.1902.nd taX" SUtmCnt Sh0W8 l,u,te an it 9 V S :-? is : s?

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