Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on May 20, 1903 · 8
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 8

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1903
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HEARING OF THE COMMISSION WITNESSES FROM SOUTH TEXAS WERE BEFORE THE TRIBUNAL YESTERDAY. THE GALVESTON-HOUSTON DIFFERENTIAL IIP AGAIN Entire Day Wat Spent in Discussing the Matter and There I More of It to Come. -" The railroad commission yesterday took ud the Galveston-Houston ditter- eritial, ar.i the entire day was spent in hearing testimony. It will be con tlnued today. The following is a partial list of those attending the hearing or the rail road, commission: W. A. Spoonts, general attorney of the Fort Worth and Denver. W. F. Sterley, general freight agent Fort Worth and Denver. J. W. Allen, general manager of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas, Ed F, Harris, attorney of Galveston. J. H. Johnson, manager or the (iai- veston freight bureau. ' Captain P. N. Harris, Galveston. P. H. McNemer of the Houston freight bureau. H. W. Garner of the Houston cotton exchange. N. H. Lassiter, Fort Worth, general attorney of the Rock Island. G. A. Taft Houston, superintendent Wells Fargo Co.'s express. C. D, Summy, Dallas, assistant su perlntendent American Express com pany.' J. A. Russ, Dallas, superintendent Pacific ExDress company. A. C. Fonda, Galveston, chief clerk freight department Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe. H. A. Roberson. Hou3ton. R. C. Fife, Tyler, general freight agent Cotton Belt. John T. Lyle Fort Worth. W. J. DeTreeville, Houston. : Jack Farley, Dallas, Dallas Commer cial Bureau. H. L. Tiegler, Galveston, ocean frpieht hrnker. George R. Collett, Fort Worth, traffic manager Armour & Co. . : W. F. Taylor, Houston, acting gen eral freight agent Central and Hous ton. East and West Texas railways. Louis Schneider. Galveston. L. E. Knuckney, Kansas City, Swift Packing company. Sam F. Drake, Waco, Tex.. .-: T. G. Thomas, La Marque. J. W. Jockuseh, Galveston. H. L. Redfleld, Dallas, assistant general freight agent Texas and Pacific. On complaint of the , Galveston Chamber of Commerce ; the railroad commission on August 9, 1902, Issued a circular in effect that persons engaged in handling cotton at Galveston are afforded the same facilities and assured equal freight charges as persons engaged In the same business In Houston and New Orleans. At a hearing by the commission held September 16, 1902, it was ordered that 6 cents per 100 pounds be added to the Houston rates, provided the rates on cotton to Galveston for local delivery shall be 2 cents less per 100 pounds than for shlpslde delivery. This subject was reopened yesterday by the commission and was the subject considered first at the hearing. Secretary E. R. McLean read letters from the Milam County Oil company of Cameron and some other business or ganizations located In the interior of the state, complaining of the differential rate on cotton as applied to rates between Houston - and Galveston, operating to the disadvantage of the last named place. Manager J. H.Johnson. The commission proceeded to take testimony. Mr. J. H. Johnson, manager of the Galveston, freight bureau, was placed on the stand. The witness was examined by Ed F. Harris, attorney of Galveston." Mr. Johnson's testimony assumed a wide range, covering in detail ocean and steamship freight rates from New York and other eastern points to Galveston and from Galves ton to all points east; also railroad rates over all lines In and out of Gal veston. When asked why the Central, Galveston, Harrlsburg and San Antonio, Southern Pacific and other railroads discriminated against Galveston and in favor of Houston, the witness answered: Well, I do not know, unless it Is on account of local attachments. These roads have their headquarters in Houston, are largely interested In Houston financially, attached to the place socially and hence their partiality in arranging a schedule of rates. Galveston is at a great disadvantage as agalfist not only Houston, but Beaumont, Orange and other places. Galveston's Disadvantage. The witness went on to show that Galveston was at a still greater disad vantage for the reason that while Galveston's rates from New York, Raleigh and other Atlantic seaports were rea sonable and fair, still when the freight was received from these places the outgoing rate over railroads to Interior points, even to common points, placed her at a disadvantage as compared with Houston on account of this outgoing differential. The water transportation at Galveston If simply paralyzed by reason of thisdiscrimination. Without a change irr the Galveston rates the Texas seaport will be of no advantage to Hempstead, Navasota, Brenham and other Interior places. Witness said: "As compared with Houston, briefly stated, Galveston .s always on an equality or at. a disadvantage. Galveston is not only at a disadvantage with Houston, but Beau mont and Shreveport. All I have rep resented is from a carefully compiled and carefully analyzed statement by three wholesale merchants of Galves ton of receipts of freights and shipments for, one week." Mr. Johnson read letters from firms proposing to establish sailing and steamship lines Into Galveston from numerous Atlantic seaports if conditions applying to outgoing freight could be remedies. Galveston has al ways been at a serious disadvantage by reason of being handicapped by the railroads trying to get all the freight. Mr. Johnson testified that the remedy for all this was to make Galveston a base rating point for the entire state, Just as St. Louis Is for the state of Missouri. Galveston for Galveston. Mr. Frank Andrews cross examined the witness and succeeded In bringing out the fact that Galveston desired the abolishment of the differential when It was to the Interest of that city to have It abollnhed, and wanted it applied when it was to Galveston' interest to have It applied. The fact was also brought out that Galveston wanted the differential applied until maximum territory was reached, and men tna mileage basis applied. As to a mileage basis, Gulveston desired it, as nothing in the way of manufactured products originated In the place. Wants Lower Rate. At the afternoon session the cross examination of Mr. Johnson was resumed. Mr. Andrews asked witness If in his opinion Galveston and Houston should have a lower rato than Fort Worth and Dallas. s He Rnswered yes, and assigned us a reason that Galveston and Houston had the advantage of rate down the Mississippi river as well as the Atlantic seaboard. . Mr. Anderson said: "Of course, you have made your statement entirely from your standpoint, or from a Galveston point of view." "I have not," Mr. Johnson replied, "hut have made them from the point of view of the common good as applied to all." "How much of this differential on ... ciui mupyeu wui , based on carload lots, and how much based on less," Mr. Anarews aKeu. . "All that is found on the list I presented, which embraces about all we handle." Mr. Andrews referred to the statement made by the witness in the forenoon that Galveston would get other steamship lines but for the action of railroads, and asked how many steamship lines Galveston had before the soutnern Racine built mere. "Only one." "Why did you not have others?" "Because the railroad followed them up.". "Of course, you Galveston people regret the road built to the place." "We do not." "Is not this differential," Mr. Andrews asked, "more a difference between railroads than places?" Mr. Johnson answered that he simply stated a condition without attempting to fix the responsibility. W. P. Morrissey. W. P. Morrissey, traffic manager for Win. Parr & Co. steamship line, was next placed on the stand. Mr. Parr stated that the rates out of Galveston were far from satisfactory, and read a carefully prepared statement giving the mileage rate between numerous other state and interstate points, showing them to be less than the maximum rate between Galveston and other Texas points. The rate on cement " from Galveston to Houston is now fixed by the commission at 7 1-2 cents, whereas it was formerly 5. Mr. Morrissey continued his testimony at some length covering the whole range of cement shipments, and the rates charged on this class of freight, and claimed the differential operated to the disadvantage of Galveston. E. W. Sewell. E. W. Sewell of Houston, of the firm of Carson & Sewell, was placed on the stand. The witness stated that he had been In business In Houston thirty years, and that he bought the bulk of his flour in Galveston, and that on account of the rate out of Houston he had been forced to establish branch houses In Navasota and Bryan. Mr. Johnson, cross examining the witness, brought out the fact that 76 or 80 per. cent of all the goods he handled as a wholesale grocer came from the Atlantic seaboard. Commissioner Mayfield asked the witness from what town, either within or without Texas, he encountered the strongest competition. He answered St Louis, and that this competition was encountered In every portion of the territory covered by the transactions of his house. . Louis Schneider. Louis Schneider of Galveston was next placed on the stand and showed by his testimony how Galveston suffered by the present differential and the rates of outgoing freight A. S. Cleveland. A. S. Cleveland of Houston was call ed to the stand. Witness stated that his firm had been in business forty years, and proceeded to give rates in and out of Houston by both water and rail and the facilities for handling freight in that place. W. H. Kirkland. W. H. Kirkland occupied the stand and gave his views and experience in shipping and the rates ' applied and the effect of the differential in that place. . 1 .1-1. I hompson. T. H. Thompson of Houston took' the stand and explained the effect of the differential in the shipments of flour. P. H. McNemer. P. H. McNemer testified that he had some Information on the effect of the differential on inbound and outbound movement of freight in that city. Mr. McNemer stated that Galveston under the present freight , schedule had the advantage of Houston on shipments both in and but of these cities. The rate on roasted coffee from New Or leans is 8 cents less to Galveston than to Houston. , The commission adjourned to 10 o'clock today. Will Be Held In June. The railroad commission post poned the application of the north Texas fruit growers yesterday evening the hearing scheduled for the 19th of May until the hearing in June, the matter of the adjustment of a tariff on fruit. Will Build Warehouse. By an- agreement, of the parties con cerned, a warehouse will be built at Tanglewood, a station in Burleson county, on the San Antonio and Aransas Pass railroad within forty days. Hearing Is Postponed. The hearlngiof the Texas Southern Railway Company vs. the Louisiana and Southwestern Railroad Company for a division of the rate on lumber was postponed until June. No Substitute. not even the best raw cream, equals Borden's Peerless Brand Evaporated Cream for tea, coffee, chocolate, cereals and general household cooking. It Is the result of forty-five years' experience in the growing, buying, handling and preserving of milk by Borden's Condensed Milk Co. - 'The Needham Meeting. It Is evident Evangelist Needham Is drawing and holding and benefiting many of the most intelligent Chris tians of the city. Only a small por tion of those who attend the meetings belong to the First Presbyterian fold. These are . union meetings in all but name.' Many of the pastors were present and took part In the services yesterday. . In the afternoon Mr. Needham spoke of "What Is True Consecration?" making the line between the genuine and the assumed very distinct. At night he spoke on the "Finished Work of Jesus Christ." The preacher was strong and earnest In setting forth this theme. - In these discourses there are times when Irish humor enlivens the .subjects to the enjoyment of the hearers. Services daily, at 4 p. m. and 8:15 p. tn. A TEXAS WONDER. Hall' Great Discovery. . One bottle of the Texas Wonder, Hall' Great Discovery, cures all kidney and bladder troubles, remove gravel, cures diabetes, seminal emissions, weak and lame backs, rheumatism and all Irregularities of the kidneys and bladder in both men and women; regulates bladder troubles In children. If not sold by your druggist, will be sent by mall on receipt of $1. One small bottle Is two months' treatment and will cure any case above mentioned. Dr. E. W. Hall, sole manufacturer, P. O. box 629, St Louis, Mo. Send for testimonials. Sold by all druggists. C. O. Yates' Corner Drug Store. Austin. Texas Gainesville, Texas, Oct. IS, 1903. Dr. E. W. Hall, St. Louis, Mo.: Dear Sir- t have been a great sufferer for many years with kidney and bladder trouble. One bottle of your Texas Wonder, Hall's Great Discovery, has restored me to health, and I tnko great pleasure In recommending it to my friends. Your truly, MRS. E. R, DAVIS. NEW PEST HAS APPEARED Hi TEXAS WORM IN 80UTHWEST TEXAS WHICH TAKES ALL VEGETA-TION IT FINDS. DAMAGE TO DIFFERENT CROPS IS REPORTED Cotton Is Not Attacked Until Other Vegetation Ha Been Finished. .. It I Large in Size. Special to The Statesman. ' San Antonio, Tex., May 19. Recently there has appeared in this section a worm pest ' that is doing great damage in different crops. The worm is identical in shape and size with the familiar green, horned tobacco or tomato worm, but in color it differs being black, brown and stiped. Some times a green one is seen, but the great majority are either black, brown or striped and in size rom an inch and a half to two and a half inches in length. ' i . These worms ' have' appeared In countless numbers and are attacking all growing crops, cotton included. It is not a cotton plant worm and does not attack cotton fields until it has devoured everything else ?, green within reach, weeds included; but entire fields of cotton in this section have been totally ruined by the pest .They seem to be a product of the unusual wet season and are rapidly increasing in numbers. They have been seen here in former years but not in numbers sufficient to do any great amount of damage. . V. O. WEED. . , Undertaker and Liveryman, Boardmg a Specialty. Phones 223. Open Day and Night. Personals Dr. Charlea E." Johnson of Sherman is here on business. He is stopping at the Avenue. E. A. Strickland of Georgetown is here on business. He is stopping at the Avenue. . Judge T. S. Maxcy is stopping with Mr. Franz Flset at his suburban home, "The Oaks." - . Miss Criser left yesterday for Tex-arkana on an extended visit to relatives and friends. . Seaton Keith of San Angelo is here on business for a few days. He is stopping at the Driskill. Jacob Stern, the feed dealer left yesterday for New Orleans to take in the Confederate veterans' reunion. H. W; Garrett, a. prominent business man of Houston, is here on business before the railroad commission.- P. H. McNemer of Houston, general manager of the Houston Freight bureau, is before the railroad commission. .. Mrs. Jim Gillespie and daughter of Llano are visiting Mrs. J. E. Kennerly and family. No. 1113 East Second Street. Major John A. Hulen, the newly appointed adjutant general, arrived in Austin ' yesterday from his home at Gainesville. S. W. Cowan, general attorney for the Texas Cattle Raisers' assaciation, is here on business from his headquarters at Fort Worth. . W. P. Lindsay, traveling passenger agent of the Katy, with headquarters at Dallas, is here on business connected with his road. : T. H. Thompson and W. H. Kirkland, prominent merchants of Houston, are here attending the hearing of the railroad commission. A. L. Fisher of Kansas City, passenger agent of the Chicago and Northwestern railway, Is here on busi ness connected with his road. Captain W. R. Davies of the school department of the comptroller's office left yesterday for East Texas on a brief visit to relatives and friends. J. B. Batholomew, assistant general freight agent of the International and Great Northern, is here on business connected with the railroad commission : ' -.... H. L. Redfleld, assistant general freight agent of the Texas and Pacific, was here yesterday from Dallas. He is here on business with the railroad commission.- . ' , W. E. Armstrong, the genial chilled plow man, has gone north for an extended trip. He will visit South Bend, Chicago, Milwaukee, Toledo and New York, and will try to reach home again by the Fourth of July, not so much to celebrate as to escape the noise of a Gotham celebration. - S. E. ROSENGREN, Undertaker and Embalmer. Fine Carriages for Hire. 413 Congress Avenue. Phone 451 LOST HER POCKETBOOK. Negro Grabbed a Purse From a Lady at the International Station. Yesterday morning at 3:45 o'clock a well known lady from Kyle was robbed of her pocketbook containing her ticket and some cash. She was waiting for the early morning train when a negro snatched the pocketbook from her hand. She immediately gave the alarm and a search was made for the thief, but he had disappeared before any action could be taken. She remained over in Austin and last night went up to the police headquarters at 9 o'clock and remained there for nearly two hours to Bee if she could identify the thief. The police have arrested about twenty-five young negroes who appeared to be suspicious. They were brought before the lady, put sne railed to identify any of them as being tfhe culprit. The police, however, belike that in the bunch of negroes arrested they have the right one. The lady was accompanied to the station by the conductor of the train. A LECTURE TONIGHT. Dr. Allen on "The Science of Religion , and the Religion of Science." , Rev. J. Madison Allen of Springfield, Missouri, the eloquent inspirational speaker, will deliver another address tonight at 8 o'clock at the hall of the spiritualist society at 206 West Sixth street, r This may be the last opportunity to hear one of the ablest veterans now upon the splrituartstio rostrum. The exercises will include violin solo and vocal selections, special readings, etc. The lecture is free. . Goina to the Philippines. Special to The Statesman, (San Antonio, Tex., May 19. The Second bnttniion of the Fourth Infantry United States army, which has own stationed at Fort Browjn and Laredo, arrived here this afternoon eit route to San Francisco, where they will Join the Third battalion, which left Fort Sam Houston yesterday. At Spof-ford Junction it will be joined by the First bnttniion of four companies, which has been stationed at Camp Eagle Pas and Brocketvllle. No Dessert More Attractive Why use gelatine and jiu.-p. spend horn's soaking, i sweetening, flavoring ana coloring when Jcll-Q UIIBSsFS!EH produces better results in two minutes? Everything in the package. Simply add hot water and set to cool. It's perfection. A surprise to the housewife. No trouble, less expense. Try it to-day. In Four Fruit Fla. vors: Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry. t g-"cersi. . 3 On. LOOK AT THIS. R0BII1S0II GROCERY CO. With the following bill will give:- 40 lbs, Gran. Sugar $1 4 lbs Home Parched Coffee .$1.00 1 lb Good Tea... 50 3 lbs Good Soda .25 1-lb can Kitchen Queen B. P 25 1 lb Good Pepper. , . , .25 12 lbs Dairy Salt........ .25 1 Bottle Mustard (pt.)... .25 1 Bottle Catsup (qt.)..... 25 1 Bottle Lemon Extract .25 1 Bottle Vanilla Extract. .25 1 Quart Jar Jelly..............:.. .25 4 lbs Fresh Prunes 25 Total. ,......$5.00 Sidewalks P. J. Anthony, who has been quite Sick, is much better. ? . . The social meeting of the woman's auxiliary of the Young Men's Christian association has been postponed until May 27. A building permit was issued to A. J Eilers yesterday to build a brick veneered residence, corner of Thirteenth and Guadalupe streets. The dwelling is to cost $6000. The West Austin Fire company No. 7 will have a very important meeting Wednesday night and all the members are requested by Secretary Henry Gammel to attend. It will be held at Judge Walter White's office. A complaint was made at police headquarters yesterday morning against certain' Mexicans who were making much noise in the vicinity of the residence of Nelson Davis. Officer Tannehill wad detailed and soon dis persed the offenders. The. regular commencement exer cises of the Sam Huston college will be held this morning at 10 o'clock at the Institution. There is a large attendance of ministers and visitors to be present at the exercises. Rev. M. C. B. Mason, D. D., of Cincinnati, a leading coldred orator, will deliver an address. Tuesday nijrht, May 12, the Knights of the Modern Maccabees (the father of Maccabeeism) was organized with a charter list of sixty-three members. The work was accomplished by the local organizer, S. J. Spencer. Dr. M. E. De Groat of Paris, Texas, state commander, was present aryL Installed the officers. This lodge meets on the second and - fourth Thursday of each month In Lake City, Knights of Pythias, hall, corner of Seventh street and Congress avenue. The lodge will initiate : thirty new members Thursday night. The lodge voted to make The Statesman its local organ for notices, meetings, etc. ::.....- GEO. W. PATTERSON. UNDERTAKER AND PROPRIETOR ECLIPSE STABLES, OMNIBUS AND BAGGAGE. TRANSFER. FINE CARRIAGES. AND LIGHT LIVERY. BOARDING HORSES A SPECIALTY. RUBBER-TIRED HOSPITAL AMBULANCE. 108 TO 116 EAST SEVENTH STREET. BOTH PHONES 161. LEE C0STLEY. Real Estate and Loans. 10S E. 9th. Phone, 1062. RETURNED THE RING. Officer Recovered Jewelry Which Was Stolen Saturday. Officers Gibson and Owen gave Mrs. Burns, residing at Congress avenue and Nineteenth street, a pleasant surprise yesterday afternoon by presenting her with a fine diamond ring, which she readily recognized as being her property. The ring had been stolen from Mrs. Burns and was returned to her before she had discovered it was missing. The ring was 'stolen Saturday or Sunday and the party who took it was a young colored boy, who is employed by Mrs. Burns. The stone is valued at $60 and was left by the boy at one of the pawn shops for; a small amount. The officers learned of it, and after ascertaining who pawned the ring they learned who it belonged to and returned it to its owner. No arrest has yet been made, but the boy will probably be taken in charge today. Languor and weakness, due to the depleted condition of the blood, are overcome by Hood's Sarsaparilla, the great vitalizer. Took Him to Lockhart. Sheriff Sanders of Caldwell county left at noon yesterday for Lockhart, having in custody Andrew Mackey, who was arrested here by Chief Deputy Fox. Mackey is charged with participating in a free for all negro fight near Men-doza Saturday night. Sheriff Sanders says that he wants Mackey on a charge of cutting another negro with a knife. Mackey's brother, Will, is In jail at Lockhart on' a charge of shooting a negro. It seems that both were mixed up in the same fight. Dr. G. G. Green, of Woodbury, New Jersey, Sole Manufacturer of Green's August Flower and Boschee's German Syrup, whose advertisement appears In our paper regularly, will send to any one mailing a two cent stamp to pay postage, one of his new German Syrup and August Flower Puzzles, made of wood and glass. It amuses and perplexes young and old. Although very difficult, it can be mastered. Mention this paper. A Farmer Straightened Out.' "A man living on a farm near here came In a short time ago completely doubled up with rheumatism. I handed him a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and told him to use It freely and if not satisfied after using it he need not pay a cent for It," says C. P. Ray-der, of Pattens Mills, N. Y. "A few days later he walked into the store as straight as a string and handed me a dollar saying, 'give me another bottle of Chamberlaln'B Pain Balm. I want It in the house all the time for It cured me.' " For sale by Yates' Corner Drug Store. Teacher Wanted. We need at once a few more teachers, both experienced and Inexperienced. We have more calls this year than ever before, Schools and colleges supplied with competent teachers free of cost. Address with atamp, American Teachers' Association, J. L. Graham, LL. D., Mgr., Memphis, Tenn. IIEVS OF A DAY AT THE CAPITOL TEACHERS TO SERVE ON TEXT BOOK BOARD WERE APPOINTED YESTERDAY. THREE SECTIONS OF THE STATE REPRESENTED Former Legislator George B. Terrell of Alto, Cherokee County, Is One of Them. . . The governor has again relieved public .suspense, and the solicitude of hundreds of teacher who were applicants, by appointinq the following members of the board to select a system of uniform text book for the public schools of the state: S. M. N. Marr of Terrell, Kaufman county. M. E. Edeien of Edna, Jackson county. ' -t George B. Terrell of Alto, Cherokee county. These are teachers of long experience in the public schools of Texas. . The governor requests the members of that board to meet in Austin Saturday, May 23. Charters Filed Yesterday. " Charters of the following corporations have been filed with the secretary of state: i . Fay-Sholes company of Dallas; capital stock, $10,000. Incorporators, C. N. Fay, C. B. Price ' and Wm. Bryer of Chicago, and Ed Fay and F. M. Mc-Clintock of Dallas. Purpose, transacting a general typewriter business. La Escouidia Mining company of San Antonio; capital stock, $30,000. Incorporators, N. J. Welsh, Albert Maverick, Thomas Haynes and Theodore Harris. Purpose, to engage in mining. Tyler County High School of Wood-ville; capital stock, $10,000. Incorporators, J. P. Roberts, H. H. Huklin, W. McCready, J. P. Chapman and John H. KIrby. Purpose, to support an institution of learning at Woodville, Texas Telephone and Supply company of Fort Worth;- capital stock, $10,000. Incorporators, L. J. Taylor, W. G. Liggett C. C. Houston and Warren E. Martin. Purpose, purchase and sale of telephone and telegraph supplies. Bay City Ice, Light and Power company of Bay City; capital stock, $50,-000. Incorporators, Henry Rugely,G. M. McGlll, W. E. Jamrnes and Henry Blethen. Purpose, to 'engage in the manufacturing business. San Augustine Mercantile company of San Augustine; capital stock, $20,-000. Incorporators, W. E. Trottl, A. L. Duncan, B. F. Ferguson. Purpose, dealing in general merchandise. Galveston Mercantile company of Galveston; capital stock, $50,000. Incorporators, Sam J. Levy, Henry S. Mark and Abe Blum. , Purpose, to buy and sell goods, wares and merchandise. :. . 1 . s No Meeting Held. On account of the fact that Dr. Owen, president of the state homeopathic board of medical examiners, was called to Denver on urgent business, the meeting of the board was not scheduled. When Dr. Owen returns the date of the next meeting will be announced. ( Dr. Charles E. Johnson of Sherman did' not receive notice1 of the postponement of the meeting and arrived here yesterday to attend. He called to-see Dr. T. L. Griffith and they talked over the situation and discussed the affairs of the association generally, but in an informal way. . Commissioners For Corsicana. Two of the three commissioners ap pointed by the governor to serve on the city commission of Corsicana, as the charter provides, declined to qualify. To serve in lieu of these the gov ernor yesterday afternoon appointed Messrs. S. A. Pace and Charles H. Al-lyn, to whom Secretary of State Curl issued commissions. - Annual Settlement Paper. The tax -collectors of the following counties filed their annual settlement papers with the comptroller: Rains, Motley, Freestone, Dimmit, Dalham, Leon, Collingsworth, Presidio, Walker, Brazos, Jackson, Pecos, Taylor and Tarrant. Approved the Bonds. The attorney general examined and approved the sum of $15,000 cHy of Columbus refunding bonds today. These bonds were registered by the comptroller. ' 4 - IS NOW A BENEDICT. V Henry C. Schaefer Sprung a Surprise on Hi Ajustin Friends. Henry C. Schaefer, city salesman for McKean, Eilers & Co., left here Monday night, ostensibly for Palestine to visit a sick relative. Nothing more was thought of the matterjiptil yesterday afternoon when W. J. McNam-ara, bookkeeper for McKean, Eilers & Co., received a telegram ' from Mr. Schaefer, dated at Lewis, Texas, announcing that he would return to Austin with his bride. This was a surprise to his associates and friends who did not suspect that he contemplated matrimony. The bride is Mrs. Janle Van Orden. They were married at Marlln. Mrs. Van Orden Is a niece of the late Captain Joe D. Rodger of this city and of Ben Rogers of Brenham, and was one of the senate committee clerks of the present legislature. The happy couple arrived last evening, and will make their home in this city. , ' - , I TIGERS In India Are Afraid of Bell. A simple device to protect human beings from the attacks of tigers has just been introduced in India. It is a cow bell of slightly larger size and louder tone than of those used in America. The sudden clanging of this bell sends the tiger scurrying back to the Jungle. In all civilized countries Dr. Burkhart's Vegetable Compound Is acknowledged to be the greatest protection to human life. This wonderful remedy drives disease from the system, cures Rheumatism, Constipation, Catarrh and Nervous Troubles and fills the veins with pure, rich, red healthy blood. Thirty days' treatment 25c. All druggists. "( , . , WILL ELECT DELEGATE. Printer to Vote Who Goes to Annual Meeting of International Union. The local Typographical union will elect & delegate today to the annual meeting of the International Typographical union, which will be held at Washington, D. C In August next. The voting will be Rt Labor hall from S,VS0 t0 7:30 o'clock Irt the evening. The candidates nre Messrs. C. L. Leache. Chat E. McLaughlin and A. A. MacDonnell, Hamilton will continue his great 10 feJ- i88 lawa ,ale' one-half price, today, only, Filly Yc:ra S!: i irfHT m ' CC7JC2Q Awardta Clghtst Konors World's fughsst tssts U.S. Gov't fc PRIOI BAKINQ KWDII ao. CITY WILL BUILD A NEW FIREBELL TRB COMMITTEE HAS POWER TO ACT nnu wili. uo INTO THE THING RIGHT. An up to date iron and steel tn- seventy feet in height, is place the dangerous looking old en Jower which now supports th. v, fire bell adjoining the Cg ? haa tS newtower will be thoroughly od! and is one thing that has been 3 for a long time, as the present tower is considered dangerous, eSDr ially on account of the weight of thl bell which it supports. At the meeting of ' the city coiiTinii held Monday night a commiH1 sisting of Alderman Schneider, Mack and Redd were appointed a committ to see if the present tower could be paired and placed in a safe condition This committee made a critical exami nation of the old tower yesteX morning and they were unanimous ii their decision that the old tower must go and to replace it with an.entirelv new one of modern design. "We have made a careful examlna. tion of the old tower," said AldennaV Schneider yesterday to The Statesman "and find that It is impossible tore, pair the old tower, and as our commit, tee was appointed with power to act we have decided to build an entirely new tower of iron and steel." Mr. Schneider said that the commit-tee would soon advertise for bids and the contract will be. let as soon as possible. THE STORM SEWER MATTER. People Are Very Much Intereitid in the Work Being Done. Notwithstanding the fact that there were three sets of plans and specifications ready for the street committee on the stormsewer proposition, the matter was not taken up at the last meeting of the council. City Engineer Lee will continue perfecting the plans and . specifications which he has prepared. It appears that there is a certain element In the city councilopposed to the building of storm sewers altogether, and they seem determined to block anything looking towards the consummation of such an end, The people of Austin are deeply interested in the storm sewer proposition, as it is a stepping stone totreet paving of Congress avenu and Sixth street , We BUY and SELL the SOUTHWESTERN and Pacific Reporters, ADVANCE SHEETS, or REGULAR SERIES CHEAP, bound or unbound in sets or parts of sets, or any other of the Ten Series of the West Company's National Reporter System. Address J. A. Vrooman & Co, 500 Lakeside Building, Chicago, III. FOR THE DENTON SCHOOL Examination I to Be Held to Deter - mine the Appointee. A competitive examination will to held in the office of County Superintendent Will Brady on Friday and Saturday, May 29 and 30, to determine whom he will appoint to the Girls' Industrial College, located at Denton.' The following subjects will be embraced in the examination: Spelling, geography, reading, Texas history, cm-ted States history, civil government, physiology and hygiene, grammar, composition, arithmetic and lefnw principles of manual training. Furtner information can be had by applying w Superintendent Will P. Brady.-, , - .;. ; Million of Trunki. . - The New York Central forwar ded ffl baggage cars during the calendar year of 1902 8,159.545 pieces of checked Dag gage. There were received at stations 3,121,974 pieces of checked baggage. The number of bicycles forwarded ana received by baggage car was iu."j and baby cabs forwarded and recervw 26,654. v ' " - Steamships. Delightful From GA1VTST0B, K . vnpf. via 10 Jiff vitiADV C 5 1.1 MK I I Steamer. Wedned. J1 nochleJ Ticket, including meal, end bert,Tnpi.l HOTEL EMPIRE BROADWAY AND 63D ST.N.Y'ClTY' Telephone in Every jfc Rooms $1.00 per Day nd, Up,re for A fine library of choice literature the exclusive use of pur B"eIS,.ne fa-The Empire has long been vorlte hotel for tourists visium Metropolis. ' 'vniits n From all Ferries, Steam?" w Ocean Steamer walk snori Av, Elevated Railway and take ' - to 59th Street" from llcn one minute walk. aotar Ph' Headquarters i. ters of the Confederacy. M tr0PMn All surface cars of the ' M,!Lr , system pass the Hotel f.niP'pire " The restaurant of th ui,;,, noted for th excellence V"uprieH it efficient .ervice nd tnoder " (( Only 10 minutes to PrfnclP"' and chop 3$'&U f fill

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