The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York on March 5, 1950 · Page 35
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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York · Page 35

Syracuse, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 5, 1950
Page 35
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T Television Growth Just Beginning, FCC Chairman Says Infant Industry Booms From 10,000 Sets After War Two to 4,000,000 BY MARTIN S. HAYDEN WASHINGTON. (NANA) -- The labulous growth of television has just begun, in the opinion of the government official chiefly charged with supervision of the sprouting industry. Wayne Coy, chairman of the federal communications com- ] mission, reviewed in an. interview here TV's strides to date and opened his personal crystal ball for predictions of things to come in the television-radio famiJy. 4,000,000 Receivers Thumbing back over a story that j With TV you have to stop and look, had its big beginning only sinceiin order to listen. With radio you, world war 2, Coy noted fhes* sta- ; can listen and work too. ' tistical achievements: I "My theory is that radio can! From an estimated 10,000 tele* partly combat the drain of-its Hs- vision sets in existence on VJ-day, ^eners by better programming. Cer- the nation now has and is using!tain programs, specifically news more than 4,000,000 receivers; and anisic, are as good or better on The handful of experimental TV j radio than OB television. Also, there stations of 1B47 has swollen to 93 are certain areas where television development must inevitably be slow. full-fledged TV transmitters In 57 communities, a total that -will in- __ crease~to 108 -when establishments j RADIO ROLE TO CONnNUE now under construction are com- " M y best guess is that, altho TV pleted; \\rill become the major vehicle, · Th« infant industry has grown,! radio will serve a long and contin- pnmarily in specific metropolitan j U!n ? function. areas, to the point where 25 000.000 1 Has television presented the FCC of the nations 37.230.000 families rWjUl an J* regulatory problems not. wilt by midyear, be within the re-i^p.f ' en « d wlth rad ' 0? ceplion range of a gomg TV sta- * on and i Within 'the geographic areas now I. " served by television one out of j c . *Not ,, but maybe soon," was. THE POST-STANDARD Sunday, March 5, '1950 First Video Studio Run by University Set to Open at SI) Electricians, technicians and car-| peniers in Syracuse university's radio -workshop and linemen and cable layers outside soon wHI have , in commission the first television, .. ,., , , ,, . ; ,, {ot the action ol the human eye, a -studio owned and operated by *[},j g h]y difficult mechanical task, as university, | ne Iound out Nonetheless, his idea i Thru the co-operation ol WSYR-1 was c i ev er. iTV. talented campus students will, imitating the human eye. Carey i Ibe seen on video screens thruouth e t a lens serve as a retina. This! Video System 1875 Invention Of Bostonian 3 Photos of Video New, Lens Hobby Camera fans have found * new hobby with the advent of tele vision vision system In--yes.^tfiat far back, 1875! His mechanism was an imitation U« a lens »pmure ot *t least KS. shutter speed no faster than J-25th ot a second, onhochromatic or panchromatic film. The camera should be on a tripod, , and should have a ground screen. The latter is proper methqd of taking such pic- tuces are: not necessary so long a* the camera can be focused. i Central New York from their own | studios by way ol the commercial i station's transmitter. The agree- retina was no more than a mosaic of photo-eJectric selenium cells. He connected erch cell by .merits between the university and, separate wire to an electric light,' WSYR was announced Jan, 29. jand the result was a bank of lights. ! Reconversion of studio A in the main library on campus is being completed for telecasting. Audio equipment in tbe workshop, previously used for AM and FM pro- I grams from, the university, will be | tised for TV, In the meantime, some ' of the new video equipment already Each light occupied a positic-t cor- I responding to its cell in the mosaic. When light fell on the mosaic, some at the cells reacted -to it and these in turn lit the corresponding trie lights. Cells untouched by light did not react and their electric lights remained dark. has been received. "The lifhts which lit reproduced COAXIAL CABLE i the shape ot the original design! , Most ol the equipment will be in ! Th e drawback of this system was j Syracuse's radio-television center by ' that ve . ry little detail could be sent ' I March 6. All apparatus win arrive 1A detailed picture required at least i iby March 15 contingent to settle- '250.000 cells, wires and lamps. 1 ment of the coal strike. Lights, cam- ,, C *TM y , s . lde l wa * u O t , he * nswer ' eras and cable are arriving by truck ! *? television but it has found prac- Video connections between + £ '«cal use in the electric news bulle-] REHEARSING MUST GO ON--Jack Meeks, staff member ttjl VCflp DY ttfltf V-Lb r \flI OJ1C Vtfl« PJ- ·* * A-|_. j -·*· "" · *-··* J^JA uJ M.+ i ^ 4**. w- W V - i V ¥*^ct _r^.iwi_j-h^^ jm i i, jjj v- *±*-*s **·* -"^- fvery lour families has a television! m ? e inornate home visitor thanj Syracuse university's WAER-FM radio station, rehearses for a show, set ( rad . 10 eve .*. was - A jead y ve «*! ignoring the havoc of reconversion of the studio for television. seeing evidence of growing parent, RECORD GBOWTH icuncern over the type ot program! "I do not suppose." Coy said.,being produced in some areas/' : "that there has ever been so. Coy recalled a recent letter from startling and unpredictable a growth a Southern California group which in sny new industry an so short a ^ h a d systematically monitored Los time.'* 'Angeles stations for a week. They Running thru a leconer's quiz,reported a specific list of programs ' list, the FCC chairman picked up which included 91 murders, seven, the question as to -shether TV wilt staae holdups, three kidnapings. 10 continue its beanstalk soaring. thefts, four burglaries, two cases o f ' "I see nothing at all to indicate! arstD . j w 0 j a n breaks, two suicides.' that it will not" Coy replied. I several portrayals of dishonest! The generally accepted prediction j judges and juries "and more cases; is that the 4,000,000 receivers of O f assault and battery than could' today will become 8.000.000 by the'jje tabulated." ' | end of 1950. That would certainly BROADCASTER PROBLEM seem to bear out the industry's pre- · '-Right now.' 1 the FCC chairman diction of 18,000.000 TV sets in an- sa ; d " that whole situations in the other four years." . hands of the broadcasters. If they Coy noted as "particularly sig- recognize The problem, the need for ' n if icanp the officially reported tighter regulation may be obvi- television set sales in this city dwr- ate( j. To the extent that TV may ing January. .ignore the needs and feeungs oi "During the month,'' he said. ! ; ne community, its problems may "Washington merchants sold iO,]H).t, e serious." sets, an average of 500 a day for cov believes that "by the fall of', each business day. The month be- ,1952"' the west coast will be hooked [ · _ sta-j _ aiready the second biggest. 'stretched" "from * Boston _ _ MAr INFILLED ORDERS j Philadelphia, New York. Baltimore. -'Several factors, of course, en-, ^ashinston and ^ Richmond and tered the picture. One was that wen to "-Pittsburgh Buffalo Cleve- roerchsnts had been unable to fill j " d Toledg Detroit Chicago Mil- all their Christmas demand and .,,,..;.,, __.," c+ _ , _ vi. -Btl r^Sc a no o-i.. many of the January deliveries v,-fTe actually December orders, "Bui. on the other side of ;he picture, there is'the fact thai WSYB-TV will co-operate with the school station in educational productions. fore was the biggest saae month in j nto the spreading cable-relay the city's history and January was ) U o n ne t^- O rk -which has a!r campus and WSYR-TV'a control}^ ^ New the Tunes btiild- citv and in sev- r\ t . DCOuOCQSt n ln 1Q?fl § ' ZO Isle, chief engineer for WSVB, said yesterday a coaxial cable will tie i the Hill studio to the station, a n d ' microwave relay -will carry ibe unU 1 _. versity's programs from this uoint' Firit" to the WSYR-TV transmitter on Seotinel Heights. Campus workmen last week be-. gaa in extension of the present' The first television drama--"The j - · - - · - " Queen's Messenger" b y J , Hartley j Manners--was broadcast from the ] General Electric laboratories in · the video control instruments Schenectady Sept. 11, 1328. DOUBLE FUNCTION At ** time Dr. Ernest F W. Ale_x- The present observation rooia!* riderson ' * !eadin « rad!o scientist will be divided to provide a sep- t i n the u - S " wwfeed in ijle GE lab- arate- section for projectors and i or ^. torie f' control room in Studio A by 3 feet. The new control room will house not only the audio equipment but 12 1 /* Inch Picture * Built-in Aerial System * Super Power T e , cameras of ^OPULAK FAMILY FEATURE--Unrehearsed and spontaneous, de- fihn cameras to background live: ,, ,. , ,, . talent productions from the studio ' could see only a f5 !al ri t . area Cable loops will be laid from the'l v ' er ? ^ ot moved easily " Three """" campus studio to Hendricks chapel, Crouse college auditorium. Arch- ! bold siadium and Maxwell auditor- i""';..*'" " Ili " -·«"«« ««» " a ":TM| ium so that shows mav eminat e . o r i h J f rops 4^ d ^ e hands whlc ^i from these points «"TM« .rnoved tnem. The director operated; * f.,,.. f-j51 ., . jthe controls and faded each camera A iwo fold function for program- . the orol , er H m « ming from the hill studio will be } - proper times. followed by radio-television cen- f* . , ter. according to Don Lyon. tele- J VnOntrQCt vision coordinator. The Walnut Veneer Cabinet Yes. it's the new value leader of the television world,.. the sensational Philco 1403. Brings you a 12J4" picture at the^price of a "10" plus Built-in Aerial, In up to 8 out of 10 locations you just plug in and play! LOWEASYTERMS. Plus Tax and Warranty Coll 4-4141 for FREE Home Demonstration signed for folks (little and big* 1 who enjoy the land of make believe, this moppet program will he seen at 7 p. m. Monday thru Friday on WSYR-TV. The hostess. Fran, is at right. At left is Kukla and in the center is Oliie. the friendly dragon. . u r s v _ ^ f _.. . will extend the television medium I f QI" T n6Olr TV t**M«%*i T As Low As M 75 a Week! .._,, ihe time; , he went ort . t devel op ments may recent i v a ' )-- Will movie house?' of point of the bitter " The --m , f- . . . . on TV Facilities tern was running ^^^-^=6= ..=-.«- .^i....^ __,-. papsr advertisements urging Wash-, satel! !* e j ! - so "« ir.*ani»n» to come and see their'^^ed »aton«uc,ar. £ee more Also, we ^ages telegrams of congratulations from prominent and television local and national personalities reached the station beyond its present status in terms! \cill experiment either on a closed, CAMDEN. N. J. ( jof production technic he aid and sion get in *° '° e I circuit or actual broadcast basis Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp- l-wjih teaching b- television ;acd the Ra(3io Corporation of ! Members of the faculties of all Anfleri . ca h3ve signed a new con- i university divisions will be callej! !ooklng , t ° ward father advance- lupon as both consultants and par-| ment of tbe jticipants in the hill TV shows il j AU colleges and schools will -- ' lUre mau£tr i'- in the Many NBC executivesipartraents _ave already at -~«.» ;fcr 6Cizl mogralcmin Ior m , personalities also V 1 ??TM. 0 ***TM 5 ' ,. ,, , » * ,, . 'theater and" methods ol program, this week L,?£f f ' ^^ Falk. head of the, di£tribution . * * j .drama department, will be in t plans for, " Free Parking Phone 4-4141 alitses seen on NBC television. to congratulate W5YR-TV on opening." Mayor Corcoran ivro RADIO LOSS TO MOUNT probably r "It is a relative proposition." he tion to declared. "Television has alreadyrdso brc ernertainment. It is estimated thaticasttnf industry. !nno«rinTi ,,* ;^= t,s ft t.i»tH:t nn «= then m 81.000.000 radios in opera- j "That is a continuing oVeclnn ^TMTM rf^**.TM televis^_s«- "I also -.visii tn take this ccnor- s oev 0n d\he "reach of urban twnity to greet tl-- residents of Cen- ision s:at:ortE." , t7 " al ^ ew Ycr ^ on .' yils occasion.- greater as we aoproach a sa:t:ra- fib. t\ certainly cnuld n«t jus- A tciearam from G«v Dcv.'ey als i-"ji point ol T\-'inslallation=. t:fy the disenfranchisemcn- of POTTIC c'ffigrstu.aied^the new st "On the oiiier hand, there :? ths citizens because they live in -inely " "" ~ izct that television dc^s not hate area? t h e daytime attraction o f radio televi ,. . . . . - the governor; -,vire continued. j"They are indeed fortunate *o have (such television facilities nj exist in I Syracuse at their disposal," j A letter from Sen. Irving M, rres :paid tribute to WSTR's long serv- jice to the upstate area. 1 "I ha^e long been acquainted Family Circle Will Have Last Word in TV Setup nr.d m TV ierlorme- a ' atissr there, the family audience necessary. Color will be has m«ch io say aboui Ih-c technical hie IfchrtjcoJor movies lodav, Au- pro=ranim:ng ssrcc^ «f lele- di_e; cw ar- satisfied with black and Hen B Waller also e-%- or TM* Jon. "Centra] New Yo-k aro inrice'd fortunate *« a11 r«tr larce televi-eiori ncs s brinsfn; thcrr, the fine pro- JT.OVJCS and accept t v: - s;c ' T '- s= an txini flavor. From n twhTilcal jifini of view. Tel-cvision color prorc^j w:Il b*- ' ·what will the familv be content jiinpl^. A touch of a button on a ' wi:h? A'osl receivers loday ar* ad- j c t ir:H convert black-and-white - ^ justed for an imaze scanned by 525 rttcpfcon tn color, or rice versa, irsins offered by tndayji 1 ]«c* across th« screen. The a-jdi- picj-urws ·tiamroitt'Cd in color will be A ]3r£e volu^ic of frr;cc sc«n? salKfj-ed. ^ _ received on a black-and_--K"hj*c However, electronic 73bor^1ori« scr^cn -withoi^ color attachment, iDay have Hiousand-Jir:'!; l^levision .AJ-IJ J«t biiytr: can choose If bi;y a r"sdy Tor coTTimcrcia] -HJC *(*on. Af- coJor ;»"acijmcnt for a few more TS ?iav; «t d-c{a:ic. i ihe ^ticr-17^ Wt Feature Zenith TELEVISION We are building ottr business on the I»si9 vT qtuditj- met- dhandlse - - - pins expert senr- 'tct . . . plas friendly dealfng. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY M 99.50 UP Easy Terms C. S. BRUNDACE 746 North Solina St. be sal- iiy for say. pay. For an a-j B r 1-i5 rnprr. a *CT"«I rif 1 S^Bller ..=crc-or,j : fam- of iiv- inches is e m corn- f-amij?- iai'-e ,. j-iy[ Q^a^iv to AM. o-cc the family h*? pcrTcti*d and «- Wac's^ t ., -aill prc- in htiuf«. what wil] members i*o Ol present T^r n era m tn m ATI the today rcportmc. jvst M it is fie- £. Iircmc- T»? been "Ae basis of all The aud:cn«: two and nrw? In in lorftl e 1.c -R-IJ] "K-ant irr^- he 'Sf.lsrBcra* ·mxrz'f*. rf ros D/P VOL 7 K3TOIF cn you buv o Genera? Electnc Slock Dovlight Televlsin Receiver only jhe finest in Televisionbui o beDuntul piece oJ 7umiftjT£ f os well 5 Tcx3ay all General Electric Tslevisicn ccrfsinsts ore carefully constructed fHs fmciT se^ec'ed, matched, genuine mohogcmy end ook veneers with locqusrs hond-rubfaed ic o bnilicnt JuMre. Exomine c General Electric T-levjsion Receiver cobinet ond note bow The becuty of its design will harmontze with the furnishings in your home. You con buy o .General Electric Television Receiver for os little os 35 cents a icry- SEE YOUR GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER by Syracos* ·"Shop Where the College Shops". Better Sound Better Sight Better BUY the Magnificent Metropolitan "90 the Wedgewood Magnavox America's great Value in Television Introducing the JIV-Il--"MetropoH- tan** Scnsationa] New I/pw-Priced ^lasJwscopc "SIT Television R«- eelver. · IVIajnascnpe "JM)'* oirture system has fhr famed huIU-in filler tbzt eliminates jrlare and f-restrain. flicker and "»«·«" effccl, · Masna-Trna--Ibis i. an c-\rta;jvp macnavox-cnKinccred fcnill-in antenna. cnlirHv oat nf ;ii:h* -u-jth- in cabinet. *n installation tort in area,. s-oand--S-inch vuamic tood- third-dimension realism lo ^ivcast. $23950 5" Television Prices Start Af 5 229.50 March SO Finest of oil Complete Home Entertainment fh* 316 AJI-FH. rwlio · 3« finish only. ?6- tmill-in total -- for J4 larce rrrm-S M»- 734 S. Crouse Avc. OLMSTED'S Varsity Victrola Shop Phone 4-7478

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