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Waterloo, Iowa
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Fsge Two fRIDAY. SEPTEMBER Hit WATERLOO DAILY COURIER. WATERLOO, IOWA. DEATHS Watch Border THE DAILY RECORD IN BRIEF podrome performances, with the exception cf Tuesday night, are 3 p. m.

and 7 p. according to 1. .1 111 FOREIGN Continued IKE Continued Sparlcman Says Graft in Fira Alarms Thursday, p. m.S to 15IM) block Crandview, grata tire, no damage. Thursday, 3:43 p.

to SOU block? Beech, grass fire, no damage. Thursday. 10:01 p. m. to 500 block' Lane, railroad ties burning, no loss, i Friday, 1:18 a.

to 1613 Thomas Rurni. awiim mn4 OTI.U WVUIMIl, cause unknown, loss considerable. i Friday. 4.58 a. to Flower and OarJ den building at Dairy Cattle refected light from decorated ball, looked like tire.

i Fridav. I a. nv! In SIS n.u I en nugnea, occupant; overheated wsttr. neater, no aamage. Licensed to Wed.

Don Id fi. Arsmla 1t .1 i field, 111., and CUlU H. Hoffman. ItM age, of 501 Jelfenon. 1 1 Jilhn Murnhv 4 .1 tl.tU.-i.

Joyce Tripp, 20, of 1330 Wtit Fourth, i Births Reported. Allen Mfmftrlaf. RLAKE. Mr. mnA Mr.

nni. unjr, ", HUUlf St. Francis. I and Mrs. Roy, lfl NewJ Mr.

end Mrs. Delbert, Dy! I hells Memorial. inri Krm oA Mr. SEFftftT. Mr.

BLOCKER. sart, boy. fnrHAPnft Mr. Mn 4ib West Mullati, boy. I Divorcee Granted.

1 NERGE. Juanlta Irene, JJ. from Edwin Arthur, 41: Married June 34, 1833; sepa-i rated recently; plalntlft awarded custody1 twr rnlnn. i right to visit with them from to I p. every Wednesday and from to I p.

mj every other Sunday; defendant to pay 315 a week child support; defendant to pay plaintiff's attorney fee and costs of action; each party to have own personal effects: defendant to pay aU outstanding support bills, with the exception of one specific obligation; grounds, cruelty. through the weekend as above average temperatures prevail, There is a chance of scattered very light showers about Sunday! but precipitation will be very Denies Suit to Stop Truman Campaign WASHINGTON (INS) A suit stop President Truman from beginning his "whistle stop" tour Both Parties DES MOINES W)-Corruption is not a strictly partisan thing, says Sen. John J. Sparkman. the Dem ocratic vice presidential nominee.

"Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have a monopoly on corruption." Soarkman told 400 persons at the Des Moines Dinner Club Thursday night. Kepublicans talk of corruption," he said. "They say that the voter is tired of corruption in of fice, and they are right." The senator said the voters will review the record of the great investigations made bv the Demo crats in Congress. Have Taken Leading Role. "The fact that Democrats nave taken a leading role in these ex posures is proof positive." he said.

"that the Democratic Partv todav has the vitality and honesty that are ine necessary requisites to the party which has the responsibility oi government. "The worst example of corrup tion we nave ever known came dur. ing the 12 years of Republican rule inline lazos," Sparkman said. "Did they show their keenness to get rid of corruption then?" he asked. The American voter," he said IS not Satisfied with the naif.

hearted, backward-looki tiff nhilncn. phy of Republicanism. "An overwhelming majority of voters is going to vote Democratic precisely because ther is need frit a change to keep up with conditions changing faster than at any time in our nistory." Two Sailors Punished for Boxer Blast ALAMEDA. Calif, (in tw sailors have been given a "cap tain mast" and punished for inadvertently touching off the fire and explosion that killed nine crewmen aboard the carrier USS Boxer in Korean waters. The Boxer's skinner.

Cant Marshall B. Gurney, Portland, made the disclosure Thursday after the huge aircraft carrier arrived from the Far East for repairs. Gurney declined to reveal the sailors' names hprii he cmA w. tfutw the investigation showed the ac cident was due to "human error" rather than negligence. Action Not Specified.

The captain did not disclose the action taken against them but said they "received appropriate punishment." A captain's mast is a prelim inary judgment by a Naval offi cer of a violation of military justice. If the captain finds the offense is not grave enough to warrant a court martial he can mete out1 mild punishment. The Boxer, which launched the first guided missiles against the enemy in Korea last Sept 1, showed only a few scars from1 the tragic explosion which ripped its hangar deck Aug. 6. Saturday was dismissed in a Dis trict of Columbia court Thursday.

The move was sought by Andrew J. Easter 55. a Baltimore. takes him through North Carolina and Virginia, with a malor speech Friday night at Richmond, Eisenhower attack on the Tru ro a administration defense policies was delivered against the background of one of the greatest ovations Baltimore has given a presidential candidate in many years. After he spoke, Eisenhower's exit was something of a mob scene.

Excited crowds pressed around his car, cheered him on his way and even demanded his reappearance after he had climbed aboard this campaign train. Ike and Mamie, as the nomi nee himself names them, came out to say good night. They joined school children in singing "Amer ica. lowan Wil Aid Farmers in Europe WASHINGTON OPUThe govern- ment has called on Elmer G. Carl son, former World's chamnion enrn husker, to show European farmers how to speed un their harvestinc methods.

The Mutual Security Afenrv (MSA) sent him abroad to demon- strate his husking technique. ine agency hopes he can eliminate one harvesting bottleneck that has developed from large yeilds of corn. Carlson, now president and een- eral manager of the Carlson Hybrid Corn Audubon. set his world's corn-husking record by averaging 72 ears a minute in 1935. The mark stood for four years.

To Visit Several Nations. MSA said he will travel throned several European nations putting on demonstrations and sponsoring corn-husking contests along the! lines of those held at U. S. count fairs. i The agency said it believes his "dramatizing sneedv.

efficient methods of harvesting will encour age increased production of high yield hybrid corn." European farmers have reeentlv expanded their use of hybrid corn and as a result have been getting higher yields per acre. But since European farms are generally too small for American-style mechanized corn picking, the larmers must resort to hand pick ing. CPL. SCHLIE RETURNS. Among soldiers returning from the Far East and arriving in San rancisco tbis week aboard the Gen.

M. Plack wtre Col. Les-; tet W. SchUe, 2113 Mulberry ana three other Northeast low- ans. Others arriving in the U.

S. were Cpl. Marvin E. Osage; Sgt. Raymond M.

Richts- meuer, Iowa Falls, and Pvt. Don ald M. Schultz, Rockford. Why Buy? Try HUSH-A-BYE DIAPER SERVICE PHONi 2-4557 (TV f7 3 naval architect, who said that Tru from the iaws of an 8-foot croco. dile by cousins out the rentile'i eyes, press reports said Fridav.

Dispatches from the Port of cairns on tne tropical Cape York Peninsula of northeast Australia said the mother, 20, was paddling a canoe in the Archer River with her 10-month-old babv when the crocodile dragged her into the river. Hearing screams, her aborigine father-in-law plunged into the water, wrapped one arm around tne monster and clawed its eves out with his fingers. The family scrambled ashore. The young mother, flown to Brisbane, was under hospital care Friday for four deep wounds in her back and two in her chest The father-in-law and the baby were not injured, reports indicated. Austria VIENNA (Uf The Soviet Un ion's Balkan Communist satellite regimes are clamping down again on the small and independent rarmer now that the 1952 harvest is in the barns.

The Communist drive against independent farmers was sus pended last spring when farmers rebelled against forced collectivization and endangered vital spring planting. Communist newspapers of the East European countries made it clear the drive is on again and under full steam. They report that small and middle-sized farm owners are "voluntarily" joining collectives. Those who resist are jailed for "sabotaging" their harvest or are given confiscatory crop quotas. France PARIS HI) Prince Aly Khan and Rita Hayworth slept late Friday morning after their first night under the same roof in more than a year.

The Prince arrived at his rlush villa in the fashionable Neuilly suDuro of Pans late Thursday night after racing 575 miles in 12 hours from his romantic Riviera home near Cannes. The auburn-haired actress has been staying at the Neuillv villa since her arrival from the United States two days ago. Italy NAPLES MP) Six Italian chil. dren were killed Friday by World war missiles they dug ud. As many as 1,400 Italian children a year have died in this manner since the war.

England LONDON API A ski-eauipped Dakota plane has plucked nine British airmen from a blizzard swept Greenland ice cap where their plane crashed 10 days ago, the Air Ministry said Fridav The daring rescue performed Thursday night on the treach erous cap ended an ordeal in sub-zero weather for the stranded airmen. Three other occupants of the crashed plane, including an in iured American Air Force Arc. tic expert, were rescued earlier this week. THIEVES TAKE $18,000 IN GEMS IN BEDROOM NEW YORK (W- Thieves took tin nnrt $18,000 worth of jewelry Wednes dav from a hedronm in the 17 room Park Avenue apartment of prewar debutante Brenda Fra zier Kelly, police reported Til pay. UNION VOTES STRIKE.

mvirvprYnT tj. nendont FtaMoi wiVUlVOI TIUtACia UUiUll voted 102 to 99 Thursday to go on strike at the Davenport and Md line, 111., plants of the Eagle Signal Corp. The plants emnlov about 450 persons. The contract expired last July 1. man absence from Washington would deprive the country of his services at the White House.

Judge Matthew J. McCuire merely wrote the word "denied" on the petition. He made no further tstei. xuesaay i nignx snow win begin at 6:45 with the new Bible observance, sponsored by the Waterloo Association of Churches. The biggest single day attend-ance of last year's exposition was recorded the second day and om-cers predict repeat this year Sunday when judging in various departments, concerts by Ma-quoketa and Springville student bands and the Hippodrome show will be highlights.

4S States Entered. When the eight-day show opens Saturday it will be the fourth consecutive year that all 48 states are represented in the over-all exposition. Thirty-two states have dairy cattle, 30 are in the intercollegiate judging contest, 38 in Future Farmers of America, 29 in National 4-H judging, 19 have com mercial exhibits, eight are represented by poultry and waterfowl, seven by National Dairy Herd Improvement Association judging entries, and four by Belgian horses. While the official opening of the Congress is scheduled for Saturday, activity for 4-H boys and girls got under way Friday with the state dairy cattle judging contest, climaxed by a ban- i quet tnis evening sponsored oy Mid-Continent retroieum orp in the Tavern on the Green. Announcements of high scorers in all breeds and the state champion team are the scheduled highlights.

The winning team will represent Iowa in the national 4-H contest Monday. The state 4-H demonstration contest will be Monday and tne winner will participate in the national demonstration program Tuesday. Judging in the Belgian horse show gets underway on Sunday with selection of the top animals in the six dairy breed shows be ginning Tuesday. The national breed judging show schedule is: Guernseys and Jerseys, Tuesday and Wednesday; Ayrshires, Wednesday and Thursday; Brown Swiss, Thursday and Friday, and Milking Shorthorns, Friday and Saturday. Ban on OPS News Releases Under Probe WASHINGTON Office of Price Stabilization (OPL) officials Friday were looking into an order barring on OPS division's employes from giving newsmen information not cleared by higher-ups.

The directive was distributed Thursday precisely one year after President Truman ordered withdrawal of a general order to keep certain information from newsmen. The 1951 order prohibiting OPS employes throughout the country from making public any informa tion that "might cause embarrass ment to OPS" stirred a storm of protest in the Senate and else- where. Truman cancelled it, say ing it "might be misconstrued." Deals With Prices. Thursday's directive, in the form of an interoffice memorandum, went to workers in the OPS division which deals with prices of rubber, chemicals, drugs and fuels. It said all proposed action on price regulations "must be considered confidential" until formally released by OPS to the press.

The OPS Office of Public Information, which prepares such releases, said the order was issued without its prior knowledge or approval. W. W. McClanahan acting director of the Public Information Office, said OPS officials will consider what action will be taken on the memorandum. In a statement, McClanahan said: No Change in Policy.

"There has been no change in policy, which Jias been to encour-age the complete public dissemi-nation of news or agency action." E. E. Fogle, who issued the order to the division which he heads, was not reached for comment. His memorandum said he had noted that information given out about his division was "not only prema- iuie dui. in some instances, correct." in- Plan Pacific Defense Setup for $356,000 in oTolen ooid TORONTO ftf) Police Datrols fanned out along the U.

Border triday in an effort to stop $356,000 worth of stolen gold bullion from being smuggled into the United States. State Dolice In Michigan. Ohio. Pennsylvania, New York and all of flew England were alerted to be on the lookout for unidentified planes which may be carrying the bullion. Police officials said the cold.

which weighs almost half a ton would be worth $700,000 on the S. black market and as much as $1,000,000 in Europe or the Ori ent. The larcest sold theft in Can ada's history was revealed Thursday. Thirty-six hours after the theft. the police still didn't know how or when the gold disappeared.

Dumped at Loading Shed. Police said the cold had been shipped from the Noranda Mines in northern Ontario for refining here, and then was to go through Montreal by plane to Eneland and Europe. First word of the theft came when a Montreal Trans-Canada Amines employe discovered only four instead of 10 boxes in a shin- ment lor flight to Montreal. mice said that anparentlv a Brink's Express truck dumped the gold at the loading shed at Malton Airport sometime before 5 p. Wednesday.

The gold was left unguarded and when the TCA employe loadine car go on the plane returned there were only four boxes. The airline apparently didn't report the missing cargo until 10 p. m. when it landed in Montreal. giving the bandits a six hour lead on the police.

Jets Get Four More Red Planes SEOUL. Korea Wl-U. S. Sabre jets Friday shot down four Com munist MICr jets in the first air battles in four days, the U. S.

Fifth Air Force said. The dogfights boosted the September, toll of Russian-built jets to a record 56 destroyed. The old monthly mark of 44 was set last April. The Air Force said the Sabres akn riamaeurl fniii MTf! in kat aaMjwv t4 kj III WBV ties with 16 Red fighters east of Sinuiju, south of the Yalu River, One damage claim was not con firmed. The U.

S. Eighth Army said Communist troops probed Allied OlltDOStS north and nnrthpnst nf Punchbowl on the Eastern fronts Thursday night and early Friday Six times the Rede fall hart nn. der U-N. mqrtar fire. Red Accusation PANMUNJOM, Korea Pei- P.111 Radio.

accused the United Nations Friday of planting Chi- npse NAtinnallKtc in nricAna K. v. war oamrw tA fndur-o iwimn PrS tf Urrito Mftrtrf TAtif irtne BHninFf forced repatriation. The U. N.

Prisoner of War Com w. ijguiici IT ai wuiij-i mand announced, meanwhile, that nine prisoners were injured Thurs day when U. N. infantrymen moved uuu an enclosure on island to remove three prisoners who shoved a guard into a barbed wire lence. Ine reining broadcast insisted I Chinese prisoners demonstrated in protest at the U.

N. efforts to "de tain them. Truce negotiations resume Sun day after another weekly recess tne eighth in as many weeks. wane BLATZ SCHLITZ MILLER'S BUDWEISER BLUE RIBBON CJTY $335 GRAIN HAMM'S FALSTAFF COUNTRY CLUB BURGEMEISTER EMBASSY CLUB DUBUQUE STAR Tha Weather. WATERLOO! Fair through Saturday; nine cooler rriaay afternoon; Utile rhani in temperature Friday; warmer Saturday, Sunrita Saturday.

8:01 aumet, sun ns sunaay, IOWA: Fair and a title cooler northeast Friday afternoon; tittle change tn temperature eUewhere; moitly fair Friday night and Saturday; aomewhat cooler northeast Friday night; lair and continued warm Sunday, WATERLOO TEMPERATURES Maximum Thursday (official, airport) 91 Minimum Thursday (official, airport) 43 Friday, I m. (official. airDort) 43 Friday, 9 a. (downtown) 55 Friday, 11 a. (downtown) (17 Friday, 1 p.

m. (downtown) .10 Friday, p. m. Idowntown) ...71 Maximum year ago tn Minimum year ago 51 Wind direction (official, airport) NNW Wind velocity (official, airport) 8 mph CEDAR RIVER STAGE. Friday noon 1ST feet Normal 13.B feet (Iowa Public Service Co.

gauge.) five.rtAV ni tinnv IOWA; Temperatures will average five mj eigni aegrees aoove normal lor the period. Normal highs 11, normal lowt io. warmer on Saturday with minor changes thereafter. Precipitation will average about one-tenth of an Inch with chance of showers Sunday and again about Tuesday. Weather Analysis DES MOINES Weather Bu- reau Analysis: Fair skies prevailed over Iowa Thursday night with tempera tures ranging from 36 at Spencer to 54 at Burlington.

Slightly cooler air that moved through the Great Lakes region lhursday night has caused light northerly winds across Iowa and will cause slightly cooler tem peratures over the northeast corner of the state Friday where readings will be near 75. Elsewhere over the state there will be little chanee in temper atures with highs hear 85 in the southwest corner. This fair weather will continue through the weekend. Temper atures Friday nieht will ranee near 40 in the north to 50 along the southern borders of the state Warmer weather is expected on Saturday with temperatures the 80 s. Little change is expected do we keep account at Woterloo? HERE'S I 1 ALL ACCOUNTS IT'S SAFE by IT'S PROTECTED cash reserves.

IT'S INSURED Deposit AND get every why we keep National YOUR at FRANCIS JOY FISK, page 1. JAMES PARAS. James Paras. 67. former resl dent and business man in Water loo.

died Thursday in Wauke pan. 111., of csrrfnomn. according to word received by relatives in Waterloo. He was born in Greece and lived in Waterloo until three years ago when he moved to Waukegan. He was in the res taurant and confectionary busi ness here.

Burial will be in Waukegan Saturday. ARTHUR W. SIPES. Funeral services for Arthur Sipes, 73. former councilman and lshnr IpsrW who died Wednesday.

will be Saturday at 2 p. m. at the First Presbyterian church. Dr. H.

E. Diprinfi-ld. nnstnr. will officiate and interment will be in Memorial Park cemetery. Waterloo Lodge No.

105, AF AM will nrxn nt the tpmnle at 1:30 p. m. Saturday and will conduct graveside services. The body will be taken from Kearns Garden chapel to the church at noon Sat urday. Pallbearers will include Rev Charles E.

Luce. Dr. Sidnev Smith Dewey Butterfield, Verne Parker, w. L. Van hman and uair barker Two Tell of Helping in Adlai's Fund CHICAGO (API- A state Supreme Court Justice ac knowledged Thursday receiving a $500 Christmas check irom uov.

Aaiai Stevenson while serving in a non-salaried state committee post before Stevenson appointed him to fill a vacancy in the court. At the same time, a Chicago insurance executive said that "two or three" of the governor's close nersonal friends contrib uted between $500 and $1,000 to a special fund through him because they wished to "remain impersonal." Stevenson. Democratic candi date for President, has said he used a special salary supplemen tary fund to attract competent men from private occupations to lower-paying state jobs. He said Wednesday it would be a "breach or faith on my part to name officials who received gifts from this fund. Received $500 Check.

Justice Walter V. Schaefer of the Illinois Runrprri Court said WW va 1 he received a $500 check from Stevenson while serving as chair man of the, State Little Hoover Committee in 1950. i Knew it was eoine to be tough when I took the iob." he Said. "I took finite a financial licking. We had to sell every defense bond we owned." Srhapfpr eairi ha alen $700 from the Stevenson-for-Gov- ernor Committee for pre-inaug uration work he did after the 1948, but that he did not cash the cneck.

OLiidtitr whs aw nrnTPBcnr Schaefer was a law professor xt i ai iiunnwesiern university until ri uuv. oievenson appointed mm to v-u the bench in March, 1951. Three months later Schaefer was elect ed to a full nine year term on the court. The Chicago insurance executive was Hermon Dunlop Smith, now heading the Volunteers for Stevenson, a national fund raising group for Stevenson's presidential campaign. Tax Receipts at Courthouse Hit SI Million Total Second-half tax payments received Thursday in the office of Black Hawk County Treasurer Floyd Davis soared to near the $1 million mark as residents from all parts of the county went into action to avoid delinquent penalties which start Oct.

1. A remittance of $297,848.54 came from the John Deere Waterloo Tractor Works while sums of $45,377.32 and $492,765.70 were received on soldiers bonus and homestead credit accounts. As a result of the spirited response to pay up before Oct. 1 and avoid the extra penalty, Davis said chances are good that the delinquent list will be substantially shorter than he ex- peciea a week ago. Stolen Off Truck Two kegs of beer were reported missing Friday from a Keiper Distributing Co.

truck on which the rear door lock had been b-oken. The truck, parked at the company office at 614 Transit contained 210 kegs. Police learned later Friday that one Waterloo tavern owner was approached by a man who offered to sell two kegs of beer for $4. They regular'? sell for $22.50 apiece. NEW CASUALTY LIST.

WASHINGTON UP The De-fense Department Friday identified 70 battle casualties in Korea in a new list that reported fnur Kiueci. t4 wounded, one missing jand one injured. A if our money in a savingi The Notional Bank of WHY Courteous, Considerate Service at All Timet at JjdxJul JuiwAcd di "Were Your Wishes Govern" 525 E. 3rd Opposite Walnut Court Apts. AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 3-tl3S due to sound management experienced officers.

by ample by the Federal Insurance Corporation. when we want it we can cent, right now. That'i our money in The Bank of Waterloo. Start SAVINGS ACCOUNT tomorrow 90S? HONOLULU, T. H.

The'ir, Tr TTr United States, Australia and U0 88 Of Beer Proudly Presents Ceie 24 Bottles 550 POTOSI $3P $3.85 $3.40 $345 $3 20 $2 95 $310 J12 New Zealand have set up a mil itary liaison council to consult quickly in the case of armed aggression in the Pacific, it was announced Friday. A communique following a three-day closed meeting which ended Friday said military advisers of the three nations will meet in the future "as the occasion demand." Normally such meetings would be rotated between Pearl Harbor, Wellington and Melbourne. The communique was issued at Adm. Arthur Radford's Pearl Harbor headquarters. A Washington military source earlier had said a secondary de fense line for Australia and New u.jh bi tat meeting.

a 1 1. T7 nrmt 111. A. 'TV4, MEMBER Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. INSURED TO $10,000 AVALON by Carmelletes Add Sparkle to Your Feet JOSEFS heme of Carmelleiei from 10.S.

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