The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York on April 2, 1947 · Page 4
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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York · Page 4

Syracuse, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 2, 1947
Page 4
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4 THE POST-STANDARD Wednesday, April 2, 1947 - :: ···;·;';'·· ·: · -VX;' v: '-" '^Y^^^ · . , · ^ ' ' · ' '.-·"· * : - . : - :'^\ :: *'.'?$:. m . tf --.^\ * · · ' , - . : - . · · -·. :..^;,*.,;*\:: : ^**\w.s..\'?«i · : · · _ " : · · T. ..,.- . r RESCUED FHOM FIRE. (AP Wlreptioto)--Clyde X.ymnn, IVi (center), who is blind, is shown w i t h his brothers and playmates in a neighbor's bed a f t e r their rescue from a lire in Boston yesterday. The others arc "VVayni; layman. 3; Paul Gagnon, l; Joan Gngnon, 3, and Michael I.yman, 5. Democrats Win-- Monarchists Split On Franco Decree (Concluili-d from 1*4*6 I) George McKibbm and received only 54.53 per cent of the voles cwsl. Ken nelly, in his f i r s t bid for office, won a four-year in a posi ( h u t pays $1B,000 » and controls 1(5,000 city hall jobs. N A T I O N A L JSSUKS 1IKAHD lie has pxprt-ssod " u n u l l e r a b l c opposition" to "ftraft, and corruption" in government ;uid hud rnnde « bid for i h c Independent vote. MADRID. Monni'fhlMts wore divided yesterday on the q«*Llon o.f w h e t h e r Cjenoru'lissinio 'FrnncJsco Franco's decrcu of suucensUm actu- H l l y brjngs closer the return of n k i n g to ( h e Spanish throne, vacant foe !H y«nrs. Tabcrnl monarchists, who h n v c Wherry Asks-- (Concluded from 1'ajfc I) t h a t muy he is "very much worried f a i l u r e to c o n f i r m I wreck" (ho atomic irn. Complon, nn Hl.nmlo on- s c i e n t i s t , wrote furl.hur, S m i l h snlcf, t h n t "key inen" In the program arc "pretty much disgusted." Bridges repliqd t h n t ".it's n terrible H i l t i K Jot: scientists to I n f e r they Kick Soviet Out, Says Byrd-- (Concluded from I) Communist: aUompt to take over t h e Greek government; J n n feeding on crisis, others saw i chftnce for non-Communist elements to strengthen their hand. SEES SPLIT rOLIOY In a r g u i n g for economic sanctions against Communism, Byrd said that the United States now is trying to "ride two horses going in opposite directions" by encouraging trade with Russia and her satellites while planning to pour out millions of dollars to -flftht Communism. In contending that the United Nations should pass, immediately on the Greek-Turkish question, Byrd dismissed as a "Jot of pious words" a declaration suggested by Senators' Vandenbcrg (R), Mich., and Con- aally CD), Tex. The two senators propose thi't the preamble of the Greek-Turkish aid legislation state t h a t the United Slates action fits the principles o£ the United Na- Lions. Byrd also said thnl n Vnndcnberg proposal to allow the UN, by a majority vole, to c u l l off the U. S. nicl Just would not work. J l c said member nations w o u l d nqt volo H K u l n s t (lie program because of! hopes of KcHing; A m e r i c a n dollars for themselves. C o n n o l l y w o t i M not comment; on Hi IN report, b u t ho t l i r l tell « i.'«- jjorlnt 1 M i n t lio l.hinks Kitt|.; dnnlh w i l l "inur(»Har; t h e c o n f u s i o n and state of crisis in Greece." 3-ie added: "ft is my hope that the Greek people /nay establish a stable government represenlntive of! the majority of tho Greek people." "When President T r u m a n asked for the $400,000,000 program he took note of the u n popu 1 a r ily o £ George's g o v e r n m e n t in some tors. He said; "The- Greek government; has been operating in nn atmosphere of chaos and extremism. It has nwde mistakes. The extension of aid by t h i s country does not mean t h a t the United Slates condones e v e r y t h i n g t h a t t h e Greek government has done or will do," Bill to Give Stale Control of Airport Projects Signed A L B A N V . *') -- Gav. Dcw^y yesterday signed Hie Oliver b i l l 'No Bill' Returned In Elopement Case PORTLAND, Me. M ' ) -- A f e d e r a l H r a n d j u r y reported "no bil.l" yes- l o r d u y in ihc cnsc of Jlobcr!, 'H'. Tm- f u n I;. '.V2. forme t: K e n t ' s . M i l l , H o i n l - b«eu Xor n r e t u r n of, the pretender Boa J u a n , discounted ni-u out on j u s t lh« somite does not do w l m t they w a n fiool Injected i n U ' i n n i l o n n l l.ssuefi| KruricoV, p l u n its a ruse In KII|II ; S m i t h protested Cumpton's in his c n r n p u i f i ' i , c r i l i c i K i n K Ihe na- m o n a r c h i s t support for the p r e s e n t , I'ewm'k.s carried no I m p l i c a t i o n / of tfovcrruni'n'l. t l o n a l « d m i n i s i r a t i o n ' s nffflh'M nnd itsyert.lnK it vote hi* iDernncuilic ippon«nt would "a vol.« for war," "When h*i t a k e s ovur the rniyor*H wjittt in the cl(y h u l l on April 35, it w i l l be the first t i m e that Ken- has stepped i n t o nn elective p u b l i c o f f i c e , Kcnnclly--. pronounced Ken-t*l-lee, with the flccerr. on the second syllable--is president of the Werner Erolhers-Kcnnrlly Co., n large storage find i n o v i n M f i r m . He also has t-con a director of Wilson Co., packers, nnd the Chicago Association oC Commerce, headed the Ked Cross f u n d campaign in Chicago .for /our .years, and was act!v« iti n ha 1 f dozen other civic, charitable nnd industrial societies. He's n Democrat, but he never belonged to the party's Chicago or- ganization--nnd twice supported primary election candidates who were opposed by the party's leaders. Kenneily stands » h n l f - f n c h under the six*fooc .mark, and weighs 190 pounds. Hn's a bachelor rind a Catholic. Born in Chicago's Bridgeport cUs- irict, close to -he .stock yards, ho completed thn-e years of hijjh school and (her) got a job as an of- They claimed -l.littl.-l.hft p l a n tloi.'H not provide for a taf(ilhnnlc mon- ju-chy tfinco it does not provide Tor the iiilierilmice of this throma from father- to sou but pul* the choice of a k i n g or retfont in the h n n d s of 'ranco and the "council of the .kingdom" cho.ncn by h i m , ' Members of this group said they expected Dun drum now in exile in EstorH, Portugal, to issue a statement: r e p u d i a t i n g the plan. They said they also found none- ccptnble Ihe requirement t h a t the n r x t Spanish chief of slate swear to support the f u n d a m e n t a l laws decreed by Franco. · Conservative- monarchists "who are .supporting Franco's regime. Iho w i t h o u t h i d i n g their hope for the eventual restoration of Iho monarchy, said .they were pleased by the text of the proposed Jaw. Economy Drive- (Concluded from Faye I) a r.lrlltu by ncinntl.stK. Wluin'y, a c t i n g m i n o r i t y louder-, Xavc Ihi; fi«tmt« ft brond h i n t l.hnl. iiu cxpL'ds no volt; this \vc«k. 'When TllcKonloopcr snld iVn hop(?fl t h e scnjitc could ngrco to rejiuh » vef- rlict Thiu'Sdny, W l i u r r y ohs^rvrcl ilita "nifuiy .speeches" r e m a i n e d lo be the somite recessed, Sc»n. Mc- r (D), Term., hold Tor I IK; second day f i n d was assured .it -would bt: his toclny.. Tho senate w i l l hold ses- todny nnd Thurstlny i f the ol»i hns not been t a k e n . I I w i l l re- ThursdHy j)lght over the r weekend. Hudson Motor Co. Hit by Walkout fice boy in warehouse He earned a captain's rank in the army during world \vai- 1. W i t h 54,000 in accumulated pay, he organized a warehousing company. V ^ ·"-* -- ·*** *-**--!-*- «* 4 "fc^» -^. · -- .^F. -' V^.1|Kjt Plumbers Begin Work Stoppage NEW YORK. i A » ) - , S i x hundred AFL phunberj in Brooklyn and Quecn.y. employed on ho\isinx projects und U n i t e d N a t i o n s fncilEties in --An e s l i m n t c d . .14,000 workers at the Hud.son Motor Caj* Co. wore, sont homo yesterday . f o l l o w i n g a .strike of HO cm- pJoyc.s Jn. Ihe cutUir g r i n d i n g de- p a r t m e n t of the toot room, The men w a l k e d off t h e i r jobs ., i ,,, -i .. 4 4. · ^ i -, i 1 ' 1 P r °lcst over a two-day d i s c i p l l n - cul was due to H "misunderstand-! a r y ] B y o M K i v c n a s t e w ard of locM and a '/mistake" in coitsldera* .154, CIO U n i t e d A u t o Workers. lion of eslimafe.s offered by tho veterans administration. The mis- widcrstandlruc was cleared up, be said, ju a subsequent conversation w i t h Gen. Omar N. Bradley, veterans' administrator. .Rep. Cannon Mn,, congratulated Taber on his "strategy. 11 He referred lo Tabor's explanation a.« Flushing, yesle.'dny beKun » work. ictoppage which a spokesman said resu 1 ted from f a i I u re of b u i l d i n g trades to r a t i f y n new pay scale. The spokesman said the plumbers' jiroup. Local 1 r-f the AFT- Plumbers and Gas Fitters u n i o n , and the Master Plumbers' a* «ocintion had wHreed a f t e r six wt'ek? of n««otintion upon « W3«r .irfiln o/ $ZBI nn hour for n .15-hour we«k, - f f e c l l v e A p r i l 1, bnl t h a t the b u i l d i n g trnd«s had nut yei signiried Hgreemenl. The previous scale was nol. piv«n. of Ihe most transparent a l l b l n t h a t hits ever been he'nvd." .'It WHS llie first, time this year Ihe house has added n subfitantla'l .Hum to an appropriation b i l l . r '.'ho commltt:ee hart allowed rto f u n d s in the bill for continuation of the tfovemment-iinanced school l u n c h program. Most Republicans opposed tho $0,000,000 amendment, offered by Rep. Cannon, but; enough of ihem joined Democrats,to put; H The company snid the steward "did not follow n grievance procedure provided in the contract," w h i c h was r a t i f i e d by I h e u n i o n two days ago. 1 · C h a t w l n , president; oil the , said tl|e steward protested the use of a foreman'on an hourly rated job in Ihc tool room in violation of the contract 1 . BACK 1 ROM ANTAKCTU; SAN PKDRO, C n l l f . C^M-./Pht? lee irenker, Burton Island, arrived yesterday f r o m a 20,000-mile cruise w i t h Adm. Hlchard. E. B.yrd's A n i - dt'cllo e x p e n d l t i o n . Comm. G e r a l d .Ij, K o t e h u m of Lon^f Bench, skipper, said the 20. r )-foot ice b r e n k c r buciced The senator renmrkrd t h e rf.MiMun the program has n o r ' boon s u b m i t t e d to the 'UN is "the tor, ii; nol; the cerlaiuly" that 'nusslft w i l l veto it, W O U L D H K O H G A N l / K U n d e r Byrd's p l a n , expulsion of i .from t-hc UN--1C «hr vcto«s w h o wns iir- i n M n n l c Ve. N. 1VI.. J a n . t h i : G r i i e k - ' J ' n r k l H h p h i t i -- w i M f l f J be accomplishTM;! by nn immorliaUi nan. w h h 'R-unitin out in the Cor alleged v l o l a l i o n of [lie IVIann ii c I:. T r u C u n i . hud been u n d e r $1,1)111) b a i l p a n d l i i y /jmnr! j u r y f i c t i o n i n t h e (jane w h i c h I n v o l v e d JVlJsa E l e n - iiot' Louise Whll.o, .17, a. f o r i n o r p u p i l ol! Trtifanl. at the Hchonl. J l c h u d pleaded i n n o c e n t j i t n New M.ex.ico n r r u t g n m i ' M t . When l u k e n i n t o euslJDcly. T n i f n n t h u d o b t » l i ) i » ( l a M e x i c a n m a i l tho stale f u l l control over communities' p a r t i c i p a t i o n i n federal-local airport projects toward which the stale eonlribulus no .funds. The munsure s;ivns the slate commerce commissioner i m m e d i a t e control over plans and f u n d s /or projects under Ihe federal airport act by which the U. S. and local governments evenly share costs. Bewcy called for the legislation in his a n n u a l message to the legislature, declaring that federal f u n d s should be channeled thru the s t a t e (o i n s u r e a co-ordinated program of air service for "all sections of the slnie." Legislative Democrats, who fought Ihe b i l l , said ik -would deprive New York city and other communities of federal airport uld. The federal government, I bey contended, w o u l d not »llocate f u n d s where there was .stiif'c cbnirnl over projects, Tho governor also approved w J L h o i . i t comment b i l l s lo; Tighten state control over pro- fessional, check cashing agencies and p u t u $250 Ceiling on chocks they may cash, JDxtcnd tho S!RI i mortgnRt* rnora- lorJum law om: ycur, u n l i t July I, J i M H , bill, l i m i t I t H n p p l l a i l i o n lo one, two * n d thi.'ec-fnmily d w e l l i n g s , This governor approved oilier bills that w o u l d : Appropriate $50,000 for Ihe ·workmen'^ coir pensatlon board lo continue u si. idy for diagnosis and evaluation of the progressive degrees of. disability and incapacity resulting ; rom silicosi.s or other dust diseases. Authome the conservation de- p a r t m e n t lo f a k e po.ssejiKi.on any land or waters for the pur* pose oC protecting forests from fires. prohibit: payment to out-of- H l u U i i:on tractors on highway c o n l r n c t f t unlcsw they f u r n proof t h n t nil al.alc Uxci hnyc been puid. SAVE THAT SHIRT! 8l«*vc M HELLEN tnerteti BEVERAGE Oeddcv St., Syncuie elephone: 2-287! UGA A D A M co let. " I f l i o u ( h e U n i t e d Nations t n U s t be vnortfiuilxcjfj nnfl in order tn 'Ci'.ncUon, let us do so now," lie ·w trengthencd m order tn ip.ncuon, ,,.;'.:,:: . ;,,". ., Ufc US do SO jiow," 1)C lli'Kfid. .J.B*HUbALMVI. (-1 )-· "The T r u m n n plan may bring (ilc !'. OI1 CI " y 'I 1 . :t . i n l i/«r; · r c o r M r i n i x n t i o i i of the United f 1 ;" 1 ' 0 " north nf · · ' « I l n nrtler rlivonit! fi'orn b i n w l f ( j w h o r»Hltl«H J n M u i i n l , Voi'Nou, Me., w i t h M I i n f i m l ; d a u K h t o r , and i h n t h o n n c l JVlI.sK W h i l e hud been n m r n o d .in A r l i n g t o n , VH. Wai ions may bring war; no p.lan at n i l . rnny b r i n f i w u r , b u t measures w i t h i n the United Nations or«nni/.ntion ;ire more J i k c l y to taring Russia to co-operaLion Ihou an i n f i l t r a t i o n of A m e r i c a n rnnnfi.y over Ihe world in an i n d e p e n d e n t crusade n K H i n s L Corn r n u n ism." The decision of the house foreign a f to i i ra com m i Uee to tii k« in ore testimony rniacd the prospect ^ thnt congi'css jnny not act on. President T r u r n n n ' s p l n n u n t i l laU: I h l s month. 'J'O IIKAH WJTNKSSKS Kep. Kiiton ( R ) , N. J,, c h n i r m a n of. the committee, said ho; would start laklntf testimony on Thursday from reprcscnlatives of 20 or more SOMHKR SKA IN J.KRUSALKM. t . l ' ) ~ A B r i t i s h sol- l l l a r y c n n t i ' o l WHS u l n a n n r l N filed by two u n k n o w n y o u n g m e n , it was o l ' f i r ' i j i l l y a n n o u n c e d c that: w a n t to be heard, President T r u r n n n nskcd M n r c h .12 .for the aid 1o bolster Greece and Turkey n f i u i n s t Communism, he urged thai; action he completed by M a r c h :*!. That was when the British wore lo end t h e i r financial a n d . economic help tn Greece. Theyhiwe since indicated they w i l l c o n t i n u e lo give some assistances lemporarjly. A n o t h e r d e v e l o p m e n t yesterday was n rc-porl; t h n t Sen. Connnlly I'D.). Tex., muy Ji«hh the proposal .of Sen. V n n d e n b e r g R^, M i c h . , ^o K\ vo the I.I n 1 Led N a lions power J o call, off l;he U. S. aid. Vandenhci'K's .suggested a mend - metif; provides that the UN" may so «et by i\ m a j o r i t y of. i h o ftcnernl assembly or by the votes of any seven of! I h e . I l - m n n security coun- across. There were no roU-cnll votes and f i n a l pdMsage WHS by voice vote. solid Jce nt times 10 led thluk J n - e i l . ConnaJly is said to believe thflt 'leading t h e oxpedii.on t h r u I h e i c e , l h i s woulrl d a n g e r o u s l y weaken b n r r f o r i n t o the Buy of "Whnlos. fore** of! A t n o r l e u n action. Wallace Accepts French Invitation NEW YORK, f/f 1 )---Henry Wfll- lace, /ormer secretary oC conuiierce, has accepted an i n v i t a t i o n from representatives of the /our Jiiajor political parlie.'i f o r m i n g the government oC K j a n e e lo visit that country during his forthcoming trip lo Europe, The New Republic ;nagazinr. of which he i« cciitor, said yesterday. Wallace w i l l visit Paris from A p r i l 21 to 24. He will leave Jhls country April 7 to meet w i t h England's Prime Minister Attic*- and other Jabot- loaders. He w i l l RD to Oslo A p r i l 17, Stockholm A p r i l 18 nnd Copenhagen A p r i l 20. Injured Heroine Awarded $60,000 'NEW Y O R K . M')-- Bridget. 'Pug- lose, 8, Brooklyn, was injured serl- ously last year when she pushed two playmates from the path of « trollny cw\ won n $(}0,0{K) consent nwarcl ycslrrday in her $175,000 s\i- prctnu court damage a a It ugufnst tho city. ' . . ' !H«r «tl.ornp,v« mild hor injuries necessitated purtiat amputnlion of her Hfift foot and permanently im- nnjred her :rittht U. S.'Gives Italy Naples Air Base HOME. f ^ -- T h e United Slates returned Ihe Capodkhino air base nt Naples to the Italian Rovermnont yesterday. The base, nerve center oC the North Mediterranean /op the IT. S. m i l i t a r y a i r transport services d u r i n g tho war, was the first major airport returned 1o Jtnly. TOfff/Cf ove Lawns Dense Shade with ^ 11 ·iv ^ SCOTTS SEED AND TURF BUILDER SCOTTS tree trun $12.35. SCOTTS and FOF OENSH SHAD*;--Coo! jtreen «ras» right up to the ks. } )b - 51.25 3 Iba · *3.75 5 Ibs - $6.25 15 Ibs - ntJlLOCR Clean »tiri (jfrasjifood)-- Kf.eps shtded Jfrass alive IW» 1b« - SZJ55 it,* - $.'1,75 Ibs * $fi.50 feeds l»,OW* ^,50fl sq /I (50x5ft Ii) r.,000 aq /t (l(M)x50 ft) « ft (t 00x100 ft) SCOTIS IVFIH) CDNTROr,-- Qul^k. nr.tinii of broad leaved weed* without harm to the lawn. $1.25 and $3.95. ·4ARDWARI SINCE Sons SEMI CHOi MIHous HOCOLATE THAT MADE TOLL HOUSE COOKIES FAMOUS 1 1 9 EAST WASHINGTON **. 0 . II. S, fnt. Off. CCOUNTANCY hoiisanrlx pportuniti women EXPERT BOOKKEEPING Exitnsio n v s r s t Enter! lloid's Petite Chatelaine Goy costume sparklers detailed like costly heirlooms (sketched actual size). Choose yours In golden or silvery metal at Bond's petite-size price. *· ·?.,: !^ XV \2.95 F«dnrnl * · * : · : ^ *: *· - v-· ^-v;.: = ^ Entire! Koyal Crown 9 oiur princely worsted W* 't in Bond's with the dcbonairc air! 34.95 Quick, what suil takes best to Easter, to flowery bonnois, to all your gala plans? This one -with its costly s mplicity and curvaceous longer look! · YGS, this one in Royal Crown worsted -the drapiest, softest pure worsted we've seen t from any loom! With its Rochester needlework, classica ly perfect details, and Bond's famous Proportioned Fit. Another Bond triumph designed to fit you -- Tail, Medium or Short. Designed to fit all budgets, too, at Bond's down-to-earth 34.95. No wonder more and more smart women flock to Bond's! Sizes 10-20. \-, ,i\ v .-. . * . ··:·:* -. -.-· m · *..\':. -\ -v ·V. 1 -^-. in -\save:-yu: extra ·' ·--.."..· · ·'-· f . * '· -,. i.- 1 .·· ·'"·. « 320-324 South Solina CHor^e Accouirf flodn"* ISnrvFrw ·t oo Axtra con)

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