The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1948
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JUNK 12, 19<J8 IU.YTHKVIU.F; (ARK.)' COUHIKR NEWS PAGE SEVEN Merrill Lashes At Sid McMath Arkansas Political Honeymoon Ends with First Campaign Row Down to a Watery Grave i»y BOH HKOVVN Umtcrl Tress staff CorrrsnoiKlcnt LITTLE ROCK. Alk., June 12. - tUPi— Arkansas' political honev moon has ended today as gubernatorial candidate Jim Merrill of Mc- pehee launched ihe first public attack made by one candidate another. ^Declaring in R pald ndverlise- »^;t thai -it's time to unmask can- WT.iate (Sid i Mc.Mutli." Merrill lined the Hot Springs pro.seculoi up with ex-uovernois carl Bailey and Homer Adkins aiul with presidential candidate Harry S. Truman Ai the same time lie announcer the start of a 15-sneeeh tour Eastern Arkansas today. The first I rally will be 11( , llc Bradley County I courthouse in Warren. Merrill also I nv,u:e plans vo open |>ernianent l headquarters in the Hotel Cirady Manning today. i About 138 miles west of San Diego. Calif., the USS Sail Luke Oily, a tar- Without referring to McMalhs'L e t for Btomic tests al Bikini nnd still dangerously radioactive, was sub- rc>n 'of b Lerf"p Tl'cLaiMilin^'is i' liltKl '° strafing, rocket f)re, and aerial bombardment. Her,- a torpedo mayor of Hot Springs, Merrill's tid ! strikes her amidship, ending the career ol an America)! fighting ship. j (KliA Tele-photo.) over Arkansas people arc i asking what h:\s happened to the self-styled champion of pu politics . . . and the jreat O|) of political madmk-s?" Merrill declared that (he want MeMaih to answer questions: 1. How e-'n "the people he the I Hy I'aul F. Kills governor-mi | rs" :is you advertise! United 1'rcbS Science Wrilf-r unlef.s you .oputiiatc" Carl Baliey 1 NEW YORK, June 12. —tUP)—i and Homer Adkuis and many okl- j nocket exix-rls said yesterday that! ]*?(> politics said to have key posi-i the feat of the XS-1 'roekel plane ! ^^M^A|*AAC ••IB-is in your campaign? ' 0 ( traveling faster than sound may V*V»M I fcrCCa 2. Are you not now supported by i fo e t] le spark to s^nd man coast-to- one of the strongest polilical machines this stale has ever known— j wor id in -n hours. heavily financed—and slaffed with | Sllcri speed with safety professional politicians. 1 forecast by experts In commenting Ask Slates' lllglils Slanil | or , lne Air forces' announcement to ! that a human being ha<l piloted ttie IXS-! beyond the barrier into the realm of supersonlcs. \ Af" ground !c vel. ihe speed of Tulsa Business Man Asks Part InM&A Case WASHINGTON, Juno 12. (UP)— ; Kelly F. Gibson, Tulsa, OkU.. bus- &smuM, yesterday a.skctl the In- Mnu- Commeix'i; Commission for iinssion to step into Hie Missouri\.s Hallway abandonment cose. The eOiiimLs.sion is considering a cumminclulUHi by Examiner A. G. Nye Uial the uniiru 330-mile line ou abandoned.- It runs from Joplin, Mo., (O Hi'letui, Ark. Gibson stt'd lie is in tores ted be- ( of hue.stiiK'ULs in Arkansas. He said that u. study ol Uie record convinced liius there hits (been no proiitT etlon to briiiB all the facts bofore I lie commission. The section ol line bi>i ween Keoslio, Mo., and Kenseu, Air;,, Ls particularly international Red Cross Fights \\~ Separate Battles in Palestine \\ NOW! at FOUNTAINS Kvery where! THE TOT SHOP KverylhiriK for Children Up to 6 110 S. Second 1>hone 2308 Closed Wednesday afternoon ponent jpass/ng o/ Supersonic Barrier Opens Vistas of Space Flight Gibson's ulun for operation tin! lint includes organization of new corjxiralion, salt 1 of stock, loan ol equipment frotn the City Southern Railroad and H loan o! funds Irotn the Reconstruction Ki- nunce Corp. 'I'he line has not been opc-raliiig since September, 1M6. or 1 '"• On trip from Jernsnlem to Cairo, escorting 160 ERyptian civilians out ot Land, Jean Courvolsler (rl||ht) jeU ronct direction Iiom an officer of the HagRnah. USSR Has Nothing' Nice to Say About Music in America i people these *— OttO coast in three hours or around the I 1 re | School Lunch Bill WASHINGTON, June 12. (UP) — Sensitc-Ho'.iic conferees agreed today on a ST5,0:0,000 appropriation loi the school lunch program. This wjs the figure In the Senate version of the Agriculture DG- paitinenL Appropriation Bill for ' | sound is about 700 miles an hour, l tllc , Jiscal yea! . s t a ,i in ,, j u i } . i T ; 1C l but at, high altitudes it is somewhat | House bill provided $65,0:6,000. J shower. i Supersonic research is one of the i country's most hush-hush programs and few rocket experts would comment lest they break the rules of 3. Does Carl Bailey propose run as an independent against Sen. John McClellan. supported by you as governor-elect? J. Arc you for states rights? If S^lii^^^^ pirn:;, i-cCii^r;^^^r^ u ^ss"ss ^^^ amm ° n ^-i Bin, tod£ I"s^bSore he:-™' "f ** *\™ k lhe "J 1 " «' However the conference commit- North Little nock Women's citv i nat'o"'"! security. However, at least t ee failed to resolve diflereiices clubs vesterdiv- " OmellS Clti two said that cracking of the super-j ov<!1 a recommendation for soil T * othpr Doi'tic-il dcveloDinent^ sonic wa " by the XS ' L miglU wcU I consrvation lui.ds for the IMS crop Arthur L Adams. 59 vcir od lbe the spal ' k th[U wi " £e " rt mM °" ! >' car - Thc Ho " se votcd lor S 225 '" 00 -' ,..„ \t'c nef resi»nec as i the S'-eatest adventure of history-1 ooo and the Senate raised it to ^airmail of' the State nemocril'ic I shooting himself out into space. I J300.000.000. &nUaT Commluee to ^ter the I '» - -ore practical view, they The issuc wil , be lake,, back to campaign for associate fislice of ; liel <' «>at. a great slcp had been lht House and Senate floors. the Arkansas Supreme Court taken toward the ultimate con- [ The b ili also carries a {150.OO3.OOa struction of new types of commercial planes—aircraft traveling at 1,000 miles an hour. Such rocket planes, flying at Hy l>:ivLi) S. Buyrr NI'^A Sl:i(f Corrrsponclrnl In Pnli'.stine with the lulernnt- lonnl Ht'd Cross—(N15A » —Joan CourvoSsicr is six feel four indies [ of Swiss rMi'ri'.y, inU'slinu! foitl- I uule and wmiy fltthliUK » jiupa- I tnti- war in the bailie of the Holy Land. His wnr, vhU'h he is conducliug will) Isulf a dozen other lulemaL- iunul Ited C? (U-li'^ntes here HS hi.s allies, is diseust 1 , slar- v;itioii and fi'»r-. J Ii would be it hluit In ihe nun MOSCOW, June 12. (UP) — TJic ; for nnyone who ntlinlres vahir American people are victims of a \ lo watcli this curly-headed Iclm- couspiracy by monopoUi's to iluil'j hud Crane Hsstunble hi.s 1 knees their minds with music fit only for i, m t L . r the du.shljcmrd ot his K«l gangsters, the official Soviet new-s- . cross sedan paiier Pravdn said yesleiday. | O n i« plm'es uo one t-Lse will no. The author Geor«i Khubov, j whether the re nre wounded lo be wrote that the United SiaU's Ls the center of degenerate modernism iu music, and also is engaged in a sort ot musical imperialism by exporting its jazz. Here's Knubov's appraisal ol American music: "Modern American decadent, music, in winch Ja/.K biiccliiinnha j n blc reigns with in fretiaieci in.side-out- rhytlun. with iLs wild naUir;illstic ,ound imituiion. 1 :, wiUi ius eynicul- cuter the justice of Court, Adams will seet the 6-year-term Ittl open by the recent death of Jukice.K, L. McHaney. i;was tne second candidate ] cash appropriation to cover soil I conservation costs during this crop In Kansas Race | ! great altitudes, could fly from New | York to San Francisco in three ; jj sc ' Al world | year. The bill's total will exceed S550,- in cash appropriations for ly naked sexuality, with il-s .screaming, howling and muling, is capable of snliblymg only the low taste of gangsters." A group of monopolies, Khubov .said .have made this music u piol- ttntile business, ami thty dictate to composers what they may write. Unless composers conform 10 "esthetics of the dollar." they starve, he said. '•This jazz cacophony is introduced into mnss life," he added, "with the )Btn of blunting and clouding the nnnos of .simple people." Only one real opera theater exLsis in all America, Khubov said, anil all the re.=t of the concert hall;, iheatpis and public houses in the United Suites are filled with JHML. rescued, women ntul children be fed, vaccines to be meed villages where epidemics rnfje, or! bodies lo be removed, it is all the sump. H is the rtny's work. Ml he asks is the satisfaction of sonTe success In trying lo make nasty war a lit lie less ititoler- for someone each day. That and i\ double whiskey before he finally folds for tin- night. You should see Joan roll up about :w* Inches of .sleeve and i battle itself. drag a body out of it shell hole so the Arab* may have l heir itrad (or burial. Or watch him wulk erort into a shower of sniper lire, while his ! Jewl.sli 1 InK^null r.scnrl, 1 ; run at & ! crouch from rock lo roi:k, or Mind- bn£ to sandbag, * He Hvo.s utider the Illusloti thai, the b\tllel5, getting u f;ocid look at the little Red Cross fliiK he hoists a.s u substitute for KO<"1, will detour or otherwise puss him hy. Jean Is one of a Immlful of Inter nullonal lied Cross delegiiti's In Palestine. Knch Is asslRiied his own sector In the Holy Liuul. Ench lias his own problems. If a wind full of powered milk should come their wuy, iliey ' see Ihkt R Is delivered to A tab and Jewish children wlikr When they can get vaccine, it goes to place* like the town that already Ims 100 cases of typhoid, or to danger six>t>s where cholera Ls breaking out. Jean and his fellcw allies fipht their own war v:ithouL jp.spect.s to Jewish and Arab battle lines Their wen lions, aio vncclne, food medicine, automobiles m\tl iitnbu- Innce.s. The .search for weiOions seems to be a.s pressing us the STUDEB AKERS T U D E B A K E R 11)17 CMC t Ton ftlnke l!M(i Fonf 1 '/i Ton Sliilie 1!MS Slmlebaker (/, Ton I'ickup Jtl-ll Chevrolet 'i Door And Many More. Complete Service Dcp't Point & Body Parts & Accessories Chamblin Sales Co. "Viiur Privmlly It. K. & Ash I'luuic 2195 U D E B A K E R STUD EBAKE RS With 82-year-old Sen. Arthur Capper, who served in the Senate nearly 30 years, announcing that he will not run Jor re-election, former Gov. Andrew P. Schoeppel. above, is the leading candidate for the seal. Sclioep- pel is the only Republican who hns announced candidacy so far. iNOW! lot FOUNTAINS) Rvcry where! • hours or less, or around the in one day, they said. j One expert said that the problem : Sour milk will remove iron rust has not been 'to determine what ' from white goods. happens to man when he travels j — faster than sound. In. fact, he said, man travels faster than sound every minute of the day. lift recalled that the earth travels eight nnd a half miles a second, taking man along with it. The problem is the matter of keeping man, or n locket plane, in one piece while attaining the speed. I or in the deceleration. In other j v/ords, quick change of environment. Pilot climles F- Yeager, who flew the XS-1. proved that a human j body crm take the acceleration and i deceleration. I These experts said they didn't mean to indicate that 1,100-mile . an hour rocket planes are ^''itist around the corner." but that a scientific step in that direction had ( been taken. Ultimately, they said, it may lead lo the development ot an intdr planetary plane, with the moon Ihe first to be visited. It takes a speed of 7 miles a second, or about 25,000 miles an hour, for a rocket to get away from the earth's gravitational pull. Once behind that pull and with a rocket probably powered by atmoic energy. inter - planetary travel can be discussed in not "t/o lantastic" terms, ,thcy said. to announce. George Rose Smith of Little Rock said last week he would make the race. Adams is a graduate of the University of Chicago and has practiced law in Illythevilte and Jonesboro since 1914. Gubernatorial candidate liorace Thompson announced the appointment of a committee to handle formal opening of his campaign at Morrillon next Friday. Olen Ful- Icrton. former Conway county judge and sheriff, will head the committee. itiice of Mib.s Eh?.:ibclli Ulythc, :oiinty clerk: Wood row Vickie}- of Steclc. Mo. ancl ClirLHline Mni'lin oi Bly- thtville. Author to Speak Sunday At Brotherhood Meeting O L Elliott, nnllior of "Mississippi Giii" arui s leader In K mmt- :it fit it lo Creole a bftller unilcrfil of the riU'inl ptoblcin. will a tl»e Ijrotherhood meeting CiutcL' Teniplc Sinitlny nl 3 IMU. ntmc'r Die auspices of the Weyio Mlni.slerinl Allbucc. . 1 S|)eclal lnviLn.Unn.1 hav« been Is- sneil lo UIP Hl.vllicvllle Mlnistcviiil Alllnnce. and a section o( seals will be reserved tor while visitors. SPECIAL Beer Per Case lli'J Ton Air (Irlfsetlliick I'alisl Blue Klljhon.. Ituilwelarr Russell Marr Liquor Store 111 So. £nd SI. Phone SOT : Good for Life I ! All-Aluminum j jWindowScreem; i Builders ; ;• Supply Inc. | I'hnne ) Highway Hcncl Courier News VVKIlt Aus. Marriage Licenses The following couple obuincd » marnnec license' yeslerdiiy in t!ie SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales-Service-Parts Goodwill Used Cars FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES In PIANO - ORGAN - VOICE Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlslon, IJ.A. and M.S.M. Dalton C. Fowlslon, iil.S.M. Certificate A Special Price for the 12-Week Term Is. Offered For Information Call BLYTHEVILLE 2019 Gatewood Grocery State Line Phone 975 GAS GAS 4Ug., Qal. Ethyl, Gal. 20k 22k Whiskies 1-2 Pt. Pt. 5th Segram"7" 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Bonds 2.25 4.35 6.90 Cagarets On.,—1.55 SMITH PONTIAC CO. BJ VIHI VILLL ADAPTABLE To Many Industrial, Commercial and Farm Uses TRUSS-CLEAR ... NO WASTED SPACE BUTLER^ BUILT * fi.<»<i »i • UTll« MF«. COMPANY . Low Cost p<( }o. ft. • Cos! Ltss lo buy mil mun tltn. . Convenient Sins — W width, length in multiplti <l 20'. Also 32' ind 20' widtfis, lenflhsrfi multiples ol 12'. . S!ro-( Kussless consliM' lion. Full u»ib!e spact. • tiected ih tflys instead of oeehi. C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Deafer for Butler Steel Buildings Genera] Contracting P. 0. Box 83 Phone 896 Blytheville, Ark. FOR SALE Gel our prices on tested 1 2 inch to -18 inch concrete culverts. Also concrete building blocks. CALL ON l$S DIAL 691 We Deliver and Sell for U» Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Sizes t, 6 and 8 Inch Culvert Tile Sim 1». 12. IK. IS. 21. U, M and 16 Inch A. H. WEBB It*;. C1 al State MM thon. BljlhcrlU* 714 If you're hurrying—we can rebuild your shoes in short est time possible by REAL workmanship. Of course, close prices, b«st material. H -fl LT € R S I,ocal & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Piace Buck MeKarg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day 918 Night 2986 tee YOUK Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dialer • Phone 3479 Blytheville Ark. 112 Walnut «. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS -MAIN OFflCE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Attention!! Cotton Graham Service Station Ark-Mo State Line Is Now Open for Business Cities Service Products Gasoline — Oil -— Greases We Invite You to Trade with Us Garrett L. Abbott & H. E. (Cotton) Graham Jr. Sulphur Bath Oil Massage PHONE 2539 E. C. Davit Matttur Our Cars Are Tops EAST END AUTO SALES For That Car 503 E. Main Phone 4191 YOf/iL fff OM£ Of "Neuritis Has Kept Me In Torturing Pain" The loiter says . . . "Seems like the pain Just wont let go." For more than 50 svars doctors have prescribed this natural mineral water that tends to neutralize pain-causing acids. Phine or writ* today for free booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY'. SHOP.. M*in Mid DtrfatM Biylhevilte, Ark. .. 'V J '*

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