Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 5, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1897
Page 24
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THE GRAND JURY At Work on the Pottmeyer Murder Case McINTOSH WILL SET UP A PLEA OF SELF DEFENSE. The Other Victims of His Fiendish Passion are Suffering Much Pain atter to show him ho* to o»d the gUQ. Young Shewman descended the ladder upon which he stood and after he had loaded the gun and explained the action of the lever, Mclntosh walked away declaring his Intention to kill Frank Pottmeyer. Mclntosh walked down Brown street to the alley leading to Pottmeyer's saloon. Holding the gun, muzzle downward, he was In the act of stepping into the rear alley door of the saloon when he was met by Frank Pott- mejer, who fired two shots at him from a revolver. The first shot missed him, but the second struck him in the right side. Mclatosh then raised his grin and fired at Pottmeyer. The latter then exclaimed: 'My God," and made a step in the Mclntosh who struck A Few Words About Our Cloaks. Tailor-made Cloak grace comes from the fit, the tailoring. No matter how fine the Cloak,if the cutting orshapingare even a little way "off," the whole effect is bad.There is no Garment a woman wears that shows slight or slackiness as does a Tailor-made Cloak. Every man that puts shears on thread in Tailor-made Jackets, made for the "Golden Rule Store" is an artist in his line. The manufacturers have a reputation,there are no experimenters among them They are trained to the work. The high grade of workmanship is the principal point to consider when buying. Threats of Lynching Caused Sheriff Homburg to Station a Strong Guard at the Jail. direction of him in the -neyer then fell the pool room. The tact that the grand jury began an investigation of the Pottmeyer murder case this morning, is evidence that Mclntosh is to be given a speedy trlaL. M'INTOSH'S DEFENSE. Mclntosh has retained Laliy & Mahoney and it Is understood that he will enter a plea of self defense. an attempt will be made to show that Mclntosh was shot in the side but 150, pur- He was intox- spent all his money chased a 5-centcigar, icated and Pottmeyer took his money, 149.95, for safe-keeping. Yesterday morning be reappeared at Pottmeyer's place and asked for his money. Pottmeyer told him that he (Mcln- tosh) was drunk and did not know what he had done -with his money. When he returned again to the his fired shotgun at Mc- saloon, between by Frank Pottmeyer before he attempted to use and that the shot lntosh by Will Pottmeyer did not take effect The claim will also be made that Mclntosh had left 150 with Frank Pottmeyer, Wednesday evening, for safe keeping, and that when he called for the money yesterday the saloonkeeper gave him but «5* stating that that sum was all that had been left with him. rOTTMEYER'S ^FUNERAL, The funeral of Frank Pottmeyer will be held at 9 o'clock Mon day morning from St. Joseph's church. Kev. Father Koehne officiating. Interment will be made in Mt. St. Vincent cemetery. The] deceased was a member of none of the churches or other societies of the city. THE OTHER VICTIMS. Miss Lou Pottmeyer and Edward Pottmeyer, two of the three other victims of Mclntosh's fiendish passion, are suffering much pain from their wounds. Their conditions are not critical, however, and their complete recovery is assured . William Pottmeyer, the younger brother, who was shot ID tne elbow and finger, was about the streets today. His injuries are of a minor character. THREATS OF LYNCHING, The shooting occasioned great excitement yesterday afternoon, and threats of lynching Molntosh caused Sheriff Homburg to place a strong guard at the jail. This guard will be face. Pott- backward Into Mclntosh then went out into the alley and was walking In the direction of Market when he met Ed Pottmeyer, who carried a revolver. Instantly Mclntosh raised his gun and fired. Ed was wounded in the left arm and forehead, and retreated within the saloon. Mcln- toahthen walked down to Market street and was there asked by Frank JAGKE1TS. Ladies' Kusiau Blouse Jacket. The swellest and the newest one out We have them at all pr ices.—Fine Imported Capes from Paris and Berlin, in Velvet, Cloth or Fur from $9.98 to $50 00 Ladies' Kersey Jackets at prices that stand the keenest competion in different styles form $3.98 to $20.00. Brooks what he was shooting at. 11 and 12 o'clock, Mclntosh had on bis watch and chain. That the watch chain was a leather guard, with two buckles attached. Pettmeyer said: "I see you have your watch with you; give me one of those buckles." Just to see what Pottmeyer would do, Mclntosh unbuckled the watch guard from the button hole of his vest, permitting the detached end to swing about at will. Noting the action, Pottmeyer came from behind the bar and approaching Mclntosh tock hold of his watch guard and lifted the watch from his pocket. "You owe me $1,10 for drinks bought yesterday," declared Pottmeyer, "and I will hold your watch until you settle." At his Mclntosh took Pottmeyer by the rm and said: "You come back here; want to talk to you." Beaching a int at the rear of the saloon, Mc- ntosh continued: "See here, you Dutch s— of a b—, you've got $49.95 f my money and my watch, and if you don't give them back to me I'll break every bone in your body." This declaration spoken in a loud tone of voice attracted the attention of both Ed and Will Pott- "I have killed Frank Pottmeyer," declared Mclntosh. While talking with Brooks Patrolman Hough ton approachid. Raising his gun, Mc- lntosh warned the officer to keep his distance. "When I%nish my work," said he, "I will surrender," While Mclntosh had the gun pointed at floughton Will Pottmeyer stole up, revolver in hand, and after firing at Mclatosh, dodged around the corner of the Uhl building at the northeast corner of Front and West Market streets. Pottmeyer missed Mclntosh, and as he dodged around the corner Mclntosh fired at but missed him. Young Pottmeyer kept running and upon reaching the fro at door of his brother's saloon was maintained ^ntil the temper of tbe people who would likely attempt to avenge Pottmeyer's death has subsided. M'INTOSH'S STATEMENT, Mclntosh's statement was furnished the Pharos today by Mr. Mahoney, one of the attorney's. It is claimed that on Wednesday Me Intosh, who is a teamster, and who has made a business of sodding lawns and planting ?hade trees, col looted something like 160 due from A. Q. Jenkines, P. W. Moore and others. In the morning he appeared at Pottmeyer's saloon and having Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER OAPKS. "We have them from 75c and up.—Ladies' F«r Collarettes, special styles, \vitli new effects. misrepresentation in the quality of the Fur low as $148 up to $48.00 Childrens' Cloaks.—Come in for a full of attention. E^ery taste. Every price. EreryAg* has been accoinodated. Our Grand Autumn Bargain Sale is still in full force all this week. THE GOLEEN RULE. Very Newest 21 Shoes... And every pair Leather Lined, making them comfortable and water proof, so you can keep from -wearing Rubber Overshoes. In BOX CALF ENAMEL TAX and Vici Kid, made on the latest style lasts. Bull Dog Coin, WORLD'S meyer, who were In the saloon, and ,hey hurried back to where Mc- lntosh and Frank Pottmeyer were standing. The three brothers then threatened Mclntosh, who walked out of the rear side door Into t&e alley. "Now," said he, "you are a lot of cowardly stiffs. I can't whip you all at ooce, but if you corns at me one at a time I'll clean you all." The three brothers then stepped out Into the alley. All of a sudden Mc- lotosb heard some one say: "Look out!" Then he (Mclntosh) was knocked down with a rock thrown at him by Will Pott meyer, and which struck him on the side of the head, and that while he lay upon the ground Will kicked him in the back. These wounds are plainly visible. Upon regaining his feet Mclctosh first went to John Hill's butcher shop on Cicott street and asked for a gun. Failing to get it he picked up a large knife and started to leave the shop with It. The man at the shop told him he had better not take the knife, and not caring to be seen on the street with such a thing in his hand he laid it dowc again. Leaving the butcher shop he proceeded to the hoaae of ex-Deputy Sheriff Eeed Shewman, at 409 Melbourn avenue, and asked the loan of an old style Winchester repeating shot gun, single barrel, holding six shells, lever action beneath. He told Mrs. Shewman that he was going out in the country after trees. She gave him the guc >and a lot of shells. After leaving Mr. Shewman's residence, Mclntosh found that he could not load the gun. Down the street a short distance he saw Walter i Shewman, owner ot the gun, engaged I IfiQI1 ln P alnlin 8 * house, and asked the met by his sister. The latter had entered the saloon by the rear door and had come out of the front door to look for Will. As they were reentering the saloon, Will In the advance, Mclntosh, who was trying to get another shot at Will, fired. This Is the shot that wounded them both. POTTMEYER'S WARNED. Frank Pottmeyer had been warned of Mclntosh's threat to kill him by Walter Sfcewman. After Mclntosh left young Shewman at the ladder where he had been painting, the latter ran as fast as he could to Pottmeyer's saloon and told him of the threat and that Mclntosh carried a shot gun . THE WITNESSES. While there were no eye witnesses to the -shooting, William Layne Stephen Taber, Walter Shewman and Ed Pottmeyer were In the saloon at the time. There is a partition between the bar and pool room about eight feet high. This partition does not reach the ceiling, and Layne, Taber, Shewman and Ed Pottmeyer were In the bar room when the shooting occurred . RICHHART'S ADVICE. Al Blchhart met Mclntosh before the shooting and was told of the latter's intent. "You can't aSord to do such a thing," advised Rlchhart. "You have a wife and children, and will only involve yourself in serious trouble." I don't care," replied Mc- lntosh. -'I'll kill that fellow anyhow." COROXZB'S INQUEST. Coroner Busjahn. began his inquest late this afternoon. A post mortem examination was also-held this afternoon. Patrolmen Houghton cand Webster were the only witnesses examined today. Dollar and Half Dollar Toes. Ladies and Children's ROYAL PURPLE the newest colors in very fancy Silk Vesting Tops, making them very attractive. See them. 403 Broadway. THE BIGGEST MAN and the smallest in town, will g«% equal satisfaction ID tbe fit of hi* clothes if our tape Hn« ha« toe* around him. We have a tort of pride in fitting men that other tailor* can't please. It's tbe know-how that tells the taste, and our experience and observation has given M that. Come la and look over oar stock of Fall Goods, and try not to be amazed at the prices we quote. xT. HELRZ, Tailor, 409 Market Street. FALL AND WINTER Goods Nora On Exhibition. I have a complete line of HEATING STOVES at price* that will astonish you. 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