The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1956 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1956
Page 10
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PACT TEH BI/miEVILLI (ARK.) COURIER TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 19M Kefauver Backers Riding High in Iowa By BRUCE BIOS8AT NEA Staff C orreapondent DKS MOINES, Iowa — (NBA) — The De mocratic currents in Iowa ar« runninf strongl lor Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee. . If Iowa and Minnesota are at all typical o f U. S. farm sentiment, then the signs here an the Kefauver sweep in Minnesota suggest that Adlai Stevenson, the 1952 presidential nom nee, is not the farmers' candidate in 1956. Key politicians in both parties in Iowa agree that the blow to Steven, •on in Minnesota had swift repercussions in this slate. Some Steven- »on-leaners stopped leaning. Pence- litters got off on Kefauver's side. "Walt and see" became a watchword for many who fear to turn Ihe wrong way. Stevenson leaders insist the hurt IM not mortal, that their man still can grab a heavy majority of Iowa's 24 convention delegates at the June 1 Democratic state convention. They say they're still solid in all the right places. But among Kefauver men, a growing fraternity, chests are puffed out with new confidence. Top man, Cecil Malone of Atlantic, says the evidences of support are pouring in. "Originally we had only 21 men," hft said. "Now we've got 100 in the organization and they're well spread throughout the state. Most of the county chairmen in farm areas are with us. I guess I've got some chairmen I don't know I've got." Malone calls the senator's Iowa campaign a "nickels and dimes" operation up to date, but says the coins are flowing In faster now, with even a little folding money. "But we're still not big. We've got just one machine. We've got Kefauver." Stevenson's backers would accept Malone's modest estimate of his organization. They say he drew 300 •gainst his 25 at their first important meeting. They claim labor in Des Motaes and Davenport. They don't believe the farmer can't be theirs. But they acknowledge Minnesota was a black day. "Serious defeat" were the words one used. They know, too, that a lot of Iowa poll- ttcians haven't forgotten Stevenson's 350,000-vot* licking at President Eisenhower's hands here in ipij. It was one of the worst recorded Democratic reverses In a ESTES KEFAUVER: Fence- sitters uncrossed their fingers. "My boy* set up the chaiM. The put up about 1,100 that day, an most of them were filled. The sen tor won every Republican heart southwest Iowa." GOP leaders are among thosi who see Kefauver a greater vote getting menace to the Preslden than Stevenson in Iowa. Said on high-placed party official: "The senator's common touc just might work here. Stevenson I too smooth for us. But Kefauver 1 something else. He seems like an of us. lowans are not exactly sus picious. They simply like to look fellow over pretty good." Biding high, the Kefauver peopl are not making extravagant dele gate claims. They predict he'll tak "at least 12" of the 24 chosen to Chicago. Tills seems reasonable i the light of the fact he held nln Iowa delegates to the end of th 1952 convention. And the detache political viewers in the State sup port the present Kefauver claims. Should It happen that nelthe Stevenson nor Kefauver can muste the strength to take the Democrat! nomination at Chicago, Iowa' Democrats have no clear notio now where else they might turn. There's a smattering of talk fo I Gov. Averell Harrlman of New state replete with them over the | y orlc an( j Oov . G Mennen William long years. And friends of the former Illinois governor have to listen to complaints that he hasn't set foot In Iowa since the campaign began and evidently isn't going to. One ruffled Democrat ticked off a list of several speech dates for which he'd tried and failed to get Adlai. Kefauver, however, was here a bit more than a month ago, his eighth visit in the past five years. Impartial observers agree with the senator's supporters that he scored a smash with his patented homespun. Of a.bir lone said: iftair at Atlantic,: Ma- of Michigan. But It isn't substan tlal. At mention of Harrilnan, on Democrat scoffed: "Those who sa Harrlman are dreamers. He's go no appeal to the farmers at all." Sen. Stuart Symington of neigh boring Missouri might attract. H made a pretty good impression i a speech here not too long back, year ago his lame cropped u often, but then it faded. Now he back in the conversation. But this is looking well ahead. A the moment Iowa Democrats ar torn between Kefauver and Steven son, and the best judgment here 1 that the senator's coonskih Is near er the center of the ring than Ac lai's felt topper. Arkansas Is Represented In Pro-Segregation Group NEW ORLEANS <P) — Segregationist* from 11 states, including Arkansas, have formed the Citizens Councils of America. Jame* D. Johnson of Crossett, Ark., a former .state senator who ' head* the Arkansas Citizens Council, said yesterday the organization was formed so that the councils of the various states would have "one policy, and we'll all be pull- in f together." Arkansas was represented at the organizational meeting here Saturday by Johnson and attorney .Amis Guthridge of Little Rock, executive secretary of White Amer- ica Inc. State Sen. William Ralnnch, head of Louisiana's Joint Legislative Committee on Segregation, said the organization was formed to preserve "the reserved natural rights of the people and of the states. including primarily the separation of the races In our schools nnd all our institutions involving personal and social relations." Johnson estimated that more than 100 persons attended the meeting. Besides Arkansas nnd Louisiana, states represented included Alabama, Ploridn, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas nnd Virginia. Pop Kelly Gives Grace Some Advice By CYNTHIA LOWRY ABOARD SS CONSTITUTION (jB — The father of the bride had a heart-to-heart talk with his daughter, Grace Kelly, yesterday. Among other things he told her not to let people push her around. "After all," John Kelly said he told his daughter, "they aren't giving you anything, and don't let that protocol business get you. Be yourself and do what you want to do. You're an American and you don't have to do what they want you to do." Kelly dropped into his duuehter's stateroom for 10 minutes after noon yesterday. Grace,' like almost every one in the wedding party, slept Intc after a gay evening of charades, impersonations and singing that wound up at 5:30 yesterday morning. It was the first really relaxed evening she has enjoyed since sailing from New York to become the bride of PriiK-e Rainier Til of Monaco. Faubus to Attend Forestry Meet NEW ORLEANS HI—Oov. Orval Fnubus of Arkansas Is among governors scheduled to attend the first Southern Forest Fire Prevention Conference here Friday and Saturday. The meeting to consider methods of stopping criminal and careless forest fires has been endorsed by the Conference of Southern Governors. ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Kemember us for prescriptions Supreme Court 1 Rules in Favor Of Professor WASHINGTON WV- The Supremi Court yesterday denied New York City the right to fire a college pro fi^sor who invoiced the Flft! Amendment before the Senate In . security subcommittee. The decision applied to Dr. Har ry Slochower, who told the subcom mil tee he had not been R Commu nisi since 1941, but refused to say — on the ground that his answe might incriminate htm — whethe he had been a Communist party member In 1940 and 1941. Justice Clark delivered the 5- decision. Others who made up th majority were Chief Justice War ren nnd Justices Black, Frankfur tei'iBiid Douglas. Slochower was fired in 1952, tw weeks after he appeared before llr subcommittee. He was Brooklyi College teacher who had 27 year Coesoreon Film Edited NEW YC?K i,I>—The cunirovcr-' sial "Medic" TV film that showed a birth b\ caesarean seciion has been edited and rescheduled ror showing next Monday night on NB! C. The entire 90-second operation scene has been deleted. LOOK All DeKalb Seed Corn—White or Yellow, while it lasts $Q50 w Per Bu. Get your seed corn now while our stock is complete and remember more farmers plant DeKalb than any other Hybrid seed corn. Your DeKalb Dealer HARDY SALES & SERVICE Paint- Cbseout Many TTPCS And Coltn i Price Hubbard Hardware • We'll pick up prescriptions at your home or office, compound them and deliver the medicines—at no exira charge. Make a noic to call us next lime! Woods Drug Store Phone POplor 3-4507 Drill • FLASH CAMERAS Ktll I • MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 LEARN HAIR DRESSING EAGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL 2 NIGHTS WEEKLY AND ALL DAY SATURDAY _-OR SIX DAYS EACH WEEK For Complete Information PHONE POPLAR 3-3262 B LYTHEviLLE Animal Quarantines Ordered In Several Arkansas Cities By Th« Afwclaled Frew Animal quarantine* were ordered in two Arkansas cities yesterday ii an effort to prevent an outbreak of rabies. At Jonesboro, Mayor Herber Sanderson ordered a 10-day quarantine, effective today, lor all doge, or cats in the city. A similar quarantine was ordertd at Russellvllle by Polk County Coroner A. B. Tate, The Jonesboro quarantine came after a dog and a cat were diagnosed as diseased with rabies. The dog which died at an animal clinic Is not believed to have bitten anyone. - The cat, however, attackec Mrs. Ray Hatcher as she worked In her yard. She' now Is undergoing anti-rabies treatment. Mayor Sanderson said police would pick up all dogs and cats found running loose, and kill animals that are not tagged. Pemiscot Reports On Licenses CARUTHERSVILLE Eighteen couples received marriage licenses from the office ol James T. Ahern, Pemiscot county recorder of deeds, in March, They were issued to the following: John Edward Hudson, Barbara jicDaniels, Wardell; Boyd McCollun, Hayti, Birdie Mae Cross, Bragg City. Edward Lee Brandon, Lois Thomas, Caruthersville; George M. Stevenson, Christine Tennison, Caruthersville; Sam Collins, Elvee Hays, Wardell; Johnny Moya, Caruthersville: Helen Smith, Pascola; Wade Holland, Shirley Whltfield, Hayti; . Leroy Lockridge, Pascola, Retlia Lee Hudson, Hayti; Clay Barnet, May Belle King, Caruthersville; Wilbert Johnson, Ernestine Myers, Steele; Lee Harrison Gatewood, Dollie Friikes, Holland; David J. Anderson, Carine Standard, Braggadocio; David Crossett, Naomi Glass, Hayti; Frederick Franklin Johnson Jr., Boulder, Colo., Ora Wayne Meadows, Caruthersville; Joe Flowers Jr., Betty Sue Moore, Caruthersville; Orel Pitts, Lula Mae Carter, Steele; Joseph L. Simmons, Danna Nolen, Portagevllle; Prlntls DeWayne Cartee, Florence Mae White, Hayti. of service. The dismissal was automatic under the New York City charter. It provides for discharge of city em- ployes who refuse to answer questions of authorized investigative bodies on the ground of possible self-incrimination. FIRST New Hampshire was the first of the original 13 states to declare Its independence from Great Britain and adopt a constitution. The date wns Jan. 5, 1776, six months before the Declaration of Independence. Don't skimp on the picture when yov buy a Portable TV I AC Only $139.95 THI TRATMORE (Mod.l YJ8I4)-Smort Trend U» ityling in two-tone color com- binatiooi, Hew, compact da-' jign virtually eliminates ugly "bubble" On bock of sef. Has many exclusive ZENITH picture and sound producing feature*. Wrought iron slond available ot extra cost. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 213 W. Main St. Phone PO 2-2015 A skunk found to be with rabies at Russellville yesterday was second such animal found In the area slnn March 22. A diseased skunk WM found earlier nt nearby Dover. It had bitten several dogs. Marked Tree only recently lifted an inimal quarantine. fofct Thatf KM. (fl - A would-be robber m*y think twice before he picks once »••» on 16- year-old a. W. B«iley. The husky young masked man pushed hit way Into Bailey's house and demanded money. Bailey grabbed him' by the arm, tossed him out the door and into the front yard. The man lied. Read Courier News OlajBifted Ads A prized gift from Gen. Morgan of Morgan's Raiders was Old Confederate General Morgan sent a demijohn of Old Crow lo Dr. Fox, a friend in Lexington, Ky. NOW IN A MILDER, LOWER. PRICED 80 PROOF BOTTLING! KENTUCKY STRAISHT BOURBON WHISKEY Old Crow 1OO Proof Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey available as usual OM* CROW THE OLD CROW DISTILLERY COMPANY, DIVISION OF NATIONAL OISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORPORATION, FBANKF08T. UK, MH50 With HYDRAMIC POWER by MASSEY-HARRIS! built to trigger a new tractor age . . . We Will Demonstrate This Tractor On Your Own Farm At No Obligation To You! Call Today. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction" N. Highway 61' Ph.2-2142 WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS ... BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main Phone S-J1M Here's a new gasoline at the price of regular that will give knock-free power to millions of cars which have required premium fuel! Mobilgas the Run Gasoline! Yes Sir! Here's a new gasoline at the price of regular, powered with hlghflf than ever octane and new gas saving MC4 that will give smooth, knock-free power and even more miles per gallon. We say "premium-action" because its octane has been raised to that o( premium grade of only a few years ago. MC4, in New Mobilgas R, is the most effective combination of chemical additives ever put in any gasoline. Here's how MC4 boosts engine power, efficiency and saves gas — • Controls harmful preignJtion • Extends spark plug life—corrects spark plug misfiring • Cleans carburetors — keeps them clean • Reduces stalling SAVE THE DIFFERENCE Seven out of ten cars on the road today can now use Mobilgas R with MC4. Try Mobilgas in your carl DRIVING A NEW SUPER COMPRESSION CAR? You need the highest octan* ga»o- tine to prevent harmful engine knock. We make another grade of Mobilgas — new super compression Mobilgas Special. It's specially refined to meet the peak power demands of all 1956, '55 and '54 super compression V8 cars. Further improved with new, gas-saving MC4 to give you even more power, even more miles per gallon! MAO NO LI A PKTROI-BLJM OOM PA NY

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