The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1931
Page 3
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4 ONJJAY,_APjyj i _oq,_1931_ —;— (ARK.) COURIER NEWS When Cobb Family Was Happy Group PAGE THREt, rrfc^nr I'inMies Tli'rcl in JoiiWioro Meet: Spencer Is IJipJ) Scorer. ed py thr-lr brilliant clnr. John tin? PayaRoiild Bulldogs pt to vU'lorv In the annual mil- DUu-icl track mccl at o H.uininy. The Bulldogs a lolal of SO 1 ? points !<• ''IIS- niylhevillo Chirk.isaws shed in second place with 40 lie .}ion"sbnvo Hurricane, victor r lfr> Chicks in n recent final •t f'.hi,!iL>;l In Hi!rcl petition v.-Hli tK>i|its. Other leanis finished as o\vs: IVpol 10. Reclov 7, Tru- nn 7. Hitnlsuiirv 0. Marked Tvi:e Cteebla 4. Tyroim 4 and iiceyn.r jipcncer'r," sprinting ami jumping le Ilk oiitslanJini; features in a |{t filled with thrills While Jt filled with in ll-i; 'century was only or- thc furlong ry-hc clipped rff ;3 S ii'comls to tie Ihe district rd sM hy Gowcrs of Piggoll. • performance of J. T. CraiK. EVll"^, in inalcliin^ the 440 rcl'of.55.2 seconds set by Goi> Priefson in. 1025 was vemv.'k- while Branson of Rector set ew.javelin record with a toss of fed, Iwo inches. Spencer's point .1 was 13 1-3 points. Ty Craig, Pete Crnig and R. Ason- were Ihe only first place ncis en Iho Blylheville squad, esgits: »-yard Dabh-Spencer. Pan- ld.:.Tirst; J. T. Craig. Blytlieville, mdi Laplcies, Osrcola. third; *nlhal,.Patagou'.d, fourth. Tim-'. second^. 20-Yard- High Hurdle;—Justice Bgbliltl, first; Haro'd Smilh. icstobro, second: Salmons, Jonjs- o, ---third: Shelby. ParagouU Ml: Time, 17.5 seconds. Icdley Relay--Pissoll (Thrasher derfnod, MeClcsky, Gordon). t; Blylheville (Fisher. Secoy. Al- udxf. Nelson), second; Paragoul^ oschilial. W. Umlcrivood, L. Un- •wobd. McLcmore). third; Jones•o :<\Varden. Piokls, A. Smith daris), tourlh. Time. 'J minutes j seconds. >ole; Vault—Phillips. Paragould it: isingleiary, Parsgould, anc" V),' M.«-!:r3 Tree, lierl for seconJ I•-third; Warden, Jonesboro irth,; Height. 10 feel 3 inches, ir.ot Put—Dreher, Jr.nesbiro. firs' Craig. Blylheville. se:ond; West- kpBlylheville, third; Singletary. igoirld, fourth. Distance, 4! feet inches. .lile. Run—Smith, Tyronza. firs'," Jpnesbcro. second. Time, 5 nut<is,'3ij seconds. (Exhibition, no ints . toward sweepstake.). :40 J Yard "Dash—J. T. Craig. Bly-; Tlirnsher. Phi :lt. :ond; ' Ybiing, Paragould. third; ibrpy. Jonesboro, fourt'i. Timn ,2 ij?coiids. (Tied dislrict re:Dri). Bh J^inip--Ricc, Trr.:mnn. firsl Emllh. Jonesboro, second; Sin- •tary nnd Spencer, Paragenld, and ihby/' Marked Tree, tied for third |d fpnrMi.-Height, 5 feet. 7 inchr? 20-Yard Dash—Spencer, Para- nld,!;first; J. T. Craig. Blylhcville. •ond; Iiipides, Osccola, Ihird- Tyronza, fourth. Time, 23.:i :onHs. •lanimer Throw—P. Craig. Bly- IcvIIfe, first; Smiih. Harrisburg. onii; Wagner, Paragould, third; rjoack. Marked Tree, fourth. DIs- |ice;'132 fcst 4'.-i inches. JwO-^Yard Low Hurdles—Salmons, jnestioro, first; J. T. Craig, Ely- second; H. Smith, Janns- Iro,:. third: 1 Walker, Paragoulrt, firtli. Time, 23.2 seconds. Discus Throw—Drchcr, Jones- |ro, r-iirst; Weslbrook, Blytlieville ond; Smith, Harrisburg, lliirj; Craig. Blytlieville, fourth. D:s- hce^llS feet 5 inches. (New dis- Icl record). !-Yard Run—Nelson, Dlythe- . first; Gordon. Piggott, s?CDnd; :;, Rector, third; Gary, Sha-.'' fourth. Time, 2 minutes, 14-4 I Broad Jump—Spencer, Paragould, lit: Singleliry. Parasonld, second; lorl, Blylhcville, third; Warden, licsboro. fourth. Dislance. 20 fee'. linches. Tlavelin Throw—Branson. Rector, Ll; Smith, Tyronza. second; Dre- |r, Jonesboro, Ihird; Burns. Bly>ville. fourth. Dislance, 1G2 feet Indies. 0-Yard Relay—Paragould l\V. lidcrwood, Rosenthal, L. Under- lod find Spencer), firsl; Janeiro (Buchanan. Smith, Warden Id Pickle), second; Trumann lice. Pruilt. Martin and McCoy), Krdi.'Harrisbnrg (Thorne, Pitts, ]issinglll and Holmes), fourth, ne. 1 minute, 38.3 seconds. t\!;lc • Relay--Piggolt (McClusky. bwcrs, McNeill and Thrasher), pi; Paragould (McLemore, Young. Unrtsnvood and Spencer). sec- Id; Jonesboro (Buchanan. Cov- pton,|Mabrcy nnd A. Smith) third: (Sccoy, fisher. Nelson |rt Cfalg), fourth. Time, 3 mln- , 4J seconds. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufcr Mackrnen Take Yankees and Cu'.js Halt Cards; Giants Set Braves Back. Tv;enty-llnce years of married life mny end In the divorce court for Mr. and Mrs. Tyrus Raymond Colib. shown with their family In this picture taken shortly after the fcrmcr major league star's retirement (ran baseball. Charging cruelty, Mrs. Cobb has filed suit ft;ainst h:r husband at AuiMislu, Ga. Left lo risht are Shirley Cobb, Mrs. Ty Uobb, Herschell end Jimmy Cobb, Ty Cobb, Beverly Cobb, and Ty Cobb. Jr. CS . .'STARS Play it APT KPF.M7. SK'etCrt WILLIE -TURCADIM6 HIS OJSIGUT AGAIUST THE LE& At top OT tHE MASHIE PltCH Birds Have Had Easy Picking V/ith Mohi'e Bu' Travelers Close Behind bjWUUAHBRMCHffi many golfrrs have the Too wrong impression about, shifting Ihe weight lo Ihe right le^. 1 think .he golfer would improve his back- a grtal deal if hi^ woul.1 bear In mind to throw the \v:ight against a stiffened right les '.n-itead of onto H. With, the weight against the right, leu II is only natural lhat il-,-: hsad will be kept still and Ihe body rotate mostly above the hips. The style of Willie McFarlane is adapted lo illustration. The New Orleans Pelicans won aR:iin yesterday and with only on? ciefeat v. p cir> setting the pace in the Dixie loop at the close uf Sunday games. The Liltlc Rocl: Travelers were in second placo and the Barons and Lcokcuts divided third place. Tiic Travelers came from behind lo win a closely played slug Test [ran Ihc Chicks, 55 to 7 at Memphis. The Travelers got 15 nils to subdue the Chicks. Newsome was the whining liurlcr. The Pelicans won over the Mo- | bile Marines' asa-n, 10 lo 4A Fred Jolinsun. crack righthander, lurned the Irick for h';r, second'win of the season. The Marines got 12 hits but failed to concentrate their, binjlcs. Touchstone hurled the Barons lo a win o-'or the Chattanooga Look- o;i'.5 C to 4. Eisemnn of Birmingham and Deshiel ol the Ixxikouls hit homers. The 'Atlanta Crackers went 10 innings to win over the Nashville Vo's at Na>,hvl!le. The score 14 to 12 An umpiiv's decision resulted 1:1 20 minutes of argument at the clcse of the ninth and cost the Vols Ihe ball game at thai time. The ump, as usual won the arju- mcnl. Will Mic Make It? nobhy Jones Is the greatest golfer who i^vcr won the National Open. By the same token Macdonald 5mith of the Carnouslle Smiths, is the greatest golfer who never did. Tivcnty-onc years ago this star bla7ed brighlly on the fairways for Ihe first time. That was in Ihe National Open at the Philadelphia Cricket Club, when his brother George introduced him to cham- piouship ?olf only to sec still an- cther of the farn'oiu^ brothers, Alex, v;i:i a three-cornered playoff between Alex, Mac and J. J. McDcr- niott. low He Fou;hl Whn.t a Mnc Smith was Tlir-ic teams, the Glanls, Braves and Cardinals were deadlocked for (irsl place lionets ill Ihe close of the fiisl six days of play In Ihc Nallonal U-ngiie race. In 11:,? American li-asiiv the WiishlnBlon Senators V:\io liwl the fust game of tlifc season to the Macks wcr« out In front with four vlcorles against their loiv_> defeat. The • Chicago Cubs halted the CardnaLs' earh' season drive y.?s- trrday bv uMng the National Champs their llrst setback. 4 to 1. Charley Hrot limited the Cards lo six hlls while his males gol enough binilcs lo win. Tlv» Hohton Braves humped Inlo their first defeat nl Ihe hands of Ihe New Yo:k GSant 1 ;, 9 lo 2. Fred | l-'ilzsimmons held Ihe Braves lo Elv hits while his males hit Ihe of- fcrhiKS of Ih? Brave pitchers for 14 hits Th" Pitisburrh i'lriiles won over Ihe Cincinnati Reds 5 lo 1. The Reds fol cluhl hits mid six bases mi bulls but lacked the punch In the ninch. Kronwr was (he winning inirler. A single bv Pinch Hlller Me- Curclv in Ihc Icnth Inning gave Iho Phillies a C lo 4 victory over the Brooklyn Robins. Tlie Dodgers, who hav,^ yet to win a game, made an effort to cop but coiild nol put across, the necessary nms. Brown Kept tbe Boston Red Sox's hits well frnllercd and his mates Ihe Wasliinotcn Sena'lors shut out Boslonlans 8 lo 0 to continue setting Ihe American pace. Tlie Sen- alors made Ihelr hits ' count. Rube Walberg went the route for the PhllaMphla Alhlcllcs to trim Ihc New York. 3 lo 2. Jimmy Dykes and Lou Gehrig hit homers. Rntf- tiiv .was the losing hurlcr. The Detroit TiRcrs downed the Cleveland Indians In a slugfcst, to 2. WhltehlH kept the'Indlans In hand while Wes Ferrrll was knocked out of the box and'credilcd will the loss. Vosmlk and Slone hll hoir.?rs. Tlie Chicago White Sox jumpci n three Brownie hurlers for a 12 o 6 victory. The 15 hlls Included Ix doubles, and two triples. Foil Brownie pitchers tried tlvlr lucl HOW THEY STAND SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. New Orleans 5 Little Rock 4 Birmingham 3 Chatlanooga ....' 3 Allanta 3 Nashville 2 Memphis 2 Mobile 1 Pel. .333 .561 .GOO Sleele High Wins Annual Peniiscot Track, Field Meet ,. STEELE, Mo.. April 20.—Sleele high school, with 45 points, was awarded first place In Ihe annual track and field meet of Pemlscot county held here Salurday. Other schools finished as follows: Carnlhcrsville -10, Holland 20. Hav- li 18, Decring 1714. Braggadocio \-., Cooler 0, Warden 0. Gillette of Caruthersvilb awarded the silver slipper as pohit man of the meet, scoring 18'i l»inU of his team's 40. Jenkins of then! The first thirty-six holes of the lournanent siw Alex with- 146 and Mac with 152. Dermotl was between, them wilh 148. In third round "McDcrniolt marked down n 15, glvhig him 223 Alex came in with a 19 and Muc, com- ins from behind, scored a 15, mak In? their score's 225 and 227. Four slrokcs behind McDermol as tlio last round started, Ma Smith Bave one of the finest dem onstraticns of fishling from behlnc that has been se?n in Ihe naliona tournaments. McDermolt came i with a 15. \vrote down his fina ft as 298 and sat mack lo see if Ihey could beat that. Along came Alex, with a hair-raisini? 73, throw- in? the affair into a tie. Then came Mac. clicking birdies and eagles with the saioolh precision of a machine, to scor? a brilliant 71 and make it 233-all. • • • Disappointment In the playoff. Alex simply could not be bcnten. He played his best round, scoring a 71; McDcrmott shot a 75, and Mac came In weary, nerve-shaken and disconsolate with a 77. But he showed fightm? qualities in Hint tournament lhat have made him a dangerous threat In every big event since then. Even last year in the final round at intc-rlachen. against Ihc Sa\. McKaln was th vinntiig luirlcr. ri WOKE PACK- NOT BV 0i LOH&SKJT// DID YOl! KNOW Til AT— Mr. G. II. liuth has nbandon- ed the haberdashery business . . . while In St. Petersburg, your corrcsixmUont nsked him how he liked the necktie business . . . "Punk", replied the Great Man . . . "1 didn't Invest a dime,nnd didn't get a dime, but I'm supposed to haye something like one grain! ($1000) .In royalties coming" . . . the other day the 'stock was sold at auction . . . maybe he'll -get a couple of collar buttons out of 11 yet. . . . Third Baseman Ossle Blucijc of the Senators confides that he Intends to bat .300 this year for the first time . the clon?st he ever came to it was 235 .in .I9V9,. .. .,-Jasl.ycat: he hit .290 .;. and his lifetime bis league average is .270. land won, 10 lo 0. Cooler made 0 runs. 12 hils, 1 error nnd Holland made 10 runs, 14 lilts nnd no errors. Batteries (or Cooler ; wcrc Ashcr nnd Bixlcr and for Holland, Edwards and Gcstring. The official opening of the Southeast Missouri Sunday Baseball league will be next Sunday. A theory advanced- by a Roman cows fed legume hay give more and richer milk, has been proved Irue by U. S. Dcportvumt of Agriculture exivrlmcnts. svrllcr In UK first century, that' elecoral college. The residents of Hawaii and Alaska, like the residents ol the DUttlct of Columbia, cannot voU for IVii President and Vice President of the United States. Only stales have representation In thi! NATIONAL I.EAOUE W. L. 4 St. Louis Boslon New York Chicago Pittsburgh Philadelphia Brooklyn Cincinnati AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Washington 4 1 New York 3 2 SI. Louis 3 2 Cleveland 3 2 Philadelphia 2 3 Chicago 2 3 Detroit 2 3 Boston 1 4 .5M. Slecle was second with !8' .SOU | The 100-yard dash, the firs', event .400 of the day, was won by Jenkins of .333 Stccle, with Burns of Steelc sscond. .161 and Jackson of Holland third. Time 10.5 seconds. ] Shot Pul—Alien. Deerlng. first; ] Pet. Gillelte, Carntr.ersville, second; .800 i Lawrence. Holland. Ihlrd. Distance 800 39 feel 5 3-4 Inches. .801' 120-Yard High Hurdles-Gillette. 'otV?! Caruthersville, first; Martin. Ca- 5-W ruthersville. second; Meflcr, Steele, hird. Time 17.5. Javelin—Jenkins, Steelc. and Little. Holland, t!ed for first; Carlcr, Sleele, third. Distance 139 feet 9 nchcs. 220-Yard Dash—Prince. Caruth- .400 .000 .003 Pel. .800 .6IW .600 .000 .400 .100 .40(1 .203 Team Swamps Dyelrsburg ,Tenn., Nine fh? j'Osccola Indians easily de- ktedi'the Dyerr.bnrg. Tcmv hide-. Indenls at Occola Sunday after- Ion, n to '4. The Indians enjoyed | s jmc -test liittin? everything Hie "ssec pilcliers had to offer Ihc visitors were imabie to lire Uic Oscrola luirlcr. d' Courier News want ads GAMES TODAY SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis at ChattanTMa. l- : t*h Rock al Nasl'villc. Mcblle at Birmingham. New Orleans al Allanla. AMERICAN T.F,A(U!K Chicago al St. Louis. Detroit al Cleveland. Boston at Washington. Philadelphia at New York. NATIONAL LEAGUE New York at Boston (Iwo games.) Brooklyn al Philadelphia. St. Louis at Chicago. PiUsburgh at Cincinnati. ersvillc, flrsl; Jenkins. Steele, second; Coppage, Caruthersville, third. Time 24.5. Pole Vaull^-Slrief. Tfayli, first: Turner, Holland, second; Klni;. Holland, and ShocmaXer, Hayti, tied for third. Height 10.6. (New county record). 440-Yard Dash—Prince. Caruth- crsvllle, first; Burns. Steele. second; Duncan, Haytl, Ihlrd. Time 57. Broad Jump—Jenkins. S'.eele first: Kin?, Hayll. seconl; Marlln. Deering. Ihlrd. Distance 19 feet 10 Inches. (New record). 220-Ynrd Low Hurdle—Carlcr. Sleele, first; Prince, Carulhcrsville, second: Bernard. Carulhersvlllc, third. Time 29.5. Discus— Gillette, Carulhersville, firsl; C.irler, Steelc, second; Allen, Deering. third. 880-Yard Run—Weaver, Steele first; Duncan, Haytl, second; Sides Carulhersville, third. Time 2:15.3. High Jump—Gillette, Carulhers- ville, first; Martin, Dcerlng, and King, Holland, second; Dye, Brag he started cutting into Jones' figures In such an amazing way, lhat Ihe Georgian's supporters became alarmed. Starling seven strokes behind Jones In the last round, he ramc to within a couple of strokes of tr^ Geor?ian's final score, and the Jones eallery sighed with relief aftcr Mac sank his final pult and Jones was safe They said 20 years ago that it would not be lonfi before Mac Smith became Nallonal Open champion. Dnl he never was. The 925 lournarr.ent at Prestwlck is •har.iclerislic of his experience. He leld a comfortable load and could nave won easily by shooting par jolf. The gallery suddenly became unmanageable and slampcdcd In his palh. His game cracked. Time and again when II seemed his chancos were brighl, sonic litlle aad break came along and upset his shots. • • * One More Effort N"w he I? at Carnoiislle, playing daily over the course where the British Open championship will be held Ihls summer. Weeks ago he 'eft his pro Job at Great Neck, L. I, determined to make one more -;rcat effort to gain a national tills. Those who remember how the tales have fooled him so often are watching him and hoping that Mac finally will fool them back. He Is a fisher still, just as he was In his first tournament 21 years ago, still coming frcm behind with new hope. the Southeast, Missouri Snndny Baseball league, played an cxhlbl-. lion game at Cooler Suniiay. Hoi- I Planting Seed For Sale Mis-IM No. 2, @ $50.00 per ton, Dclfos 911, @ $"15.00 per ton. Seed giiiivantpccl pure and germination lest 987°. ••This : Mis-Del fa one year from breeding station. Slnpie 1 :-8 inch, thirds" itself. The rnoSt 'Sfit'is'fac-' lory collon 1 have ever grown. Trices F. 0. B. Grider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs Grider, Ark. Holland Amateurs In Win Over Cooler Nine COOTEU, Mo.—Cooler and Holland baseball teams, members of New Orleans Cotton NEW YORK, April 20. (UP) — Collon closed'steady. May ... July ... Oct. .., Dec. .. Jan. .. Mar. .. Spols 1030. . Open High . 1030 1031 . 1056 1053 . 1092 1097 . 1116 1122 . 1125 1129 . 1135 1157 1026 1053 1087 1111 1123 1134 Close 1032 1059 1095 1118 1127 1149 quiet and unchanged at New York Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 20. (UP) —Co'.ton closed steady. Open High Low Close May .... 1028 1031 1027 1035 July .... 1054 1063 1053 1061 Oct 1088 1098 1088 1096 Dec 1112 1122 1111 1120 Jan 1122 1130 1122 H30b Mar 1147 1151 Spo!s quiet at 1011, up 1. Courier News Want Ads Pay. gadocto, and Strief. Hayll, third. Height 5.5. 880-Yard Relay— Slerle, first (Carter, Jenkins, Bell nixt Burns): Caruthersvilld. second, and JIayll third. Time 1:40. Typewriters Adding Machines Repairing — Rebuilding — Rentals-—Ribbons—Carbon — Adding Machine Rolls Acton Printing Co. Typewriter Dept. Phone 10 To Party-Line Telephone Users We are MW in a position to offer you your own private telephone! Your personal telephone usage muse have grown along with tliis modern season. Busy people require siijjtcitnt, personal telephone service. Have you ever considered the usefulness and economy of your own private telephone? Why it is Economy to possess one: 1. It is your own to use just as your radio or car. 2. It is a I ways ready for in- coining and outgoing calls. 3. Maximum privacy is assured for confidential conversation. or an accident when speed is everything. 5. Only one ring . . . your own. 6. Your number will be niorcpcrmanentlyyourown .. . even if you later move (within chesameexchangc). 7. No party-line letter 4. Instantly available in aftcr >' our number to cal1 ' cmcrgcncicslvitli Baby sick 8. No charge for changing. i The difference for a personal, private line is lull SOc a month if you now have a two-parly: 75c if a four. Hy calling 12000 now full delails can be obtained without obligation. I Or if rorcconvctikiit, any telephone £ni[-lo)-« amaij: "T| )O.;r jcqiuinrancrl will £la<|])' diKim the 2Jvjr.cj£c5 L ol i kttcr grade of service ar.J lunJlc your order. JJ SOUTHWRSTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. A

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