Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 7, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1896
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VOL. XXI. LOGANSPOKT, INDIANA, TUESDAY MORNINO, JULY 7, 1896. NO. 162 JULY Is the Honth for Great Dry Goods Bargains. Shirt Waists at 500 on the Dollar. Wash Goods at Less Than Cost. For Example 25 Pieces, 25 Cent Wash Goods for 1=2 Cents. 400-411 BBOADWAT. 306 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date . , Have been In great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than onrs. ImportantFeatures ... In the make-np ot our clothes work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. LOST $15 By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES whlch'must be Sold, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS LAMPS OILS GRAPHITE CEMENT . REPAIR KITS ENAMEL ' " SADDLES TIRES TO'E CLIPS ENAMELING BRAZING BELLS LOCKS , VULCANIZING OLD TIRES Made Good OB New ZINN & COMPANY. 202 Sixth Street. 'UMMtR >T LES Straws That 'Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that it must have blown a tremendous .gate towards Fisher's, for they have straws of nil] the new shapes and sizes, stnvws In straw color and any other color you wteh piled on tliclr shelves aad waiting to. be called "the last straw".IB the newest style bougbi at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logansport. Light Derby'0, light nobby straw, hats and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what we i/ave a big run on now. . .; •; || nORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Are always appreciated and especially so when they are tastefully gotten up. ' THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a specialty of . PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, BILLHEADS,: STATEMENTS, CIRCULARS, ETC.-ETC. INVITATIONS, NOTE HEADS CARDS, Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. •NEWSY GOSSIP,, Latest Concerning the Preliminaries of Democratic Convention. • for Senator TurpTe'S' 'nomination, wmcn appeared to have 1 ''bee-n; coincident In Its Inception with.' the -arrival of tho Mat- thows' club from, Indianapolis Sunday ovenlriK. "Is the movement Klncere, or if •It.simply a. scheme to kill on* Matthews'/" was asked. • '"..'-' "If certainly la sincere," ansv+fred Johr, R. Wilson, ex-clerk of Marlor. county (Indianapolis). "Tho only organization of any force on the ground Is'that-o'f the bimetallic K-affue. •andMhovrimnugers of t.hiu organization ju.st sit .Ijapk and say: Turple.' Why, Sunday night, "there were voluntary assurances of support from several state delegations, Including those of Nort'hXarolInn, which, I am told, Is solid for.Turple; of Alabama, Georgia and other southern states. Those people down there can't go Teller, and th'oy think that Turple Is the man tor the time and the occasion." • . ' • "Weil."'said Mr. Oscar Henderson, cx- audlto^.of state. "I ho'po'the delegation will make no mistake. Senator Turple is an able 1 man, with a clean record nnd a leas assertive man It would be hard to finrl. - -.— -----.- -.-:--•• ... He Is .modest almost to the point of timid- tor trust, tlv;y will recon.v n ttn(3 nevcr spent an nour jn sc lf-seek- orlty a man.'i-he'.sltveT'incn 1 , lntf- " • .The Indiana delegation, it Is reported, have decided not to rcelect S. P. Shccrln o.s 'tlie'lr .representative on the national committee. • ,.-. |.Niitloiiul Commltloe Meeting. • " 'The '-Palmer house was the center ot ^convention life and movement Monday morning, the meeting,of.tho national corn- Boom Started for "Purple—Meeting- of National Committee—Senator Jones Speaks. ' , Chicago, July C.—Col. Evan Howe'll, of the Atlanta Constitution; who will probably be the member fi-om Georgia on th<i committee oil resolutions, .dltfcusslligjtlie general 1 situation Monday morning,.'said: "Tho'slTvor dcrnocrat:i have;determine;!-to control 'the lemporair.y ; 'orgar.izatioii of'tin-, convention, but Uiey have-not', yet', settled; upon anybody. IT a .majority .of' the na- tlonn! committee recommend a-man whom they tlp.-Jiot wan ir.onu'Vt.p-'-'htf minority a desh-o'and then both repprtK<w,lll"'.be;Sut>-; rnlttediffo the convenliori ; -.and'.'tho silver will vote for the minority report" niutftncy exrfcct to organize' the -convention? HS'think Senator Harrfe will be per- mi!!tioji;t;Chulrman and.'Mr.. To.wle, of MIs- Bou-'rif"Hvlll be secretary,"-••.,• .,.;.'.;; SvWJti/ asked what he thought ought to K''ijcii)u v wl!,h respect to the tariff question, Mi'.' Kjftvell replied that he thought the propq'ri-'ihlnfr for thi« convention to do was to-riMftlopt the tariff plank oMSS-l. '"The subst'ance o£ that plunk," he continued "was*'that we should have tarlft sufllc.lent. to meet the needs o£ the. pove'rn.mqn.!;,. economically administered,- and,-so as,to protfcj.'' the Industries of this ..country. csnlnst/iliL' pauper labor of Europe;. The tiirl'll'flt 1SS-I Is the best platform, the demo- craJtKVvpaj'ty has had ' since .the;'War,;.and every"ialr-mlndcc! man Is in 1'avorof that kln.if. &f-a tariff. 1 •• ;;..; • 1; > 1 ..- 1 "A's.'to Cuba, there Is some difference-oil opihlcrn whether wo ous'ht-to say ivnythlng aboutMt or not. The prevaillns-seixlmeiH Is that a dccluratlon In tavoi-'.ofeutia will- prevail I think whatever is said will be very;'pronounced. There Is DO '''Issue .upon • th'atJKThc declaration will bc-jUBt' In-line of, the- democratic party In ,lhe time of President Monroe. • . .-;•;• . •..••.-..:.•-. . "Of. the candidates nobody-oan tell anything. The situation is Justi .as badly, mixed aa It was two weeks ago. There la a clisijosltlon to nominate a Democrat .it: they can find one that can carry.t-ho;elec-.- tlon. There Is a- great deal of;-dissension- bt'fvecn the friends of those liere-now, each claiming that the other candidate cannot carry the country. It;is our; duty, to find a..man who can carry iilie^electlon end enforce the principles for;which wo will declare." Not CandJdatna. .. ... {...-.-. .:.„•: Notwithstanding the Instructions.-ol the . Mississippi state democratic .convention, the na'mo of Senator E. C. "WaTchali'-wIll SJWATOR DAJS'IEL. OF VIRGINIA. Jinittee attracting.'within Its walls the 'pi-eat throng of-'.visitors and hangers-on who were- desirous, .of obtaining tickets of admit-islon. B'elate'd delegations came In, qonipletlng the-roster.of the states and territories, and 1 these -were interspersed with clubs and bands, who added to the din. Noticeable among the latter were the Bland club of "the kingdom -of Calloway. SIo.""- and a party of Kentucklans, making 1 the air ring with Imitations of college •yells, the principal refrains b.eir.g "'Dick. Dick, Silver Dick," and "Joe,'Joe Blackburn Joe," Their march through, the-cor- DIAGRAM' OF.-; : I-N,TERIOR OF'CHICAGO .COLISEUM. '; [Shoeing tho arrttngoments ot the hall for tho•• democratlcCnatlonal convention.; naors was' aitenaea oy a. tumuiiuous rot he presented to the natlonal-.conven tlon for the nomination..foirjnpredldent Benator-olect Money said ;hls.:. colleague recognised the fact that the candidate would not be taken from the souths and was perfectly well, satisfied with the :hono conferred 'upon him- by the action o<>thc »,tate convention. With that he..would let 'the.;matter rest. vTbe Virginia delegation, at: Senator Daniels" request, have decided not-;to. present hlB'naipe as a candidate for vice president. '•!/•" '•" ';' : ..1 } Notice* of Contentii of contest have been'received'by committee In -rcgara to 'the delegations: Eleventh district; Indiana; Sev- enth-'v<llstrlct, John P. Fronzel-:; against CJiarJei; M. Cooper; Michigan,' three dls trictili'Xnot specified); Nebraska,'.the whole d«lerit(on: Ohio, Eighteenth district, Claris;and Raff against Schw.eHse.i; -and PattsV South Dakota, the yvhoU'di t)'on,."T« xas ' the whole delegation.; ; .'^Cohfijessman Bailey, speaklnK,..ol the cAnfelitants from Texas, said: !'We.,wou)a bo ygiy glad,to get rid of the whple outfit. The.pifty would be stronger for. their haying; left it. They have not been injiarmony '•,"!>*» '• D. 8. TURPIE, OF INDIANA: with the great bulk of th.o democracy oC the state- since 1892, when Clarke, who la at tho head of the contestants. -.^an as an Independent candidate, for Ko'yejrpojyThey cannot control, at the outsldeV'rtiore than 6,000 or .7,000 votes.". . . . : The Marching" Clubn. . ^ • The march of the campuign^c.lubi.h8.9 begun. In addition to the Bland' toomor* and the India-na men and others who arrived- Sunday, the TopekaXKan.) Flambeau. club, 200 strong, arrived at 11' o'clock Monday. morning. The Jackaonlan . club 'of • Om'ahu, numbering 250, and .,; t^o. Bryan' club' of 'Lincoln, Neb.. 300 -strpng,!; the last named wearing larKe'white^Birtln' badge* with the motto in black .letters.. an Inch high: "I am a democrat," .'also" cam*; in Monday morning on a special-train^ .;',..-.-. • : -' ' •' Tiiipple'li Bporo.^.': ; ^ ':_,".'-•' '. _ The prevailing topic oif- discussion, about the Indiana.. headauarter«."wa» -the. ;boom .throng. . When'tho committee.wont,into session .at ten o'clock to arrange for a distribution t)f convention: tickets,-.-.there was a full a.t- tehdntnce.-.. ";'.••'•'-, •,-•••' Senator Joutn Addreiinei tho Committee. The conimlttbe : leaiaiembled at 12:45 and the first thing announced was "with regret" that the request of the press associations to be permitted to have a representative present during'the sessions could not be granted. Secretary Sheerin then called [he roll. It was stated, in .the lobby that the representatives'.; .of- the'• bimetallic league, would be-received;-'.'Senator 1 Jones, of Arkansas, was spokesman for the delegation from the league. He addressed the committee and stated that the selection of anyone who. was in accord with the ideas of .the silver.men' would be.acceptable to them for temporary chairman. Ho urged In tho interest ot 'Harmony that the wishes of tho majorlty..bo;'.hot' antagonized. He was given a respectful .hearing and then 'Withdrew wlthout^any. 'reply being mad.; to hia request. '•"';':';, ' It was decided'-by-a secret vote to proceed first to the settlenierit of the contests for seats In the 'convention, or rather for places on the 'temporary roll. It was stated that the gold'contestants from Texas had withdrawn theiir'contest and would press It no further." .The' various contestants were called iirito the room and Mosiri; Frenzel and'Cooper, of the Seventh Ihdlnina d'lsti-lcf." Clarke and RanT, and. Schwaltler arid. Potts, of the Eighteenth Ohio?'ex-Congressmaa Bryan, for Nebraska, and" the''Michigan', contestants,; were.'a'dmitted.. 'The case of the latter was flrat taken up.' . , , . " • ':'• SETTLE O3* DANIEI. , . . J • The Vlrglnlrt Senator Will Probably Be ; '• I- . •.Temporary. Chairman"Chicago, July C.—The committee appointed .by the silver men to look after their Interests in the.matter of the selection of a temporary chairman Cor the convenUon, held 'a final conference.Monday morning and decided that they would, not appear before the national committee In a formal mariffer and suggest a: .candidate'for that office * The .meeting wasi'attended by the full' membership and the,.whole,situation "was' again'very, carefully gone over. Mean- 1 whlJe''the silver members ol the national committee had been /aeen .and' another uroBrammo.has r beeiiiigrcea upon. . '. v aenator Jones; -o^Arkansaa, acting as spokesman for the-sllver>icommittce, II was determlhedJ.'Bhould.rappeaT.before the na;-. tional eomnilt.t£c;andinakeastatement that the silver men'had'no name'to suggest, but that'they-wollld-be: ready to abide by such ; action as. the silver minority of ; .th« committee might : dedda-upbhWTh1s was .dona to avoid the appearance-of'dictation by the silver men, and : to'a'n6ther'evldence of the growing spfrit 'of '' conciliation that has been manifested'•inee'.Sunday. The silver minority of jthe: national;.commlttee, It Is aald -will see-toilt:that.-a-thorough silvrir mare Is named; ..There was a desire on the oart : of Quito a number 'for Senator Blackr burn'to .accept:the,plaeei':but^the mlnorito. of the committee.wllWnioll probability pr*,- •jnc int IIUJIK; ot aenacor jjanici, 01 v ir- glnla, us Senator Blackburn has expressed a preference for the Virginia senator. Senator White, of California, was naked to take the place Sunday night, but declined to permit his name to be used in that connection. .The- silver men now regard it as assured that Senator Danlci will 1)6 the man to call the national convention to order as temporary chairman. ' A Hill Conftircncc. Senator Hill, W. -C. Whitney, Senator Jacob 'A. Cantor and "National Committeeman William C.'Sheohan, he-Id a conference Monday in SilyUor Hill's ajJartments at the Palmer house. At Its conclusion ex- Lieut. Gov. Sheeljan Hiiid that Senator 'Hill declared himself a candidate for the temporary chairmanship of the national convention. Mr. Shechan said: "I am now goini? before the national committee to present Mr. Hill's name for that position, '•tnd I am conlldcnt he will be selected." Hill DnnlOH III! Intent CO Jlolt. In reference to a report published Monday morning In a Chicago paper to the effect that Senator Hill had declared thit the New. York delegation would bolt the [•(invention In the event of the gold men from Michigan btlng unseated, the senator said: "The story Is an absolute fake. I never aald nor do I know whnt action our dole- gates will take In tho co:;vnnl!on If the silver men rule It to suil ihcmaolves.". Ilrynii SugffCNtod for Clutlrnmn. Ex-KopresentaUvc William J. Bryan la being unrcd by his friends for temporary chairman of the convention. The Mississippi delegation Monday morning agreed to support him for the honor, and his friends In other' states are actively at work In his behalf. Mr. Brj'an declined to discuss the situation until after action has been taken by th'e national committee in /c-commendlng a temporary chairman. NATIONAL PARTY. Its Crcetl Sot Forth In an Adilrom from f Headquarters. Alliance, 0., July G .—The nation;il e.xocutiv? committee of the IIKNV national piirty hits just :ss\iurl an address from 1 its lionilquarters in this city, setting '•forth t!ic party's orijj-in, principles and purposes. After 7-eciting the fact of the party's or™ani.y.!ition :it Pittsburgh, May '2',), iS'JO, it announces its platform in i:rpl:inks, which may bosummnriznd thus; ' • . .1. 'Absolute suppression of the traffic In -iiquc: as a beverage «nd the sale of liquors for OTi'dicina! anu other legitimate pur- poaes tjy the steie without profit, ' 2. Equal siiftroRU.-regardless of sex,. 3. KlniistallJsui, sixteen to one, without coneultlii);: other nations aniJ the abolition of national bank-cotes. 4. Reclamation of unearned land grant? and the future limitation of public domain grams to actual settlers for continuous use. 3. Governmental ownership and operation of railroads, telegraphs "and other natural monopolies."' • G. Amendment of the constitution to al•Jow national revenues to be raised by •equitable tax on properties and incomes, Import duties to be.levled as a means of securing equitable •.Commercial relations with other nations...,-^,; • 7. Abolition of tii»,<:ontract labor system In prisons. ^ : j ' R,• 1'rolectlon of.citizens In their right to one day's rest In seven, whether Sunday or .any'other day, according to conscience. . 9. Teaching In,-American public schools to be'In the English language and no public funds to', bo appropriated for sectarian institutions. ' ' 10! Election .of president, vice president and senators by direct vote. 11.'Liberal pensions for ex-soldiers and sailors, their widows and minor children, graded according to disability and term of service, "not merely as a debt of gratitude, .but for service rendered In the preservation of the union." 12. Exclusion of pauper and criminal immigrants and prevention of voting.by naturalized citizens until one year after naturalization. . 13. Adoption of the initiative and referendum and proportional representation. TH£ RAPPINGS A FAKE. Supponed Signal* .from Burled Minors Are Work ot One of tlid Reicueri. Wilkcsbarre, Pa,, July 6.—The excitement attending 1 the Twin Shaft catastrophe has by no means abated since the report was circulated thatrappiugs from the men had v bccn heard. Another thorough investigation was wade during- Sunday night, and it was finally learned that John Owen did the tapping. He made an explanation that he diil it to eucourag-e the miners.*-ho were at work. Owen belongs to one of the shifts and was promptly discharged. At one o'clock Monday rooming-the rescuers encountered a mass of large rock, und from that time up to eight o'clock very llttl» progress was. made. It will take :vt least a week before they can reuch the spot where the victims axe. All hope of finding any aJive has been abandoned. SATOLLI'S Report SUCCESSOR. Han Not That *>lconlo It the OIBciuily Couttrmed, Washington, .July 6.—No importance is attached at the papal legation tolhe report from Rome thatBishop JTalconio will replace Cardinal SatolH as the papal delegate at Washington. No information, official or otherwise, has been received to that effect, and the '.'e- port is 'thought to have no better foundation than is to be found in the circumstances that falconio has lived in the United States and speaks the language with n certain proficiency. Cardinal SatolH will not return to Borne until his successor lias been appointed and-confirmed in his new dignity.' '•-•"" ' •.-''. ' ' ' It' is .ro-ga'rdefl as unlikely that the pope will make the appointment before September next,-, inasmuch as it is not desirable that ; ^he chanfje should be made during the heated t*rm, but later in ; the .autumn ,and upon the approach of cooler weather, Another Foreign Lottery Shut Oat. Washington, July 0. — Postmaster ieneral Wilson^ has denied- the privileges of the.mails to another foreign lottery cornpajiy with various nnmesl It is,.the JS'eubauer uiid Itendflmnnn.'the National Lottery of the Kingdom of Saxony, ,the., Brunswicke-I,uneriberg. national lottery, t !5raUTizwheig-.Lunen- burgischen laiidesfiotterie, the.Snchsic- ier landes lotterie, at Neusterlitz and n Mecklenburg' an-d Berlin, Gerranny. HOOSIER HAPPENING News by Telegraph from Various Towns In Indiana. The Soldier*' Homo. Lafayette, Intl.. July 0.— (Jen. Jiinje* 15. Carnuhan, president of tlie board o€ trutsees of the Indiunn soldiers' home, tendered the complete buildings to Gov. Matthews. The governor in response accepted the homo on behalf of the state of Indiana. Addresses were ulso made by Ceil. Lew Wallace, Commander in Chief I. X. Walker, of th« national G. A. Ii.. Department Commander C. >f. Caylor, of the Indiana. 0. A. It.. Mrs. Mary A. Sims, president of The Woman's Relief Corps, and MM. Etta Toby, president of the Ladies of the G. A. R. The home is located three miles above this city on the Wabash, river. In addition to the state buildinfrs Hint have been erected already or are in process of construction ore ;.'S cottages; The inmates number 230. and there ar« a large number of applications awaiting- action by the trustees. There were several thousand people present. Think Tramp* Stole Her. Seymour, Ind., July 6.— Milton Whit- pill and family, of Seymour, drove sev- eriil miles into the country to pick blackberries, and Emma Wlutsill,. 11 years of age, was left in charge of the wag-on, while the members of the family scattered out. Upon the family returning to the wagon the jrirl wasmiss- in<r. and, although the soareh continued with scores of people and trained bloodhounds assisting, at last accounts the girl was still missing-. The parents are crazed with grief, nnd it is believed that tramps have stolen the child and have cither murdered her or are holding her for a ransom.. SufTcMiVc Too Groat to Boar. La Porte, Ind., July G.— The motive for the shooting 1 of Corn Huff by he* .. father-in-law. Benjamin Huff, and hit suicide after tho fatal shot had been fired, is explained in the following- letter, found among- his effects, and which was evidently written a short time be- . fore the tragedy: To My Friends. It I Havo Any: My rais- i-ry Is too awful to hear. If I do anything wronK, forclvt- me. I am crazed; I am crazed. My brain and body are whirling. Good-by forever. My disease makes m« wild, eating tho marrow out of my bonea. If I have couraffe I will have to take my own life. _ __ B.H. • \V»r on Spirltuullsm. Anderson, Ind., July 0.— M. E. Covert, .' the anti-spiritualist, closed a lease on- n tract of land adjoining the Indiana spiritualist camp ground, and announced he willopenananti-spiritualist . camp-meeting July 16, when the spiritualists open. He is having signs print- . cd: "All Mediums Are Liars,, Knaves,. Fra-iids or Ignoramuses," and.offers $500 to any medium who produces any phe- tpmena he cannot reproduce and expose. He will post these in front of the entrance to the spiritualists' gates. Stabbed In PrUon. Michigan City, Ind., July 6.— Elmer Thomas (colored), of Indianapolis, »convict in the northern Indiana statft priron, was fatally" stabbed during- . 'chapel services by Henry Jones, a fellow convict. Thomas was sent up from Marion county for a term of five yean for burglary, and Jones was sent upr from the same county for a term of Kl years for manslaughter. Jones had & grudge Hgainst Thomas for testifying ngainst him during- bis trial at Indian- npolis. _ _ Shooter* M»ke lligh Score* Elwood, Ind., July G.— The Central Indiana Gun club ended one of the most successful tourneys ever held in th« state. The best scores made for th* two days' events were as follows: Brittain, Indianapolis, 238; Tripp, Indian- -..' apolis, SSfi; Chamness, Elwood, 225;. Snyder, Elwood, 222, out of a. possible- 280. The prizes were awarded in tlx* above order. __ Voime Patriot Losoi an Arm. Elwood, Ind., July C.— While firing i homemade cannon Charles Adair, agwl 24, had his right forearm blown off and he may die. jHe had lighted the fuse.. . and as it did not go off- he thought it bad died out. He picked up the cannon. and was carrying it across the street when the explosion occurred. Th* arm was amputated near the shoulder. Thou>itn<w~ See Fort Wayne, L d., July C.— Immena* crowds celebrated the fourth- at Robinson park. The principal- attraction. was the marriage of a young couple; on' the bond stand. They received as a reward a handsome set of furniture, fre« license and free clergyman's service. A special street car, beautifully decorated, was set apart for their use. TVlnn a ChicBffo Widow. Anderson, Ind., July 6.-— Michael Veg- ner, aged 60 years, was the hero of a decidedly romantic love affair that 'culminated in marriage. He advertised •: for a wife, and a Chicago widow, aged . 30, -answered. They corresponded two. weeks, and then he went to Chicago an* met her for the first time. Kcmumod Work. Elwood, Ind., July 6.— The ^old rolls- , and tincing department of toe' Anierl- can tin-plate factory here have, resumed .. nperations for the purpose of workJogr- up stock on hand, which will require two weeks' time and the work of 800' v Damage Ijy Flro. . " Evansville, Ind., July. G.—fire an* ." -smoke inflicted $15,000 damage on th» t second floorof D-M. <SJlbert,-& : Co.'»Jb»t|, . ; and fuv eitablishnjent'^Tlie danutfe tafp.. •overcd by insurance.. ... " -.'

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