The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 11, 1948
Page 15
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FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 1948 OUT OUR WAY By Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople EGAD, SIR S/KSCOM ,***3 THIS ^,( SORRV, /MAJOR,' \'f* I'M 1 •lUA.TS'itWR Hu<JRyf:> CHURL Nfg> I30ST \'(G6TTlK>G YOU oA,RC-LV GLAMCeD/S IS AS Y( f?EMEMSeRED "CI MS PAiMTuJuS—— 'UCAPRiC- *;>A.K!APPOihMME^ 'OU COOUJWT POSSIBLY,*} IOOS, AS }\ •<- I'LL Mftll A\Vff 8EFOR6 A WILD \4" APPRAISAL- J'MvMeSMe OP VOOR. / WKV, ITS OKAV--WOT A THING WRONG, WITH IT.' see HERE — WOT'S TH' MATTER WITH VOUT IT WORKS P0« US EVtK'/TH;NC, SEEMS TO V.'ORK FOR SOMEBOPV ELSE "AM 1 IT YEH.TM' INSULT& MAK£ -toll LEANOM THEM KEY'RE HAD 'CAUSE VOO CON'T NEED 'EM' HESITATE-TO CAUL FOR HELP.' BET/MLS tpa. GLIMPSE.' UftSM'T LOOK&D AT "Mfc Congressional Office Seeker Makes Statement FORT SMITH, Ark., June 11. _ (UP)— The six-man scrumble tor the 4th District Congressional post being relinquished «y n«p. Fadjo Cravens was given added impetus yesterday by » formal statement Irom Candidate Lee whlttaker of Port Smith. Whlttaker w»s edged out by Craven* two years ago. Whittaker pledged equal representation of all persons in all coun- 'HoGodifCo By Morgorelto Bruckcr You 4r« Cordially lnvit+4 to Visit The Accessory Shop Ftminin* Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie SrKe Hotel Noble BIctg. Blytheville, Ark. Blytheville Glass Co. JM Atkh» BMr. Hwr. SI go. Auto Glass Installed While You Wait Safety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Furniture and Desk Tops We Also T>) Caulkinjrl Phone 3142 F. A. Stanley, Owner Political Announcements The Courier News hns ecn "Ulhorizcd (o announce ll.e follow ing candidates, subject to (],„ STOKVi n,,rl. rrf ihnt Tom wu JeanEm I* niih hnc Mr*. llt;ik*. \ i XIX JF only the days of waiting would end! Once m o r« the household dropped back inlo the dull everyday routine of living. David was out of town on a trip to the West Coast which would keep him away for iwo weeks. Somehow Jessica welcomed ihe chance to be alo.._ and have time lo think, time to force her thoughts back instead o[ eagerly straining forward, lime to lake slock of herself and the future. She had the money from her ring. David must nol be ashamed of her and, in a reckless moment, she bought a new winler coal and hnt, and was shocked to find how little was left of the money she had been keeping for an emergency. She Ihou^hl about that ring as she bundled the new things far back into the wardrobe where Mrs. Blake would not discover them. Had Hugh Linton given the ring to his daughter for a present al her debutante party? Some day she would ask David, for David had gone to that party. They had almost quarreled in consequence, for she felt oddly lonely and hurt lo think of David dancing at the ball which headlined the Sunday paper; David, dressed as she hail never seen him"; and that girt, with the long pale hair, unaware that David belonged to her. Did anyone know? Ulcy, perhaps, although l jU cy was too absorbed in some froubled thoughts of her own these days to concern herself about Jessica. Lucy grew thinner and her lovely skin was almosl transparent. She took violent exercise. Hikes far off inlo the country with a Y group. Sometimes she did not return on Saturday evening but came in on Sunday afternoon looking tired and exhausted. She becnrne rlis'-iuiEbl and withdrawn. Probably, we've nil tense because of Tom's return, thought Jessica. • ; • • JTT was like Tom not (o advise them of his movements. The uncertainty made Jessica nervous and distrustful of her own judR- ment. She almost tiuarreled with David upon his return from the coast. "Soon the whole affair will be ended," he told her consolingly. "Just a lillle while longer, although 1 still insist it would have been better for you to have written to Tom that you no longer loved him." "Thai would be cruel and cowardly." said Jessica. They sal in a little wayside restaurant, one scarcely frequented now that the summer was over. Jcssicfi wore the new coat and hat, and David's admiration had quite reconciled her to her extravagance when they set o(I lhal afternoon. But now her pleasure was clouded again by the thought ot the scene ahead with Tom. She shrank from scenes. She told David this and he said, "We'll never have scenes • when we're married." She did not meet his eyes for an instant. When she did, she said slowly, "1 can't imagine being your wife, David." "Why not?" She shook her head doubtfully. "It's more unreal than my marriage to Torn. The nearer the time comes to Tom's return the more any hope that he will release me vanishes. You don't know Tom." "You'll never fail me now, will you, darling?" When David touched her hand she forgot her apprehensions. They were very gay for * little while. ties of the aisiricl; support for » strong professional military force; and adequate funds for flood control drainage projects, river development and improvement of na- tional highways. Others ntho i M Harris of Fort Smith, Boyd Tackelt E£» T , r " Ce m ' e Oe ° rge P ' I of Ni « h «»<>. Russell Turnlpseeri of I ^•"cHis of Texarkana, John E. I Hachett, and Ray Blair of Paris NOW! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 2091i W. MAIN ST PHONE 2112 ille, Ark. at FOUNTAINS; K very where! ! hecn COUNTS TREASURER Frank Whltworlh COUNTT COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT KOK CO TINT V ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards I. H Aitlry H. R. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie- Speck For Counly Jirtj* ".eland Green Fielder Peery For Circuit Courl Clerk Hnrvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chiskasawaba Township) J- Robert Crosskno Arch Undscy i Radio Service j • at its Best! J j All New KM I i Tesl Equipment J J All Service Guaranleed • ! Blytheville Salts Co. j • Felix Carney j ^1M K. Main Phone 3fil6J K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake SI. Phcmc 523 We Install Window Glass For Any Make Automobile While You Wait! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Complete Line of Auto Parts It's Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 ')' COURIER KKWI PAGE THIRTEEN FKBCK lA'S 4 H!S PKIBNDS MBREILL BLOS8H GOOD NK3HT, SweeT KlNCE.' AND FtlOUTS Of ANQE15 SING THEE TO w REST;* HOARD '- £OF f Kc ?> S.TOR6U ClKi" t -o-^ — HEU>/ (jfE-E-ELEf ITS DARK. BUT i \ TAKJF A DOM'T se« 'CLOSER LOCK/ "II she knew how iht looked—puttin t on make-up in public!" I>1USCILLA'S TOl By AL VKKMEER n j fix nan:. The tyin? run on third, tfi# ' 'fiat A;-a ,j:xf his ttey, you! Turn off that racket or I'll c<l/rx*f the power hitter,. Something DO*B Happen By MICIIAICL O'MAU.KY and RALPH LANK All RIGHT, YOU ASKED TOR IT' CREEPERS. WAS THAT? WHAT KIND OF AN AC) Yl HEYER SAW ARE YOU POKING OH, } YOU IN MV SANDRA. SAYING VOU DON'T KMOVJ ME? AWVHAVE HEnDEO THIS WW. DOCSN'T XVIC KNOW THAT NOTHING EVER WASH TUHBS By UCSUE TUKNKB ftLL MEAWS. BU5TER.1 WU KNOW.,IHE (UNrORTUNATELS, WHEW I FOR- THIS, *.ND OTHtR (tf R50W5 "• -'•-«' r.iwnw--. DH J I 1-n- . 1V1J r\IWt^W, (l | ht MCMBWT 11.00KEP IflTO POIORES 1 EVCS I BRIfiFLS WEM1 1HE OPEN WINDOW WE'D BE WISE INDEED TO ftVOlD /AIN'T GOTHOTW!? KMEVV WE WERE KINDRED SOULS. I DUST OP A GIFT SHOPi SHE SWftUOWED THE LOCftL CONSTRBULftRS TO WORR.V ASDil DEM..HERt COMB: DA COPS' COULDN'T GO OFF HMD IflWE HER 111 A WO' | A COSTLY gRftCEI-ET. IKE KERCHMtl W(V5 RMSUUO QUITE ft MIR. WHEW LftST I SftW HIM.., (,'ourt'a !n Svssion Hy FRED II ARM AN 'VA.-K5.UO15 ' I'i'. You Sure Did, |{oy By V. T. HAMLIN fiOSH I MUSTA SLSPT MOKE TH*vN U5T A, FEW MINUTES.' BOOTS AND HEK RUDUIRS By KUGAR MARTIN H wns on the lip of her lonp» tiucslion him about Sara Union but she disliked breaking ihe spelt of their happiness liii;eltier by any hint that she fell jealous oi an- olhcr girl. • • • "|)AV!D," she said suddenly, "I'm not goins tu se< you .i!;aii) until nfler I've talked with Tom. Umil 1 feel thai I've broker, wilh Tom completely, until 1 am back in my own home wilh my father. Then I want you lo come and meet my father. I feel —please liy to understand how I [eel," she pleaded. His eyes were troubled. Did (hey relied a touch of (ho apprehension which she fell? "You love me?" he asked anxiously. Sim smiled al him and reached across and slid her hand under his. and her touch reassured him. "Of course." she said. "Sometimes I'm silly and full of fancies—" "You've gone through enough heartache to make you doubt Ihe future. Promise lhat you'll never do lhat, darling. I'll Iry to understand and try not to sec you. but it will be hard, desperately hard." And when they went out inlo Ihe crisp aulumn dusk he look her in his arms and held her, Kissed over and over until she drew nway quile breathless. "Here is where you belong," «)id t D.ivid roughly. "This is where I want to keep you always, Jessica, close to my heart. Don't nver leave me." She was moved as she had never been moved by his kisses, uncertain of her own wisdom in demanding that they make no en- giiKemcrils until Tom's return. She said goodby and her fingers riling to David's convulsively. "II will he just Cor a little while," she promised. She watched him drive awav, wanting to retract the promise she had asked of him not lo call until she could Icll him she was free from her hasty marriage lo Tom Blake. Suppose something "happened and she never saw David again? The thought terrified her. What could happen now lo separate her from David? (To «« Continued) Rememher Rolhrock'g Cor PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Str Phone 4474-4475

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