The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1956
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 1956 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEFIV* Nasser Is Using Mass Inferiority Complex to Maneuver Arab World (EDITOR'S NOTE: The dreams of Prime Minister Gamal Abdel for the betterment of Egypt's peasants conflicts with his ambitious to lead Arab .ferment for the crushing of Israel. In the following story, second of a series of five AP Foreign News Analyst William L. Ryan tells about Nasser'.s dilemma and its import.) By WILLIAM I,. RYAN BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — In the countries surrounding Israel, bitterness, frustration and a vast mass inferiority complex have created a new hero of pan-Arabism. Millions are turning to Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser as their leader. Why has Egypt's young and im-i money is being' plowed into devel- patient dictator had so tremendous opment — and the other in Egypt. an impact? An influential, pro. American Arab leader pointed to the tiny spot on the map that is Israel. "Do you want the truth? Do you want to know why our world mas- drag yours into war? The truth is," he said, "we are afraid." Brought to flower, they could go far to stabilize the Middle East. Both revolutions are menaced by the shadow of war. Most Arab eyes are turned toward Egypt — even the eyes of the Iraqis. On the wave of indignation against the United States, the North Africa. He expresses Arab frustration with the West by assailing the British as colonialists and encouraging anti-Americanism. A Change At the time of the Egyptian revolution three years ago, Nasser seemed to the world a young idealist motivated by noble intentions toward Egypt's long suffering masses. The threat of war has brought a change. It became pronounced after February 1955, when the Israelis launched a heavy attack on Egyptians in the Gaza strip of Palestine, an attack for which the United Nations condemned Israel. It was one of many apparently punitive and warning- attacks to keep the Egyptians In their place. Egypt United 'You ask about the promise of! lie resembles many on a bicycle t thfe Egyptian revolution. Do you j who cannot stop without dangerjj ows on want to save that revolution for | of falling. ! frustration the r'uture of the Egyptians? Then make us so we are not. afraid, so we will lose this terrible inferiority feeling of ours. Then, being unafraid, we can ignore the menace of Israel, and turn to bettering ourselves." Social Revolutions Two great social revolutions are getting under way in the Arab world — one in Iraq, where oil Nasser is asserting his own and j world, but it is far from secure. A decisive defeat by Israel in an opening battle of renewed war "We suspect, with good reason, rael could tlirow us back again unless we have outside help. How long -can we stand this when the could topple Nasser from his pin-, whole existence oi a Zionist state, naclc. To keep his leadership Nas | ser has seized upon the international situation. He asserts the idea of Arab "unity" by assailing created by the United States and Britain in our midst, outrages our sense of justice?" Even the most pro-American of the French and aiding rebels in Arabs blames the United States for their humiliation. ''I thank God," said one of them, *'for Soviet intervention in the middle East. It has awakened the whole world to our cause.' The Arabs, have a proverb: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Nasser got arms from the Soviet bloc. The Arabs hail this with joy and cock their ears toward Cairo. Thousands of Arabs clustered about radios in their homes and coffee shops nod their heads eagerly at the words of Egypt's new leader who "stands up to the im- preialists." On most issues Arab unity is a myth, but on Israel there is unity. Making Them Confident And suddenly Nasser is making them confident—perhaps too confident. Nasser himself has been maneuvered by circumstances to a position from which he cannot, if he wishes, retreat. All this has changed the complexion oi Nasser's rule. Three years ago top priority was given the; urgent program for social reform. Bold projects got under way. As a promise of things to come, a new province was carved In the Western desert. Water was channeled from a Nile branch and the desert bloomed. New villages were built—clean stone houses, sanitation, health facilities, filtered water, all the things the peasant never knew. - Selected families populated it. Promise of More Some day, the fellaheen were told, all Egypt would b« like this. The revolution was and Is Impressive in Its earnestness. Land reform is well under way. Filthy mud huts were soon to be replaced by stone houses, and for once the unwashed fellah had a stake in the future. Egypt would build a new high Aswan dam, find millions more desert acres would burst into flower. Electric power from the dam would bring new industry. But the ferment of the Arab world, concerning Israel and the division of the globe into East and West blocs militate against the promise. Ii" Nasser is to push himself or be pushed into war, he cannot have the dam, nor can he afford to extend himself too much on costly reforms. Now Egypt's bid for leadership is taking priority over the aims of the revolution. The price of leadership was dangerous alliance with the Communist bloc. If war came, the Arab world might find itself swallowed by Soviet domination. World War m would be around (he corner. (Tomorrow: The Communist threat to Mideastern oil) Little Jack Little, Composer, Bandleader, Found Dead In Bed The ITS RANGE karakul, a broadtailec sheep particularly adapted to aric regions, lives chiefly in the Central Asiatic Soviet province of Bukhara. 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