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MONTANA STANDARD. BUTTE, SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 9, TOS4, 9 All-Stars Battle Colored Giants Here Today 810 Bowlers on 162 Teams Open League Races This Week ~ . -_% • • • — . j. • i Intercity's Champions Face^Test Best of Amateurs Primed to Take Measure of Higher Circuit's Best Club in Test at Clark Park. All-Stars, picked from the Oily league that supplied a snappy brand of baseball here this season, ting down the curtain on their year at Clark park this afternoon in a well- organized attack against the local Colored Giants, champions of the Butte-Anaconda Intercity league, The contest starts at 2 o'clock and is expected to draw a big crowd with the show the last diamond venture ol 1934, unless the Giants are able to bring the champions of the Helena-Great Falls circuit here later, With the football minded already turning to the gridiron sport and with the thud of the pigskin echoing In various playing fields and practice lots In the city, today's diamond feature probably will be the last baseball game staged here this year. Admission prices for the contest will be 20 cents for the grandstand and 10 cents for the bleachers. All-Stars Are Primed. The All-Stars worked out Friday night at Hebgen park under the direction of Managers Frank Gabse and Jim O'Rourke. They Indicated the probable starting lineup would include Holland, catch; Clark, pitch; Miller, first base; Collins, second base; O'Connor, shortstop; Heiisley, third base; Mlchalsky, left field; Preebourn, center field, and Ahders, right field. Others on the squad who will likely see action during the game Include G. Kelly, M. Nettleton, C. Jellick, B. Castellno, E. Clark, T. Ozanich, D. Boyer, P. Jellick, Gavid, McManus and Latimer. Giants as Determined. Following his team's victory over the Laurel Leafs in the Intercity league championship series, Manager Douglas Jacfcon gave the colored boys a few days' rest before they started practicing for the season's windup. Most of the Colored Giants will be returning to Arkadelphia, Ark., after the contest with the Al!-Stai5 and the southern boys are anxious to leave the city with another victory to their credit. They will also be out to beat the City league performers by as big a score as possible, believing it will reflect more glory to'bhe league to which they RECORD ENTRY OF 102 QUINTS IN 13 CIRCUITS AT Y ALLEYS, WHERE PLAY STARTS MONDAY Butte Association Has Trebled in Size During Past 13 Years, Director J. E, Freitag Being Unable to Place All Teams Applying. Thirteen bowling leagues, embracing !02 five-man teams for an slime record, will start their annual chases at the Y. M. o. A. alleys during he next 10 days, the first two leagues to swing into action tomorrow ight. Manager J. E. Freitag announced yesterday the previous alley ecord was the 94 teams taking part in the fall races that started a year ;o. Two leagues will see action on each of the first five nights of open- g week and one will roll next Saturday evening. The Y. M. C. A. pinmen will be '[Hinted with the Butte Bowling isociation, an organization that as trebled in size since it was ormed in 1921. Alex Blewet is the resident of the association and ill call a meeting within the next INTERCITY'S RACE DREW 50,000 FANS Fifty thousand fans attended the BO-ganie schedule played In the Intercity league here this season, records compiled by Secretary Rudy Klune reveal. The total does nol Include the big crowds that watched the post-season championship series between the Colored Giants and the Anaconda Laurel Leafs, which was won by the former. It Is estimated that more than 5,000 attended the four series contests. Starting the season under adverse conditions and given little chance to finish out the year, the league not only made expenses bu five competing clubs received nice cuts when the finances were dlvldec at a meeting of the commission last week. The commission and teams went on record as thanking the fans for their support and for the support and co-operation given by the Butte Electric Railway company, operators of Clark park. M. S, Weiss is president of th Intercity league commission, and other officers Include L. V. Bende of Anaconda, vice president, am Klune, secretary-treasurer. Com. missioners were George Wilson, Fin lens; Horace Shea, Walkerville James Fleming, Knights of Colum bus; Lou Frank, Colored Giants and Dr. F. J. Malloy, Laurel Leafs Heartened by the success of th league this year, the commission i already laying plans for next season Wife Can^~Witch Schmeling Figh BERLIN, Sept. 8.— tfP) —Anny Omlra, German film star and wife of Max SchmeMng, who lias never seen "Marie" fight In Ihe rinff, was absent again when the former world's champion defeated Walter Neusel at Hamburg, A 26. That Annj- wants Max to slop fighfln? has not been reported, but to watch her husband trade punches does not appeal to her. fler marriage (o Schmellnff has done not a little, however, to boost and retain the latter** popularity In Germany. Max and Anny have become more or less the "sweetheart pair" of the Third Uelch. Magazines diligently parade the success of their home life and Army's deep concern over her husband's food, sleep, and preparation lor a fight. Had she summoned enough courage to watch her husband's fight against Xeusel, she might have been cured of her fear. ATTENTION, BUBB Please communicate with Jesse Immediately. Intercity Champs Play Here Today w days to map plans for the sea- in. The association will pay the cn- rj- fee of 14 teams into the state utrnament which will be held at le Marquette alleys in April and ill also stage several tournaments its own during the season. The Inter schedule for ail leagues with he exception of the City and Butte, ill run to March 15. The City and utte leagues will continue until mvnament time. Interest, in bowling here this year unprecedented, Freitag said. The itry list was so large that Freitag obliged to turn away several eanis because all leagues had been lied up and it would be impossible or the alleys to take care of more owlers. Personnel of all leagues Ith the exception of the S, E. A. nd Ladies, follows: CITY LEAGUE. Walker* Cafe—P. Miller, A. Tulin, J. ivlcl: fllsrqii«(t«—E. Dazafcj r. Lewis. iUartin- h, J. Levels, Uosen, Baxter 1'urnllure—J, E. QllLstrom, C. taplesj J. Anderson, A, Richards, J. Clara rk^ay Beer Parlor—Charles Thippen, arry Burkhardt, Jolm Kololian. John Pet- n, Al Wills. General Electric—H, L. Lunge. Harry otnmous, J. E. Fteltair, W. E. Graam, A. Pnscofl, R. OrcEtT- Associatfd F.yinr A Gas— Ledford, Marn, Forsell, Benson, F. Mudro. BUTTE LEAGUE. Amalgamated Sucar—Average taples, las; A, Dlewett, 106; J. MulUEan, ; A. Richards, 136, 'a-Iooka Specials—Average 870: C. Phlp- en, 184; R. Williamson, 175; G. Plesslnge Coulter. 169; A. Wills, 18B- Miracle \Vhlp—Average 869: H. Grrg 71: H. To\ver, 117; V. WcstUnK, 171; 1 TlppeU, 175; R. Gtll, 175, Lakcshorc C. C,—AveraBO B52: B, Bagle? 7; J. Llewellyn, 113; R. Peteraon. 165; H Barker, 178; E. Crnlch, 169. Daniel Insurance—Average 860: M. Y Daniel, 163: R, Wcriln, 170: Wahlbcrsi 175; Kfstler, 165; Tompklns, 181. Columbia Gardens—Average 859: Naih 10; Ulewett, 166; Cockayne, 167: Hash, Jr., IS, Bretherlon, 178; Boulter, 168; Berry- nan, 178 (sub for Nash or Bretherlon). iRvard ROSE Garden—Avcranc 833 . T. Manlon, 166; Al MncDonnltt, 170: Charles MacDonald, 165; BUI McOonlirle "' Tret! Christy, 172. Mart Marktt— Average S52: O. R. AsJi- ord, 179; C. B. Renouard, 112. DufT, 147; " Lewis, ISO; T. Meager, 161. .RADIUM LEAGUE. T7. 8. TiulldlnK and Loan—Average 849 VllKam Evans, 164; E. 8. Rodda, 168; J. L Baker, 173: O. c. Klstler, 16S; ii, Pulch 79; Fred Gfrard. Kelly's Variety Shoppe—Average B4B: J '. Sullivan, 183; Dewey McQeehan, 170 Tim McCarthy. 139; Frank McOuLiI. 155 3mmett Lcc, 165; John Merzlak. 170. rrlee-Kcarn-! Motor—Average 840: A 'erfs, 157; H. Hoss, 161; D. Snell, 170; K Marshall, 170; H. Perls, 183. Shiner Furniture—Average 837: O. Wll lams. 181; W. H. Paul. 173; H. H. Haus viTth, 173; Carl fihlner, 163; T. Helchan .67. Lake shore C. O,—Average B34: "Dutch' Strclbeck, 158; P. Rand, 172; W. J. Pink 174; Doe, 160; Doe, HO. First 1 yallonal—Avcrase 834: J. F. Gun dy, 169; J. McBrldc, 169; W. Stmlrcs, 182 A. Warne. 157; F. Williams, 137. "" Kan^en Packinr Co.—Averasc 826: K Bretherton, 178; Porthlvlno, 158; Pleislngcr 167; Kaymond, 162: Butko, 161. reily Oil—Average B2B: Robert Calln way. 169: H. Ellis, 16B; O. C. Roberts, 158 H. Hendra, 159; R. B. Gill, 175. PLATINUM LEAOUE. Railway Ei press Acency —Average 825 B. Benton. 1S4: C. Nl*s. 168; R. Oilbert 162; R. Stones^, 151; J. Ciestel, 175; valdion, 166. Grand Hole!—Averure 8J4: Buzz Coulter 169; D, Thompson, 170; D. Boulter, 146 artzell, 159; H. Boulter, 163; Hendra, 158 Texaco Fire Chief—Avtiage 623: E- P Dial, 165; C. A. Ryan, 160; J. Bayatovlc 170; R. Smith, 163; J, TtckeU. 165: T. „" Clar>:, Al Bfsh- Cola—Average 813: G. M. Smart 167; McLellan. IffI: Warner, 163; CunoTy 13; T.. Thompson. 163; >Iall. EUb, 1SB. Tlatle Bitierr—Average 8W: T. HBwfc 167; D James. 15S; D. Kistler, 165; Warne, 160: J. H&rMnjton, 1ST: O. O'Hara 143; D. Richards, 128. Spier Tailor— Averasre, SM: Hartiell, 151 Bill doss, 148; E. Hash, Jr., 168; De Thompson, 11B; Hlnand, 157. Metals Bank—Averaae EOS: J. R*e&n. 16' E. Holm, 164; W. Dflaney. 144; A. Schons berg, 157: G. Bchneller, 176. Average BOB: F. IS*; M. Mullins, 163; R. WilHam*, 164: F Oirard, L61; E. Bartsch, ISfl. GOLD LHAGIIE. Fuller FAlnli — Averaste 603: Geo-rz Schulte. 160; Bart Trewhelia, 177; Har Barker, 173; Fred AHen, 160; J. L. Prett? 128. Eicbanre No. 1—Averasn 7ff9: N'oyei, 151 F-dwards, 15fi; Gilbert, 163: Osenbrur, 15' McKinler. 170. Red Rooiter—Averaje 191: H. Llnber? 156; r. taVcrnp. 155: L. Car^ulls, ISO; Johns, 16!: D. Linb?rz, 158. Roral BaVerr—Averas* 7ES; J. Kea 166; J. Brusatt!. 155; W. Manovlch. 1 Arthur Ripler. V58; Clrdc Reed, 1<5. Conoco G. P.—Average 7R4: Shaefer. 156 Harris, 165; PQ-xtn, 166; BaM'/e, 1M: Od etit, 148. Ed'f Market—Avera-re 763: Al RoneTf 16ft; E. Edmunson, 150; Franlc Boali, 160 Lou Snow, H5; T. Callan, Ifil. Natural Ga»— 760: W. W, Hams, 153; F. C. Mazulre, 148; A. Wal*l 160: L. S. Etadler, 163; 3. J. O'L-ary, US T. Rafferty. 153. . Radio Average 778: Alton B Foyts, 14U T. J. Beithslot*, 14S; W. H Johns, 1C6: Georee Rammonii, 170; O. W Kirahaw, 153. SILVKR LEAGCE. Swift 4 Co. — Arerazs 778: T. J. McGii I«y, 164; V."iHlam Ahders, 151; O. A. \Va drl(f. H4: Bill Gereurtch, 1£5; W- C. Cor In, 135. (R. J. McDonald, 120; B. J. Ltw tence, 120. iutslliut««.) Oricd SUrei — Average 176* E. J- vards, 156; W, Martin, 150; R. StGnew, IS J. KHIO, 152; J. Pre7. 1M. Balte Dally Pflit— Averasa 775; r. QuEn: I«; J. L. Doull, 144; P. LaPolnte. 148; H Toper, 177: Perrr, 151; H. Sutherland, Walkorvllle— Average 774: JOf Johni, 1C Clltf Wllllairn. 15S; Br!c\ Dennehy. 15 Horace Shea, 131: Ken Conwiy, 160. Rotarr Clab — Average 773: H. Bret hi! Ion. 17*; W. Couchtln, 18?; a. M. Smart 157: B. Birr.ifl, 121; B. A. Btnton. 154. aiodel Smokers— Av*rn* 772; A. Pe Week's Schedule MONDAY 7—Radium lengrue; 9—Gold league. TUESDAY 7—Lead league; 9— Platinum league. WEDNESDAY 7—Zinc league; 9—Ladies' league. THURSDAY '7—Silver league; 0—Copper league. FRIDAY 7—Butte league; G—Manganese league. SATURDAY 7—Iron league. MONDAY 7—City league; 9—S. E, A. league. , 153; W. Kills, IBS; H. Sullivan, 172; C. RolhwcH, 159; J. Ellis, 152. id o'Cfovcr—Average 76S: I'hll Fnrren, 65: John Grant, 155; otto Fisher. 143; Ole Mi, 141; William KobeH, 153. bst llluc Ribbon—Average 765: Tom leagcr, 161; Dave Adanis, 150; Kn.rl Harey. IGa; Carl Golie, 120: Tom Bolltho, 17L corrER LEAGUE. Lions—Avera Be 765: A. Ross, 150; L. logue, 158; P. aoals, 160: Culver, 152; ''Leary, US. (F. Qxilun, sub,' H5.) Garrison Grocery—Aver RED 763: Jnmcs [arris, 162; ll. G. Seymour, 150; Lee Cos- In, HO: Francis O'Conncll, 162: Larrr Vcttlc, 153. Telephone— Avernee 780: WaU-er H Crasr, 52; D. W. Parker. 144: Carl C. Mill. 163: like Henry, 164; W. W, Miller, 137. Park Theater—Average 756: J. Knlso, 151; . Murrliv, 152: J. Griffin, 139; c. Lind, <2: B. Cctklsh, 159; French, 162; O. Blaslus, 139. MliJcel Creamcrr — Average 756: Bob urns, 176; Jot nobcrls, 155; Orlo . homasi 151; J. J. McNamara, 134; Johi; oolcy, 1?3. Conoco Bronte—Average 154: V. B. Bul- lvar>, 148; A. R. Powers, 156; Raj- Sauve &5: \v. J. Odgers, MB; Bus Bullock, 117. Eureka Beers—Average 74S: John Hai- rtnglon, 160: Arvyn Malmhcre, 135; V,"niter mberK, 135; Rny cnrkcet, 110; Sayntovtc. 135: Tom llefehan, 160. McL. T. Grocery— Average 746: W. O McLellan, 161: T. H. York, 150; Tim Har- rJnnton, 146: Mose Robcrlj, J4G: John Sav- 8*. 143; William ahennrd, .143. ZINC LEAGUE. Sblncrs No. '•!— AvcraBG 74$: O. WJlHftms, 61; Ralph Munkers, 146; Andrew Kllfatlc, 42; John HaeKcrty, 132; Carl Bhlnar. 163. fi(!cc*sn ^t&r)^e(—Avtrnrc 743: 1^. Oood- and. 158; H. WilllattiB, 157; 0. Uuxton, 161; 1*. BhSmmln, 130; G. Thomaa. 137. Fos toff Ice No. I—Aver a EC 730; Cecil Stevens, 135; W. J. Lavellc. 137: James " rl5, 162: r. O'Connelf, 182; O, Seymour, 180. Montana, Tower—Average 734: Jerry Har- neton, 120: D. a. Gibson, 120; Rober Enslobach, 120: E. B. Movie, 152; John Hel- ferman, 1<38: Chnrlta McGurl, 165, Huite Stove Repair—Average 735; Jot Kirknatrlck. 170: Al Karst, 163; Alberl Boyle. 12B: Frank Hcanev, 125; Ua Lhid 12G: Murray Lind, HL Montana, (Service Corporation — Averairt 732; Ted Healey. m: Charles Jeaaen, 100 pmtord Hirsh, 136; John Cunnlncham. 124 i. £7. HoffUe. 158, Kymoni Store—Average 720: R. Malabr 166; E. Rule, 155: R, PaDlsh, 145; E. ErLcfc son, 124; O. Kennedy, 139. Matrabef—Average flfl: Hetherln^ton 163; Smith. 119: Huwfcpsworth, 150; TICK lown, 114: Walter Esllck, 132; John Me Kenna, 154, LEAH LEAGUE. Tlar^lni \Vbolcia1e-AveraRe 715: Bit nrkiiis, 133: J. Evans, 111: Spcef*. 134 E. J. Naah, Jr. 1«6; A. Bauer, U5; B. A Benton, 154. Klw*n)s No. 1—AvptaEA 713: Ohftrle: Cook, 135: Matt J. Cnrlstr, 134; Ruben Shaefer, 134; W. B, Hall, 14&; Dr. Unser- h1nl,.l72. Conoco Doosten—Average 705: W. G. Sr mona, 147; Tom ROBOTE, 1*5; W. H- Mo reen, 121; Tom Quayle, 163; ft&y Fred eriekson, 129. (RubitUutes, V/llHs Johnson Ray Sauve, W. J. Odgers. D. E. Sullivan, Mnrpbr Finance—Average 703: H. Evan Itovlca, 168; J. Cunningham, 140; J. dreg BUTTE COLORED GIANTS. Chattering, laughing but nlways potent Butte colored Glr\nU, champions o[ thn 103-1 Intercity league VACC. play the Acasou's diamond finale at Clark park here this afternoon when they meet an AU-Slar team selected from tho local City league. Defeated by 37-7 horc last Sunday, the Giants showed their cltiss to come back,and win the next three games in a vow from Anaconda Laurel Lcrtfs In their loRgue'A plnyoff series. From Jeft (o right In the above picture fire: ICneeJtiiff—Blzzlc, T. Atkins, Beard, L. Atkins, O. Jackson and Anderson. Standing—Manager Douglas Jackson, Crowe, HaUcn, Walker, "Lefty" Spearman, Stack Sp«nr- man ( A. Spearman and Kelly. Robert Walker, mascot, is seated In (rout. ovlch. 146; H. Mervln, 139; Ed Konda, 120. al)-.Shea—Average 701: P. I>oLnn, I2&: Hudy Klun*. H3: Cole, 182; J. Flemlnr, 130; O. Chovilnnrd, 151. Texaco Marfak— Avernn* 691: T. J, Clarlc, 149; A. F. Elsh. 148; K. Wclnsartner, 120: H Ulettlcll, 12&; R. J. Sillllvnn. 130; J. H. Caldwell. 120; praiik Gould. 143. lonlnna Hardware TteUH—Averasf COfl; Tom Wakcly, 141: Jim SulHvdii. J30; Bl Mahaeln, 139; Cliel Goodwill, 130; Ole Koleilad, 146; Lcs Northern, 120; Ard'pl Jn- cobs, 140. 'he Tarttl—Average 893: Fr«d Phlppen, 14.1: Atlonls Holland. 109; George Knprlvlca. 130: \VLlllam Twccrty, H3i Stanley Hlcli- ards, Ifi-f. MANOASESR LEAGUK. Hall Lunmbcr Co.— AVCIBRC 668: W. 13. Uall, 148: A. Turk, 147: James SulMvnn, Hi: Mnrtln Campanclll, 120: Thomna W»k- Inson. 133. Butle Auto Hcptilr—Average 8B4: E. Butts. 12B; II. Kcllty. 150; I*. Unnsoii, 123; A, W. nulls, W. Crnse, 152; Ted Kcnfro, 125^ H. AmhTO,ietti. TarVway takers—Average 6B2: Guy Btu- isaU, lift; Andy Peoples. 1U; H. Ooodall, 133; Tom Ctirftyjln, 140: Prove Thomns, 110; GcotBc shepBord. 120; John notctio, 110: Wnh. Manovkh, 184. Dutch Girl Hakcr—AveroKe 614: Tl. Wll- Hams. 18*; Al Hcrzoff. HO; 13us. llcr^QR. 150: K. Williams, 120; Babe Marcflle, 170. l.akesliore C. C-— ftvernsa C14; Ward FannlnK, 141: a Flnrtley, 120: FtonV Mc- Ktmlc. 120; GCOTBB Baker, UO; Al. Cliouln- Brd. 163. Chris UP Transfer—Avernite C7S: Oft ore p filVonla, 144; Don OhrlsUe, 131: Jay Smith, 14G: Marvin ahnuEtuic^sy, 112; Swan Oun- tafson. 100, Llou*—Average 667: O'ljearr, 143: A, Ol- eeen, 136; T. Kvuns, 128; P. Gamer, 125; F. DcsscUc. 135. Ra<iln Service—Averse 683: B. F. Froch- llch, 110: T. J. nerClielotf. MB: Curlls Lefts, 110; Alton U. Foutz, 141: O. W. KftAliaw, 1S3. IRON LEAntir, D. R, R,—Avcrase «26: W. Ekionsn, 123; J. MctJrldc, 1M: T. DvirkJn, 10B; T. Orals, 110; J. McNcalls, 134. Klu-nnlj No. 2—Accrane 625: Ed Rceder. 130; U. Murray, 330; W. Thomson, 120; IAS. Maraetts, 130; J. Pretty, 138; F. J. Bode. Bill Berry, npiirral KLcclrlc—Averaao 620: F. Me- OCP. 132; E. ^tcOce, 13B; D. Nmick, 130: H. Brisbnn*. ItO; \V. Moser, 110; E. Puas- ley, 120^ Bill Wayne, 120. Younckas—Average 615: Phil Cut rim, 120; Don McKals. 120; Hoy Pcarnon, 120; Frank Hainor. 124; Harry A. Bulherlnnd, 120; Don ChtlBtle, 131. Poiiofflct N't>. 2 — Avcrace 606; Jnlm Swfcnry, It9; V/lll Vivian, 131; ChBrlen McPhfirson, Tim n&rnctt, 125: H. Sheridan, 128; MatirJw Peters, 103. Nctllc Ilroi.—Avcraso 6ft3; HIU Nettle, 110; Jack Nellie, 110; OCOTBR Turner, HO; F. Dudley. 110; Leonard Nellie, 110; Lurry Nettle, 150. Star Clemen—Averaire 678: Will Rownn, 13C: Fred Fiochllch, 110; \VaHer Johnson, 110: Bob Cannon. 110; B. P. Fro*Hch, 110; Curtl* Lerit, 110, T.loni—Av«raae BOO: D. Monlotk. MO; Bummers, UO; E. nracken, 110; H. Dell, 1LO; J. Olaxton. 110. VERSATILE. Mike Ryba Is manager o/ the Springfield club of the Western association and he docs most of the catching. But now and then he pitches. At last reports he had won eight and lost none. He hit, .380 In '33. GRIZZLIES MISS STANSBERRY BUT, LIKE IDAHO, FIGURE TO WORRY GRID STARS ON COAST 60 QUINTS IN NINE CIRCUITS ON STATE TOURNEY ALLEYS AT MARQUETTE TO START MONDAY Banner Season Assured, Climaxing With Annual Montana Tournament in April; Western Montana Association Making Its Plans. Nine leagues, with one of them us large as two ordinary circuits, start heir annual bowling races for 60 five-man teams at the Mnrquette alleys his week, top flight pin smashers of tho city to start the fireworks to- norrow evening. Two shifts will roll on each "of the first five nights of •he week with Ihe season to climax with the staging of the annual.Elate oiirnamcnl, on these alleys next April. Manager Ernest Dazzle reports merest high, as reflected by this record entry list, which brings the total of BvUlc bowlers in official league races this fall to 162 teams of fiv? nen each. < Featuring tho Mnrquotte play his season will bo a 12-tcam Clly cngue, the first time such a large roiip of Class A bowlers has ever ompcted In a single circuit In tho lining city. Like other leagues, the City loop pinmou will roll a com- ilete schedule, winding up Just bc- oro the start of the state meet. All bowlers at (he Marquotlo will K members of the Western Mon- nna Bowling association, an or- ;nnl?,atlon which Intends to enter B or more tennis In Iho stale ourney. Dr. ,1. S. MoKtnlcy is tho ircsldent of the body. A meeting of Iho association will bo held In ho near future to map plans for ho coming year. 'Hie Marquctto alleya hnvc been thoroughly renovated and the uaplcs are In the best shrtpo they lavo been for several seasons. Knowing that tho pick of tho ittnlc's alnsinnshers would bo his guests Binsfic Expected to Be Montana's No. 1 Ball-Toting Dazzler; Vandals Biiilci Up Powerful Line. By PHIL CUHHAN. MISSOULA, MONT., Bcpl. B.—IU.TTI —Par from the beat of tho drums, two "Davids" of the Pacific coast conference lotiay prepared to no about their annual business of preparing to dent tho shins of their "Ooltnth" opponents. Here In Mlssoula, Coach "Bunny" Onkcs figuratively looked over University of Montana pigskin handlers and tried lo Ihlnk of something cheerful for fellow. 1 ; who wrllo football "dojx!" stories. Down in Moscow, mentor Leo Cnllnutl mentally weighed Uio lon- nage of a young beef trust tuul calculated things wouldn't be so bad for the University ot Idaho if lady luck tosses a. power-driving back- fleld on tho Vandal campus. These two smallest conference schools seldom get much plciwure out of their league tussles, unless Ihey catch the big fellows on an off day and put over a surprise lie, or perchance, taste the usually forbidden sweets of victory. Yet, year after year they come back to annoy the larger teams in much Ihe same manner I\K horneU worry elephants—occasionally they slliig hard enough 111 a tender spot. Will Miss Stan sherry. Montana wound up Its 1033 season In last place with four conference beatings and no wins—yet the senson wasn't entirely disappointing, chiefly because Bob Btnns- herry's fleet brogans skipped and twisted away to sensational ruiiK against Stanford, Wellington State and other*. This tall Stansberry, triple-threat star of the 1033 Grizzly pock, \n missing and nunnyOakc.*' chief concern is to fit his winged moccafllai on some other backman, There are other worries furrowing Oakcs' brow as ho Btarts hln ROWE ALONE BEATS ALL OF HIS RIVALS TO WIN 16 STRAIGHT Wood and Johnson Didn't Meet While .Setting Contemporaneous Mark; Grove Joined Select Quartet on Spurt He Didn't Face Yanks. By WILLIAM WEEKES CHICAGO, Sept. 8.—MV-Last to win a share in the American league pitching record of 16 consecutive victories, Lynwood (Schoolboy) Rowe, Detroit's sensational youngster, nevertheless crowded in In time to become first to Include a victory over each of the other seven clubs In putting htfl string together. Manager Mickey Cochrane picked no spois for the schoolboy, starting him In turn or shoving him Into action as a re«uer whenever needed. The result was that the tall Arkansan heat the Yankees, Detroit's chief rival for the league leadership, four limes, Chicago three times, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland and St. Louis twice each, and Washington once, before the Athletic,? knocked him off Aug. 29. Walter Johnson, Washington's "Big Train," who Bet the record now shared by three other hurlers, from July 3 to Aug. 23, 1912, picked on five clubs, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis and New York. The same year, (from July 8 to Sept. 15) "Smokcy" Joe Wood of Boston's American league champions, tied Johnson's mark, beating every other team except Philadelphia. In 1931 (from June 8 to Aug. 19) another great fastbalier, and the only southpaw in the quartet, Robert Masts Drove, then of Connie Mack's champion Athletics, collected his !6 straight. Drove llcksd every team except Now York. The official league records do not .show that he even made a pa« at the Yankees. Wood, Johnson Didn't Meet. Wood and Johnson apparently were kept clear of each other during their strings. Johnson, although he worked frequently, did not have a shot at Boston, and the records, lacking something of being complete, do not Indicate he pitched against the Athletics during his march to a record. Wood defeated Washington, f to 0, for hfs fourteenth victory In a row, Johiuon concentrated on. v.'Cf.tem clubs, beating Chicago six times, Detroit four limes, Cleveland thrico and St. once. The Yankees v<ere victims on the other two occasions, Wood also registered Iho hulk of his 16 against the West. Chicago and St. LouU fell /our times apiece, »nd New York and Boston once each. Drove won four from Detroit, thrcs each from St. Louis, Washington and Cleveland two from Chicago and tho other from Boslon. Wond Went Routr. 14 TimM. Wood pitched 14 complete games, two of which v,er,l 11 Innlnge, with one called at the end ol the eighth, the reason for which, Ihfl records do not say. Three of his shutouts came In succession. Grove pitched 13 complete games, and Etowe and Johnson, 11 each, The Chicago White Sox were thn toll, touch In the fur siring.!, losing no less than IS gamas to Johnson, Wood, Grove and Rowe. Cleveland and Detroit lost II each, New York acvcn, Washington five and Boston three. The Athletics suffered two defeats, both administered by Rowe. They got even with him, however, by wrecking his Wd for a new record even though losing iheir next start - f 'agalnst. him. Uow roar "Kit !«'«" Compare. A tBbulir c^mBarlion GJ thr four "Blr le'J." Inning* Pitched ' III 2-3 121 12V 80—Slrlfc* «ut. BE—Bus on ball*. H&— Hit batim«n. 10—TaKen out. Johnion Wood Grave H lit VI EO 105 lit mi 19 Tourlh year at Monlana. For one thing, ho lost seven regulars bj graduation, Including two backs, two guards, an end and a tackle. HP must replace them out of a. 10-mni: squad which numbers 17 Ictlennen 10 of whom are of secondary cjillbor The Gitellcs' attack most likely will bo built around "Blasting Hank' Blastle, a husky youth from Chicago, who Iocs considerables drive us he sumcks the line from his quar- lerlmck post. Aiding nnd libelling any blasting that BlasLIci attempts will bo a back Held composed of three lads playing their third season together—Ca Emery, Hill Ilcinan and Lchui' Story. Two other lellcrmen back available when Ihe firing gels licnvj are Ed ICcnl and Benny Bcrgcson. Idaho Lino Heavy, If heft helps, Idaho should do much bcl(«r Ihls year (ban when it finished two notches above the basement. It won and lost four Caliunt hopes to go places will his Vandal squad It he can pumi power Into a brickfield weakened b> the IMS ol "Been John" Norby hard-blocking halfback, and "Wei Willie" Bmllh. fleet quarterback. However, the Idaho incnlor can count on nix lellermcn to perform behind tlio line: Paul Berg, Norby'n 1033 understudy; Thcron Ward, las year's allcrnalo fullback; Ros: Sundberg, 200-pound frosh fullback Elbert "Lefty" Tnman, quarter; Rus Honsowetz, half, and Earl Smith half. Gallon already has drafted n for wnrd wall averaging around 20 pounds. It Is blocked with Mxncnlo lettcrmcn and filled with other vet erans. The lino is the heavies Idaho has had since Its blR team of 1027 tied Stanford and Boutheri California for tho title. Ends constitute Calland'K chic line trouble, wlngmen being at premium. Guards, tackles and cen ters abound. Strong points in th line are tho men holding dowi tackle- jobs. Rain Postpones Big Polo Tests NEW YORK, Sept. 8.— r/T>— Til East-West rwlo matches, schedule* lo begin this uriornoon at Meadow Brook trxlay, were indefinitely post poned by Ihe United States Pol association became of Ihe condl lion of International field, soakc. by an overnight rain which con tlnued through the morning hours The nwoclatlon said thn firs match dcf Inltely could not bo playe< tomorrow and that it probabl would hfi Ihfi middle of next wcc, before the field wa.i dried out suf flclcntly to play. Week's Schedule MONDAY 1—City league; 9—Clly league. TUESDAY 1— Bullc. league; 9—Cqmmer- eial league. WEDNESDAY T—I.nkcshoro league; 9—NRA league. THURSDAY 7—Elks league; 9—Civic league. FRIDAY T—Sliver How league; 9—Independent league. during Iho year, Dazzle has spared 10 expense in making his place at- .racltvc. Much now equipment has been Installed. Play opens Monday evening. Personnel of the teams ontorod to date in tho Mmquotto leagues follows: CITY rnrtuub'. Vi'alktn 1 Oire—Mlllori Jovlck, Tulln ilul ilil. rrlco-Ketrlii—Do&en, T. I,ewl», BitEzlc, MnriliUcli nnil T. Jovlck. JLln \Vonds' I'l&cc—SUulcs, QUI&irom, rtlclinnla, 1 s . AiulerROil nuil Qnrlno. lnUft ll.iwlem—WlllJ, HclthMi, Pliimien. HmckUrmU nurt I'ellln, InilBiicniltiil l.iumlrV — KylUnmUiil, B. Clutkf r. Illolj Polly niul J. Daulelion. Ifarkld) \Vfiolsc,*nlr—Trucpy, CDcitftaii, Bro- Bun. J. L«wlfl ami I'liUUus. number Hnio—Mlhilleli, lUllounrd, Ml- toril, Harry ftnil Jackson. (lolOcn run— O. QcTBUrlcli, Munch, 11. GniBiirlch, J. QersurloU nnri A, Piueoe. LAKESHORE'S CLUB TOURNEY STARTS TODAY Play atarls loday In tho minimi Liikenhore Country club's annual cluli championship golf tournament. Heading the field will be Uudy Mcrhar, present as well as « former state amnlcur champion, Martin Kail, who held Inn Montana titln many times, and Steve Beman, who Is n, third former stnlo ruler. Other slai'B who liavo been playing these nccs on oven terms aro entered In a banner field. President Ward Fanning predicts a record breaking entry list and Dr. Charles N. Buchcr chairman of tho club's sports com. nilttcc, has announced a big list of merchandise prims lor all flights to allract every club member from star lo the lowircst duffer. In the Bulte Country club's annual race Dr. J. J. Klrby and Alex ncmnoas arfl scheduled to meet In a semi-final malch loday, the winner to reach Iho finals against Arthur W. Mcrkle. Dr. Klrby is the defending champion. "Bhaky" Kaln, a Norfolk pitcher, has no windup at all. Ho ju.rt draw.' back and lets the ball go. lUchUncter IHer — Forsell, Martin, F. Murtro. l.tdlord and Benson. llooki Blouulnln Care— Dcmpunr, J. Bller, Rosnn, McLeort and D. clfirkt. Oplkal — MoKintey, Hiizley. Llnvvelyu. Thomas and Mcdonlglfl. . Odd! »nd Enili— tntkhtni,' liimnesl, MorkU, Klrkp«tclck, Tiuiiolmo and Hoiirr. HIITTB C'EAOUK. No namfl — Doieu, MaTliTiich, A, Ohoula- arO. NUrchl and Latham. No name — K. Leary, BroEan, Tracer, Ornlcli and D. Leary, No name— Dftiile, Pieaslnger, Ho»Ml8t, 6lrel\)eok and 1., oharUon, N'o name — Splesel, Lore, J. Dcmpfl«y and K Clarke. Harvey, Cofklsh* ' " No name— KeHcn Johniton, nerry and I'liilllps, ' ,M. Y. nanlel Insurance— McCarthy, M&- cclian. MCOUirl, M. Y. Daniel and Jack Merzlak. COM.UCnCIAt/ I.EAOUZ. No name— a. Jacobson, E. Holm, J, R#- BQu nud A. Bchncller. Ilutte Beer — J. p. BuUlvan, Mco«ehaa< McOarthy, MKOuIrl, I>ce «nt] J. ^Te.r£lak\ No immo— Inkrot, Cote, n. RHoy, Kyeclw and fl. Evana. , " O»jnp5— », TrffwJi«l]», Bert TreH-hella, 9, Clcrry. Mudspelli nnd achulte. V. K. Dulldlnr and I«an-^J. I/, Baker, W. Evnns, T.. Uotldn, o. 0. Klatler and 1'uckli, j.AKKsnoRF. LEAGUE. JUihlei— atrelbeck, B. o'Dtlen, V. Burr, V. Weitllnr and A. ohoulnard. riitl«n — P. Bulllvnn, Boulware, Qood, McOulrl. Manlon and Pardons. Itthtrs— Fannlnr, Bemanj O'connell, B. Sullivan, JEuEhea and Venablft, ' ' Nlblleki^Dr. H. a. Forrell. Dr. Hanratty, Dr. R. M. Fare!!, DJ>«I N. Bucher. J. KalJ. Dcanles— n. reter&on, Bakar, Jemb«r*, Ur. olark, Ll«we!yn and Abbott. . ' nild-Ironi— J. Rllex, A. Drljcol], H. akcdd O. retflrjon, R. nniley and H. Btoneis. NRA I.EAQUB. American 1'itklni— F. .Tomloh, Mullln*, Porcliy, Eulko and Dell. Fail! Ion narben — Sncll, M. T. Dtnltl* Latlnierj Bartien and Tliompkina. Aulo Eleolrlo Enuloment — II. orourfli& D. Farrell, Kolhutll, T. llelehan *ni pinion. Royal flattery— J. Kaane, W. Manovlcr}* A, Rlpity, J, DniftBattl, C. need And A Quln. No name— S. Bulllvan, P. Hurheij & Loary, M. Mooney wd J. Bulllvan, n<d Hooilcc— II. rinberg, D, Plnbttr, H Johnj, n. Laverne and J, Oarkulli, HIIVER r-EAOLT. No name — Sam Nolnni Don H«artlon, ft O'Lcary. Cimnlnvham and A. AlekslcV. M. A 0. Setvlte — Bronco, J. Koro, H. rtnfuh, Vukovlch, Stayaclch .and Luoma. Craven Oararo — Poorc, M. Bpackman, Price. TaTaacI, r. Bennetts, Tweedy and Bweeney, Max A p o n i I s , — B. Burns. J, Cooler. Hcotty McNamara, o. Thomas and J, Krlitlch. Me. I..-V. Orocery— McLelehan, Yortli, Me. r,.-V. droeery— McLelehan, Yorlh. Klune Blari— J. Fdbltz, N, Orlloh, J. Kriiflcli, If. Colo and Itudy Klune. INDHrnNDENT I.EAQUE, Natural Oai—McOuIre, Stidler, lUdfrly, McOralr and J. Sullivan. iUorecn'i fiervlce Slatlcn — Itoren, W. Moreen, J. Moreen, P, Gannon and J. Kalaco. Tea rot none Service Station — L. Renland. L. McElroy, F. woodhull, ir. Bar- BenL, J. Bully and A. Sutty. Cliffords — Personnel to be named later. PAUL WANER AND GEHRIG TOP BIG LEAGUE BATTING RACES, Gomez Willing to Carry Yank Loac NEW YORK, Sept, 8.— (/!•>— With Ihe Yankees making one final cfforl fo wcrl.ihe the Tigers *n (he flplil for Ihr, American league pennant, f.cfly Gomez, the Yankee star piloher, has offered lo plfch every llitrd day. Thnusli llic Yanks have five Martin? pflchcru, iMurpiiy, De- .Shnng, Tlrnnca, Ruffing and Ciome/, Ciomez has been pitching the grealcsl ball of his career and there Is no qucslEon In Skipper Joe McCarthy's mind tiul (hat the hoy cnnlrl he used wilh only a two-day resl for at least a, while. Regardless of the Yanks' desire lo win, however, they will lake no ciiancc ol hurling (he boy /or next year. The only thing ahoul working out of lurn Is lhat l.efty Is superstitious. "I've never seen a pllcher yet who asked for more work, who didn't go out there and get his ears pinned back," he says, NEW YORK, Sept. 8.—MR—Paul Wancr, /Jugging Pittsburgh outfielder, look a 15-polnt lead over tho rest of the National league in Ihe race for batting leadership this week, hitting an average of ,360, according to figures including games of Tburnday. Waner not only led Bill Terry of the New York Oiante In hL? own loop, hut topped all batlers, Lou Uchrlg having lakcn over Ihc American league lead with a mark of .303. Gehrig, New York Yankee flrsl basemnn, also led In home run hitting with 42, Iwo above Jimmy Toxx of the Athletics. Mel Ott of the Olants v/as lied with Jimmy Collins of St. Louis for the National leaBiic lead with 32. Vernon Gomez of New York ' stayed at the top of the pitching procession, leading the American league with 24 wins and three defeats for a mark of .880. Wes Ferrell of Boston regained second place with 13 wins and three losses for .812. while Schoolboy Rowe of De- Iroit had 21 wins and five losses for .808. Hal Schumacher of New York gained the National league lead wilh 21 victories and six defeats, for .778, Jerome Dean of St. Louis dropping to second place wilh 24 wins and BCVCII losses, for .714. leading hitters: Tho National League G. P. Wancr, Pittsburgh 127 Terry. New York }32 Ott, New York 132 Cuylcr, Chicago 122 M«rc, New York 118 J. Moore, Cincinnati-Philadelphia 110 Allen, Philadelphia Collins, HI. Uwls.... Delancey. St. Louis.. O'Doul, New York.,, dehrlg, New York.... Oelirlnger, Detroit ... Manush, Washlnulcn Simmons, Chicago ... Vosmlk, Cleveland ... Foxx. Philadelphia ,. Werber, Bctlon IS2 Orcenborg, Detroit 120 Owen, Detroit 129 127 131 76 73 American League 132 129 120 116 , 81 126 AB. 521 615 503 vn 490 411 521 510 192 171 610 508 419 413 316 457 548 202 479 R. 106 104 108 11 91 64 82 100 36 27 113 121 81 83 58 105 119 i)9 75 H. 193 181 172 162 16B 138 174 168 63 56 185 184 111 164 109 151 185 168 159 Pet. .365 .351 .342 .340 .339 .336 .334 .329 .328 .328 . .363 .363 .351 .347 -.345 .344 ,338 ,33J .333

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