The Courier News from ,  on December 12, 1955 · Page 9
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The Courier News from , · Page 9

Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1955
Page 9
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MONDAY, DBCEMBER If, 1908 BLT'l'Hf T11/L1 (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! PAGElfWl Archbishop of Canterbury Stirs Storm By TOM A. CULLEN NBA Stuff Correspondent LONDON — (NBA) — The most controversial figure in England at the moment is not a politician nor a member of royalty, but a 68-year-old man with a twinkle in his eye, Dr. Geoffrey F. Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, At spiritual adviser to the Royal Family, Dr. Fisher is accused of breaking up Princess Margaret's romance wlVJi Group Captain Peter Towns end. As Primate of All England, and titular head of the world-wide Anglican communion which numbers 40,000,000 members, he is the target of a campaign which alms at severing; the Church of England from th« SUt«. As plain Dr. Fisher, he is attacked for holding views on divorce which are "antiquated, inhuman and unchristian." The archbishop Is criticized particularly for refusing church weddings to divorced persons who were innocent parties. When he recently described the divorce rate in England as "as beastly as Mau Mau." he stirred up a hornet's nest. A number of prominent Britons who are divorced resented being lumped with African terrorists, who murder, pillage and r^.pe, and they said so. plainly. In this instance. Dr. Fisher pleaded that he had been misquoted, but usually he dismisses such criticism with a shrug. "Archbishops are frequently maligned." he remarked recently. "As far as I am concerned, I do not care two hoots." The growing demand that the Church of England disestablish itself has served to focus attention upon its peculiar relationship to the State. Some oddities: The head of the Church is the head which happens to wear the Crown. Thus Elizabeth II has "Supreme Governor" of the Church and "Defender of the Faith" added automatically to her other titles. The Church's most fundamental beliefs are set out in a schedule to an Act of Parliament, and only Parliament can change its form of worship. Its bishops sit in the House of Lords, but its clergy may not sit in the House of Commons. Its bishops are appointed by the Prime Minister, who may be An- r~ ARCHBISHOP AND THE PRINCESS: Wild horses couldn't drar from him the two mistakes made at her sister's coronation. glican or agnostic, Jew or Presby- tells of a conversation with the terian, or as in the case of Sir An-1 Queen during which she chided thony Eden, one who has defied I him gently for one mistake he had • • --• made (luring the Coronation ceremony. He, in turn, told her thai she had made one mistake. "Wild horses will not drag, from me what the two msitakes were," he adds. the Church by remarrying after divorce. No stranger than the Church- State relationship is Dr. Fisher's relationship with gaitered, fellow- traveling Hewlett Johnson, the "Red .Dean" of Canterbury. Although Dr. Fisher abhors much that his Communist-line assistant stands for, he has defended the "Red Dean's" right to voice his views. Dr. Fisher is what is known as a "muscular Christian," as opposed to those who go in for "lace and smells." At Exeter College, Oxford, he rowed on his college eight and played center at rugby. When he was only 27 he was appointed headmaster of Repton, a first-rate English public school (part of "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" was filmed there) where he remained for 18 years. His rise in the Church was rapid, first as Bishop of Chester in 1932, then as Bishop of London seven years later, and finally being chosen by Winston Churchill as Archbishop of Canterbury. Undoubtedly the highlight of Dr. Fisher's career was when he presided at the Coronation of Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey He Dr. and Mrs. Fisher, who have six sons and four granddaughters, live comfortably in a six-room flat In the 140-room Lambeth Palace, the archbishop's official residence across the Thames from the Houses of Parliament. Dr. Fisher has never attempted to set himself up »s a great Prince of the Church. His manner li open, friendly. He admits that he enjoys detective stories, crossword puzzles. High Churchmen were shocked when, shortly after nl« enthronement, he was photographed smoking a pipe in public. The winds of contorversy may be howling about his ears hut Dr. Fisher finds them bracing. To charges that the Church's attitude towards is "medieval," the archbishop replies, "We are fight- Ing against a great popular wave of stupid emotionalism. We are fighting It and winning." Liquor Smeller Gets Pension MIAMI, Pla. W)—Sniffing moonshine whisky in the line of duty has given Capt. Raymond H. Brock of the Miami Police Department an early retirement and a pension of $339 a month. The officer headed a " s q u a d cracking down on Illegal Ifquor In 1952. His policemen brought him bottle after bottle of moonshine and Brock did a lot of sniffing. Finally he was stricken with toxic neuritis, sent to a hospital and told to take a long rest. The Miami Retirement Board reported Brock suffered general muscular weakness, lack of coordination in walking and neurological damage. Brock, employed by the department 19 years, retired at 47. The usual retirement age is 55. UNUSUAL DRINKER In drinking, a pigeon immerses its bill to the nostril and draws in the water in a continuous draft. So far as anyone knows., no other bird drinks in this manner. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finds Healing Subitance That Does Both— Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoidi Mtw Y.r*. H. T. (5 P «i.I) _ For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain—without surgery. In .case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most aominc of all — results were •B thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements like "Pile* have censed to be » problem!" The secret is a new healing sab- atance (Bio-Dyne*)-discovery of * world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in guppository or ointment form und«r the name Preparation W.* At yon* druggist. Money back guarantee. >H«- U. S. I'M. Of- Lack of Knowledge About Foreign Lands in US Shocks War Brides By DOROTHY ROE AP Women'i Editor War brides from Australia, Europe and the Orient are shocked at the Ignorance of the average American about other countries, says Nina PuIIIam, confirmed globe-trotter, authm- and publishing executive. Blonde, petite Mrs. Pulliam is the author of "I Traveled a Lonely Land" (Bobbs Merrill), a l.lvely account of her four-month' trip by plane,, truck and horseback through the vast and little chronicled land of Australia. She traveled with typewriter and camera, and fell in love with the koala bears, the kangaroos and all the flora and fauna of the land Down Under. Wife of Eugene C. Pulliam, publisher of the Indianapolis Star and News, Mrs. Pulliam has visited 77 countries thus far, usually accompanied by her husband, and she customarily sends back dispatches to the News and six other papers in Indiana and Phoenix, Ariz. Says she: "There are a few places I haven't seen yet, but I intend to cover them i^ll before I stop—and revisit the ones I liked best." This alert and vivacious travel fan has built a career of excitement, adventure and solid success on her early interest in journalism. She wrote for a farm journal while still in college, joined its staff on graduation and joined tti« Pulliam organization when the editor of the farm magazine was asked by Pulliam to "send us your best man." The "best man" turned out to be a blue-eyed, golden-haired slip of a girl, who helped the publisher reorganize a number of newspapers in Oklahoma before she became Mrs. Pulliam. Despite her strictly feminine appearance, Mrs. Pulliam has a keen business mind, is an officer of the publishing company, and has specialized in the business end of publishing almost from the start. GOVERNMENT-OWNED The hot springs of Arkansas, 47 in number, are the only government-owned and operated hot springs in the United States and are included In the Hot Springs national park. D/dn't H*«/ Arfvic* CINCINNATI (#•) — Prank Jonai wishes someone who stole a down doughnuts from his bakery truck Thursday had heeded his own warning. Jones' search of the truck disclosed a metal bracelet which apparently had been torn from th» thief's arm on a mewl rack. It had a medallion which bore the words "stop thief." FEAR Any Cough When a cough starts begin two* Crcomulskm quick for aoothiog, relaxing, phlegm loosening help. You'll like its results better than other medicine or druggist refunds your money. No narcotics. Pleasant to tak*. CREOMUCSION relieves Ceugkt, Cttst Col*, Acltt IrildllH I TOYTOWN Driving School Fun for ALL ayes! You actually drive your car thru tunnels, park it, etc. It will teach safe driving rules to everyone. SPECIAL Holster Set This week's special consists of a genuine leather holster and belt with a regnlar sized cap pistol. This is not a "tiny" set. FIX-IT TOW TRUCK An IDEAL educational toy. Has disabled sedan, tow truck, spare parts and tools. Big toys made of heavy plastic. COOTIE The famous game by IV. H. Schaper. An exciting educational construction game for all ages. Played by 2 or more persons. $^98 Only REMOTE CONTROL AUTO This Is a, scale model car, electrically controlled by batteries. Made of aluminum and plastic, it has finger tip control. c.£95 Open Every Night Till 9 P.M. 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