The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1956 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1956
Page 3
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TWB6DAT, APRIL 10,1966 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER HEWS PAGE THREK Grace to Visit Capri, Naples and Rome On Honeymoon Cruise MONTE CARLO, Monaco (AP) — Prince Rainier m and" Grace Kelly will sail on their honeymoon cruise in Italian waters. They will visit the romantic island of Capri, Naple* and Rome and perhaps go on to the Greek islands. A highlight of the trip will be the stop in Rome April 24. A palace source said they would be housed in a villa on the Via Veneto, one ol the show streets of the Eternal City. The Italian government and diplomatic co*)s will turn out for a gala reception The next day Ranier and Qrace will visit Pope Pius XH. The Vatican will receive them with ceremonies reserved for heads of state. Afterwards, escorted by the famous Swiss Guards, they will visit St. Peter's Basilica. Yacht Refurnished Rainier's yacht, the 138-foot Deo Juvante H,. has been refurnished for the honeymoon cruise. The Prince and his bride will board it a few hours after their marriage April 19 in Monaco Cathedral. Grace arrives Thursday aboard the Constitution. The prince take her and her party aboard his yacht a few hundred yards offshore and bring them into the flag- bordered small harbor of Monte Carlo. Yacht owners were requested to show American and Monaco flags and give one-minute whistle salutes. Preparations for the wedding Lovers' Leap Into Volcano Was Fruitless OSHIMA, Japan (/Pj—Two young lovers embraced and leaped into the mouth of Mt. Mihara, famous suicide volcano of prewar days. Instead of dying in each other's arms, they wound up today in a hospital, severly burned and bruised. Fumisuke Onodera, 27, and Chieko Numakura, 21. both of Toko decided on suicide when they learned Miss Numakura was suffering from bone tuberculosis. They jumped into the volcano but landed about 30 feet below, on the edge of the molten lava. The suicide desire faded then, and the boy put the girt on his back and tried to find a way out of the gas-filled, 100-degree-pi us crater. Three hours later he managed to scramble to the top. Rescuers brought out the girl. College Girls Shovel Snow POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. (P) — Ten Vassar College girls volunteered for snow-shoveling Sunday when a 10-inch fall hit this community. Streets Superintendent Fred Healy put the girls to work at $1.49 an hour helping unclog the municipal, parking lot. He had issued an emergency call for help. Monte Carlo are reaching the semi- frenzied stage. Presents are arriving at the palace at the rate of one every five minutes. Flagstones Polls bed Even the flagstones of the courtyard are getting a polishing. Gilded and red-and-whHe flagpoles have been mounted in a greal circle around the palace square. Prince Rainier has settled his dispute with American television and newsreel men. After talks with representatives, he reversed an earlier decree barring them from the April 18 civil ceremony. Rainier had feared the ceremony might be "vulgarized by the wrong kind of commercials." ( The press center has issued more than 1,800 accreditation cards to reporters, photographers, TV, newsreel and radio commentators. Forest Fires Burn 22,000 Missouri Acres JEFFERSON CITY iff)— Missouri lost an estimated 22,000 acres of woodland to fire Saturday and Sunday, the State Conservation Commission reported yesterday. William Towell, assistant state forester, said the losses were big because of extremely high winds, ranging up to 50 miles an hour Saturday, plus low humidity and the continuing malicious practice by some persons of setting the forests ablaze either for spite or fun. The worst area was in the Deer Bun district around Ellington. There were 14 major fires reported, Towell said, with some of them classed as incendiary. He estimated the total loss at 15,000 acres. Fire losses from other areas included: Eminence district—36 fires consumed 3,456 acres with, one blaze reportedly started in Dent County by art arsonist who set a string ot fires that burned over 3,000 acres before fire fighters got it under control. Sam A. Baker State Park district—12 fires with total loss 1,058 acres. • Lake of the Ozarks district, where the heaviest losses were suffered a month ago—nine fires iwt-h loss estimated at 770 acres. Other districts reported much smaller losses. If all the pretzels produced annually in the United States were poured into one cellophane bag, it would weigh 125,000,000 pounds. Outsiders Help WirhClean-Up DRUMRIGHT, Okla. f/P) — An estimated 800 persons came to this tornado-torn town Sunday to join about 200 Drumright residents in helping clean up the debris strewn by last Monday's twister, which claimed five lives. "The response was terrific," said Mayor H. C. King. "We can't thank these people enough." SEMO CLUB TAKES TRIP — New Survey Extension Club is pictured as members paused aboard the Cottonwood Point ferry en route to Nashville, Tenn. They saw points of historical in- terest in the Tennessee capital and attended the traditional Saturday night Grand Ole Opry, returning Sunday. (Photo by Yeajer) Ladies: Here's a Sure Cure For 'Housekeeping Blues' By DOROTHY ROE Whenever I get the blues, I can cheer myself up immediately by being thankful that I am not married to a man whose business is household efficiency. Can you imagine how awful it would be, for instance, to have as a husband the publisher of a women's service magazine, who comes home every night with new suggestions for improving your own fumbling .household routine? A man who spends his working day among time and motion experts and antiseptic test kitchens and experts in every field of homemaking? I should think it would give any wife a lifelong inferiority complex to be married to a man who knows more about housekeeping than she does. Such a man, for instance, as Howard S. Cohoon, of Jackson, Miss., who is head of a company which makes numerous household products, and who has worked up homemaker's forum inviting women all over the country to send in household hints. Now don't get me wrong. Cohoon is a .charming gentleman, with an, attractive wife and a happy family! consisting of son, daughter and two' grandchildren. . I am told that Mrs. Cohoon shows ! no signs of the complexes which I; am sure would harrass me if Ij were in her shoes. She even encour- ' ages her husband to give prizes, such as trips to-Florida, for the homemakers who send in the best hints. All I can say is she must be a paragon among'women, and she must run the most efficient household in the world. While chatting with homemaking Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, slip or wobble when you talft,-eat, laugh or sneeze? Don't be annoyed and embarrassed by such handicaps. FASTEETH, an alkaline (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plntcs. keeps false teeth more firmly set. Gives confident feel- lug of security and added comfort. Ho gummy, gooey, pasty taste or reel- log. Get FASTEETH today ftt uij drug counter. YOU BUY ONE GALLON AT REGULAR PRICE YOU GET SECOND GALLON FOR % PRICE Save ot Least $2.62 scriibbable, too. Wash off stains and spots /{, ^ ![ke magic QUARTS TOO! Sav« at much as $1.09 E.C. LUMBER CO. "T/n Friendly Yard" Phone PO 3-1551 Blyihcvillc, Ark. expert Cohoon over lunch in New York the other day, I learned that he now has a roster of more than a half million women who have sent In their most prized household hints for his consideration. "They come in at the rate of about 20,000 a month," said Cohoon. "We invite women to send in these hints over various radio and television programs, in newspapers and magazines and on the labels of the products. "It's amazing how many bright ideas for short cuts and thrift arrive by every mail. And what surprises me is how many brand new { ideas keep coming in. You'd think' after a while they'd already have ' thought of everything. But mere j are fewer repetitions than you would think possible." l Cohoon and his cohorts will take | 40 winning homemakers and their husbands for a week's free vacation in Elliuor Village, Fla. f In . June. "My wife thinks it's only fair says he, "that housewives be rewarded for their bright ideas, just as employes in other businesses get rewards for bright suggestions. "When I first brought up this idea to Mrs. Cohoon, she was delighted. In fact, she produced a few household hints of her own that nobody else had thought of." I guess, when you have to compete with a half million expert homemakers. you simply have to top them. And that, perhaps, is Mrs. Cohoon's secret. Eight Universities, Colleges Censured for Loyalty Firings ST. LOUIS IB — The American Assn. ot University Professors has censured eight universities and colleges, mostly for dismissal of faculty members on loyalty grounds. Schools censured during the association's two-day annual meeting here were California, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Rutgers, Temple and St. Louis universities. North Dakota Agricultural College and tile Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. AH of the cases Involved the firing or suspension of a faculty member. Only St. LouU U. and North Dakota Agricultural College gave other reasons than loyalty grounds for the dismissals. Miss Helen C. White, professor of English'at the University of Wisconsin, was elected president of the association. She succeeds William E. Britton of the University of Call- fornla-Hastings College of Law. Two schools were voted off the censure list. They arc Evnnsvllle (Ind) College, censured in 1950, and Middle Tennessee State, cen- j sured in 194J when it was known 1 a* stftU teachers college. The association noted that "substantial progress' has been shown at California, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Temple since the cases against them arose and recommended 1U committee on academic freedom confer with administrations at these schools "in regard to removing the censure as (illicitly as pos- sible." Ralph Fuchs, general secretary af the association, described the effects of censure as "purely moral," but said some , teachers might be unwilling to accept posij at censured schools. Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Fed Vewger Tfcouundi at «eu«4M «• vMk. w«m-«*t, « United jmt bwauM body l«ki ireu. for mew youngvt feeling afar 40, try Ortrac Toot* Tabldt. ConUin iron fat jwp; nppkaw* s fli «nti B;. 7-day "f«t-«- r intcd" me coiti li tod nv« 91.45. At . ti little. Or get New CriM-Whitt Suppositories U» Hospital-Sponsored Formula Only pile torinuti sponsored by leading hospital. Experience with 76,000 rcctul and colon cases at famous Thornton Minor Hospital showed how to check pain and itching and actually reduce swelling and shrink piles . safely. Often puts off 'surgery indefinitely. Ask for new cream white Thornton Minor Pile Cones at your druggist's. $1.00 package. Platform Rockers • Factory Select- mnr cd Coven Jl A 95 • Regular 19.95 |L|i Special Hubbard & Son F ± DREIFUS MAN-SIZED DIAMOND SAVINGS WHAT DO YOU Mm "JUSTMCELffmG" TjivEniL NOW AND THE.\% we run across some- JCj one who seems to think that 1956 cars do not offer anything really new —just a Little face lifting from die year before. We won't by to speak for the automobile industry. But we certainly can speak for Buick. And let us announce in no uncertain terms- it's the newest thing on wheels. The Sty/ing is New Sure, it looks like a Buick. But it has a new V-prowed grille that says 1956 and no mistake. The hood's new—the fender ports are new—the sweepspear is new—and it all adds up to a new sweep-ahead look that ends in a sassy new slant to the rear contours. But that, friends, is only the beginning. The 1956 Dynaflow* is New It introduces what the engineers call "double regeneration"—which means a double-action take-off. It gives 'you new, split-second response in the first inch of pedal travel — plus the "switch the pitch" at full acceleration, which no one else has yet approached. The Ride Is New To coil springs on all four wheels, a brawny X-braced frame, and torque-tube drive, the engineers have added deep-oil shock absorbers to give new softness, new buoyancy, new comfort, and a brand-new "sense of direction" handling response. The Power is Now All 1956 Buicks have new and mighty 322-cubic-inch V8's — with record highs in power and compression—with unique new double "Y" manifolding to step up efficiency —with new carburetor "deicing*—and altott of other new features to make owning * Buick pure pleasure. The Thrill If New And the surest way for you to find out how right we are, is to sample a 1956 Bxtick yourself. As we said before, this is the best Buick yet —by a wide measure —and when you Icam the prices we're quoting, you'll know why tin's Buick is one of the three best sellers in today's market. It takes a lot more than face lifting to produce such a winner as this. •Nero Advanced Variable Pitch Dynafitiw is the onhf Dijiinllow Buick builds today. It is standard on RoiHhiiu.'iler, Super and Century—optional at modest extra cart on the Special. WHEN MTTEft AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THIM JTUNNINO CAM for «v«ry n,«i OAY COLOR! for .v.ry FaiMon ORtAT.BUYf RICH for .».rybuda«l • ' f i -i Wl ^^M -tit Niw LOW f>KICE-4.S«ti«i Comfort In your n»w Iviit wHfc M/CIOOM COMDtfiOMttM L AN GSTON-Me WATERS BUICK CO. "«•«•>orcl\vov-& OPEN TILL 9 P.M. Phone 3-4555

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