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Times Herald from Olean, New York • Page 4

Times Heraldi
Olean, New York
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PAGE FOUR. THE CLEAN EVENING TIMES. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1928. 'SIDE GLANCES By George Clark iou think I'm avifullj bravu James to do mj Christmas shopping all by In York See-Sawing Up And Down Broadway New York, Dec 12--In a world that spins a bit hectically at One night, I was jlhcse dajs. a faint suggestion of btaited for the rn mg themsehcs alone Some- limes Ihey cannot force their way through the doors, but turn away with tear-dimmed cjes and they sink into a pew and collnpse sobbing.

The church attendants are accustomed to tort of emo- liorial demonslratton Years have brought before their ecs such diamas they cannot descnbe Firemen Name Officers, Grievance Committees i i i i i i Dex 1 1-'--J T. 1'os- iliik Incite, llrolKiliood of i i Trilimieii, has clttcd lie otfkers: M. .1. Cvniielh J. KollPtt: i prseldent, 0 Dill: J.inic-.

I-' Liilden: Iieas- uici. 1'. C. Itumii; a I (me-, K. Uddvii: i a miner, Dr.

Jaiiies IIipiicll. Local KrlciniiLC committee of the Hrle Iter.N man: 0 II tUv iliair- linn. I. 1'.

Cii-t. Mxretnr.v. 1111.0 lonmilttto of the a i i i and Hahm ima j.inN of llie It. t'. i.iilro.ul-- Circw, i i i i i i C.

1'. (VII i i i a i i i T. Uoilie. I.mal i i a of the Middle dm-Ion of the 1 li. i i i Pill, i i i i i i i i i K.

llronn UIP ih i K. .1 niiiinK Miiel i i i i i i i lomiHitloi' Hie Tiic It 1' i i i i i I IVIiul. li T. liuUie. E.

If all Shoots Bear And Doe Within Minute i i i i Hoc. 1L'--Mi and i i from Saliiiiniiii to Hiadfonl few weeks Mr and Mr-. Howard Win- nf Ui idford well here, mil 1 i I pIlHvrtou- and r.eonird i of Ifew i Ime re- i i i i from i i i it i camp In the Black roic-t in Pcnn-jh mla They lirousht i thorn tlirce docs and one bear A tloo wa- Mint 1'v botli Mi. Win- mill Mr. and Mr.

Hill '-lint lioth a doc and Ilic bear. Hall the two animals within one minute, lie reports He Ind jti't shot the bear when he heard a rustle, and It to be caused hy another saw one buck and 3 does nearby. Not moving from the from i bn had Mivt the bcir, 'je out. of duo-.

Board Of Commerce Director's Monthly Conference Is Held told, a girl rner. She had and old lace'that once planned in this church, as still clings lo The Little have --o many hundred others, but Church Around the Corner. the man had disappeared a few- Caught, as it 11, in the midbt of city lhat sprouts even faster nights before ihe wedding She had waited and waited and than a lanky lad in his 'teens, the then a burst of despair, had little church," is variously an I started out to end her life But, oasis and an incongruity It sug- as she passed Ihe church, she fal- gests quiet and rest in the midst of noise and disturbance. Jt suggests Ihe quaint and the pastoral where all is urban and mechanical. Its tiny lawn its little pathways its simple coloring and charming arthiteclure are cxaggeraled by the haith contrasts about it It does not seem to cry against Us surroundings ratlici it leaves the Ipasser-bv to stage his own icvolt And there is about it.

too, the ghost of such romances as are pictured cinema fade-outs jomances that run thiovigh vvild- jflowered meadows; romances lhal meet at country cross roads and RO contcntedlv on lo Ihe grave, iiomances lhat defy the 'clamor and ung in soft 'the face of the citj's roar, ro- 'manccs clad dimity and in short as well--but lonunces lhal of the same msredients jVhatevcr their 01 their (nature 1 The Litlle Church Ihe Corner is a place to make cue njtimenlal: a place to kick oif ihe I sophislicated aunor t'nt oi.c doi. to ward off the A of metro politan life: place to come jat sundown when the racket and (clamor Is becoming a faint echo i Walking thus at sundown it is not uncommon to see old couple" walking along the paths and through the gates and into the church doors. They corne from over the earth men and women who found this the end of romance trail. They come by the day, by the week, hy the month and by the year. They come for their anniversaries and they come 1o water the fading flowers of ijouag I am told that hundreds of couples make this their yearly pilgrimage And now and then one comes along an old man or 'a oung man an old woman or fl.

oung woman And when thev come alone they pause hesitantly at the gate and look about in blurreu confusion at fmd- tercd to the rector profession cannot be discii.ssed wandei in from then mghtlv piomenadcb to ponder then tragic lots and to sense the romance anel love which they can rccaptuio only For the church doors arc never closed One can never lei! at what hour Bradford. Dec. 12--The regular monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Board of Com- metce was held yesterday afternoon W. H. Dennis presided.

A icport of the committee appointed to undertake the provision of a faclory site for the Taylor Aircraft Company was, icceived and favorable progress noted The committee was ordered to con' tinuc in its present capacity until arrangements hav been completed A report by the secretary re- that fifty per cent of the pledges to the Case Cutlery fund outside for a momcnl of peace and self-contemplation tor, by tradilion and appearance. Ihe i cliuich" inspires of the day and night someone may a confidence and trust. wander in from the muddled world GILBERT SWAN learning the meaning of the word 6 CHfCT 9 Yesterday wTO DAY -LECTHIC lights in part of riom. Modern hcalmg systems thai iN'tiig warmth Jiad been received Tho board rs- qucsted the secretary to continue the effort to collect the remaining pledges making satisfaclory nole of the woik alieady accomplished. Other matterb of i online and special Importance were discussed and transacted Man Who 'Sold' Brooklyn Bridge Ticked Up' Again; To Get New Term Hy Intel national Se'ivleo NEW YOORK--A i old polled i a i a i 1'aiker.

man of cianv aliases a i ngo I i i ot "tolling" over and over--has been "picked up' again by detectives and in jail a a i i sentence. He's i old a i no telling how he will another term in prison. George is a confidence trickster v.hoso birth llio sliols lhat wcro i on Sniii- tci'b wall. In his. da ho was a slick" a nnd a snappy elrebs- er In the da.vs of tho old caipct band grips, shaving iiitirfs i i name on It nnd the iiair sofa, the suave speaking ticorge was to up ac- a i a i i st ransom and sell them the Bihlge ith the ease of a traveling salesman a i an order for bicak- fjst food a siOcci.

Tho Brookljn Bridge changed a many Ocorge was in Ins prime. i notoriously I a i a i a ho could "sell." Onco 'loo Oflen Camo the lime, i (Jcorge made one i too Ho landed In Jail. A smooth m- UUe, he soon bocame trusty. Tho shcnff called one day and laid his big fur coat on a table, also his hat--one ot those old- bowlers a piecedcd famous i George donned the coat and it, slipped out. and passed the time ot tho day to the Mirious guards and was a free man again.

But they caught him later. He had a variety of "lackets" and he tried one of Ihem once too oflcn He became a familiar ebaiactcr to the police and prison officials. He worked under numerous names, as for instance, George C. Parker. James J.

O'Brien, Warden Kennedy, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Taylor. N'o telling what name he would give. Thrice he was arrested for larceny and twice for forgery.

He was in and out of jail so often that whenever he left it was taken for granted he would come back. He always did Appears Again. Geoige hadn't been heard from foi a long time until the other day. Then he made his appearance, i a detective who had arrested him, in a Kings county court He had cashed a check that had bounced back with startling elasticity. He was now a pudgy little man, i only a.

col- Woman Explorer Finds Arabs Are 'Honest And Wise' IJy AU'ltKI) 1. X. S. Staff Correspuntleiil. Jnll.i daughter of the world-Minims i scientist 1'ruf. wlnncT of last MMI'S inc'dlcal Nobel-prize. I- back In Vienna, after a pc'litlcui Into thu i i of Iho Sa- desert. Tlio JOUIIK uirl expluici licr IntcrosliiM data tlio liubliutlou aml cus- to'ns of (lie Arab Irlbea In tlic Al- i a Her ciuncl-nirimin prceeeded llironsli AUicro no Ilinopean women and but i fen- -neii Imd tet foot before her. Sbo learned to l.llk and to tinder- kland tlie iionnds of Hie de'crt, and she futiiut Iticui t-o honest niul tint s-ho decided to i i i to them every jear for few months. She luis built suyMI liousc In Ilio oasis El Golc.i, "tlio paradise." densj anil tail date plantation In- Inibltatcil by Ilio noblest and wisest Arabs, MUs Jrll.i met during her wanderings.

Although fanatical fol- of the great 1'roplict, tlielr women enjoy more freedom, than llio-c of any oilier tribe. MK-; Julia Intends to publish tmiik on hpr iidu'ntnroiiB llfo In t'lie ruraill'e'," In the near future lar of chestnut hair, and he seemed old and tired. Finally after a conference with lawyers he cntcicd a plea of guilty and was sent back to jail to await sentence in December. Under the stringent Baumcs law 3, which operate against old offenders, it is pos-1 sible he may have to go "up the for the icst of hit day Thoic were leirs in old George'b ces as he was led away. Other old lime police characters aic seemingly having their last fling Only a day or two before the police captuicd Willie McCabe, aged 62, who, they say.

Is the last of the old time safe operators They took Harry and Hattie Campbell (better known jis "The Phony Kid and English 02 and 03 jcais old. respectively. Hariy and Hattie vvcie about to celebrate their sil- wedding It looks like a sad Chustmas foi the last of the old time ciooUs. TILLYER LENSES ACCURATE TO THE VERY EDGE Ton cars ago evorvbody vorcflat lenses. Now crj body Tories.

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A Christmas Special cea. 'J iro nn linen Crash '1 envoi milics. mill assorted i i i i horde is, foiu of Ibe-c we to would be; up- i i i bv house wile. Madam Hendron's "Everybody Loves Them" A Striking Novelty $9.50 Odd Mupt 1 would nuke i 1 I HUM it be i i i i liir-'h cl.i'b' "I course 'lliov out now mil a i i lioautilul All tfik Chiffon i i pic'ot top. narrow i Heel, and rent open work clock at the new sh.iiic i i is apple i i i the i i i nf i i pair.

i i They are the life like of dolls, no 1 nlmo-t limn in the expression on many of His is lo sav win; UK, effect or influence nf i i i i i laeul ij Iv. ni iiau on tht i i i it a Walking And Talking Dolls "Kapricious Kate" Says "I find at this season of llio Unit lucichaiits sreatl.v desire to arrange store hour-, so Hint nil 111.15 be enabled lo do their Christman and still not too Kicntl.v llio i hours of employees know of couisc lint the law woikin liuura for women very specific nnd this liivv must be carefu' 1 ob-ened was mleieslcd there-fur (o Hole in Tuesdnv's 'limes a tbu store would be open next batunl'iy even. lie, three evening wec'k aud Hie. 1 evening before C'hribtnins. Tliib i afford cveiy one who a out i the dnr, ample time t'i do their Cluibtmas shopping.

"I inleie-tcd in the i some a i Kajon Silk i i i 'ihoic were designs uiiui irinxcMiicnt Hint me is noiel a i i i mid I decided rubt a to mciilion I i here. "And i i jippioprinle. there lould be i i i more certain of appicu.ilion. nt nnd Mitlj impiesM'd me ns bciiu- sood a Tlieio weie Itfiso. Ulue.

nnd in some dc'iiK" 5 a vir.v prctl.v th.iilo of CM 'Men's i 5 i i i i i mtcic-t fui me and so 1 shopped aionnil tlie sluru' Tuesdiiv to i-ce- Ihey liml lirio. nice for men I fonml Men's plain l.inen or I i i a Handkerchief-, Uie Iiiitul holh in Hie AVIulc the coluieil. .11 to MenN SOT I'r Tlu'-c can be bought 1 I'r. In a 01 Hide were snino rein i "snnppv" 'J I'l in a lint. I nnd 1 bot "Men's Silk Scmfs, SI (o 'Iiei to $1 "iO i specinl combination Christmas S.alc lint looked to me Two Vic lies for Oil Two Wlc 'lies foi $1 'JTi.

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