Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 5, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD |Th» world admlre« Hi« p*rf«et Ulan! Kot MimgF, dlfmlty, ormuKcular developmcDt »lonc but that anbtle and wonderf ol force knows aj SEXUAL VITALITY which lithe glory of nunhood-the pride ot both old and young, bat there are thonxsDJs of men •altering the mental torture* ol a wealtrnen *a*«h<M>4. ihattered nerves, and Tnilini •eKttal power who can be cured by oar Magical Treatment which may betaken at homo under cnr dlrectlonj or we will pay U.K. tare and hotel bills for thos« wno-wish to come here, If wofail tocnre. 'Wei BO free prescriptions, free care or C.O.D. fake. .. „ Bave «2SO.COO capital and RUarantee to euro every ease -we trcal or refund every dollar you pay UH, or fee may be deposited la any bi.nk to bo paid n» When a cure is effected. Write lor full partlcu'art. •TATK MEUICAI. CO., Omaha, ~ LDDD POISON " Wr MWIF%Lnl • OndaryorTei^ tmry JULOOO I'OJISON permanently homoforBn 035 d " yS ' V ° U Ca ° b ° trcMa "* ty. IfyouprufurtocomeherowBwiilcon. tract to payrallroadfareamlhotelbilla.iind core. If you have taken mer- id any purtpf tho body, lluiror Ey«l.roVs faii'lnir out, It IB this Secondary MLOOli POJSOS we»rn»ranteetocnre. We solicit the most obsti- natejcaseg and ch:illen C o the world for a "cannotcure. This disease has always ;h« skill of tho nxoKt eminent nli vsi- «••»"». *500,OOO capital behind our uncon'di- Bonal (rnarauty. Absolute proofs sent sealed on BRDlicatton. Address COOft REMEDYCO., Temple, CHICAGO, "" HARD TO CO»BAT. A BLIND' GENIUS. GEN - BENJAMIN F. TRACY. Sketch of the The Evidence of Our Sense*—What Logansport People pay is Pretty fiood Proof for Lopansport People. When We s*e It ourselves when our own ears bear it. When our neighbors tell it. Cur friends elide ree it. Nn bett«r evidence o»n be had. It's not what people say In Maine, Or distant rauueringrs In California. No deceiving echoes here. Lofranscort talk about Lownspor: people. Publiu opinion published for public good. Tbere is no proof like nome prool. Home testimony at the b«ck of evary box of Dean's Kidney Pills Can you believe your neighbor? .Road tl.is statem nr made by a citiwn Mra. Chas. Livingston, uf 144 Pratt »t . snye: "Several years »iro 1 had an attack of kidney troub o. hut after my lust child was lj rn it dl-sp'x.-iired, about a yeir igo it came on aeain, an 1 in addition 10 hnvinif a back uch-, the auxiliary organs were somewhat eifecied. York THOUGH SIGHTLESS HE IS AN PERT MECHANIC. EX- Poor Paul Xot So Poor—He WM Blind and Wa» Pitied by Hl« Neighbor*, Yet H« Niwsded Xot Their Sympathy—Bunt a B(5»uUf ul HOUM. Ii: is a well known fact that persons who lose one or more senses often develop remarkable qualities in those remaining, Tnis has seldom if ever been shown in so notable a way as in the case of Paul S. Pinkham, a resident ot 1011 bridge. Me,, who, though blind, has succeeded in building, unaided, a better house than roostcarpen- ters in possession of all their fatuities would construcc. Pinkham has been bereft of sight since he was twelve years old ,and he is now fifty-five. The house which Pinkham built is a spacious one, with a comfortable and I became weakened and run down, and my : roomy look, a story and a half high, appetite was very poor. 1'be medicine that 1 (With a long L one story high extending used teemed 10 have but liule effect. Doan'sjback from the main house. The clap- id-iey Pills came to my aotl-'e.and 1 obtaitn-d I boarding is well put on and the \vin- .horo from Ii. ^. Keealitu's drug store. Th ir.dO'.vs, doors and exterior finish look effect wan noticeable almost from the sran, 'as if done by an expert carpenter, and they acted directly on the effected organs, pvhile the interior is as perfect in its My appetite impioved, and within a snort plan and construction as one could ex- Pinkham, sightless, time t was changed. I have the greatest con adenceln Doan's Kidney pijJs, atd am so ureatful to then for the relief aiT.jrded, and feel oonfldent that others who use them will never regret it. Bonn's Kidney Pills are for fale by all Di«tin?ui»hed »w * Career. Benjamin Franklin Tracy •vras born 67 years ago in Owego, Tioga County, N. Y. He was educated in the common schools, and at 19 lie began the study of law in the office of Davis & Warner, in his native town. Two years later he was admitted to the bar. Mr. Tracy w£is still a very young man when he first began to interest himself in public affairs. He sat as a Free Soil delegate in the Tioga County Convention when he was only IS years old. When he was 23 he was elected District-Attorney, and he held the office six years, during wh^ch time he took an active interest in Republican polities. In 1SG1 Mr. Tracy was elected to the Assembly. In 1S62 he was a member of the committee appointed by Edwin D. Morgan to organize general recruiting for the Union army, and as such did splendid work in Tioga, Broome and Tompkins counties. He also recruited personally two regiments, the •109th and 137th New York Volunteers, being appointed Colonel of the former organization, and with it he went ta the front. At the battle of Spottsyl- vania he broke down completely, and GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER ETHINC COMPANY llostoa. CJ pect. Yet Paul 10 planned the house and built it. There was obliged to retire for the time from I is not a stick or nail or stone or brick in its construction from foundation t^ roof, that he did not place there. At twenty-one Mr. Pinkham's 1'ath- dealers. price 50c per box. Sect by mail on er, who had been a well-to-do shipmas- rcceiDtof price by FoBter-Milburn Co.,Buffalo. t er, died, leaving him penniless aud pitied N. y., sole »ifenti for the U. S. Homeinber other. ibe name Doan's and take For sale by 0. M. E aina & Co FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These »re the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause Emerson Drug Co., Importers and Agento for the United States. San Jose Cftl. B. F. KEESLING, 804 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. WORKERS OF ENGLAND. Staiaon. They Realize That the Cold Standard I* Working Them Injury. When we say that it is to the interest ol England to maintain the gold standard, we refer, of course, to the ruling power, the bankers and bondholders, lays tho Atlanta Constitution. Tho farmers are hurt so badly by the gold standard that a royal commission has been engaged for three years in investigating the causes of the prevailing agricultural depression. The manufacturers and the workingmen of all trades are also hurt by the gold standard. What is more to the purpose, these people seem to understand much better than onr own workingmen what is hurting them. As a result of that knowledge 350 labor organizations of tho United Kingdom recently presented a monster petition to the government praying to be delivered from the destructive effects of the single gold standard. The petitioners remind the government of the pledge made last year by Tralne Kuo by Centra. 1 . AS rOLLOWH , P>vll7, "' Dally, «o*pc Sanaa?- OHICAQO DIVISION DAILY. LMtre for CbJoago'SilS a m ;»5: SO a m ;»1 :25 p m *2:00pm;«<:90p ra. Arrive from Chicago *1:00 a m;*12:SO p m,*l;00 p m: *1:*0 p m: *8:I6 p m. BRADFORD AND COHTMBtJS. Lcrte lor Bradford '1:15 a m;t7:40»m; »1:45 pttr t4:30pm. Arrive from Bradford •3:00ai»; tlO:JO am; •l:2Cprn;t4:15pm. IFFNEH DIVISION. Leave for Kffiier t8:00 a m: *9:0e a m • tg.-OS p m 5 D m Sunday only. AirlTefroo lMTnor 1| 7:3s»m; +l:08p m; 12:45 p m: 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. LMTB for Richmond tl ;20 a m : t5 :SO a m ; *1 :10 pm; t2:20p m. Arrive from Richmond *2:S6 a m : t.U :00 a m •l:50p m;tll:20pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND LOUI8VIKJ. Leav* for Loulrrtlle *12:» a m; *1:05 p m. Arrive from Louliville *3:06 a m: M:56 p m. J. A. MoCULLOUOH, Agent, Logaanport. Ind. the house of commons that the government would do "all in its power to secure by international agreement a stable alone. The neighbors pitied "poor blind Paul," and it was the generally accepted theory that Paul would ere long find his way to the town farm to be cared for at the public expense. But Paul was made of better stuff. Although up to that time he had done little for his own maintenance he at once set about devising means whereby to support himself. He feared at the outset that his blindness might prove an insurmountable obstacle to making his way, but he did not lie down under the fear. He shipped with Captain Wilson of Milbridge, on the schooner Forest, and made one trip along the coast. He soon discovered that some latent sense or faculty was developing, enabling him to know of tne presence of objects and to intimate distances. Wliat this sense is Mr. Pinkham cannot explain, although in him it has now reached a high state of development. He next shipped on the schooner Sympathy and found the work more easily performed. With this trip the season was at an end, and during the winter he added to his savings by sawing firewood and chopping cordwood. Then he ventured into peddling clams, and was fairly successful. With his earnings he purchased a boat and fitted it out for lobster catching. He hired a boy to steer the boat while he attended to the traps. The danger which lobster catchers fear greatly is . , ,-,i in being nipped by the jaws of lob- monetary par of exchange between gold ster s when handling them. Men with and suver" aud pray that the pledge | goot j s j g ht are frequently thus nipped may be redeemed. This petition, de- jand receive painful wounds—yet Paul scribed by the London Chronicle as "the jPinkham handled his Icbsters bare- most important labor petition ever pre- 'handed—and so nicely was the sense of seuted to the government," had no jtouch or prescience, or whatever it effect whatever on the Salisbury cabi- -may be termed, developed that he was net. Wealth is of more importance in never caught by a lobster, although he the eyes of the British government than j continued in the business for twenty- those who create it. and so tho few men seven > ears - A. VISTA OF FASHION. who hold bonds and securities were able In addition to his home Pinkham has .. , , . , „, „.,.. , built many boats that sail to-day near to brush aside the monster petition and Milbrid ge- and they are all good mod- to cause the cabinet to give the he to els and easy sailers _ He also made the pledge made by the house of com- some fine show Ca3es and various other mons - (forms of fancy woodwork. His neigh- Fortunately our own farmers andjbors generally look to him for small •workingmen are riot compelled to peti-IJobs of delicate wood repairing and tioii their government for relief, They he turns out the work as rapidly and UKJANBPOST • 0. AABT BOUND. I K T and floiton llm (tolly). 3:33 a. n Jait mall (daily) _ 8:48 a.rc Atlantic Ki.dally except 8un_ 4:55 p.a W»8T BOUND. Pacific Kx.. dally except Sunday J0:19 a, m Kanai.8 City Rxpreu (dally) 2:40 p. & 1 fMt Hal! (dally) 3:18 p, m I It. Louil Umit«d (dtdly) 10:34 p. nj an MTIB Drrxuox, WBBTIIDB, BITWWH LOOAHIPOBT AKD OBJU. t VIST BOUKD. S o.** —...Arrive*.....-. _ 8:SO a. K O. ST.. .ArrifOi-.................J:9C p. n BAIT BOUND. Ho. M ~ Leave* ......9:06 a. IE Ho, »«....„ 4<ea.Y«* l;« p. themselves, together with those who depend on them, are the government, and they have only to go to the polls and choose instruments ready and willing to carry out their will. It is to be admitted that they have not been very particular in the exercise of this inestimable privilege during the past 30 years. Without exception, it may be said, a majority of Arr«*t at >~ew-Chwuug- of a Criminal With More Thau Two Hundred Victims. A notable arrest was made in the i L , i, ,• , • , inative town of Xew-Chwang: some them have gone to the polls and selected days ago by the Governmentg dete: ! lives. The criminal, who goes under with far less appearance of mental worry than many clear visioned carpenters exhibit. A CHINESE BANDIT. GEXERAL BBKJAMIN" F. THACY. active service. He resigned, and retired to New York, but after he recovered his health he accepted the Colonelcy of the 127th United States Regiment from Secretary of War Stanton, and took charge of the draft rendezvous and prison camps at Elmira, There were at one time 10,000 prisoners under his charge. From 18tlS to 1873 General Tracy was United States District Attorney for Eastern District of New York, after which he began the practice of law in Brooklyn. In 1.891 he was nominated for Mayor by the Republicans. Later he, and Ripley Ropes, the nominee of the Citizens' Union, withdrew in favor of Seth Low, who was elected. General Tracy was then appointed a Judge of the Court of Appeals, 'in 1SSD President Harrison appointed him Secretary of the Navy. When the commission to draft the Greater New York charter was chosen General Tracy was selected for chairman, and he devoted himself closely to the task. He was associate counsel for the defence in the Beecher-TiJton trial. He is the senior, member of the law firm of Tracy, Boardman & Platt. is reasonable to suppose that skirts for bicycling will no longer be cut TO display the legs of refined women. The skirts of modest wheehvomen, as well as of those who desire to be considered strictly fashionable, extend to the tops of ihe walking toots. Hair worn to conceal the ears is not ap- prored by aurists. It is not natural and the /effort to hear through a mass of hair strains lor dulls the sensitiveness of the ears and may Jin time seriously impair ihe hearing. '/ Charmiup tailor-made suits composed of skirt land jacket are both pretty and novel in finish. fWhen the coat skirt is not 'one a plisse cf £he taffeta lining is set under its edpre aud peeps oul shyly but effectively. The same • trimming is placed inside the wrists and beneath the lapels and collar. I 'Double-breasted paletots—loose sacks with • deep openings in the lower parts of the under- j arm seams—are very jaunty. They have i fringed Capuchin hoods and wide lapels of the same, also edged with woollen fringe. Their sleeves are easy mutton-legs and side pockets with lapels are convenient additions. Paletots of rough woollens lined with wool are stylish and comfortable. They arc cut bias if of goods woven in large plaid? and their hoods and linings are plain, /f the paletot is of frieze or other rough weave, its hood, rovers and linings are of plain goods. Fringes of wool in mixed colors may be used to adorn the paletot. This garment is n rivaJ of the G-lengary cape and is put on and removed almost as readily us a mantle. A Capuchin hood completes the new ulster, that graceful, useful garment which has just come back to us. It has strapped seams or seams upon which wide wool braid is stitched. A felt hai; not unlike an Alpine is worn with it. Around this hat is wound a veil one end of which is long and encircles the neck in windy weather. Gray in all shades is prominent in silks, wools and velvets. One importer declares that lie selected his goods from ninety-four differing notes of this hue. White is a sympathetic and illuminating contrast for every tone of grey from pearl to fume de boil and from silver-gray to sand-gray. A Paris mo- diste thinks pale-pink the most effective associate of gray for the use of brunettes Peau df soie and repped silks are close rivals in the race for precedence.—From The Delineator. Rural Telephone*. The state of Illinois has been foremost during the past year in the construction of rural telephones, and fanucirs ar» realizing the value of this great convenience. The system is constructed ou, a cheap and substantial plan, each farmer contributing poles and also aiding ia the setting and hauling, while an experienced man puts the machines in place. It is said that one system in the state embraces nearly 100 instruments, with tvro central stations. The value of the system is at oiice apparent, says Rural New Yorker in this connection. The farmers can order anything they need without leaving home, and the merchants arrange for delivery of goods at regular periods, mail being delivered at the same time. With telephone service, good roads and regular delivery of mail aud supplies there is no need to complain of the isolation of country life. 1897 NOVEMBER. 1897 Su. 7 14 21 28 Mo. 1 8 15 22 29 Tu. 2 T 16 23 30 We. 3 10 17 24 Th. 4 11 18 25 FT. 5 12 19 26 Sa. _6^ 13 20 1 27 presidents pledged to the money po\ver. As a result of tbis unspeakable folly tho people find themselves tbe victims nofc only of the single gold standard, bit of tho trusts and monopolies which it had bred. It may be said in behalf of the majority that the.v have beec misled for the greater part of 30 years by appeals to their sectional prejudices. But uo\v all these issues, including the farco of international bimetallism, have been swept away. In the congressional elections the sole issue of any serious irnporC will be tbe gold standard, and tho people will be able to vote intelligently if they choose to do so. If they the name of Kang, v/as a resident for some years of Peking, where he lived in good style. Unfortunately, however, being of a quarrelsome disposition, he during that time knifed forty men, and such was his skill that none of the victims were ever known to recover, death, as a rule, being instantaneous. Two hundred of his sect were pressed into Government service, and sent to scour the country round disguised as cake venders; dispatches were also forwardud to all the district officials to the effect that, should it be proved that Kang had been in their town or district without ca.pture hav- VAN DA LI A LINE. Tlroo Table, in effect Sept. 23. 1897. FOR THE NOKTH Ke. « --------- .............. ~ .......... — 10:38 a. m *», 8 ________ ................. -- ............... S:S6 p. m. FOR THE SOUTH. *«. 21 ............................................. 7:05 a. m. Mo. S ...................... ---- ................ 3:25 p. m. For complete Time Card, giving ail tralm and it»tlon§, and for full Information ai to rate*, through oars, etc., addreM J. C, KDCHTWORTB, agent, Logansport. or B K. FORD. General Fauenger Agent, 8t. Louil. Mo L. Ex. 8c W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. Bolldtralni between PeorU and and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct connection* to and from all poinU in the United Itatat and Canada. 4JUUTO SOUTH BOUlTi DKP.VRT Mo H Indianapolii Kxp dally 7:10 a m \litt a n No B " Mail * Xxn_ll:38 a m (d»)'.y except Sunday) Mo *> Indpl'i Kxp ex dun.... 1:3B p m *:!» p m No 9 Paaienfer except Sun No 151 BoohMMr local aniTc :45pm except Sunday, MOHTB BOTJirD. lU * XxvJRx 8uu. _JI:llam iNoMMi<*Hanaty4ailTV 4:«pm The Irrigation Cougreu. Thirteen states were represented at the sisth national irrigation congress, held at Lincoln, Keb. Ex-Senator Gary of Wyoming was elected president ol the congress and vras again honored by being chosen as chairman of the na tional executive committ-ee. The form of organization of the congress was discussed at some length, to the end that tho body might become more stable and of a more permanent character. The report of the committee on plan of organization was adopted. It embodied a constitution and bylaws. Federal versns stat* control and maintenance of reservoirs in arid districts were lading snb jects for discussion. EesolCCoas were finally adopted favoring national help for reservoir building. The meeting of next year will be held «t Cheyenne, Vvj. want dear money and poverty prices, jing been effected, the consequences to they will have the privilege of voting [themselves would be unpleasant, and J for gold men. If they want cheap mon-j a special band of Peking detectives ' ey, sound prices and prosperity, they was set on nis can vote for the Democratic candidates. Henceforward the Republican party, through the force of events, will be the gold party and the Democratic party will stand for the restoration of silver and prosperity. That will be the divid- '"§ issne nest year and in 1900. Shupet* of The eggs of the owl family are almost spherical, and are thus easily moved by the parent bird In her desire to secure an equal amount of warmth to each. As s>ha nests in a hole, there is no fear whatever of any of her clutch rolling away and being smashed. On the other hand, the guillemot, which cesta, or rather lays her eggs on 3at, bare rocks in high, exposed latitudes, lays a single egg so elongated and curiously s-haped that when stirred by a violent gust of wind or the bird's sudden flight, it does not roll away but simply spins round upon its own axis like a top. In the case of plovers, snipes and other birds that lay four large eggs, the esgs narrow so rapidly toward tne smaller end, that four of them in a neat practically form a square, thus enabling the bird to cover them the more effectually. According to Dr. Nicc-lsky, the variety in sha.pe in egfs is due simply to the effects of the law of gravity. Every egg which is not yet coversd with a solid shell deviates from the spherical form and lengthens by the effect of the pressure by the sides of the ovary. Home Seekers Excorsion.. . FOR November aiid December'97 - [ I - - N« UB Acoov except Sun... 1:15 k B no* ru»»orU or* Peru on Sunday, raM and4*neral infonmattoo t»ll attf, ttokrt a«e»t, L. H. * W. or a T. P*llj. tmerml D He*i Got th« Dinner* Baoator Woleott may still be soothed by the reflection that nobody OB» gut aw*jr frcen bin. In spite of all Kan* would have alluded them had not the detectives coma across a friend of his. Lieu by name, whom they prevailed upon to act as decoy. Lieu, in whom Kang had the utmost confidence, being in fact his own especial comrade agreed and invited his friend to dinner, and as Kang entered the door bowing the usual salutation, he was seized from behind, thrown on his face and ironed. A man of indomitable pluck and powerful physique, the detectives, with a brutality essentially Chinese, further secured him by fixing iron rings through each shoulder, and proceeded to Shanhaikuan, thence by rail to Peking, With the then bad state of the roads the journey by cart to Shaniha- kuan meant hard traveling for six days and the unfortunate man's sufferings must have been extreme. Nevertheless when a temporary halt was made before leaving the port's east gate, h« regaled the crowd with a comic song.— North China Herald. MU.d. In the dirty window of a tenement house in the slum district of Boston, there was a card oa which was priut- «d in black lau«r»: "ArciatJck Skirt Dansing Teached Here, also Mind raiding Done, For*un«s Told acd LMMCS on the Gitt*r •r Bingo." Tbe p*r *t a. yrVrita in our army troot $11 *• (II * BMiith. Fate of tho Fmlrle Cblch«n. One of the most practical and entertaining of American sporting authors, Theodore S. Van Dyke, says of the probable fate of tbe prairie chicken: "Our children's children may yet hear the me); : ow twitter of the woodcock's wing'- as he whirls upward through the somber shade; over the harvest field may hear the flute-like call of Bob White, and in the darksome brake yet see the ruffed grouse spread his banded tail, but few shall see the pinnated grouse, except as rare specimens. For it is a bird that increases with the first stages of civilization, pauses at tbe second, ajid fades forever with the third." There are those who hope that this dire prophecy may prove unfounded, but to make the preservation of the grouse possible, or probable, eternal vigilance will be requirwi on the part of true sportsmen to prevent the indiscriminate slaughter of this grand species of game birds. have authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, 2nd and 16th, December 7th and 21st. For particulars, call on or address C. G. Newell, Apt, Logansport, lad. Transformation of The rapid transformation of Germany from an agricultural to a manufacturing nation bas cauae* an extraordinary mltratioB. tr»M tii country to tie citiea, which betas, about thirty rears ago a&> has k*«a incrcaainc with, great rapidity. IB 1885 43 per cant, af th« populaflOB liy»d in town* •f MM and men i»i&»J»»nU. In 1S90 to* percentage fc&4 rwofco* 47; 1m 18*5 it was 3) B.W- «o»t., aai at pr«MBt it k*t at l«wt K par ««nt, tm tfc* fM«. November ist to 6th. —Via- Pennsylvania Lines. The Horse Show and Fat Stock Exhibition trill be opened at Cdicairo during trsi net V November. Low rate excursion tickets ^ill be sold Nov. 1st to 6riu both datt* inclusive, to Chicago from ticket stations on Pennsylvania Lines; return coupons valid Sunday, Nov.'tb. ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Ajrenu of the Pennsylvania Line* will furnish information mranflng Hone- Beekeri' Eicaniona to vmrioni point* In the Northwest, Wect. Southweti and South. It will pay to invettifate if yon oontomplct* a trip. Apply to neareat FenoirlTania £•&>• Ticket Axcnt, or addreatW. W. Jttchardwm Diitrtct PMMiffer Arent IndlanapoUaJJid Tbe Central Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket Is for EaJo fit principal Ticket Cfficeg of The Pennsylvania Lines. It IB honored r ne year from date of sale, for Exchange 'i Icktts over cither of the following named Lines: Aim Arbor. Baltimore & Ohio. Baltimore & Ohio Sombwesiet-D, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Chicago &;west Michigan, Cincinnati & Musklngum Valley, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, Cleveland & Marieua, Cleveland, Canton. & Southern, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & 8t Ii Cleveland, Lorain & wheeling, Cleveland Terminal & Valley, Columbus, BocKing Valley & Toledo, Columbus, SanduEiy &Hoc)dng, Detroit; A; Clcvelsrd Steam Navigation, Detroit. Grurd Bapids & Wenern, Dunkirk. Allegheny Valley & FitwburK, Evaiisvllle & Jndianapoiin, Evansrille & Terre Haute. Kindiay. Fort Wnyne & Western. Flint & Fere Marquette, Grand HapHe & Indiana, Indiana, Decaturi Western, Lake Shore * Michigan Southern, Louisville & Na»hville, Between LoulgviUe k Cincinnati and between St. L and Bvuuvlll* LouisviLe, EvansviDe & St Louil, Louisville, Henderson & Et Louis, Michlcan Central, New Yoik. Chicago & St Louis. Ohio Central Lines, Pennsylvfittia Une§ We-et of Pitteburf. Peoria, Decatur b Kvansvme, Pltt&burg & Lake Erie. Pitttbursr * Western, Pitteburg. Lisbon & Western. Toledo, St Louis & K«n«a» City, Vandalia line, Wabash Railroad. ZanesviUe & Ohio river. The price of thf ge ticket* are Thirty Dollars eacb. They are not transferable If tie ticket is used in its entiierj and exclusively by tb« original purchaser, a rebate of Ten Dollitn U paid by the CommlKDioner of the Central Paa- senger Association, E. A. Ford, Gea. PMB. Agt. PIttsburg, Pa Sept 30, MWT All tbe way From tbe Missouri River to Buffalo, the'Wabasfi Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Raring leaaed tbe track! of Trunk B*Uw*7 between Detroit aod rftacpco- don Bridge and thoae of tbe Xrta B. H, tram 8n«penslon Brklf« to Bnfitio, th« Wabnah B > •will run It* own traini from'EuiMM CKy Omaha, DC* Koine*. 8U loots, Qatar/. Haunt- bal, Kecdcuk and Chfctrgto BnAlo, brtnvtto only road tnmTflttouii aodMiMMppiBI*•• point* hBTlnff it* own line and train* tntoBttOalo. T>iiiii|li njiifi Bt. IxmU and CUMfo to JMU« vtthtut

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