The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1955
Page 5
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MOffDAT, DBCFMBER It, 19W BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Indian Peasants Hail Khrushchev's New Attack on US (Continued from Page 1) of the Russian lenders indicated "thes were now bent upon mak- Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:30 quotations) Dec 3448 3448 3446 Mar 3318 May 3245 July 3117 3327 3248 3130 3314 3231 3110 3448 3314 3231 3115 New Orleans Cotton Dec 3446 3447 3446 Mar 3320 3327 3315 May 3248 3251 3235 July 3123 3130 3114 Chicago Wheat Dec 208U 209'i May . . 204% 204'i, Chicago Corn Dec . . 126% 12T/4 May 135'/ 8 135Vj ing Kashmir a toy in a far more dangerous game which is bound not only to aggravate discord between Pakistan and India, but also to heighten world tension." Both Claim It Both India and Pakistan have claimed Kashmir since they obtained independence from Brit^ ain Kashmir's Hindu maharaja acceded to India '-\ 1847, but the population of the stale is predominantly Moslem. Demands that the state be incorporated into Pakistan touched off hostilities. A cease-fire agreement in 1949 ended fighting army units and the state now is split by a demarcation line supervised by U.N. military observers. Indian and Pakistani government Obituary John Arnold Dies in Tucson CAROTHERSVILLE— Word has been received here of the death of a former resident, H. N. (John) Arnold, 67, of Tucson, Aria, Services were conducted last Tuesday afternoon at St. John's Methodist Church in Tucson with Masonic graveside services at South Lawn Memorial Park there. Mr, Arnold reportedly drove his car into the side of a train and received a skull fracture as a result of the collision. Other injuries included a compound fracture of the thigh, punctured lung and multiple rib fractures, A shop foren^an in a motor company at Tucson, he left Caruthersville for Hot Springs. Ark., 13 years ago and later moved to Arizona. _ , Survivors include his wife. Mrs. leaders have been deadlocked oni H. N. Arnold; a brother, Joe Arn- the conditions of a plegiscite in which the people of Kashmir 208'i 204'/i l->6 3a 1341, would decide their future, but relations between the two countries 3447 on the issue appeared to be im- 3315 proving in recent months. 32351 one influential Indian comment- 3118 | ed•If Khrushchev had deliberately set out to light a fuse to fresh discord between India and Pakis- Chicago Soybeans Jan .... 236', 237 236 Mar .... 240 240'i 239'/ii May 240H 241 240 July 23B 3 ., 237' 2 330 New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco . ... Anaconda Copper . Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester Republic Steel . ... Radio Socony Vacuum . . Studebaker , 204^ 127 135'i 236 1 : 240 old, and a sister, Miss Jennie Arnold, both of Thayer, Mo. I! (Continued from Page 1) urday. There was nothing in the tan at a time when our problems j subsequent medical bulletin that seemed to be simmering down, he could not have done a better job of it." Government sources said there ( would be no official comment on i Khrushchev's speech — at least | until the party boss and Premier Bulganin have left India Wednesday Grim-faced. Prime Minister 82 1-8 70 3-<i 167 3-3 92 125 5 J 3-4 4' 1-2 94 44 1-2 37 3-H 53 j-8 46 7-8 6J 7-8 9 7-8 returned from south India to entertain his Russian guests again | until they leave by plane for Afghanistan. But if Khrushchev's statement disturbed Indian leaders, there was general agreement that it would appeal strongly to the Indian masses. It followed other attacks by the Soviet Union as the staunch friend of the Indifn people. Fresh Action? There was speculation here, that the Khrushchev statement on Kashmir might provoke Pakistan into iresh action en the dispute, probably within the United Nations. Another controversy kicked off by the Russian visit to India was ruled out the possibility of his running again. But Snyder said that if he were the President and had to decide, Pemiscot Court Loaded With Traffic Cases CAR.UTHERSVILLE — Among cases set for Thursday in Pemiscot County Magistrate Court are a robbery charge and a charge of assault with intent to rape. Pred Burns, charged with robbery, is free on $3,000 bond pending preliminary hearing Thursday. Charles Bolin, charged with assault with intent to rape, has been confined to jail upon failure to post bond, set at $2,500. Berry Crider was fined $30 and given a suspended sentence of 60 days upon being found guilty of careless and reckless driving and also having defective brakes. James Williams was fined $10, plus costs, upon pleading guilty to having improper brakes. Sonny Robertson, guilty to careless driving, was fined who pleaded and reckless $25 and sentenced to 10 days in jail. Loimie Garfield Nix pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace and was given a suspended sentence of 60 days. James R. Pierce was fined S25, plus costs, after pleading guilty to careless and reckless driving. Mose Brown was fined $10, plus costs, upon pleading guilty to careless and reckless driving. He was *iven a suspended sentence of 30 POLITICS days. Walter Mitchell pleaded guilty to careless and reckless , driving and was fined S25, plus costs. Louis D. Burchard was fined $10, plus costs, for careless and reckless driving defective brakes .... would wait another two months, | Louis Holt pleaded guilty and until the middle of February at! was fined $5 and costs for care- the earliest. . I less and reckless driving. Impossible to Assess | Roy Lee Cunningham was fined He said it is impossible to 'as- So and costs for careless driving. Standard of N J 148 3-8: joined yesterday the Chinese Com- U S Steel Livestock NATINAL STOCKYARDS, 111 (tf>— (USDA)—Hogs 18,000; mostly steady to lower; bulk mixed U. S. Nos 1, 2 am: 3 grade 180-230 Ib barrows and gilts 11.25-85; several 100 head 12.00, these u 1 orm 180210 Ib or mostly No 1 ;md 2 grade 190-220 Ib; 26 head lot Nos 1 and 2 grade around 220 Ib 12.25; mixed j grade 230-270 Ib 10.25-11.50; 270-310 Ib mostly Nos 2 and 3 grade 9.5010.25; 140-170 Ib 10.50-11.25; SOU'S 450 Ib down 8.50-9.00 [heavier sows S.00-25; boars over 250 Ib mostly 6.25-7.50; lighter weights to 8.50 and few 8.75. Cattle 8.500, calves 1.200; virtually nothing done with initial bids . generally unevenly lower; utility and commercial cows largely 9.50-11.00; some low utility 9.00 ; carmers and cutters 6.509.00; bulls utility and commercial 12.00-14.00; canner and cutter bulls 9.50-11.50; good and choice vealers 21.00-26.00; few high choice and prime 27.00-30.00; commercial and good 17.00-21.00. sess how much another four-year term would take out of the President in physical terms. A formal medical bulletin asserted: '•The executive responsibilities have imposed a heavier tax upon the President than an ideal convalescent program- would incorporate. Then, too, the weather (at Gettysburg' has not been too good." At the samn time the bulletin said Eisenhower's participation in both office and farm activities has been carefully supervised "so that no harm has resulted." The President took a complete rest yesterday, remaining in the seclusion of the residential part of the White House with Mrs. Ei- senhowcr. There was nothing the cians found unusual in the physi- Saturday examinations. The doctors reported the President "steeps well. rests well and relaxes easily dur- and his pulse, tem- biood pressure are ing the day, perature and normal. 58 3-4 ', munist party newspaper Peiping I People's Daily. The Red China radio broadcast an article saying U. S. Secretary of State Dulles "exposed his own ugly colonialist face" by terming Goa a Portuguese province. Dulles and Portugal's foreign minister. Dr. Paolo Cunha, Issued a statement in Washington Dec. 2 denouncing remarks by Khrushchev and Bulganin as designed to "foment hatred between the East and West." They said they'had discussed .various statements by the Russians, including "allegations concerning the Portuguese prov- ST _ LOUIS f.fl—A 30-pound can of inces in the Far East." i inch-long roofing nails fell off Glen The reference to "provinces"! Allen Crosby's truck and scattered and Dulles' associating himself) over the road. Police said Crosby with the Portuguese minister in V, recovered a ladder that also fell off Spilled Nails Cause Trouble Hollis Abbott, charged with no operator's license, gpt a stay of execution on a 10-day sentence. Fined $10 and costs for improper licenses were George Bonds and | Elivood Deaton. Upon guilty pleas, the following persons were fined S5, and costs: John D. Vincson. Jerry Lonzo Canoy, both charged with no operators' license; Joe E. Champion, no chauffeur license; Jackson Foster, permitting minor to drive; G. G. Perry, improper auto license; Jimmy L. Loggins, defective brakes; Herbert Goodman, no auto license. (Continued from Page 1) pledge of support from Sen. Murray (D-Mont) and Murray's assurance that Montana's 16 convention votes would go to him next year, However, there were indications that Stevenson was not making as much progress in Southern states as some of his friends hoped. Dixie hostility cost Stevenson four states in that area in 1952. Sen. Russell (D-Ga), who as a presidential candidate three years ago got many convention votes from the South, said he believes it is still too early to tell how that area will go next year. Studied Report Republicans studied the report by Maj. Gen. Howard M. Snyder, Eisenhower's personal physician, that the President's general condition was "good" in his convalescence from his Sept. 24 heart attack but that he should "slow down" his activities. Snyder indicated it would be mid- February before Eisenhower knows from a physical standpoint whether he's in fit condition to run for another term in the White House. Some Republicans have been urging Eisenhower to declare his intentions soon so potential presidential candidates will know where they stand. One high government ofiicfal who had been mentioned as a pos- sile GOP presidential candidate if Eisenhower doesn't run, J. Edgar Hoover, was reported to have „ turned thums down on the idea. 18? The FBI chief was quoted by | % Sen. Jenner (R-Ind) as saying "he didn't want to jeopardize the position he has uilt up for the FBI by getting into politics." Jenner said he personally sounded out Hoover at the request of an Indiana Repulican leader the senator did not identify. FRENCH AEC (Continued from Page 1) (Continued from Page 1) tion districts. Over Half 2. A right-of-center alliance led by Premier Edgar Faure and Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay, Allied are the Radical Socialists supporting Paure, the Catholic Popular Republican Movement MRP and most of the right-wing independent groups. Elements of this grouping were represented in well over half the districts. 3. The Communists, entering their own candidates in all districts. They have been cut off from .alliances by delivery .at various meetings. Both j other parties as they were in the the classification (secrecy) prob-Uast general election in 1851. lem and the type of audience re-| 4. The "Poujadists," a new faction stricted these authors' remarks tolled by Pierre Poujade, 34-year-old mere generalities. I bookseller who heads the union for The texts of the talks were pub-| the Defense of Small shopkeepers lished by the Atomic Energy Com-i and Tradesmen UDCA. Poujade has mission, however ,and continue toj conducted a campaign against tax be listed in bibliographies of nu-j laws and UDCA claims 800,000 mem- 1 bers. The Poujadists have no alliances but are expected to attract an important part of the right-wing vote. clear energy, giving weight to the documents that -s far beyond their true merit. "Papers of a similar sort continue to be listed and thus given equal recognition with work of more permanent nature." statement on Goa incensed the In- his truck but ignored another mo- 1 dians. They claim the territory on| torist's suggestion to sweep up the ,| India's coast is part of their coun-j 4800 nails. v try. Dulles' denial that the state- The result — 12 .flat tires and ment represented any shift in America's "hands-off" policy did nothing to appeace the Indians. More Degrees Issued WASHINGTON UP)- $200,000 Fire Hits Miami MIAMI. Fla. -The nation's out of con trol — A fire burning nearly two hours Hayti VFW Has Supper TO: MRS. ADA CRAIG TODD, Mother OF: Etta Alberta Todd, Artie Roberta Todd, and Jessie M. Todd, Minors. NOTICE OF GUARDIANSHIP PROCEDURE Take notice that on the 8th day of December, 1955, a petition Was filed by the Child Welfare Division of the Arkansas State Welfare Department in the Probate Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to have certain children named Etta Alberta Todd, Artie Roberta Todd, and Jessie M. Todd, declared dependent or delinquent children and to take from you the custody and guardianship of said child and to appoint further some suitable person as their guardian with power to consent to the adoption of said children, or to place said children in some suitable home in this state [ for the care and guardianship of j dependent or delinquent children. ..Now unless you appear within twenty days after the date of this notice and show cause against such application, the petition shall be taken as confessed and the decree granted. Dated 12/8/55 SEAL ELIZABETH BLYTHE PARKER, Probate Clerk. By RUTH C. BESS, D. C. Mississippi County. Arkansas. 12/12-19 three-hour sweeping job while traffic was detoured around the spot. Crosby was picked up, brought back to the scene and handed a college and universities handed out j caused an estimated $200,000 dam- 354,445 diplomas during the 1954-55 a g e in downtown Miami yesterday college year, Education Commissioner S. M. Brownell reported yesterday. This was 4.254 less than the in the cleanup job Saturday. £le then was charged with littering a public highway and having no operator's license. HAYTI — V. F. W. Post 4G80 will hold a box supper and .square j dance Friday evening at the' V. F- W. Building here, beginning' 7o St OV in AFL-CIQ at 7 p.m., it has been announced. I Purpose of the project is to raise ' funds for the post's treasury. \ he total dents. number of college stu- feathers are taken and forced 90 guests to evacuate an adjoining hotel. Nobody was seriously injured. The cause was not determined but J. w. Davis, chief of the Mi ami Fire Prevention Bureau, said "We're not dispelling the possibil I y ity of arson." j j^ The fire was discovered about j y noon in a building which housed 7"o Singapore Meet MANILA W — British Ambassador George L. Glutton left by plane for Singapore today to attend the annual conference of United Kingdom diplomats in southeast Asia. Ostrich every 10 months. Each plucking yields several ounces of feathers. I men's clothing store and a shoe ; %, The best plumes are obtninci from! store. The nearby Roberts Hotel 15; NEW YORK IJ) — The executive i the wings and tail of the male. ' was damaged by smoke and water, i body of the Transport Workers \ — — '- ~ ; Union has voted 37-7 in favor of j remaining in the merged AFL-CIO despite Union President Michael Quill's opposition to the merger. The union had been- a CIO member. Quill said he would support the majority decision, which must be approved by the union's 120,000 members. For aches, pains, vuts, bruises, burns, coUls, headaches, bites and stings, try Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment Available at your favorite drug counter C. G. SMITH PRODUCTS CO. 22 pounds for ONE DOLLAR You can send 22 pounds of America's nourishing fuod surplus to a family overseas and have it there by Christmas. All for one dollar! Our government has m.ide available through CARE millions of pounds of food surplus to bo used to feed less fortunate people in the other frc« countries. Your dollar joins in a great FOOD CRUSADE to send food to the friends of freedom abroad. Send your dollar today — or send more if you can. Join the 1955 FOOD CRUSADE! A BEAUTIFUL CAltw^AR BANK JENO TOUH CONTRIBUTION TO CARf-NfW YOUK CAftt-SAN FRANCISCO Off TOU« tOCAL CAR! OMICC This »cl run »s » P" hllc »e"'ice by the Courier Newi $nda UAppyA/£wy&& OUR CHIME CLOCK PLAYS: "Lord, thru this hour Be thcsu our guide So by thy power So font shall slide." —: Oldest Rank in Mississippi County :— THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. TLAIE TRIED PANIC TESTED Member Federal Reserve System and F. D. I. HOLIDAY VALUES In Every Department at Hays Cello Wrapped RICELAND RICE 2 29d Bush No. 2 Cans WHOLE GREEN BEANS 5 S1 Red Cross, 7 Oz. Box SPAGHETTI OR MACARONI 100 Ribbon, MIXED CANDY 2 Lhs 590 Drip or Reg., Lb. Bag MAXWEL LHOUSE COFFEE 890 Sacramento, No. 2'/2 SPICED PEACHES 250 Hunts, No. 2'/2 PEACH HALVES 290 Cloverleaf, 6 >/ 2 Oz. DRYMILK 100 Stokeley's No. 303 APPLESAUCE 2 for 250 Canada Dry GINGER ALE 280 z 250 Campbell's TOMATOSOUP | US No. 1 Red Triumph I POTATOES 70 Lb. Bag 49c Emerald WALNUTS Lb. Bag 49$ Full of Milk COCONUTS Each 10c Florida 176 Size TANGERINES Armour's Matchless | I Fresh Quality BACON I SPARE RIBS LB. I LB. 29 C ! 29 C i BOSTON BUTTS QOSEOUTS Girls Poll ParroH DRESS SLIPPERS $A90 Black Suede A & B widths Sizes 8!/2 to 3 Regular 6.95 4 FREE GIFT WRAPPING! Your Gift Selections will be expertly wrapped free of charge . . . . . and Hays will hold your selections for delivery Christ- mas Eve on request. —r, COWBOY BOOTS s WITH A SMART NEW PAIR OF PoIl|Parrot SHOES FORr&OYS AND GIRLS What child doesn't love a shiny new pair! They're practical, too, for Poll-Parrots will take chit pair of busy, young feet through the rugged winter months... safely, comfortably, economically, Christmas Trees A Big Selection of Sizes Payroll Checks Cashed Free

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