The Courier from Waterloo, Iowa on September 9, 1962 · 32
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The Courier from Waterloo, Iowa · 32

Waterloo, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1962
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I fe Thirty-Te .wday, sEPTrmrB i, im. WATERLOO SUNDAY COUJUtR, WAItRLOO, IOWA. t it ' r They built across the tracks T freer . V W; - . -;"?''tk.; 7it'i4 1 it r ? i FROM STOCKWELL BRIDGE at U'a;y!y, the visitor gets his only view of the riverside elevation of the new home c.' .Mr. and Mrs. Laurence H. Butzlaff unless, of course, he can paddle or swim for if. The stone pier in the middle of the Cedar is similar to the one used as the foundation or the house. Although the residence appears to he a secluded sanctuary, it has a far-flung view of the changing season along the river. Note the houseboats at left. The Butzlajfs also have n swimming dock below their home because the river here is ideal for diving with a depth of 10 feet. By PATTY JOHNSON WAVERLY When Larry and Dorothy Butzlaff announced they'd decided to build a house on a railroad pier, jaws dropped all over town. "People thought we were crazy," Larry chuckles. "But we discovered it would cost more to remove the stone pier than to use it So we used it." And with singular success. Their attractive red ' and white block and brick residence is suspended on the pier above the placid Cedar River, with fish jumping below the porch and boats moored near Janis's treehouse. The house is angled in such a way as to give the living room the the early years of the depres-atmosphere of a ycar-around sion. In 1950, the rails were fcnmo with all the lu" UP comforts of city life. Bremer and the right-of-way restored to the original own- OI.DTIMERS and railroad ers', alt.huSh U ,"U : buffs of all ages - will recall ln between Sumner and that the three stone piers Biemer across the Cedar at Waverly Waverlv" once supported trackaKe for U ' lJ.l'U ,n, , the Chicago Great Western sa', V0 ,Butz'aff' bu Railway Co., and were used we felt hd beca.uf; ln , ' ' - guess, we d been brought up for passenger service from hy ,, Waverly to Sumner. ""a ,?''"1?' , , ,t,. 4 , , , , , j ii After Larry bought the two Waterloo s own railroad, the .,... u.h-.nh nrtw Pnmnrip his Waterloo, Cedar Falls & North- picturesque "little "estate," he em, ai nu me huvjicbc ui began (o discover the pro-using the track and operated berm connected with removal steam trains along it until of the ier on the property 1909. The Great Western con- and came lo the conclusion tinued Us use, however, until that he.d have t0 turn it inlo I toe. UJ V',- till . ""'r . j-1 r .si e ' 1 - ?" - ''of 1 an asset instead of a liability. He considered building a house about 16 feet wide and 80 feet long but discarded the idea when it began to assume the mental image of a railroad car. "One day," he said, "I finally came up with the outside dimensions and gave them to Dorothy." y "Yes." Dorothy laughs, "he gave the outline to me and left on a two-week trip. So I laid out the floor plan. But Larry did a lot of the building. He learned as much as he could about block-laying and brick-laying and almost everything except cabinet work." Early in the game, the Bulzlaffs discovered they'd need enormous amounts of fill dirt but that problem was neatly solved by utilizing earth and materials removed when the old Methodist Church was razed. NOW COMPLETE, the house includes on its upper level an entrance hall lined with ' storage cabinets, an angled living room with its fireplace wall flanked by glass doors leading to the sunken porch, a dining area and com pact U-shaped kitchen and more storage walls in the hall area leading to the bath and two bedrooms, one in fawn and brown for the Butzlaffs and the other in pink and turquoise for daughters Jane and Janis. The two oldest children are married. Mrs. Robert Strom lives in Janes-ville and James lives in Fort Myers, Fla., where his parenti are already beginning to make plans for a winter home. The lower level of the Waverly house features a king-size family room with office area for Larry, plus the utility and gas heating equipment. It, too, opens out on the river but at grade level. FOR SOME reason, which may have something to do with the availability of choice riverside building areas, Waverly has an unusual share of handsome homes for a community its size. However, the area is also noteworthy for its richness of business, industry and agriculture and a corresponding progressive attitude toward fine living. The Butzlaff home ranks above all the rest for giving its owners a wonderful feeling of being a part of the natural beauty with which Iowa if richly endowed. r, -? K ' .,-V,'J t. 5- ..-i'.AL.iV . f"-- fc.J..:.-.-JJO,v . . , ; . .,.. ,..J. .z. J VPPER LEVEL FLOOR PLAN LARRY AND DOROTHY Butslaff and the youngest of their four children, 1 1 -year-old Janis, are pictured at the terraced front entrance of their new red brick and block home on Rt. 1, Waverly. ln the foreground above the garages are the king-size bedrooms. The angled area at right rear is the living room overlook' ing the river. mmm - -"": v ,, inwum,,? j-wum" PtM 1 I 'U ' is i I f e . . i ; : - j 1 f's perfect time to plant your peonies Here's how to give them start in life By PAUL BARGER Early Seplember is the ideal time to plant peonies. Although peonies can be planted In the spring, you'll find they'll do better if fall -V planted. : Peonies do not become crowded rapidly as Is true of iris, c h r y s a n t he-mums and certain other herbaceous perennials. And you can leave them in ihe same lo- Paul cation for many years. However, if they're growing in a shaded spot, planted too deep, or fail to bloom properly,1 you may wish to move them to a more desirable location ln the garden. r. f t,- ; i v WHEN DIVIDING old peony clumps or buying new ones select divisions that have three to five "eyes" or buds. The two-eye "economy" division is usually too small for quick results. Select a place where the plants will receive at least six hours of sunlight each day. Avoid areas full of tree or large-shrub roots as the peonies will not receive their full share of soil moisture and nutrients. DEEP SPADING of the plant ing bed will encourage root pene-! tration. And while you're at it, mix a cup of superphosphate or the same amount of a complete fertilizer, such as 6-10 4 or 10-30-10 for each division to 1 planted. Add wcllrotled manure, compost or peat moss to supply organic matter. Deep planting of peonies may result in poor blooms or even no( flowers at all. Set the division one and one-half to two inches deep. Firm the soil in the planting hole before setting the division, especially if your soil Is quite loose. In loose soil, set the division slightly deeper. The loose soil will settle around it. r;vv; ; : - i ti! : h-'; v4 f '-wownow w : 1 f . r.:-'-.-v o a nawtHKaMwataw' "fft ""ntia 'Tit'Tni'WrltTwiinWiiiiii',il iiitiffiWiM ! i A DELIGHTFUL SCEA'JC splendor belongs to the Butzlaff home all year. This overhang porch is reached from a short light of steps descending from slid- V ft." 'I j -ek . ' ing glass doors between the living and dining areas. There's a brick fireplace here, too, for cookout entertaining and on open deck beyond. Paint can change house dimensions ABOVE IS a view of the living room with its paneled walls of honey birch and country tweed acrylic fibre carpeting meeting an angled section of spatter vinyl in the dining area. The red brick fireplace lias a raised hearth including a lidded section for wood storage. Furnishings are sot pastels combined with blond modern. THE FAMILY ROOM on the lower level was designed to include an ojice at home for Larry, who operates a Wauerly insurance agency as well as serving as a real estate representative for Roach Farms, Inc., of Plainfield. However, 15-year-old Jane has made it her sanctuary, too. The dark knotty pine butlt-tns, and the generous fireplace were designed by their owner, 10)10 styled the fireplace hood in cardboard before deciding on the completed form. Stylish stainless THIS COLLECTION of holloware and serving ac- cessorii's i.v in versatile stainless steel in an elegant matte finish. Along with the basic platters and serving dishes, vi a variety of shapes and sizes, the line includes candlesticks, sauce boats, mustard pots, egg cups and a gondola-shaped bowl for fruit or flowers. (For local retail outlets, write or call the Waterloo Daily Courier liomes editor.) . . iZUri . ...-. ..1l,., i Contractors for . . . A UtlJf I COMMERCIAL BUILDING f FACTORY '4 Coll Ul for Your Electrical Ncedi I $Mlf SEE ELECTRIC CO. i Commoreiol Phono ADomi 4-5701 (COURIER NEWS SERVICE) i WASHINGTON, D. C. If you don't like the dimensions of your house, you can change them visually by using color properly. A house that appears to be too tall for its width can be squared off if you paint the roof darker than the side walls. This will make it seem lower. Re-inforce this by paint ing upper-story shutters or trim in the roof color. On the other hand, if the house looks too squat, paint the roof a light color. In ad dition to making the house RADIATOR BEAUTY. Tests have shown that, yn- look tajler, the light color will trary to former beliefs, ra reflect sun heat your home cooler. and keep dlator gives the most heat whoa a con-metallic paint Is used. GET RIGHT BRUSH, Is best. For shutters, window You'll find it easier to paint frames and door trim, use a jour house if you use several' IVi or 3-inch brush. For paint-different size brushes for the! ing window sash and moldings, job. For large areas of siding! a 1 or lVrinch oval brush or or shakes, a 3'j or 4-inch brush sash tool is recommended. MOISTURE. Moisture condensation in your home is caused by the water vapor in warm air coming in contact with a cold surface. ALUMINUM and ASBESTOS SIDING COMBINATION ALUMINUM WINDOWS Doors Awnings Call- Waterloo Ventilated Awning Go. 130 Willliron Avt. Glon E. Potior AD 3-3714 "i g Years of Dependable You Can Buy a Genuine CAPP-HOME WITH OR WITHOUT MONEY! "-s$3609 I h 1 HI MM g t I s ' w 'r-r L ML 11 tHl NOIH IU 7 II' Ck Pflio m $41 A MONTH loo'.ororHin niNt on UK TOUH DWNI Hudton, BOB OTI 204 Ploatonf Drive CUSTOM BUILT ON VOUH0T IN CITY. FARM OK COUNTUr ... fUEICHT PAID! Yom con or 100' (inancini or you can pay oi liftlo oi 10" down! With or without money you 1. A compltlo custom-dtiignid Cipp-Homo roueh-ortctod on your lot with ill limshmi material? 2. Vinyl asbestos tloorinf for tuthroom, Kitchen, rear hall ' tou cn iNciunr m immi w fOLlOWINC IT mw innitinun rnir. Complete plumbinf system Complete heating system CiMtom-detimerl with formica counter tops Complete electric wirine with iin All foundation materials including basement CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE I 3. 4. 5. f. 7. 5 j REPUBLIC and RUUD GLASS LINED . WATER HEATERS 10-YEAR GUARANTEE! Fiberglas Insulation! Baked Enamel Finish! GAS HEATERS (Manufactured or Natural) 30-Gal. Glass, 10-Yr. . . $45.95 40-Gal. Glass, I (Mr. . . f54.S5 CASH PRICES WHOLESALE TO EVERYONE! BROWN'S AT RAYMOND PHONE AD 4-1331 I mm ! pjsC3BaC3 - xHrririli da 11 l'i Cor Garogo if Built to Suit You 2 Cat Goroge Double or Single Door We guarantee the finest quality at the LOWEST PRICES . . . you'll not find a better garage for less money. Check our price, compare our garages. Ask for a FREE ESTIMATE. NO MONEY D017N No Payment Until December, '62 ft Call AD 3-2395 or Mail Coupon ( CENTRAL GARAGE BUILDERS Home Owned Davie) S. Honne ' : ..w. Phone AD 3-2395 Name j Addresl titiMtiMtlintiim hmhii I City , Phone i lime TO Lull .... - y-y ; i V"MM(H fttltlMMIMMIIMttMIllflMtMttllfllMtMlfMIMIIMIMIt ttf 1 1(1 1 Mfl IMI ltl lf 1 A, New Garages a ""jj Smmmmj imM. - ? . T M"j'""j 1 1 i . . a if--.-v-, 1 14. Storage-space IV x 20' mode!, monthly $14.53 No money down Low monthly terms Construction and concrete slab floor included. Choose from 30 different mod els and sizes . . . can bo to ished to match your home. Just Phone x& 233-1083 L ft or Mail This Coupon "(IMilllllltlllltlllHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMIIIIHItlltlllllllllHC : Fullerton Garaget, Box 359, Waterloo, Iowa j ; Plcos furnish further information obout your goragei with : : no cost or obligation. Name . . 5 Addren , j Town , Phone No., .IIIMIIIIII1IIIIIIIIIIIUIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIIII Hill IMIIIIIIMIIM See Full-Size Model Garage On display ot our oaraoe building center, facing highway 218. Representative! to answer your question, weed doyi 1 A.M. to 7 P.M., Sat. 11 A.M. to 7 P.M., Sun. 1 to I P.M. FULLERTON LUMBER CO. Garage Building Center 1315 Headford . . . Facing Highway 218 Between Janney end Aniboraugh Avei. Next to Rocket Cor Weih

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