Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on November 25, 1874 · 3
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 3

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1874
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liSmmtrmvmtmu.. . , . . ,.,.tif,., IS if ,btt JO DA I L V bX,Vrj:MAN. bsday ...sori wltT-V i i Loeul .iattcrjv; Home ludualr). f , ya) Auatln Cllj 'lliu, ami a Pleasant t'uluii. At the 1nvitati..n f Mr. K. Tanner, pfoprit tor of tlm City Mt1i,Wtn'uso tarsal v-livc and on : huuilre 1 of the busi- get nun nf tlii city met ut ttio ubjre mills 0ftTut"''''iy tifieru'ioii, to (like it view of his eaterpnsi'. At about 3 o'clock the Mrty 'pMMnt, rcprcsi-ntiiii; the s.iM t.uoitiesd in-tutt f Austin, after, makiji; a tliorourli iaTeSkigatioti of "the mVit, were' liu-ruM by tuelf worthy bust to a bmn'tifjl repa-.t, which put all in the bent of liniiitirto enjoy DttfeMt of re.-usoti!' which waav to follow. "19. Sisson, hnmcdiatclr after flintier, sae ft fw remarks iu honor to Sir. Buu-aoT jnd bis etiterjrise; to, whigb jie replied substance about as follows:, .. Launching tliia enterprise witl tins pn doctioii of a meiiium juiality of Hour, it ill my purpose to advance the grades as the demands of the market required. The fall for a quality ..equal.-19, the ttst,tm- 'poned brands was quickly' made. -1 re-HODdcd to the call, nqd today 1 offer to the people a flour, manufactured at the capital of your State, unsurpassed by the ewieest brandsVof i.owol5 emtry. If jtfcere is eloquence, beauty .ant) convincing power in any thing, I nosi present it in the .ieJbjwiug cheerful , and, irresistible tcsti-moay, given by many.ef Austin's fairest asd most accomplished ladies, to the superior quulity of flour manufactured by the ,;jAt$in City Mills: ;;. .,,. ; -r- i " ArsTt'rJ, November 13. 1674. : Mr.BomKV, propriotorof the AmlinUiy Mills: tr 1 have used jour fluur In making lUht bread, Wsaalt and cake to my ealieraelion, aud nod 11 as light ate white an ibe bent St. l.oui flour, and aa to sweet-lees, It is far preferable and 1 think It the duty of every eeesjid all of the oauphters of the Lone Star State 10 irsfre uoiue imiuruy auamHiufactort-s, it would Sen greatly toour arlvautetucut and prosperity. Iwn, very respectfully, JIHS, A. B. I"ALM. We have always used Uic very bi st flour we could Cre. nuiiBowmstli."iii ItluuiS Star" I made by the Austin City Mills, and d not h,-aV ato i-ttttettiat It W fully egual i" it t baking qualities whiteness to the beat St. LooTi four a have ever - - ' AJl ; .-. I sen. in the flonr made at the Anitln City they bepan irtindiiii,', annie uion'hx ago. lhave been VUla aiiiee teXSt tea sovd fauiilv. tuat. but Uu "XXXX tliMa flour yon ar now Auilung la certainly tartfuperior. It la belter than any St. I.ouia door thai I have ever aeen or used. 1 hope your enterprise mfltM. lihivalW auataint-d Hiffff -j i WHS. LCCINDA RAtMONS. l liaye ihoronchly teetcd the ''XXitf Ritlnn Btar' fOMfianaiacuirea oj me amii i ity jwidH, ana pro-NKe it a clri tly first daco flonr, aa good as the HtlUiaicoiiiLti iu mis maikci irora r-i, k mis or eise-Wbf. T. J. M MiKl KY, tkftve thorouffhlvtesttii yonr "XXXX TCiAiasr Star" ,t tMtf In ituikint; litn bn-ad, btcuit aud cake, and jj auan equal 10 any uuur i niv tjvw usru. 'stfWl recently we have used Plant's ls, and ofhor irVjp-ados of t. Loum Hour, neaio oow ntmthe f Ktsiiijf Star,'" mae ai yonr nulls. In thevari- MiUndc of bread, cakes and iiaotiv, f find it anmr ttMwd. I nm tfiad of no opportunity to patroaife -MRS. C. T; SISSON , 'Ikare given yonr "XXIX Itlslng Ptar" flour a ijrh test m cookiiif, and cau reforumeiid it to cepers as equal 10 tuevtry nest si. Louis orand, After liaving tried your "XXXX liiciwf Star" flour for Mead, in8-uuauiu ctitve, i do not uecitateto pro- mmkv it fully euuul. to suy the least, to anv of the M brands uf St. Lou it floiir,which 1 have heretofore jg I IloL think iliat I over had a better flour jii tut jour lltftuig Star." MRS. JCT'aXST F. STROETER. I iave tried your "ItUing Siar11 flour, and pro- ;e it suuerior to any J have ever uvea iu Texas t tm Ifeud, biscui.s, pound cuke, etc. r MRS. HAs4; W. BABJiTES. W are ddihtcd with your " XXXX Ri-in Star" t! low,' It bakes beautifully: it is eweet, white, and t Wlf eriual in every rtsj,eft to the beet St. Loais mm nave nereioiore area.- f " I .-.v MRS. E. D. AXBERSOX. f A equcted by yon, I have given your "XXXX j Blttat Star1' flour a thorough test, both in llnt bread V tad UKuits, and do cheerfully say that I find it fully aaai"to any of th choice l ortticiii of bt, Louis i 'tnttJt, which 1 have been wslnjf for-oveMMrtyyears. 5 1 wtMJd vcpecialiy recotumeiid ii to house keepers for E'- iriineMJ aua puniy. jw rtr. j?. mcvjauki 'Htfrei me pleanre to state that- I am hirhly plftftm witii your "XXXX Rining yinr" flonr. For Its wetBets and baking qualities, I dveire no better, I cn your enterLrise will he sueccs-foJ. Tleipecl fully, MRS. R. M. 0A3TELMAN. I hTe need yonr "XXXX Rising Star'1 flour in loaf V tmad and biscuit, and like it as wtrlt as any flour 1 , iaTeever used. I bopt- it will receive the patronage Y wucn is so ncuiy aeserves. v Jteapectfully, MRS. J. W. IIANNIO, : I take great pleasure In recommending yonr ''XXXX t; kteinii Star' floor, aa we find it even beyond our I Boat faniruine expectations, and predict for it a rising lt Ihftt ahall Know no setting, and may it impart bone ana in sinew to the noble cons and fuir daughters of our great t -TtV MRS. LILLY GRAHAM. f limvc zim your flonr a mffldent tet, and find it W aqaal to the best t. Louts flour. Witht&e teat wishes ; tot Jur success, l remain, respectfully, MRS. K. J. DAVIS. ltfivi'8 me pleasure to hear testimony to the very warior quality of your "XXXX RUin Star1 flour, i roreliher Li-cmtor lihi bread I find it Qusurpaaaed .: : y Plant's or any other brand of the bast St. Louis t' matt l nave iieruioiore Uecu. t tpectfnlly, ELIZA. A. SMTTU. I lapcTfoclly delihtr' v.!th your "XXXX Ri-!ni HmP flour. 1 have nerd it chleiW in biscuits, whit b I Ireaaeltg.uit a I ever stuv. It i a rHt dual be tier r wavtiie ist t. Louu Hour l have been able to pro- & canti i snail useu wun pieusure. I , , MRS. IS. J. BCnST. I -f like pleasure In saying that you flour oomparea p TWyia-orjiOiy witti uiu uust noriuern oranus. ,3Tery respectfully, . K MIL If BAKER. tef ? BMDe time'aco I nsed soma of roar XXX flour. fc Mid it a tjthod famity flour, but my experience is that fi. jnf-AAJiA ltieuig Mur is iar fvuperiur ana tuny i fe Im4u the best St. Louis brands. -4 MRS. Wil. IT, BELL. IUfctve used your'XXXX Rli-inx Sar" flour In VoaX I? tnM, biscuits and watttt a, aud regard it- aa a most ex- f Ctliast flour. It rises uuiclc and mitliee sweet, beautiful watf. it is quite at good of better than fTw best SL . I tm very mnch pleawd with your MXXXX Riiinj f, noor. it mes wen. anu imuiea sweet, wmte, J'' bread. It Is as good as any one could wish. 1 f," Mttklhe people should patronize home institutions. - MRS. ADOIK CURTIS. ft- . W flonr from Mr. Bonner1 s mill I used Id makini 3 r aWBit aud batter bread, and was verr Buch uleasi I wHk it. i found it aa nice as any Hi. Louia flour 1 have if jwwjustu, ana wiu aij purctuim: it in my laiaity. t . JEMI.VA nEfuRDOVA. - wtlvcs me pleasure tossy that your "XXXX Rising h flour jflves mc entire satisfartion. I am k f'icl with it in everr respect. B.Iievln in the en- I toMatoment of home manufactories, it will us ft paiure to patrouize your mill. kv MRS. J AS. H. RAYMOND. t l lave med the "XXXX Rislnj Star" flour yaa g,- aaatine, in loaf bread, hirht blaniits and plain b a- I I am nuaily plea ictt with tt la each of these I f of bread. It ri-ea (jnicker auA is bailor than f a hxtra, which 1 have generallv uaed. P- MUiJ.LAVIiA.U. RASDOLTH. tCl Hcrchants of Austin, 1 now gny to you v tta) taking quality into Consideration! will , IMt any fair competition that may offer, f Md with the further assurance ' that the jV JaSe shall be properly protected, 1 respact-t My solicit t Be preference of your talucd I patronage. I call upon you" to aid in a I atrtctly business way an cntcrprisewhich I ttanot fail to contribute to the material f pwiperity of your city. One manufactur- -J industry stimulates oUters, and factories h Jhtthiolied win firnrfr!'TrtnfTn Ml-Vilitnmn , Jwjcs among the people which, moving in HJiionate cnannen, wm surcirm overflowing tt currents of jour trade, and commerce. Takine ud niv residence anions? vou and ting my lot with yours, permit me to re-wfor a single moment to what I esteem the sf'Aable development of this great Empire .Plane. - JCori ttinn trtunl In awn In tlin muni Vul. fefitatee of Illinois. Iowa, Missouri and ,i,sas, embracing within its latitudes the Cnraatcs of the temnornte and torrid 7oaes. bem f domain, and endowed iwyirgin soil L."" lertility and variety of productions Z" rentier it capanie ot snstatmiig tne vur muni ..inn .... ..r ih. Ak...i .-w uiukH UU uiu lltl U Ul ItHO Vl 111 t as underlaid its rnrfacc with coal, iron ifc-.'P'r. an the whole family of miccniln, i a jeweled its mountains with the precious Mia. Endowed, witu resources aud cli-itie I 'itt Btateft TffprroA to ft ia f,tlr tn nHtimp jVn complying with the retpiisite entities, t n development in material wealth and power will be on a scale commensurate with tthcr ol tuctn. . . i .i a What are the conditions tinder which Texas, rising to the niajuuriBAefUiax posai-bilities, may take first rank among all the States of the Union) I auswifr, increase ot population, diveraitv of industries and the expansion of her railway system. Let us Compare: t , . , 4 Illinois contains forty-si i persons t t-Terj quare mile of her territory. An equal pop. million would distribute over the b;uad and fertile area of this State umre than welve and a half millious of people, equal w ithin a fraction to one-third of the present pulatiou of all the bind s and lerritortes. Illinois h& one mile of railroad for every nine aud a hull square miles of her area; au qua! number Would give to lexas twentv- ive tli"U.-and milei, (md to oim-tj.ird of he railway mileage ot tnet-nitit cotrn y. 1 he assessed value ot Hie real and per sonal property of Illinois is one hundred and ninety aud one-eighth dollars per capi ta; an equivalent valuation to tue popular tion of Texas, as augmented by these comparisons, would give to her people $2,391,- 000,000. Although essentially an agricul tural State, one-fifth of the industrial population of Illinois is employed in manufacturing and mecuauical pursuits. . . ... lexas needs to be invaded with an intel ligent and enterprising population, but her vast frontier will not be inhabited, nor the Indian, standing like a wall of fire in the pathway of an incoming people, be sub dued to the influences of civilization until tlie locomotive shall awaken the silence of bis plains and hills with the thunder of his tread. . .. .... ... Thousands of miles of railway are re quired to open tip the vast interior and render it accessible to remunerative mar kets; and then such a diversity ot indus-1 tries as will develop, net merely the agri- cultural.but the mineral and manufacturing resources ol tue state. Stripped of the binderauces which have hitherto fettered her giant limbs, .and under the inspiration of her new life, it will not be long until ber bills and plains will be filled w ith many millions of industrious people. 1 he iron horse will be everywhere, iiis countless trains gatbering-ia the golden harvests and bearing them away to the markets of the world. i The ring of the., anvil, the. song of .tlie shuttle and the bum of industry Willi lie neartl throughout the length and hreadih of her broad domaiu. " 1 ' ! Thus starting out upon her matchless career ot material and sotial development, and in the presence of possi bilities so stupendous, tne star of her empire shines with a more radiant lnstre than ever before, and standing amidst the heavens of. a glorious destiny, she throws her golden lines in graceful beauty upon the twilight of a departing century. Thus endowed with the elements of unjiur-alleled advancement, the golden treasures winch nestle in the bosom ol ber mountains shall be developed, tho flowing;vint- oge shall issue from her vine-clad bills, and tne richer treasures of her exhatistless Gal leys will be brought, into requisition, and tue people shall be satifched. les,' all the people shall rejoice while they gather the fruits and contemplate their victories of peace; and thus shall ( Her flowers untrampled spring, . ; Her harvests wave, oerws liBer--t i And yat, till time ahall fold hia wiug, Uemaia earth a lovtdiaat paradise. ( After Mr. Bonner, the party was ad dressed, upon bis invitation, by ex-Pvor; nor Hamilton, in short but appropriate- remarks. He expressed himself much gmti: fied at the opening of this enterprise, and hoped the community and country would heartily respond in its support.' ! ppeeches were also made, upon call, by ex-Governor Pease, Mr. BrucggcrhofT, Gen eral Shelley and Mr. Hoffman, of St. Louis. They were all of a congratulatory character, and General Shelley's was a direct ap peal to the people to encourage home enter prises. I lie liencral talks well on all Sub jects, and his arguments upon this occasion were well directed. Mr. Hoffman, the last named speaker, is interested in the Eagle Steam Mills, of St. Louis, and he acknowledged that Mr. Bonner was turning out brand of flour equal to the best St. Louis brands. ' "'"' !! i . We will state, on our -own part, after seeing a thorough comparison between Mr. Bonner's "XXXX Rising Star" and a sample of the "Eagle Steam," that our decided opinion as to purity and color was in favor of the first, and we are satisfied after all the testimonials at hand that it is equal to any brand of flour made in the United States. We will often recur to this occasion at the mill as a most pleasant one, and all present concur with us. , : .,: Okb hundred thousand cigars of all grades, at New York and New Orleans prices, for sale at E. Potosky's. ? i The Street Railway. Agreeably to notice, Major Dewey began work yesterday on the Austin Street Railway, commencing on Pecan street. The track, we learn from Colonel Anderson, who was the surveyor, will be on a level with the sidewalks, and the streets rounded up to it from the gutters on either side. So the ties laid upon the streets, as they now are, will bring the track to about the proper level. The directors of the road decided yesterday to turn the road from Pecan street, at the new Wolf building, and continue it on one block beyond the railroad track, and there make the terminus for the present.. ? This was done for two reasons. In the first place it will better enable the company to continue their road on Cedar street down to the freight depot, crossing Waller creek on the bridge that already spans the stream. And in the next place it i3 believed that by passing directly along where' the cars stop, the receipts of the road would, be' greatly enhanced. We think tho change a wise one, and we rejoice that Austin is. so oon to have a street railroad. ',' Fifty cents will get you the bust lucd in the city at the Commercial Restjitpfaiit open from 6 a. m. to 2 r, m. Boafd by .the day, week or month., , . Jab committee appointed at .the water meeting tho last week met yesterday , and went into a very gcncial discussion of the water question, though nothing was dacided upon as to the best means of getting water, The committee will get what information they enn in regard to the'price of rh!rthi-nery,' pipe, etc., before making an" report! Wb Will offer for a ' few1' more days our stock of fine black ai.ks at reduced prices y , r , ,'. . A, L TlAHWi TrnuiB wiU be.a union thanksgiving ter "ginrrg iet vic6 at the Meth6dtstu'i;pisiopaf Chuich South, Thursday at 11 a. x. AH are invited to attend.1,' ; .' ." V .!'. IU'Bntsa in Tiih- Strf.kts. Xow that the new buildings on both tho Avenue and Pe. cm street aro about completed. It is a,Yrj proper time for the citytorosolve toeuSfsrce tho ordinaaoa allowing builders W occupy I but one-fourth the street oppasite. the buildings in process of erection. The business of the city has assumed sucli iirnpottiont that there is not sulEcient room for Hit-many vehicles that dally throng, iur streets when ouo-half is occupied by barrel', boxes, lime, san I, brick and rock pile. ' And then, again,- so soon as Ibe street railroad it built, which will be located in the centre of the streets, '.here will be no room left on one side if builders me allowed to occupy one-half of the atrott as Ueretofore. Therefore we sap, let tlx) ordinance regulating the rights of lui!dcrvtt rigidly enforced heTcafter. ' ' "' 1 Smortto and chewing tabaee h best brands in the market, at E. Potosky's. ! Awbxtion, Washesotok Sthasi ! Fikb Company No. 1. The company having decided upon a new uniform, the members are requested to call upon the secretary and deposit ten dollars, and to leave their meas ures lor shirts, hats and belts, witlij en. Herzog, merchant tailor, Congress avenue, , before the first of Decembers " ' 1 " j - It is desired that this matter be attended to promptly, in order to have the new out fit by the first ol the tew year, but no uniform will be ordered uutil tho ncccssarv funds are paid over to the secretary, nd those failing to equip themselves will not be allowed to turn out without the uniform of the company. By order of , John Buemoxd, Foreman. W. 3. CairriAxt, Secretary.'" ' no22 tw Am, will testify who have bought from n stock of silks that wo haTe'gitenr extraordinary bargains. ., A. I. Uabeh & Co. j Thb- most attractive place in Austin is the nwjgDiOceni; jewelry eftablishmejlt Q( A. Bahn. His assortment of solid gold jewelry and silvcrwaro is unquestionably ths "lost elegant and varied, either in this city or btate, and indeed would compare favorably with tlie stock of the jewelry merchants of the Metropolitan City of tho Union. Those desirous of obtaining both Christmas and wedding presents would do well to examine his verylnrgo ussortment of diamonds, fine gpld watches and chains, netklaces and hicker,-' -bracelets, sets of jtwelry and silverware of all descriptions, before purchasing elsewhere. ''. TtTE finest oysters served tip in first class style for fifty cents per dozen at the Commercial Restaurant. nol9 lw! .-- i ' . . .t, i ;, t tiif Ocr niEXTAii Otster Baloox. As will be seen . by tho advertisement of Mr. Louis Maas, nice fresh oysters can be had at the Occidental Oysler Saloon at one dojlafper hundred, the cheapest price they have ever been sold for .iu ibis city." "Red fish',"aad oysters on the shell, cau be bad at .the same establishment, which is just atove the stole of Messrs. Brush & White. ! , Tue last chance is now offered by A. I. Haber & Co. to those wishing a fine jfcilk dress. "A stitch in time saves nine," will be verified by going to Martin's and securing a pair of cork-sole boots. A pair of these boots will preserve the constitution against the ravages of disease, keep fresh the bloom of youth, and give strength to the vigor of manhood. They are sold for both men end "3's- , , ' '' i For fine imported Havana cigari, go to E. Potosky's. ; a Oor banks will be-closed on Thursday, the twenty-sixth of November, for Thanksgiving. First National Bask, . Raymond & WmTis, f ECGENK BREMOXD, ' FonsTER, Ludlow & Co., M. D. Miller, C. R. Johns fc Co. November 23, 1874. ! , We offer the remainder of our stock of black silks at very great bargains, j A. I. Haber & Co. Remember, when you get ready to make your fruit cake, that yon can buy three pounds of almonds from A. S. Rolierts for one dollar in currency, and citron for fifty cents per pound and currants six pounds for one dollar. nov201w For the cheapest and freshest oysters, fish and game for family use, goto thefom-meTcial Restaurant. ' nol91w " Millinery Goods at . Cost. Mr' Nichols is offering her entire stock of millinery goods at eost. " Tho ladies of Austin are invited to call and see her goods, as she is determined to sell without regard to cost. Tint best fine cut chewing tobacco is only at E. Potosky's. . - - - ' 'The attendance of members and friends of the First Presbyterian Church at Dr. M.' A.-Taylor's, last night, was quite-large. The weather and everything- conduced to make the party a pleasant affair. ' ! DoVt fail to call and examine those beautiful black silks at Messrs. Ruber & Co.'s. ' ... , .- .u, i.r . . i . t ENCorr:Aftijia.-Our daily edition to day ii a little over one thousand, nearly doublo what it was three or four weeks ago. We ought to have a thousand subscribers or more in this city. ; Tobacco pouches, cigar cases, pipe stems, amber mouthpieces, cigarette paper : and other smokers' articles at E. Potosky's Mr. Gcnter and Mr. Maddoi, twflfenter- prising young gentlemen of Sherman, are in our city attending to matters connected With their legal and land business. ' j Gros grain and plain silks at tremendous sacrifice, at A. T. Ha mm A Pn's 5 ' ; " " S Immigrants. About twenty-five immigrants arrived by the cars yesterday morn" ing." Many of them were inquiring for small pieces of land with improvements. ; 'A few more of those magnificent black silks left at A. I. Habsr & Co'S.- i ii. I- i- u- , i.. ' 1 Attention is called to "House Wanted; ' in new advertisements. , : ' i " l',r.tNsT.vTED. As will be seen by our patches, MA "Cob. Csmpl ll .has bfen reinstated ns collector, pf revenue in this district, vie Mr. Norris, removed.' ' ' ' I j i V i iih i ciKors and tobacco supplied aito everyiiting iu una nuc hi ,ie aora, aud St. Louis prices, at E. Potosky's. I iiavk a small boy seven years old which I a. n unable to support, and I wish to have him adepttd by some gtwd person. Apply at tltepo-MBre. : . ..! J. t. G. Thosk wishing a fine black silk dress for Try little money, had UttT oall ssrly oa A. I. IIarkb & Co. Pkacu Tkkks. Mr. Win. Davenport has a rpmtttity of very choice peach trees ia s bvted variety, which ho wishes to sell at f 0 a hundred, Geniisk meerschaum pipes, cigar and cigarette holders, the lineal and largest assortment In the State, at very low prices, at E. Potosky's. ' It will be too late in a few days to secure a fine silk dress pattern at trifling cost. We invite all to call. A. L Uabkr & Co. Tn Wkeu.x Statesmaji. Advertisements intended for our weekly this week must be brought in as early as 9 o'clock this morning. Try the celebrated "Virgin" smoking tobacco, superior to all. For sale at E. Potosky's. , ,. , , . .. . , c 1 ; TrtE revenue office was removed yesterday from Pecan street to Brueggerhoff'S building- j , Carqt the news. Black silks, , black silks, black silks at A. I. Haber & Co.'s. I Tin; prisoners who started to Huntsvtlle on Monday seemed to be very jolly. : See advertisement of a gentleman who wantfl to purchase a drug store.', .! Mit. Cummings advertises a sorrel mare, which is strayed or stolen. ; See advertiscmeat of safe for sale, which can be had at a bargain. - ' -. ; '-"A Envelopes of every variety to be obtained at the Statesman office. ? fan the advertisement of Stapp & Weber. Go to J. IL Weila'a to get yonr ashing tackle, ap 1 Special Notices. oai' arSTIN LODGK NO IS. A. F. AND A. M. 4i Stated meetings on the lat and Sd Saturdays of everv month at 8 p. la. LONK STAK CHAITKR NO. , R. A. M. Stated convocations on the 8d Haturdaya of every month at 8 r. m COLORADO COMMAND BRT NO. 4. K. T M eta , 1. O O. T.-JOHNSON KNCAMPMTtNT No. 5. Meets first and third Fridays of e month. DEGREB LODGE. Meets second Friday of each nonih. ' , ISABEL LOEGJt NO. aVMeets foorth Friday pf each month. s'.lLAM LODGK NO. W. 'Meets every Tuesday ttlnt, CAPITAL LODGE NO. in. MeeU every Wednae dy night. IKJTSF- KNIGHT OF PYTHIAS. Austin Lodge No a- o meeia every i nnrsuav iur. a, 1 AAA ACRES OF LAND FOR SALE iUUV BY FRANK MATTHEWS, Land and Collecting Agent A18T1, TEX A. Othce at IL M. Caatleman'a atore. The ahove land is aitnated on the north side of tJ,e G'uorado river, three or four milee helow Austin and Ib known aa the Townscnd tract, aud comrfats of river bottom, post oak and prairie, with two or three good springs. WUlheaoldin 40,50 and 100 Acre Lots. no7 dltaw Awtf jpiNE 1: PLANTATION FOR SALE OR TO LEASE. i 500 ACRES OF OPEN LAND i' i'. ': .. II A TRACT OF - . . t j 858 OR 1658 ACRES, )OtOOt5 tii iwnk' fi;-qtjO 1 Fine Timber to Suit. Ti9 CKitate lies In the lover part of Wharton county, on Old CaoeT. and the land in eaual In fertit ity to any in the world. The open Land has been in cu tivation forlfi or 20 years. The ravage of the eotton worm for a few years past hare materially reduced t.e price of Old Caney lands, but worm (let trove re ha v inn proven as est ire Bacoeaa. tbeCanevlniida s"e this year producing mor cotton th'iii ciiti bo untbtTort. They will yield, according to the c pon. fromcne totwobalefl of cotton, fifty to one hmrdreti nnr-hcln of corn, and on : to two hogsheads of UL-ar iu me pcre. - - i 'ii ifii of liod lrcsln alxtees miles of the tonth wemein tciminna of tbe International and vUreat Northern Hiirotwt-, sad )one saue of its proposed extension; aHe, la ahost ftve-mflesef the proposed route oi Ihu tinlv. stun an Santa Fe Railroad. Before the w r i-e Ol Caney lands sold for $50 per acre, and jW: i.'wfl.'n, o reuucwt.m once, are again increasing .rv-ut. .41 am e i fuu (cv juins gi weaiw in them. for fnithcr pertlculara, aa rrnrds the shore prop eriT, artnro se II IW - Aasttn, Texas. pEACII TKEESI PEACH TRE( A quantity of j VERY CHOICE PEACH TREES, In Selected "7" ri Gty, woa a ALB BT '. '' . ' ' ' Vmt. DAVENPOKT, AttstU. '- On. and a half mfles froai the Railroad Depot. 'i, pbice ao pkk bchubeo, i BeCdTear orders, or eons sad a itheia. H 0 sJ CD K H 9 2 i V- a a g s i s ft i a :t 0-3 V,t:i a . fl . . ffl 5 ?l d I i ;' i 1 frb? ; d 0 -!5 ffl i J U n 03 j 8 n Ih o . C is q o '3 $ h l:, tju ?: l, ..g h II nvA wt neWrWariiTtFrr&ivrtar bt C0RIV1V4, ' . o mrtK, CH-t'iwdtnr a lju-il Agiey. Late tNirrrii id V1" ,, , UUarW Lau4 9!c I. r, hiioiiT tj, TEXAS LAND AGENCY, Atf'feftACRTff Ut TWK LAr?I BT'STXl fill he aitehdl to perf-oiuUv, and wlfh comprtnit -aA'ol (hroi.hoiil the Sll. Tan" ia;d uu In i in an cmiuty. f'-Ttiitt iif 'ivr-"' Vmi:tt in t ?oWL - tt UlH aa (lK.N',nVL AOfcJXT or Trutaetw it a ctafte- of bnrtne", rolir natnn f cr- rv fctt d of the ftatt or individual. Remittance ftrumpUy mtiiii Wf are aijtfun ft the followiac Tira Insurance Cnajanle; (ETNA. OF HAaTFORD, CONN. Asssrs m t.ti.oi' NORTH U1UT16I1 AND mercantile, of London anb kdinburuii, CAPITAL, GOLD 1 10, OOCOUO HARTFORD, OF HABTF0UD, C0NNn AssiTa, ovh.. , , i,oi,ooe lloqie Pretfrtlon, r North Alabama, $110,000 rArrrAl:..... t;ii ii- im i DiooKOovA, wmiuta ua "pOR 6ALR. Tboao Sua lot atai Jloney's abuttlu Wilfi. Ifcjl and tsxtirt. - - ' - t ' ' From S30Ot0 $500. The vtr.Vr,ip-t and heat in the ouk t, enlr tntea- qsarten of a mUe fmai tfe Capitol, , UolU II Ua CtlKllOV A, 1TUKKS LU. HOUSE, TWO-STORY, rlr room! and lot In the Robert aoa saVdlvtirloa of out lot flfly-stx, dlTisloji B, , - ! - - - VERY LOW IF SOLD AT ONC , Two stone Store Houiea - Oa Paean street. SOOa Acres of Innt!,'. . Ncirjpafilai'i, J'i))lanion county. Very Cheap. Jr j. w J"' ."X -- i The Fitzhugh Dwelling House, Nine rooms, cistern and atablc, at a bargain. t?TT ry -if - - - - ; ' Moose ana tot Tfo: a, tttortc 89, City; Brick, throe rooms, cistern, kitchen and servant' room. Aery Ueaaonable. ... The Lot and Imaromiaeata weat of the llvaiucnce ot J. is. liauiua Lcrea: dwellinz. cisterns, ont-honses, etc.l woll improved aiul U'auiii in, Oirn-t view arouiul Aaatiu. A Small, Comrortahla Kraldenre, 300 1 aide norlU of ltallroad Depot. IIRICK IIOISU, WITH 1 l-'J LOTi Four XQomB, cistern and ont houaes, 400 yarda lrniuu House and I -o 1 1 tonf BCnsnt, Utrhon and ater; adjoining thelant im-anorMMi property. ' -- - : - v One anoV a Half Acres, ' Out of Blork II,' Wrion O, Aosttn ont-lot. Cheap. 18 Acres, out of Lot 4, Div. X, . Near the Blind Asylum. i '4 ' "irtcoRDOVA, wrrHBTts co -' -- ff-n, v- - ' For 1 Sale and For Rent! i DW-U.INQ- II JU8ES, of various alaea and capacity. - ' i LOTS, iu neariy every part of the city and vicinity. Any person deelriug to either rent or buy, eau be anili lueu uy r eallingail aa , oc tf Da CORDOVA, WITHERS ft CO. QFefJ-W.ti - I , 1 : ;.-.,- :f. Three ot the Flneet Rooms for Oflleea Jn Asatin, for rent, at Sl and $SS per month. B&ilt tf DaCOKDOVA, WITn.lla ft CO. $250 Will buy one of those eplendia bnUdtajt lots 60 by 115 U et, adjoining the Bras House. "WO CITY TAAE8." One mile from Pecan street. an street. DaCORDOVA. WITHERS ft 00. jyS2 tf JOOK OUT , j , . ;4 : i , Ioi- Ittrjxe, Conveniently nicutttetx una t neap iovh ; 1. In the sab dlrlsfon of out lots Not. 88 and 89. division " D," of tne city of Austin, ten lota ltx.8 feet, and ten lots 197x93.3 feet. These lots open upon a broad and beautiful street, and are very desirable. i. Is the sub-division ef out lots No. 40 and part of ?fe. 41 .in division '!." to inclode seven acres say two lots of two acres cacti, and one lot of three acres, with tbe stone honse known aa the "Hill house, coutahiuiff eight rooms, two halls and cellar and kitchen and servants' room, smoke house and store room, aud two cisterns aud a well. If preferred, the seven acres and mprovements will be sold together, a, .n-Uiesue-divUionuf out lot No. 31.dfvia.on "D." the north half of the same, mi-ltin-r two lota of one and a quarter acres each. 4. in tne suo-division or out lot No. 90, in division 1) " maku-i. four lota of one and s uuarter acres each. 5. Out lot No. 89. division "D" containinor about nine acres. Kvurvbodv dsairmir soon lots for hnmes. or nnmertv at s low figure, ean be accotntnodated- ' Call at our office and examine the plot of the above and learn the rates. aul3 tf Dk CORDOVA, WITHERS ft CO. pOR RENT. The former residence of Mrs. Henri eke, atone house, tlx Larce Rooms, Ball and Gallery, Out Houses, lots, etc Twenty -seven acres of ground inclosed, garden with varietv of fruit treua, about one- iaiT mne nonnwesi oi me u&puoi. aat DlCOrtDUVA, WITHERS A CO. JpOR SALE; - --' ' 11 03 Acres of Land V7cst of and adlointnff the San Antonio road. 2t mllea from Austin. Good land for cultivation. Dl CORDOVA, WlTllKKtl ft CO POR SALE, One acre ont of Block No. 7. Division X, Austin it 7 With improvements. Honse, five rooms; kitchen, cistern and ont houses. MIS . JIB CORDOVA, WITUKKS ft CO. yosT. Duplicate certificate No. 968-1067, Issued to Albert C. liorton for one league and one labor of laud, Octo- Der 2, 1S4B. 11 not huard rrom In ninety days, application for a triplicate will he made at the proper office DeCORDOVA, WITHERS ft CO., se26 w9w t . Agents for Owner, lleadriirht ccrtitt-ate No. . lsshed to John T. Campbell, for bio acres, by the Board of Land Commissioners of Qoliad countr. If not hewl from within 'JO days, duplicate sill be applied lor DeCORDOVA, WITHERS ft C6., se99 w9t Ajfente for owners. OR SALE. , : - . -:i FIVJ-A.C11K LOTS, i ' Two mflcs from Austin, near the Railroad," JOO Per Lot. Jyll tf DbCORDOVA, WTTHRUS ft CO .".. mil ! I OST. Bounty warrant No 306, issued to James P. Trez ranl lor acres by the Commissioners of Claims No vember IS, 1SGU If not found in ninety daya, applica- uw mu ue luuuie iit a uuuncaie. DsCOKUOVA. WITHERS ft CO., ocll w9t - Agents. T7ALUABLE PROPERTr IN H0CS- 640 acres, 64 miles south of Crockett; plenty of water; rich soil sad heavily Umbered. - -ne-R4ri interest ia m acres, tea mites sou in west irom irocKett; nearly all nnaer fence wita gootun uroveiut-uiB: wea ana sue orcnara. House ana lot of one acre, in the town of Crockett 0ve ruoma; all tbe outbuildings; only Ave nuns tea walk rrom eourt boose. Verv chean. auk irom soon noose, v ery coea ocaf JisCVUOYA, WiTHBSS ft CO. AND WHOrJESALM iiD --RETAIL H O w 3D TEt, IT G- a goats ' rv mv rWhuv-Ttan, WAItRANTaD the EKT BUT ao4 dly s. PHILIPSON & ;levy, : , Airenue. j near Pecan Street Con; CO ca baO a" M 'rf--y Vid ' II aa ' CD , ; 'VioleiMjli m4 ItrtaU lenlera In Havana A Domestic Cigars, Chewing A Smoking Tobaccos. WS BAVB THB riNt.T Gonulno lCeozc30 aum Gfrooc3J. In the State, and ev-rythlng elae perulalng to a First Class ftrankere' Articles Bstahliahment, and invite our friends and the pontic freneraHy to a close Inspection of our gooJa before purchasing elsewhere. ocS Sta Good News for tlato People ! . a aRAQKEX CAVETT, Congress Avenue, Dealers In Moves, -Pumps, Hard ware; Tio and theet ironware. Tin and corrugated iron twllutf srwaa mi ;v.d J s BUCK'S. BRILUAatYsv .v,- KSSTf rrr-fT!A''t ' GYiavlMS Parlor Stoves. These stoves aril the most durable. !h least tomulicainl: liave truster faiilltli-s and consume the least fut-L Bock'a UriUlant and Iron King a IU bake, cook, stove made, TUGY 11AVK KO EQI'AL, . riann ;AND KEKP. i a FOR REFERETAICE, i i ,.' ,. . - WHENEVER YOU WANT iTO BUY S A Stylish Suit of Clothes ;. . FOR LITTliia MONB ;Sr,i -.;."-. 'U'J '..''-.':, CALL : AT : THB V';' I';';; 't'' NEW YORK CLOTHING EMPORIUM IJCJ"Qtril'8l iJe WHOLESALE AND .'itll)l-l Vll ': "" 1 CTJSTOM-SUDB CLOTH1N3,. . t : , :j370y.QiIW PCBSI9IIISQOOODS, - vl s:t , (r -.-v: , , DATS, CAPS, BOOTS, 8II0KS, IKtJtKS AJfD VALISEI AW, OU) AT OTW TORK PRICES. " i ' (' BOTS ASD CUILDIIEX'S CLOTHING A SPECIALTY. 1 Romomtooi' tHo Plaoo, NEW YORK GLOTHINQ EMPORIUM oc21 tf , ' ' '"'"" SPECIAL "TS O M ' ' mm ' - - ; -.- ... Mew lork illauafaetiircrs' Prices. Totnakc :'A V-U'-'1' , -ta !'.: .ui :il W will positively .!l.-al i.-aa; ClotlxirLgr at CJocrt - Koirirr.iifMTf.t -n. f-c .. Fcr the nett thirty days. A tm chance Is tlma' offere.l to alt -who want clothing, lind it profitable tocallaad cxmniaefor themaelvea.. IHO UUnBC-. . S i tf jas. a. otn. wit. n. soints.- sahi v. kohks. J.; A.' MONKS & 60X3, -',"''. Pure Copper ttlatlired Kenturkf' BOUBBOK WIlSKIKfS twa OE IS fttfJO; T Til Sorth1 atrect, I . ecltta i f. I,, .-t ; . ST. LOUIS, ud. FOR SALE! FOR SALE!! ( .n ; - -.-- r i A No. 1 FAMILY HORSB, GOOD R0CSu Y sad PBaV-oM BjjBfl.ia)taf khul. Sold for r . fault. City property will be taken In ex-chanire. ; Inqmrest ftJ oflree! "'"t '" ' ' aewdtf CONeBltaa ATKKfVB, i!"-jsA i (,ot- Q .f i" O'M'.) 3 , 3 - 3E SJ 1? i saad or PL KB HlVtvi TSItCM, and CHS A TEST In the market. 7 3 IrHTItll aJaOKTaitlT OP Austin, Texas, fl Vlti'i and TIubsjV JTIatttria. Anaoufocxarstm of and guuerlsg done At abort; norlcv jurul luw cw; JlBil all ottir ILeadlsier lm;-l :yA ..... - i j , !?5I " i : t,j ti MKbrrrXtsri v-cn ..... i ... Mm.'j a- i ' tint 1 COOKING, HEATING roast mid brail quickor and more even than any other - t... . 4.. .... aoSSai vy RETAIL u. DEALERS M " r s. .. Pecan Street, near Confrress Arenne. NOTICE. iooi for our UliJ lV.Xl-T3IIiIV T , se!l our stock of ! K3283 Whottlale Wjvn will Hatoer, CJo,T WEST SIDE CONGRESS A VENUS. ?OR SALE. - A l!eo farm en the Colorado liver, froaj font to five nilea IkUw Aaaiiu, of 411 acres, W of which. uVjfc in Oiiltivatipn. Can be divided, if desired, Into two or biom farms. noSdlulwlm J, il. COLEMAN. s PECIAL NOTICE. BONNER'S RISING STAR FLOUR . at ten dollars per barrel, superior to the choicest St. Lest brands. For sale in quantities to anft purchasers, by 8. W. HAKER ft CO., Next door to National Bank, Pecan street, Aoatin, noli lm r, t k is il :o ir SO in je at !d m tg to ire he on til for aa tuff. srj in ell i to lie ats-ir7T , s"r

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