The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1956 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1956
Page 10
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PAOETEIf BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1956 Three Incumbents Draw Opposition In State Races LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Three candidates over the week- «nd jumped into political races that will draw state-wide interest this summer. However, there is still no official opposition to incumbents in the two big races: for governor and senator. — * Prospective candidates have until May 1 to make their decisions. An assistant prosecuting attorney in the Sixth Judicial District, William, H. (Bill) Donham of Little Rock, has announced that he will oppose Incumbent Brooks Hays for the Fifth Congressional District seat. Arkansas' six Congressmen all have announced that they will run for re-election, but only Hays and the veteran W. F. Norrell have drawn opposition. Norrell will be opposed by Prosecuting Attorney pat H. Mullis and attorney John Harris Jones, both of Pine Bluff, Commodity And Stock Markets- Nr* York Cotton Mar 3240 3242 May 3570 3570 3348 3351 3248 3248 July Oct eDc 3230 3559 3345 3234 3254 3254 3240 3234 3560 3349 3242 3247 New Orleans Cotton Mar 3233 3238 3233 May 3560 3560 3558 July 3346 3350 3342 Oct 3250 3251 3234 Dec 3255 3255 3245 Chicago Wheat May .... 236i/, 236'/ 2 • July .... 215% 215% Sep .... 218 218 3233 3559 3350 3240 234% 214% 216% 1461/4 150)4 150'A Chicago Corn May .... 147 147 July .... 151 151 Sep .... 150% 151)4 Chicago Soybeans May .... 283 285% 281% July .... 286 288 285 Sep .... 2631/4 265 'A 261% 234% 214=1, 216% 146','., 150% 150% 283% 2861/4 263 V4 New York Stocks A T and T 182 7-8 Amer Tobacco 80 Anaconda Copper 80 1-8 Beth Steel 166 3-8 Chrysler 74 3-4 Coca-Cola 123 Gen Electric 63 Gen Motors 45 3-8 Montgomery Ward 94 1-8 N Y Central 43 1-B Int Harvester 36 1-4 Republic Steel 48 7-8 Radio 47 Socony Vacuum 79 3-8 Standard of N J 62 1-2 , Scars 33 1-2 U S Steel 61 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. Lf>— (USDA) — Hogs 19,500; lower than Friday's average; bulk mixed 180-240 Ib 14.50-15.00; mostly Is around 190-230 Ib 15.25; about 75 head mostly Is around 200-210 Ib 15.35; mixed grade 240-275 Ib. 14.25-75; around 400 Ib mostly No 3 13.25; 150-170 Ib. 13.75-14.25; 120140 Ib 12.25-13.25: sows 400 Ib down 12.25; boars 7.50-9.00. Cattle 8.500; calves 800; about steady; good and choice steers 17.50-18.75; high choice and prime mixed steers and heifers 20.00; medium and good Quality stocker steers 16.00-17.25; cows utility and commercial 11.50-13.00; canners and cutters 8.00-11.50; light weight shells 8.00-50; bulls utility and commercial 13.00 - 15.00; good heavy bulls 11.50-12.00: canners and cutters 10.00-12.50: choice vealers 20.00-23.00; high choice and prime 24.00-25.00: good and choice 17.00-20.00: cull and commercials 10.00-16.00. who announced a few days Opposition for Jones B. E. (Bus) Friday,, chief deputy auditor for the past 15 years, announced Saturday that he will op, ose Jimmle (Red) Jones, the present state land commissioner, for 3248 s ^ a ^ auditor. Friday Is a native of Horatio, Sevier County, and has worked in the state auditor's office for 25 years. Jones was appointed to his present position and is ineligible to run for that office. In Senate Race Orady H. Foi'gy, 61, said Saturday that he will come out of retirement to oppose incumbent Max Howell for state senator. Both live here and will be.trying for Pulaski County position No. 1. There has been no official word from numerous persons rumored to be gubernatorial material. It generally is accepted that Gov. Orval Faubus will run for a second term. U. S. Sen. William Pulbright ran for re-election without opposition six years ago — and he may do so again. All candidates, of course, running for the Democratic nomination, which is tantamount to election in Arkansas. Obituary W. E. Johnson Dies Suddenly OfHeartAttack Walton Eugene Johnson, Jr., 28, died Sunday night In Glen Burnle, Md., after suffering a heart attack, He is the son of Mrs. W. E. Johnson of Osceola, a graduate of Osceola High School and a veteran of the Korean War. He completed undergraduate work at Oklahoma A. and M. and in February received his master's degree from the University of Oklahoma. He Immediately accepted a position with Westinghouse in Maryand. His mother arrived in Maryland only Saturday to visit him. Other survivors are his wife, Mrs. Malou Keith Johnson, and two children, Walton Eugene HI, and John Keith Johnson. Mrs. Harry Driver of Osceola Is his grandmother. Plans for services are incomplete. Swift Funeral Home of Osceola will be in charge. Sunday School Week NEW YORK «v-National Sunday School Week started today with | the theme "Sunday School — The j Guide to a Better World." WEATHER (Continued from Page 1) snow felled hundreds of power lines and knocked out heat, light and refrigeration in an estimated 75,000 homes. Snow sifted oii Wyoming, northern Colorado and western Nebraska. Up to 10 inches fell in Wyoming. Two persons were killed and eight injured in a bus-car collision near Rock Springs in that state. In the northeast the spring snow fall ranged from 2.7 inches in New York City to 25 inches in the Catsklll Mountains. Blanford, Mass., reported a foot md a half of snow. Ashfield, Mass, was buried in drifts up to 10 feet deep. H.nzulton, Pa., had a 17-inch snowfall and Norwnlk. Conn.. 16 inches. The mountainous norlh- ivest corner of New Jersey also reported 16 inches of new snow. The death toll in . the northeast included two in Massachusetts, one in New Hampshire and three in New York. "TUNNEL" NEST The male of the stickleback fish makes a tunnel-shaped nest, for the? eggs, over which it mounts guard until the young hatch and disperse. Youssef Arrives In Homeland TETUAN, Spanish Morocco (>P) — Sultan Mohammed Ben Youssef arrived from Spain today to announce In person the end of 44 years of Spanish rule over this zone of the Moroccan empire. More than 150,000 visiting Moroccans, plus almost, all the population of Tetuan, were in the flag- decked streeU to shout a jubilant welcome. Ben Youssef and Generalissimo Francisco Franco Issued a joint declaration in Madrid Saturday proclaiming the Independence of the 18,000-square-mIle Spanish protectorate. FARM Backs Asia Aid PASADENA, Calif. tfl—A United States program of aid to Asia might force Russia to change its policy of "forcing their way of life on others," Paul Hoffman, former EGA administrator, told the alumni assn, of California Institute of Technology. Such a program would enable new Asian democracies to attain economic and political stability, Hoffman said. This, he added, would force Soviet leaders to start thinking in terms of building a better life for their own people rather than forcing their way of life on others. FIRST Nitroglycerin first was prepared by, an Italian chemist, Ascanlo Sobrcro. In 1846. When mixed with an inert material, such as sawdust, niti'Oglycerin becomes dynamite. Serving You Best is our Foremost Concern BURIAL INSURANCE LOGAN Funeral Home Ph. 3-3911 ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Rejnember us for prescriptions METAL BASE CABINETS Formica Tops »0" _ 24" - 30 Reg. $3fi Value 2 Slightly Damaged HUBBARD & SON Furniture All DeKalb Seed Corn—White or Yel- low, while if lasts Get your «cd corn now while our stock is complete and remember more farmers plant DeKalb than any other Hybrid seed corn. Four DeKalh Dealer HARDY SALES & SERVICE 705 Cle*r Lake Ave. BlythevHIe - Phone S-M78 DON'T BOTHER ABOUT PARKING! Have YOUR Docfor Phone Us Your Prescription - We'll Deliver Free! We Fill Prescriptions Prom All Doctors KIRBY DRUG STORES Prescription Experts (Continued from Paf* I) ccrncd that the conference repor bill will not give the real and per manent assistance which IB s necessary for the security of ou farm families and all Americans "In the House we shall try recommit the measure with in structions, so that the conferee may have another chance at drafting a bill which will help, rathe than hurt, farmers; which wll eliminate the buildup of huge sur pluses that have been and are depressing farm prices, and which have been denying farmers their fair share of our prosperity. it Is accepted by Congress in its present form. But Martin added that the Pres ident would "be a little shaky about doing anything else." Martin said that he is going to be busy on conferences on the farm bill from now until Wednesday, talking with Democrats as well as Republicans. He said in "a goodly number" of Democrats will support the attempt to return the measure to the conference committee. And, Martin added, the latch string fs out for any other Demo crats who want to go along. Martin said he didn't know whether the GOP could make any headway with 21 Republicans who favor high rigid price supports. Benson said Saturday after a meeting with Eisenhower that the bill was "unacceptable to me." The conferees voted to supplanl the administration's present flexible price support program with mandatory supports at 90 per cenl of parity, multiple price plans for wheat and rice, mandatory price supports for feed grains, and other features which the President has :ermed objectionable in the past. Sotl Bank But the bill also includes Eisen- lower's own proposal for a "soil bank." under which farmers would receive up to $1,200,000,000 a year r or taking surplus cropland out of production. Although Eisenhower has taken no formal stand on the compromise bill, Sen. Aiken (R-Vt) and others have said it faces a presidential veto unless Congress modi fies Its proposals to bring them more in line with the principles espoused by the administration. In.advance of the White House conference House GOP leader Martin of Massachusetts told newsmen the bill is "unsatisfactory as It stands." House GOP strategy Is to send the bill back to the conference group "with instructions." That requires a majority of the House to vote i'or a substitute which would be acceptable to the President. El- senhower snfd last week he would be satisfied with something less than "perfection." One-Hour Debate House procedure allows for only one hour of debate before the vote. Strengthening expectations of a Republican compromise offer, Sen. Aiken (R-Vt) told newsmen a substitute "might be approved" which \vould provide for price supports at BUSTED HEROES—While Josef Stalin is getting the bum's rush by the Moscow bigwigs, these busts of Italy's Fascist heroes make cheap junk in a secondhand market in Rome. They are of Dictator Benito Mussolini (foreground and right), onetime number two Fascist General Pietro De Bono (left) and the "Lion of Africa' Marshal Rodolpho Graziani (center). KISS FOR A YOUNG HEROINE—Kathleen Van Slyke is a heroine—and she's only six weeks old. You see, her cries awoke her father during the night. He discovered three feet of water in their Nassau. N. ¥., home, so he woke the whole family. They were able to flee before their home became engulfed by swirling-,floodwaters. Kathleen's brother, Jimmy, gives her a big kiss tor her inadvertent heroism Marble Helps Church Fund KNOXVMJE, Term. W>— 1 * ba " non Presbyterian Church found the answer to itfi financial problems in its own bade yard. Shortly before 1900, a vein of light grey-pink marble was discovered In the church's SVi-acre lot. For » years, the church has leased the property annually for $300 plus royalties as a marble quarry. "We couldn't have survived without it." said James Arthur, clerk of the church session. Back to Bench WASHINGTON (Si — Homer Ferguson, a judge, senator and ambassador in a long public career, returns lo the bench today as a judge of the U. S. Court of Military Ap-' peals. Chief Justice -Earl Warren arranged to administer the oath in a brief ceremony at the Supreme Court building. Hunting and Fishing License Complete Stock of Fishing_Tackle GENERAL HWD & Appliance Co. Phone 3-4585 • We'll pick up prescriptions at your home or office, compound them and deliver the medicines—at DO extra charge. Make a note to call us next time! Woods Drug Store Phone POplar 3-4507 to 85 per cent of parity in place of rigid 90 per cent supports, 'arity is a price determined under arm law to be fair to farmers in •elation to their costs. Re'p. Bui'dick (R-ND), however, predicted "the House will pass the iill and the President will sign H." His prediction was echoed by Democratic farm leaders in both House and Senate, who said they could muster the vote to pass the compromise bill and send it to Eisenhower on an "all or nothing' 1 basis. An Army school of musketry j was organized at the Presidio 01 Monterey, Calif., in April of 1907. The Most Complete Selection of GARDEN & LAWN TOOLS Blytheville's Most Complete Hardware Store! General Hardware & Appliance Co. Phone 3-1585 FOR SALE Used Furniture & Appliances We Can Save You Money Cash or Term* ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE CO. H3 E. Main Phone 2-2302 RENT: FLASH CAMERAS MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Moifi Ph. 3-3647 is the price too high? The dollar cost of providing increased water supplies under current conditions will be high. Will it he loo high? It might appear to he more economical to wait for a downward curve in the whole structure of prices and wages before undertaking the kind of construction programs required to meet our needs. But where are the signs that such a curve is in the making? And how long can we afford to wait? It took just one hot, dry summer to imperil the water supnlj' of many millions of people. Suppose next year—or the year after— brings similar conditions? Picture a shortage that goes beyond the critical stage. New York was only days away from such a crisis. Some smaller places went through it. Picture a water supply inadequate to handle a serious fire. Picture a water supply insufficient to maintain proper sanitation. Picture a water supply no longer able to keep industrial processes functioning. The price of keeping pace with the need of water may seem high, but what about the price of failure? One uncontrolled fire, one epidemic, a group of major industries lost to the community—any of these could involve an expense beside which the price of improved water supplies—even with costs what Iliey are—would hardly be noticeable. AVatcr is essential to life—the life of a city as well as the life of a human being. Without water, a man dies. Without water, a community faces the same fate. In the face of a crisis, no price can be too high. High prices paid to prevent a crisis are low prices! Blytheville Water Co, "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" Let Us Worry About Your TERMITE TROUBLE Due to the fact that termites are becoming more prevalent in this country each year, all the new homes, as well as the old, should be under termile insurance. We find a lot of practically new homes with major damage caused by termites. Call us and one of our representatives will explain our termite insurance plan to you. Dare Halstcad now associated irith Superior Termite Co. All Work Guaranteed SUPERIOR TERMITE CONTROL CO. 535 N. 6th State License Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2-2350 LEARN HAIR DRESSING ENROLL NOW IN EAGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL 2 NIGHTS WEEKLY AND ALL DAY SATURDAY —-OR SIX DAYS EACH WEEK For Complete Information PHONE POPLAR 3-3262BLYTH E viLL E (Moie) (Mac) Daniels-Williams Ins 106 S. Second St. Phones 3-3MS - 2-2747 « Blytheville, Arkansas COMPLETE g COVERAGE i? \ FOR AIRMEN"WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS . . . BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main Phon* 3-.1122

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