The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 5
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r " TTJESDAT, MAT 27, 1952 BLYTHF.VIU.E (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Truman Says 'Budget Slashers Doing Bit to Help Communists .. By ERNEST B. VACCARO .. WASHINGTON M>| — Coresident Truman has accused budget slash- ers in the House of doitig "iheir bit to help the Communist side." The President declared in a speech last nifiht that cms in defense spending were "a foolish, reckless act" which may force a sharp reduction in U.S. armed forces in $n hour of peril. He expressed hope that Vice President Barkley will be able to persuade the Senate to restore House cuts in both the defense and. where (he ' danger is greatest foroi«n aid proprtnns. [(Europe nnd -Asia), where the The president chose a dinner last | Communist threat is strongest, and niyhl commemorating the com-1 they did their bit to help the Completion of a colony in Israel nameri [ inunisi side." for him—- 1C far Truman — for bitter assault on ihc Hou;io. It ir- j cciuly reduced his defense recommendations from around 51 billion doUars to 4G billion nnd the mulual -C'jinity pro-ri rtin from 7,000,000,- !:ist Friday. Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Open Hit;h I/iw Clo^e July 3842 3834 3838 3343 000 to SB.174,600,1)00 Knolisli and K May Xnl Provide Defense He .said (he reductions in aid to Uttrope would mean thnt the Allies v/ould not sible to rnisD and equip forces needed In riofnnd ihc Wosl asnitisL Soviet 'power. TKc President (hon told the m:ar- , ly 1.000 dinner quests that the The President sniri of the House \ House cut economic and Pint Fou cut in armed services funds: niii to Asia by well over 100 million do'.lars. A "eraay. crippling amendment' "K may require u:i—in this hour [will cut the Point Four program In of peril—to demobilize a putiMan-: Asifi by nbrnit 50 million more, he tin! part of our armed forces, '-aid, and (his "opens the WAV to Think of Ihnt." He declared: "This was n foolish, reckless net. ft jeopardizes our defense buildup. "There are some people who would rather embarrass the White communist subversion in countries." y He said Friday's vote reduced the _ program for Irnn in half on Hou5e than to checkmate the j Hie very day the Soviet Union sent Kremlin, ... j Iran a threatening note warning "The majority of the Hrm:-e' n prams I taking any more U.S. mill- picked the two places in Che world 1 uuj aid. Oc-t. Dec. . Men. 3656 3630 3015 3656 3033 3618 3541 3G20 3604 3«« I 3021 ! 3I>06 New Orleans Cotton Open High Lou- Close July 38-^3 3855 3S38 3R42 Oct. 3050 3653 3640 3G4') Dec 3629 3031 3018 3(513 j Mch 3617 3631 3618 3618 Manhattan. Parable A Cabbie and the Rich Truanr- And Guys and Dolls and Horses '.? Soybeans Sep Nov Jan Hi eh Low 303ii 300 290 286' 280V, 218 28 21/, 231 New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobarco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors .Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester 33 J C Penney 67 Republic Steel 40 Radio 25 5-8 Socony Vacuum 3R 1-4 Studebaker 37 1-3 Standard of N J 76 1-2 Texas Corp 55 1-4 Sears 53 1-2 U S Steel 371-8 Sou Pac 773-4 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (/fV-(USDA)—Hogs 13,000; fairly active; barrows and gills 25 to 50 lower than Monday's average; sows PAGE FIVB den's Club Hears Jook Review on Selling 7 Church Putting church promclion on the Ava Norrtngr NEW FACES IN HOLLYWOOD—Movie cameras nre now being fociissocl lets, above, and you'll be seeing them on your local theater screens in the in ErsJdne Johnson, Hollywood correspondent. Jack paJuwe on the Hollywood star- near future, according conducting of annual financial appeals, publicizing the church and "knowing your congregation as ft business know.-; Its customers." A chicken dinner preceding the business meeting was served by members of St. Stephen's Woman's Auxiliary, a me hnsis as soUins anv product, ~* ~" "~ ' — TXTK'ZX?™^*?- t d d ie H ~ oucMn * ast night at Ihe monthly meeting i Wins o-Yeor-Old LqwSUlt- if the St. Stephen's ; "hurch Men's Club at the parish j An right-year lawsuit over > res- house. irtential boundary line here wa« Mr. Hoyt. member of the Kxecu-1 won by Mrs. Addle B. Houchins, ive Committee of St. Stephen's: whose victory in Mississippi County md n membPr of the Executive : Circuit Court was upheld yesterday Council of the Arkansas Episcopal \ by the Arkansas Stipreme Court. aiocese, reviewed "Building upi An Associated Press dispatch Your Coiifircealion" hy Willavri | from Little Rork received here yes- Pleulhuer. an arjvertisin^ executive, i terday incorrectly iisud Mrs. Written for both ministers and j Houchins as the loser in the lengthy lay leaders. Ihe hook offers church- litigation. DuildinR siiBROstions Ija^cd on prnv- I The action to settle a dispute over MI business and promotion meth- | a boundary line between lots in th« ods. Business me iiods Ilia mithor 300 block on Lake Street had been found applicable (o church opera- on court dockets for eight years. tions include keeping of stutistii:.^ — to check growth, special services. Read Courier News Classified Ad» JOE ATKIN MACHINE WORKS COMPUTE JHIIT MIIAl >HOF S »T«UCTU«Al STIIL • GAS AND lUCTtlC WtlDINO • GIN IEFAIH1 • ILACK1MITH. I NO • HAtDWAII • MACHINI UFAHS BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 By WADE JON'ES XEA Staff Cnrrcspnnrtcnt NEW YORK (NBA)— There was this rich kid lived up on Park Avenue. Only 15 years old and had so much dough he didn't know frhat to do v.-ith It. Had so much he wouldn't go to school. His daddy had lots of money, too. Had made in a week. The Broadway guys and dolls said coffee was all very well but what he—and they—really needed v. ! as some race horses. So race horses it was. mostly 25 lower: bulk: choice Nos 1, : and 3 180-230 Ibs 2100-25- Int- street anrl cvcr J" d »y ter paid freely by shippers and < j rivpr J'^crt htm up butchers mostly for choice Nos. 1 ami 2 under 225 Ibs; 240-270 Ibs full width of choice grade 20.00-85; MO-350 lb» 18.25-19.50; 150-170 Ibs 1B.75-2I.OO; 120-140 Ibs 17.50-19.25; sows 400 Ibs down 17.50-18.25; mostly 17.75 up; heavier sows 16.50- otfice dou-n around Wall the same taxi at home and drove him to the office. This cabby was a character. Talked out of the corner of his mouth and everything. Right out of Damon Runyon. The daddy and the cabby got so they talked about this and that as 17.50; boars 13.00-15.00; few 15.50; j f hey rode downtown every morn- stags 14.00-16.00. Cattle 2,500, calves 1,400; few early sales steers and heifers steady; good and choice 31.00-33,25; cows opened steady but tradinj Blow; utility and commercial cows 22.50-26.00; canners and cutters 1650-22.00; bulls unchanged; utility and commercial bulls 24.00-26.75; cutter bulls 20.00-23.00; vealers generally steady: sorted prime 38.00; good nnd choice 30.00-36.00: utility und commercial vealers 22.00-29.00. Negro Deaths Ada C. Johnson Am! hnu- could a man bf expected to EO to school and sludy his Greek when he and his very interesting friends had to be out at the Jamaica track watching their horses perform? The boy had the stars in his eyes, all right. When last heard of'he had headed West. Weft to Inspect the beauties and beasts of Holly- Chicken Lays Big Egg City Has Oxygen Bank For Pittsburgh Area PITTSBURGH W) -There are many blood banks in the Pittsburgh district but now there's also an oxy- gon bank. A group of bii-lnessmrn In the Mt. Oliver district npPittsburch established the oxygen bank to help cope with cmerf-endc.s. Tank;. r,r oxygen and equipment to administer it are stored in the Mt. Oliver Borough Bullclinz. The' service is available, free of charge, to any physician in the area. By making a phone call a physician can have the orygrn rushed to the bedside of heart attack victims or others critically ill. The oxycen bank is maintained by donations of district residents. Ancient Tombs Found In Northeast Sicily ROME «1 — A large number of ancient tombs have been found during excavations near Naples, and in Northeastern Sicily. The first group was uncovered near Calvano, in the province of Naples, where some 70 bronze vases were found scattered in 1G (ombs. A second croup of (onibs nearby led to the finding of 51 bronze vases and several bronze coins belonging to the Fourth nnd Third centuries B. C. inf. One day the daddy told the cabby he was worried about his son. Wouldn't go to school. Tbe rahby said Jo Hie. daddy why don't you hire me to watch out After the boy. Fifty dollars a *-eek. I'll see he goes to school, see? I'm great with kids. He was [Treat, all ri£ht. Soon as the cabby took over, the boy began showing np at school even less than before, if you can imaeine it. The pair of them went every place but school. The cabby knew a good thing when he saw it, and his vision was 20-20. The cabby and the boy would start for school til the taxi in the Services for Ada c. Johnson, 73,' morning and the cabby would say who dted at the home of her i before you start studyinc vour riaufhter in Canithersville. Mo,, i Creek today let's drop over to a Saturday, will be conducted at Zinn i Greek's I know and get a cuppa Chapel Baptist Church at Uixora caufee. at 12:30 p.m. Thursday by Rev. I. K. Harvey, pastor. Burial will be in Luxora Ceme-, tery with Home Funeral Home in i driver character would introduce charce. Survivors include five-the boy to some other characters daughters, S. J. Sanders and Mablei Like chorus girls. And hor^e play- Mattox of Caruthersville. and Car- ] ers. rie Bard. Dorothea Walker and j Everybody liferrt the boy fine Bernice Lenhart, all of Chicago: I Who wouldn't? Under the spell of and three sons, Fred Johnson of | a chorus eir], the boy would acci- Loutsville, Ky., Jasper G, Johnson i dentally drop more money on the of Washington. D. C., and Harry' floor while fumblintr for the coffee E. Johnson of Luxora. I money than mo>t of the characters j wood. That's all. Eugene Cavanaugh. the Rnard or MARION, III. If! — Ed Fergi chickens says he's been raising Education's chief attendance of fi- j 20 years and never before saw cer. which is New York for truant j anything like the egg one. of his the doggondest I Hampshire Red hens nut forth officer, says case he ever years of attendance officering. it's the doggondest | Hampshire Red hens put came across in Ib i recently: A six-ounce egg I dwarfed normal eggs. that • ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Sn they'd Ret Ilic coffer, over around Times Square. The taxi Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. Sun. 1:00 p.m. AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION JUES-WED DOUBLE FEATURE "Buddy Nites" — 2 for Price of 1 Extended Arkansas Weather Forecast Extended forecast for the period May 27-31: [ Arkansas — Triv.iirrjiturc-s will! vpragc near to 2 decrees above j normal. Normal minimum 6?-68, Nonnnl maximum 85-88, Cooler Wednesday and Thursday. Warmer Saturday. Scattered showers Thursday. Showers Again nbout Sunday. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. TUESDAY 'FORT WORTH' Randolph Scoll WED.-THURS. "MAN BAIT" George Brent Margurite Chapman NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Cenler" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 TUESDAY "GUNG HO" Randolph Scott Kobert Milchum WKD.-THUKS. 'VIVA ZAPATA' is the price too high? The dollar cost of providing Increased water supplies under current conditions will be high. Will it be loo high? It might appear to be more economical to wail for a downward curve in (he whole structure of prices and wages before undertaking the kind of construction programs required to meet our needs. But where are Ihe signs that such R curve is in the making? And how long can we afford to wail? ( ., ! ; II took jnsl one hot, dry summer to Imticri! fhe water supply of many millions of people. Suppose next year—or the year after— brings similar coniiitions? Picture a shortage lhal goes beyond (he critical stage. New- York was only days away from such a crisis. Some smaller places went through It. Piclure * water supply in;tde(|uale to handle B serious fire. Picture a wafer supply insufficient to maintain proper sanitation. Picture n water supply no longer able to keep Industrial processes functioning. The price of keeping pace with fhe need fur water may seem high, hut what about the price of failure? One uncnnlrolled fire, one epidemic, a group of major Industries lost to the community—any of Ihese could involve n'n expense beside which the price of improved water supplies—even with costs what they are—would hardly be noticeable. Waler is essential 1o life—Ihe life of a cify ns well as the life of B human being. Without water, H. man dies. Without water, a community faces the same fale. In the face of n crisis, no price can be too high. High prices paid to prevent crisis are low prices! Blytheville Water Co, "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" OU11C1 The Opening Of i c? ay May Osceola, Ark. Door Prizes

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