The Austin American from Austin, Texas on April 20, 1941 · 6
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The Austin American from Austin, Texas · 6

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 20, 1941
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Films.. Radio.. Music. Drama PAGE 6 Austin, Texas, April 20, 1941. The Show World By Ruth Lewis 'Road to Zanzibar' Paramount presentation, dirctd by Victor ScherUinger, produced by Taul Joiim. acrfen play by Frank Butlw and Den Hartman, bad on a story b.y Don Hartman and Sy Bartlett, edited by Alma Macrorie, with th foilowins east: Chuck Bin Crosby Fearless Bob Hope Donna Itour Dorothy Lamour Jnlla t Una M-rkel Kimble Eric E!or Proprietor. I.uia Alberr.i Dimples Joan Marsh That African safari business has been worked by the movies for about everything romance, adventure, nature but until "Road to Zanzibar," never before for laugh. That was left for two artists of the wisecrack, Bing Crosby and j Bob Hope. They make wacky, light j you In stitches. It kids right j through to the end with Messrs. Crosby and Hope doing the honors in expert fashion. Oh, by the way. Dotty Lamour is present and wouldn't you know is wearing as spring, J941, model sarong a dress of fern leaves. Feature Starting Times PARAMOUNT "Road to Zamihar" 2:11, 4:0. (:05, 8:02 and 8:59. STATE "The. Great Lie" 2. 1:66, J:S2, 7:43 and :. QUEEN "Blondia Goes Latin" 2 :J8, 4:36. 6:24, 8:12 anil 10. CAPITOL "Strawberry BlonJe" 2. 4:59, a:5S, 7:57 and 9:6. VARSITY "Philadelphia Story" 2 :25, 4:43. 7:16 and :37. TEXAS "Love Thy Neighbor" i ;30, 4:20, 6:10, I and :50. AUSTIN "Arizona" 2 :24, 4:44, 7:C4 and 9 :2i. comedy out of the dark continent Frank Buck may bring 'em back !ive, but Crosby and Hope bring 'em back weak with laughing. These two juggle words and gags around 10 fast that you have to choke back giggles and shush your neighbors to keep up. Some of the Crosby easy-going naturalness has transmitted itself to Hope and they give all the zany goings-on an ad-lib quality. That's an art in itself and if you want to see an apt demonstration, take the road to Zanzibar. Crosby is a circus barker and Idea man and Hope is his fall guy. Crosby tries out his ideas on Hope's neck. All very chummy. Then the two bright boys fall for the old Eve trick. Yes, it's a woman, to be sure or two women, a couple of stranded second-rate vaudevillians W'ho take the boys on a safari so that one of them can got to Zanzibar and there wed a rich guy waiting for her. Even Frank Buck's eyes would pop out at what can happen to this safari. The going hits its high in foolishness when a bunch of cannibals hold a jive session around a boiling pot while Crosby and Hope survey the scene from a couple of bird cages and see themselves as 65-cent blue plate specials. This is as smooth a gag picture as you could wish and should put DOORS OPEN 1:45 P. M. f' tllNHYt a ........... It's SUNNY! i with SARONGS . Vmi SONGS! -J st a s. a sh ji r hU- Jiaf HOPE "tny LAMOUR DONALD ,jNA MERKEl DUCK t l X cartoon "k yr yc B YL 20c .NOW SHOHl.Mi It's a fandango X t-'ii AwHh PENNY singleton! ARTHUR V,v 1 7 LAKE v'i.Z2. t ALSO 3rd chap. SKY RAIDERS v ST. "The Philadelphia Story" with JAMES STEWART Katherine HEPBIRN Cary GRANT EXTRA : (Color Cartoon Blue Baron Band ALI.KN t Jack BENNY In "Lova Thr Nei IMtor' With Mary Martin Rochester ihVHi "ARIZONA" with JEA.V ARTHIII William Warren HOLDEV WILLIAM 3 2D Take Your Choice PARAMOUNT Through Tuesday, "Kd te ZnzKr" with Binar Crosby, Boh Hope nd Iorohy Lamour. V dntrisy through ri-day, "Las Vefras ,Ni(rhl" with Phil Kaitan, Bert H heeier ind Tommy Dorsey. Starting Saturday, "Penny Serenade" with lrfn Dunne and Cary Grant: also, "March of Time." Midnight show Saturday, "Zieirfeld Girl" with James Stewart, Judy Garland, Hedy JLamarr nd Tony Martin. STATE Through Monday. "The Great Lie" with Bette Ia!a and Georse Brenf. Tuesday through Thursday. "The Penalty" with 1-ionei Barry-more and Edward Arnold. Start. nr Friday, "The Idy From Cheyenne" with Lore! t a Young, Robert Preston and Glady George. QUEEN Through Monday, "Blondie Goes Latin" with Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake. Tuesday and Wednesday, "Play Girl" wilh Kay Francis and James Ellison. Thursday and Friday, "Dead Men Tell" with Sidney Toler and Jean Rogers. Starting Saturday, "Ride On. Vaguer with Cesar Romero and Mary Beth Hughea. CAPITOL Through Tuesday. "Strawberry Blonde" with James Cagney, Olivia de Haviltand and Rita Hay-worth. Wednesday and Thursday, "Long Voyage Home" with John Wayne, Thomas Mitchell and Ian Hunter. Friday and Saturday, "You're the One" with Bonnie Baker and Orrin Turker's orchestra. VARSITY Through Monday, "Philadelphia Story with James Stewart, Kathenne Hrpburn and Cary Grant. Tuesday and Wednesday, "Next Time We Love" with Margaret SuliaTan and James Stewart. Thursday, "No, No, Nanette" with Anna N eagle and Richard Carlson. Friday and Saturday, "Son of Monte Crist V with Louis Hay ward, Joan Bennett and George Sanders. TEXAS Throneh Monday, "Love Thy Neighbor" with Jark Benny and Fred Alien, Tuesday, "Go West with the Marx Brothers. Wednesday and Thursday, "Mayerline" t French film's with Charles Bnyer and Dann telle Darrieux. Friday and Saturday, "Santa Fe Trail" w it h F.rrol Flynn and Olivia de ltavilland. AUSTIN' Through Monday, "Arizona" with Jean Arthur and W ilham Hotden. Tuesday and Wednesday, "The Invisible Woman" with Lionel Rftrrymore nnd irginia Bruce. Thursday. "Texaa Hangers Hide Again" with John Howard and Fii-Ifn Drew. F'ridsy and Saturday, "Thief of Bcdad" with Sahu, June Duprez and (onrd Vndt. DK I VE-IX Sunday (hroagh Tuesday. '"Irene" with Anna NakIc and Ruhert Young, Wednesday and Thursday, "hance, t.irl, Panre" with Maureen O'iiara, Lucille Ball and Louis Hay ward. Friday and Saturday. "Secret Valley' with Richard Arleti. RlTZ Sunday. "Gambling on the Hiiih Seas" with Wayne Morris and Jane Wyman. Monday and Tuesday. "Dark Sands'" with Paul Robeson, Wallace Ford and FJenrv W rlrojon. W ednew-day, "The Lady With Red Hair" with Miriam Hopkins and Claude Rain. Thursday. "They Went to War' with Iola Lane and Lawrenre (.ray. Friday and Saturday, "Hitting the Trail" with Tex Bitter; also, "The Green Archer" with Victor Jory. CACTUS Sunday. "Return of Frank Jame'" with Henry Fonda, Jackie Cooper and Henry Hull. Monday. "Hest of Cheyenne" wilh Charles Starrett, Jris Meredith and Sons of Pioneers. Tuesday and Wednesday, "Caught in the Act" with Henry Arrnetta, Iris Meredith and Robert Baldwin ; also, "W inners of the Hest1 Thursday, "Moon Over Burma" with Robert Preston, Dorothy Lamour and Preston Foster. Friday and Saturday, "Hilly the Kid's Range War" with Bfb Steele; also "Adventures of Red Ryder." OPLN 1:45 'A BFTTE GEOBuE DAVIS BRENT t THE , V limit m A I,. IMMIN XS A MYSKKHV" I'upnr antl V STARTS 7:30 j si M)AV, MONDAY', Tl llAV "IEEliE" Starring Anna Neagle and liav Miltand Plus "INFORMATION- PLEASE" "MIf KEY'S PARROT" and "MEN OF MCSCLE" TFTF 5i jr- .4 "J4 fri,'-- "w Wide Range Of Mood Found In Dance Program Orchesis Recital Scheduled For Wednesday Night With a program that varies from the light hearted atmosphere of fun frolicking hill billies to the deep tempo of Dohnnanyi's "Vier Rhap-sodien," Orchesis, the University of Texas modern dance group has chosen to open its spring concert Wednesday and Thursday with a happy note. The opening dance has gay movement designed to cute even a chronic case of the blues The program which will be he!d for two nights, with curtain time set at 8:30 p. m., is to be in Hogg Memorial auditorium. The group consists of university students and is sponsored by Miss Nora Staael. Accompanist will be Mrs. Elizabeth Baker Long. All of the dances and costumes have been created by members of the group. Formula For Dance The hill billies from athe back woods wouldn't recognize "Hoe-down," the opening dance, even though it was derived from their folk dances, because the steps and patterns have changed, but the spirit of fun and frolic remain in fact to such an extent that the hill billies would want to try the new version at their next back woods party. How do you compose a dance? A formula for a dance has ueen composed and will be presented by a speaking chorus for one of the numbers. The dancers will follow the directions and thus the audience can see a dance in the making. Melancholy of Ruins Dropping into a heavier mood, I one dance will portray individuals returning to the ruins of a city, I once teeming with the plans and hopes of its people, trying to re- capture the pleasures of the past i The venture in "Dead City" leaves them nostalgic for the life they once knew. With the music of Tansman. the hurry and scurry of our American i nie win De presented, inis aance jumps from the blues to renewed vitality and to a swift ending. I Two other numbers which are i comparatively far apart, will be j "Antithesis" and "Floradora Baby." j The first presents the pros and cons ! of any situation, while the second is a chorus girls' appeal to the , "tired business man's" heart. ! Ridicule Superstition j Ridiculing our pet superstitions. ! Orchesis will show in "Opus 13" 1 their version of the unlucky num-I bcr we dare superstition. In closing the concert the dancers I feature the rhapsody form of music I which provides the basis for great i contrast in movement, and the I seemingly unrelated themes will be i a stimulating challenge to the dancers to emulate the rhythm, j color and tempo of Dohnanyi's ; "Vier Rhapsodien." i The music as well as the dances j will show individuality and variety. Tickets for the two performances I are on sale at the J. R. Reed Music j company, or they may be obtained I from any member of t-e University ! of Texas Sports association. GAIETY TO NOSTALGIA is the range of mood to be found m the Orchesis dance recital next Wednesday and Thursday in Hogg auditorium. Above are scenes from two dances, the first one a take-off on the Floradora Girls and the other called "Dead City," portraying the return of its once happy people to a city in ruins. Florndora Girls, left to right, are Eileen Eitt, Ruth McAtee, Helen Waggoner, Marjorie Edwards, Elizabeth Lee and Pat Shafer. Dancers in "Dead City," left to right, are Mary Loreen Holland, Marjorie Shepherd and Dorothy Lafferty. r ! ' r ic &t- i-f - I I -r-w - - i'r v1 -v rfA it ..... -r." -i? J I Vr 2 J I i it 1 b "-" s - 'I: v :a! I. jf.hi - si 1 w.iv, I I t'jrf-t t? ,a A,ww ,A f ' s 1 Sandburg Poem Will Be Given Dramatization Experiment in New Form Work Of University Actors The Experimental theater of th university department of drama, carrying on its experiments in new forms, will close its season with choral dramatization of Carl Sand burg's "The People, Yes." The di rector of the production is Lawrence Carra, assistant professor of drama. "The People, Yes," will play in the Experimental theater (Modern Languages building 103) Tuesday through Saturday nights. All productions of this theater are open to the public without admission charge, but reservations must b made in advance by calling University Station 218. Modern choral drama is a young, yet practical medium by such poets as Gordon Bottomley, T. S. Eliot, Clemence Dane and Archibald MacLeish. The dramatization of poems, however, that lend themselves to choral treatment is ever new and experimental and variable in approach according to the interpreter's scheme of design. Kyser's College Convenes Here Kay Kvsr, topflight band leader who is scheduled to play for an afternoon concert and night dance at the union building on the university campus Friday, will arrive m Austin around noon, according to his manager. He will then play ; at me capitol. be interviewed over KNOW at 3:15 p. m. and go immediately to the union building for the afternoon concert from 4 to 5:30 p. m. The dance is from 9 to 1. Full-Length Mickey M ouse Feature Slated HOLLYWOOD, April 19 Spl George J. Schaefer, president of RKO Radio Pictures, has announc-: ed the signing of contracts with : Walt Disney for the world-wide : distribution of two striking new : Disney features in technicolor the first Mickey Mouse full-length feature ever made, and "Dumbo," a unique and original animated story with new characters. In addition to the foregoing, Pres. Schaefer stated that a long-term deal likewise has been closed with Disney extending the present release arrangements for the Disney short subjects. The two contracts come hard on the heels of earlier announcements that RKO Radio also will distribute the two Disney features, "The Reluctant Dragon" and "Bambi." Charles Vidor To Direct 'Ladies in Retirement' HOLLYWOOD. April 19,-iSpl) Charles Vidor was assigned this work to direct the film version of the play, "Ladies in Retirement," whicn Lester Cowan is to produce for Columbia Pictures in association with Broadway's Gilbert Miller. Ida Lupino and Louis Hayward a)roaciv have been cast and negotiations are under way for Lillian Gish to return to the screen in a third of the story's eight roles. Mevyn Douglas Stars With Ruth Hussey HOLLYWOOD. April 19 (Spl) Casting of three important roles in Columbia Pictures' "Our Wife" were announced this week by Pro-duccr-Dir. John M. Stahl." Ruth Hussey has been assigned one of the two stellar feminine roles, Mel-vyn Douglas the male load and Charles Cnburn an important supporting role as Miss Hussey's father. Cagney To Discuss Cohan With Cohan HOLLYWOOD, April 19 (Spl) James Cagney will confer soon with George M. Cohan on how to play George M. Cohan. Having finished "The Bride Came C.O.D." with Bette Davis, Cagney is spending his vacation at his Martha's Vineyard farm. WWle in the East, he will go to New York to see Cohan, who selected him to star in "Yankee Doodle Dandy," the story of Cohan's life to be filmed by Warners. Tfiree More Artists Named for Festival NEW YORK, April 19. (UP) The National Federation of Music clubs has announced three more major artists who will be heard ' in the "American music festival" j during the federation's convention in Los Angeles this June. They are i Jos?f Hofman, pianist; Charles j Kullman, Metropolitan opera tenos, i and Helen Jepson, Metropolitan! soprano. j Elsie Houston, Brazilian soprano, j will be soloist on Inter-American : Day, June 20, giving a Joint program with Beryl Rubinstein and Arthur Loesser, duo-pianists. Choral and instrumental groups from 24 states will take part in the program. Phone 2-8718 M. ESTES Children and adults, alike, will find well-balanced meals here designed for universal appeal. Make it a habit to bring the family to Millet Mansion Sundays. TODAY Dinner with Fried CHICKEN 75 Ask About Weekly Rates Dine Daily at MILLET MANSION 9th and BRAZOS ? A f A ixi V A A AA 1 r. Mm A I 'Hi 2 ? A A": ' 1 14!' . : vm' Today . . . With the MILAM in Mind . . . Say . . . ; eatures! tomato Aspic 10c M Avocado II FREE apples. let I Fff. J"'T Well cream for kiddies. 1 pEVVBEB'E i uuuzm CnFETERIR extra: MICKEY MOt'SE CARTOON 4 Johnny Messner Orchestra MONDAY APRIL 2 And All Next Week GRE ATE UNITED SHOWS Barton Spring: Road CARNIVAL GROUNDS FREE ACTS q Free Parkin? Q Cona Early 1 Suf Lt! 4 4A 2 Attractions fcaujA.WWt. ?A,.iSjwSt s.WX. i- iX"MX,A&& Fhoto by Neal Douglaaa. Wayne Hall. "Sham" Is the play the high school dramatic group is presenting in the Inter-scholastic league contests. Other plays to be given next week are "Saved" and "Command Performance." MEMBERS OF THE CAST of "Sham," comedy the Red Dragons will present on a bill of three one-act plays Thursday and Friday nights, are pictured above. Left to right are Frank San-derford, Gay Cole Howard, Walter Moore and TODAY ONLY Back by Great Demand! HENRY FONDA in THE RETURN OF EBHK JSm Jackie Cooper Henry Hull NEWS PORKY TIG MONDAY ONLY CHARLES STARRETT IN 'WEST of CHEYENNE" 2 CARTOONS & SPECIAL "BREEZY LITTLE BEARS" RITZ Sunday 1 -. i'i!f' ,Atn'il Wayne Morris Jane Wyman it? National Symphony Plans Season NEW YORK, April 19. (UP) The National Symphony orchestra of Washington, under Dr. Hanj Kindler, announces definitely that it will give a 1941-1942 season. The full amount of $107,600 necessary to maintain the orchestra for the season has not been entirely accounted for, but the board of directors voted unanimously to risk the assumption that the balance of the sustaining fund would be raised, and to go ahead with plans for the orchestra's 11th season. c DAY & NIGHT AIRPLANE HIDES Sunday Monday Tuesday Municipal Airport Fly wilh Ben In His I4-Passen)rer Ford Trl-Motored Airplane 50c EACH PASSENGER Pilot, Ben F. Gregory Carnival Opens Here Monday One of the largest motorized caijy nivals In the Southwest, the Greater United Shows, will open a week's the Barton Springs showgrounds. An "amusement park on wheels" is the claim of the show, which boasts an unusual number of different rides. This portable aggregation Is transported on a large fleet of trucks, semi-trailers and trailers; also, four rail cars of equipment, according i to Frank J. Lee, press agent, who was in Austin Saturday to complete arrangements. There are 30 feature attractions and riding devices, Lee announced. The midway accommodates 8,000 spectators. Anita Louise Cast i HOLLYWOOD. April 19 (Spl) ; Anita Louise, who has just return-! ed to Hollywood from a six weeks ; personal appearance tour in New : York, Chicago and Florida, has been signed by Columbia for the. top feminine role in "One Way 1 Sttcet." A Hew Program of Classical and Semi-Classical Music! "T. H. Williams Presents" A half-hour of some of the world's finest music. Today's program will feature the compositions of Victor Herbert. 1:30 P. M. Every Sunday RADIO STATION KNOW

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