The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1948
Page 15
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THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House wMiMoj. STOP TD ENJOY NATURE IN TH'ONLY BEAUTY SPOT FOR MILES, AW GET A BUNDLE OF GARBAGE IM TH' NECK.' YOL) C6RYAIMLV A<A30R.' IN PACT, HAVJE IMPROVED OPOsJ Al-M HORSES I'^E E\!ER MY HORS65 ? ooM'i -too THINK t'se CA.PTOREO TMeiR BASIC SPIRIT BETTER THAM THE WIDE OPEM SPACES By Morgana Bruckcr TIIB <iTI)UV; Tn» wrll» >•* >» "I • it nt i,,,l /nd<a Orders Troops To End Border Raids NEW DELHI,' June 10. (UP) — The government of India ordered its army and police forces yesterday to put an end to raids along the India-Hyderabad boarder, entering Hyderabad stat« territory If necessary. The government acted after a breakdown In negotiations over the future of Hyderabad. The big •late refused to accede to Indian - | i You /re Cordially J *i Invited to Visit • I The ! I Accessory Shop I * Feminine Apparel \ i Mabel Hogan Jessie Srlte J i Hotel Noble KIdg. [ i BIytheville, Ark. « Glass Co. Joe Atkins Bid;. Hvry. «1 80. Auto Glass Installed While~You Wait Safety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors • A Complete Glass Service ^ Also Glass Blocks Furniture and Desk Tops We Also Do Caulking! Phon. 3142 F. A. Stanley, Owner XVIII W/UENEVER she returned from these mceliii£s with David, Jessica fell an odd seose of guilt and disloyalty to Betsy. Why? Didn't she, plan to marry David, not only because she loved him, but because David would be a better fiilher than Tom? He could give Betsy things. What things? The question mocked her. Money? Social position? She might hnve weakened, even (hen, in her resolution to leave Tom if she hadn't been so irritated by her mother-in-law and Gcnevievc. Genevievc came often now to consult with Tom's mother about plans for his homecoming. She was helpful, interested. She asked Jessica, "Aren't you excited?" Jessica said <iry!y, "I've lived alone fo long it will be queer to have Tom back." Which it would. She dreaded his appearance and started every time the door opened, expecting to see a tall, bioad- shouldered man with hnir blond like Betsy's and eyes blue-gray like Lucy's. "Tom may be sent out again," Genevieve suggested. "Tom has done quite enough for his country." said his mother. "It Is time that he took charge of his family now." Genevieve said innocently. "I suppose Tom will still live here, won't he?" Mrs. Blake screwed the last cover on a jar of pickles. "I should hope so. It's lime someone took the burden off Lucy's shoulders. I declare I don't know what's wrong with her these days." Jessica surprised an odd gleam in Genevieve's shrewd eyes. "May- JJOHIS thought Ihe same. "Lucy works like a slave for Hugh Limpn, she remarked one day. "Try to stop her," fair! Jessica, absorbed in her own thoughts anrt wondering just how to approach Uons on the subject of divorce. Doris had stubborn ideas about loyalty. "1 plan lo leave Tom." Jessica said suddenly. Tbcrel It was out. "! thought as much. David Gregory?" Jessica nodded. "How did you drift inlo [hot?" "I didi-.'l drift. Probably fate" Doris said dryly, "Don'l hand me that Luc. Fate has nothing lo do wilh Ihe mess you'll make o( your life if you make not one but two mistakes." "I love David and he loves me." "Vou love wlial David represents," said Doris bluntly. "You love the idea of stepping into tiic kind of life you led until you met Tom Blake." She shook her auburn head. "It's no good trying lo ep back, my girl. Look, you married one man whom you'd known loo little, and now you plan to leave him and marry another _.,^ whom you know less. Love-making tricked you once — " "It isn't tricking me. as you ptlt it, inlo another." Jessica prepared to leave, stung by the accusation in Doris' steady eyes. "I've considered the whole allair. I've refused to run away. I plan to wait and discuss the whole thing calmly with Tom." "He'll never let you go." "He can't keep me." 1 "He can keep Betsy. Just remember that Tom's a returned serviceman and t^ere will he tittle sympathy tempt to for you when you at- leave him for another man and try to separate him from his child. You haven't reckoned with the Blake stubbornness, Jes-\ sica.' 1 nothing lo her. tries to take Betsy away I <To Be Continued) demands that it give url its Inde- | derabad Is pendence and Join this dominon.; territory. and-locReri by Indian For some time and Hydcr- f Arguments over the future of the [ August 10 ft I rnnntr ll«l iro f n r<nrl nnftl-, «* V, „_ w» n.i- I /lUfjUj i,. abad troops have faced each other [ _. me&clngly along the boarder. Hy- Political Announcements i The Courier News has been- authorized to announce the follow-' Inj; candidates, subject to the Democratic, primaries. July 77 and August 10 COUNT! 1 TRKASURER Prank Whitworth COUNTY COURT CIERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONKR E. M. HOLT FOR COUNT* ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlppen »rATB REPRESENTATTV* Jimmle Edwards L H Atilry H. K "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Speck For Coantj lad ft , ^xjland Green >3 Relder Pe«ry • For Circuit rourt Cltrk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (phtskasawabz Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Llnclsey NOW! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 209 r ,i W. MAIN ST. PHONE 2172 BIytheville, Ark. at FOUNTAINS; Everywhere! ! Radio Service || of its Best! \. All New PM •; Test Equipment Jj All Service Guaranteed «! BIytheville Salts Co.;! Felix Carney I; 138 E. Main Phone 3616 j ; K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake St. Phone 523 We Install Window Glass For Any Make Automobile While You Wail! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Complete Line of Auto Parts Don't Be a Spendthrift! Save That Hard-Earned Cash! You can save up to 50% on all your aulo hody and fender repair at HOT'S BODY SHOP. I'AINT .TOKS—$J5 & up. Complete upholstery service . . . Hearilinings . . . Door Panels . . . Floor Mats . . . Complete Body Trim. Take advantage of our low overhear! expense and have that old car repaired now. Any model from 1919 to 1919. HOT'S BODY SHOP 110 So. Lilly Phon« 3456 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED BIytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main FRECKLEi A HIS TKIENDB YOU'RE- WHY, LARD WAS JUST SAYING- HC'S NUTS ABOUT SilAKCSPCARC/ I Knew HIM, HORATIO -A FELLOW Of- INFINITE jesr, Of MOST— • THESE WORSES REM.LY TALK. I TO SOU = ITS COMFORTABLE? 1'IL WATCH THS BALLOT BOX.' tU IY MA MMVICI. INC. T We tl probably go pretty far on our vacation—Ceorg* wauti to «ee how w»ll our new car can take it!" H« Ain'l Tiilkinj; been iteCing /A.Y f?^f svice you ft's nv/fy m ofie-s . Vobotfy fud f/K' s//gMest that it was nothing ti return? Silk Is Handed By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB K..^ HKE X WHO AM I? QUIT YOU AUD WHAT\KIDWH&. lli/Mt. BflBV DO VDO WANT ? I UIK--WW. 8ROTKEB :M, PAIHA, MURDERER MUST HAVE FOtltJD Illf MESSAGE IWOol SPENCtR'S WAUFT HAVE VDJA GUN THERE. RMIA7 SOMEWHERE, I THINK. BUr.VIC— SUREIY IHffiC'S NO CONNECTION BETWEEN THAT IQVHY GIRL HER6 ANDVDUR MVMHHtltl I NEVH SAW VOO KFORE WMYLIFtf IN5KCTOR GROWl- HOMICIDE. SOMEONE THE GIRL 15 IMS ACCOMPLICE, HC'Ll HEAD YOUR WAY WASH TUBBS LKSLIE TURNED I BEEN LOOKIM* \ fi XN<E TR.OPIOL &|Rp ML OUtR FEKVOU! \I l\caU«!ED...WiTWimV ...BUT WOT IrVSA* /REIMEDTO tHCOSTGKH THPlT? / FAMIl.SH I feET SOME OPPOSITION SETT IN 5 IT &UH-H-H-: lOOKf TO ME UKC Tffi MELEE TNT f NSUCO POIPRES vwt wtxstp A vn AAEAWWHILE, iAA) TED H&SHTT StEU IMl H3RMO THE flKSl WWS OF HIS STOLEN HOIIOML THEN HE RUMS INTO BUSTER... SOT WITH THE nm* SHC1L RE IKS GOOD AS MM By FRED HARMAJ* Political Aspiridiiins r»v i S 0uCXS<lk3 MOSS. -' <Vi TH CVS DO ff -K.A to ROOKS £. c=T CJR. Ilcy, Thai's Hn ilinisclf V. T. HAMLIN 1* 4CHNA hWTA 4CT BOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES EDGAR MARTIN from me I'll hate him." Doris shrugged. "Did he'listen to your wishes when lie led you with his mother and Lucy? Try lo oppose Tom and see where it gels you." "David will find u way," said Jessica confidently. yilE hurried back across Die siren and found Betsy scaled on the living-room sofa will) her (at legs slicking straight oui, her blue eyes bright with intcrcsl. In her lap lay Ihe picture of her father. At her mother's entrance she looked up. "Daddy!" s| lc said proudly, and lifted the picture llnd hugged it close. Mrs. Hlake rot'ked steadily in a chair opposite. "What else?" sh« asked, with u triumphant in her pale eyes. "1 love Daddy," Betsy said diui- lully witli l!er blue eyes fastened upon her grandmother's faee. "Thai's right," approved Mn BlaUe. Lucy looked up from her sewing. "What else did you learn?" she asked. Holsy puzzled for a moment, then repealed in a shrill monotone, "God bless Daddy. Bring him home soon." Mrs. Blake said, "It's _ learned to say her prayers. Lucy (aught her thai. I can remember when I taught Tom." "Il's your bedlime, Betsy," said Jessica. "Give me the She reached out a hand, but Belay eluded her, shook her head'and gripped the picture. "Daddy," sh« announced stubbornly. for the first time Jessica wanted to shake Betsy. In her absenca Mrs. IJlake had busied herself instilling in Hie child a knowledge of her father. Not because Uctsy interested her, though! Jessica angrily, as she dragged the child from the room, but because slic guesses tins constant talk about Tom madtlens me. She'i used Genevieve, even Lucy, to annoy me with her hints about happy 1 should he, how overjoyed at Tom's return. Now she has started with Betsy, filling her mind wilh ideas and whipping up an interest in someone .who means state have cone on ever since India achieved dominion stutus last Remember Rolhrock's (or PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Phone 973

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