The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1956
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1956 BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Air Delivery Speeding 'Dew/me' Radar System By ELTON AP Military C. FAY Reporter Man Suffers Stroke Enroute to Report Accident, Lays Exposed Two Nights AT AN ARCTIC RADAR SITE (AP) — Ninety tons of airplane and cargo ease down to Js efx ;f^ te ? h j 0 J^ cn ° f ^ r ' the ice runway of a lake, 1,000 miles from civilization. Another load of freight is delivered in the race to build the Distant Early Warning Line, called the "Dewline." By military and commercial aircraft, by ship, by tractor-drawn sled trains, close to 200,000 tons of material has been toied in the last year to build the warning line along the 3,000 miles at the top of die American continent. When Dewline is ready, perhaps as much as two years from now, it may provide a plane-proof electronic sentry system standing watch for air invaders. The eastern end of Dewline will be on Baffin Island, i across from Greenland. The western end is at Cape Lis- burne, Alaska, about 200 miles southwest of Point Barrow, The cape is only about 200 miles from an eastern lip of Siberia, only 100 miles Civm the internaitonal boundary \vhich extends out into the Arctic Ocean from Bering Strait- Newsmen who traveled the 3,000 mile stretch of Dewline asked if it would be possible for an aggressor to jam the system with electronic equipment. "Jamming" a Problem Maj. Gen. James E. Briggs, a deputy chief of staff of the U. S. Air Force which is building the line, says "there is no electronic emanation put out in space which can't be jammed." He says everything possible is being done to prevent jamming. There were those who wondered it Dewline, equipped now to detect manned planes, such as jet bombers, could cope with ballistic missiles fired over the polar area. Briggs' reply was that "when ballistic missiles become an immediate threat, we'll have to design to meet them." . The C124 Globemasters are probably the most impressive cargo carriers of the whole fantastic transportation system. Globemas- ters of the 18th Air Force, assigned the job of hauling heavy equipment, have accumulated thousands of flying hours shuttling between the United States and Dewline. Cold Helps The arctic cold is both a hindrance and help. It imposes almost intolerable pressures on crews who must maintain and operate aircraft. But it also congeals lake surfaces to ice more than five feet thick and blankets barrens with snow which can be compacted into airstrips. Burma Road and the Great Wall of China were comparatively easy to build. The materials were at hand. The builders of Dewline must bring a vast variety of equipment from points thousands- several days, of miles distant. "Something' made her decide to What the Western Electric Co. its STANDING UP TO LIFE—Seventeen-year-old Sheila Price had to make a decision. Due to abnormally formed hip sockets from birth, an operation to immobilize her hip sockets was necessary. For the rest of her li/e she would remain either in a sitting or standing position but not both. Sheila chose to stand. Scores of friends in Berne, Ind., are waiting to learn if the operation is a success. They raised her $500 medical expenses in a whirlwind two-week campaign, selling candy and washing cars. Above, in St. Vincent's Hospital, she holds a gift from her high school chums. Distraught Mother Is Held In Death of 4-Year-Old Girl LOS ANGELES I?) — A suitcase lying amid shrubs, geraniums and weeds on a vacant lot was the resting: place for the body of 4- year-old Susan Shaw. Detectives were led to the spot yesterday by the child's distraught mother, Mrs. Jean Elizabeth Shaw, 35, formerly of Clinton, Iowa, who previously had told in Aportment House Fire Kills Nine coherently about how her I poisoned her gassed can't talk about it, it's too hor- Mi's. Shaw is held in the psychopathic ward of General Hospital on a technical booking of suspicion of murder. Her sorrowing, divorced husband. Prentice W. Shaw. 42, Clinton attorney who flew here Saturday, probably will learn from nn autopsy today what killed his daughter. Coroner's attendants said the little girl had been dead and its subcontractors need for this Dewline job is enormous in quantity and variety — huge bulldozers, tons of steel and cement, prefabricated buildings, wire and cable by the hundreds oi" miles, food to feed thousands of hungry workmen. The transportation item will figure heavily in whatever Dewline finally costs—perhaps ti billion dollars or more. The greater percentage of the winter shipment now moves by contract commercial aircraft. $1 Billion or More In the commercial airlift have been 81 U.S. and Canadian planes. Day and night, they come winging in from the south, leave their loads, head back home for more. Aircraft wrecks add to the transportation cost. The commercial carriers have lost 18 planes and two lives. Mai. Gen. Chester McCavty, commander of the 18th Air Force, reports that of the 106 aircraft his outfit has used in the airlift three have been in accidents. One was minor; another crash landed but many of its parts were salvageable; the third was a total loss. No lives were lost. I tell us." said Det. Sgt. Harry Hansen. He said he took her to the vacant lot only a short distance from the apartment where she had been living with Susan and another daughter, Pamela. 11. It was Pamela who last Wednesday told officials that something was wrong, that her mother had said her sister was dead. A search began. Shaw was hastily came here. notified and Doctor Travels For Education LOS ANGELES in — Tired of commuting? So is Dr. Caleb Davidian, 48, a dentist from Placerl ville, Calif. He drives 860 miles roundtrip j each week from his home to the University of Southern California where he is taking a postgraduate course in orthodontics. He leaves sphool Friday night, spends a day and a half with his family and then hits the road again. So far he has worn out one car. He estimates that when the 1G- month course ends in June he will h.,ve traveled the equivalent of three times around the world. CHICAGO UPt—A fire in a crowded four-story apartment building on Chicago's South Side early yesterday killed nine persons and injured eight others. Two of the dead were killed when they leaped from upper floors to escape the flames. Two children were killed in the fire, but several others were saved when their mothers dropped them to spectators. Coroner Walter E. McCarron said he had been told about 25 persons, all Negroes, were living in the building's 36 small flats. Mrs. Ann Griggs, the building maniiger, snld • only Gl persons lived in the brick structure. McCarron said evidence that the lower section of a fire escape had been wired to a bolt in the wall will I-: investigated at an inquest. Chief Fire Marshal Albert H. Petcrsen estimated damage at $60,000. Sgt. Drew Bvo\vn, head of the po- j lice arson squad, ruled out incen-' diarism. He said the fire might have started from an overheated | furnace in the basement. J Firemen fought the blaze for f more than an hour in below freezing temperature. They carried at least a dozen residents down ladders. HARRISON, Ark. tin— A 10-year-* old farmer has confirmed theories tht he suffered a stroke while on his way to report a fatal dynamite blast and lay exposed to frosty weather for two nights. Sheriff Spence Holder yesterday quoted John Green as saying that he heard a huge explosion about ] p.m. last Thursday. Green, who said that of Chester a hole in the ground where Flowers had been, dynamiting a stump. Green said that he took Flowers' truck and started to notify authorities. He was stricken as he stepped out of the truck to open a barnyard gate. Green was unable to talk when he was discovered Saturday morning. His left side is paralyzed, but doctors at a hospital here said ttmt he would recover. Holder said that Grepn was unable to. supply any clues as to how the accident occurred. The sheriff said that apparently'the jolt from a dynamite explosion under a stump set off a case of dynamite nearby. Flowers' remains were scatter ed over a 300-yard area. Searchers found parts 01 his wallet and othei personal effects. Overflow Crowd Packs Integrated Episcopal Church CHICAGO ffl— Extra chairs were needed yesterday handle the Eye Specialist Says Children Read Too Early TULSA, Okhi. W—A Los Angeles optometrist siiys children should not be allowed to read before they are eight years old. Dr. Louis Jaques &r,. uddressin the Okliihomu Optomctric Associa lion convention, said schools show nrive simply a "play program" fo Youth Struggles From Icy Water To Highway But Dies in Hospital turnout for the first services of a merged white and Negro church. The Rev. John H. Tredrea, pastor of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in suburban Maywood said he was surprised. "I am very pleased and happy with the response, I am firmly convinced that the representation this morning indicates that the membership is with us," he commented. Many of the white members ol Holy Communion personally welcomed the newcomers from the former St. Simon She Cyrenian Episcopal Church, a Negro mission established in 1337. Holy Communion was established 70 years ago. Eva Gabor Weds Surgeon NEW YORK (.f) — Actress Eva Gabor and Dr. John E. Williams, Beverly Hills, Calif., surgeon. Were married here yesterday and left by auto for a honeymon in Connectl- cut. It was the third marriage for the glamorous 31-yeur-old actress and the second for the bridegroom, 35. Magistrate Louis Kaplan, a Ga bo family friend, performed the one-minute, single-ring ceremony Make a Date with the Newest COME IN AND KOCKET BLOCKf OR 'ROUND WE JOWN\ IF YOU LIKE/ J SEE YOUR NEAREST IMMOBILE DEALER "Reading is a visual skill of th highest order," he said. "The eye of a child are not mature etioug to cope with the printed page be fore he is eight. "When he is ''oreed to start lean ing lo rend ut five or sis, he deve ops habits thiU must be unlearne at a Inter age." GETTING UP NIGHTS If worried by "Bladder Weakness" [Oettlnf Up Nights (too trequcnt. burning or Itching urination) or Strong, Cloudy Urine] dus to common Kidney mid Bladder Irritations, try CYSTEX for quick, gratifying, comforting help. A billion OYSTEX tablets used tn past 25 years prove safety and . tuecpss. Ask druggist lor OYSTEX under satisfaction or money-back guarantee. in the bride's Fifth Avenue home. There was no "obey" in the ceremony, during which the couple exchanged happy glances.' j The bride exclaimed, "I'm so wonderfully happy" during a re-j ception at her home for some 50 guests. SEA LIFE COLORS Man\ p creatures of the sea's groat depths are clothed in somber browns and blacks, but shrimps and prawns flaunt flaming red, scarlet, and purple. SO POTENT New Beamy Scrum recently uolited by 35-7ear-old laboratory. Five limes u potent as ordi- creim. Only 7 drops diilj 1 needed. HORMONE SERUM Look Younger- Feel Younger! Forfe Away Wrinktet, Crow's Feef SERUM is so wrinkles on &ltin o potent. m.! croVi fc, upnli" mi MORMON £X BEAUTY 7 drops dJily fades et. When imootned xiinum diilv allot- i!e bormonei—hormones ..„„ routhfulneu of pnciksllr fl! female wsam. Heavy wiih Um.lin and 'Sesame for fcsteit peneiuiion. Skin fecti softer, smoother, fresher almoit insuiuij. Acts 10 quickly because it's 5 time* n powerful »s siand.ird hormone cream-10.000 I.U. per ounce. It's economical, loo—costs leas than 4^a aiy. 100 DAY SUPPLY Use it at night, before retiring-look- for imiiirtu results in the base, it's fragrant and grcasclcss, too! So. for i fresher, brighter, younper-lookiii'R complexion K a a bottle of 1 tORMONr.X REALTY SERUM tod»r. OnJy HTO plus tn. On ulc at Toiletty (jMimets. De; mem Stores and Drug SU'tcs every? i, Depart- crynlicic. Hi-Way Drug Alain al Division Phon 2-2019 Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35c Al All Times LAST TIMES TODAY ANNE BAXTER ROCK HUDSON JUtlE ADAMS Ml CADI BENION REID • NATALIE WOOD A Unwtsallntcjnatwna! Picture METRO NEWS & SELECTED SHORTS TUBS., WED., & THUKS. muinm t iom HUD piMutfoa * h caweiK rents Plus Selected Shorts FABULON the fabulous floor .finish _. -u -^ nrfl .d rfgotf (loo" Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finds Heating Subitance That Does Both— Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids Ul) - For >«. York, >. Y, ( first time science has found a ne healing Fiib.stancc with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve p.'iin—withput surgery. In case after cast*, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage'i took place. Most a making of all - results were BO thorough that sufferers made "Piles aslonishiriK stiilement*. like have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new lipnlinf* substance fBio-Dyne*)-discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation H.* At your druggist. Money back puaraiitcc. •B»i, U.S.Pit Off To enhance the Charm of your New Home Beautiful CAST IRON Make Your Home More Attractive with WROUGHT IRON Experlly executed at prices far below what you would expect to pay. Phone 816, Osceola For Free Estimate Designs of your own choosing . . . priced so low anyone can afford it. Phone 816, Osceola for Free Estimate THEATRE On W. Main Si In Blythcvillc Phone 3-11)21 Weekday Show Starts 7:00 p.m.—Sat. & Sun. 1 p.m. LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature RirpleHlask _ f vi j«**' .,ai CINEMASCOPE -CENE BURRT-OftN O'HERLIHT'ANGELA LANSBURYl . GEORGE OOLEH- IOHH KOYI- MYRNH HMSIH • A WWUSMimMMl HUM _AN D — MLB! m\ VIOLENT! Thi City's Sin-Doili tiffti Opin! THE HUMAN JUNGLE .GARY MERRILL-JAN STERLING.* ALSO CARTOON TUESDAY IS BARGAIN NIGHT! ADMISSION lOc and 20c DOUBLE FEATURE DYNAMITE PUNCH DELTA ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS RAILS—WINDOW GUARDS—COLUMNS— DOORS— LAMPS—CHAIRS—TABLES Phone 816 Osceola, Ark. AND— M WEAK 1MB* *M ft»MM », et Win 1i urn « Ht1V»l AND THE Rtlei&ed by ALLIED ARTISTS Also Cartoon WHtTESBUKG, Ky. (J* — The struggle was too for Vincent Hal], 18, who died yesterday of injuries suffered Friday. Hull's car plunged over a steep embankment. He was thrown clear but the car was submerged in water. Before he died, Hall said he called to each passing cur for help. In spile of a broken ankle and oth- er injuries, he crawled part way up the embankment before he lost consciousness. He Inched his way to the top when he regained his senses Saturday and was taken to a hospital. Trust and Luck are village* within three miles of one another in North Carolina. a » I 8 2 x° o 3 Cinemascope at Its Best With Stereophonic Sound! Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for Ritz & Roiy Program Announcements LAST TIMES TODAY -WARNER BROS . JANE WYMAN VAN JOHNSON MIRACLE ™ N E RAW"! PEGGIE CASTLE • FRED CLARK -BiuttN HECKART• JOBCPMINC MUTCHIWON — — *C»f.n>Ti«BeN HECHTrmc^iai'FFtANK fl rlOStNOMO •MICTIOK RUDOLPH UAT^ tf-lj PARAMOUNT NEWS AND SHORT TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Find Your Name in Our Ad and Be Our Guest to Se* "Frontier Scout" fc A New TONY MARTI PLUS SELECTED SHORTS Coming Soon to Ritz Theatre "CAROUSEL" With Gordon McRae and Shirley Jones In Cinemascope and Technicolor On South Highway 61 GIANT WIDE SCREEN Box Office Opens 6:30—Show Starts at Dusk Admission 50c—Children Under 12 Free with Parents LAST TIMES TONIGHT WARNER BROS. pftrsrrn r? as the'Injun-LOver' in DELMER DAVES* DR*JIVI ECEAT in sweeping PLUS SELECTED SHORTS TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Double Feature She tops her Academy Award triumph in "Come Back, Little Slicbal' SHIRLEY BOOTH ROBERT RYAN « HAL WAlLIS•nonunion , "ABOUT MRS. LESLIE ,rr*i MARJIE MILLAR- ALEX NICOL • o.i«t«J t»y DANIEL MANN Hipt»y by KETTI rmnas and HAL KANTER •«,(*, 1 M«c>i<e.v>N»wiM*'i arm* —AND— jernard Philipe and Valorie Hobson \\ LOVER BOY' ALSO CARTOON

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