The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1948
Page 13
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_THUR8DAY. JUNE 10, Morning Meal Very Nutritious Extravagant to Skip One-Third Food Value For One-Seventh Cost The first meal or the day. is the one that csn COM you least, save you most, and vet lmn K you one- fourth U one-third of the day's total food values. It Is all a inaiicr of plcmenlnry fniin-'* ' Basl>rt °" llili| y menus iii.ii . i , Ul s ' Government's mi stralcd chart - A Day . s PaUem J-oi Good Eating", a gc ml Ijveak- «•«,_ supplying from one-fourth . miinent requirements, accounts for •• but one-Mvcntli of the total cost of the day's food. Dollars and cenl.s- JJ'ise. a milritionallv-iccomniemlcd orcaklasl consists of fruit, cereal, milk, bread and butter, costs only 15 cents. KstiinatiiiR the costs (based on recent rcl.iil prices) of other typical meals included in (he government's chart, a much thai /ills the- nutritional bill costs 39 cents, while a dinner that furnishes the remainder of our daily food essentials costs S3 cents, or just! Ruout one half of the lotal food' cost for one day. The 3-mcal combination. I lien oosls 41.07, but only one-seventh, or 15 cents, of that lotal cost goes tor a breakfast that takes care of from one-fourth to one-third of our tla'lv nutritional requirements. Here is a c " e to economy that no one will. want lo miss. Cheat At Breakfast; Hay All Day . What happens to our food budget' when litite or no breakfast Is cat-: en? By-passing breakfast results In heavier eating at Inncii and dinner and remember that these meals ^cost (wo and three times as much ^»s breakfast. In the attempt lo get an adequate supply of calories and i nutrients, the breakfast .skimper-Is I forced to eat more at lunch and' dinner—the two meals that account' for K percent of his daily foot! bill «nd he's, also lost a substantial'| amount of (he nutrients he needs I daily, since experts say it's impos- i sible lo "catch up" at other meals I the food values missed at break-1 fast. The nomeniakeV who seeks a sound way to save on food will find i no surer path than the servinK of a food breakfast every single dav in' Hie week. Nothing is "saved" if'mi-i tritioj) is sacrificed, but the best' part of breakfast as an aid to lower i budget.-; Is the fact that it can pro- ! vide with readily available foods n nutritious meal at a cost of only 15 cents per person. Instead, by fol- I lowing the pattern of fruit cereal i milk bread and butter when plan-' nlng an economical breakfast the 1 day's nutritional intake may well ' be increased, compared to the old hit-or-mlss methods of servine' breakfasi. i Tempt With Coconut Kisses _*!.VTHKVn.1.K fAHK.I COIJRIKK NRWfi 1 Cotonui klsse. *nd fresh jtrawsWrrt June By (iaylnir Maddux NKA Staff Writer Fresh strawberries with powdered sugar and a disii of coconut macaroons—there's a summer idi'l tor anyone. Here are three variations on the theme or "" Cocunul Kisses (Makes about 30) Two-thirds cup swceiejied oo;i- den.sed milk, j cups 11-2 imuntl) fhrcdcicrt coconut i teaspoon va nilla (optional) Mix swcclened condensed ,,,l,k coconut. A<(d vanilla, if rtesir- eit. Drop from teaspoon onto groas- ' ed bakms sheet, about 1 lrn:li apart JXwnilc willi riu.slns, walruit.s, or i tlirmpx, If .le.slred. Bake In moderate oven O50 iiYsjrcrs K> lo ;nln- ! ulos or until delicately brown. H move from pan at once. ColfiT i.iH-niiiii nieiniiu. (Mukrs * 1-j Aotrn mrrlii(ur K ) Oiio-qunrUT (citsjioon salt, a e *'!iite s . i tablespoon soluble cot- ! lee. 1-2 cup stijiiir, 1 cup shinlded ,' coconut. l-« teaspoon vanilla. | Add snli l« eBK whites mid bout; until foamy llmniKhoul, Mix sol- ' iible colfce hurl .sugnr together and I art(t to egi: u-bltf.s, 2 lablcsixxiiis nt, a time, biMiliuK after eai'h ntld,- lion until Mtriiir is bleiuloil Tliru continue beatiiiB until mixture will stand in peaks. Fold In coconut and vanilla. Drop from tea.spoon on ' well-greased cookie shecl. Hake In ver v slow oven (250 denrei'.i K> 30 minutes, or until done. C'lH'OrOOIIK (Mukf« .1 ducrn I'ocorironsl One cu|) sugar, 2 cups cornllake.i, 1-2 leHKuuon salt, 2 CRR whiles, sliff. l.v beaten, 1 can coconut, moist style, 1-4 teaspoon almond extract. ' , Fold siiRftr itiui salt S'adimlly lu(o I eRt; whites. K>],1 cornflakes and co- i comn gradually into mixture. Add ] I al noiKl extract. Drop from tens- I i poon on Kicnsed baking sheet. Hake ! j In incufcriue oven (350 dcaree.s F.> i : 10 (o 12 minutes. \ Heiid Nesv^ Wnut Ail*. called Lake Arkansas. McHaney was national president of uiicks Unlinilied at the time of his death. The national organization agreed to change the name upon recommendation of the Arkansas board of directors. *# Read Courier News Want Ads. Unl VACU- SEAL ^i^lW "•* ^ — LI D t • Lake in Canada Named In Memory of Arkansan LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. June 10 — ' (UPI— A duck-breeding lake In Canada ij to be named Lake McHaney in honor of the late Associate Justice E. L. McHaney of the • Arkansas Supreme Court, accordinc to Grover T. Owens, Arkansas mjs- i te« of Ducks Unlimited. Originally the lake wa* to be For a brighter break- tasr. for « light lunch or «uppor, Ever-Good Bacon adds extra zest and nu- tnrion. You enjoy every bite of every rich, saiis- fying, gold.n-brown slice. Be sure you gef th* finest. Get slo-cured, flavor-rich Ever-Good Bacon at your dealers today. MEMPHIS PACKING CO. Wemphis, Tenn. \ \l y/! >I The DOME tells you when far is sealed! • Th» new Ball DOME (2-piece melal) lid is ih« easi«it lo use, tureit lo »«ol. Fill any Mason jar. Just prut lo test — if DOME ii down, jar ii «eal*d. You KNOW your foods ars safe when you j:on Ihtro in Ball Jo/s sealed with Ball DOME Ud«. G*t a supply from your grocir today! Buy your Ball Blue Boj)k of canning melhodt and recipes from him — or send nam'e, ^ oddreii end !0c lo: BALL BROTHtRS COMPANY MUNC1C, IMOIANA V FOR FOOD FREEZING USE BALI FREEZER J AJJ S yot/r locktt Plant, crispness excites em - r invites em iff! make a hit at your houso— crunchy Corn-Soya, with a new and wonderful flavor. It's something new in nourishment, too, for this exciting new member of the Kellorjg family is tho result of 20 years of work and experiment, a delicious combination of Corn, for flavor and food value, with Soya, for body-huiklinj, nutrients. The protein value of one ounce (% cup) of Corn-Soya with four ounces of milk equals that of one egg with three slices of bacon. Got sonic at your grocer's today. theTwin-Treat breakfest r* « fo s _ _ . _. ___^ • I^MMIi^MMk— ^0 FLAVOR - NOURISHMENT PAGE THKTEEK 'one w June Ladies' Home Journal for • from LADIES HOME JOURNAL • • •by Ann BatcKelHiSii Frying Chicken m 69c Ciil-ti). r#Hil.v to fry, no muss. Voting Fresh I>rew«4 Stewing Chciktn ... Plump Me.ty fork Roost l.r»n. tMealy—Bull I'orllnn Sli. Bacon . Armour White l.»b»l, Cradc "A". Salt Meat Slrmk (V l.ran " Brisket O' Beef \l. S. <'.r»rtrd «H>it HT choice REACHES 2 Avomlale Halves JUICE ; Kroner Or JUICE N - • let I'rrm Conlen Sim.-. Knur $f,IK) K»»y lo win. bl»iik» >l jour K»f«r anh priwi. «*« t(WM«n. Klcnded Ili-t)/. CMll GRTRUIT Hlitndard Juice TOMATOES ,;;,„ 27 Slatidard Ued Hipc—N,,. 2 Can SPINACH i 35' 2 rnn.s Kroner—No. zy, (•„„ MOTT'S 2 Apple Jcllev WELCH'S (•'rapelade PEAS I H-(U glasses l-lh glass School Day No. 4 Sieve TOIKn CIIICKEN-CnKAM GRAVY Cul-im ready to lty . Trap-p..^^ lb -^ C!1,A7,E5D APRICOTS Use Avondnle Halve, No ,, 4 Cnn 2 NEW POTATOK8 U.S. No. 1 Heel Trinmp, ».,„. tt , x ' 33c KAIiLY JUNK PEAS We (UKRCKI stRndnrd bmid a No. 3 C,,,i 31r MUSTARD PICKI.KH Croksc .V Blaukwcll Chow Chow B',i-oi. J.r 3 CO'ITAOE OHBKSE-Wllted Cucumber, Cotlinie Cheese II). 31c. Cucumbcr» Ih l»c IIISCUITS—KROClEti I'HESERVKS IMsciulck Pk». tic; StrHwucrry ib J PEnPEGTION SALAD-Mllslnrd DreMliifs ' Adct mixed vegetables to Jell-o .1 Pknii j CHOCOLATE LAYER CAKE Kroger Oliocolnte Fudge Golden Uyer E« S9 C ICE CREAM PREM Tender be«f added !?••« ' CAc Can O£ TREET Meal K«ad can SPAM 12-ot can Cold <»r hoi, It hils the upol Krog«r Kroner Ho(-Dated Si Freshly Ro.-,sled Ih We PEARS Fancy BarHttt 35'i Ealmore Margarine Famous Wisconsin Windsor Club Kroger Beverages 3 FILMS Cigarettes Spotlight Coffee Kroger Bread 2 All Popular Sixes Gevoer* Superchrome Popular Brands 1-lb. Ctn, Loaf 24-ot bots. Plus Dep. G-27 Kroger Hot-Dated Bag Large Loaves FOR BfTTiR VALUE! Mow much does each melon weigh? How much should you pay? Surely not the same price lor a small one as a large one. Gel sweoler. vine ripened v/aternielons pound priced at Kroger Watermelon WEIGHT BETTER BUYS Oranges5 it 49' c Fresh Juicy Cabbage Pound 5c New Green Tennessee Grown White Potatoes Top Quality California Long 10 £ m CANTALOUPES Red Potatoes V/Nf RIPE Lb. 19c U. S. No. 7 Washed Triumphs 10

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