The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1948
Page 12
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?AGI TWELVE Cheese Varieties I!* I • it t *t* High m Nutrition GIYM Beauty, Health, And Eating IM«osur«, S* History Rtvealt BLYTHBYILLE (AI\KJ COURIER NEWS Tongue Provides Tasty Feast according to legend, chMM for beauty. Socrates ate rt for h«*lth. And almost everybody from the beginning of time has **t«n eheeM lor rtie pleasure frf ratine H. TTiu oldest of at) manufaclured foods has always enjoyed a repu- tatJon tor comnleM virtues, Ami modern nutritional science lias discovered many rtielelic reasons why eV**« deserve*; io b< Include! I among th« ba^ic foods Important Jn- everyday diets. Although cheeses are to be found tot do»em of YflricU&s and literally thousands of different forms, all chee«e lc substantially the solid portion of milk', 71 i« one of the highly concentrated forms of protein known — milk protein, ensily digested and readily a.ssimulated. Chee«« contains, in highly concentrated form, not only the protein of milk, but much of the fat of milk, and substantial quantities of calcium and phosphorus. Every pound of represents eooijxct food nu(rien(s. The way to picture the concentration of i hej=* food values 1& to list what each pound of cheese coiHain.s in terms of fluid milk. A pound of American chedcjnr supplies (he milk fat of four quarts of fluid mil It, and the protein of two and lom-filihs quarts of milk. It has the calcium content of three and one-fifth. quarts of nillJc and the phosphorus of three. About 30 to 36 per cent of 'cheese varieties is protein of high quality, in the lorm of casin. An interesting new field of research, the exploration of arnJno acids, the '"building Moots*' of protein metabolism hai shown that contains aU of the "t'MentlflP ammo acids, It. IA thus a complete pro. tein. supplying the body with a balanced tun omit of these Important factors in good nutrition. The principal vitamin value in cheese Is vitamin A, present in the milk: fat. Although milk fat content vari« in cheese.? of different tyixw, all cheese U regarded as an excellent .source of vitamin A. Riboflavin, abundantly found in milk, M aim found in cheese. Milk mineral content varies lit eh«*« of different type. 1 ;, depending upon methods of manufacture. But prtcticaily all cheeks are good •ouree* of those primary minerals, calcium and phosphorus, ?.<?«» nUM lor building strong bones and teeth. The app«tit« value vh'ch cheese poMeaft**, landing variety and ch ft nn ho c o\t nl less cl ish ex and m«nti£ r Li not least of iU uutri- feional Tirtues. One ot lh« very great Tirtuwi of cheese H its almcxst I'm- kle« Y.riety, from very mild to very f sharp, hrom soft to hard— with fia- ^Tora and texiuife; to suit all tastes. T Che«a* i* one of tlK; few foods •* known and liked by peoples around , Mit earth. And by nil age groups. j Pediatricians commonly include "' ch«ese— genei-Rllj- beginning v ith ;£• eoiicge chwje or one of the other ; mild 'cheese type#— in the diet uf : ( childfru from the »ge of two. Fre•""- «uent service of cheese is considered nutritionally very Important in tht diet of both pie-Rchool and adolescent children who need extra large quanlitie* of readily digested protein and milk minerals. Por all age groups, and however cheeM tastes may vary, this basic dairy food offers many valuable food elements in compact form ; Good nutrition, u well as goori taste, are to b« found i n eve ry wine* nf cheese. Meat Dishes Score High in Outdoor Eating Picnic weather mnVes outdoor eating Irrestible, so bear In mind that most foods cnn be packed ror • picnic. If you decide to tnkc up the woods some evening. Just |,, lr x- the lood and carry it along says Reb* Stages, lood authority.' Chili con carne am! spaghetti »nd meat balls both arc muviral Me with »we*< in* * Tongue is nliout the most eco- iKimicul meat. But give It character with )H°i-bA, mid rtJtnoml.s. Then for le« money you'll havo more good foot!. Smnknl Hrtt Toneiie With Swi-H and Sour Sauce One .smoked beef tongue, 1 teaspoon allspice. Soak tongue several hnur.s or ovenil(ihl. Cover with cold water, add allspice. Simmer, covered approximately throe hours or mull very lender. Trim off roois and slip oil all skin. Save 2 cups stock Keen hot. One tuble.s|)oon chicken or gousi; lat ipreK-rredl, 1 tablespoon flour. 1 medium onion. choptk.'d fitle, 'i cups beef tongue stock, 1 lemon, imply .sliced uml quartered, 1-4 cup sliced, blanched almonds. 1-4 cup raisins, '2 l-'2 leiuipoon cinnamon, ] Irjispoon vinegar. 1 mljlo- spoon mupir syrup, 4 tnbles|»oii.s sugar Kxxiked over low heat until t|U6fied :uid bto\vn>, carincli/c'd. Put lat In Siuivepan, .stir in flour mil) onion mid rook, stirring Jivu minule.s. Add bouillon gradunlly and boil Jive more minutes. Add lemon, almonds, cinnamon, raisins, clove* and vinegar. Sweeten with caramelized .iiisitr and maple .syrup. Cook 45 minutes until .sauce i.s well reduced, place tongue in sauc.> boil together, basting tongue for 20 minutes. Remove tongue, slice and . With dishes such as the latter n tlilck coaling ol newspaper around the dish acts as insulation to ttcep the lood warm. The chili bf-ans nr uuc«—a ilt'llclous budjet lr«t. serve covered with tin; smite. TDUKIIC MIHISSK One tabk'.MKWn gclmin, 1-4 <:up cold water, 3-4 cup beef broth of bouillon, 2 cups co«hoii longiio, minced (leftovers are fine), 2 tablespoons siren pepper, mimed, 1 teu.sixjon dry mustard, 2 taWe-spoonx onion. Ki-ntcil, 2 tablfK|)oon s paisley, finely chopped, 2 tabU'.s|«xwis Icni- on Juice, 1-2 cup heixvy cream, whipped. Soak Belflliu in cold water five minutes. Then iuld it to boilim; bee! brolh. .stirrinjj imiil diwialvccl. I'lncc in reliini'ialor unlil jiatinlly wt, Then mid tongue, dry mustard. BERNARDIN often! Tgidiincnergyt low cosO COID WHEN THEY ARE MAYROSE KEADY-SEftVE MEATS Give your stove (and yourself) a resc. Just opcu refrigerator door, puce these pure, tempting Mayrosc ready-setve meats on a platter. ..and you've finished preparing your main course. Mayrose Brand ready. serve meats are prepared in •potlcss kitchens. Government-inspected, of course. .. and' delicious ...because they 1 re highest quality RtMINDH.. „«,„. MA y. »OU U.ntili., ] W^..M«yr« M Eat.n/M.y. UERI MAYROSE • fADY-SERVE MEATS Nothing to Cook— No prtparalion Necessary Aik At Your Market For: Mayrosc Pork I.oaf— Baibecue Sauce Added Mayrosc Flttivrladtn Pressed H»ra N^ayroie Stuffed Olive McalLoif Wityrose Kew Englinii Specialty Mayrojc Pickle »nd Fimicnto Loaf Miyroie Pot Roast of Beef Mayrose Headcheese «nJ Cooked Him, Br«unschwcij!cr, Salami, Bologoi »ad many otlicrs. Home Canned Milk Criticized By Dairymen Kinii fnml]ic'x who have mere milk than they ciui use ituriiig t!ie ( i 1} Mljnmcr .sea-son. when co7/s produce Hoc most, iittcn wonder If they cannot, .surplus mills lor future and write to thn /iiwlj- r)ia|)|)0d vegetables and loin[.II juice, .stiiTiiig until IhorotiKhiy mixed. Fokt in whipped cream, 'run) into small oblon K molt! that has a thi i inch depth'. Chill In rcfriit- ri iloi Unmold, garnish with cri-sp sulad Rioon.s mid sliteil lonialocs. Snu v,'ith any dre.«- U.S. Department of Agriculture to ask about canning it at home. Dairy ipeclallats or Die Depart- nient say that home eaniilng of inillc is possMc, but they do not recommend It became 111* home- canned product cannot compare with commercially canned milk. With home-cannln'g equipment ttie milk cannot be concentrated under vacuum, or homogenized—two processes which make for the superior iiuality erf commercially canned milk, Hoine-camifid milk i* thin, and dtiflng storage the fat *cparale» and the milk may develop off-flavors. Jf correctly canned under pressure, it will keep (mm spoilage but tha family is not likely to find it as ap- pcti^in^ as the commercial product. U.simlly it is wiser to use surplus milk in making butter or cheese, particularly cottage cheese, which can be made very successfully at THURSDAY, JUNK 10, 1D48 Agti Deportment Gir«s Tips for Boiling Eggs At Hits season when eggs are still In good supply and many are bei/itf hard-cooked for picnics lunch hones, summer salads ami main dishes lor the family, housewives may be Interested In H fasl and easy shelling method suggested by poultry inarming specialists ol Hie U.S. Department, or Agriculture. , Shell egfis under running water. the specialists advise. As soon as the egg is cooked, cool it immediately tinder running water to loosen th« shell, prevent overcooking and make handling easier. Crack the shell by tapping against > har-t edge or with a spoon. Then loosen home and if an excellent protein food. Win* tndorsfmtnt FORDYCE, Ark., June 10. -(UP) — I'lic home folk were lining up behind Ike Murry In his race for attorney general today . Tlie Fordyce News-A d v o c a t« broke its long established policy ol It by rolling the egg between (lie hands. Ho!d the egg under water ami begin peeling at the large end where there is an air space under the shell. The cold water helps ease off Die shell and washes away any bits lefj. on the white. Prompt cooling in water after cooking has another 'advantage. It helps prevent the dark ring which sometimes appears around the yoifc of a hard-cooked egg. The ring can be prevented entirely by cooking at low temperature, not overcooking and chilling thoroughly afterward. not endorsing any political candidate and editorially advocated Murry's election. In addition! the Citv Council approved the erection of a "Vote for Murry" banner over the main highway leading through town. ^ Big League Pie Ve^'s 16 01. can Pjvsenberries -no. 2 en. 2 for 29c fATSUt: - - - D erboflle16c BREAD 2 loaves 25c FOOD - - - 3 cans lor 25c HBA-- • • - • 6oz.can 35c Grapefruit Juice - -no.2can 6c Florida Gold ranae Juice - - 46ozcan 19c -D-Lite rune Plums - - no.2ican 15c ok's Tomato SOUD no.303cn.3for26c K fAiy Rvnn/4 Rlh.dnL Royal Dish grated Can-D-Lite Brook's Krey Brand MEAT SPECIALS Streak O' Leon SALT MEAT »29' Werners or FRANKS '..»45' Leon, meaty PORK ROAST...»49" Velveeta CHEESE ..:...„ ^ ( ] ° s Young Pig LIVER NECK BONES » for boiling SALT PLATES.... 22' HENS ..""T."^. FRYERS Home Dressed Victory, l'l;iin or Self-rising rLUUK 25 Pound tog ... Gimpfree MARSHMALLOWS , !'e( or ('anmlion 1! Tall or K Small Adams APPLE BUTTER , Clark !) Oz. .liir Hi'inx, BABYFOOD I'iincy ^lue Knse ;i TJars I.'!<_•; »tix of 2-1 Si/.e ttox SUPER SUSS Caslinicrc lioiitiucl TOILET SOAP Hath Sivc PALMOLIVE ,„.„ I.itrjro Sixc ISox VEL I'opuliir Si/.e Har PftLMOLIVE „„ Ice Crcani OALI ino.|>,HinH line .. I 93 45 C 18' 88 C 48 C 43 C 23 26 31 19 C I 35 Stinkisl, Full of Juice LEMONS 21 > ounris 29 C Knncv Large liunche.s CARROTS 2For .. 25 C Kcd Ripe, V. S. No. I TOMATOES render Green Kars GOrtN ., K ;irs for- (•'irnt Ci'reen Heads CABBAGE r()nnri T()lin , LI). Carlon £$ 19 4 15 C 10 C 10 C POTATOES ,0,0,^ 59 C Tender Green OKRA lolin( , 39^ ;ia Red Bird PEACHES Crisp Stalk CELERY Rocky Ford CANTALOUPE Kfld Triumph , ...... Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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