The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1956 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1956
Page 2
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PAGl TWO BLYTHErrLLE (ARK.) COURIER MCWI MONDAY, APRIL », 19M If Is Getting Close To the Zero Hour In Tense Middle East , series of rive (EDITOR'S NOTE: What time Is It in the Middle East, where Ihe ticking of the clock often sounds ominously like > time bomb? William L. Ryan, AP forclirn news analyst, say. It Is ne.r ta zero hour. He h concludinr a new swing through the tense region and report, hi, flndlnns In -* irttctei, the ftrit of wttlch follows.) By WILLIAM L. RYAN BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — It is close to zero hour in the Middle East Bullets whine today across barbed wire frontiers of Ihe Holy Land. Any bullet could become the signal for the war every one fears — the little war that may blow up into world catastrophe. Every minute of the next two, ginning of ruin, months will be precious for the Israel could win a first round. West unless the United Slates and sweep to Damascus and Beirut Britain take positive action. there] and probably punch through the Is grave danger the Israeli-Arab! Egyptian forces. That would be is grave dangi conflict will raise the curtain on World War m, just as Spain was the rehearsal for the last great war. A threat of economic shock hangs over England and western As matters stand, I Soviet troops from central Asian Soviet republics with a domlnant- ly Moslem population sit across the border from ,Iraq In Soviet Cleorgia. But the peril of world war would i Europe, with consequences thai endanger the North Atlantic Treaty alliance structure. Not Extravagant These are not extravagant alarmist statements. These a the considered opinions of experts: diplomats, businessmen, perienced observers of the Middle East scene. All are agreed this: there is no time to lose. Hale, fear and frustration set the mood today In the Arab world. Of these It is" the feeling of frustration which carries the biggest danger. It is the feeling that the trnited States is the Arabs' enemy and that there is no hope for justice In the quarrel with Israel. The tragedy of the Middle East Is that It has everything to lose »nd nothing to gain by war. Only world communism would gain. The irony of the Middle East is that war threatens, though few except hotheads on either side want It. Not Egypt Egypt does not want war. She needs to busy herself with her economic future. Syria does not want war. It would worsen an already bad internal situation. Lebanon, with her little 10,000 man army, scarcely more Ulan a police force, ic a thriving mercantile center and wants no war. Jordan •till leans on Britain to help feed her people,. For Israel, surrounded on all sides bj> enemies growing stronger each day, war could spell the be- VA Specialists To Check Homes WASHINGTON «P) — The Veteran* Administration has announced It Is appointing about 66 construction analysts in a new move aimed at stopping shoddy building: practices under its GI home loan Each of the 06 regional offices has - been instructed to appoint a qualified analyst. Some offices may have more than one. The specialists will make sure that compliance inspectors, who are private contractors employed on a fe basis, see to It that builders are conforming to plans and specifications, and to VA minimum property requirements. the blitz for which Israel appears to be geared. But this war would not end after an initial blitz. Chances Fade Diplomats thought there was a good chance for Arab-Israeli peace before February 1955. Some remain guardedly optimistic that neither side will dare start thin dangerous war. Others hold that peace must be imposed, regardless of sentiment or moral qualms of the whole world hangs in the balance. Virtually every Arab I spoke to on either side, because the safety in the Middle East referred to -February 1955. That was a turning point in history, the time of the large-scale Israeli assault on Egyptian troops In the Gaza Strip of Palestine. The Mideast situation then, and became even more ugly took a decided turn for the worse when Moscow decided to fish In the troubled waters. Soviet policy apparently aims at the destruction of any alliance which might deter aggressive Communist expansion. Utter chaos in this part of the world would RO far toward hacking away the foun- datioas of NATO, by choking off the supply of Middle East oil to western Europe and Britain. That oil is vital to the survival of Britain and important, to the future of democratic governments in Europe. Politico! repercussions from a situation which might cut off this oil could be enormous in western Europe. Nobody here denies that It would be a long stride forward by the Communists toward domination. Intercvention Tims, war In the Mirieiisl would be a matter likely to bring Western intervention. To this prospecl the Egyptians. Saudi Arabians and Syrians, after meeiinp In Cairo, are reported to have told the United States: if you intervene with force in the situation, we will ask active soviet help. Whether Ihe three states actually (old the United States this. H is importnnt find significant that on many lips in the Middle East Is the story that three divisions of Brazil Takes New Look At Constitution RIO DE JANERIO, Brazil (IP) — Brazil's new government is overhauling the nation's 10-year-old constitution. Nereu Ramos, former provisional president and now minister of justice, has offered a series of constitutional changes which require only approval of Congress. They include: more than half the popular votc.! nihl °. 1 ' "" 1C J. At present the candidate who r'e-| ence "> ine " ceives the most votes is the winner. In the most recent election, in which there were four presi- Worfort Begins In Indie State NEW DELHI, Jtadll HI — VIciotH guerrilla warfare appeared raging today in a great area of Auam, India's northeast frontier state bordering China and Burma. Worried officials admitted that unless there Was a quick change for the better, India might find destruction of the hostile Naga tribesmen—who seek independence from New Delhi—as difficult as the Brit- sh task of hunting down the Com' munists insurgents in Malaya. There is much similarity between the two cases, though as yet there nist or other foreign dential candidates, the winner received but 36 per cent of the popular vote. In event no candidate receives half the vote, under the new proposal, Congress would choose Harriman Signs exist 'without 'actual entry of So-] i Qwgr TflX Bill vlet "volunteers." War In the Mid-, die East, as matters stand now. could throw the whole Arab world into the arms of the Soviet Union and pose the threat that Middle East oil would be forever lost to the West. (Tomorrow: Nasser, the new hero of Pan-Ar«blsm} Morocco Given Full Freedom MADRID, Spain (#)— Spain today proclaimed Its 44-year protectorate of Morocco ended and Ihe 18,000-square — mile North African territory Independent and fully sovereign. The action, along with a, similar French declaration last month for French Morocco, frees all of the Moslem sultanate except the small' international zone of Tangier. I Sultan Mohammed ben Youssef of •. Morocco approved after 11 minister. 1 ! I of the two governments had worked for 13 straight hours on the} text. The Sultan and Generalissimo Francisco Franco worked out the broad details. i ALBANY, N. Y. (/P)—Gov. Averell Harrimfin has approved a bill reducing the state tax on 1955 .personal incomes by 40 million dollars. Harriman's action was somewhat of a surprise in Ihe light of his sharp attacks on the Republican measure as favoring the upper brackets. The governor, an often-mentioned possibility for the Democratic presidential nomination, says Jie is "not an active candidate." Harriman said he had no choice but to sign the measure or "to deny any general tax relief this year ..." * Lovable Loren Has Heavy Foot SAN REMO, Italy OR — Italian film actress Sofia Loren kept a heavy foot on the gas pedal but learned to her dismay the race doesn't always go to the streamlined swift. Driving in Italy's cinema auto rally, the luscious star wheeled her German Mercedes along the 214-mile Varese-San Remo stretch in one of the fastest times but she placed 30th among 31 drivers. Regularity in meeting prescribed routines and not speed governs the race, which ends today. between the tow high men. 2. A provision forbidding Congress to appropriate funds without imposing new tajces to pay lor the appropriations. 3. An amendment to strengthen the present constitutional provision saying employes shall have a share of their employers' profits. The provision is not now enforced. LARGEST ISLAND ; Lous Island, N. Y., Is the largest! Island In the continental United' States. It has a land area or 1.401 square mile.":, and a total area of 1,723 square miles. BLYTHEVILLE CURB MKT. 130 E. 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