The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1956 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 9, 1956
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTHIAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. LII—NO. W Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Daily Newi. Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1956 SIXTEEN PAGES Published Dally Except Sunday SINGLE COPY FIVE CENTS New Arab-Israel Raids Speed Hammarskjold s Middle East Mission JERUSALEM (AP) — More Arab raids inside Israel and a clash on the Jordan frpntie gave new impetus today to U. N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold's mission to restor peace along the turbulena Arab-Israeli borders. A close-quarter skirmish in the Judean hills and two other attacks near the Egyptian held Gaza Strip left at least three Israelis wounded. ~ Jordan reported two Israelis an Weather Contrast Snow in Northeast- Dust in Southwest By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Spring's fickle weather today served up dust and snow storms that were blamed for at least 14 deaths. Powerful winds swept one of + Texas' worst dust storms in his tory Irom the Panhandle area into the south and central portions of the state, threatening extensive damage to crops. Three traffic deaths were attrib uted to poor visibility resulting from the swirling black soil. Snow which reached depths up to 25 inches in the Northeast brought nine deaths and bogged traffic. A traffic mishap in Wy- omnng, which had up to 10 inches of snow, took two lives. Overnight storms, including dust, tornadoes, hail, rain and light snow, lashed at Oklahoma. Edges of the dust storm reached into New Mexico, Kansas and Colorado. Into Missouri Snow also fell from the Centra Rockies eastward through Kansas, southwest Nebraska, western Missouri and the Texas Panhandle. Depths ranged up to 5 inches at Garden City, Kan. Heavy snow and Tain were mixed in eastern Kansas. In some parts of Texas, the duster carrying off rich top soil was the worst since the 1920s. The storm cut visibility to zero for four hours at Amarillo yesterday and continued to plague that Panhandle city today. Early morning visibility was only one- eighth mile at Del Rio in South Teitas. Residents drove to work at 8 a.m. with their car lights burning. Light rain combined with the dust to give Dallas and Waco muddy mess. Wheat Damaged The duster also blinded Port Worth, Lubbock, Abilene, Mineral Wells, San Angelo, Killeen and Junction. Damage to wheat was \reported, and Texas A&M College said pastures and other crops were badly in need of rain. Winds propelled the dust deeper into the state in gusts up to 78 m.p.h. Snow-weary New Englanders once again started digging out after a spring storm dumped more than a foot of snow in many areas Sunday. The snowstorm, propelled by winds up to 62 miles per hour, was the fourth big snow to hit the northeast in 24 days. At least six deaths were attributed to the new storm. Most of the victims died of heart attacks while shoveling snow. j Three Marine Corps Ike Asks More For Defense WASHINGTON I/PI Eisenhower today — Presiden asked Con gress for an additional $547,100, 000 in deiense funds for the year starling next July 1. The supplemental funds are mainly for a speedup in produa tion of B52 jet bombers, the main stay of the U. S. atomic weapons iiir fleet, and additional bases foi Strategic Air Command which flies the giant planes. Fur! her development of the Distant Early Warning program and additional ship conversion also are contemplated together with minor increases in Army Navy strength. The White House, in^ announc ; ing the appropriation "request* said: "These additional appropria tions will not increase estimated expenditures for the Department of Defense during tlie fiscal yeai 1957 by more than 400 million dollars. "Therefore they will not unbal- ince the 1957 budget, since a surplus of over 400 was estimated.' million dollars Keiser Residents Hurt in Wreck Two Keiser residents were injured in a car accident south of Keiser on Marie road Sunday afternoon. Both were hospitalized. They were Retus Ferguson and William J. Edge. Edge was released from Osceola Hospital this morning but Ferguson was transferred to Baptist Hospital in Memphis. He is in a critical condition with a fractured skull, punctured lung, and broken ribs. The car went into a ditch. Blesses Mission were missing near New York a flight from California. The high winds and heavy. \vet See WEATHER on Page 10 VATICAN CITY I* — Pope Pius XII today gave his blessing to U. N. Secretary General Dag Ham- marskjold's mission to check Arab- officers! T?raeli fighting The head of the Roman Catholic Church received Hammarskjold in a 20-minute private audience in the pontiff's Vatican apartment- two Jordanians killed in a patro clash six miles inside the Jorda frontier. Israel ordered secret securit measures to cope with what called Egyptian commando raid deep in Israeli Territory. Reliable sources said all person over 15 would be required to carry identity cards. Warns U.N. Premier David Ben-Gurio warned the U.N. Palestine true supervisor that "Israel must re serve to herself freedom of actio: if no unequivocal and unreservec assurance is obtained from th Egyptian government that it woulc refrain from all hostile acts." The situation was so grave tha Hammarskjold ordered the Pales tine truce Supervisor, Canadia Maj. Gen. E. L. M. Burns, to re main on the scene instead of flyini to Rome for a conference wit! him. Hammarskjold wound up brief ing sessions with two top U.N Middle East officials* He plannec to leave for the Lebanese capita of Beirut alter an audience witr Pope Piux Xn and a talk With Italian President Oiovann Crpnchl. An I s r a eli army spokesman charged that Arab raiders struci the southern Israel village of Gal On between the Jordan border an the northern end of the Egyptian held Gaza Strip. First report listed one man wounded in a rifl and hand grenade skirmish. Child Wounded The Israelis also reported a child wounded in a grenade attack 01 Shafir, .another village in the sami area, ,A cyclist was wounded in t third raid in the Samavian Hills The Israelis claimed Arab com mandos. killed four Israelis am wounded 15 in a series of 10 raid; Saturday night near the Gaza Strip. They charged that the com mnndos, called Fedayan. had beer organized- from Palestine Arab refugees and organized into "suicide squads." The border incidents have crackled for .three straight days since Burns called for a The Palestine truce super visoi conferred with Ben-Gurion on possible ways to halt the bloodshed An Israeli foreign office spokesman said Ben-Gurion had warner Burns that Egypt must give ironclad assurances it would refrain "from hostile acts or Israel woulc take whatever measures it deemec best. Hammarskjold is expected to i main in the Middle East nearly month on the mission authorized by the U.N. Security Council. Courf Case Postponed Trial of James Montel Grncy, charged with forgery and uttering concerning bread delivery tickets ,o Hays Store, Inc., was postponed n Circuit Court today until May 7. Upon motion of defending attorneys, the trial was put off because of an absent witness. Gracy, a Meyers Bakery deliveryman, was accused of making out alse delivery slips to Hays Store. The store claimed he collected for more bread than he delivered. The defendant has denied charge. Ike Truly 'Traveling President' By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower, leavin today for a week at Augusta Ga., already has piled u 105,603 miles of business an pleasure travel since takin office. Figures from White House rec ords indicate he has been awa from Washington about 38 per ccn of the time. On this ninth trip to Augusta, on of his favorite relaxation spots, E senhower plans a weeli of go mixed with work. He arranged I fly in his personal plane, Colun bine in. The flight takes about 2' hours. At the A u g u s t a National go course, Eisenhower may get in round with Jack Burke Jr., wh yesterday won the annual Master tournament there, and with Ke Venturi, whom Burke defeated b one stroke on the final hole. This is Eisenhower's 1,176th da in office. Figures the White Hous made available In response to request show he has spent 468 those days outside the nation' capital. 4 Foreijrn Tript Eisenhower's various journey since Jan. 20, 1953, have taken run- out of the United States four times He has criss-crossed this countr on business trips, vacations, to fi speaking engagements, and to a' tend events of other nature. Seven weeks of his time awa from Washington was spent in Denver hospital'recuperating fror his heart attack of last Sept. 24 Right after that he convalesced fo another 33 days at his farm nea Gettysburg, Pa. Then he spent 1 days at Key West, Fla., before re sum ing what he termed "the ful duties of the presidency" last Jan 9. All told during his White Hous tenure, Eisenhower has made 4 visits, most of them over week ends, to his farm and to Cam; David, a mountain' retreat nea Thurmont, Md. 37,536 Miles in 1953 During .1953, his first year in of fice, Elsenhower traveled 37,53i niles .He crossed the border int< Mexico to help dedicate Falcoi Dam, went to Ottawa for .CQh'fei ences with Canadian leaders, am flew to Bermuda for talks with Britain's Sir Winston Churchill and France's Joseph Laniel. In 1954 the President logger 31.942 miles, all within the United States. Last year the total was 32,835 miles, including 9,571 mile? to and from Geneva, Switzerland lor the summit conference with he lenders of Russia, Britain am P'ranee. So far this year he has traveleci 3,290 miles. Eisenhower's longest stays by r have been his annual visits to Colorado, where he has headQuar- ercd at a Denver summer White louse and made side trips to locky Mountain fishing camps and other areas. Terrv Shell To Run Again c or Prosecutor Prosecuting Atty. Terry Shell, of 'onesboro. today announced his andidacy for re-election to the second Judicial Circuit. Shell, in Blytheville for Circuit a third party lourt criminal session, said he had | ROCS to either Kefauver rf Averell Harriman of New lailed his corrupt practice and Compromise Farm Bill Draws Ike's Criticism MAIDEN TRIP — Members of the Dud Cason Post 24 of American Legion put their new bus through Its first shakedown cruise yesterday — n trip to the district convention in West Memphis. The new royal blue bus was purchased recently by the post in an effort to solve transportation problems for both the post and Legion baseball team. Part of the Dud Cason delegation are shown here boarding the bus for its maiden trip. (Courier News I'hoto) Lobby Probers to Check Evidence of Case Incident By JOHN CIIADWICK WASHINGTON (AP) — Evidence compiled in an. investigation of a $2,500 campaig jil't rejected by Sen. Francis Case (R-SD) will be combed for "any loose ends" useful in >roader lobby inquiry, Sen. McClollan (D-Ark) said today. McClcllan is chairman of a special Senate committee assigned to search out any im >roper or illegal attempts lo influence senators or other federal officials through lobbying Campaign contributions or other activities and to recommend remedial legislation. ; —— — - : — '-^~ — : * lie said It will start where ' _ smaller special committee heade f~ . A I I ' A by Sen. George (D-Ga) left of bstes, Adlai Agree Florida Debate On ssues 'Good Idea' By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Both Adlai E. Stevenson and Sen. Estes Kefauver agreed — under questioning — thai, it would be a good idea if they ot together in Florida for a debate on political issues, but either suggested a time -or place. Both were far from Florida to- ly, Stevenson in Chicago wind- g up his campaign for torn or- w's Illinois primn ry, a nd the ennessean jumping from the istrict of Columbia to Maryland New Jersey. Sen. E a s 11 a n d (D-Misst •essed the opinion neither would in the nomination. "I don't know lio it will be," lie said in an inter- w in Atlanta, "but I don't think sound but have little substance.' Dclcfjafe slates for both candidates are entered in Washington's May 1 primary — the first In the nation's capital since stake. 1874. Six Delegates heretofore have been named by party conventions, Two possible developments—the sizi: of a Kefauver write-in vote and any .shift of Republicans to the Democratic side — were bein will be either Mr. Stevenson or watched with Interest In the Illinois 11 var'.iMmi- " primary, Slevtmson's name appears along on the Illinois Democratic ballot. n Kefauver. Sen. Ellentler (D-La) predicted Southern a third Democrats would form tf the RESERVE-LEADERS — Newly-elected officers of . . Dlythovlllc Officers Association are, left to right. Mnj. Wllllnm Kcttler (U. Col., Reserve), secretory-treasurer; Lt. Col. Albert H. Byrne, president; and Lt. Col. Frederick .1 Ruff, vice president. All reserve officer* in this area — Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force — have been invited to attend nsso^ilion officers 1 Installation at the Rustic Inn, 7:30 p.m., Thursday. Guest reserve' officers will be invited to join the local association, arty pledges to the secretary ot ;ate and secretary of the state central Democratic committee. He is. now completing his first j term as prosecuting attorney for i nomination! Kefauver backers in Illinois Gov. have denied .making any organ- York. Mzed campaign for a write-in vote "not an active j i'or their candidate, but said they who says he Is candidate." The South would not! will accept their views on civil rights. Issues, Ellender said in a CBS-TV j interview. Prefers Symington Ellender said he personally | welcome such action. Mississippi, Clay, Green, Craienead.j would "go along with" Stevenson,, Poinsett, Cross and Crittendeni but would refer Sen. Stuart Sym- counties. ; ington (D-Mo;. Ol i Kefauver won support in South Dakota where Democratic lead- I Joiner Marine I n . .A fO REAUFORT. N. C. f/Pt — Mftrmc Si*L Jnm:-s H. Houseman, 23, has f-iven notice he will appeal the prison SfiHorice lie f;ot for the spank- The candidate is a Arkansas State College. Joncsboro, er^'declded' against entering an! in '-' dt;;ilh of his infant .son. and University of Arkansas Law unp i e d ge d slate in the June 5 pri- j A Garten;!, County grand Jury School.'He entered practice upon! m!ir y to oppose a Kefauver slate, j ^libernlnd 30 minutes Saturday graduation in 1M9. | Both Kefauver and Stevenson) "Hornoon hclore finding Houseman and their campaign managers con- of Joiner. Ark., Riillty of involun tinued long - range pot shots at each other. The managers' dispute involved the two men's efforts to win Ore- His first political office v,-;is that of state representative from Crtig- head County. Shell is married and has one daughter. He is associated in Jonesboro in 'law practice with former gon's 16 votes by write-in ballot- Chancellor E. L. Westbrookfi. In Municipal Court placing the infant across his knee iny in the May 18 primary. Kefauver announced his approval March 22. Stevenson added his, Soturday, and said "I intend toj to "burp" him. lake my campaign into Oregon." | He pleaded innocent on In Portland, Ore., Stevenson's) of "temporary insanity." manager, James A. Finnegan,' • said Kefauver "violated an agreement" in entering that state. Ke : fauvcr's manager, P. Joseh Donohue, replied in Washington that the agreement involved only for- entry in the Oregon pri- tury munslaufjluer in the death of his 29-diiy-olrl son on Feb. 25. He wns sentenced to seven to 10 years. Houseman testified at. his trial that he did not remember spank-1 inp early Senate action. (UK the diilr!. The last thing he i The George Committee, i a-membercd, he told the court, was! dcmning what it described as an cumslnncc.s surrounding lobbyist's attempt to contribute t Case's reelection campaign durin Semite debiUe on the natural gt bill. The George committee, in a port Saturday night, held that th $2,500 offer lo Case was deslgne to Influence his vote on the ga bill and said It condemned sue activity. Case voted against the bil which would hnvo freed nalura ga.s producci'K from direct fedora controls. "The Senate passed th bill, but President Etsenhowe vetoed it. Traced to Kc«k The money was traced to th personal funds of Howard B. Kec of Los Angeles, president of th Superior Oil Co. tt reached a frlenc of Case in South Dakota throug! two lawyers for the oil and ga producing 1 company. Those lawyers. Elmer Patman o Austin. Tex., and John M. Neff o Lexington, Neb., were "severe! censured" by the George commit tor? In Its 0,000-word report to thi Senate. The committee also sale Keck couldn't escape responsibll ity for the use they made of his money. Each of the three rt^en decllnec :o comment pending a study of the full report. MuClc-llan said the new in vest I (a Mm; committee will have Its ;tnff go over the 840 pages of tes- timorry taken by the George com rjlUcc "so that we can pick up any oose ends" and continue an inves- ,(Ration of lobbying on "both sides" %f the natural gas bill. McClellnn said his committee expects to make a thorough study of present laws governing lobbying and campaiKn contributions. The George committee recommended that this hi. done. Awaiting Senate Action » A "clean elections" bill designed to force full disclosure of cam palgn contributions and spending in federal elections now Is await- Two cases of drunk driving and two of speeding were called In Municipal Court today. mary, and did not extend to write- in efforts. Stevenson said Kefauver had ' ' the second worst voting record Waller Raymond Warden pleaded ; (n , [ne 83rcl Congross » guilty to driving while intoxicated and was fined $100, costs and sentenced to 2H hours in jail. F .M- Walker forfeited $111.75 bond on the charge. Delbert Lewis Aston was chargefi with driving 45 miles per hour in a 30-mile zone. L. H. Vantrease was cited as driving 70 miles per hour 'ns!d« the ^"y llnrtx. Ri!h forfeited $1& bonds, . i Jaycee Dog Clinics Open Junior Chamber of Commerce's vaccination clinics got started at 1:30 this afternoon at West End Fire Station. Tomorrow, the clinic, under, direction ol veterinarians David Miles and N. G, Jerome, moves to . , , An earlier attack on Kelauver's, the Jaycee Club House on North attend ft nee record had brought from the Tennessee senator a charge of "mudsllnglng," but Stevenson said that was "nonsense." ICe/auver, without mentioning Stevenson, picked a Negro church meeting In Washington to talk about civil rights and any "T v.ion'l hide wh"t'l monn he 1 - 1 -" eloquent phrases that have a fine Second where It will observe 1:305:30 p.m^hours. 'Wednesday, t h e veterinarians will be at Lake Street Methodist Church and Thursday they'll conduct the clinic at Harrison High School. Mass vaccinations give dog-own•M'S a c' 1 -'tuif to save ahnut 50 cents on vaccinations. Uempt to influence Case's vote on the measure by a political contribution said: "Lobbying is proper; contributions arc proper — but they mu-* not be combined for an ulterior purpose". , "This is a case of irresponsibility run riot." the committee said In referring; to the handling of personal funds which Keck made available to Palman for political contributions. The committee rioted that Neff'Si activity was not confined to Case but Involved offers of other campaign Rifts and inquiries about the attitude of senators In Nebraska, Town, Wyoming nnd Montana toward the natural pas bill. Tl>e committee said It had found "neither a bribe nor an attempt to bribe," but It asked the Justice Department to review the evidence lo determine whether any fdral laws h^d 'inen violated or any per jury committed, GOP Leaders Promise Fight To Change If WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower told Republican congressional leaders today that the farm bill does not meet "the test of a good bill." They promised a battle to change it. House GOP Leader Martin o* Massnchusetts told newsmen alter a White House conference that an effort will be made, probably Wednesday, to send the bill back to a Senate-House conference committee. "I'm quite hopeful we are going to recommit the bill," he said. Martin said ho decision has been reached yet on just what change* will be sought in event the measure can be handed back to the special Senate-House conference committee which whipped the bill Into compromise form last week. Rigid Supports Tmet But he indicated strongly that one aim will be to knock out high rigid price supports for basic commodities. The matter of instructions to the conferees, Martin said, will be thrashed out at a session of all House Republicans he has called for tomorrow afternoon. Martin, Senate Republican Leader Knowland of California, and the party whips, Sen. Saltonstall of Massachusetts,' and Rep. Arends of Illinois, huddled with Eisenhower and Secretary of Afr- rlculture Benson for nearly 3)4 hours. • Read Statement Afterward Martin read this brief typed statement to report ers: "The President repeated his desire to have a good farm bill promptly. He has been asking for It since Jan. 9, when ,he sent his farm message to the Congress. . . "The President does not-believe the conference report meets the test of a good bill. He is con- Sec FARM on Page 10 Caruthersville Fireman Hurt In Accident CARUTHERSVTLLE —A fireman was seriously, but not critically, injured in an automobile accident while on the way to a fire here Sunday morning. Cecil Book was admitted to Pem- Iscot County Memorial Hospital at Hayti with a broken neck and, crushed hip. Because of complications, Book has been transferred to a Memphis hospital. Jimmy, Book's teenage son, was •idlng in the car but wasn't injured.. Book's 1951 Chevrolet was travel- ng on East Thirteenth Street when i 1955 Chevrolet collided with him it Vest Avenue, police said. Driver of the other car, Mildred ..underman, Negro, wife of a school ,eacher, was hospitalized at Hayti. A young boy was in the car with her, but he wasn't hurt .police said. Book Is district manager of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. He is a former city alder- nan. The fire In a Negro house in the 400 block of Hickory Avenue, was aused by an oil stove. Damage was stimated at $25 by Fire Chief Clem 1111. N'ct a Cane* "dote, lyrninqfon Says JACKSONVILLE, Fla. tf) — Sen. tunrt Symington (D-Mo) yester- ay brushed aside newsmen's ques- ons about his chances of being the emocratic nominee for president nd said he is not a candidate. 'I'm more Interested in the na- on's air program than I am In oil tics." Symington countered a ucstlon about his candidacy. Symington spent the day golfing nd sightseeing. He left for Washigton last night. Weather NORTHEAST ARKANSAS— ostly cloudy with scattered show's and thundershowers this after>on and tonight becoming; partly oudy Tuesday. Cooler tonight and icsclay. High this afternoon high s to low 60s; low tonight mid 30s to low 40s. Maximum Saturday—58. Mlmlnum Sunday—37. Mlninlum this morning— 44. Mnxlmum. yesterday—63, Sunrise today—5:36. Sunset today—0:28. Menu temperature--53.5. Prcclpntion 24 hours (7 v m. to T ;>. m.)—none. Prediction Jan. to date—18.M. This Date Last Year Maximum yesterday—59. Minimum this morning—37. Preclpatlon Jmn. 1 to d«M iiM,

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