The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1956 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1956
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1ATUKDAY, APRIL T, 19M_ Estes Claims Adlai Is Now 'Desperate' By RONALD AUTRY MOUNT HOLLY, N. J. (AP) — Sen. Estes Kefauver (D- Tenn), touring New Jersey, charged Adlai Stevenson with talking nonsense now "in the manner of a man who is desperate." He answered with hnrsh word of his own, a bitter barb tossed b; Stevenson in Florida yesterda: that Kefauver was threatenim party unity. Kefauver, who is on a five-da; tour of the state in a bid for Neu Jersey's 36 Democratic Convention votes, called a special press con ference in Paterson yesterday tc get into the long distance verbn joust with Stevenson. Hurt Party He charged Stevenson with mud slinging and said the former Illi nois governor himself, was pursu ing a tack that would hurt th( Democratic party. As'the battle for the Democrat!! presidential nomination got tough Kefauver embarked on a second day's grueling 16-hour scheduli Jrom this South Jersey communi He expressed satisfaction with the Initial phase of his tour tha took him to major cities, industria areas, colleges and farming sec tions, in a wide sweep of the state "a good day," he com- yesterday. » was mented. Kefauver responded calmly, but ' with a touch of bitterness, to Stevenson's further charge that Kefauver had been absent from the Senate when votes were taken on a number of vital measures. "OHt of Character" He called on Stevenson to stop engaging "in mudsllnging." He said it was out of character and added he hoped Stevenson "finds it within himself to get back into character." As for himself, Kefauver said. "I intend to conduct my campaign as I have in the past and I'm not going to engage in personalities and mudslinging. We'll turn the POLITICS (Continued from Page 1) of Kefauver and Gov. Frank J. Lausche of Ohio are trying to generate rite-in votes .for their men. In Miami, the Dally News snld yesterday that Florida contributions for the Stevenson campaign have "dropped sharply," apparently os a result of his loss to Kefauver In Minnesota. The News said some expensive features planned for the Stevenson cam* scrapped. Not Rich Rep. Sykes (D-Fla), Florida ' chairman of Stevenson's campaign, said, funds are coming in. "although we're certainly not running a rich man's campaign." Sykes said he thought President Elsenhower's decision to seek a second term moved "many Democrats. . .not to mnke any contributions" this year. The question oi' finances us raised at one of Kefauver's • ne? conferences yesterday and he said that so far he has received between $110,000 and $115,000 — "mostly from small contributors and about half from. . .Tennessee." Since his Minnesota victory Kefauver said, contributions to hi 1 '! campaign fund have risen substan-, tlally. When asked about reports that he had received money help from • New York's Gov. Averell Harrl- man—an "inactive candidate" for the Democratic nomination—Kr fauyer replied: "I, haven't received any offer or any aid froir Harriman." other cheek. "I think people want the issues discussed and I intend to discuss them." Kefauver, who likes to meet a lot of local people on his tours, said at an after breakfast press confab in Newark that Stevenson was throwing mud by making fun of his bent for handshaking. Kefauver also said Stevenson had accused him of saying different tilings in different parts of the country. Even as Kefauver launched his New Jersey swing, Stevenson was attacking him in Florida saying Kefauver hurt the party by denouncing Stevenson supporters as political bosses or aa members of a political machine. Absentdsrn Moreover, Stevenson snid, Kc- fauver 1ms been absent from the Senate when many major measures were up for a vote. To this, Kefauver replied at the Palerson press conference called after he had carefully studied news reports of Stevenson's address before the Jacksonville Bar Assn.: "I haven't been absent on any important votes 1 remember. I think my voting record shows a very good attendance." He said he would have to make check before he could answer specifically some of the votes on bills cited by Stevenson. "I Run Hard'* Replying to Stevenson's remark that Kefauver may want to be president too badly, the Tennes- sean said: "I run hard for anything I run for. I run on an affirmative basis." Kefauver spoke to Gov. Robert B. Meyner by telephone and arranged a Sunday morning dnte to attend church together and then jold a Joint press conference. Meyncr heads a slate of un- peldgcd organization Democrats who oppose .Kefauyer's ticket in he April 17 New Jersey primary. Although Meyner himself has ;nid he will endorse no candidate, tefauver snys he feels Meyner has enned townrd Stevenson. A presidential preference poll Is ncludcd In the New Jersey prl- nary, but only Kefauver and Prcs- dent Eisenhower nre entered In it. Backers of Stevenson In the stale have started n "tuit Kefauver" move to get Stevenson adherents to ignore the presidential preference poll. The poll is merely n popularity contest, because it does not bind candidates. There is no crossing of party lines permitted. President Eisenhower's name does not ap- penr on the Democratic ballot. And n person voting in (he primary cannot change his party al- lefifance until two .subsequent primaries have gone by. Wintry Weather Back in Midwest Yankees Get Sho' Huff Blizzards In Far North By THE ASSOCIATED PRKSS Wintry weather returned ti northern Midwest areas today with snow, cold and strong winds April .showers sprinkled area? from the Middle Mississippi Val ley eastward to the Atlantic Coast Generally fair weather prevailet in most of the western half of the country. Near blizzard conditions wei'i reported in tMe Red River Valley section of Minnesota-North Da kota. Gusty winds whipped up heavy snow falls, causing much drifting. Some roads were blockec and plows were i'orced to quit be- causi; of poor visibility. Falls measured up to seven inches. Six-Inch Snow . Fresh falls of snow at Duluth, Minn., were more trmn six inches, making a totfil of 21 inches on the ground. The snow fall was general across northern Minnesota. The snow, accompanied by strong winds, was headed for sections of Wisconsin and Michigan. Temperatures were from IS to 25 degrees lower than yesterday morning in many parts of the Upper and Middle Mississippi Valley as colder air flowed southward behind the storm. Freezing readings extended as far south as Oklahoma. Kansas City's 39 aboVe was 26 degrees lower than 24 hours earlier. Florida Showers Heaviest rainfall was in the Upper Ohio valley. Skies clearned in the southern part of the country except for showers in northern Florida. Stormy weather hit sections of the Southeast and mid-Atlantic states yesterday. Tornadoes skipped across sections of the Car- ollnas. Injuring two persons, damaging homes and other buildings and disrupting communications. The twisters struck in the Abbe- vIlle-Grecnwood, S.C., area and then dipped Into neighboring North Carolina, causing damage near the Mecklenburg-Union county line and near Bolmont. A gusty wind toppled a partly decayed tree In Atlanta, killing two women hanging out clothes. Early morning temperatures ranged from 12 above at Mlnot, j N.D., to 76 at Laredo, Tex., and) Jacksonville, Fin. Obituary Pomelo Hamilton Services Today Services for two-year-old Pamela Yvonne Hamilton, daughter of Mr and Mrs. It, E. Hamilton, were held at 3 p.m. today at Cobb Fu neral Home chapel. The child died yesterday in Tul sa, Okla., where the parents, for merly of Blytheville, are now liv ing. The Rev. Lonzo Barrow, ol Steele, conducted services. Burial was in Dogwod Cemetery, TORNADOES (Continued from Page 1) story stuck Atlanta, with gusts uf to 48 m.p^h. Homes Destroyed In the Abbeville-Greenwood area wind tore off the roof of one build ing at the Abbeville textile mill and unroofed dwellings. More homes were destroyed at Green wood, two or three miles farthei east. The tornado missed Greenwoot itself but brought strong winds and heavy rain to the city. One house was destroyed, another tipped over and several damaged by a tornado which clipped In for about five minutes n the vicinity of the Mecklenburg Union County line in North Carolina. Winds near Belmont damaged some 20 buildings, including sheet metal buildings at Duke Power Co.'s 100-miIlion-dollar hydroelectric plant, RACING More Bucks for Defense WASHINGTON W— The administration reportedly 1ms decided tentatively on a half billion dollar "upward revision" of its request for nearly 3T> billions In defense funds for nexl fificM yeivv. Pentagon officials said last night the request may RO to Congress next week after It returns from its Easter recess. The matter is known to have been considered by the Cnblnct. President Eisenhower's original defense money request still hns not been cleared by the House Appropriations Committee. Read Courier News Classified Ads. (Continued from Page 1) entry, who by law is official counsel for all state agencies, on March 17. The commission said t was "obvious that the views of Lhe attorney general are not in larmony with those of this commission." Gentry Replies Gentry replied that the dismissal was "just another attempt by Gov. Paubus to discredit me for polftfcnl reasons through his hand- )lcked commission." Faubus is up this summer for a isccond-tevm nomination, and Gentry generally had been regarded as a possible opposition candidate. Following Fnubus' lend, the commission ignited the dispute by refusing last November to grant a permit to Southland. The racing firm then appealed to Crittenden Chancery Court, which overruled thn commission and ordered that a franchise be granted. This Is the decision which the commission will appeal to the Supreme Court. LaRosa to Tie Knot MANITOWOC, Wis. Wl — Singer Julius LiiRosn and pretty Rosemary (Rory) Meyer, the small town girl he met in New York, plan to marry today in the yellow brick church where the' bride was bap- tised. SHI'S COVERED-^eatod in t backet full of Mexican ..pesos, Linda Cristal, comely Argen- tln< itar, illustrates the fact (?) that her producer Insured , her for that amount in Mexico. Occasion was her American film debut in "Comanche." ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Remember us for prescriptions SIMPLIFY SHOPPING AND SAVING WITH What do you Need? - Get it fast with a low cost want ad! Thrifty women — and men, too — read our classified ads every day for the best reason in the world: YOU SAVE! ! Want ads in this paper are a market place for everything you want to buy, sell, or swap and — for expert services. . . . Get the classified shopping habit, now. . . . w» will help you write the Ad! Ads placed before 5 p.m. will appear next day, except for Monday's paper when ads must be placed by noon Saturday. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVTILE COURIER NEWS A STAB IN THE BACK!—A young, tearful Argentine, is "surrounded by assassins" as he is given an antipolio injection in a Buenos Aires school. Argentina is in the grip of a severe polio epidemic. After the United Slates flew in several tons of gamma globulin, inoculation of all Buenos Aires children from six months up to four years of age was started in more than 300 schools. Spa Man Found Guilty of Charge Of Murder HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (IP) — The son of a former' Garland County sheriff was convicted here last night of killing his 14-year-old stepdaughter, and the Circuit Court 'ixed his punishment at ,-18 years mprisonment. William A. Downen, 28, was tried on a charge of first degree murder. The jury of nine men and .lire women, with a choice of five irerdicts, found him suilty in the Second degree after deliberating an lour and a half. Judge C. Floyd Huff Jr. set Monlay as the date for formal sentencing. Defense attorney Earl Lane said he hadn't decided on whether he would appeal the decision. Charges Sonja Deserted Him WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. tf) — lonja Henie, ice skater and actress, vas sued for divorce here ycstcr- ay by Winthrop Gardiner Jr.. 'aim Beach and New York social- te and aviation executive. Gardiner filed suit , in Circuit !ourt charging Miss Henie desert- d him without just CEIUSG. This, he aid, resulted in "extreme distress nd mental torture" wnich "seri- usly impaired his ability to work." FARM (Continued from Page 1) surpluses. Says Plane Ready Ellender disputed this. He said Agriculture Department officials' already have preliminary plans and instructions ready for state and county farmer committees who would administer the soil bank. Ellender noted that the bill authorized 750 million dollars each for this and the next three years under the acreage reserve and another 450 millions for 10 to 15 years under the conservation reserve phase of the soil bank. The acreage reserve plan would apply to land actually used for production of surplus crops. The conservation reserve is a longer- range program for planting trees and grass. Only minor additional revisions were made In the bulky compromise before the five House conferees and three senators signed it. Signing the compromise with Ellender and Cooley were Reps. Poage (D-Tex), Gathinge (D-Ark), Hope (R-Kan) and Andresen fR- Minn) and Sons. Johnston (D-SC) and Young (R-ND). MAKES SOIL FERTILE The lowly earthworm is one of the most important of all animals, playing a vital part in keeping the soil continually fertile. Police Utilize Good Scents STARKE, Fla. iffl — Federal men had some idea what William Lee Jacobs was hauling when they stopped his truck yesterday. Two five-gallon tins had burst and, a liquid was running out the back of the truck, agent Frank W. Watt reported. "You could smell it for a block," Watt said. Jacobs was charged with illegally transporting moonshine whisky. Cotton Program Halted WASHINGTON UP\ ~ The government delayed today making an announcement on details of its new cotton export program amid trade reports of policy differences between the state and agriculture departments. Officials of these agencies declined to comment. But trade sources said the question of export subsidies on cotton textiles and cotton wastes had bobbed up to delay final decisions on the foreign sales program. FAUBUS (Continued from Pa«* 1) bus, the farm manager reported that no sweet potatoes would be available, then delivered 20,000 pounds. Paubus also took cognizance « charges that his attack on the hospital was a politically-inspired maneuver aimed at ousting Kenneth W. Newman as administrator. He said he had a right to step into the matter because, "I am responsible for seeing that wise use is made of the taxpayers' money." When Paubus finished, Dr. Crawfis strode to the speakers' stand and snapped, "It seems to me the governor had done great damage to persons I consider efficient, devoted and sincere public servants. "A principle of American Justice is that the accused have a chance' to defend themselives against their accusers. They have not had a chance to do so." Crawfis then invited Newman, who has resigned as administrator, to take over, but Newman declined. ANCIENT COUNTRY Galatia was an ancient country of central Asia Minor in what now is Turkey. During his visit there, St. Paul wrote his Epistle to the Galatians. Hunting and Fishing License Complete Stock of Fishing Tackle GENERAL HWD & Appliance Co. Phone 3-4585 METAL BASE CABINETS Formica Tops ZO" — 21" — 30" 'Value 2 Price Sllghllj Damaged HUBBARD & SON Furniture -PLANTING SEED- DELFOS 9169 (Pedigreed) Ton $180 DELFOS (1 Yr. from breeder) Ton $100 DP&L-15 (1 yr. from breeder) Ton $100 RED TOP GIN CO V Inc. N. 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