The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1948
Page 9
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THUKSDAV, .U1NK 10, 1SM8 FDR, Jr., Score! GOP Legislature Late President'! Son Breaks Family's Long Anti-Truman Stand ' VnlUi X^'s^ S? „„„,.„ t WASHINGTON. Juil^'ia—UJP* -Franklin o. Roosevelt. Jr, has broken hi., famous family's «ml- liuman front. If President Truman is noml- na ed lo heart tl le Democratic ticket next July in p|,n a delphla. ilt> . ," wl " support him and the <*»• party platform. He slated his position this week in an address In Westchester County. N. Y- Yesterday he stepjwd over to Ashbury Park, N. J.. and In a speech before the AFL American Federation of Musicians, Franklin roughed up the Republican Congress and its leaders as though he already were stumping for Mr. Truman's election. "I am nnd shall remain a Democrat," Young Roosevelt said In Wcstcheslei. "I shall support the candidates, program and decisions of the Democratic Party." Politically sensitive Washington marked Roosevelt's public disavowal ot any Intention to boll the party and reflected that the young man not only inherited Ills father's mati\a name, but his sood looks and B knadi for politics. VOIIIIK men with political ambitions need regular party records. Franklin and his brother Elliott previously had been whooping it up for nomination of Gen- Dwight o. Eisenhower, president of Columbia University of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas. Franklin ..was associated with sharp criticism If of the Truman administration. Linked With Re]>u<lialioii He K-as an officer of Americans lor Democratic Action last April wheri thai organization repudiated Mr. Truman's candidacy. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt put a chill on Mr. Truman April 29 after » White House call. She said she •would lake no part In any political eempaign this year. James Roose- Telt, the eldest son, is a California politician who has been sharp shooting Mr. Truman for months. Right now James is a member of a nominally Truman delegation to the Democratic National Convention. Whether he will stay hitched may depend 011 developments during the president's current swing through the Pacific Coast states . Mis. Roosevelt, James. Franklin and Elliott, are the politically vocal members of the late presidents' ^ family. Mr. Truman would find '^ them mighty handy this year. Elliott apparently is standing pat. He wrote last week to a Michigan Democratic Party worker that he Ttould be "only too happy" to support Douglas for president but he •aid nothing of supporting the Democratic ticket if Mr. Truman was the candidate. Franklin Roosevelt is a Nev? York lawyer as was his father before him. His public promise to sup * t the Democratic ticket will keep party record clear if, likely, he takes his famous name into New York state politics. Carrying a Blowtorch for Her fl ore Chemical Hailed as Cure For Leukemia Domonslrator Daniel lioone aims a blowtorch al a penny in 1'ccuy Jo Schirmer's hands. But, although the penny melted Penov lo didn't feel a (hing. It's all a Chicago demonstration' of a 'new insulating building material, called vcrmiailite HOUSTON. 'IVx . June III. ail'i — A rare romixniml. nss<i- ciaieti u-iih plcnicm* lound in lm>. - terfly wines, was hailed (ortay as ,1 j>o.wible imvliritl disciivi'iy to C'OIHJUCT llMlki'mill, Thp new fuiiipuimj urr<>Ms li'ii- kmiiu, I he hlimd which hn.s been nlninsl I0a por cent ialnl. 'I'h,! (i[sco\ej-y has iievei- been m-kno\vl- cdRfrt exi-e;>l in a few ti'chnicnl in- JX'J K, The rilsruvpry was iniicle iniblic in Houston by Dr. w. Jai-nlxson of Ciiuib:i(li;e. a visilins Knultsh i>ily- (.Irlan whn was nl Jeffeisnn Davis >l<u|itl:il for a cotifonM.ce with loi'al blood .specialists. Dr. JiK-ob.-aoj) lil'rlilNM! tn rrvt 1 ;*! Ihr name o[ tile i-ou)|)niind 01 to identify tlip men \vliti discovered u. lie snid i he ran- amiiKMind been |>rp)ni]'c>d at the University nl Trx!i.s M/-<ll<ral UraiK'li in Galveston. Dr. Jacnbsoii nlfcit'd to.mako a riimmiiy of DIP lilc-siivinj.' com- lioimd for use 'In tn-allni; Illusion Kiukt'inia iKitlents. S World War I Hero Sue* [U.S. for fxcesj Taxes Senators Okay $4 Million for TV A Project WASHINGTON. Jimp 10. (Ul'l — Kupporti-rs of n propoM'd .ttpnni IXIWPI plum «i Johusonvilli', Tenn., WIMP' pucouraj-ctl lodnv by i s<'ii- iiu> Appioprmlions Siiln-ommllli-e's niiprovul <if $4.003.000 [or the 'I'eu- iKw.ii'i' Vullcy Authority (irujpcl. Tin' Mil iimltli'p yp.-i(p|-,|iiy vnl- <'il to put HIP HI-HI ba.-k ! h i|, r KOV . enimi-iii Corixirntinns Apinnpi-lii Uons Hill. Tin- HOIIJ.P lin,t kiiwke K out. I 'Hie cxiiitr'ovcrslal appropriation .still fui'ed three more hurdles b.-- Inr? II xrl.s (hroujjli CoilKrcss. They ai* approval by the lull Senate Appropriations Committee. the Sen- ' uli> and either Ike House or House j members on a Joml .Sennli'-IIo;l:x i Oonlei t'lu-t's Committee lo iron out 1 dilfemives I nine novel miieiit cor- j 1 |MM-nilon* bill. j ; Sen. Kennelli McKollui. 1).. Tenn , I i said he mi*' fell "mjllr. hf>|>elnl" alXHil iir<w|iecls of Kelllni; (he mon- ', ey fnr the projK^ed si earn power j plunt. He is a nu'inlHT of the appropriations NukK:omniltt<'i' Imnd- ' HIIK I he bill nnd L» lending Ibe light ' for lhei$».(K'o,000 lo ennble TV A to Marl ivorlc on the plnnt. PAGE NINE Widow, 3 Children of Bafaan Death March Survivor Face Deportation Chinese Students Protest'Soft 1 U.S. Policy in Japan P.EI1*ING, June ID. _<UE> — Chinese students, demonstrating against a "soft" u. S. policy in Japan, attempted today to march on the American Consulate but were turned back twice by police who fired rifle rolleyjs over their heads. Jv< At least. IS of the 3.000 marchers were injured by stones and police belts. This morning. 1,000 students tried to march to the consulate for a meeting with 2,000 others from colleges outside the city. Police blocked their paths with drawn bayonets A second clash occurred In the afternoon. U. S- Ambassador J. Leighton Stuart was censured by the students for his criticism of their actions in earlier demonstrations. Yenchinjr University professors anil sUldenl.s sent him a letter demanding his resignation. AUDORA. Colo.. June 10. IUPI — + The widow and three children of a I l i • . i , _ liataan death march survivor lo-'Mlflmi MOH 33 day faced possible deportation be- * ' cause the veteran died while hy- ing to prove he wns an American citizen. The soldier was Corp. Theodore K. Hai-lmai). a survivor of the infamous death march at the start of the war. He was born the son of a soldier on corregidor, March 13. 1004. his widow said. The widow, Mrs. Aurora Hart man. said her husband .served this country as a soldier himself for 21 years He was buried in a Denver cemetery Tuesday. The question of citizenship a- ---rose when Harlman was brought ' S 1( W° and is now to Fitzsimons tf, — General Hospital here to recover from the years he spent in a Japanese prison camp after the death march. Mrs. Harlman said she and Ide children were allowed lo enter this country from the Phillipii'.ncs on a visitors' permit. When Haril man's health improved, he applie,! for n passport to take his family back lo Us native Manila. But the government, told him that to get a passport he would have lo prove he was a citizen. Mrs. Harlman said her husband became frantic" at the news that »'as not definitely a citizen the records on Bataan were burned by the Japanese, she said and getting a birlh certificiate wns "out of the question." Mrs. Hartrnan said her husband left a sick bed to plead his case with naturalizniion officials, that he caught pneumonia' nnd ' died still not knowing whether he ! was a citizen. r Mrs. Hartrnnn said hardship was ' -nothing new." During the Japanese occupation, she had to sell all the family possessions to mnke ends meet. She watched as a Jap soldier drank a bottle of milk she had spent days trying to get for a sick baby. One- ot her children died of starvation. At Denver, immigration officials said Mrs. Hartman's visitor', mit had expired. Hut they said that 'Deportation is not imminent" and that her case is "being considered." Is Latest to Seek Mate with Money MIAMI, Pin., June 10. lUP) —A 33-year-old Miami man. taking a cue from Aiis. Dorothy Lawlor mil himself on tne marital auction Hock today. He wants a wife with'*20 CO] in Howard Huffine. once married already anct divorced, quipped 'if women can do ii. u -hy not the men?" He referred to Mrs. Lawlor who advertised for a husband with S10.COO and is now jjcltlng acmiainl- ed with a prospect, Dan Wicker al Daytona lieat-h. Fla. Huffinc said ne was serious about his olfcr. because he's ••lonesome •mil tn-ed of living alone." Furthci- morc. he doesn't think Hit: proposition is entirely mercenary since he promises to invest the money with his wile in a business that could offer them a comfortable living. Here are the vilal statistics, girls Huffmc is a bookkeeper, who spends Ills winters in Mfami and Summers ill New York, but is willing to live anywhere with n *20 000 wile. He's a veteran ol the Army Air Corps and -doesn't drink but rarely." is a six-footer of Igo pounds with curly hair and blue eyes. His only stipulation lor the prospective wife—besides (.lie J20000 asc i ™ ;tl ™-' h ' o! course—Is that she be nri J under 35, tall and about 140 poundj . in weight. 10, ld Wa NASI1VIU..B. '[Vim. .l IU1>) Alvin c. yiirk. oul.slai.dinK soldier in Wo OlIC. Is 0]))K>SL'd 10 'lll> U. . - crnment in at least one piu -t'lnila:- today. Voj'k lil<.<l si, I' in federal couit seekhiK to recover $1,45-1.44 in n ;- Ictui irMp.w icdernl iiu-oine lux ),;,,-- meilt.'! lor ItHfl and 1011. The liix was paid 01: two sums of $•««!!) which Yoik said he received from Jesse L. La s ky [or Hie ri^hl lo make a rnolior- plcliirc of his life sloiy. York'.s .suit rlniinpd that tlie I WO.OCO vva:. for llic sale of, a "ca|.;- hal as.sef but llmt (he covemmeiit | listed it as "pure incoiuo." __ _ _ I ....... ' ----- • Vet Seeks Refund After 'Forced' Purchase of Jeep , WASHINGTON, .inue in. IUPI— Almost four years uga former Army l.t. Eugene J. ncarman w lls forced to shell nut SIMa.GO for n jcpp which was stolen overseas while ill his care. Ueaiden, now a civilian employee. of the Veterans Adnihilslralioii ' at Memphis. Tenn,. hopc.s to get a refund. The house volcd lo rc- !""" W""- 1 " 1 - '"« bill, spnnsorerl ^, "7' ^' Dnvls ' D -' T "»'''. "«» B '" Lhe s g- In 1HOO it look 37:i innii-hmii-s of labor tr. iiiwliicc 100 bushels if wheat, in ISioo it took ing ,n 1310 . ojilv 47. [NOW!" NOW! i at FOUNTAINS Kvor.vivhere! THE TOT SHOP \ FOR A 1,1, BABY NEEDS 110 S. Second Phone 2308 Closed Wednesday afternoon Galewood Grocery State Line Phone 975 GAS GAS Reg., Gal. Ethyl, Gal. 20k 21k Whiskies 1-2 Pt. Pr. 5th Segram"7" 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Bonds 2.25 4.35 6.90 Cagarets Ctn.—1.55 The latest in gadgelry for fishermen is a battery-equipped bobber liKhls up when a fish bite.i. lot FOUNTAINS: • Kvcr.VH'herc! J Land Title Association Elects Fort Smith Man \ LITTLE ROCK. Ark. June 10. _ 'UP'— -Mnrras Ristig of Fort Smith Is the new president of the Arkansas [alia Title Association. The' sroup concluded its three- day -lOtti annual convention here Tiitertay. Other officers elected were- J Mack Tarpley of Little Rock vice- president; Mrs. Helena p. Young ot Courier News Want Ads. Horse Meat Fed School Children In Houston, Tex. HOUSTON. Tex., .June 10. (UP) — Horse meat was served in at least '21 Houston school cafeterias and some nf tlje contained a chrm- ical substance to conceal crrinr and color of spoiled meat, state laboratory tests revealed yesterday. Thus far. le.sts concluded at the .'(ate capital at Austin proved (lint horse po/nig ns beef was sold in at least :n cale-s and slore.s, and was served lo thousands of children in school cafeterias. One of the schools in which ground horse meat contained su!- plnte, to coi.ceal odor and color if old meal, was the large Bnrbank combined elementary and Junior high school with 3.000 stndc-nls. Tlio school is the largest in the city. In addition to the 21 schools named • .several other numbered samples rem.iK'.ed !o be identified ; Reports of the 21 laboratory tesl.s i on samples from schools, phis olhp: reports coviring cafes and markets. "ere presented today to tiie Han>-, Comity crnrd jury. ' FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES In PIANO - ORGAN - VOICE Mrs nation C. Kowlsd.n, B.A. and M.S.M. Daltnn C. >owls(on, M.S.M. Certificate A Special Price for the 12-Week Term Is Offered For Information Call RI.YTHEVIU.R 2019 YOU FOR A PLEASANT VACATION SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W: Walnut Phone 578-579 Blyfhcvillc STEEL BUILDINGS ADAPTABLE To Many Industrial, . Commercial and Farm Uses TRUSS-CLEAR ... NO WASTED SPACE Lo* Cod l pn lo b Convenient Suet — 40' widlli. length in multtplci el 20'. Also 32' and ?Q- wtdUis. l«n|ths*fl(rumpi» ol 12'. •'• Slfong liifSilew consliut- ,(ioru Full uscibfe ipjtct. MFC. COMTAN Y C. A. TANT CONST^CD. Authorized Dealer tor Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting P. O. Box 83 Phone 896 BlytheyilU, Ark. STUDEBAKE RS T . T U D E B A K E 1!M7 (,'MC I Ton S(nJ<e llllli Kurd I'/, Ton Slnke HIIK SludeliHkei- '/, Tort Pickup 11)11 Chevrolet 2 ])(K>r And Many More. Complete Service Dep'r Paint & Body Parti & Accestoriei U D E B A lin Sales Co. "Ynur Kritmllv SI lull'linker l)e;i!er" H. K. A Ash i> h<me 211);-) STUDEBAKERS FOR SALE (Jet mir prices on Icslcil 12 inch lo <IS inch cnnrrele cnlvei'l.s. Also concrete building blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 We Deliver and Sc)l for Less Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. \Ve Deliver Phon* 6H1 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Shirk Ouaranfeeri Hest i'rices Kirby Drug StoreS Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Si*r* 1. 6 and 8 Inch Culvert Tile Sim II. 1-4. IS. IK. 31. Z<. M and .l(i fnrh A. H. WEBB Hwj. Bl al Stule Line rhnnr Hl.vlhrvlllc 7M SPECIAL Beer Per Cose K"l Tup Al,,.; $ , ;ofl (<rlrst,llri-k jjjj r»h*l Klnr Klliliun ,'.'.'$J.7J Russell Marr Liquor Star* 111 S,,. 2nd st. I'luiiie 8(17 1 Good for Life j I All-Aluminum j jWindowScreensi • Builders | | Supply Inc. ; J Plume 81 !1 ' • I i . S. Highway Bl Still & Young Motor Co. Phone 347* Lincoln-Mtrcury Deafer BlylheTille Ark, m W.lnut St. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 If vnii'rc Imrr-v-injj;— Wf <. ;(rl reluiild your shoes in short- fKl lime possilile by UKAI. workmanship. Of course, close prices, material. HflLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOI 121 W M O I N ST. I.oca) & l.onj; Dislance Hnnliiitf Moving a Specialty Any lime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day !IIS 2!)S« Sulphur Both Oil Message PHONE 2539 E. C. Davis Masseur Attention! I Cotton Graham Service Station Ark-Mo State Line Is Now Open for Business Cities Service Products Gasoline — Oil — Greases We Invite You to Trade with Us Garrett L. Abbott & H. E. (Cotton) Graham Jr. Our Cars Are Tops EASTEND AUTO SALES For That Car 50.'! K. Main I'hone .11 111 "Neuritis Has Kept Me In Torturing Pain" Tlie letter says . "Scorns llko the pi^i Just wont let go." For more than 58 years doctors tinve prescribed this nnlurnl mincrnl water thsi lends to nentrnli7fl pain-causing acids. Phone or aril* kid*}', for Irce booklet. CROSSTOWK WHfSKEV SHOP M»|H »nd DtrMM Blvlhevilk, Ark. ,

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