The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on September 29, 1966 · Page 1
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · Page 1

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1966
Page 1
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Hurricane Leaves Death, Damages By ROBEEIT BERHELLEZ SANTO DOM!N(!0. [bmini-can Republic (AP)— Hurricane Inez battered the son I hem tip of Ihe Dominican Republic's Baraliona Peninsula today with ]6^mile-an-hnur winds, whipping up high tides over coastal areas from Sanln Domingo to (he Island of fleam. The Weather Bureau warned of severe flooding in valley areas over the entire island as heavy rams spread over all of Hispaniola. Iner, already has left 23 persons dead, 500 Injured and 10,000 homeless on Guadeloupe. In a morning bulletin, the Weather Bureau located the center of the hurricane about 10 miles vast ot the southern tip of BaratiDna Peninsula, or about flOO miles south of Florida. It was heading wesl-norlh-west at 12 miles an hour on a rnurse that could spare the rich, sparsely populated tann ine district 110 miles west of here. There were no reports of damage or casualties from Ills-paniola during the night. Latest reports from Guadeloupe caused the casualty and damage toll lo Increase. The hurricane struck that island Tuesday. "Tides of 10 la 15 feet are expected over the bay east of Baraliona, westward along the Haitian Peninsula as the hurricane continues near or just off shore today and tonight," the Weather Bureau said. "Winds of 100 miles per hour ar higher will occur over much of the area. All interests are urged to tal(e precautions against these severe coridilians." Commercial communications with Barahona were cut off but the navy and army had contact through shortwave radio. Vol. XXIII— No. 255 Helena, Montana, Thursday, September 29, 196S 20 Pages, Two Sections Price 10 Cents Humphrey Visits Missoula Vice President Qets Welcome \ From Big Crowd Sun River Elk Hunting Quota Draws Fireworks READY FOR THE RACES — Mrs. J. B. (Mother) Berry, 1 1 1, one-time jockey on two continents who lives in Stewart Homes, receives an honorary membership in the Capitol City Horseracing As sociation from Robert Pennington, its secretary, The nonprofit group organ-■ iied recently and plans to sponsor racing ot the County Fairgrounds. (Staff Photo by John Kuglin) Workers Start Drive United Givers Will Have First Report on Friday United Givers volunteer work-.plan fail- share giving at than 300 strong, are places of employment through-in their initial calls out the greater Helena area," The unit giving plan," he said, "is to solicit all business firms, regardless of size, applying the fair-share formula to firs mnro busy making their initial calls out the greater nnnn their assisned accounts as said Reber. Hie campaign heads for a minimum goal of SBO.OUO. The first! report meeting, an early-bird nn-host breakfast on Friday al 7:30 a.m., at Jorgensan's Holiday Inn, will give an indication of tiic results attained thus far. Joseph B. Reber, general campaign chairman, today announced the division goals or quotas necessary tu success for this camnaifOi to reach or ex- coed the minimum needs for the 14 participating service agon ties for 1907. accomplish a three-in-one solic- .tali :i "In other words." the general chairman said, "the corporate gift, plus the executive gifts. all employe FUIS Ell on fair-share basis — equal the unit giving plan." To Reduce Inflation Federal Farm Credit System Will Restrict Lending Chairmen Listed The divisions, their cochair- men. and the division goals are Induslrv and utililies, Richard A. Porte and Norman A. Uaum-gart, $14,850; commercial, Mi-I chac! J. Griffith and Norval A Hokkc, $17,050; public service,! Nels K. Turnquist and William B. Andrews, $22,880; national firms, Harry J. Reinig, Jr. and Queritin Johnson, $1,100; government and education, John P. Thomas and Ualpli C. Kenyon, $14,025; professional, itoss w. Cannon and Dr. J. Richard Sims, $9,350; special roundup "A", ElDbcrt V. Burke and Phe-neus W. Singer, $4,400; special roundup "B", John A. Wall and Paul W. Reber, $1,925; ranch and farm, Gibson G. Goodman and John P. Shaw, $220; clubs and organizations, K. O. Mac- Phcr-M and Mrs. Edna J. ! Unman, $55B; and, general business, Dewey Johnson, $1,650. Fair Share Plan "Allhoueli the itoal is substan tially Ihe same as the total raised durins the past year by Ihe former Community Chest. Red Cross, and Catholic Chart WASHINGTON (AP) - The federal farm credit system announced today it will restrict its farm lending for an indefinite period to aid the government in reducing innationaiy pressures and high interest rates. If has established priorities for channeling credit to farmers and their cooperatives through the Federal Land Banks, the lo cal Production Credit Associations and the Bank for cooperatives, The Farm Credit Admiiiisini tion said Ihe priority system will be designed lo screen out non productive, unessential or neier- ai>ie requests lor crcuu. The farm credit svsfeui ob tains loan funds through the sale of its securities in vate money markets. High priority will be given to n : i Ird lor buying cssen tial equipment and farm im- By JOHN KUGMN Stale Fish and Game Com missioner R. H. Weinlz of Great Falls and F & G Department officials held heated discussion on the hunting quota for the Sun River elk herd at today s com ission meeting in Helena. Weinlz, supported by a three- man delegation from She Teton county sportsman's association, suggested a low quota to build up this tiero. lo aiwui 3,500 head and keep it there." He charged f & u nitieiais with poor range management in uie area, saying, i ininn we should manage that range for a good range — not only for Hie hunters of Montana, but the world." Then Wyim Freeman, depart ment game manager, said that Weintzmusl mean iceding eiK. Nobel Committee Will Study Viet Peace Plan OSLO, Norway (AP) - The chairman of the Norwegian committee which awards the Nobel Peace Prize said toda; will study at a meeting Oct, a woDosal that it take a hand in efforts to get a settlement of the war in Viet Nam, U.S. Nuclear Test WASHINGTON (AP) — The 30th nuclear weapons-related test lo be announced this year was set off today at the Nevada lest grounds of the Atomic H.n- praveinenls that would increase efficiency. For example, credit for the purchase of essential production items such as fertilizer, fuel and oil, seeds, labor and iamily liv ing are given the highest prior ity. On the other hand, the refi naucing of existing term debt except i:: emergency ™:J-'S given a very low priority. And officials indicated that' farmers may find it very difficult to obtain loans for (he purchase of land unless the intended borrowers can show clearly thai such purchases, would greatly increase their efficiency of farm production. The Production Credit Associa tions, which mate short term loans far production needs, have been lending more than $4.5 billion a year. The Federal Land Banks, which make, loans on land enly, have been lending arounii $1.* uiuion a year, me Bank for Cooperatives, which yiuviu™ iu„u3 ^ ■ ee[3 [0r an a r |ink behvi nas uecu .i-i :„ n,„ m„-)w,-, We're trying to develop u-ili- ion (of Ihe range) for a wild animal — not a domestic one," Freeman said. Ho estimated the present size the elk herd at "a little pet ter than 2,000 and said a quota of 40fl would maintain the herd at this size. "A severe winter would mean severe datuasc to the herd, Freeman said, explaining why its size should not be mcreascop A larger herd would also compete for forage with the esti mated 600 Head ol nignarn slice p in the area, he added. ssioners finally ap proved the, 400 quota. Wcinli voted against the motion but it was passed by the "yea" votes of Commissioners W. E. Staves, Tauck and E. G. Leip-| heimer. Weintz said the department s kill count at checking stations was inaccurate. Freeman said more extensive counts would be taken, starting next year. The Teton County delegation said that grass cutting and other management tools should be used to increase the capacity of the range. They argued against a laic season in the area on grounds that the quality of elk meat declines. It Is unpalatable and used for dog food, they said. MISSOULA (APt —Vice president Hubert H. Humphrey today osked Montanans to return Sen. Lee Metcalf and Rep. Arnold Olsen, D-Mont., to Washington today ill an airport rally in Missoula. About 1,000 persons' Hubert Humphrey CAB Gets State Case for Improved Air Service to the Southwest loss, and Catholic Chan- s""™ " ' we ergy Commission are going nver'thc (op this year The AEC said it was of low hv nrainp grealer use of the yield, the equivalent of less than generally accepted unit giving '20,™ tons ot 1H1 operative? about SI 5 billion a year The land banks and the Bank for Cooperatives are charging their legal limit of 6 per cent interest. The Production Credit Associations arc charging around 7 per cent. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Montana's case for improved airline service to the Southwest' was presented to the Civil Aeronautics Board Thursday in Washington, D. C. A Montana Aeronautics Com mission spokesman praised CAD Examiner Ross I. Newmann and the Ilureau of Operating Rights, BOH. for recofmizing the oil in dustry's need for single-plane service between Montana and the oil slates of the Southwest. The w yc member board was hearlnu oral arfilimcnts in the Pacific Northwest-Southwest service investigation. The case was started Dy tne uau to determine air service needs between the Pacific Northwest and major cities in the Southwest and Midwest. Earlier, decisions by New mann, examiner in ihe case, and the BOIt said there was a air linn DHtweea .lie. KoJ'.v Mountains — specifically Alber Mi'hUna. Wyoming and t.ol crado — and the oil regions ol so inadequate as to be nonexistent and this state considers it extremely important to the growth of ffs economy to secure tiiis much-needed air service." The CAB is exneclcd to study the case for several months and iay reach a decision by the nd of Ihe year or early m 19*/. Astronauts For Apollo Flight Named MANNED SPACE CENTER Houston, Tex. (AP) - A veteran ot two space trips and a pair of newcomers have been picked fly the second three-man AUOIIO mi&MUll ill liic iimiuii drive to land men on the moo by 1969. Crewmen for the flight to last -i lo 14 davs in earth orbit are Navy Capt. Walter M. Schirra Jr., Air f orce iviaj. uumi Eisele and R. Waller Cun gham, one -of Ihe civilian spacemen. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration officially announced Ihe selections today, naming Schirra as command nilot; Eisele, senior pilot, and Cunningham, nilot. Ttteir trip, scnenuicu iui hum spring, will he the secund in Ihe irs of uraclira mi.Hmnis in the roomy Apollo spaccsmp, line ihe one to some day carry men on a lunar landing mission. The first three-man voyage, also to last up to two weeks, currently is set for mid-Decem ber. The pilots are Air Force M. Col. Virgil I. Grissom, LI. Col (Continued en Page 9) pushed so close to an airport- fence that Mathew Fisher, 6, of Missoulo, was smashed into the fence and his face was cut by a sharp piece of metal. Humphrey tried tn ruph the crowd back and yelled -'drin't push, don't push." A member ol iiuinyiuey party lifted Ihe hoy over the fence and police Rave the boy first aid. An oiticer said me boy appeared to be not badly His uarents are Mr. and Mrs Scott Fisher of Missoula. His father is a student al the Unl versitv of Montana. Humphrey was Introduced to fhe crowd by Metcalf then made a brief speech praising Mclcalf tor his support ol Medicare and then he called Olsen "Arnie" and said "voters in Montana could da (he nation a great favor by re-elecliug Ihem Nov. le called Montana "the grow ing part of America, the new promise of our nation, the new wealth of our nation," Humphrey had been welcomed earlier by telegram tiy uov. rim Babcork. In his telegram, Republican Gov. BabeacR told the cralic vice president he wanted tn make his visit pleasant and productive, adding; "My office staff is on call to assist you at any tune while you are in Mon- lana. Humphrey was appearing later a I the University of Montana for a taped television in terview with a sludent moderator and four student panelists. me student moderator was iiumas W. Dehan, a senior from Anchorage, Alaska, who is president of the Associated Students. On Ihe student pnncl were Sharon J. Browing, a junior from Great Falls; Lee H. Simmons, law freshman from Red Lodge; Gregory L. Uluier, history ami English senior from Miles City; and Jean C. LhcIi- kar, foreign language Dna literature junior from France, now living m Miles City. Marine Killed In Vief Nam Rites Sei Here Accompanied by a Marine es cort, the body of Marine Lance Corporal Bruce Burton Backe-berg, 19, arrived in Helena by lane today trom the Viet iNam attlefield where he died in Funeral services far the Marine veteran, who is Helena's first serviceman killed in Viet Nam fighting, will be Saturday at 11 a.m. in Haglcr Mortuary Chapel, with Chaplain H. M. Waldron, Fort Harrison Veteran's Administration Center, officiating. Burial, with military gravc-(Continued on t'agc 9) n Washington Gov. Babcock Is Meeting With President Today National Guard Ordered Shoot To Kill' in San Francisco Riots SAW FRANCISCO (AP) — .Poirit-Bayview area hi the city Negro rinters and snipers broke out of control again Wednesday in sweltering San Francisco but were put down quickly ny wa- tmna Guardsmen wun snoai to kill" orders. As the temperature soared to 95 degrees, 1,200 guardsmen joined the patrol of Negro dis trict slreets with policemen More ihan 80 persons were. California highway patrol cars, soullicas corner and in the Fill-arrested and many stores, in-jeigni lure ueparin Cm more district, five miles lo l„ ^-era, Se',lnE ^1^^132^^ Police said « persons were I Sniping was sporadic and "al-Negro di.trScts f^ing every- 1,.;,,™,! Wnrtnnol.iv 171 f 11(1 IRE most LOni nUOUS UIUXJUKII iiu uue j. ..... u.^ o,.-^-, r r- lliree have Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. Another i iw sioou LI.,.....: T nh n -jl 1,1'I^U Inf IP ( IV rtllU 31111 . 1, Mnr.lana AprnnflUllCS Comrms-IPOMCU 111 MiniuiiMii oil". sinn urged the hoard lo accept, LI. Col. Hariand Smith, their the examiner's and BOIt's de- commander, told the guards- cisiens which recommended a men: 11 yon arc auacitea or rmi In between Montana and Den- fired uuon, shoot lo kill. Dont ver, then south to Dallas-r orl fire over anynooy s neau. Worlh and Houston. I About 75 per cent ol his neavny However, Montana's uceflslarmert men Had neipeo pui cannot be satifsifed unless scrv- down racial noting a year ago| to such cities as Tulsa, Okla- in the I-os Angeles waits area. homa City, New Orleans and| rrnEV immediately moved policemen, although there policeman was hit by a bullet. Irois concentrated on nearby beer no deaths. | More than 20 police curs, two I (Continued on Page 9) 1 - San Antonio is also authorized, Loblc went on. "Montana's present air carrier service to the Southwest is WASHINGTON (AP) — Prcsi-eral funds which help states , . ,..„„ „i „ih„,..c ,if I finance such programs as high- aem -jomno.. -^ " " ™ ways, hospitals, schools, water I 11 more governors today, trying and ..^cr lines, hnusing, and 1o get them 10 give nun a »auu in dousing fires of inflation. One of them is Republican George Ronuiey of Michigan, who s running uus yc.i io. a..- and electric nihi.r ifrm in the statcnouse and might be running in 1968 for one in the White House. Johnson is bent en trimming fcrWal expenditures and is ask ing eovcrnors at a series of I m^Knesi to cut slate spending He Is In a position to apply a bit of pressure, since some of his economizing is mini™ m i=u- rural telephone service. Johnson has announced hope." to pare federal spending by S3 billion during Ihe present iiscai year vmicn onus .tune ju. Some $1.1 billion of this would come from Sit billion originally contemplated in direct governmental construction spending i'lvirl? :Y!',5 to Ihe stale;: Thus the states are confronted Willi ! President saw seven gov- c ■ r; s Friday. He said then he bpaill Will Tire intended lo have all 50 gover- , p i ,, nors in before he was Ihrcugh. T I rST IxUCKCl Trt^a,.'.; rtAlpDiilmn inrlnnfts six Democrats and five Republi- MADRID (AP) - Spain will cans. The Democrats are Roger make its first probe i into outer gainst tense knots ot young Negroes in ihe streets. "All right, this is u — move, inowj they ordered. Mavor John F, Shelley and Gov, F.dmund G. Brown declared a slate of emergency and imposed a curfew luesoay when the first rioting followed Negro youth by a The pairoi the killing of write poi Uranism of Indinaa, Calvin space Oct. 15 with the firing o - «„ '—^ " 1 Onmnlnn nf I Hah nan K Moore of North Curulina, Karl I (mm a pad at Camp Arenosillo, F. Rolvaag of Minnesota, Wll- oflinals said today, liam h. Guy of North Dakota The launching site is on Ihe t_.i. m nr »« iil?inlip fnasl Sflaiir. he'.onL's to Mc!(iC0. ' the European' Organization farjing after guardsmen moved into Tim Rmiihl cans are Romnev. Hnacc Investicauoti ami cxpeeis ine city drmonts am fled from a stolen car and re fused to hall despite warning shots. Police controlled fhe Drat riot- AIR CONDlTfOKED CAR — Howard Bacon, 54, Son Francisco, was standing on the porch of his home when o Negro «niiM.r iumoed behind his car ond ™p"S of Montana" and Henry suborbital scientific missions, in gs, be alings and brick . throw- ^d f,ti ot polieei Thoy „!poiidod Ld counted or Tfederal help. iBellmon of Oklahoma. 'officials said. ling continued in the Iluntersl 3 iV'resbleVa^eco M fire a series of Skua and called for help _ Wednesday as the hkelthcot 1 of having to H Reed of Maine, Tim M. Bab- American Judy Dart missiles on gun-snip n g. noting, arson loot- '-.-:.^iHBt|ttHMHSHHK-.j and Bacon sadly looks ot his well ventilated auto. The shooting took place in Hunters Point riot area. IAP Wim-phoro) (Wore pictures on Page 8) 1

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