The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1948
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JTJNK 10, 1948 FBI Probes Vote Purge in Georgia Complaints Allege Qualified Negroes Lost Ballot Rights „ .. " I>onovan >.,.„. Stiff Correspondent WASHINGTON, June 10V-(UP) —1he FBI h Investigating complaint* that almost 2,000 qualified fvegro voters were purged from a ocorgla registration last, it was disclosed today. The TO I ordered by the Justice Department to determine whether any federal civil rights statutes were violated by the alleged action In Georgia. The purge alledegly took place In Laurens County, a large and es- yential-rural area In South-Central Georgia, last October. According to the complaints, a newly-appointed board of registrars went over the regular registration lists, and notified all Negro voters that they were to appear before the board to prove they were qualified to vote. Most of the Negroes failed to show up, it was said, and their names wore then stricken from the records. 75 Percent Disqualified Justice Department sources said they have been informed that fully 75 per cent of the negroes on the list lost their right to vote under this process. They said they were investiga' l\s the case because they believe that once having qualified, the 2,000-odd Negro voters did not have to go through the process agin. Under the law, It is a violation of federal civil rights laws for anyone, under color of law, to deprive I. a citizen of rights guaranteed him by the constitution—in this case, the right to vote regardless of race or creed. Justice Department officials said the evidence unearthed by the FBI would determine whether they would take the matter to a grand Jury. But they said their main objective was re-opening the polls to time for the Georgia primary on Sept. 8. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS |SKe Likes His Looks—By Telephota Cumrp Blasts Rep. Kefauver In Large Ads wTn,, '± Pl1 ? 10 * ransm1i «ed over the Acme Tclephoto network, Mrs. Dorothy Lawlor, who advertised herself »; "wife for sale," ™**« { '- ' .. „ , . he bar °' h' s Daytona Beach, Fla,. tavern' *on the Rockyille Center, N. Y, divorcee over the telephone but this telcphoto is ihe first time she saw his face. She liked his looks. Woge f Hour Low Provisions Cited By U.S. Official UTTLZ ROCK, June 10— Some of Hie Important '.'don'ts" for em- MKMi'HIS, Tonn., June 10. (UP) Ploym o( this slalc on the omnloy- — Political Lender E. H. Crump who] moil of minors during llieSummcr supports the Senatorial candidacy ' vacation period were Ikied twlnv of John A. Mitchell of cookcvllle, '— "—'- " ' ----- • paid lor a six-column advertisement in Memphis npwsimiwrs to<t«y, nt- tackliiK Hie Senatorial candidate A new iteain.elMtrle locomotive, ' A decomprrision »uit which c*n hat 1* expected to use 50 per call,be * um u & u ,,derrear ™d wMch coal than prcxent-dny units, not only will keep » m.n .live but Is one of four new-type r.llroarl to- cn.bfe him to Vnove ah,u Jrily comollvcs now inuier development, at altitudes above 100000 feet has by electrical engineer*. • been devised for the Air yorce Orm»n T-t euy a tea of Esles Kefauvcr, (Teim., ,, »s a "darling of the Communists and Communist, sympathisers." Kcfauver assumes ttie role "Esiis Kefauver assumes the role "on'l permit children H nhd 15 of a pet coon," Crump's ad said. 5 ' eal ' s ol(l to work more tliun -10 "Kefniivcr has proven b.v word nndl"°" r5 * week wncn school Is not in rinorf fhaf Tlrt rtnne ,-,r*l 'lUki.1. ..l~l.l I SCSslllll. Or" m nl'tl tllon IL..-*,.. I.- _ by Ervle O. MU-ks, who reprpsenls (lie Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Divisions, u. S. Department ol Labor, In Arkansas, lie advised employers subject Ui the Fair Lnbor Standards Act (Federal WNRC and hour IB*') : Don't ix-rinlt children H nhrt 15 deed Ilia on the q unAmericanlsm." Crump charged that Kefnuver's "idol has been Vito Murcantonlo of New York," labeled by Crump in the nc 1 as Ihe "ox-blood red Communist Congressman." "Kefanver Is constantly reversing himself—repudiating himself now sion, or more than three hours a L.-I nua pioYE'll nv word Hnd' Jl !» does :'.e'. 'think right] scsil luestlon of Communism and ''">' a " (1 18 hours a week when school Is In session. Don't penult children H mid 15 years old to work between 1 p m nnd 7 a.m. Don't permit children H nnd 15 years old to work in manufacturing mining or |>roeosstiin occupations! Including occupations miulrhiR (he .. • , <* —• ""'I i HicJudniK occupation*; n'mili Kt-=rS-'=*.=S?!sa?s ss f& ~* : Hotel King Cotton Sold MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 10. (UP) —The 10-story Hotel King Cotton 1 beside the Mississippi niver. was sold May to c. H. Albcrding, presi- | dent ill the Alsonett Hotels, with [headquarters at Tulsa, Okla, for a [price In excess of $1,000,000, it was I announced today. Read Courier News Wa'it Ads. Bragg City, Mrs. Austin Curtis- Hayward, Mrs. R R. Pickle- Holland, Mrs. W. C. Richardson- steele Mrs. q. S. Allbritton; Hayti, Mrs! Doc Qill : Pascola, Mrs. Paul irvin. Kiwanis Club Gets Report On Boys' State The Kiwanlan'-sponsored dele- iates ko the annual Arkansas Boys' State at Camp Robinson near Little Rock, reported to their sponsors yesterday at the Kiwanis luncheon meeting at Hotel Noble. The youths. Charles Bogan, Jr.. Graham Partlow, and James Cecil Lowe, Jr. each expressed their appreciation to the Kiwanis club and talked briefly about the activities and outstanding events of the state event. Other guests of the Klwani,- club were F. E. Tune. Max Harrison, Dick Mills, ihe Rev. Theron McKisson, all of Blytheville, O. B. Hayes of Jonesboro, and Charles Meyer, Jr., of Little Rock. Gouge Tests Arrange*/ For Pressure Cookers CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., June 10.—Miss Elvira Sellers, county home agent, will conduct a series of pressure cooker gauge tests in this county beginning Monday morning, June 14, it was announced today by the County Agent's office] The schedule: Monday morning, June 14. Deering; Monday afternoon. June 14. Bragg City; Tuesday morning, June 15. Hayward; Thursday morning June 17, Wardell; Thursday kfter- \noon. June 17. Stanley; Friday " morning, June 18. Hayti: Friday afternoon, June IK, Pascola- Monday morning, June 21. Holland, and Monday afternoon, June 21, steele. People living near Caruthersville who these tests to be made on their pressure cooker gauges. m ay hring them to the County Agent's office anytime for the test, it was stated. Community chairmen in the communities where the tests will be held are: Stanley. Mrs. Bernard Brocket!; Deering, Mrs. Otis Bond- TW. whlikm or* groin s boltl.d lmm.dfoi«|y r "Thompion" 1, put bock into borr.k 5s! 1 !!?' Y' h 'l 1 "' 7 *« I" 00 '' Thl! «i«l*ht vrtilskln in Ihis proauct »r« 4 yran or more old. 70% train ntutnl splrtti. I.lirlc Roclc ,Aik<n 5 «« WARNING ORDKR In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Ralph N. Farrar, Plaintiff „ , vs ' No. ro.462 Susjt Irene Smith Parrar. Delt. The defendant, Susie Irene Smith Farrar. is hereby warned to appear | with.n thirty day s i n the court i.amod in Ihe caption hereof nnd answer connilainl of the plaintiff, Ralph N. Farrar Dated this 17 day of May, 1948 HARVEY MORRIS", Clerk Oene E Bradley, atty, for pll. Clauae F. Cooper, atty. ad (item. 5jl8-2S-|l-8 Crump said. "He didn't mean this. he didn't mean that ami he is sorry for some speech that was handed him to deliver." (Crump had reference to a speech prepared for Kefair.or. At the time or delivery things," Crump continued, "Just what von would expect or anyone who tiles to put his foot into-everything—busybody, buj-ler and opportunist. Now he is back tracking, dodghw. swerving, zigzagging, hoping; to r.ovcr up his tracks. "Kefauver reminds me of the pet coon that puts its foot In an open drawer In your room, but Invariably turns Us head while Its fool is feeling around in the drawer. The coon hopes, through its cunning by turn- onlookers as to where his foot is nnd what It Is into. If the coon | could talk he would say: -you have me wrong—I have made a mistake, look at my turned hcnd. ! am sorry about my foot. I couldn't see what I was doing'." Crump's ad said "every Communist. Communistic sympathizer and fellow-traveler is vitally interested nils or work places whern goods are manufactured mined or otherwise processed. Don't permit children 16 and 17 years old to work In" ocri'in lions held to be hnnardoues—In plants manufacturing explosives; as motor ttis, including elevators, and In jobs whercthey tire ox|»sed to radioactive substances. Don't forget to get employment nnd age certificates anil keen them on file Don't forget to pay minor employees at least the minimum wage set by law. and time nnd a half for overtime after 40 hours in any workweek. If llieflnn Is working on a con- he further advised. Don't hire boys under 16 years or girls under 18 yenfs to work on such contracts, 01 pay them less than the minimum wage and overtime. in the election of Kefnuver. In him they will have a ready and willine 'advocate. Ctptund which cu _, _ , mtnt man ttuc M* ___ . enonnovlT incnuod MY ed»e of tb* majphtre, Itlj You liked our new department at (he Main Street store so well that we «r« adding one to our Broadway Store, too. New Arrivals Reese Krand Kosher Dill Olives, Keese Urand 4-way Stuffed Anchovy, Celery, Almond, Pimento, BarHours Old Fashioned Cocktail SeU M|>— Contains Simple Syrup, Kilters, Ornn«e Slices and Cherries. Just add Whiskey and Ice. Ilrand Roquefort Dressing, Pinesbridge Farm Smoked Turkey 1'ate, Cocktail ])eli K ht, Anchovy Cheese Link.. Glassware Service Don't forjict <>«r Rlnsswure son-Ice. You give the party, we'll furnish th« correct glassware. Tills is a free service (o our customers. Free Recipes Ask us for all kinds of Free Ricipe Ifcioklcts for both mixing and fixing, FOSTER'S Liquor Store T>ft U/-.1 kJ_:_ -,***.. _ . ^ 120 West Main BILL Phone 2127 106 No. Broadway WELCH Phone 2862 CHILDHOOD nr 80 E flP Mi BORN 36 YEARS AGO NEAR ' MAGNOLIA, ARK. IN COLUM-^ BIA COUNTY, SID MSMATH EARNED HIS FIRST MONEY PICKINS COTTON... STREETS OF HOT SPRINGS AND ENGAGED IN AMATEUR BOXING 'TO SET THROUGH SCHOOL... RELIGION MEMBER 'OF METHODIST CHURCH*... CHARTER MEMBER OF "SID MSMATH BIBLE CLASS" AT HOT SPRINGS — COLLEGE ~TJV HITCH-HIKED TO UNIV. OF ARK. WITH i2.50 IN HIS POCKET- WORKED HIS WAY THROUGH COLLEGE WASHING DISHES./< GRADUATED FRO U OF A. LAW SCHOOL. HONOR STUDENT IN MIUTARY TRAINING.. PRESIDENT OF STUDENT BODY.. PRACTICED LAW IN HOT SPRINGS LAWYER. FROM GRADUATlOkl l ' UNTIL ENTERING THE SERVICE... : COLLEGE BOXING CHAMP- MILITARY A TRAINED LEADER AS A COMBAT SOLDIER IN THE /MARINES, MSMATH WON "SILVER STAR FOR BRAVERY-LED ASSAULT ON BOUSAKJ- VILLE... PROMOTED ON BATTLEFIELD TO LT. COL. ...AT -33,WAS INFANTRY TN6. OFFICER FOR MARINE CORPS... PROSECUTING ATTORNEY HOBBIES TI ELECTED PROSECUTOR OF GARLANB COUNTY IN 1946 MSMATH SET TO WORK DESTROYING THE ZOYEAR OLD MSLAUGHLIN POUTICAL MACHINE... SURPRISED THE NATION BY SUCCEEDING HOBBIES ARE SADDLE HORSES S HOUN' DOGS. re mm SID MSMATH Attend The Big Sid McMath OPENING RALLY BaseballPark, Pine Bluff, Sat. Night, June 12th, 7:11;ML Or Tune-in Your Local Radio Station 7:30 P.M. Over Entire Statewide RAZORBACKI SH

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