The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1953 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1953
Page 6
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWfl WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 19fl« ELIZABETH By Marion Crawford CHAPTER 13 Often, when the King and Queen were lunching away from Bfcck- ingham Palace, I would take the two girls to meals with the Household. On these occasions Princess Elizabeth would take the head of the table in place of Sir Piers Legh, the Master of the Household, and swiftly arrange her table. She played the part of hostess admirably. Sometimes there was a new footman, rather pink in the face, as it was the first time he had waited at the Royal Table. The Princess would take extra trouble to give him room to serve her properly. When he preferred ner a dish she would take it firmly and let him know she had hold of it. If the man had dropped a dish and felt humiliated, she would have been more uncomfortable than he. The sympathy extended equally • to animals. She would take endless trouble to see that the dogs were properly fed, for example. The Corgis, Susan and Jane, used to sleep in her room at the Palace. Feeding them was quite a ritual. Promptly at five o'clock a footman would approach along the corridor carrying a large checked cloth which he would lay down on the boards between the wall and the carpet. Then he would put down the two separate bowls of food and drin and knock on the Princess's doo to let her know the dogs' dinne was there. She would then come out am mix it for them herself — stanc ing by to see they did not eat i too quickly. If it was raining while she wa taking them for a walk, she would be most careful to see thev were dried properly, treating them as carefully as babies. Sometimes Princess Margarei took them out in the rain. Then Princess Elizabeth would Inspeci them to make sure they were dry. "Did you dry the dogs, Margaret?" she would ask. And the younger Princess, in a voice oi indignant innocence, would say, "Of course I did." Then would come Princess Elizabeth's voice, very shrill. "You couldn't have done! The towel is absolutely spotless," and she would rub them again herself. The elevators at Buckingham Palace are old and ponderous. They move slowly. But they are carefully looked after by two engineers. Princess Elizabeth would always make sure that the dogs were kept far from the gates In case they got their tails or noses Jammed. "Come here, Susan," she would say. "Keep still or you'll lose an ear." When a bomb fell on Hampton Court in 1951, where the Royal horses had been evacuated, one of the carriage horses in the stables was injured and was sent down to A Corgis doff, Jane, was a constant companion of the princesses during childhood. Here .lane is shown with Princess Elizabeth (left) and Princess Margaret Rose. Windsor Castle to recuperate. The veterinary surgeon who had to operate on the animal asked us if we'd like to see it. The Princesses were exciled, and one day after lunch we all trooped out to inspect the invalid. He was a large horse looking French Maritime Strike Ended PARIS (IP}— Prance's costly 23-day was very sad. "We must bury him in proper state." she said. The gatekeeper gave us » little white box about a foot long. It was sealed up at either end with a red seal, and looked rather like a package from the druggist. Then the three of us marched into the gardens to find a suitable cemetery. We had not gone far when Princess Elizabeth slopped with a look of horror on her face. "But how do we know he's dead?" she asked. Then we had to undo the coffin and make sure. There was no loubt about it, so we burled him under a flowering shrub. (To Be Continued) old maritime strike ended, yesterday as ship's officers at LcHavre voted to return to work at once. The decision was reached by a voUs of 48 bor (COT) »nd the Christian Workers Union which accepted Premier Rone Meyer's offer to arbitrate. . The men have demanded higher to >I6. I pay, a 40-hour week and 100 days The officers Jell In line with the! leave a year. decision of the Communlst-doml-l nnted General Confederation of La- Read Courier News Clawlfied Ads. Old Industries Among the oldest Industries still extant In England, excluslv5"*of hunting and fishing, are those of hurdle-making and fllnt-kiiapplng. The latter is the chipping of f,llnls for use in flintlock weapons, etc RUSSES pring or Ekutte Abdominal Belts Kirby Drug Stores EAT LIKE A QUEEN... BUY PINEAPPLE ICECREAM Now at Your Nearby ^ Midwest Ice Cream Dealer ^ . ,, fit HURRY! 12 DAYS ONLY! GOO ers showed us behind the scenes at the Reptile Hous. He brought out a very sleepy, sinuous python to show us which coiled itself lazily round him. I ' c:m still feel the horror I felt then. 1 was glad to see the others also turn a litllc pale, though (hey kept quite fit except for two gashes in I liloil ' courage under better control his side where the splinters had j inan I dlcl torn holes in the flesh. Princess Elizabeth was greatly concerned. "Oh, the poor thing!" she said, and wanted to know if there was anything she could do to ielp. "Is he quite comfortable?" she asked. "Can he lie down to sleep? Or does It hurt him too much?" The veterinary made a good Job nnd the wounds healed splendidly. But it was a long time before 'rincess Elizabeth lost her look of concern when anyone mentioned he horse. Her Interest in animals was not icnfined to horses and dogs. Lord ,ouls Mountbatlen came back on eave during the war bringing as n resent a large, scaly lizard which 'e learned was a chameleon. Princess Elizabeth quickly had a ox made In which to keep the reature. Princess Margaret ushed off and got a copy of Derett on which we put him. He mmediatcly changed to red. I have a horror of all slimy, rawly things. When the King was till Duke of York he took us all The Princess assured me that the chameleon was not at all like that. "Just touch him, Crawfic," ! they urged. "Just put your finger • on him. He's warm as anything i and quite dry." I Princess Elizabeth used lo car- | ry him on a hand to the big win- j dows in the dining room where there were always n few bluebot- •tles buzzing round. Here she would hold the creature in a convenient j position so that its long black tongue could snake out and seize one of these unfortunate flies. I was grateful that they were both kind-hearted little girls and not tiie sort who would have put him in my bed. With Princess Elizabeth, at least. I had the feeling she would refrain from such tricks, as much out of consideration for the chameleon as for me. Eventually it sickened. The Princesses were desolate. In the end I found a gatekeeper who had lived in the tropics and said he knew something about looking after chameleons, so we handed the creature into his care. Then one dny the gatekeeper re- the Zoo, where one oi the Keep- I ported It tteid. Princess EJizabeth Meet your L. 0. 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