Jacksonville Republican from Jacksonville, Alabama on April 4, 1861 · 3
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Jacksonville Republican from Jacksonville, Alabama · 3

Jacksonville, Alabama
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1861
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. "-. ?; - ..''"''"' -,7' jylAKOII 28, 1801. B. NiEBlil,-IiO cal Editor COCA li ITEMS. to fJtnatCapl 'Clair's company of JSioluntc'ers,ji'lfreh' passed through Jack- vtffiiVed at Oxfprd, wLth appropriate oer- k irao'nies and woleomed to ,thff hospital ' iliaol the place, whiph in this respect, '"would not suffer in comparison-with any village in tbo State. . Mr, Glover-Mattison, at the head of a largo procession "o'f . patriotic citizons ' uiot Capt. Clair some, quartet of a mile, from tbe suburbs,, and in behalf of the people generally, gavo ; him the usual welcome, in a few .portinept and elos nuont . remarks, which was responded to by the gallant Clair, in astra'in char-jctcristic of -that officer,. 'When the two companies reached the Hotel, Tipton Rradz'oud, one of Jacksonville's talented young Attorney's, being called . upon, addressed- the 'crowd in a short speech, which wo understand, was full of brilliance & pathos & in all rcpects, .tnnitjLtl)..thing .for. the occasion. Dr. Turk,;. also, .. spok.e. -to .'the assemblage doing 'justice to himself, and to the theme which Inspired' him. The re spouse of Cpfc Glair, to'these gentlemen was eminently worthy of his head and heart, whiofc is our. highest praise, after which we have only to state that the uoene having closed, the weary soldiers once more as in ; Jacksonville -felt themselves at home, -.,, Just as we were going, to Press, we had the pleasure of signing a memorial to President Davis, urging the claims of our distinguished fellow citi-icn, R, (J: Earle, for the appointment of Col. of one of the regiments of our regular army of Confederate" Troops. The paper carries with it the influence of 5 Jackson vilce, being signed by all, or by most "of our distinguished men. tCp-We have received "the bigest present from our whole-soul friend, J. 15. Farmer, that wo ever dreamed of during all the, past night time of our existence j it was a Lettuce! big as tho 'orb of the rising moon," and frilled beiiutifully as a lady's cap border. Wo appreciate the gift, and will refer to it in years to come as something green in "memory's waste;" Not far from the grocory, we saw a man lying flat on the pavement bis "back to earth, bis faco to hoaven,'' Like otio that is in battlo slain, Who never lives to fight again, lie reminded us of Charles Cassndy's epitaph, written by himself; it was brief but significant witness : , 'Ilcrp..liea Fo.lly.jit full length-" Uassady wo.? a drunkard. 4Sr0ur thanks arc duo to W. Y. Ilcndricks, Eaq., the competent and efficient l'ot Master at Silver Run, for bis kindness in procuring subscribers to the Republican, and forwarding advance subscripting. He will please; continue to act as agent for our paper. BJ-Wo hdv'o, as yot, received no letter from out promised correspond-. entsat Fort Morgan, though we hear bccasioiialiy'from the Calhoun Guards, itroucti other sources. Wt prcsunid ' otir.corresriondents. are st ent oh ac- count of having nothing to writo about. tt-The Sulpher Spring Grays, we learn, have boon ordered to 1'ort I'Ick ens, I'easacplit. Troops from South Carolina end Georga are also being sent to that point, nhd the signs now are, itiat the war will tfo opened there if It is to bogSnjinywhcre. , I"Ibis Ss the second week of our Circuit Court, Judge King presiding. we understand thai business is pro- gassing finely !n the way of clearing m .Docket, Several cases of long landing, ha'vo been continued J this ttinmds ns of Ilamiot's soliloquy, Iii aich he mentions, as one of the ills of life, "the lawV delay." The "bal oce of the week will, probably, be consumed by in the trials of oriminals. oUhomwe "have n plentiful supply. Many persona frOtn" the country aro fr daily Iecn nn .I,Binl.1;i ennarn. nnd wfi . - r-"--"ki ""pe that business oUtsidd tho Court ttouso is being kept tip generally. 5?I is rcquesf!d that tho citiiens 'itlie Eastern portion bf Calhoun conn" "Jcet at I'hipp'a, ori the 2d Salur-5n Apri for the purpose of organ '""S a Volunteer Comnanv, -for the toranion defonse of the country, and to ""la itself in readiness to march at tho tal1 f tlio Governor, li8a.Thel!ashviIlo Demoorat keeps P its abuse of Jeff Davisi- The editor f that villianous sheet Styles Davis an "in'Salod bigot,?' and' deol(ircs,: with l4sofindignationrthat ho i proud $ Belztbubv . Oh'i what ah eycso.ro is S wy countrymen 1 ."Nay, I will liotstnndlt' qneth'ihe little edit6r H knife in hand,. I will marc'h' to Soulhrano!fitflofc these doyilsl W I Vill fight them sfhjrlchandcd'by "JMir? and- if I fall, it will.be oovored.. Jim gioty"(Jhe exaBpcrattid .bditor ,hted, aftfl Was .borne out on, two Th$pcrforraato0 hiving cfosod, W ourtains fell.) - ' , '.PS We are fequeslicl to state, Bar. "'ooly horaa will I'e exhibited to- '&rSiDfioiho rop'orted aetidn-orthe "KhingWb Cabinet in relatfo"fl" to Ih'e 5nidoA of Safaiof, Hhe abolftwhfsts- PPoar on' Ki.'A " VA " . ti -. o i""v ivnu jvRim jpjHinuioi if aa innocent mistake, Wh m,h Jishect last week, Rev. JO, Smith as themaster. of ceremonies, in a marriage nniuii came qii at gross Plains, Republican of 28th inst 1 rq L"?eo Wo humbly beg our Parson's for. giyeness for the injury we plight bare . -ntentionallyone biW an item of interest, we tnaV mention that our Stage Contractors, Mess, Powell & Hutohison, have built a large and commodious stable, for the stock pn this line, "which adds some- tiling tp our town. Also, a .shqd-rdon is peing ereoted, apart frim the stable, intended to. keep their now and splen: did Coaches from the weather. 03 What s the surrender of Fort burater but a practical rooognition of the independence of South Carolina. or what right has tbo Federal Govern-ment to object to the recognition of our Confederacy by' foreign governments, B&Two Comets arc now looked for by astronomers the De vico Comet, which appeared in 1855, and the cele-,' brated comet of Charles V. What significance shall wo attaoh to theBe mysterious.orbs, comingin view just at this- conjuncture? Of the heavens it was said -'it is given for sign and ior seasons." At the time of tbo destruction of Jerusalem, a comet made its "appearance, stretching in the shape of a sword, half across the firma-iiiont ! OJ-Iteports say that Messrs. Fes senden, Wilson and Hale, in their triple attack' upon Douglas, showed no more strength than tow strings in the hands of a giant. They were all Bent to grass, and the galleries awarded the bolt to the little giant. ffiWe mentioned the fact last week that A. Oberndorf & Co. were receiving large quantities of .Now Goods. It would be well for thoso wiahin O to purchase good bargains, to note the fact, mentioned in their advertisement this morning, that their goods came through a few days before the late high tariff went into operation. First IjOtc Respectfully Dedicated to Mr, J. . Tliompson, of Calhoun, Go.; 'Twns a dream of the past All too blissful to last Tis gong ! let it sleep with the dead j I would let the cup pass, Stoep'd with wormwood, alas, Sinco the morn of enchantment lias fled. Tbo angel that camo On bright wings or flame, Flaoting down 'he blue aisles above, Hath taken its flight, Leaving mildew and blight On ray path once radiant with love. What o'er now betides Life's bark, ns it rides On the sea of tho future's deep gloom, This much, I may knom, T hnvo passtd tho one woe, In whose shadow I'll sink to tho tomb. Hut I'll sigh not, nor weep billing memory to sleep 1 ma aucrub iuukuu up ill Illy Ull'USb, For tho' groat bo my grief, LiU', at most, is but briet, And boyond, even I may bo blest. j Metilin1;s tlor0 ar0 nono j Who to Heaven have flown, Thatare strangers to love, such as minoj It-, it .I..-. i " sot lnB or,.Snl' S"J . But mocks the sad eve The stars do but treacherously shino. iu E. H. For the Republican. Respectfully inreribod lo tba "Home Upiirus." by a Inuy oi jiicKsonviue How Me.t are our homes; in safety wo . rest, No foes can come near us, no danger mo lest; Odr botdrns afo free from each doubt and i;inrt fftllr. And in neaee we retiose. while the Home Guards are near. Oh, happy the day that enrolled this brave band, The noblest the truest throughout our v..-n, it innrf. uur uie.3iii3 "I'm" y -- revere, For nil will be well, while Uie "Homo Guards nre ne&u" And honored the wife of each truo gallant She kiiflws his devotion, she .trusts in Ins For Cod is hi's strength, nor death will he And safe is fh e wife, while tbe Home Guards are near. And safe i3 the maiden whoso sire is her Ouard, , ,. May her smile and caresses ever he his reward; . . .. , Hor mornings Kow joyous, her evnings how dear, . , . ... Wn'tTrnn'il hnmai at midnighti while tne Homo Guards aro near. How blest are our homes; in safety we rest, No foes can come near us, oO danger mo- Ourbosolas are frae from each doubt and Andmatjweawell, white the Home Guards are near April 1st; I8fil ' BSrWe -learn, from a i dispatch from Mobile!, that the loop Isabella, Capt Jones, lad on with provisions for the U. States flcetr off Pensacola, was seized ort the night of the 20th inst., by tho Cehfcdef ate troops. HlSTORlT OF OOtf CONVESTIOH. Hon'. W. E. Smith, of Tuscaloosa, m-f YnMioh vortf shortlr. a history 6f the Alabama Cohventibn meludin the aebatcs, abd prinmplo spoeohos of the loading memuera oij.no ouuyeuMuu. - Hon. J il L Ourr has aoe'eptoct the invitation to address, tho two Literary Societies of -Howard College at the n-riarComtneneemoht iti Juno nost, fihri- , Winfield oott, it i.s,Baidr is on 1 ; i .r- n 41.11 nnrl nnnnrnto ?P?B ln ! i VTh irnui The hlStOTV 01-uiis nw;:-""r'an I T-DV aff inn'nRnnt.miaobi t. i 5 ,M. m ii m mrinw-i-iiiiriiiniismnirii i i ii.mnnw.Vii i minium iwr'nHlh i i, ...,,ri.rSlf For the Republican. StfLPHBR SPRING GRAYS. Farewell, to this, our littla lin.,,1. i ' "jnuer you uow nearc anu Hand; , And though, you leave us still we feel ' r t-.i ..... i' ... i . . r . Much tinctured with that ardent zeal, Which rnimates yo ur Southern blood And leads you forth to 6 tern the flood-. With courage, as your spirit wtrms, Willing and prompt to shonlder arm, You now resort to sterner things To "the last argument of kings:" "Which does appear in this event, To be a wei s ut v argument Then go that precious banner bear Presented to you by tbe fair Beneath its waving colors go, And firmly face the inveterate foe-And while the mem'ry is renewed,' You'll never, never, be subdued. Calhoun, with firmness speaks her name-And while such lanrels crown her fame.' We will remember, while ive breathe, 'Twere you thatgnve this costly wr.ulhe. Farewell may you to glory nsy May vict'ry crown your enterprise. March, 1801. J. R y rrpTho Lawrence Mass. Sentinel, has the following stricture on tho plea of "the military necossity" of evucua ting Fort Sumter to Die "rebels." H will stew tho tone Of on the mildest virus which produces Running Suras, Boils Of the Republican Journals: j Abscesses Cancers Salt Uhe.un Erysipelas, m, i , Mr Complainls Pol yphus in the Nose, Ul- llie abandonment of Ft. Sumter, as ceisof the- Womb, Tumors, Caibuholes, and a stroke of policy, done with a view to I vim,''"t oalemal distempen. conciliate and strengthen tho Union L In t-1"3 ''n ,"'TS"J Ce"t.1 n?,d olll,i 5tl.o fi,i: 0i.i . ; Amcncii Radway's Renovating Resolvent Southern leeling, might have merit, in ! perlomied the most miraculous cures of Lep-motive at least, if not in wisdom. But j ro!,y. Running Sores, Syphilitic Sores, Nodes, when done on the miserable and false ' 0tlln!llmla' cnncera 111 the Mouth Sore Eyes, plea of "military necessity," it is hu- ?'lo,r"'5' r" obstinate cases qAsth-L;i:.,m.J j- p .i . , ma, it allords immcdinte re ef Tuhercles in mihating and disgraceful in the nst do. ' H. Throat and r. u it ,,i,n gree. To confess such national impo-! cence is to uegruae ourselves in the eyes 1 and opinion of all the nat bus, and pub-! l.-ol, ....... i i i J '., , I sh our conntry abroad as contciiiptiblo. Any sacrilicc, almost, is bi'tter thnn such ignominy. Our imvci-nmeut, wo believe, is strontr enouu-h vet in nrntm.i Itself. It IS stroll" enoil''h to forhnnr. - v V tt 1 but not to submit to downright dis grace. There is no "military necessi ty,' compelling the federal govern, ment to this step. Our navy, available for that purpose, is sufficient to reinforce and nmply provision Fort eumter by sea, and a half a million of men can be summoned into service, at a word, to effect samo purpose by land. The editor forgets that the President 1 I,., . li i . p. n: . ! MUa u t, . Ulutc ,m Uil.ling OUC Hie malitia, and waging war, either by sea ui iuiiu, uvuuiml me ooiuu. mo Jl res- . - w - nut iim o piunury power, out ventive, lurtibes the name against the inllu-simply acts as the agent of tho people ' enecs of bad air, bad water' damp, sudden He is a puppet in the hands of Con- ' c,,?llK;s of temperature, and every species of gress, and noither the people nor Con. ' gress Have authorized him to do unv Such thing. . , ; CoBJg-rc8wion:J Bi.s(Dics. Alabama, in the Southern Confederation is entitled to nine representative?. The following are Districts as arranged by tho late -State Convention. 1 Diitrict Lauderdale, Franklin, Law re n eo, Limcstouo, Madison and Morgan. 2d Diitrict Marion, Winston.IJlount, Jefferson, Walker, Tusoiiloosaand Fayette. Scl District Jackson, Marsh .11, Do-. Kalb, Cherokee and St. Clair. ilh District Calhoun, Itundolph, Talladega and Shelby. 5t District liibb, Perry, Jfercngo, Greene, Pickens, Sumter and Choetnw. tilh District Dallas, Autauga, Cuo- sa, Lowndos, Uutlornnd iMuntgotncry. la JJmtriel- lulluiioosa, Chambers, ftusscll and Macon 8lh District Harbour, Henry, Dale, Coffco, Pile and Covington. tithDislrict Conecuh, Monroa, Wilcox, Clarke, Washington, Mobilo and Baldwin. Tlx Difference. Tho last Government loan authorized at Washington was taken at an a vera go discount of 10 per cent The one before the last at 12 percent, discount. A portion of the loan authorized nt Montgomery has boon taken nt a pre mium of 5 ner cent. and. no doubt, the remainder will bo taken on enuallv ail- . . ... . . - - . vantajteous terms. Atlanta Confcde J TacU' TUB STATE OF JUIBMT.1,1 Cattoun County. ) Court of Probata for Calhoun County, Ala. Special Term, April. 1st, A. X). 1801. Tins dav came Jessaofl M. Peott. a mlfoftri nf M?rI fiiiiinlv. And nresnntrtd his petition in writing, representing that rn the 2Gth day of February 1XGI ltobcrt Scott, Sn , died in said county of Calhoun, leaving a paper writing purporting to be his last will and testament, which will is dated the 25th r. y. , day of July 18(50, and said petitioner: bresenfs Said eanor writinir antl fi.ks that the same be iirovcn, established, arid admitted to record, as the Last Will and Testament of the said Rob ert Scott 'deceased, left the .following heirs at law to wit; Thomas Scott, John Scott, and the children of Fanny Grooms deceased, late runny hcott, whose names are not known all of whom are non-residents, Kobt Scolf, jr, fco- nhiall. Jackson and petitioner, ,I. Scott, who reside in said conn Calhoun, nnd all of said heirs a full aire except the children of the said Fanny Grooms, whose ages are not known to petitioner. r. , j. ... 1 It is ordered by lite L'ourt that tho , 13th dav of MBV 1801, bo set for the Probate ol said will, nnu nonce tneres of be given by publication in the Jacksonville Republican, a weekly newspas p6r printed & published in said county tot three successive weeks prior losaid day, as a notico to said nofi-residents heirs, ana nil otcer persons cuuuuriiuu, to be, end appear ot a regular ternj of said Court to be holden at the L'ourt House of said county on said idtn uay of May 186 1 j and contest tho Probate of'said Will if they think proper. Witness, A. Woods, Judge of said court at office this the 1st day of April A. D. 1801. A. WOODS, Judge of April 1st 1861. 3t. , Probate, j Slicrlff Sale. . 4 BY virtue of ono anas n. .iiw mmvn frem the circuit Court of Calhoun County Aiaoanmf 7, in favor of the State of illabnma - end a-gainst. Daniof A. Self. J. H- Cooper, T O Marable. Thomas J Ilarrwon, 1 will sell to the highestbldder for cash, before the court house door in he" Town f Jackson, villo, Calhoun county,- Alabama, on tho fi st Monday in May ncx the Mowing described property, to-wit; one negro boy named Lee1, ind M. Sorrel Mule to od en es the property of D A bclf. to.satia fysaidexeeution. R jy ghft G, Vf. DtCiUE,,. 8, . April' ff 1861-$ " n. it. IB. . THE MINUTE MEDICINE, Radway's Ready Rewe? conquers pain, arrests fever, subdues spasms, restores sus-pended animation, and is the only stimulant in existence that repels at the outset all attacks of disease, allhrding time to prevent tho return of the naroxyism by means of Railway's Regulating l'jlls. The great object ol prima ry medication is to meet th first shock of a disorder with a powerful counterworking influence, and thus prevent prostration. If the vital power can be sustained until tho cause of sickness is removed by purgation ol the bowels, and an equalization of the circulation, a cure is certain. This grand object is nccom. plished by the Ready Relief, which should therefore always be at hand to meet emergencies. Railway's Regplatino P.is empty the" obstructed bowois without pain, act specifically upon the liver, and at once purify, and nourish the blood and restore the equilibrium of the circulation. Without risk of the after-consequences of Calomel, Blue fill, Quinine, Potash, or Iron, they nl once expel all morbid matter from the system and re nut its energies acling as a purgative, alterative, and stomachic. In these effects vegetable medication has its perfect triumph, RAD WAY'S RENOVATING RESOLVENT Has annihilated by its cures the theory of transmitted diseases. It eradicates hereditary Throat and Lung diseases and Scofula; and is lunw.-iro biiaiji ivi'.u!.!' C"'I"UU0 , "M " 1 , u" cases of sudden attacks of pain, ackness, or ncstiloutialer.idemics, it will break up tho disease and afford nshintaiieous ease and co"'lt- In froup, Womis, Sure Throat, Kadway's Heady Relief nets immediate ly. lludway's Remedies are suM by Druggists everywhere. RAD WAY & CO., 2H John Street, . Y". It. It. R. FAREWETX CAIMEIL, aiMli J'1H, KINK. jri- FAREWGLI, OPIUM, CHLOllOKOltil, AND AL- wnuu. Rad-vavs Remedies combine all that is nl,irl Inrthn nnr.mlinn. m.rifiMlinn. n..m. Intion, iuvienration, and harmonization or all tho orpins of the human body. jvAOffv s heady iki.iki', utKeii as a ire- "t .. h.i. ' "T 2? ' Z.Z ' 'set of anv disease it mips ahnr. Admhiis- : tered Inter, it mspeuils the disorder, and nl-! fords an opportunity for the other remedies . 10 exercise mcir benign lullucnee. IMPORTANT TO PARENTS. Every patent should keep a supply ol Rati-' way's Ready Relief constantly in tin- house. I It not only cures but will ward nil attacks of Fever and Ague, Croup, Influenza, Sore , Throat, Small Pox, Scarlet Fever, Typhoid , Fever, nnd other malignant diseases, and in rases of IthetiinutUm. Neiimliia. (.'rami), i Snnsms, Pains. Achs. and other infirmities, on applica'iun of the Reat'y Relief externally, or u leaspoonful in a little water ns n drink, will stop the most excruciating pains in from me in uiieeii minutes. In (.nvere nllaclis of Croup Dipthoria or Sore Throat plague Railway's Beady Relief will always save life, and quickly euro the patient. RADWAY'S REGULATING PILLS. Are tha ffrunl- rogeuomtivo nuidiciim nf tha n"c. Ladfcs for years the victims of depressing, life-consuming complaints of a specinl nature, are restored to health and vigor by , i...;. ..... ah it ..i:nn... il-....i:..B r d... S(0maeli bowcls.nud liver, yield to the first or second dose. Six Pills sufllre in the worst rases, unit they operate in from throe to six hours, more effectually than U0 of the drastic Coated with sweet gum the Pills liava ho disagreeable llavor. They not only cure Cnslivvuess qiiiclily but permanently, and in I billiousness they arc Infallible. Dyspeptics . Who liavo sulTercd lor years, recovor in a few I weeks under this painlcs operation. They I art powerfully npun the circulation of the blood, rendering it filiform and equable , tbioughout the system. j LADWAY'S RENOVATING RESOI 1 VKNT , I Searches the diseased blural, nnd purges i! of, inllammnlory and corrupting particles. For ruronic uiseases.siinnoscu iu oe iiiiiacii iii uiu . chronic disensrs. supposed to be lnlixed in the rtl, nn.l n,. it nil heln. it is thnnne mvarmLU cure. There is not a flesh or skin tiimniiir ilm? ran rosist (his miifhtv disinfec I lent. Ulcerated Sore Throat, Bronchitis, 1 iiuerrles on the lungs, an iormi oi uicera-, : linn, inward or outward, succumb before its anti-scptfc anti-inflammatory action. , Haduay's llcmcdicj are sold by Druggists . ' everywhere1. ; I RADH'Al'&CO- 23 John Street, N. Y. .vireet, M. y. J icral wholesale i for the stale of m?i W,h V11, T. N". Antrim, ' D- Hoke & Bra, agents , , Jacksonville Ala. AlabamA, (1. Coster & Co.i liaviliinil Clark tc George, Slobile. Ilnfchings tc Garsidc, Glackmeyere & Hill-iard, B. S. TTteis & Co supply the trade at the same prices, char' gcd by Railway tc Co in new xatK. uuy. .Montgomery. ft. t,. Ross. 'foscumbia, Ata Titos- T. HI cA tin in. KMPA 1111311 or iralclict, Clorlia if Jctcctry, Kr.srs on hand a select vis "7 jp , i ii .......v.. t i .'gviiomis, wnicu win uv sum jvvv jfer rash, tins rio superior as ftate. , , . st Wxwiik of his make can ),e iecn at my shop, west side: of ilajn slrccf, .;i tSu J,r t(inV e Kemiblican Ollicfl. Ai wwk bn chfonomefers l Watches ma,ie forfi,ne kcenintt, repaired at my shop, .ivrintdA IWl- ftni vear. Terms cash on delivery of work. April -1, 1801. ly. mm ieisohs Why you should huy your Spring supply of A. OJRCKDOISV & CO. OXFORD. Because yon cart buy the best gooJj there, Became yon can select from tho largest as sortmcnts in, , Because yon can boy cheaper than at any other store, . , , , Because yoa esnt buy the latest & best styles. Becausif you can certainly expect fair and honorable dealing, . BScausc you can buy more goods for the same Because tut gooedn were bought ;hippcil ueloro tno new wu. pcration artil therefore are lower than the roods, laidirt by most other houses, Refloef apoft there Reasons. Call soon and Jlopoat your call's oftc)! nt. A, OBERNDORF CO, April. 4, 1801. fipti??- OWES, J&W TrtT Aaniinr of this Countir, at tils various appointment, "frill ro-oelve tlie nmnes of persons whhtnn to Jboctime subfioribevs lotte fapuWcvn. Hp "is sullioriactt" to oner very uucim terms, 'arid also, lo" fefteive Rrtd reooipt for sabscriptlowl. I i i.-t.rt Atrfni tlx crrtr4 ftf Mr, Ftnte f i v t,ot,u KA n until it Mnfur -" i IV of InS. I feel ronfidcntlhat. 1 hazatu noilimg ' .J,. nr in asserting to the public, thai Mr. Fichera : Election JYotitle, IH pursuance of the" pfovWora of "an act to 'provide-foTithe election of certain Militia Oflicerscf the State of Alabama," approveil Fehrujry 8, 1601, 1 will open and hold an E-lection on the first Monday frr May next at the several Election Precincts in Calhoun County, A In, for the pujposs of electing a Mujor General of the 8th Division; and also for Brigadier Generul of the 16th Brigade, Sth Division; and for Colonels of the 7Snd 7:11(1, and 07th Regiments, ICtli Brigade, Sth Division, Alabama Militia: and the following namrd persons are herein- nuiH'inlud bv tliu' J udge of Probate, Inspectors of said Elec-I tion, tq-wiU For Pre. No. 1, Jacksonville, Pre No. 2. Alexandria. Pre. No. 3. Court Ground, PreJVo. 4. Court Ground. Pro No. 5. Polkville. Pre No. 0. Peek's Hill. Wm. H. i lemmg, James Crow tc M W Abernatliy. S J T Whatley, J A Glad Hen, anil i K Ureen I Alfre I Wight, Wiley Glov-) er and Asu tkoHon. I I M Fqrd, EAR Smith, & ) Barzllln Murphree. I Noah Goodo, A Downiug ft ( Elisha V. Weaver. 1 A W Kerby, J M Smith & ) H E ini-ii Pre No. 7. I Wm. Abels, Abel Philips k Court Ground, iiinil. I V P Posey. Pre No. S. 1 B Neighbors, J Prater, and p. ) Henry Wnlden. Wnldeu's shop. 1'ie io. . Ladiga. Pre No. 9. Cross Plains. Pro. No. 10. Rabbit Town IliL Alexander, Love Alex-) ander, & Berry Priclmnl. 1 Neil Ferguson, JP Dailey ) and J T A Hughes. 1.1. W. Whiteside, Orswell J Onllir. and A. S. Bums. Pre.No.lt, I White Plains, I Mai tin and Julin B. Havs. Pre No. ia. I G. J. Davis, Juo. C Ulston Yoes X Roads, J and John P Luckey. Pre No. 13, W B. Robertson, J no. Spen-Oxford. j cer and John A. Turnip seed Pre No. I I, I Elijah Teague, F. Ross and Court Ground, j Jool Black. Pro No. 13, ) Abner ColTey, F Vaughan Pine Grove, f and Wm. P Amorino. Pre No. 10, 1J VV Wtggmltort, Win. Me-Abcrnathey, j Mahan and J M Owens. Pre No 17, I Sydney Carruth, Irvin Ow-Fnir Play, J ens and Ransom Brown. Pre No. 18, (AD Chandler; William R Pine Thicket, ( Drown and Martin Dobbs. Pre No, 19' Wm M Stoiy. Welcome Phipps' court g j Duke and Wm Howell. Pre. No. 20, Matthew .Alexander, John Court Ground, ( S Borden and C 1 Wheeler. Pre No. 21, ( Z Henderson, Peter Acker Sulphur Spring, ( and James England. Pre No. 22, 0,'homas Bennett, John A. Court Grounc, J Spaiildiug & R F G Porter. Pre No. aa, 1 .1 W McDanicI, Wm. H P Pleasant Hill, j Pesnell, and J R Northcut. Tho Bnilids of each election Precinct, are hereby appoidted the returning nfliccrs lor their respective Election Precincts. F.LOVE, Shjaf March 28, 1S01. Calhoun Co. BLACKSMITH BUSINESS. mur .- i X informs the citizens of Ox ford and vicinity, that he Ims per manently located himself at that place, and is prepared to execute Blacksmith work in all its vari ous branches j such as Farm Work. Mill & Bliicliine Irons, Ironing and Repairing Buggies Carriages, Particular attention paid to horse shoeing, I ransicnt persons con have horses shod or other work done umm the shortest notice. r cooa stocK ol iron c. aiwnys on tianu, I He may be constantly found at his place of uusiness, rcniiy lo execute all worn needed ...: , . , . ! which win ue warrauicu uy mm, ana e.ucu leu on reasonable terms. Ten per cent deduction for casli custom from the usual credit prices WM. P. PRICKETT Oxf Ala., Mar. 8, 1800. ly. EAVK on hiuul n genarnl stock, of jriEiiCJiMjrjtJzeis To which they invite tho ntlcutiun of the tikizens of Oxford and vicinity. "Wo sell for short nrolits, and tiromnt nnvini: cus loiners will find it to their interest to trade with us. All wo nsl: is, to eoniparo our Uoouh nntl prices with nny in tno Ununty, nnd if you nre not then sntitied, wo will not ask yon to trade with us. : CoTTON YAUXS nlwnys on hand lor cneli only. UxlorU, Kov. z'J, Law, S. MOIttlAN. T. i. 3I0IUUN, C J. COOKKU, hew $imi AUGUST MEYERS. T) Esi'F.CTniM.v inform tho publio that JLV) lio Has op on ed n largo nnd well eo- luuteil xtock of SPRING AND SUMMER On the north side of tho publit) pquaro in lacksnnville, in tno store room lormor , ... - m.. . , , , lJ occnpicu ny atipos uowinnu ana rcnlly by Hocnn & Bro, This stock embraces evory article usu nlly Milled for in this market; nnd iw tie desires to cstnnlisn a permanent business, he !.i determined to conform his prices to lud interests of his easterners, and IcaVo no efforts unused fur their convenanco ami Accommodation. Cull unon nnd oxnmino his cond.i, and Call upon and examine his goods, and give an Opportunity Id prove that can please you both in quality and prices. Jacksonvilic, Ala. Alar. 28, lfi(51 C m, THfi STATE OS A LAB A MA, 1 Calhoun County, j Court of Probate for said County, Special Term March 6tlt, A. B, 18G1. THIS day came Step Roberts, administrator of the estate of David L.Jfob erLi, deee'tL nnd filed his nccotint nnd vouchers for a final settlement of said estate. It is ordered by the Court thnt the Sill day of April, 1801, bo set apart for tho examining, stating and allowing said ac count nnd makine said settlement, nnu mm nonce iiiureui uu iiivuii uj muiu'- tinn in the Jacksonville Republican, n newspaper printed and published inSaid county, for three successive weeks prior to snid day M n, notice to the creditors of said estate, and nil othcrpereons concerned, to bo and anneal1 at a special Term nf said ! court to he hohlen nt the court Hnuso of mid county, on saul otn nay oi April 18G1, nnd contest tho making of said set tlement 11 tlioy think proper. Witness: A Woods, Judge of said court, at office on ibis Sth day of March 1861. A. WOODS, Judge Mar; 7, 1801. 3t. Jrobnle. JAM I4S ISlSEIiL, dkalbii irr EXCHANGE, Tnlfadcfftti 'Mm CHECKS ta any amount on New 1'orlt & Charleston' And in moderate sums on Wow Orleans tt, mobile, tty Sight Checks on all the above cities bought. 03" Special allcnthn given lo DcposHca, Collections and ItemittancesV Jnnnary, 18((tK Send); Greeting: L Lti lli oso irtdobted to fiini will JTJw plc'nso call at the Office b?- Messrs. Turnley & Easley, Jacksonville, Ala.y on the eait flido : of the publio equaro,-who havo bis books,, and settle by task otnote, and save costs to themselves, and trouble to thoir friends , Daniel liftFNAtf. ,Sfech'21yl80r-.6t,. r . Oxford STEAM ENGINE ffllll It out e , G- co r-si a . IOJl the manufacture of Locomotives . Stntionnry Engines of nny sizs bi pattern iiconrdiug to order. Rail Knnil win k, Iron bridges & Honfn Hot lilasts for Furnaoos, & Rolling Mill, CiuitingH and Machinery, Housing, Mill Screws, Turning Lathes, Drill Presses, Shafting, &o. Gas k Water Works erected j all kinds of Machinery repaired. Have always on hand Wrought Iron Stonm & Water Pipe, Steam Cooka, Ouiiges, Ac. CASTINGS OF ANY SIZE. Iron and Brnsa castings made to order have always on hand somo of the best GIN GEARING in tho Country ; aUo Gudgeons, Castings for Horse Power, Thrashing Machiucs, and a variety of Ucaiituul ritttci-ns ot lion Jtailtng Mr Dwellings, Tuhlie Duildings, Cemetery Lots, &o. BOILERS. Flue, Tubular, Jjuuiimuiivoand Cylonder noiicrs, made ropnirou, w ater ranks, Blast Pines, Gasometers, AVrmight Irou Snioko bttieks, &e. Blacksmith work made tn order, MINING MACHINERY. Cornish Pumping, Knginos, Crushers, Lifting nnd Force Pumps, Pump Koda & Joints, Whim and Whin.u Kibbles, St (imp Ilonds of any rcnuirod hardness; all kinds of MINERS TOOLS, Particular attention is givon to this brunch of husinoss Sir. Jumos Noble, Sr., who superintends tl o work, having been a lonjj time in Europe fur the nunoBe nf obtaining the latest improvements and drawing oi mi a ins work. Persons in wont of Steam Engines will do well to call on us beforo going else where, wo will warrant our Engines to be equal in every particular to tho best made nnywhoro, nnd for simplicity nnd durability not to be cxcollcd. A list of pricos sent on application. We can make and put up Engines iu runningordurnnd warrant them, for less than they can bo had from Philadelphia or rsow i one, nono nut tno uost niuterial used m our work. All honors manufac tured atom- cstablishiuoutwe will warrant to be of tho best No. 1 Penun Charcoal Hammered Iron. Wb aro now manufacturing a now Iron Cotton Screw with Anti-Frlotion Ball. thoso who havo them prefor them to nil o- tn ere. wo invito all in want ol a good serow, that will always last to paek nny sizo onie, to examine tins. HAVE ON HAND AND FOR. SALE rERY LOW Ona 30 Horse Engine, One 15 " 11 Ona 10 ' " Two 8 " " Also a second hand Locomotive with G driving wheels, admirably adapted for Froicht Switch or Construction Entiinc. has been rebuilt having new fire box and Flues. Having tho largest establishment nnd mnohiiiory of any shop iu the' Stato, and as ovory depni-tnient is superintended by ourselves wo fcol confident that wo can do work ns cheap and equal to any in the unucu states. NOBLE BROTHERS Jc CO. April, 5 1000 ly. Mine Gil. TO TIE PEOPLE. ALL pcrsonswill hereby toko notioc that tho undersigned has removed bis Cabinet Shop to tho publio square two door3 West of A. It. Smith's store where ho inlands working for tho publio. lie has procured the best of work. moil, and will make ull kinds of Cabi net work, in bis line, sueh as 13oreus, Sideboards, Secretaries, Book Casos, llcdstcuds of all kinds: Lounges, Cribs tauios, vvnrcirones, Vfl8iistanUs and, iu fact, all kinds of work to bo made out of Mahocony, Walnut, Ponlar. Pino also, Coffins made to order, and bur- ricis attoniieu promptly. All work will bo Bold for CASH, or is cquivolont in Produce, Pine Lumber, or Gum, Wallnut, tut. We can't Credit, Anything in ottr line may bo I-UW J1UU. TTIJS aiUiNiSX. Owing to the hardness of times, and the little demand now for hew furni ture besides llio wish to be useful I havo uolcrmihd to travel in this, and tho adjoining counties, for tbe purpose of KEPAI1UNO old Funiituro, && I Will have a small wutreon. in which 1 will take all necessary Tools, Varnishes, &6 I will have cood Workmen to attend to my shop whilo I am gone, I wait on pooplo at their houses, and win no sure to navo XiOcks, ocrews, Hinges, Statn-varnish, Oil, Turnenlinc and Mahdgony everything necessary to mend and furbish up Old lurmlure, making it look as well as tbe new. I will also, carry with hid a supply of little articles crcatlv iri demand, vix; Jlolting Pins for dough, WindoWiroll-ers turned and varnished, need to" hang Curtains : llooks to bold curtain nn : and Knobs U) bold them baotc at the sides of the window. In addition, wo will havo Wheel whirls, iMpcs of my own mrnufacturc, warranted to out- smoke any other pipe now in uso, and to last ten limes as long. By"i'ersons wishing my services will write to ine soon, so that x may hnd Ihcra on iny rout. J O.N II II. CRAWFORD. V. S. I fake this occasion to in v (hat I would accept, as a copartner sa my Shop, any good workman who Is at sober anu an industrious man. Jncksnnville, Feb. 12, 1801. House Sign nnd Ornamental m PAINTING. rpilB nnleriimed respectfully informs his JL friend's anil the public generally, that he is permanently settled in Jncksonville, and will lie prepared t all times trt execute work in his line, in the town ami surrnuml-ing country, in the neatest most durable and fashionable style, and upon the most reason- able terms. t Mis long experience in the business, ena-Mcs him to promise, with the utmost confidence, to (five the most perfect satisfaction to all who may favor him with their patronage. When absent fiom home, his sort will contract for and execute" all. work, in. any style that may be required. Any Information that may be desired rel alive to his ability to execute -work in superior style, enn be obtained from a. number of the best citir.ensof Jacksonville and vicinity, for whom he has executed Work, J. Z, BRADY. Bpt, 20, 186Q.tf. BAGOM CORN It FLOUR I Srt,000 boahoW ehoitrCdrrit- ' XO,000 pounds Bnooo, Hams, 0,00' Sides ' JO,O0O Shoulders, ' ( pounds Leaf Lafdin bbls, & kfri t rtll .Va C.Mtw ttr r ri IjQQQ .; -Sriperfln' . t ' Oa hahot"and to arrive. For safetiv , ,i,uiA,-xji;ooif,i,u(i 1 llwne,- G4.,- Martf, X2S, ISO!,, . f- jSHEMFJF 8rfX.ES. POSTPONED SHERIFF SAfcE. BYtirtneof 2 executions, issuod from tho circuit court nf Calhoun county- end to me directed, one in favor of W, J. Walker & Co. vs. John B, l'uliner, and one in favor of Joshua It. "Walker. Ex ecutor, Uss of officers of Probate Court, will sell to the highest bidder fur cash, beroro the court house door in tho town of Jncksriiivillc, on the first Monday, in May next, 186L, the following dcHorl-hod Land to-wit: the north wait fiiurtli of sootinii 5. townshin 14, ron2a7. 100 aefes 1 also the oast half of the south west fourth of section 5, township 14, range 7, K0 a. oreBj lovieh on as" tho property of said Palnior to satisfy said executions F. LOVE. ShlT. . Feb. 7 ?5. By 11 ALEXANDER, v s. POSTPONED Y virlno of I alias li. fa. issued from the Crenit Court of Calhoun county nnd to mo directed, in favor of John A. Winston & Co. vs. 3 L Davis, E J, Mnllnry, J B Mullory and M J Turnley, I will sell to the highest bidder for cash, before thu court house door in tho Town of Jacksonville, Ala. on the first Monday, in Muy next, 1861, one negro pirl named Emily, 30 years of ugo, loviod on as the property of Dcfcndnitt, to satisfv said li fa. ' v. loTf.. rain; Feb. I I. '01. Py R, ALRXAN 0RRI D 3. POSTPONED SMSE11SFSP 8J1X.E. BY virtue of one fifus Issued from the droit court of Cherokee County, and to me directed, in Invor of Crane, Boylston & Co. and asninsti John 6- Menns, I will sell to the hichest bidder for cash, before the Court houso door in the Town uf Jacksonville, Ala. on the first Monday in May 18(11, the following described Land, to-Avit; north cast jourth of south cast fourth of sertfon 32, T. 12, ranj;e 7, containing 40 acres; also fraction B, section 20, township 12. nini;e;7, rentaiu-ing 01 acres; also fraction No 2, Setttion 20, township 12, range 7. containing 60 acrct; also south half of south east quarter of sec. 20 township 12, range 7, containing 80 acres-levied on ns tho property, of said Meuns to satisfy said ft fa. F. LOYE, ShfF. jmi .24 tO 00. POSTPONED " Sheriff" Sale. BY virtue of ono 11 fn. issued from the circuit court of Calhoun county, Ala, in favor of B S Simmons vb. J 15 Nelson, I will sell to the highest bidder fur cash, before tba court houso door in tho town of Jacksonville, Ala., on the first Monday in May 18(11, 1 yoke oxen leviod on as the property of said Ntlsnn to satisfy said fi fa. F. LOVE, Shff. Jan. 31 SI 50. By A J L0V13, d s. POSTPONED " BIT virtue of one Ufa, issued from the circuit court of Calhoun county and to mc directed; in favor of Thos. II Sparks, vs, John L. Durrough, I will sell to the highest bidder for each before the Court bouse door in the Town of Jacksonville, Alabama, on the flrst Monday in Mays 1801, the fol'owing described land, to-wit: south half of southeast quarter of section IS. township 19. range 11,80 n-cres: north half of south east qr. section 17, towship 10. range 11. 80 acres, levied on a the property of said Durrough to satisly said fifa- F. LOVE, SltfT. "By A. M'Coliuji, d. s. Jan 21. 1801. SO, nr. C. C. "Iorr, (solns,) RESIDENT SURGEON DENTIST. tHh Thankful to M&mi. the Public Ron- Mftlly for thoir kindness i lib- ? would solicit a contin unnco of their favors, nnd a s s u r o s them that his btst exertions shnll bo made to give nntlBfnulion. pilico at tho samo placo as furmorly, A prices as horolcfuro. All hills duo when the work is dono. J8STAI1 work wnrrnntod for twelvo months. Feb.y 14, 1801 1. CJIUHOKllI) iiii-ii ariinnr H.l?" SCHOOL OEWTHK, ALABAMA. S. M. AlNSWOltTlt, A. M., Prinoipnl, Aim. MAIH M JbUWftJiTT, I'rccoptrcss . Tins Institiitian pueni superior inducemcuts to nn rents and cunrdinns who hnvo ehidren or Svards to educate, A Library, and Apparatus Will bs procured durmrr tha presont year. Discipline, firm but mild. Location hcalhy and conducive to good morals. Send fei" a circular, nr bddrass tha Vr'm cipal at Centre, Cherokee County, Ala ceuj.(!oi,--iy to announce, that t have fumin relnrned frnrri the Eastern Cities with a heavy stock, embracing all the neWatvIes and fnciVji of th. day, jit Walche caied ift Gold and Silver, from the best European and American Makers. La die' Watches ol superior finish. 1! K WfciTMAS Embracing every article used, such as Eat' ' rings, Fingertings, of every description S Uhatuiains, ieck Chains, Coral Necklaces, 1 letts, tte. uiaiciuiH. uiivci nnu uuiu nimuieii, J rn. Fob and Vest dh!n Tl rm,t Pinafrnm ! dimoni! to common Seals, Key t, Charms. ' Collar, Vent and Bosom Buttons, Walking' ' bar.es gom monnien to plain. sass imm Urge Tea or Tarty Waiters ami PileherK Fruit and Cake Baskets, Castors, Table and; Dessert Porta, Table, Butte and Fruit Knnvs, J.nl)le, lea, llcsselt, Cream, Sugar, ft Sugar, oHtfr mni ivLnsmru onoons, uooiec p., r..ii.ii... -r.. it. c. Clt or Sent Belli. - '! SJDEItlVR TEJIPjifi nn.it It fi 1 i r . T 'om ew Urlearu to taw. York. , With mahy thanks (6 my patrons and the j Mobile to ' citizens of Calhonn Ceunty, for their liberal I Montromerr. Xlm . t patronaeefor the lanttwo Years. I am hannV 1 CLOCKS AND PUfE TIME ('l"1,V!a wiprlied wlU every luxury.-PIECTES. ' 1 Ateittivo Md oonrlewi eointnahderi PIECES. in fine IWe-wood and finameled -Ck'j, Aluoj the newly invented Kotary Xlotioa Time piece with numerous article, toe te, dioin to mention. Gold nnd Silver cjpcdnelcsf, Jlliislcnl Iioxcs, T.onrnf IVlMst- All of which of the best material; and fully guaranteed to iv ui rcprcsouiwi, ion ara cnraiaiiy mvMcd to on Xi.miiiatian of my Stock. E?My personal aitentiongiveU to" th ret pairing. Uepaitrnent. Work dmt wjth ntnfneas le despatch ' . ,-. . W.COLEMAN LAND".- Carliiuges for: Pistols ori hand, t .n... W,;C,n L, ' COPPER CAiJl,, ; Jbiahtninq Hods. Coiiod tip Jn 400 feet lengths (or Crnpspor Endorsed" by ih-highest SolernirteRnthef. A( pfopared to pui thoftv np lti any pRrtof the State, and witfranti them. none jsctnnt er erd Hods 34. cent por fbtfjr tvnOt poinl $5. iJr Order I'left at tltTs cee,3U miiil with nrorAnt attedtion. ttftSPnieuiXw,,hrldl'eM;i i Qc: S; i?00, - " . , VAMikMiiltVMi rl.l jjil-J '4 RHBDWAR &T0SE SSiiLSm ALL liroa-fKAsBoi!''"1 -w Hardware, Cutlery, Steel, Bai IKON, NAILS, &8. A I?E now rereirins from orefjm & dtfmes XV t'c Prf, and offers for sale;- at tb vrjr Jowct t prices and on liberal terms, one of tkt largest slocks ever brought to this soctios, a-niongstwhich may befoirmlS Kosers', "Wostenholmn nrrd AnrorfcstfTible and Pocket Cutlery. "-Building Hardware Materials of every varus-. ty aild kind, Carpenter's Tools, of the best makes a laija assortment. Bar Iron round, square and Hat Svfefds English and American Hoop, band, sheet and boiler Iron. Kail, rod and horse shoe Burs. I'Juw Steel & Iron, of all Widths & thi'ckam' Cut and Wrought Nails and Spikes. Hond and Broad Axes. Traces. . Planters' Hoes, of Enlish aad Amenean makers. Hollow Ware. Mill SaW, Circulars Jc Cross-cut Sawt, (ffo - make.) Bolting Cloths. Best Anchor-bir'ii AUuilla - Bope and Plow Lines. . Rin Gearing ; Gum llclting. . Chopping Axes. Grindstones, MStaclcsmilWs JfSaterieelst Suqh as Bellows, Anvils, Viyes, Hammers; & Stocks and Dies, tec, Sec-Cook, parlor, office, church, and schoolroom - Grates, Furuaces, Cauldrons, Ovens, &e. Corn Shelters, Hay Cutters,. Groin Cradles; OF ALL KINDS. While Lead and Zincs in oil, Window Glass Oil Putty and "Varnish. JILSO Ageuta for the sale of Iron Railing Alaruh 1, 18C0.-y, v -:- Ncw Livery & Sale Stables. HAYE assouated themselves together far-the purpose of cavyiug on the Livary bunnesss in (his place. Having supplied their Stables with new Buggies and t rtsh Horses, they an prepar- . , """"iHiuimio arr who' may lavor thera with their patronage. Persons lulling to return Horsefe and" Biiggys Ih he same condition they received- tbetn, will b charged nqcoridingly. Positively no horse harnossed or saddle! an at the cash is paid. J. B. FAKMER", )in. Q4, 1801. J. N, PIUVETT, XLJ- Persons having accounts on J. N. Prir- ett's books are earnestly requested to settU b y payment or note. Wor FhllMldelphiOi JVsw Jforlc Sfc. TllOM. CHARLESTON & SAVA.KHAH Cauin Passaok $15: ; ; t : stinmAOBSS Excursion T'iokets good to return till Jan'y 1800: : : : ; ; !25. Till Weil known, flrat nlnn b1nwt,t btoauishipi, SJiUc or Ocorgrln, Capt. J.J. GAltVIN,& Kcyslono Stato, Capt O.P. MAHSUMAN, now form regular lino for tho North, ieavinc Charleston and Snvnnnah altornntely. Tho isttUo of Georgia sails from Savntinuh on the Sth 10th and 25th of every month. Tho KcyHlono Stno anils from Charleston on the 10th 20th and 30th. ef every month, Those ships nre in strength, speed pud nceomiiiiiilutions, fully equal to nny oa tho const. Inland navigation 100 mile in Delewaro river and iluy; two nights at sen, For Niagara JFallH tUe ' lAitica & CnnaUn. SnOltTEST A OUEAJPEST nokJT This lino connccta at Philadelphia with Ilia Groat Northwitslorn Jiallrtad Bout through to Ninrarn t'ulln nr:TliinV,tr in IS I ",our".,,.rT 1 '"maoiptiliw Thrtugh Tick eis with the hrivileE6of storininir at Phil. ftdelphln nnd liitermedlnlo points, for sal by the Agents id.Sayahooh nttd Cbarlei- inn, Fare toifinffarnOi? 'Tiufnilri. S'll, T!l,! $21; to Canandaigua, $22, A. HEIlOJr. " Agent at Philadelphia. nUiV-THR& OAMMELL, Agents at Savannah, T,S.&T,G.UUDD, Agent al Charletioh. nfareb 221860. ly. N'YOBK & CHARLESTOK S tcitiiisliip Line $39 7S IS Atlanta, Geo. st eJ Aucnstn. Gee. tt r Koad Ticket Offices at each poihfc UNITED STATES MAH, Steamships through in IS to BO llottra. The sew .S'esmanip Columbia lsOa T M UitRitr, Comiohaf A&liVlliL.K, I lit Ms Monhfr 1800 Tons, f Commander JAMES ADOKti, Adams, Oommandor. 1500 Tons. MARION ) J Fo8ter, ifioo Tons, I Uommander,- l-BATBh AtHwER'S YVFIA.lt.YS5 l7 li"edne't a tS &nlirrf?J AT1HGU WATJQIt, Thssk Steam JjJiipg were butltexpress' & pC6d, nr tnifialled m IbeCoitstS lrf. Wllleiisiire Tfftvelters of this Line 6Trr- possible comfort nnd accommbdAtlon, elegarit Stato JlCooot nocojurtoda-tons, Proisrlii or tiaBsafie, apply to Cornef of nsj Buy and Adger's Sqft n harf, , Cbarjestett te If Yerk, Cabin passage! Eletfttlly inforJrij ihflHc'-j Jiiins ef Oadrdcnitnd tii--ity, that ho rtill contiiittts ebove named baiinea,d j tie Wma lietmanently located at Oadsdwt "where he Will be haf pjr to sea nltaM frtotrtiif and customers arid execute tt them ill work, deeded in- -his line, ilt may bs fomid ilH fc Store" - ef W, B Wynn h Co.- All tr?' toeMlv thesolv and nroaintlV i"irL A tthoe indebUd" to tRa firm, ftf Vtis$ JX.ielf.Vmv A Co", taf JftlackMAlih viA. i . wnno in Me yer4Miy(-re wqmiJiti Me,-rij-. -( vj; i, n urn. viwo ijh Hucumib. my 'Twa v ? e ! tot with ihrtjiilnrsigncdf ta he is. fitlii' thmeed.fo' clou th? (tame, rw r 1'r 'hip.-, iv, itM.iXf.'yitfa '.."ltSiS .ml nth, ,v -, jass m -ill ft'1 ms y jit

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