The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1948
Page 2
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>AG1 TWO BLYTHEVTUJB (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! THURSDAY, JUKI 19, IMS Future of Atom Weapon Endless Improvement* Mod* Fwt«r Than Fund* Can B« Budgeted Bf Jowph U Myln- 'Caitc* Trtt* 8UH C«cT««p«ia«nt WASHINGTON, June 10. —(UP) —Atomic 'weapons «re Improving fitter than their cost of production can be budgeted, 11 was dls- eloMd jre«terday. Atomic Energy Commission •pokoman told the House Appropriations Committee in newly pub- lUhed testimony that the future of nuclear weaporu it wide open. Before the next fiscal year Is out, they Mid, they may have to ask Congress for extra millions with which to produce the new weapons beta* perfected. •Some of this additional money, It wu indicated, would go to build * new »»cret weapons plant In New Meiloo. As for the more distant future. Carroll L. Wilson, general manager of the M00,000,000 atomic energy project, told tht committee that. "Th« possibility of designing weaponi of a radically different type from any now perfected and o< applying nuclear power lo the propulilon of ships and Aircroft could bring chunges In military concept* greater than any developed during the last war." 1M* Million Approved for the immediate future. Ihe fiscal year starting July 1, In addition to millions in cash, the com- mlufon asked and was voted $400.000,000 to new contact authorizations. Of thui total, »165.0CO,000 will go for new production facilities alone. But that expenditure will be part of a long-mnge' program for ex- .pandlng production of bombs and atomic explosives which was laid out long before Ihe series ot weaponi _,te»ts carried out this Spring lit Bilwetok Atoll. Those- te«U proved that atomic *ponji have been greatly Im- Memphian, Former Student Under Hitler's Geographer, Sees Reds Marching Westward; Urges Extension of Monroe Doctrine ATLANTIC OCEAN 'Three iifrspecliM". <>' what Ctopo I- llclan Keli* M. IViisscrnumi calk (he Soviet " Westward Ho" policy are hiihllrhted on lM« map »lon« the Valia-Polsdam lint-lhe heavy white sweep between Hie Baltic and Ailrl- ilio teai. n Finland, he ««e« Stalin (llli« Hannibal before Ihr »al« of Rome) standing before the lotlandle "ial«" tu America. In Otchutlovakla, he »ee* Ihe KtA empire in F.urnpe tiule'mt Into Allied Germany, toward France ana l«e Allinllc. In lluly, he sees the "key .to Hit sea uf decision" fur Hie strategic straits of Otranln U>, Mewlna (2), Tunis CO, and (ilhrallar (•(), Ike I>artfantllrs (5). Suez Canal (61 and Pale^lnt (1). liy,fctmiN HOWAKI) NKA Special Correspondent MEMPHIS, Tenn. —(NBA)— In his student days in Germany, Dr. Felix AI. Wwsermnnn heard Nazi Geopoliticln-n Haushofer expound the theory . I hat Hitler exploited: "Who controls Boliemia controls Europe." Today Dr. Wassermann. who has become an American ciliien an a professor of German and geography at Southwestern College In Memphis, le expounding his own geopolitical theory: Extend the Monroe Doctrine to the Yalta- polsdam line (the line between the proved alnce the days of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Bllclrrl. Mass production of the new weapons apparently will require new expenditures not yet budgeted. WlUon disclofted that the coni- mlulon plans to expand the number ot 1U aecret plant.?—plants so •ecret that their names ajid location! are not mentioned in public. Statue Mystery Solved LONDON, June 10.—(UPI—The myttery of the fingerprint on the head of the bronze statue of Franklin D. Hooeevelt in Governor Square was aolred today. The aculptor, Sir William Reid Dick,'said he accidentally made a fingerprint on the piaster model Iran which the Roosevelt memorial WM Out- Baltic and Adriatic seas) lo prevent Stalin froro using Bohemia as a springboard for the Soviet "West- It is the most highly industrialized part o( Europe; it is rich agri- Middle Course Best for U.S., Byrnes Says PHILADELPHIA, June 10. — (UP)—Former Secretary oj Slate James f. Byrnes yesterday called on the United States to maintain a "middle" course betw.een drifting Into war and appeasement of Soviet Russia. Admitting; mat the "greatest peace with Russia. | Byrnes instated, nevertheless, thai; the United States must "press (or ward with our rearmament program" because "our moral strength Lyle Brown, an attorney, has auc- . . . IB not diminished by our readl- ceeded Albert rink a« mayor ot ness ana ability to uphold tlie law.' ; , Hope. Brown was elected at a The former diplomat said It Is special election Tuesday to fill th» Citizens in flop* fjtct Ly/e Brown as Mayor HOPE, Ark, June 10. —<up) anger In the world today is the anger ot continued aggression on he part of the Soviet Union," Byrnes Insisted that this country :iould strive to make clear that we "willing and eager" to. live »t ward Ho." ore he came to the U. B. In , pursued his hobby—the strategy of communicn- ilons—by riding and tramping till over Europe for IT years. Pursuing It In 1»38 by counting the tracks in the railroad yards at Pcscara, Italy, he V.BS arrested by Mussolini s police. When the United Stntei got Into the war, Dr. Wassermann gave his adopted country the benefit of Ills studies and observiUlons by malting maps o( tlie key railroad centers ot Ilixly, Germany, and France and sending them to the. Air Force Intelligence Division. lor use i" planning bombng mills. littler lie mniic up a similar mnu | of the United States, showing "the places I would try to knock out first If 1 were n saboteur," as lie put it. nnd sent it lo the War Department to aid In delense planning. Now. Dr. Was-sermann In greatly concerned at what he calls the Soviet Union's "Westward Ho" policy. The j-jpup In Czechoslovakia, the move on Finland and the iu- sicle attack on Italy involve regions which he has studied first hum), and • he sees all this activity as Stalin's maneuver to get to the frontier in lorce. to occupy strategic positions (or further advances. Dr. WaJwcrinmiH calls the Red military pnct wll.h Finland "iho latest installment In payment of Stalin's smile nt Yalta." He refers to Ihe agreement by which Finland nnd eastern Europe were left in Russia's "defense .sphere." He sishts across the shank of the globe, alon? tlie great Circle, nnd points out that it is only 1.000 nillas from the forefinger of Finland that points across the top of Sweden to nnd Greenland—oulpcMs of But the move from Finland over Sweden and Norway would come later. To dale, Stalin Is only testing Ihe "Yalta-Polsdam" line, says Dr. Wasserman—the western boundary o( Ihe sphere presented to him hy America and Britain at the Yalta and Potsdam conferences. The preparations of Italion Communists to take over Italy after the elections April 18 are preliminary to Stalin's plan of moving across the Yalta-Potsdam line at Us uuthern end—if we will let him get away with it^-says Dr. Wasser- niftim. "Note thai, before he moved lor- ward on his Hanks, Stalin secure;! his center." Dr. Wajsermann sayc, I pointing to Czechoslovakia— and to what he calls the Saxonic Triangle. Tins Is the area south imd west of Berlin which America and Britain presented to Russia at Yalta, even before It was captured by on: troops. This highly industrialized area rich in minerals—including uran'lum orts-is a bulge into the Is at the culturally, and it controls Ihe My waterways of the Danube and tlie Elbe. Hitler, following out the Heartland theory, made Czechoalo- vkia the target of his first major grab when he was' preparing to go to war. It is one of the principal tenets of geopoliticians that any strong power which controls Bohemia Is in position to move swiftly to the Mediterranean and the AV- lantic. I( is a fine springboard either for the German "drang nacli osten" (drive to the East) or for the Russian "Westward. Ho." If Slalin attempts to take over Italy he will be violating the Yalta- Potsdam Line. This he has not done n his Csech coup or In his pact with Finland, Dr. Wasserman points out. But once this line Is crossed, Dr. Wassennin says, th«»^ Is nothing In Europe now lhat can prevent the Red tide Irorn sweeping .0 the Atlantic. Dr. Wasserman refers to the map again to show that if Italy is lost to the Communists, it will mean tlie low of the Mediterranean Sea to , the Western World. Italy, with its ! islands of Sardinia, Pantellerla, and Sicily, cuts across the middle or the sea; Ihey are stepping stones to North Africa. "Loss of Italy would mean the loss of Greece. Turkey and tris whole Near East,' 'Dr. Wassermaim says, "and it would mean cutting oil Alrlca, the last reserve of food, raw materials and settlement space lor Western Europe. And a Soviet- controlled Italy would open the way for Infiltration of Argentina and populations These are the reasons why Dr. Wassernian is urging his own geopolitical theory for the West: '"We should push Ihe Monroe "unfortunate to refer to the objective ot our foreign policy as the containment of Soviet Russia." "That depreciates the high purpose of our foreign policy," Byrnes told 1692 University of Pennsylvania graduates at commencement exercises. "It does not distinguish our foreign policy from what unfortunately appears to be the foreign policy of the Soviet Union, namely, Uie containment of the United States of America." "Our foreign policy, as I see it," Byrnes said, "should be to support law and freedom In the world, to prevent agresslon, acid to promote economic health and political tolerance." Regarding the United Nations, Byrnes said that the U. S. must "be office vacaled by the recent resit- nation of Fink. Brown received 895 volea to 44T for John p. Vesey and 32 lor LouU Carlson. rule of law in th« world veto or IM veto." prepared to support Hie UN and the PILES TROUBLE? For Quick R«l|«f DON'T DKI.AY ANY I.ONGXI! Now ( ductor'i focjtiuU >uu tan u sa &t Iigm* tm relUve d<>lre»lni <ll«c«mfort or »«1»~- Itcli—IrrldUlon du» lo i>ll«a. Tend« lo «of- 1m and shrink B»tl]h, K . u>e (hll „„,...* doctor'. rormuU. Tou'll b. lm>ul | » t |^* ^!>ficd>' action r«llef. A»k your drucjrlBk today for Thoinlon ft Mfunr'ii n«ctal Olnl- For kali •II drU( •torafl. SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales-Service-Parts Goodwill Used Cars Doctrine, our policy of protecting the Western world from aggression, eastward to the Yalta-Potsdam line —which is the West's true eastern boundary— and notify §talin not to cross it. "If we don't show our power now," he says. "Stalin soon will be adopting the Roman Virgil as his court poet. Virgil said: -Imperium sine fine dedi' in Latin. It means: •I have given you empire without bounds.' " SMITH PONTIAC CO. 126 SOUTH LILLY * I'HOM .VI Bl YTHEV1LLH ARKANSAS Icelar.d nnd Grccninna-«ui.|ji»«> ui f Ocrmnnv . Tl Is at ttie the Western Hemisphere. And only A lies 1 1 ^ wasseimann calls •2400 miles in Ihe North American > , biu ,. whk , n SU lm thrust coast at Luborador. and 3200 miles « t "e center of Europe by his Hrltlsh Isles, the /V "There's nothing in Wonderland at wonderful.'" THE FINEST REFRIGERATOR EVER BUILT THE AMAZING NEW 1948 ^ EFRIGERATOR First in quality and LOWEST PRICED LINE in its field! Todoy, when rexjf value means figure M. That's why more people buy Chevrolet! mo»t to every American family, —and more people drive Chevrolet—than any Chevrolet continues to offer the lowest -priced olher make of car. That's why we believe you, lint of passenger cars in its field as well as too, will agree that CHEVROLET AND ONLY the orWy line of cars giving BIG-CAR QUALITY CHEVROLET IS FIRST in dollar value as it's first AT LOWEST COSTI Yes, Chevrolet givei mor» In registrations. vo(u», ooy way you look at it, any way you CHEVROLET """"IS FIRST! SPECIAL EXTRA-LOW PRESSURE TIRES »nWid«-Rim 15 inchWhwU* Chflvrolftl offen you lfc« tir« of tirst for «oiy, reitfui riding. Remorkobl* n«w exrro-fo*- pr enure I fret ttiol giv« a iwuch taUr, mor • comfort able rFct«; obiorb road ihocV.1 ituftad of Irani- -TiiTling them lo you oncj yovr car. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO J01 W. W.lmir Op«n Til 8 p.m. Phone 578 Wit* A// fries* HUGE FREEZER LOCKER Bigger than ever with huge clear space for frozen foods and scparace freezing shelf for ice trays. BALANCED HUMIDITY Makes possible a completely "moist colci" refrigerator Suited to every season and climate. CONSERVADOR* Philco's exclusive shelf-lined inner door that doubles (lie front shelf space. Now in transparent plastic. •"Onirrt.rr/'w" it f rffifttrrJ tr^Jt- mtrl of Pitilco Crtrperttfan COLD SHELF Exclusive Philco auxiliary cooling system cools foods quicker by direct conuci, keeps icmperaiurc uniform. COMPLETE SHELF ADJUSTABILITY Full-'widih shelves have new Philco shelf support Invention, giving utmost flexibility of arrangement and spacing. Feafvr«s: Easy Terms HUBBARD & SON, Furniture Phone 4409 Blytheville

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