Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on June 25, 1975 · 19
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 19

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1975
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( W odne-d.iv. Junr 2-. I'lT.) The Austin AnvnYan-Sut'-man 4uMin. Tena Pag A 19 Schuyler Chapin dismissed from Mel OEMEBal CINEMA C0BP0PAT1OM BARG. MAT. SI 2Sti 1:00 PM. FILLED l , , WITH FUN. MM. A. (today ) INldren's I I ; I FILM Vg I IrcoilVML I I B'NAIB'RITH WOMEN 1 HI w 1 Ticket No. 4 I music. SHOWS at S33 I LAUGHTER'H I UsS In Color C jL J I I "KIDMPPEO" ISft I J Sirgtt tonissions ' I I . . It aiato t the If I f I 1 1 TV ji on fjr III I AG Ukits must be I jccompwd by CWi f 11 FOX TWIN V. J i... myrjimJ Eastwood gftigew m "c mi ti- J J I m CAV Til JIN 1 I I I i wr i win a a a G " I I as 1 & 4:00-6:00-8:00-t0:00om H I l llllltlMI I rTzzsr $25 Walt Disney's TECHNICOLOR G-o THE HOUND WHO THOUGHT HE WAS A RACCOON" at 12:00-1:55-30-5:45-7:40-9:35 Seats $1.25 ti 1:00 PJ. Sorry, No Passes The terrifying motion picture from the errifying No. 1 best seller. ROBERT IS ROY SKAW RICHARD SCHE1KS DRfYFUSS iur b too tms& k nutcu outa 12:30 2:45 5:00 7:15 9.30 SEE IT TODAY! NOT SINCE LOVE STORY. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN FINAL fa TlCHNKOtOB- A -JNIVIt-SAl riCTURt U 08 1 S5 3 SB 5 ti ? 40 S At Seats $1.25 til W0 ?. 2 DAYS I NEW YORK ( AP) Schuyler O.apin. 52. confirmed this week that he has been dismissed as general manager of the Metropolitan Opera and his title retired. The action was taken at a meeting of the Met Board's executive committee last week. Chapin also turned down a two-year contract . at a salary of $100,000. to ra ise money f or t he opera . Last November, the board named attorney Anthony Bliss as Met executive director and chairman of the administration committee of the Met board. At that time, he announced Chapin would remain as manager, in charge of artistic matters, and Bliss would be his boss and be in charge of financial matters. Recession and inflation have given the Met serious problems. Private donations have been down, costs up and many cost items, such as the number of salaried persons in the orchest ra , are fixed. 'French Connection IP offers different view of Popeye Doyle THEY ALL TRIED! THEY ALL DIED! NO ONE CAN HILL Joe Don Baker is Mitchell TEXAS PREMIER fi' uU tfUZmfa 1 M. 00-1 Oil-10 M QQ R BA!?&&W B 2 It 4 05 5:55 I 40 1 30 tgWf Al M.vll.,..WJJ TRANS TEXAS 2323 NOW OPEN 115 FEATURES 1:30-3 30 5 30-7 45-10 00 REDUCED PRICES Til 5 30 IT'S ALL NEW & FUN TOO o? the Pink 'VT, . United Artists PETER SELLERS CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER O CATHERINE SCHELL HERBERT LOM 'itittettmitt By PATRICK TAGGART Amusements Staff It took its time in coming, but the inevitable sequel to "The French Connection," 1971's blockbuster and Academy Award-winner directed by U'liliam Fnedkin. has arrived. In "French Connection II." (rated R. at Village Cinema Four) director John Frankenheimer has created a sometimes fast, often slow and almost always intriguing movie that is both more and less than its parent. "More" because it cuts deeper into the character of New York policeman Popeye Doyle. It's almost a pensive Popeye we've received in the new movie and perhaps that is a result of the situation that takes Popeye out of the slam-bang action element that made the first "French Connection" so compelling. The situation is Popeye's forced addiction to and cold turkey withdrawal from heroin. While attempting to track down Frog One (Fernando Rey), the dope connection who got away in the first picture. Doyle (played again by Gene Hackman) goes to France and is abducted by the Frog's lieutenants, who shoot him full of heroine until he's genuinely, physiologically hooked on it. But instead of killing him, they dump him now a junkie at the font of the Marseilles polic headquarters, uhere he has been enjoying an office next to the men's room. From there begins the withdrawal section, which, like the addiction section, is long Both have a dream-like quality or. perhaps more appropriately, a nightmarish quality that free the movie from the tempos of action movies to which we have grown accustomed And I'm not so sure it's a good thing. The addiction-withdrawal sections are virtuoso solos for Hackman. but they fail to move the movie anywhere. It's as if Frankenheimer were indulging Hackman out of deference to his talents, which are considerable. But indulgence is indulgence, and the eventual result of this near-documentary within a thnller is less than satisfactory. In addition. Frankenheimer goes out of his way to keep the boistprous, overeager image of the New York policeman intart. The foul-mouthed retorts and drunk scenes have a calculated air about them. Even more gratuitous is a scene in which Popeye kills a French undercover agent, recalling has killing of a fellow officer at the end of "Connection" I. The ending is so climactic and satisfying that it's bound to make the experience worthwhile to all but the most unwilling viewers But don't go expecting another 1971 "French Connection." Action is not the sequel's main component Come to think of it. I don't know what is. Maps of Mars at UT Maps of the surface of Mars are currently on exhibit through July 20 in Gallery 17 of the University of Texas Art Museum. The maps are known as albedo maps, with the word "albedo" meaning reflectivity. Based on data obtained during the Mars Manner 9 Mission in 1971-72, the charts are drawn from television photographs of Mars' surface, maps must be drawn by features seen as light and shadow, caused not only by irregularities in the surface of the planet, but by the composition of the surface material which reflects light from the sun. Charting of the planet Mars was done under the direction of Dr Gerard de Vaucouleurs, LT professor of astronomy, and a group of artists who worked under a project funded by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Cartographic artists from the Astronomy Department whose maps are shown in the exhibit include Ellen Bergman, Claire Muihnlland. James Roth and Kay Walker, all of whom are either past or present UT staff members. The 10 original map drawings, plus four published charts, were drawn freehand Most were airbnished. but one was drawn completely in pencil. M 1 Today at Presidio Theatres ''ffPl Robert JOE 00M BAKER IS RADFORD I "MITCHELL" wullfe !! " " If I '5 ! i; i 4i I 4S i : ttSfc Pft Imvn Pnrt'. Mi SftJr" ill''' '" '" -uLLHiLmmt I MUSKETEERS $ 135-3 40-5 4S-7 50-9 SS JpfM f SWd Pf.tM T.ll 5.45 Mon.F.i lruJ SEE HOW THEY DO IT Sffl: T.a Give Us An (R'i THE BASHFULL ELEPHANT (G 12:30, 2:05 ONIY AU SEATS 25 . rvA rcawMtw Min UN' WWII " 1 TRANS TEXAS 111"" m JL t" ftVlf t'.O 44.1 llii OPEN 1:45 J1.50 Til 6 P.M. Features 2-4-6-8-10 1 J "POSSE" "Posse" begins KIRK BRUCE lf1 WeStemS" DOUGLAS DERN K0Sneofthem. OPEN AT 8 00 FIRST FEA AT DUSK TRANS TEXAS HURRY' SI 50 Til 9 00 ' K-O-K E NiTE FINE FOODS ' K-O-K E NITE MONDAY Ihru THURSDAY' SI 50 CARLOAD WITH WINDOW OR BUMPER STICKER ATTACHED TO YOUR CAR' What happens when you're a N.Y cop sent to France to bust a dope ring and... You can't speak French The French cops hate you Your own people have set you up. Sl 6H cwttecnoN EXPLDOE IN THE. ALL NBW ', R RESTRICTED fTS. A WHOLE. NEia SET UP. A JOHN FRANKENHEIMER FILM v,,. FERNANDO REY Bernard fresson Prraeatw ROBERT L ROSEN DirweaBy JOHN FRANKENHEIMER v. f"5y dv ALEXANDER JACOBS ana ROBERT DILLON & LAURIE DILLON ROBERT DILLON & LAURIE DiLLON cveeivc.iPncwaoi-. CLAUDE RENOIR Must o DON ELLIS COLOR BY DE LUXE STARTS TODAY 1:00-3:15-5:30-7:45-10:00 No Reduced Prices rrr W& Plus! "CULPEPPER CATTLE CO." CULPEPPER CATTLE CO." Dlie lllicltfti f Stihotiifl Juiuc CnuniUi ' .,Mor?rr f r i i w . Swtol Gue.i AODorgn by rUTIVAl BALLET o( AN ANTONIO UI I)MIY. JlE 25 K:.30 PM TltKHv t. 2. anil SI. r,ll Available at Jn-kr-. I)rrkill Moi'-I. Innrr inr and (he Paramount Iio (iffirt1, 71.1 l.imi;rr, 172-.H i I i'i3;-iMitiS "THE FORTUNE ...a farce of a rare order." VINCENT CANBY-fVew York Times "THE FORTUNE is the funniest and most off- beat comedy I've seen this year." donald j mayerson-cw? vne Columbia Pictures presents a Mike NicKols Film EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT i s Bargain Matinees Everyday $1.25 til 3 P.M. TJIH3E UdDtailURItt Co -starring Stoclicifd Choinniiig Executive Producer Hark Moonjeorx Writterx by Adrien Joyce Music Adopted by David Shire Production Design by Richard Sylbert Produced by Mike Nichols ard Dor Devlin, Directed by Mike Nichols Panavision PG itf u.r.ii ill Doors Open 2: 1 0 Features 2:40-4:30 6:20-8:10-10:00 gffl "THE HAPPY HOOKER" R $1.25 TIL 3 P.M. FEATURES 2:30-4:20 IOpsp ONSTAGE "JarqufS Brel Ls Alive hod Hdl and Uing to rarls"- The Gallimaufry Players will present this musical revue at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday at the Zilker HilLside Theater. following a successful run at the University of Texas. "Personal Appearance" Ann Mjller stars in the Country Dinner Playhouse production. At 8 p m. "The Sadden and Accidental Re-education of Horse Johnson" Bill Macy and Samantha Harper star in the play at St. Edward's University. At 8:30p.m. ai Mary Moody Northen Theater. FIRST RIN MOVIES "The Eiger Sanction"! R) Clint Eastwood directed and stars in this action-adventure story of espionage and mountain-climbing. At Fox Twin. "The Happy Hooker"(R) A comedy based on the autobiography of Xa viera Hollander. Starring Lynn Redgrave. At the Varsity. "Hearts and Mjnds"(R) Academy-Award-winning documentary on Vietnam. At Village Cinema FV. "The Other Side of the Mountain"(G) Ba.sed on a true story -about a champion skier. Jill Kinmont, paralyzed in a fall. At Highland Mall Cinema. - "The Passenger"! R) Michelangelo Antomoni's film about a.. reporter who seeks to lose his identity by assuming that of a dead ., man. Starring Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider. At Riverside , Twin Cinema. "The Four Musketeers" (PG) Richard Lester's continuation of Last year's "The Three Musketeers." with an all-star cast. At the Village Cinema IV. "Posse"( PG) A Western with political overtones, starring Kirk Douglas (who also directed). Bruce Dern and James Stacy. At Northcross 6, Southwood. "The Land That rune ForgoT(G) Prehistoric tale by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Starring Doug Mcdure. At Northcross6. "Doc Savage"(G) Adventure tale starring Ron Ely. At Fojt - Twin. MitcheU"(R) Joe Don Baker stars as a police detective out to break up a narcotics ring. At the Aquarius IV, Village Cinema TV and Showtown drive-in. "Race With the Devu"(PG) Peter Fonda and Warren Oates star in this combination chase and occult drama. At the Aquarius IV, Northcross6, Southside and Burnet drive-in. ' Gone With the West" ( R ) James Caan and Stef anie Powers star in this Western comedy. At the Aquarius TV. Maws"(PG) Based on the best-seller about a killer shark which terrorizes an oceanside community. Starring Robert Shaw," Roy Scheider. Richard Dreyfuss; directed by Steven Spielberg. At the Highland Mall Cinema. "The Re torn of the Pink Pnither"(G) Peter Sellers recreates his popular role of Inspector Clouseau in this comedy directed by Blake Edwards. At the Americana. "MandIiigo"(R) The Old South revisited, starring James Mason, Susan George and Perry King. Directed by Richard Fleischer. At the Texas, Southside and Showtown USA drive-in. "French Connection U"(R) John Frankenheimer's continuation of the 1971 Oscar-winner, this time taking Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) to Marseilles in an effort to uncover a large heroin ring. At the Riverside Twin and Village Cinema IV. CONCERTS Jordan Park Concert Fat 'n Sassy featuring Mady Kaye will perform in concert at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Jordan Park. Sponsored by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. VT Summer Lon shorn Band The University of Texas Summer Longhom band will present a concert at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday on the LBJ Library Plaza. Electromagnets Popular Austin group the Electromagnets will appear Wednesday at Armadillo World Headquarters in a performance designed to celebrate the release of their first album. DANCE Michael Sokoioff Dance Ensemble Austin's resident modern dance company will premiere its first works locally at 8 .30 p.m. in the Paramount Theater for the Performing Arts. DISQlTSmON The Mexican-American Library Project at the University of. Texas Angie Qiiroz, director of the UT Mexican-American Library Project, will discuss the purpose and use of the library at noon Wednesday in the Chinese Garden Room on the fourth floor, of UT's Academic Center. AUDITIONS Austin Civic Ballet Auditions Any (lancer 13 years or older may audition for the Austin Civic Ballet's Senior Company at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Austin Academy of Ballet, 3810 Speedway. Christine Hennessey will adjudicate the dancers. Those selected will begin rehearsals in August for an October performance. Further information may be obtained by calling the Austin Academy of Ballet. CLUB ACTS Alvin Crow and the Peasant Valley Boys at Soap Creek. Brotherhood at Eli's. Bob Kady at Hole in the Wall. Tina Christian and the Questors at Club Caravan. Ernie Mae Miller at Cedar's. . Steve Fro mho U at Castle Creek. Hardin and Russell at Pour Haus. Rom Ndly at Alliance Wagonyard. Country No-Notesat Q Paso Cattle Co. Moods of Country Music at Skyline. Kenneth ThreadgUJ at Split Rail. Denim at Chicken Ranch, lwj i n "ii .-.-

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