Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 5, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1897
Page 21
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Joh 0JV-— Blankets, Comforts, Cloaks, Gloves, Hosiery and Underwear for large and small. P. S. We have just received a full line of Cen- temerie Gloves in the new clasp. DO YOU EAT MEAT? Of course you do and you can buy the choicest cuts ot Wm. Rowe. Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts. Phone 247- _ E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 816 Market Street. New Alumlnite Rubber Plates. ]JANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buyi and Sells Second Hand Goods. 209 6th street Now Is Your Chance. You can buy you a home or pay off yiur Bortfraire by seadir* M. M. Gordon a buyer lor Real Estate. Who will divide the commission -with you. M. M. Gordon, Old Phone, ofllco 306, residence 189. Dr E.- S- Hunt, — DENTIiST- Allthe latest Hscoveries in medicine and mppliauce* to relieve i>aln in extraction or filling of teeth. Modern methods, modbrn prices, on Fourth ..treet. « C Telephone No. 328. W.J. Barnett, succe«mrtoc.i,w 0 u, Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street. Cain attended day or nlgut. The finest outfl, intho U.S. Col. C. L. \\oii, will remain with mo. OU^^c. Office 1C. Residence-Mutual, rnones K; c. u. ma. When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO TO- p H. Wipperman, KM Fourth Street Opp. Court Home Entrance, NewiJCJiidertalcers. 303 Market street, HoppeBulldlng. Daniel Killian & Co. ^^^'^fWw^SS 0 ™"*' rK 3 L. Woll. Telephone S81. DR. C. D. EVERSOLE'S DEDTAL PALLORS Ov< r Porter's Nrw Drug Store, Corner of. Fourth and Market Streets. McConnell * Monnell 550,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Offi.ce Opposite Court Honse. DAJCLY PHAEQS FBIDAY NOV. 5, 1897. PITY NRWS Fast color crashes 31 cents, at the Bee Hlye tomorrow. Miss LHHe Csvln has returned from a short visit with relatives at Wabash. Artificial and natural gas bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Upbuilding sale now on. Best indigo prints and turkey red calicoes 4} cents, tomorrow, at the Bee Hive. The Bethel ladies will give a box •upper and ice cream at the Shady Nook school house tomorrow evening- Messrs, Boss Been and James John- ion, of Bui rows, have returned from • two months' trip through North Dakota. __ _____ ~"lr» Slrr»dar. of Burrows, who had hie hand badly mangled In a corn shredder about a week ago, is lm- The number o( Inwne patients at jU>ng«Hir !• «05, »t Indianapolis S,»00, at Sv»ns»nie 500, at Richmond MO, making a tottl oJ about 5,000. A FICTOR5T For Gtoorge B. For&y In His Snlt Against the Uarteys. The Jury Retnroa a Terdict GMug Him Possession of ttie Land and Damages. A sealed verdict was reported this morning, in the circuit court, in the case or George B. Forgy against Sarah J. Harvey, her husband, Slram Harvey, and their son, Wlllard Harvey, for the possession of 507 acres of land in Boone and Jefferson townships, this county. Tbe jury found for Mr. Forgy upon both paragraphs Of the complaint. Upon the ttrst paragraph that the Harveys, at the commencement of the suit, and is now in unlawful possession of g.ald land;'and upon the second paragraph that plaintiff is entitled to damages in the sum of 15.- In 1893 Milton Shirk, of Peru, obtained judgment against the Harveys for $3 200 on a foreclosure of Mortgage. Afterward Mr. Shirk transferred the certificate of sheriff sale to Mrs. Mary A. Crowell, of Peru, Mr. Forgy's mother-in-law, Mrs. Crowell then transferred the certificate to Mr. Forgy. Mr. Forgy afterward purchased another mortgage on the land, held by the Philadelphia Trust company, and bis holding therein, including Interest, is between $13,000 and $15,000. In a suit tried a few weeks ago, Judge Robb ruled that a mortgage on the land held by D. D. .Dykeman, Nelson & Myers and McDonnell & Jenkines to secure attorneys' fees was fradulent as against Mr. Forgy, and enjoined the defendants from in any manner incumberlng the land. The last verdict gives Mr. Forgy undisputed possession of the land. It will be remembered that Vlllard Harvey in under a bond of 1100 for his appearance In the Circuit court for trial upon the charge of pointing a gun at Mr. Forgy. Mr. Forgy was represented in the last suit by Judge M. Winfield and Judge Geo. E. Boss. Judges Dykeman, Nelson and A. G. Jenkines appeared for the Harveys. FRIGHTFULLY SCALDED. Unfortunate Accident on the Panhandle Yesterday. At 5:30 yesterday afternoon while Engineer Charles Kloenne and Fireman J. J. Evans were en route to Chicago with Pannandle yard engine 531, the safety plug in the crown sheet was blown out and both engineer acd fireman were frightfully scalded. Evans had opened the door of the fire box to pnt in coal when the steam escaped into the cao. The accident happened near Boone, this side of Eoyal Centre. Engineer JGoenne was scalded about the face aod on the left arm below the elbow. Tbe flesh on his arm was literally cooked and the member may be permanently disaQled. Fireman Evaus was scalded about the body and legs, and It is thought that his injuries will prove fatal. Both men were brought to the city and taken to their homes in the Eastend. They are being treated by Drs. Shultz & Hetherlngton. CHICAGO SUBSETS ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Received Daily by W, W. Mllner, at 9. A. R. Building. Chicago, Nov. 5, 1897. Wheat—Dec., opened. 94i@94}c; high,.94Jc; low, 92Jc; closed, 93jc. Wheat—For May, open, 91|@91Jc; high, 91Jo; low, 90ic; closed, 90Jc. Corn—For Dec., opened, 26}c.; high, 26|c; low, 25Jc; closed at 25Ks> 26c. Oats—Dec. opened, 19tc: high,19Jo i,ow, 19}@19fc; closed, ]9f@19ic. Rye—Dec., opened, 4Sc; high, 48c; low, 46}c; closed, 47c. Pork—For Dec. opened, 17.65; high, 17.67; low, $7.52; closed at 17.52. Lard—For Dec., opened, 14.22: high, $4.25; low, $4.2C; closed at 14.20. Ribs—For Dec., opened, $4.47: high, «4.50; low, 14.42: closed at $4,45. Hogs today, 29,000; left over, 2,000; estimated for tomorrow, 2,000: Market opened quiet but steady, closed steady. Mixed, $3.45@»3.72; heavy, $3.25 ;3.70; rough, $3.25@$3.35; light, $3.45@3.72. Receipts o! cattle, 2,500: sheep, 12,000. Dec. wheat—Curb, 90}c; puts. 90}; calls, 915o.. Tomorrow's Special at Folej'f. Best hams, 8Jc lb.; best California hams, 6|o lb.; potatoes, 65c bushel; pickled pigs feet, 5c lb.; Jersej sweet potatoes, S2o peck; beat country butter, 17c lb.; oeit cracken, Se lb.; t Ibi. good coffee, £5e. Boy's shoes $1 at Malben'i. New sauer kraut, 5u qt.—Traut. Fancy potatoes, 55c bu—McCaffrey. Package coffee Sic lb —Keystone. All kinds of rubberp.KHas Winters'. Best ginger snaps 5s lb, Keystone. 500 bunches celery Sat.Rothermel, Plenty of dressed chickens—McCaffrey. Fresh peanut candy. —Wright & Brltton. Fre3 Six went to Indianapolis this afternoon. James B. Snyder and Anna Hancock are licensed to wed. Lined and unlined gloves, at all prices at Will Murdock's. Harry McSheeby returoed last night from a trip in the east. Saturday—Men's box calf and winter tan shoes 12.48 at Maiben's. Misses' uoion suits 25c, ladles 4Sc. Upbuilding sale at the Bee Hive. See our car load of celery display on our side walk tomorrow.—Traut. Dressed ducks, geese, turkevs and chickens it Kinney's Bdwy. market. A pleasant social was held at the new Logansport high school last nlgbt. The "Traveling Party" will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Craw- lord this evening. Miss Laura Bopp,who was recently shot by Charles Ward, is now able to be up and around. Cold weather at last, winter underwear is now in order. Will Murdock has a large assortment, Some very good bargains in children's shoes at Willey's cash shoe store, Third and Market Itreet. Local dealers are paying 90 cents for wheat; 19 to 20 cents for corn; 15 ents for oats and 12 75 for clover seed. The Bridee City Cacdy company employees' dance last evening at Doan & McHale's hall was well attended. Scarlet fever is prevailing again in the town of Adamaboro, and every precaution is taken to check the disease. W. A. Noel, of tipton township, was in the city Tuesday eo route to a stock sale at Fairfleld and Morning Sun, Iowa. Going to be colder. Prepare forjit, buy winter underwear, warm gloves and capes of Dewenter the hatter and furnisher. Real marten collarettes, 10x75 nches, reduced from «25 to $17, at the Bee Hive tomorrow. See Fourth street window. Best Kersey jacket, strapped seams, velvet inlaid collar; a very swell" garment, 19 88 at the Bee Hive's upbuilding sale. Come early tomorrow morning and avoid the afternoon rush. We have many new bargains added to our anniversary sale.^—Trade Palace. A real marten stole (not opposum) with six marteu tails, $4.88 at the Bee Hive's upbuilding sale tomorrow- See Fourth street window. Watch us grow. 5640 square feet of floor space just being added to the Bee Hive's store. Low prices and trustworthy goods, Is the reason. Dr. W. H. Hickman, vice chancellor of De Pauw university will preach at the Broadway Methodist church Sunday morning at J.1 o'clock. During the month of November, Rev, H. C. Kendrick of the Christian church will deliver a series of sermons especially adapted to the young, people. E. W. Murphy has been arrested for illegal fishing in . Eel River, at Mexico, Miami county, by Deputy Fish Commissioner Hlldebrandt, of this city. William Kennel, of Boone township, has returned from Bisbee, Dakota, where he went some time ago with Al Martin to fill an engagement of threshing. The damage suit for $2,000, filed by the widow of James Cohee, of Burrows, against Sim Spurrier, the saloonlst, was withdrawn by Mrs. Cohee the day before the trial. W. A. Grant, of Boone township, has sold his farm to Andrew Tomilson, of Hartford City, who will^take possession of the sama In a few day. Mr, Grant will move 'io Royal Center and conduct a store in the room recently vacated by Lui Bros. Take ten crackers of different brands, taste each without seeing tne imprint and If one of Fox's XXXX square wafer better crackers is among the number, ytn'll decide it's the best, much the best. That's the only fair way to find out the best. The five-year-old son of John Snyder, of 1416 Toledo street, was seriously Injured last evening while climbing on a gravel wagon. His foot slipped, causing him to fall underneath the wagon, one of the wheels passing over his abdomen. Dr. Hollo way was called. A new train- was put on the Wabash Tuesday, the principal object of which is to lessen the labors of the local crew. The train starts from Peru. It backs down to Logansport and does the switching there, when it goes east as far as Andrews, when ' * Our Shoes Fit Like gloves AnJ they wear Like Iron. "We treat cur customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low- Wonderfully low— And quality is High— Yery high— And we want Your trade. Elias Winter. Department oi Pen Art Hall's Business College hag engaged Mr. Andrew Frederick to takfl charge of the Penmanship classes. His time trill be devoted exclusively to this line of work. Lofransport needs a First Class School of Pen Art, and we take pleaiure in announcing that we are DOW prepared to Rive the very best instruction that can be had. Mr. Frederick is a GRADUATE of tne Zanerian Pen Art School. Columbus, 0', and was an instructor in that school until engaged by Hall'a Business College. C. F. MOORE, Pres. Hall's Business College, Second and Third floor. Keystone Building, Loginsport, Ind. SEALED PROPOSALS. To furnish supplies for the Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane, for the month of December, 1897, will be received by the Board of Trustees at the hospital until 12 o'clock M. on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 1897. See specifications in City National Bank. By order of the Board. JOS. G. ROGERS, Medical Superintendent. Lonjf cliff, Logansport, Ind., Nov. 4th 1897. another turn-around Is made and the train backs up to Hundngtoa. Raisins 5c lb.—Keystone. Fancy large ripe banauas,Keystone Fresh grapes, lOc a basket—McCaffrey. Full assortment of creams, Wright & Britum Special prices on cabbage in large quantities.—McCaffrey. Fancy oranges, figs, dates, lemon and orange peel, citron.—Keystone. Special low prices on the Greensfelder stock of ladies fine shoes.— Wllley's cash shoe store. Ladies' rubbers, 25o; ladies' fine shoes, II; olain slippers, 50c; fancy strap slippers, 75c.—Walter Malbeo". Don't miss our anniversary sale in our cloak department tomorrow. We will save you 25 per cent on your winter wraps.—Trade Palace. Injustice Walters' court yesterday AlLy on was acquitted of the charge cf assault and battery preferred by Lewis Bay, the grocer. Real Alaska seal collarettes, with Persian lamb yoke, »12 50, worth •18-, at the Ree Hive's upbuilding sale tomorrow. See Fourth street window. The crysantbemum show and floral festival will be held at Masonic Temple Nov. 16, 17 and 18. Au interesting musical program will be rendered each evening. Admission, lOc. The Kac.kakee river is reported as being lower at this time than it was ever known to be. Hunting is said not to be nearly so good alocg this stream as in former seasons on account of the drought. It Is claimed by Teacher Lew Smith that a number of young boys and girls from this city, on tneir way to the country, broke into the Mud Sox school house, In Clay township, taking articles belonging to the Cheap baking powder* are cheap because they contain alum instead of cream of tartar. Women who use them are unconsciously putting alum into the food of the family. They do not realize what they are doing. Cleveland's baking powder is made of cream of tartar, not alum. Guarantee* Qr«c«r* «r» utterfe* to irfrj. Wck TOOT mo»«T * 7»« *• »•* 2ad d«nlan&'* tte *«*t takta* powder yon >'"• vnt •"•*• Cl«r«lan« Bmkfei* P*w<Ur C*. VLT. DON'T MISS this opportunity to ordtr yonr Win* ter Overcoat. You will n««d It before long. We Save soon • cboloe selection of fabrics, from the bwrt woolen mills of the world, tout w« are making up into etylUh and handsome overcoat*, at such a reasonable price that we would like to take your measure at once. Our reputation for high grade custom work speaks for itself. Tailor and Draper, Carl W. Keller. 311 Market St school and committing other depredations. Lard cans 15c each.—Keystone. Lattuce, splnaches, Sat Rothermel Cooking Ducter 10o lb—Keystone. Fresh butterscotch.—Wright & Brltton. Dried apricots and peaches, 5c lb— Keystone. Best quality smoked hams, 7*c.— McCaffrey. New radishes, onions, lettuce,parsley and parsnips. —Traut. We can fit you in all prices in rubber sandals —Ellas Winter. Dressed chickens,ducks,meat market rear of grocery, Sat. Rothennel. Nobby stiff hats, stylish soft hats. -Dewenter the hatter and furnisher. 1 lb. package coffee, lOc; 2 Ib.pack- age rolled oats, 5c; tomorrow at Johns ton's. Come and see the prices you will be pleased.—Willey's cash shoe store, Third and Market street. The Knights and Ladles of Honor will give a supper this (Friday) evening, at McCaffrey's hail. Supper 15o. The public is invited. Frank Dickerson now has charge of the postoffiee at Clymers, Mrs. Fannie HInkle, after four years of prompt service, retiring. James B. Snyder and Anna Hancock were united In marriage last evening at the rooms of the latter on Fourth street, Esquire Walters officiating. Helvie & Sellers the Broadway clothiers carry she newest line of suits and overcoats ever shown In Logansport. Call and inspect them at 426 Bdwy. Tomorrow heavy curl boucle jackets,competition says worth$8,50, anniversary price $5.00.* 110 plush capes at $7.50. Children's $5,00 jackets, 13 50.—Trade Palace. About 10:30 last evening some one attempted to force an entrance Into Mrs. J. F. Watt's saloon on Railroad street, but by the timely appearance of Larron's) sons, who reside on the second floor of the build- ing.the thief was scared away by the young men. George Ott, proprietor of toe Star laundry, and wife, were painfully injured, this morning, on the Burlington pike, while driving in from Burlington. One of the lines broke and the horse run the buggy into a barbed wire fence. Mr. Ott and wife were both thrown .into the barbed wire. 'Mrs. Ott was cut about the limbs. Her husband sustained an ugly cut across the forehead. Both were brought home by Milton Segraves who was driving into the city. See Oar Cracterjack For Saturday. Our cracker jacks—"rr^e bunches of celery, 5c; raisins, 3c lb.; prunes, 5c lb.; pitted plums, 5c lb.; peaches, 5c lb; apples, lOc peck: turnips, 5c a peck; California hams, 5jc, and a car load of other goods just as cheap.— Traut. Clearing and colder tonight, Saturday clear and colder, StOl Waiting. We are all still waiting for that tremendous inflow of the yellow metal which the gold brethren hilariously in formed us was to begin and continue as the result of the extraordinarily large exports of breadstuff^ A few millions have come in, it is true, but that is a mere bagatelle compared to the rush that was to tike place. Too Much of a Good Thin*. The failure of onr bimetallic tourists can only be explained on the theory that the digestive apparatus proved finally unequal to the herculean task of assimilating three banquets a day. Still we ought not to complain if they had a good time on that $100,000 they speni in the attempt to keep up the McHanna humbug. Mart Get Ne*r«r the HiMe*. When ilr. HcKinley asks for a re- nomination, every act of his administration will come before the people. There are some very ambitious men in the Republican party who will not be slow to take advantage of his errors. He roust get nearer the masses if he is to have his ambitions gratified. Methodlxl Bithopg in Council. Philadelphia, Nov. 5.—The mtmber* uf the general committee of church extension of the Methodist Episcopal shnrch met In thin city yesterday. Bisb- »p Boieman, of St. Louis, preiided. Th« roll-cal! showtd tec btahojw yre«nt. Ther conri4«red the report att «hurcb Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit tor you that for Price. Style and Fit cannot be bealeu. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to~ date and includes every thing desirable. Call and inspect. W. D CRAIG, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee's. THE SHINING LIGHT —The New— Wheeler I Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the moat Up-to-date. 308 Third Street. J. Howell, Agent- NOTICE OF ASSIGNEE'S SALE. Notice is hereby given, that I, the undersigned trustee, under a deed of assignment, all the goods, wares and merchandise of Edwin M. Wulden, will offer (or sale at public auction at the law office of Frank M. Klstler, on Fourth street, in the city of Logansport, Indiana, on the 6th day of November, 1897, between the hours of 1 o'closk p. m. and 3 o'clock p. m. of said day; the whole and entire stock of idU, wares and merchandise of Edwin M. Waldeo, assigned to ma for the benefit of his creditors, consisting of a stock of boots, shoes, rubbers, rubber goods, felts, legging and such goods as are generally kept in a first-class shoe store, and all the fixtures belonging to said store, which is located on the ground floor of the building known as No. 315 Fourth street, Logansport, Indiana. The purchaser to pay one-third (J) cash, one-third (J) In sixty (80) days and one-third (}) in one hundred and twenty (120) days, and for the deferred payment* will give security lo the approval of the trustee. Dated this 25th day of October, 1897. FKANK M, KISTLKB trustee. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. Mayor Van Wyck, of Greater New York, oas 55,000 jobs at his disposal. The president and Mrs. McKinley hava returned to Washington, arriving- at 9 a. m. yesterday. Alton, Ills., will dedicate the Lovejoy monument with appropriate services Monday, Nov. S. Shannon, a wife-slayer, has been found guilty at Wheaton, Ills., and the punishment fixed at death. It cost the city of Bridgeport, Conn., $50 the other day when a Hungarian girl tried to mail a letter in a Are alarm box. The Standard Oil company declared the regular quarterly dividend of 3 per cent, and an extra dividend of 5 per cent. John Xix, a woodsman, was instantly killed by the east-bound train on the Chicago and Northwestern road at Bessemer, Mich. The president ha* ordered a. court- martial to try Captain Levering. The court will meet at 11 o'clock Nov. 22 at Fort Sheridan. Samuel G. Sbackelford, Kentucky's clerk-elect of the court of appeals, -will wed Miss Marianna Magoffin at Duluth, Minn., Nov. 10. Troubles of a revolutionary character are reported from the state* of Lara and Bolivar, Venezuela, Troops been Bent there. The postoffice at Ipava, His., broken into and robbed Wednesday night; 1300 in stamps and 125 In c*»h was stolen from tie safe. The extensive establishment of H«y- wood Eros, and the Wakefleld company, manufacturers and dealers In rattan furniture, Boston, was badly damaged by flr«. Lose, *120,000. Witnesses testified befor* the G. A. B. ;nvestlgutin£ committee at Bloflmlno ton. His., Uurt children IB the Bottlers' Orphans' Home were «ntim«conslr San- iih«d fur trifling offvfiMS. A John O"Groat's to Land'* Bud nc- •rd for motor carriage* has been s*- tablMied in Bnglan4, the first ourtafs to make the Jounwy bav Ing covtrst thsi U*MIU* r - -

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