The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1953
Page 7
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i\it,,..» MAY 19, 1961 TB Experiment Indicates Body May Be Made of Viruses By RENNIE TAYLOB AP Sttmet Reporter JjO8 AMOBLK (API — An experiment indlnatlng that the eelta which make up the bodies of humans •nd total** mftf be ooloni«« of invisible viruslllce organisms WM reported today to the American Tuberculosis /Usoofetton. TSik itHtttng theory, which if established would upset the long-accepted belief that the cell ie the smallest unK at antaal We, wa« presented by Dr. Oscar Kanner, pathologist of the Vettrani Administration Hospital »t Ote«n, N. O. For more than 100 years the cell cinated person it produced illness, " ha* been considered the basic, In divisible particle of living matter. Dr. Kanner's findings open the way lor speculation that a single cell can be divided into millions or even billions of parts which can live and multiply. The tests demonstrated directly, Dr. Kanner said, that invisible parts of cells taken from healthy guinea pigs, can be injected into other healthy guinea pigs to produce a virusiike disease. Other experimenters long ago demonstrated, that they could tnke tiny bits of cells from tuberculous animals, inject them into other animals and produce disease. , These researchers assumed, Dr. Kanner said, that the disease was caused by some miniature form of a TB germ or some fraction of the germ. Using finely ground parts of guinea pig organs that were free of tuberculosis, Dr. Kanner made a solution which h« injected into other healthy guinea pigs and caused not only disease but death. The length of time it took tie disease to develop was evidence that the injected substance contained living organisms. Animals did not get sick until three to fix months after injection. Would Have Developed Quickly If the substance had been a toxin or poison which sometimes is ex- [ tracted from cells, the disease ; would have developed quickly. The I long interval between injection and ! illnest thus must have been the time required for the injected organisms to multiply and cause trouble. Many yean ago the experimenters who used tubercular cell material to produce this same effect concluded that the disease was "virus tuberculosis." Duplication of the disease with healthy cell parts demonstrates, Dr. Kanner reported, that there is no such thing as "virus tuberculosis." The 'tests further show, he added, that th« invisible particles are not disease organisms so long as they remain in the cells of the animal 'which produced them. It is only when they are transferred to another environment in another animal that they become dangerous. A parallel in human disease also has been found, Dr. Kanner said. This is called serum hepatitis, a liver disorder attributed to injections of blood serum from healthy people to other healthy ones as a vaccine against yellow lever. In the blood stream of the donors this serum particle caused no disease. But in the body of the vac- Vcmt-Calvcrt Paints Compare Our High Quality Paint Prices! DeLuxe Outsidt House Paint Gal. J-J / ..1.73 ..1.44 .. 1.34 DeLuxe 4-hour Enamel, Qt. .., DeLuxe Floor Enamel, Qt. ... DeLuxe Varnish Stain, Qt E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. 318 W. Ash "Frfandly Ph. 4551 Seryic*" 'rompl DELIVERY SERVICE Phon* 4507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with Deliver? to 1 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORI Ml Wert Main H. sometimes serious. Dr. Kanner's experiment* point toward a whole new field of cell theory whicto may have to consider in a new light the old Baying about one's man's meat being another man's poison. Betty Grable Suspended Again HOLLYWOOD (/n-Betty Grable Is on suspension today for the third time in two years. Her studio, 20th Century-Fox, says she refused to report for a loanout assignment yesterday at Columbia Pictures. Miss Orable was not available f3r comment. Freedom Airliner Back to Czechs BERLIN W)—The United States today gave Czechoslovakia back the airliner in which four freedom seeking Czechs /led to the West two months ago. Four Czech crewmen took off at mldmornlng for Prague in the twin engine DCS. Negotiations for return of the plane had been under way for several weeks. U. S. High Commission officials said the return of the plane had no connection with the Czech government's release of Associated Press Correspondent William N. Oatis Saturday. Players Accept U.S. Invitation NEW YORK (#)—A ID-man squad of top Russian chew players, who claim to be better than anyone else, has accepted an American invitation for a match here this summer. The U. S. Chess Federation laid yesterday It has received word of the acceptance of its invitation, sent last January. Harold M..Phillips, president of the American group, said the Russians want to play June 10-18 but that he Is trying to get the starting date set for July 27. Phillips said there is also a problem of getting visas for the Russians. Efforts for a chess tilt between the two nations have been under way since 1948. The current negotiations are being conducted through Folke Rogard, Stockholm, president of the International Chess Federation. During the Olympics at Helsinki last summer, four-man teams from the United States and Russia played a 2-2 standoff in the finals. However, the U. S group wound up fifth in the over-all standings among 18 nations. Russia was first. Read Courier News Classified Ads. John Wayne Tells at Hearing He Grossed $500,000 in 1952 By GENE HANDSAKER LOS ANOELES WV-Rugged John Wayne, whose wife says he grossed 1502,891 last year, told an alimony hearing that during his marriage "we have spent everything I made." The 44-year-old movie box-office favorite returns to the witness stand today to dispute his estranged mate's demand for (13,091 a month pending trial of her separate maintenance suit. His wife, Esperania Bauer, 30, former actress In Mexican films, claims that's how much she and Wayne spent, on the average, every month of their six-year marriage. But Wayne declared yesterday his net was only $59,366 last year and Mrs. Wayne should be able to get along on $900 monthly pending the trial. Dapper in a dark gray suit with checked gray tie, Wayne testified calmly for the most part, crinkling his forehead thoughtfully as his wife's lawyer quizzed him about contracts, travel expenses, loans, medical expenses, rent, etc. But he showed resentment when he boomed at the lawyer: "You say you're suspicious of my method of earning money that might come to Mrs. Wayne." Superior Judge William R. McKay commented, during the detailing of Wayne's expenses, that a star of his stature would have to tip a barber »2—"or you and I know what would be said." The remark was apt—Wayne badly needs a haircut. He explained he's letting his hair grow for a role In which he'll play an old-time cavalry scout. Mrs. Wayne's attorney, Jerome Rosenthal, told the judge he was trying to show "a vague Hind of dealing" with community property. He said he would show "a difference between what is reported to be his Income and his actual income." • Wayne testified in answer to questions: He received $160,000 for his work in the picture "Big Jim McLaln" and $175,000 each for "Trouble Along the Way" and "Island in the Sky." 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