The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1948
Page 11
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' WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1948 —————— _— " i' * i i i. jv i j L j i j ra \f OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WH!ioms|Our Boarding House with Ma]7Ho7ple ^ I [ I f W*MV rs r>Kj'T\^^™"™™™7^X. ..— — ._... L i i B1.YTHEVIU.B (ARK.)' COURIRR NEWS DtDN'l XXJ LIFT Twr OVER HIM? NEVER ALLOW ME.SIR 6 AS COW, UNVEIL PROBW3LV MV CW4VAS,"Pl.OWBOYS/-~t MUST ADVISE NtHJ, n C BOTH ROMANTIC AND MOD6RM &LEMEKiTS-~ANO T TRUST SOU'LL. NOTE TVIc IMFLOEMCE OP TH6 GREAT PROCEED, A1A3OR.' MTRIGU& ME . HE'S -TICKLED TO DEATH TO on- TURNED OVER WITHOUT DOIKT HE'S THA) LAZV.' OUI6T, ALVIM.' DC BLIMP MU&T 1HIWK He'S THf\Kj CISftP.-. COMMERCIAL FOR We 616 ART In the near future you'll be painting your house with "invisible sunlight," thanks to pigrnem.vtha up light you can't s ee and give off vivid rx>lor. WARNING ORDER The defendant. James John Stephens, Jr., is hereby warned to appear in Ihe Chancery Court. Tor the Chicka«a»'ba District. Mississippi ' Counts-, Arkansas within thirty days and answer the complaint of (he plaintiff. Barbara Jean Stephens, ! You At* Cordially I Invited to Visit | The | Accessory Shop | Feminine Apparel i Mabel Hogan Jessie Srlte I Hotel Noble Bldg. i Blytheville, Ark. Blytheville Glass Co. lo* Atkiai Bid*. Hwy. tl Bo. Auto Glass Installed While You Wait Safety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Furniture and Desk Tops W« Also Do Caulklnjrl Phone 3142 F. A. Stanley, Owner Political Announcements Th« Courier N ews has seen •uthorlzed to unnounce the following candidates, subject to the DemocMMc prnn.rle* Julj „ and COTJNTT TRKASIIRKK Prank Whltworth ' COUN1T COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlppen MATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmle Edwardj L. H. Autry . H. K. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Speck F»T Coantj J«dn V "oland Green -» Fielder Pecry For Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chlsk«saw»b» Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Llndsey I Radio Service j • at its Best! Jj • All N T ew FM {! ! Test Equipment || J All Service Guaranteed •! •Blytheville Salts Co. j! | F«li» Carney !• ^138 E. Main Phone THK STORY t Mm _ She Ihlnka nl Irivini plratlft Mlih ker at b*1 Jtmmlfm i*il» hrr • J»iF-r-Ji>- INW wh*1rv«r ihr ttner l*li fnr Alvnr •( »ij(ki *W Shf remrmljcrm fcnw «h« . lo\rd hi ri* Thnt v*n» Infn luaiio tc dlffrrrnt ll no) I i thru «hr hut yotll f4*» lov« XVII TT rained the following day. A A dreary, blue Monday with the sky overcast and heavy with threatening clouds. Lucy w^nt off bundled in a raincoat and carrying her umbrella. Jessica walched her from the upper window ns she dressed hastily, dreading the meeting with Mrs. Blake. Betsy still slept. Jessica left the room, closing the door softly behind her, and went downstairs. The kitchen was warm and smelled of pickles. Mrs. Blake sav slicing cucumbers, a halt-bushel basket of them beside her. She looked up sharply but made no cornmertt about Jessica's lardy appearance. Instead she observed, "Genevieve has promised to come over this evening and help me mak* some relish." Genevieve Miles was a tail, angular girl who worked in the same omc« with Lucy. She fawned upon Mrs. Blake and always appeared unexpectedly, bringing some gill of her own making, tea towels initialed and hemstitched, or fanciful pot holders; and once or twice she came for the day to help with jam and jelly-making. She was quick and deft about kitchen tasks. The mention of Genevieve usual ly irritated Jessica. This morning she felt no interest. Let Geneviev- come whenever she would, and in the end she might achieve her tie sire and marry Tom. She woul< make him a good wife and aalisf> hii mother. • • • "JESSICA drank her coffee am •* glanced through the mornir paper. There was one caption o society page which Interested SARA LINTON'S DEBUTANTE BALL COMING SOCIAL EVENT Sara Linlon would be Ihedaugh- er of Lucy's employer. There was icr picture. A IhUi. homely girl with * long mnne of pale hair. Lucy would reocive no Invfla- ion to that parly, thought Jessica, and then another thought fol- owed. David would. David lived life apart from the life Jessica llake family. She k Hugh Lin ton's spent with Ihs was quite circle. She dropped the paper, amazed at her own reaction. David knew Hugh Linton well. How silly to feel a slab of jealousy. Bnck home In Kentucky she had had an assured social position. Not here in Akron. The thought stung her. If she had never married Tom Blake—then she would never have met David, she reminded aerscll. Life was so complicated. She looked up and caught her mother- in-law's glance fixed upon her and rose hastily to collect the breakfast dishes. Mrs. Blake said nothing. She worked steadily through the basket of pickles, slicing, chopping, mixing. The day fell into its usual dull routine. Jessica tried to fasten her thoughts lo Ihe bright high hopes of yesterday but was unsuccessful A letter came from Tom announcing lhat he was at a point o, embarkation. That meant thai in the imme diale future she would tace Tom with the news of her desire for separation, TITRS. BLAKE thought of nothing A but her son's relurn. Sh canned the things Tom liked be« She cleaned his clothes and hung simple, nay ua i worr them on a line in the back yard Sinpleojantness ahead? Jessica wondered if ' there werrfcgV (To B« Continued) an objecl In Ibis program of preparation. She and BeU.v were moved lo the small back room which had been'"'Tom's, nnd the front room was scoured and scrubbed and rcphpcccd. David called. Jessica had a bad moment RS she rushed to answer and then Insisted thai David time his calls when she was certain that both Lucy and her molher-ln- law would be absent. She h«ted the slcnUh and secrecy, the sub* erfuges by which they Arranged meeting*, Doris kept Betsy whenever Je*ca went downtown lo meet David, and asked no questions, nit even Doris hinted, If only by icr manner, that she disapproved ind worried. Sometimes they met In the idernoon over a table at Ihe May- lower nnd danced, and Jessica ...•ced herself to (orget everything >ut th« spell of the music and David's arm about her. Sometimes hey drove far out tnto the coun- ry and sat and talked about their 'uture. Sometimes her desire to be with 3avid frightened her, and she longed for the lime when Tom would come and she could contest that she planned to leave him. Sometimes she was terrified at the thought of Tom's return. She was Tom's wife—suppose h« refused to release her? When she told this to David he laughed at her. "Divorce is a common Ihing, Jessica," he said. "Lots of couples make mistakes." "I told Tom that 1 loved him," she snid slowly. "Nobody loves forever.** He stooped lo kiss her upturned (ace. She drew away. "You can't mean that.?" "But I do r " he state! lightly. "I'm not talking about our love. That's quite different. You've learned by experience thai infatuation cannot last. 1 '* He went on lo talk about Ihe plans he had for their future. The home they would have and the trips they would make together. It's all settled, she thought with a touch of amazement. David talks as (hough It would be quite simple. Why do I worry about the COfft 1»4« »T NtA • 6-9 filed against him in said court, Case No. 10,463. and upon his failure so lo do. said complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand us clerk of said court and the seal thereof this 19th day of May. 1948, (3) HARVEY MUKiuS.CIeriC By Petty Peterson, D. C. Reid and Roy, attorneys. Oscar Fcndler, attorney ad lltem. 5:18-26-62-9 "Oh, t think he resemble* his father—but looks aren't so important as long as th« little darline isn't a Eirll" FKECKLKg * HIS FRIENDS PAGE ELEVEN • ' MERRILL Wwry WMehMa* ITS NOT LIKE WT WAMTED O OVER DEAD BODY/ OKA.V, vou DONY HAVE TO kMKE A PROOtlCTlON V* JUST SOTTA HAVE LOOK/ WHO CARBS ABOUT WE OLD VOTES< VIC FLINT Knter Sandra's Brother By MICHAEL O'MALLEY «nd RALPH LANK I CAUSE THf POLICE. MR. FLINT. WSPKTOR GROTAISOM HI', WAY. GOOD.' NOW 1'Lt CAU PAULA GAUAN TSEE AND mi HEB WHAT'S HAPWNSD. Qut Sandra wai notalonr YES,VIC. I WA'jJUST PASSING THE PHONE AS YOU RANG...NO, SHE'S Snil 5IHING ON IHE DIVAN. I'M ALONE IN MY STUDV. CQMKJN, BABY. LtnttY OUT Of MiBf BHOOI SXEGOMCtBACK.WE CAM (TOAIM EVtRV TUMS uaea VIRGIL 5PWOER MIIHfHIf! WASH TUBBS Miiniijint LKSLlp TURNER NOW! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 209!i W. MAIN ST PHONE 2112 Blytheville, Ark. Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 at FOUNTAINS; Everywhere! ! RECTAL DISEASES (All Tjp« E K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake S(. Phone 523 We Install Window Glass For Any Make Automobile While You Wait! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS Complete Line of Auto Parts Don't Be a Spendthrift! Save That Hard-Earned Cash! Yovi can save up lo 5fl'/« on all your auto body and fender repair at HOT'S BODY SHOI>. PAINT JOBS—$35 & up. Complete upholstery service . . v Headlining!) . . . Door Panels . . . Floor Mais . . . Complete Body Trim. Take advantage of our low overhead expense and have lhal old car repaired now. Any model from l!)li) (o 1919. HOT'S BODY SHOP 110 So. Lilly Phone 3456 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 MORNIN6, yPROSABWl BUT FIRSI WE _..,._ MR,POPtt>r!( IMTSCMTERBRMN, MARQUEE! He PICK l» OUR. »U3 V. TOI>M TOR SOME IRlf Of HSOIIIN! MKt TO T«t U» OUT TO THt 5U6MI IFFEU IrlND'IM MIU. 1BETHEPOWT TMK ME IWTEIt IETT1W HIM PIS 1IMV CMS! 11001) TBIWTEWS THE LOOM wiw I ucn WS COiOWM. TMt»T\ HI MM TOR SSTTIN* HUTO VfHWMKH _ I TRUST CUB& MILL FEEL OL)TOUERTC*IN I'LL 00 1HI5 HM SAM WHEW IT'S owes. By FRED HARMAN A\D THEV OC&u" jusSSrr aw MS MAS HAVE NO GOLD. BUT rr\L BE LlGOTC ^ fyJ£ C. 'S JUSTICE 7 5JT THERE OTHER \svneRE, TO IT'LL TR 00THINGS LEG,*!./ By V. T. HAML1N LAVf NKSHT »«EN WE LSFT, OOr* S>,H,N^ RE'l/SEES HAD NOTHING MOHB TH."vN A FEW MUO HUT* ON 7HE N'LE... AND NOW LOOK.' CUlTC CU1.TUK*. L ADVANCE FOR EIGHT K0UC5.' CULWI, SEE KE«E,.THESE IS IN TIME, NO HM!M BOOTS AND HF,K BUDDIES Now, I,o«kl By EDGAR MARTIN

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